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Joachim Sachs
Johan Rune
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Ericsson Telefon Ab L M
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    • H04W48/00Access restriction; Network selection; Access point selection
    • H04W48/02Access restriction performed under specific conditions
    • H04W48/06Access restriction performed under specific conditions based on traffic conditions
    • H04W28/00Network traffic or resource management
    • H04W28/02Traffic management, e.g. flow control or congestion control
    • H04W28/08Load balancing or load distribution
    • H04W48/00Access restriction; Network selection; Access point selection
    • H04W48/20Selecting an access point
    • H04W48/00Access restriction; Network selection; Access point selection
    • H04W48/08Access restriction or access information delivery, e.g. discovery data delivery


A system according to some embodiments of the invention includes (1) a component (e.g. ANDSF) that provides a cell selection rule to a UE and (2) a component (e.g. an access node) that provides the UE with information about the load in the cell currently utilized by the UE. This enables the UE to determine whether to leave the cell, which may be a 3GPP cell, and use a different cell, which may be a non-3 GPP cell, by applying the cell selection rule in conjunction with its knowledge about the load of the cell.
IN436DEN2012 2009-06-18 2009-08-19 IN2012DN00436A (en)

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US12/487,267 US8391141B2 (en) 2009-06-18 2009-06-18 Systems and methods for selecting a network access system
PCT/SE2009/050941 WO2010147527A1 (en) 2009-06-18 2009-08-19 Systems and methods for selecting a network access system

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