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Velouter loom


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    • D05C15/00Making pile fabrics or articles having similar surface features by inserting loops into a base material
FR717597D 1929-05-03 1931-05-23 Velouter loom Expired FR717597A (en)

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US360114A US1956453A (en) 1929-05-03 1929-05-03 Tufting apparatus
FR717597T 1931-05-23

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FR717597A true FR717597A (en) 1932-01-09



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FR717597D Expired FR717597A (en) 1929-05-03 1931-05-23 Velouter loom

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US (1) US1956453A (en)
FR (1) FR717597A (en)

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US1956453A (en) 1934-04-24

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