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Ragchunath Participatie
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    • G11B23/00Record carriers not specific to the method of recording or reproducing; Accessories, e.g. containers, specially adapted for co-operation with the recording or reproducing apparatus Intermediate mediums; Apparatus or processes specially adapted for their manufacture
    • G11B23/02Containers; Storing means both adapted to cooperate with the recording or reproducing means
    • G11B23/023Containers for magazines or cassettes
    • G11B23/0236Containers for several cassettes
DK59283A 1982-02-12 1983-02-11 Opbevaringssystem DK59283A (da)

Priority Applications (2)

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NL8200540A NL8200540A (nl) 1982-02-12 1982-02-12 Boekbandopbergsysteem.
NL8203328A NL8203328A (nl) 1982-02-12 1982-08-25 Boekbandopbergsysteem.

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DK59283D0 DK59283D0 (da) 1983-02-11
DK59283A true DK59283A (da) 1983-08-13



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DK59283A DK59283A (da) 1982-02-12 1983-02-11 Opbevaringssystem

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EP (1) EP0086542A1 (da)
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BR (1) BR8300757A (da)
DK (1) DK59283A (da)
GR (1) GR77420B (da)
IL (1) IL67878D0 (da)
NL (1) NL8203328A (da)
NO (1) NO830437L (da)
PT (1) PT76230B (da)
YU (1) YU30983A (da)

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NL8203328A (nl) 1983-09-01
BR8300757A (pt) 1983-11-16
PT76230A (en) 1983-03-01
EP0086542A1 (en) 1983-08-24
NO830437L (no) 1983-08-15
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IL67878D0 (en) 1983-06-15
PT76230B (en) 1986-01-24
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DK59283D0 (da) 1983-02-11

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