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Protection device sealed electric compressor


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【発明の詳細な説明】 〔発明の技術分野〕 本発明は、フレオン等の熱媒介ガスを循環させる密閉形電動圧縮機において電動機及び圧縮機の潤滑油が通常の運転状態で密閉容器の中で通常存在すべき部分に所定量存在しなくなり潤滑油の正常な循環が阻害されて電動機や圧縮機の故障を生じる以前に電動機への給電を遮断して、潤滑油が通常時存在する部分に所定量確保される迄電動機への給電を制限するようにした保護装置に関するものである。 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION [Technical Field of the Invention The present invention in a closed vessel a lubricating oil of a motor and compressor at normal operating conditions in sealed electric compressor for circulating the heat carrier gas Freon such shut off the power supply to the motor before being inhibited normal normal circulation of a predetermined quantity exists no longer lubricating oil to portions to be present resulting in failure of the motor and compressor, Tokoro the portion lubricant is present during normal those relating to the protection device designed to restrict the supply of power to the motor until it is quantified ensured.

〔背景技術〕 Background of the Invention

従来、このような保護装置として密閉筐体中にバイメタルのような熱によって変形する熱応動体を収容し、この熱応動体により一対の接点を駆動するスイッチがあり、 Conventionally accommodates a thermally responsive element that deforms in a sealed housing as such a protective device by the heat, such as a bimetal, there is a switch to drive the pair of contacts by the thermally responsive member,
このスイッチを密閉形電動圧縮機の電動機の固定子巻線のコイルエンド部分に固定し、電動機に流れる電流が所定値以上になったり、或いはこのスイッチ近傍のコイルエンド部分の温度が所定値以上になった時にスイッチが作動して電動機に流れる電流を遮断して運転を休止するプロテクタは知られているが、本発明は異常な温度上昇を惹起する前の原因として考えられる潤滑油の異常な移動を検出して電動機の運転を中断し潤滑油が通常存在する部分に所定量戻ってくる迄は継続的な運転をしない事により電動圧縮機を保護するという改良された密閉形電動圧縮機を保護装置に関するものである。 The switch is fixed to the coil end portion of the motor stator windings of the sealed type electric compressor, or the current flowing through the electric motor becomes a predetermined value or more, or the temperature of the coil end portion of the switch vicinity above a predetermined value since operating switch when it is a protector to pause operation by interrupting the flow of current to the motor are known, the present invention is abnormal movement of the lubricating oil to be considered as the cause prior to elicit an abnormal temperature rise detect and protect the sealed electric compressor with improved that the lubricating oil interrupting the operation of the motor until returns a predetermined amount in a portion normally present to protect the electric compressor by not continuous operation to an apparatus.


本発明は、熱の良好な伝導体である伝熱部材上に発熱要素と熱応動要素とを取付けた制御機構を密閉形電動圧縮機の密閉容器中の通常運転時に所定量の潤滑油が保持される部分に配設し通常運転中は潤滑油に浸漬された制御機構の伝熱部材により発熱要素の発生する熱の大部分を潤滑油に伝達拡散させる事によって熱応答要素を所定の作動値に満たない低い温度領域内に保持するとともに異常運転に於て潤滑油が前記制御機構の伝熱部材の取付けられた部分以外の所へ移動した状態となった時に制御機構の発熱要素の発生する熱の大部分が伝熱部材上に蓄積されこれによって熱応動要素の温度を所定の作動値以上に上昇させて密閉形電動圧縮機の運転を停止させ保護する装置を提唱するものである。 The present invention is generally predetermined amount of lubricating oil during operation in a hermetically sealed container a control mechanism fitted with a heating element and a thermally responsive element on the heat transfer member is a good conductor of heat sealed electric compressor is maintained is during normal operation is disposed in a portion which is a predetermined operating value thermally responsive element by the majority of the heat generated by the heating element by a heat transfer member that is transmitted diffused into the lubricating oil of the control mechanism which is immersed in the lubricating oil generation of the heat generation element of the control mechanism for when the lubricating oil becomes a state of being moved to a place other than the attached portions of the heat transfer member of the control mechanism at a abnormal operation holds the lower temperature region of less than most of the heat is to propose a device for protecting stops the operation of the heat transfer is accumulated on member thereby raising the temperature of the thermally responsive element above a predetermined operating value sealed electric compressor.


第1図において、密閉形電動圧縮機10は堅牢な鉄製の容器11と蓋12を封止部11Aを気密に溶接した密閉容器の中に電動機14と圧縮機13とを収納して成るものである。 In Figure 1, sealed electric compressor 10 by way formed by accommodating the electric motor 14 and the compressor 13 a robust steel container 11 and lid 12 in a closed vessel with a welded seal portion 11A hermetically is there. 圧縮機13は密閉容器11を内側に圧入固定され電動機14の固定子14Aは、固定部材13Aによって圧縮機の静止部分に固定されている。 Compressor 13 is a stator 14A of the electric motor 14 is press-fitted to the sealed container 11 to the inside is fixed to a stationary part of the compressor by the fixing member 13A. 電動機の回転子14Bはその軸14Cによって圧縮機の可動部を駆動するよう接続されている。 The rotor 14B of the motor is connected to drive the movable portion of the compressor by the shaft 14C. 回転軸 Axis of rotation
14Cは下方に延長して通常時の潤滑油のレベルではその先端は没入しており中心に孔14Dが穿たれていて密閉容器内のガス圧力差等により潤滑油の吸上げがこの孔14D 14C lubricating oil wicking the hole 14D by the gas pressure difference between the level of the lubricating oil the tip thereof have a hole 14D is bored in the center it has been retracted closed container in the normal or the like extending downwardly
を通して行なわれ、圧縮機13の摺動部分や軸受け部分に供給される。 Done through, it is supplied to the sliding portion and the bearing portion of the compressor 13. 電動機の固定子巻線14Eには制御機構15が固定されている。 Control mechanism 15 is fixed to the stator winding 14E of the motor. 圧縮機13の吸入側には吸入管16が接続され、その吐出口13Bは圧縮機の上部にあり電動機によって駆動された時フレオン等の熱媒介ガスは吐出口13B The suction side of the compressor 13 is connected to the suction pipe 16, the discharge port 13B is heat carrier gas Freon such as when driven by the electric motor at the top of the compressor discharge port 13B
から密閉容器11と圧縮機13との間に設けられた通路13C Passage 13C which is provided between the compressor housing 11 and the compressor 13 from
を下方に通過して電動機14の周囲から吐出管17に至り、 It reaches the discharge pipe 17 and passes downwardly from the periphery of the electric motor 14,
この吐出管を出たガスは図示されていない周知のコンデンサやエバポレータなどの装置を通って熱的仕事を終了し再び吸入管16から圧縮機13に戻るという循環をするものである。 The gas exiting the discharge tube is to the circulation of returning to the compressor 13 from the suction pipe 16 again ends the thermal work through the device, such as a well-known capacitor and an evaporator (not shown). 電動機固定子巻線は図示されてない外部の電源に接続される為に密閉容器11の壁を貫通して気密に電気的に絶縁して設けられた複数の導体を持つ気密端子に接続されている。 Motor stator windings are connected to the airtight terminal having a plurality of conductors arranged electrically insulated in an airtight manner through the wall of the sealed container 11 to be connected to an external power source (not shown) there. 潤滑油は記号18で示すようにその通常量のレベルは電動機巻線14Eの下端面近傍にあり、制御機構15は潤滑油18の自由表面レベル以下に大部分が位置するよう取付けられている。 Lubricant its normal amount of levels as indicated by the symbol 18 is located on the lower end face near the motor windings 14E, the control mechanism 15 free surface level below the majority of the lubricating oil 18 is mounted so as to be positioned.

制御機構15は第2図に示すもので、比較的厚肉の鉄板を丸く打抜いた基板21には2個の貫通孔が穿たれておりこの貫通孔の中にはそれぞれガラスの様な電気絶縁性の充填材22で導電ピン23及び24が基板21を貫通して気密に封着されている。 Control mechanism 15 illustrates in FIG. 2, a relatively thick iron plate a round punched substrate 21 of meat have been drilled the two through-holes each electrically, such as glass in the through-hole conductive pins 23 and 24 with an insulating filler 22 is hermetically sealed through the substrate 21. 導電ピン23の図示左方先端近傍にはバイメタルのような温度の変化によって変形する金属で作られた熱応動体25が支持され、その熱応動体25の先端には可動接点26が固着されている。 The illustrated leftward near the tip of the conductive pin 23 is thermally responsive member 25 made of metal is deformed by temperature change, such as a bimetal is supported, the tip of the thermally responsive member 25 is fixed the movable contact 26 there. 導電ピン24の図示左方先端には前記可動接点と対をなす固定接点27が固着され、 The illustrated leftward distal end of the conductive pin 24 fixed contact 27 that forms the movable contact pair is fixed,
ニクロム線のように高い固有抵抗値を持つ材料で作られたヒータ28はその一端が導電ピン23に溶接の如き方法で固着され他端は基板21に固着されている。 In the heater 28 made of a material having a high resistivity and the other end is fixed in such a method of welding one end to the conductive pins 23 as nichrome wire is fixed to the substrate 21. これらを取り囲んで鉄板を深絞り成形した筐体29がその右端の開口部全周を基板21に溶接されて密閉筐体を構成している。 Housing 29 which is deep drawn iron plates surrounding them constitute a sealed casing are welded openings entire periphery of the right end thereof to the substrate 21. 基板21の外側には端子金具30が溶接されている。 On the outside of the substrate 21 terminal fitting 30 is welded. ここでヒータ28は発熱要素、熱応動体25は熱応答要素に相当し伝熱部材に相当する密閉筐体に取付けられている。 Here heater 28 heating elements, the thermally responsive member 25 is mounted in a sealed housing which corresponds to the equivalent to the heat transfer member in thermal response element.

次に第3図を参照して動作の説明をする。 Next a description of the operation with reference to Figure 3. 電動機として単相誘導電動機を例にとると、電源Eの一端はリード線 Taking the single-phase induction motor as an example of an electric motor, one end of the power E lead wire
31により気密端子Tの導体32を介してリード線32Aにより制御機構15の導電ピン24に接続される。 31 is connected to the conductive pin 24 of the control mechanism 15 by a lead wire 32A through the conductor 32 of the hermetic terminal T by. 電源Eの他端はリード線33により気密端子Tの導体34を介して電動機の主巻線Mの一端に接続され、またリード線33はキャパシタCを通って気密端子Tの導体35に接続され補助巻線Aの一端に接続されている。 The other end of the power supply E is connected to one end of the main winding M of the motor via the conductors 34 of the hermetic terminal T via a lead wire 33, also lead 33 is connected to the conductor 35 of the hermetic terminal T through the capacitor C It is connected to one end of the auxiliary winding a. 主巻線の他端は制御機構15 The other end of the main winding control mechanism 15
の導電ピン23に接続され、補助巻線の他端は制御機構15 It is connected to the conductive pin 23, the other end of the auxiliary winding control mechanism 15
の端子金具30に接続されている。 It is connected to the terminal fitting 30. 制御機構15は第2図に示した通りであるから、電源スイッチSを閉じると電源Eの一端から電流は、リード線31−導体32−リード線32 Since the control mechanism 15 is as shown in Figure 2, closing the power switch S is the current from one end of the power supply E, leads 31- conductors 32 lead 32
A−導電ピン24−固定接点27−可動接点26−熱応動体25 A- conductive pin 24 fixed contact 27-movable contact 26-thermally responsive member 25
−導電ピン23−主巻線M−導体34−リード線33を経て電源Eの他端へ流れる。 - flowing the conductive pin 23-main winding M- conductor 34- via a lead wire 33 to the other end of the power supply E. また上記のリード線31から導電ピン23までは同じ回路でここからヒータ28−端子金具30− The heater from here from the lead wire 31 to the conductive pins 23 in the same circuit 28- terminal fitting 30-
補助巻線A−導体35−キャパシタC−リード線33を経て電源Eの他端へも同時に流れる。 Via the auxiliary winding A- conductor 35- capacitor C- leads 33 simultaneously flow to the other end of the power supply E. 従って電動機14は回転しこれによって圧縮機13が運転される。 Thus motor 14 the compressor 13 is operated by this rotation. 第1図を参照するとよく判るが、潤滑油18は前述の如く回転軸の孔14D Although best seen with reference to Figure 1, holes 14D of the lubricating oil 18 is described above as the axis of rotation
から吸上げられ軸受や圧縮機13の摺動部分に給油され通常はその吸上げられた潤滑油は密閉容器11と圧縮機13との間に設けられた通路13Cを下方に通過して循環しており、潤滑油のレベルは図示した位置を保持している。 Usually oil is supplied to the sliding portion of the sucked up bearings and the compressor 13 is circulated through passage 13C which is provided through the lower between the lubricating oil raised the suction and sealed container 11 and the compressor 13 from and, the level of the lubricating oil holds the position shown. しかし密閉容器内のガス圧力の変動など何らかの異常によって潤滑油が大量に吸上げられ圧縮機13の上部に溜り過ぎたりして密閉容器11の下部にある潤滑油のレベルが大巾に下がって軸14Cの吸上孔14Dの端面から離れてしまうと圧縮機13の摺動部分や軸受けなどへの供給が少なくなりやがて致命的な故障に至る。 But down to the level of the lubricating oil at the bottom of the sealed container 11 with too reservoir on top of the sealed lubricating oil by some abnormality, such as variations in the gas pressure in the container is large amount wicking compressor 13 is greatly axis 14C wicking hole 14D supply eventually reduced with the end surface becomes separated into such a sliding portion and the bearing of the compressor 13 of the lead to catastrophic failure. 従って故障を生ずる以前に潤滑油18のレベルが下がって制御機構15の大部分が熱媒介ガス中に露出されると制御機構15が動作するように配設してある。 Therefore, the control mechanism 15 and the majority are exposed during heat carrier gas control mechanism 15 before causing failure down the level of the lubricating oil 18 are arranged to operate.

制御機構の中の熱応動体25には前述の如く電動機の全電流が流れているが熱応動体25の抵抗値は低く選定してあるので熱応動体の温度はあまり上昇しない。 The temperature of the thermally responsive member since although the total current of the foregoing as the motor is flowing resistance of the thermally responsive member 25 are selected lower the thermally responsive member 25 in the control mechanism is not so much increased. 電動機の補助巻線Aに流れる電流は全電流及び主巻線電流に比べ少いが制御機能の中のヒータ28を通るのでヒータ28の抵抗値を適当に選定するとヒータ28の発熱により密閉筐体29 Sealed housing by the heat generation of the current flowing through the auxiliary winding A of the motor when appropriately selecting the resistance value of the heater 28 so less than the total current and main winding current passes through the heater 28 in the control function heater 28 29
を加熱するとともに熱応動体25を温度を上昇させる事が出来る。 The thermally responsive member 25 it is possible to raise the temperature while heating the. 熱応動体25はほぼ中央に浅い皿状の絞り成形がなされ通常は第2図に示す如く下向きに湾曲しており可動接点を固定接点に押し付けこの間の電路を閉じているが、例えば150℃になると前記皿状部の湾曲方向が急反転して可動接点26は固定接点27から離れる如く動作する。 While the thermally responsive member 25 is usually made approximately the center in a shallow dish-shaped drawing is closed during this time of path pressed against the fixed contact the movable contact is curved downward as shown in FIG. 2, for example, 0.99 ° C. the bending direction of the dish suddenly reversed and the movable contact 26 operates as away from the fixed contact 27. 主巻線電流は電動機の起動時に過大な値であるが、 Although the main winding current is excessive value at the start of the motor,
これはごく短時間で数分の1の運転電流になるからこの起動時の過大電流で熱応動体25の温度が150℃にならない様にする事はこの種バイメタル等の熱応動体を利用したスイッチではよく知られている通り容易に出来る。 This can be as a temperature of the thermally responsive member 25 with excessive current of the start-up since become very short time in the operating current of fraction 1 does not become 0.99 ° C. utilized a thermally responsive member such as this type bimetallic well-known as easily have the switch. 電動機の補助巻線電流は通常の運転中に生ずる程度の回転数の変化にあまり関係なくほぼ一定であるからこの電流によってヒータ28を発熱させると筐体29及び熱応動体25 Auxiliary winding current of the motor when the heat the heater 28 by this current because the change in the rotational speed is less regardless substantially constant degree that occur during normal operation the housing 29 and the thermally responsive member 25
の温度をほぼ恒温度とする事が出来る。 It is possible to make the temperature almost constant temperature level. 従って筐体29の外部が潤滑油にほとんど全面接している時にはヒータ28 Therefore when the outside of the casing 29 is almost full interview lubricating oil heater 28
の発熱は潤滑油に拡散されある程度しか上昇しないが、 While fever rises only somewhat diffused in the lubricating oil,
筐体29を潤滑油から露出された場合には筐体29を取り囲む雰囲気ガスへヒータ28の発熱により上昇する筐体29の表面からの拡散が少なくなるので大巾に温度上昇する。 When the housing 29 is exposed from the lubricating oil is greatly rise in temperature since diffusion is reduced from the surface of the housing 29 to be raised by heat generation of the heater 28 to the ambient gas surrounding the housing 29.
フレオンガスと潤滑油としてスニソと呼ばれるものを使った実験に依れば、筐体29をスニソに浸漬した場合とフレオンガスに露出した場合とでは温度上昇分の差が50℃ According to experiments with what are called Suniso as freon gas and the lubricating oil, 50 ° C. difference in temperature increase is in the case exposed when the freon immersed a housing 29 in Suniso
〜60℃得られた。 ~60 ℃ obtained. この温度差は、実際の密閉形電動圧縮機の中では例えば熱応動体25の温度が筐体29が潤滑油で充分浸漬されている通常状態で130℃以下に保持し接点間を閉じた状態とする事、及び異常運転となって筐体29 Condition This temperature difference is in the actual sealed electric compressor for example the temperature of the thermally responsive member 25 is housing 29 is closed between the contacts and held in 130 ° C. or less in the normal state are well immersed in lubricating oil made to it, and abnormal operation and the housing 29
の大部分が潤滑油のレベル降下によって雰囲気ガスに露出した場合に熱応動体25の温度を150℃以上にしてその接点間を開放するのに充分であった。 Most was sufficient to open the contact between with the temperature of the thermally responsive member 25 than 0.99 ° C. when exposed to an atmosphere gas by the level drop of the lubricating oil.

以上実施例について種々述べたがこの他にも本発明の実施態様は色々な変形例えば制御機構の発熱要素及び熱応答要素の両方の機能を固有抵抗値を選定したバイメタルのような材料で作った熱応動体そのものの自己発熱を利用して行なう事など多様に考えられ、また必要に応じて色々な組合せなど当業者であれば容易に出来る。 And various described above embodiment has been made of materials such as bimetal were selected embodiments resistivity both functions of the heat generating elements and heat response element of various modifications eg control mechanism of the present invention is also applicable to the other etc. are considered variously be performed by utilizing the self-heating of the thermally responsive member itself, also easily by those skilled in the art such as various combinations as necessary.

〔発明の効果〕 〔Effect of the invention〕

本発明によれば、従来密閉形電動圧縮機を潤滑油不足で破損させていたのを安価な制御機構の機能によって未然に防ぎ、且つ電動機巻線に過大電流が通常の起動時間よりも長く流れた場合にも電動機への給電を停止し、電動圧縮機の耐久性向上が出来るという優れた効果がある。 According to the present invention, that the have a conventional sealed electric compressor is damaged in shortage of lubricating oil prevents in advance the capabilities of inexpensive control mechanisms, and long flow even excessive current to the motor windings from the normal start-up time also stop power supply to the motor when the, there is an excellent effect that durability of the electric compressor can be.


第1図は本発明の密閉形電動圧縮機の保護装置を示す縦断面図である。 Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a protective device of the closed type electric compressor of the present invention. 第2図は第1図に示した装置の制御機構の実施例で一部分を破断して示す斜視図である。 Figure 2 is a perspective view showing a cutaway portion in the embodiment of the control mechanism of the apparatus shown in Figure 1. 第3図は本発明装置を説明する為の電気回路図である。 Figure 3 is an electrical circuit diagram for explaining the present invention device. 11・12……密閉容器、13……圧縮機、 14……電動機、15……制御機構、 18……潤滑油、25……熱応答要素、 26……可動接点、27……固定接点、 28……発熱要素、29……筐体、 M……主巻線、A……補助巻線。 11 - 12 ...... closed container, 13 ...... compressor, 14 ...... motor, 15 ...... control mechanism 18 ...... lubricating oil, 25 ...... heat responsive element, 26 ...... movable contact, 27 ...... fixed contact, 28 ...... heating element, 29 ...... housing, M ...... main winding, A ...... auxiliary winding.

───────────────────────────────────────────────────── フロントページの続き 審査官 菅澤 洋二 (56)参考文献 特開 昭52−22948(JP,A) 実開 昭57−127532(JP,U) 実開 昭56−122795(JP,U) 実公 昭47−42624(JP,Y1) 実公 昭43−11736(JP,Y1) ────────────────────────────────────────────────── ─── continued examiner of the front page Sugasawa Yoji (56) reference Patent Sho 52-22948 (JP, a) JitsuHiraku Akira 57-127532 (JP, U) JitsuHiraku Akira 56-122795 (JP, U) real public Akira 47-42624 (JP, Y1) real public Akira 43-11736 (JP, Y1)

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    【特許請求の範囲】 [The claims]
  1. 【請求項1】密閉容器の中に電動機と圧縮機を収容し、 1. A housing the electric motor and compressor in a closed container,
    その電動機の回転により圧縮機が駆動されて熱媒介ガスを循環させるようにしたものにおいて、前記密閉容器中には圧縮機の通常運転時に潤滑油が所定量確保される部分に伝熱部材を配置し潤滑油に接触させた制御機構を設置し、 該制御機構は熱伝導の良好な前記伝熱部材により構成された密閉筐体中に発熱要素と熱応答要素を取付けたものであり、 熱応答要素は熱変形部材を使用すると共に熱変形部材の可動端近傍には可動接点が具備され、 該可動接点と開閉可能に固定接点が固定され、 前記発熱要素及び熱応答要素は前記電動機の巻線と直列に接続され、 発熱要素の発生する熱は伝熱部材及び熱応答要素に伝達されるように構成され且つ通常時には制御機構は潤滑油に熱を拡散することによって所定の温度に満たない値に保持されて In those whose motor compressor by the rotation of the so as to be driven to circulate the heat carrier gas, arranged a heat transfer member to the normal portion the lubricating oil during operation is ensured a predetermined amount of compressor in the sealed container to set up a control mechanism in contact with the lubricating oil, the control mechanism are those fitted with a heating element and a heat responsive element in a sealed enclosure which is composed of good the heat transfer member of heat conduction, thermal response element movable contact is provided in the vicinity movable end of the thermal deformation member with using the thermal deformation member, openably fixed contact and the moving contact is fixed, the heating element and the heat responsive element winding of the motor and they are connected in series, constructed and control mechanism in normal as heat generated by the heating element is transferred to the heat transfer member and heat responsive element is less than a predetermined temperature by diffusing heat in the lubricating oil value held in the り、 圧縮機が前記潤滑油を所定外の部分に移動させる異常状態において前記制御機構の伝熱部材が接触している部分の潤滑油が減少して制御機構の熱応答要素の温度が上昇して作動する事により可動接点と固定接点とが開離し、 また制御機構の伝熱部材に接触する潤滑油が所定量確保されている場合でも電動機巻線に過大電流が所定時間以上通電される時には制御機構の熱応答要素の温度が上昇して作動する事により可動接点と固定接点とが開離し、 前記電動機への給電を直接遮断するようにした事を特徴とする密閉形電動圧縮機の保護装置。 Ri, the temperature of the heat responsive element of the compressor the lubricant oil overtime the control mechanism in the abnormal state to move to a portion of the portion heat transfer member is in contact with the lubricating oil decreases and the control mechanism increases when the the movable contact fixed contact apart open and lubricating oil in contact with the heat transfer member of the control mechanism excessive current to the motor winding, even if it is ensured a predetermined amount is energized more than a predetermined time by operating Te is by the temperature of the heat responsive element of the control mechanism is actuated to rise to the movable contact and the fixed contact apart open, protection of hermetic electric compressor is characterized in that so as to cut off the power supply to the motor directly apparatus.
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