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Fast charger


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HK1172786A2 HK12112325A HK12112325A HK1172786A2 HK 1172786 A2 HK1172786 A2 HK 1172786A2 HK 12112325 A HK12112325 A HK 12112325A HK 12112325 A HK12112325 A HK 12112325A HK 1172786 A2 HK1172786 A2 HK 1172786A2
Hong Kong
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fast charger
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Shihao Ou
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Dongguan hengwei electronic co ltd
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Application filed by Dongguan hengwei electronic co ltd filed Critical Dongguan hengwei electronic co ltd
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HK12112325A 2011-12-31 2012-11-29 Fast charger HK1172786A2 (en)

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CN2011205707646U CN202488164U (en) 2011-12-31 2011-12-31 Quick charger

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HK1172786A2 true HK1172786A2 (en) 2013-04-26



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HK12112325A HK1172786A2 (en) 2011-12-31 2012-11-29 Fast charger

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CN (1) CN202488164U (en)
HK (1) HK1172786A2 (en)

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CN202488164U (en) 2012-10-10

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