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Flexible force sensor


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force sensor
flexible force
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Langer Biomechanics Group Inc
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Priority to US06/475,085 priority Critical patent/US4503705A/en
Application filed by Langer Biomechanics Group Inc filed Critical Langer Biomechanics Group Inc
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IL8983284A 1982-02-24 1984-03-12 Flexible force sensor IL89832A (en)

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US06/475,085 US4503705A (en) 1982-02-24 1983-03-14 Flexible force sensor
IL7121584A IL71215A (en) 1983-03-14 1984-03-12 Flexible force sensor

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IL89832A true IL89832A (en) 1990-01-18



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IL8983284A IL89832A (en) 1982-02-24 1984-03-12 Flexible force sensor

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IL (1) IL89832A (en)

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