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Method for dynamic password authentication and server terminal system


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Hong Kong
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dynamic password
server terminal
password authentication
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Zhaoxi Lu
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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
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HK08108674.8A 2006-10-19 2008-08-07 Method for dynamic password authentication and server terminal system HK1120172A1 (en)

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CN2006101499421A CN101166091B (en) 2006-10-19 2006-10-19 A dynamic password authentication method and service end system

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HK1120172A1 true HK1120172A1 (en) 2009-03-20



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HK08108674.8A HK1120172A1 (en) 2006-10-19 2008-08-07 Method for dynamic password authentication and server terminal system

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CN (1) CN101166091B (en)
HK (1) HK1120172A1 (en)

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CN101166091B (en) 2010-08-11
CN101166091A (en) 2008-04-23

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