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A wireless communication system


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Yaacob Azmi
Bin Ramli Nordin
Bin Mohamad @ Din Hafizal
Binti Hashim Wahidah
Zaki Bin Abu Bakar Ahmad
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Mimos Berhad
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    • H04W88/00Devices specially adapted for wireless communication networks, e.g. terminals, base stations or access point devices
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The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. The wireless communication system is equipped with multiple antennas (210, 310) to work with lower number of radio in a wireless mesh network. The wireless communication system includes an enhanced mesh coordinated channel access (MCCA) module (223, 323) to provide reservation of contention free time slots and to map the direction of source and destination nodes in the wireless mesh network. Moreover, the wireless communication system further includes an antenna selection module (250, 350) to select the appropriate antenna (210, 310) to be employed during transmission and reception of data in the wireless mesh network. In order to ensure synchronization between the MCCA module (223, 323) and the antenna selection module (250, 350), a synchronization module (260, 360) is provided in the wireless communication system.
MYPI2011700208A 2011-12-29 2011-12-29 A wireless communication system MY161005A (en)

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MYPI2011700208A MY161005A (en) 2011-12-29 2011-12-29 A wireless communication system

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MYPI2011700208A MY161005A (en) 2011-12-29 2011-12-29 A wireless communication system
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