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К.И. Маркс
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  1. The rotor-piston type power unit, for example, an internal combustion engine, a compressor or a pump, has the forms of a stator and a rotor, which allow forming several working chambers of variable capacity in the stator during the rotation of the rotor. The mechanism of engagement between the stator and the rotor-piston rotating on the eccentric part of the shaft, necessary for organizing its rotation, is placed outside the rotor-piston volume, for which a hole is made in the stator wall, closed by a rotating disk (or ring) through which the sleeve passes; rotor piston and gear. This allows the power plant with a triangular stator and a double-top rotor. On the side surface of the stator there are several sets of unloaded plate spring-loaded sealing elements relating to the side surface of the rotor-piston, having a system of forced cooling. The stator may also have an N-angle shape with N working chambers of variable capacity, where N is greater than 3, and the hole in the stator may in some cases not be obscured by a disk or ring if the rotor-piston seals the working chambers, closing the specified surfaces with its end surfaces hole.
RU94001612/06A 1994-01-17 1994-01-17 POWER INSTALLATION (OPTIONS) RU2056712C1 (en)

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RU94001612/06A RU2056712C1 (en) 1994-01-17 1994-01-17 POWER INSTALLATION (OPTIONS)

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RU94001612A true RU94001612A (en) 1995-09-20
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RU94001612/06A RU2056712C1 (en) 1994-01-17 1994-01-17 POWER INSTALLATION (OPTIONS)

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