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Although the embodiment has been described in the case where the engagement means corresponding to one substrate case is provided in one substrate case, a plurality of engagement means corresponding to other substrate cases of different sizes are It may be provided in one substrate case, and another substrate case different in size may be selected and assembled. Further, the configurations of the engagement means and the engagement means are not limited to the configurations of the embodiment, and other configurations can be adopted appropriately as long as engagement and disengagement are possible. For example, with regard to the engagement means, front and rear locking means may be provided on both left and right sides, and in this case, the corresponding engaged means is a locking hole. Furthermore, by shifting the positions of the engagement means and engaged means provided on the left and right of the substrate case in the vertical direction, when assembling the substrate case to the back cover member or another substrate case, the right and left are mistaken. There will be no more . Na us, back cover member includes a first cover member and the second cover member may be an integral body is not limited to the separable structure.

JP2002081518A 2002-03-22 2002-03-22 Game machine Expired - Fee Related JP4164734B2 (en)

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JP2002081518A JP4164734B2 (en) 2002-03-22 2002-03-22 Game machine

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