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    • B05B7/00Spraying apparatus for discharge of liquids or other fluent materials from two or more sources, e.g. of liquid and air, of powder and gas
    • B05B7/14Spraying apparatus for discharge of liquids or other fluent materials from two or more sources, e.g. of liquid and air, of powder and gas designed for spraying particulate materials
    • B05B7/1404Arrangements for supplying particulate material
    • B05B7/1413Apparatus to be carried on or by a person, e.g. by hand; Apparatus comprising a container fixed to the discharge device
LU58374D 1968-04-05 1969-04-04 LU58374A1 (en)

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FR147102 1968-04-05

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LU58374A1 true LU58374A1 (en) 1969-07-16



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LU58374D LU58374A1 (en) 1968-04-05 1969-04-04

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