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Dominican Republic
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Der Krogt Pepijn Rutger Van
Fernando Muniz-Simas Moreira
Robert Monaghan
Bruce Cummings
Guillermo Weyland
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Colgate Palmolive Co
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Priority to US29/281,600 priority Critical patent/USD587127S1/en
Application filed by Colgate Palmolive Co filed Critical Colgate Palmolive Co
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DO2007000037F 2007-06-27 2007-12-21 bottle container DOS2007000037S (en)

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US29/281,600 USD587127S1 (en) 2007-06-27 2007-06-27 Container

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DOS2007000037S true DOS2007000037S (en) 2008-04-30



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DO2007000037F DOS2007000037S (en) 2007-06-27 2007-12-21 bottle container

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US (1) USD587127S1 (en)
AU (1) AU317525S (en)
CA (1) CA123922S (en)
CR (1) CR9611S (en)
DO (1) DOS2007000037S (en)
EC (1) ECSDI078072S (en)
GT (1) GT200700098S (en)

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CR9611S (en) 2009-07-22
GT200700098S (en) 2009-07-10
USD587127S1 (en) 2009-02-24
AU317525S (en) 2008-01-14
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