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Seat for vehicle, particularly motor vehicle


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    • B60N2/00Seats specially adapted for vehicles; Arrangement or mounting of seats in vehicles
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    • B60N2/643Back-rests or cushions shape of the back-rests


Fauteuil pour véhicule, notamment automobile, comprenant un siège (1) et un dossier (2), dont la partie contre laquelle repose le dos (4) d'une personne prenant place dans le fauteuil présente un appui (5) monté de manière à pouvoir osciller, ensemble avec le dos de cette personne, sensiblement suivant le plan du dossier (2) et dans une direction ascendante et descendente par rapport au siège (1). Chair for vehicles, in particular automobile, comprising a seat (1) and a backrest (2), the part against which rests the back (4) of a person riding in the chair has a support (5) mounted for able to oscillate, together with the back of the person, substantially along the plane of the backrest (2) and in an upward direction and descendente relative to the seat (1).
EP19840902328 1983-06-14 1984-06-12 Seat for vehicle, particularly motor vehicle Withdrawn EP0153320A1 (en)

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BE0/210998A BE897046A (en) 1983-06-14 1983-06-14 Armchair for vehicle including car
BE210998 1983-06-14

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EP19840902328 Withdrawn EP0153320A1 (en) 1983-06-14 1984-06-12 Seat for vehicle, particularly motor vehicle

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