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    • H01J29/00Details of cathode-ray tubes or of electron-beam tubes of the types covered by group H01J31/00
    • H01J29/02Electrodes; Screens; Mounting, supporting, spacing or insulating thereof
    • H01J29/021Electrodes; Screens; Mounting, supporting, spacing or insulating thereof arrangements for eliminating interferences in the tube
NL7112967.A 1950-12-06 Warmtewisselaar. NL165839B (nl)

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GB29932/50A GB710091A (en) 1950-12-06 1950-12-06 Improvements in or relating to television pick-up tubes, and television transmittingapparatus incorporating the same

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NL165839B true NL165839B (nl)



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NL7112967.A NL165839B (nl) 1950-12-06 Warmtewisselaar.
NL94738D NL94738C (nl) 1950-12-06

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NL94738D NL94738C (nl) 1950-12-06

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US (1) US2738440A (nl)
FR (1) FR1061697A (nl)
GB (1) GB710091A (nl)
NL (2) NL94738C (nl)

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GB710091A (en) 1954-06-09
FR1061697A (fr) 1954-04-14
NL94738C (nl)
US2738440A (en) 1956-03-13

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