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Plating apparatus


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HK29080A HK29080A HK29080A HK29080A HK 29080 A HK29080 A HK 29080A HK 29080 A HK29080 A HK 29080A HK 29080 A HK29080 A HK 29080A HK 29080 A HK29080 A HK 29080A
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Galentan Ag
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    • C25D5/00Electroplating characterised by the process; Pretreatment or after-treatment of workpieces
    • C25D5/02Electroplating of selected surface areas
    • C25D7/00Electroplating characterised by the article coated
    • C25D7/06Wires; Strips; Foils
    • C25D7/0614Strips or foils
    • C25D7/0671Selective plating
HK29080A 1971-05-25 1980-05-29 Plating apparatus HK29080A (en)

Priority Applications (2)

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NL7107171A NL150860B (en) 1971-05-25 1971-05-25 In order to provide a fixed shaft rotatable electrolyte distribution device, as well as metal sheet from a metal layer in a spot pattern, made using this apparatus.
NL7109404A NL170027C (en) 1971-05-25 1971-07-07 Improvement of an electrolyte distributor dividable by a fixed axle.

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HK29080A true HK29080A (en) 1980-06-06



Family Applications (2)

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HK29080A HK29080A (en) 1971-05-25 1980-05-29 Plating apparatus
HK29180A HK29180A (en) 1971-05-25 1980-05-29 Plating apparatus

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HK29180A HK29180A (en) 1971-05-25 1980-05-29 Plating apparatus

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