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The utility model discloses a dry-battery internal-resistance tester < E57 > controlled by a single-board computer. The product is a special-purpose instrument used for the study of the performance of the dry battery, the improvement of the production technology, the rapid in-line inspection of the quality on the production line for the dry battery. The utility model mainly tests the internal resistance of the dry battery. The tester applies the electrochemistry chemical principle, adopts a TP801A single-board computer as a center control unit, and matches with the hardware interface technology and the software control. Compared with the past test equipment, the utility model has the advantages of rapid testing speed, digital display, convenient operation, high precision and low cost. Thus, the technology application can be used for the technical study, the quality detection and the in-line test of the production line in the factory.


This instrument is to be used for dry cell performance, Research on Process and improvement.The instrumentation of the quality testing on the production line for dry cell.Be to be badly in need of during dry cell is produced.Indispensable a kind of instrument.The method of measuring dry battery internal resistance at present is the bigger method of a kind of error ratio.This method is with compositions such as audio signal generator, oscillograph, precision resistance case, block diagram such as Fig. 1.

R wherein 1Be the big resistance of constant current.R 2It is the precision standard resistance box.Make square wave current pass through tested battery during measurement, observed and recorded square wave front edge height inserts the precision resistance case again on oscillograph, transfers to same amplitude, and think that resistance box resistance equals the internal resistance of cell this moment.This kind method has than mistake, mainly is the error that causes of cell voltage, the personal error and the oscillographic display error of reading.And this method complicated operation, measuring speed is slow, instrument cost height (needing about 7,000 yuan approximately).Current general factory all is not equipped with this kind testing apparatus.Generally all be to deliver R﹠D institution on behalf of measurement.Therefore, can not find the problem that battery exists in time.The sample cover ratio is extremely low, can not instruct the improvement of production technology in time.

The object of the invention is used modern electronic technology, develops a kind of instrument that can measure the battery ohmic internal resistance fast.This instrument can carry out online quick measurement on production line for manufacturing battery.This instrument is easy to use, is similar to the operation of common voltage table.The employing two-terminal is measured, and numeral shows.Simple to operate, Instrument measuring precision is high, working stability, reappearance height.

Dry cell voltage when work can descend.This explanation battery has internal resistance to exist.But its internal resistance is not linearity, constant.Internal resistance is made up of a lot of parts, and wherein ohmic internal resistance is a very important parameters.It has reflected the quality of anode prescription and entire cell production technology.

According to electrochemical theory, have only when battery flows through the electric current of upper frequency, the dynamic resistance of battery could become ohmic internal resistance fully.Perhaps use the square wave polarization cell, the forward position amplitude of response also can reflect the size of ohmic internal resistance.The present invention adopts the TP801 single card microcomputer to control whole test processs, produces square-wave pulse automatically, and quick sampling is carried out in the response of battery, and sampled value shows on LED after the calculation process through amplifying.Can directly read the ohmic internal resistance of battery.This machine is surveyed the function of short-circuit current in addition.The theory diagram 2 of resistance measurement

Because computer operation speed is very fast, can satisfy the requirement of current step instantaneous sampling.The course of work is as follows: computing machine sends translation data to digital to analog converter (D/A) among Fig. 2 after receiving the beginning test instruction, and the voltage signal that obtains after the conversion is sent to voltage controlled current source, has finished the impulse polarization of computer control to battery.At this moment, because the existence of internal resistance, cell voltage has a small fluctuation, and this fluctuation signal is taken out, deliver to digital to analog converter (A/D) and become digital signal and give computing machine after amplifier amplifies, computing machine send display that data presentation is come out after with data processing.

Measure short-circuit current principle such as block diagram 3, when this duty, instrument becomes digital voltmeter, measures the voltage drop on Fig. 3 resistance R.R is a precision resistance.

For the convenience of the users, instrument does not in use need any adjustment and conversion.Duty is changed automatically by interrupt control.Because this instrument has adopted cell voltage discriminator control to interrupt, so general resistance is not made any reaction, only the resistance that has DC voltage is simultaneously measured, and voltage is not measured when being lower than 1.2V yet.

This instrument is compared with testing apparatus in the past, and is easy to use except that having, and outside the advantage of high precision, has following characteristics:

1. test speed is fast: this instrument is than testing of equipment speed was fast more than 50 times in the past.Average 3 seconds with interior 2 standard testings finishing a battery.And previous methods needs more than 3 minutes.

2. precision height: owing to adopt numeral to show that minimum is distinguished as 0.01 Ω, maximum 2.55 Ω.And usual method is between 0.1~0.05 Ω.

3. cost is low: about 1000 yuan of this instrument model machine costs estimate the product machine about 2000 yuan, and tester need 7000~8000 yuan usually.

4. this instrument can carry out the internal resistance continuous coverage to the battery that discharges.Common equipment is then impossible.

5. the user does not need Special Training, and usual method needs the study through about 2 months.

6. during owing to the survey short-circuit current, mechanical type pointer instrument has inertia, and internal resistance is relatively large, and artificial reading error is big, uses this instrument then can eliminate above-mentioned factor fully.So precision can improve an order of magnitude.

Because this instrument has above characteristics, therefore, is easy to promote the use of in factory.At present, China has more than 100 families of Battery Plant, wherein has the product quality of a lot of producers lower, and its reason, detection means quite backwardness are important factors.This instrument of battery industry can be studied, adjust battery production technology in time, and for improving the battery production level, the needs that satisfy the people's living standard raising better have great practical significance.

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1, a kind of internal resistance of cell testing tool.Feature of the present invention is being formed with 801 single board computers and D/A, voltage-controlled power supply, A/D, amplifier, light-emitting diode display.
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