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The utility model relates to a two-function child's tricycle, and the tricycle body forms an animal shape. The technical feature of the two-function child's tricycle is that the two-function child's tricycle has two driving methods. The first method is that the two-function child's tricycle is driven by hand and moves forward in an interval way through pulling and pushing, and the force of children's two arms can be exercised to promote the healthy growing of the upper body part of children 'chest and waist, etc. The second method is that the two-function child's tricycle reserves the original functions that the ordinary children's tricycle is driven by feet and the direction is controlled by hand. The two-function child's tricycle is very interesting and has favorable body-building effect as well as particular functions, and the two-function child's tricycle has a comparatively strong attraction force for the children.


Two-function child's tricycle
The utility model is the difunctional perambulator of the similar zoomorphism of a kind of vehicle body, has two kinds of methods available when children drive, and a kind of method is to advance with hand-drive, and another kind of method is to drive with pin to advance.
Now popular perambulator mainly contains two classes on the market, and a class is the toy tricycle of common steel tube bending, and this automobile-used foot-operated f-w-d is held direction with palm.Another kind of is emerging three-wheel or the animal-shaped perambulator of four-wheel, and these car characteristics are with pulling motor-car head handle drives, and the unidirectional alternate rotation of front and back wheel is intermittently advanced, and vehicle seat rises and falls on vehicle body or do not rise and fall, and holds direction with sole.
More than the type of drive of two class perambulators all be mono-, just can not use hand-drive when driving with pin, just can not drive during with hand-drive with pin, make children can not make hand and pin fully be taken exercise simultaneously and exchange riding when playing, interest is lower.
The purpose of this utility model is the characteristics of comprehensive above-mentioned two class perambulators, proposes a kind of difunctional perambulator, and the comformability of perambulator, exercise property and interest are improved.
Difunctional perambulator is done in such a way that pram designs is become zoomorphism, is example with the horse, the similar length of the vehicle body of perambulator, the similar saddle of vehicle seat, the front and back leg of the similar horse walking of front and back wheel etc.One handle is arranged at head of the horse top, fixing under the handle axle vertically pass head of the horse be connected with front-wheel control working direction, handle, head of the horse and front-wheel constitute the first half of perambulator, be connected with the latter half of length of spring and perambulator by the hinge axle, length is fixed with rear axle and vehicle seat, like this front-wheel of perambulator just can be under the control of head of the horse handle be that swing forward in the center of circle with the hinge axle.The bilateral symmetry of perambulator front axle is being fixed stretcher and pedal, these three other parts are fixed as one, when both feet are pedaled on stretcher, just can realize that first kind of perambulator is with pulling fixed handle (front-wheel advance trailing wheel motionless), the intermittent moment function of driving handle (trailing wheel advance front-wheel motionless), at this moment front axle does not rotate, and front-wheel can only be on front axle forward folk prescription to rotation, propulsive effort is from handle and movement of springs, but this motion be forward trailing wheel forward folk prescription obtain to rotation.When both feet move on the pedal, both hands do not continue the head of the horse handle is applied pulling force, and when just controlling working direction, children can ride as driving toy tricycle, at this moment propulsive effort is the same with toy tricycle, from the coaxial rotation of pedal and front axle front-wheel.
Concrete structure of the present utility model is provided by following examples and accompanying drawing.
Fig. 1 is the front view of difunctional perambulator.
Fig. 2 is the birds-eye view of difunctional perambulator.
Mark in the accompanying drawing: 1, handle, 2, vertical pivot, 3, head of the horse, 4, the hinge axle, 5, spring, 6, front-wheel, 7, length, 8, vehicle seat, 9, stretcher, 10, pedal, 11, rear axle, 12, trailing wheel, 13, front axle.
Describe in detail according to an embodiment who the utility model proposes below in conjunction with accompanying drawing.
First kind of function, children ride on the perambulator vehicle seat 8, both feet are placed on the stretcher 9, and both hands pull at fixed handle 1 to the front, and front-wheel 6 rolls forward, spring 5 stretches, trailing wheel 12 is as you were, both hands driving handle 1 outside chest afterwards, and spring 5 shrinks, at this moment because front-wheel 6 can not retreat, trailing wheel 12 must roll forward.Want to move on and repeat above-mentioned action, both hands one draw one to push away like this, front and back wheel alternate rotation ahead running.To be children both feet move to does 360 degree on the pedal 10 and scrunch continuously for second kind of function, and both hands are held handle and just grasped direction, and then front-wheel 6 just can drive trailing wheel 12 and carried out continuous easy motion, two kinds of function conversion at any time employings.
The difunctional perambulator that the utility model provides, manufacturing process is easy, need not special material, and each children can drive it easily.

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  1. A kind of can be with hand or foot-powered difunctional perambulator, this car is by main part head of the horse 3 in addition, hinge axle 4, spring 5, front-wheel 6, length 7, stretcher 9, pedal 10 and front axle 13 constitute, and it is characterized in that:
    Stretcher 9 and pedal 10 are housed on the front axle 13 simultaneously;
    The perambulator vehicle body is made of two independent parts head of the horses 3 and length 7, and both are connected with spring 5 by hinge axle 4.
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