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Suction device for body cavities.


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DK119221B DK445468A DK445468A DK119221B DK 119221 B DK119221 B DK 119221B DK 445468 A DK445468 A DK 445468A DK 445468 A DK445468 A DK 445468A DK 119221 B DK119221 B DK 119221B
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    • A61M1/00Suction or pumping devices for medical purposes; Devices for carrying-off, for treatment of, or for carrying-over, body-liquids; Drainage systems
    • A61M1/0023Suction drainage systems
    • A61M1/0056Filters for solid matter
DK445468A 1968-09-17 1968-09-17 Suction device for body cavities. DK119221B (en)

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DK445468A DK119221B (en) 1968-09-17 1968-09-17 Suction device for body cavities.

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DK445468A DK119221B (en) 1968-09-17 1968-09-17 Suction device for body cavities.
NO357869A NO122330B (en) 1968-09-17 1969-09-08
SE1249469A SE352240B (en) 1968-09-17 1969-09-10
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FR6931558A FR2018258A1 (en) 1968-09-17 1969-09-17
DE19691947123 DE1947123B2 (en) 1968-09-17 1969-09-17

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DK119221B true DK119221B (en) 1970-11-30



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DK445468A DK119221B (en) 1968-09-17 1968-09-17 Suction device for body cavities.

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US (1) US3661144A (en)
DE (1) DE1947123B2 (en)
DK (1) DK119221B (en)
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FR (1) FR2018258A1 (en)
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FI47269B (en) 1973-07-31
DE1947123A1 (en) 1970-03-26
SE352240B (en) 1972-12-27
DE1947123B2 (en) 1974-12-12
FI47269C (en) 1973-11-12
GB1273387A (en) 1972-05-10
US3661144A (en) 1972-05-09
NO122330B (en) 1971-06-14
FR2018258A1 (en) 1970-05-29

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