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The utility model discloses a throat cover, belonging to medical apparatus, which comprises a pipe body and a cover body which is communicated with the front end of the pipe boy and can be placed in the throat cavity. A circle of soft inflation ring is arranged on the most exterior margins of the cover body, which is communicated with an inflation inspection device. A gill is arranged on the joint of the bottom of the cover body and the pipe body to lead in air and prevent the hanging epiglottis blocking airway, a guiding portion formed on the front end of the cover body is extendedly installed in the cover body to avoid reflex when the cover body is inserted in the throat. An inflation pipe is installed in the pipe walls of the pipe body to form an integral primary and secondary pipe, which can reduce barriers when the throat cover is operated. The utility model really solves the uncomfortable feeling in the process of using the throat cover and the problems in operation, simultaneously, has simple and light structure and easy use method, which can be used easily by medicine staff with few medical experience, thereby adding the convenience.


喉头罩 Throat cover

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型涉及医疗器件,尤其涉及一种应用于临床的喉头罩。 The present invention relates to medical devices, and particularly to a clinical throat cover.

使用喉头罩时,将罩体(70)整体置入患者喉部,令罩体(70)的前端抵置于食道,而开口(71)处对准于患者的气管,之後可藉由注射器自充气观测压囊(76)的阀门将空气经充气管(74)送入充气环(72)中,使充气环(72)扩张,让患者喉部与罩体之间并没有间隙产生,以顺利让麻醉气体从进气管(60)进入患者体内,不会由间隙中散逸出,同时根据充气观测压囊(76)的保和或萎缩状态,可以相对得知充气环(72)的充气状态。 Use of the laryngeal mask when the cover (70) integrally into the throat of the patient, so that the cover member (70) is placed against the front end of the esophagus, and the opening (71) aligned at a patient's trachea, from the syringe can then be by observation inflatable pressure bladder (76) through a pneumatic air valve tube (74) into the inflatable ring (72) in the inflatable ring (72) expansion, so that no gap is generated between the throat of the patient and the cover, in order to smooth let anesthetic gas from the inlet pipe (60) into the patient, will not escape from the gap bulk, while observing the pneumatic pressure bladder (76) and a retention or contraction, that may be relatively inflatable ring (72) is inflated.

然而,上述之习用喉头罩,虽然可使麻醉气体完全进入人体,但充气管(74)打入20~30 的空气时,其打气的压力将高达60~120水柱,以此种压力压迫喉头黏膜的时间一久,喉头黏膜会产生溃烂,但若打气压力不足则使充气环(72)无法完全膨涨、喉部与罩体(70)之间产生空隙,易造成麻醉气体外逸进入食道,因此在使用上不甚理想。 However, the above-described conventional cover throat, while the anesthetic gas can enter the body completely, but the inflation tube (74) into the air 20 to 30, the high pressure pump 60 to the water column 120, in such a compression pressure laryngeal mucosa a long time, will produce mucosal ulceration throat, but if the pump pressure is less than the inflator ring (72) can not fully swell, a void between the throat and the cover (70) and easy escape of anesthetic gas into the esophagus, thus in the use of less than ideal.

另外,从图6中可见,充气环(72)的前端在膨涨完全後,由于材质为硬度较高的橡胶且厚度过厚,会对食道璧产生推挤式的压迫,甚至于充气环(72)前端出现反折现象,致使患者产生不舒适感,或产生反射性呕吐,无法安置喉头罩于喉腔内,完成麻醉的过程,另一方面,罩体(70)开口(71)亦可能被垂坠的会咽遮盖造成进气管(60)的不畅通。 Further, the visible, distal inflatable ring (72) from a fully swell in FIG. 6, since the hardness of the rubber material is high and the thickness is too thick, the esophagus will produce bi push-type compression, even inflatable ring ( 72) distal fold phenomenon occurs, resulting in patient discomfort generated, reflection or vomiting, can not cover the throat disposed within the throat, the process of complete anesthesia, on the other hand, the cover (70) an opening (71) may also be the drape will cover the throat caused by the intake pipe (60) is not smooth.

为达到上述目的,本实用新型所使用的技术手段为:提供一种喉头罩,其结构包括有一管体与一连通于管体前端、可置入喉腔内的罩体,罩体的最外缘上设有一圈柔软的充气环,以避免罩体直接压迫喉腔内璧,该充气环系连通一充气观测设备,在罩体之底部与管体相接处设置肋条,以引导气体通入及防止垂坠的会咽阻塞气道,并于前端形成一引导部延伸组装至罩体内,使罩体在插入喉部时不会造成反折现象,另外,充气设备的充气管系埋设于管体管璧内,成为一整体的子母管,减少喉头罩在操作使用时的障碍。 To achieve the above object, the technical means of the present invention is used to: provide a throat cover, which structure comprises a tubular body with a distal end communicating with the tubular body, the cover can be placed within the larynx, the outermost shell of flexible inflatable ring provided with a ring on the edge of the cover to prevent direct compression of the bi throat, the pneumatic communication with an inflatable ring system observation apparatus, the rib is provided at the bottom of the cover at the contact with the tubular body to guide the gas to the and will prevent the drape pharyngeal airway obstruction, and a guide portion formed at a front end extending to the cover body is assembled, the cover body is inserted into the throat does not cause the phenomenon reflexed addition, the pneumatic tubing inflatable device embedded in the tube bi inner body tube become integral picture tube, laryngeal mask reduce barriers used during the operation.

一底部上设有一开口的罩体,罩体周缘设有一柔软的充气环,充气环的内部前端形成一引导片,利于喉头罩插入患者喉部;一个由一进气管与一充气管所结合形成、与罩体藉由开口相连通的子母管,其中充气管的一端与罩体的充气环连接,另一端自进气管分离出以连接一充气观测装置;有至少一条形成于罩体底部近开口处的肋条,以引导气体并防止垂坠会咽阻塞进气管。 Cover members having an opening on a bottom, cover the peripheral edge is provided inside the front end of a flexible inflatable ring, inflatable ring forms a guide sheet, facilitate laryngeal mask into a patient's throat; a are joined by a manifold and fed into a pneumatic tube is formed , and the cover opening communicating by picture tube, wherein one end of the inflatable tube is inflated and the cover ring, and the other end separated from the intake pipe is connected to a pneumatic observation apparatus; at least one shell is formed near the bottom opening the ribs to guide the gas and prevent the drape will OBTURATOR intake pipe.

罩体底部近开口处,形成有两道肋条。 Near the bottom of the shell opening, is formed prescribe rib.

充气管系埋设于进气管管璧内侧。 The pneumatic tubing embedded in the bi intake pipe inside.

充气观测装置为一带有接头的囊袋。 Observation means is an inflatable bladder with a linker.

充气环部份系由聚氯乙烯材质所制成。 Part inflatable ring system made of polyvinyl chloride material.

本实用新型确实可解决习用喉头罩所产生不适感及操作上的问题,同时其结构简单且轻便,使用方法容易,可让即使不具多次医疗经验的人员皆可轻易使用,增加使用上的便利性。 Discomfort and operational problems of the present invention does solve the conventional laryngeal mask produced, while its structure is simple and lightweight, easy to use, allowing medical personnel without having repeatedly experienced Jieke easy to use, to increase the convenience of use sex.


图1为本实用新型喉头罩的立体外观图;图2为本实用新型喉头罩的侧视剖面图;图3为本实用新型喉头罩的底视图;图4为本实用新型喉头罩的操作实施例之示意图;图5为习用喉头罩的立体外观图;图6为习用喉头罩的操作实施例的示意图。 1 is a perspective external view of the cover of FIG throat invention; FIG. 2 a side sectional view of the cover of the present utility novel throat; new bottom view of the cover of FIG. 3 is a throat utility; throat 4 of the present invention illustrating the operation cover embodiment the schematic embodiment; FIG. 5 is a conventional laryngeal perspective external view of the cover; 6 illustrates an embodiment of the cover to operate conventional larynx FIG.

子母管(10)系由一透明塑胶进气管(12)与一充气管(14)所组成,充气管(14)系埋设于进气管(12)之管璧内侧,其一端向罩体(20)方向延伸,另一端于进气管(12)管璧上离罩体(20)一段距离处穿出,以连接带有进气阀门(图中未示)的充气观测装置(30)。 Picture tube (10) consists of a transparent plastic-based intake pipe (12) and a pneumatic tube (14) consisting of inflatable tube (14) embedded in the intake pipe system (12) of the inner tube bi, one end of the cover ( 20 extending) direction, the other end of the intake pipe (12) (20) at a distance from the cover body piercing tube bi, the inflator is connected to the observation means (30) with an intake valve (not shown) is.

罩体(20)呈椭圆形状,其底部为一凹面,凹面上设有一开口(22)与进气管(12)相接连通,且罩体(20)的周缘设有一以超柔软材质(如聚氯乙烯(PVC))制成的充气环(24),该充气环(24)的内部形成一撑持用的引导片(242),以避免充气环(24)碰触喉壁造成反折,利于喉头罩的插入患者喉部。 The cover body (20) has an elliptical shape whose bottom portion is a concave surface, with the peripheral edge of an opening (22) and the intake pipe (12) engaged in communication, and the cover body (20) is provided on the concave surface an ultra soft material (e.g., polyethylene vinyl chloride (of PVC)) inflatable ring (24) made of the interior of the inflatable ring (24) is formed with a support guide plate (242), in order to avoid the inflatable ring (24) caused by touching the throat wall fold, facilitate inserted into a patient's throat laryngeal mask. 充气环(24)的後端并与子母管(10)的充气管(14)相连通,可藉由注射器连接充气观测设备(30)的进气阀门将空气自充气管(14)导入充气环中(24)。 The rear end of the air intake valve keeper inflatable ring (24) and with a picture tube (10) of the pneumatic pipe (14) communicating, can be connected to the syringe by a pneumatic monitoring device (30) from an inflation tube (14) into a pneumatic the ring (24). 此外,罩体(20)底部开口(22)附近,形成有至少两道纵向肋条(26),可引导气体进入气管,并让患者于麻醉过程中垂坠的会咽可被顶住,以维持进气管(12)至患者气道间之畅通,顺利进行麻醉。 In addition, the shell (20) bottom opening (22) near, formed with at least two longitudinal ribs (26), the gas may be directed into the trachea, and the patient during anesthesia drape may withstand the pharynx may be to maintain the intake pipe (12) to flow between the patient's airway smooth anesthesia.

充气观测装置(30)其可为如图中所示一带有接头的囊袋,可由自动充气系统自囊袋的接头打入空气,藉以调整充气环(24)的充气程度,同时可由该囊袋的饱和或萎缩状态,相对得知充气环(24)的充气程度。 Inflatable Inflatable degree observation device (30) which may be a joint with the bladder shown in the figures, the automatic inflation system can be self-linker into the air bladder, so as to adjust the inflatable ring (24), while the pouch can be saturated or contraction, that the relative degree of inflatable inflatable ring (24).

由上述结构配合图4的操作状态可知,本实用新型具有下列优点:1.充气环(24)内部前端引导片(242)的设计,让罩体(20)在伸入喉部时不会让充气环(24)因受到食道璧的推挤而产生反折现象;充气环(24)选用超柔软材质制成,同样可以降低对喉头黏膜的压迫,避免产生溃烂。 Seen from the operating state of the structure of the complex of FIG. 4, the present invention has the following advantages: an inflatable ring (24) inside the front end of the guide sheet (242) is designed so that the cover member (20) extends into the throat when not make inflatable ring (24) being pushed by the esophagus bi reflexed phenomenon is generated; inflatable ring (24) made of ultra-soft material selection, can also reduce the pressure on the throat mucosa, ulceration avoided.

2.将充气管(14)与进气管(12)结合以形成一子母管(10),可以避免如习用喉头罩操作插入喉部时须要另外注意调整充气管(74)的麻烦,同时减少操作时的阻碍。 2. The inflation tube (14) and the intake pipe (12) to form a picture-tube (10), can be avoided as conventional laryngeal mask troublesome adjustment operation needs further attention inflatable tube (74) is inserted into the throat, while reducing resistance when operating.

3.罩体(20)底部开口(21)处肋条(26)的设计,可方便引导气体进入气管,更可顶住会咽,让病人在无意识的情况下仍能维持气道畅通。 3. The cover body (20) bottom opening (21) at the rib (26) is designed to facilitate directing gas into the trachea, but also can withstand the pharynx, in the case of the unconscious patient's airway can be maintained.

Claims (6)

1.一种喉头罩,由进气管,充气管,罩体,充气环组成,其特征在于:一底部上设有一开口的罩体,罩体周缘设有一柔软的充气环,充气环的内部形成一引导片,利于喉头罩插入患者喉部;一个由一进气管与一充气管所结合形成、与罩体藉由开口相连通的子母管,其中充气管的一端与罩体的充气环连接,另一端自进气管分离出以连接一充气观测装置;有至少一条形成于罩体底部近开口处的肋条,以引导气体并防止垂坠的会咽阻塞进气管。 A throat cover, by the intake pipe, inflatable tube shell, inflatable rings, wherein: an opening provided on a bottom of the cover body, the cover member is provided inside a peripheral edge of the flexible inflatable ring, inflatable ring formation a guide plate, laryngeal mask into a patient beneficial throat; a bound formed by an inlet pipe and an inflation tube, and the cover opening communicated by picture tube, wherein one end of the inflatable tubes inflatable ring and the cover is connected , and the other end separated from the intake pipe is connected to a pneumatic observation apparatus; at least one shell is formed at the bottom of the ribs near the opening, to guide the gas and prevent the drape will OBTURATOR intake pipe.
2.如权利要求1所述的喉头罩,其特征在于,所述罩体底部近开口处,形成有两道肋条。 2. The laryngeal mask according to claim 1, wherein the cover member near the bottom opening, formed prescribe rib.
3.如权利要求1所述的喉头罩,其特征在于,所述的充气管系埋设于进气管管璧内侧。 Laryngeal mask according to claim 1, characterized in that said inflatable tubing is embedded inside the intake pipe bi tube.
4.如权利要求1或2所述的喉头罩,其特征在于,所述的充气观测装置为一带有接头的囊袋。 Throat or the cover as claimed in claim 12, wherein the inflator is the observation apparatus with a fitting bladder.
5.如权利要求3所述的喉头罩,其特征在于,所述的充气观测装置为一带有接头的囊袋。 5. larynx mask according to claim 3, characterized in that said inflator device is observed with a joint bladder.
6.如权利要求1所述的喉头罩,其特征在于,所述的充气环部份系由聚氯乙烯材质所制成。 The larynx mask according to claim 1, wherein said inflatable ring part is made of PVC-based materials.
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