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    • E21B33/00Sealing or packing boreholes or wells
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    • E21B33/043Casing heads; Suspending casings or tubings in well heads specially adapted for underwater well heads


1,231,376. Wells &c. VETCO OFFSHORE INDUSTRIES Inc. 10 Sept., 1969 [25 Nov., 1968], No. 44705/69. Heading E1F. A casing hanger 10 is lowered into, and seated in, a casing head D on a running tool C, the hanger and a packing and locking assembly 46 being releasably secured to the tool by dogs 11, 71 respectively. A dart (111, Fig. 2a not shown) is seated in the bore 101 of the tool, and fluid is directed to a chamber 36 to raise a sleeve 21 and release the hanger. The tool is lowered, to shift packing 55, 54, 56 of the assembly into annulus 105 between the head and hanger, and to cause the hanger extension 83 to retract dogs 71 from the assembly. Further downward movement of the tool brings hanger locking dogs 57 on the assembly opposite a groove 62 in the head and forces a lock sleeve 47 to urge dogs 57 into the groove and compress the packing against a seat 118 on the hanger to seal the annulus 105. Blow out preventers (not shown) are closed and fluid is supplied to the annulus 110 to move the tool downwardly to force dogs 57 further into the groove and further compress the packing. As the hanger it fixedly set the tool is removed. If the setting of the hanger is not successful the assembly 46 is removed by a tool which engages grooves 48 on the sleeve 47. After the hanger has been lowered into the well and prior to setting, the casing E supported by the hanger is cemented, cement passing upwardly through ducts 102 in the hanger, annulus 103, slots 104 in the hanger, annulus 105, holes 108 in the hanger and passages 69 in the tool. The arrangement is suitable for sub-aqueous wells.
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