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The utility model discloses an apparatus for treating a cold, which is composed of a heating coil, a heater, a water storing container, a temperature meter and an air suction hood. After the humidified air mixed with medicine is heated, the air is sucked through the air suction hood into a respiratory tract and the lung part to damage the normal growth and the propagation of virus or directly kill the virus. The humidified air with medicine can improve the temperature of the respiratory tract, promote blood circulation on mucouse membrane of the respiratory tract and enhance disease resistance ability of the local respiratory tract, so the utility model has therapeutic function of conducting air in lung, relieving exterior syndrome and firmly protecting body. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, and can defend and treat respiratory diseases.


一种感冒治疗器 One kind of cold treatment device

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型属于医用理疗保健器材,特别是一种感冒治疗器。 The present invention belongs to medical care physiotherapy equipment, particularly to a cold treatment unit.

背景技术 Background technique

中医理论认为伤风感冒疾病多由外感风寒、风热、素体虚弱、生活失调、气候突变、寒暖失常、卫外机能不固而致病邪自口而入犯肺,引起肺气不宣、卫表不固等症状,如恶寒、鼻塞、流涕、头痛、咳嗽。 TCM theory holds that cold and flu disease and more from exogenous cold, wind-heat, ferrite weak, life imbalance, abrupt climate change, warm winter disorders, health and foreign is not solid performance from the mouth into the room caused the evil attacking lung, causing lung without declaring, Wei form is not solid and other symptoms, such as chills, nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, cough.

西医理论认为在正常的人体鼻腔、咽喉、气管内部都存在有一定数量的感冒病毒和细菌,当人体防御机能正常的情况下人体能够抑制这些病毒和细菌的生长与繁殖而不致发病,当气候突变,寒冷失常或因起居不慎、冷热不调、疲劳等情况下就会导致人体体温下降、防御机能降低,从而导致寄生在人体的这些部位的感冒病毒或细菌繁殖增多而发病。 Western medicine theory is that in normal human nasal cavity, throat, inside the trachea there is a certain amount of cold viruses and bacteria when the body can inhibit the growth and reproduction of these viruses and bacteria under the body defense mechanism under normal circumstances and without the disease, when abrupt climate change , living carelessly or because of abnormal cold, hot and cold is not transferred, the case will lead to fatigue, body temperature drops, reducing defense mechanisms, causing parasites in these parts of the body of the cold virus or bacteria and increase the incidence.

属于这一领域的现有技术有中国专利89200921.7《简便感冒理疗器》主要由热水器、塞头、胶管、三通接收瓶、塞头、温度计、三通吸气管以及牛皮筋所组成,通过调节热水器中开水产生有温度蒸汽;另外中国专利96225287.5《空气加热加湿保健器》,它包括过滤罩,输送管,加热盘管,储水容器,加热器,面罩和调节阀。 Belonging to the prior art in this area with Chinese patent 89200921.7 "simple cold therapy device" consisting food, plugs, hose, three receiving flask, stopper, thermometer, and leather intake pipe tee rib composed by adjusting water temperature in the water heater to produce steam; Chinese Patent 96225287.5 additional "health humidified air heating device", which includes a filter housing, feed pipe, a heating coil, water container, a heater, a mask and a regulating valve. 以上现有技术都有一定理疗感冒的效果。 Above prior art have some therapeutic effect cold. 但是《简便感冒理疗器》缺少连续加热功能;《空气加热加湿保健器》加热管路短,缺少空气过滤加湿加药装置,储水容器缺少保温功能,面罩没有吐气功能,及难以控制水温的缺点。 However, "simple cold therapy device" continuous heating function is missing; short "health humidified air heater" on heating line, the lack of air humidifying filter dosing apparatus, water storage containers insulation function is missing, there is no breathing mask function, and it is difficult to control the temperature of the disadvantages .


本实用新型的目的提供一种感冒治疗器:采用双螺旋管增加透热效率:储水容器,进气管采用过滤、加药、加湿装置;口鼻罩采用吸气与呼气分道技术。 The object of the present invention is to provide a cold treatment: double spiral diathermy increase efficiency: water container, the intake pipe filtration, dosing humidifying device; oronasal inspiration and expiration using techniques lane. 达到杀死鼻腔、咽喉、气管内部、肺部的部分病毒,本实用新型同时可以提高呼吸道的温度增强呼吸道粘膜的血液循环和抗病能力,预防和治疗感冒功能。 Reached kill nasal cavity, throat, windpipe inside the lungs of some viruses, the present invention also can raise the temperature of the respiratory tract disease and enhance blood circulation and respiratory mucosa, prevention and treatment of colds function.

本实用新型是由加热盘管、加热器、储水容器、测水温度计、测气温度计、进气过滤器、吸气罩组成。 The present invention is heated by a coil heater, water storage containers, measuring the water thermometer, thermometer measuring air intake filter, hood components. 进气过滤器有空气过滤片、加湿加药装置,空气经进气过滤器进入加热盘管加热45度到60度温度消毒后,通过吸气罩吸收人体内呼吸道及肺部,可以破坏人体内呼吸道病毒的正常生长与繁殖或直接杀死病毒,并提高呼吸道的温度增强呼吸道粘膜的血液循环及局部呼吸道的抗病能力,起到宣通肺气解表固卫的治疗作用。 Filter the intake air filter, humidifier dosing means, an intake air through the filter into the heating coil 45 is heated to 60 degrees sterilization temperature by absorption hood respiratory tract and lungs in the human body, the human body can destroy normal growth and reproduction or directly killing the virus, and increase the temperature of the respiratory mucosa of the respiratory tract enhanced disease resistance local blood circulation and respiratory tract, respiratory viruses play a therapeutic role in relieving the solid lung Nobumichi guard.

本实用新型的结构简单,使用成本低,能够治疗和预防呼吸系统疾病。 It has simple structure, low cost, capable of treating and preventing respiratory diseases.


下面结合附图与实施例,进一步阐明本实用新型。 DRAWINGS Example further illustrate the present invention.

图1是本实用新型感冒治疗器的结构图。 FIG 1 is a cold treatment of the present invention is the structure of FIG.

图2是本实用新型感冒治疗器进气过滤器结构图。 FIG 2 is a cold treatment of the present invention is an intake filter structure.

图3是本实用新型感冒治疗器吸气罩结构图。 FIG 3 is a cold treatment unit according to the present invention hood structure in FIG.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

图1示出本实用新型感冒治疗器的结构图。 FIG 1 illustrates the present invention's cold treatment structure. 本实用新型包括进气过滤器1、储水容器盖2、加热盘管3、储水容器4、测水温度计5、注水口6、注水口塞7、测气温度计8、吸气罩9、固定带10、加热器11、进气过滤器盖12、空气过滤片13、加湿加药装置14。 The present invention includes an intake filter 1, water storage container caps 2, heating coils 3, the water container 4, a thermometer 5 measuring the water, filling opening 6, the plug filling opening 7, the measured gas thermometer 8, the suction cover 9, fixing belt 10, a heater 11, an intake filter cover 12, air filter 13, the humidifying means 14 dosing. 其结构为气过滤器1、加热盘管3、测水温度计5和加热器10安装到储水容器盖2上,在储水容器盖2装在储水容器4后,热盘管3、加热器10位于储水容器4内,加热器10位于热盘管3下方,测水温度计5的测温部位安装到储水容器4下部,储水容器4使用半透明材料制作并标有安全水位记。 The structure 1 is an air filter, the heating coil 3, measuring the water thermometer 10 and a heater 5 mounted on the water storage container lid 2, the water storage container cap 2 is mounted on the water container 4, the heat coil 3, heating 10 is located inside the water container 4, a heater 10 is located below the heat coil 3, the measured water temperature thermometer portion 5 is mounted to a lower water container 4, the water container 4 a translucent material and marked with a security level in mind . 加热盘管3为双螺旋结构金属材料,在出口处有一测温盒,测气温度计8安装在加热盘管3测温盒内。 Heating coil 3 is a double helical structure of a metal material, a test kit at the outlet, the measured gas temperature thermometer 8 cartridge 3 is mounted on the heating coil. 气过滤器结构如图2示出,进气过滤器1装有空气过滤片13、加湿加药装置14,使用前要对加湿加药装置14加湿、加药,病人吸气时将湿气、药味带到热盘管3加热后吸进体内部,达到治疗感冒作用,空气过滤片13可取出清洗、湿加药装置14可定期更换。 Gas filter structure shown in FIG. 2, the filter 1 is provided with an intake air filter 13 humidifying dosing device 14, prior to use of the humidifier humidifying dosing device 14, dosing, the patient will inhale moisture, Smell heat to the heating coil sucked into the inside of the body 3, common cold therapeutic effect, the air filter 13 can be taken out for cleaning, wet dosing device 14 may be periodically replaced. 加热器为电加热,使用220V电压。 Electrically heating the heater using the voltage 220V. 吸气罩8结构如图3所示,吸气罩8使用软性材料,有一个鼻腔进气道和一个口腔出气道,能够保证加湿加药加热气体从鼻腔吸入,从口腔呼出,吸气罩8有固定带9,固定带9具有弹性作用,帮助固定吸气罩8。 8 hood structure 3, the hood 8 using soft materials, there is a port and an oral nasal airway, it is possible to ensure the humidifying gas is sucked from the heating medicated nasal exhaled from the mouth, hood 8 9 fixed with fixing tape 9 has an elastic effect, help secure the hood 8. 本实用新型使用过程是通过注水口6向储水容器4加水,使用加热器10将水加热,热水再将加热盘管3中的空气加热,当气体温达到45度到60度后,既可通过吸气罩8吸入人体内。 The present invention is a process used by the filling opening 6 to the water container 4 with water, the water is heated using the heater 10, hot air is then heated in the heating tube 3, when the gas temperature reached 45 to 60 degrees, both inhaled by the human body hood 8.

Claims (3)

1.一种感冒治疗器,包括加热盘管、加热器、储水容器、测水温度计、测气温度计、吸气罩、气过滤器,其特征在于:该治疗器加热盘管、加热器位于储水容器内,加热器位于热盘管下方,测水温度计的测温部位安装到储水容器下部,测气温度计安装加热盘管出气口,加热盘管为双螺旋结构金属材料,进气过滤器具有空气过滤片、加湿加药装置,吸气罩具有一个鼻腔进气道和一个口腔呼气道。 A cold treatment comprising heating coil, heater, water storage containers, measuring the water thermometer, thermometer measuring gas, hood, air filter, wherein: the therapeutic heating coil, a heater located the water storage vessel, the cooling coil positioned below the heater, a thermometer, water temperature sensing portion mounted to the lower water container, measuring a thermometer mounted gas outlet heating coil, heating coil double helix structure metal material, inlet air filter having an air filter, humidifier dosing device, the cover having a suction inlet and a nasal exhalation channel mouth.
2.根据权利要求1所述的感冒治疗器,其特征在于:该吸气罩装有固定带。 Cold treatment according to claim claim 1, wherein: the band with fixed hood.
3.根据权利要求1所述的感冒治疗器,其特征在于:该进气过滤器具有进气过滤器盖。 Cold treatment according to claim claim 1, wherein: the intake air filter having a filter cover.
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