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    • C07C37/00Preparation of compounds having hydroxy or O-metal groups bound to a carbon atom of a six-membered aromatic ring
    • C07C37/68Purification; separation; Use of additives, e.g. for stabilisation
    • C07C37/86Purification; separation; Use of additives, e.g. for stabilisation by treatment giving rise to a chemical modification
LU57767D 1968-01-13 1969-01-10 LU57767A1 (en)

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DEP0043818 1968-01-13

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LU57767A1 true LU57767A1 (en) 1969-05-12



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LU57767D LU57767A1 (en) 1968-01-13 1969-01-10

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NL (1) NL6900205A (en)

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CH507180A (en) 1971-05-15
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