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The utility model relates to an air purifier for a vehicle and relates to the field of a cleaning device. The utility model is composed of a casing, a filter net and an electric appliance. A vehicle engine or a battery provides power of direct current 12 V which is supplied into two paths. The rest one is boosted by an inverter to form alternating current more than 2600 V which is input into a negative oxygen ion generator to generate negative oxygen ions. The other path supplies power to a direct current fan. Negative pressure produced when the fan runs sends the entering air to a filter screen of a first level to be filtered, a filter screen of a secondary level and a filter screen of a third level to be filtered and then the air is discharged into a vehicle from an air outlet so that limited space in the vehicle can be purified circularly.


车用空气净化器 Car air cleaner

本实用新型涉及一种净化装置领域,尤其适用于封闭式较高等级小车内的空气净化。 FIELD The present invention relates to a purification device, especially for the higher-level closed-end small car air purification.

目前,封闭式的高等级小车设有空调装置,乘客在长途旅行中少数人有不适应之感,甚至有晕车的现象。 Currently, it closed high-grade car with air conditioning system, passengers on long trips few people have a sense of maladjustment, and even the phenomenon of motion sickness. 这是因为车内的新鲜空气较少的缘故,能否设计一种车用空气净化器来净化车内的空气呢? This is because less fresh air inside the vehicle's sake, can design a car air purifier to purify the air inside the car it? 并能及时的受到用户的青睐。 And can timely favored by the users.

本实用新型的目的是,设计的车用空气净化器应具有空气流通性强,一定的去臭与杀菌功能,并能有效的提高驾驶员开车时的主意力。 The purpose of the present invention is to design car air purifier should have a strong air circulation, some deodorization and sterilization function, and can effectively improve the idea of ​​driving force of the driver.

为达到上述的目的,设计方案是这样实现的:它由汽车发动机所提供的直流12V电源分设两路供电,其中一路经逆变器升至为交流2600V以上,输入负氧离子发生器产生负氧离子,进风到一级过滤网过滤。 To achieve the above objects, the design is implemented: 12V DC power supply consisting of automotive engine provided two divided power, wherein all the way through the more increased to 2600V AC inverter, input of negative oxygen ions have a negative oxygen generator ions, a filter inlet to the filter. 另一路向直流风机供电,该风机运转时产生的负压将所进的风送至二级过滤网、三级过滤网过滤,然后由出风口排出。 Another way to supply DC fan, the negative pressure generated during operation of the wind turbine will be supplied into the two filters, three filtration filter, and then discharged from the outlet. 也就是说车内的空气由进风口进入经过加工,排出的则是负氧离子型空气,从而周而复始净化车内的有限空间。 That air from the air inlet into the interior through machining, discharge type negative oxygen ions is air, so that the limited interior space purge cycle.

通过上述空气净化处理,车用空气净化器不仅能改善乘客,驾驶员的生活空间,还能应用到军事装置的坦克或潜水艇中,以实现一机多用的效果。 Processed by the air purifier, car air purifier can not only improve the passenger, the driver of the living space, but also applied to the tank or submarine military means in order to achieve the effect of a machine used.


:图1是本实用新型的结构简图,图2是工作原理方框图。 : FIG. 1 is a configuration diagram of the present invention, FIG 2 is a block diagram showing the operating principle.

现结合附图和实施例,将其特征作如下叙述:图1中按其结构划分,由机壳、滤网、电器三个部分组成,即由塑壳1、出风口2、圆形进风口10、图形出风口12构成机壳部分;由一级滤网8、二级滤网5、三级滤网13构成滤网部分;由线路板3、电子元件及负氧离子发生器4、风机6、风叶7、逆变器9、专用电源线及插头11构成电器部分。 Now embodiments and the accompanying drawings, description will be characterized as follows: FIG. 1 is divided in its structure, a three part housing, filters, electrical components, i.e., the molded case 1, the outlet 2, a circular air inlet 10, 12 constituting the pattern outlet housing portion; manufactured by an 8 filter, two filter 5, three filter constituting the filter section 13; a wiring board 3, electronic components and negative oxygen ion generator 4, the fan 6, blades 7, inverter 9, and plug the power cord 11 constituting the collector portion. 塑壳1内分为前、中、尾三部,在其前部圆形进风口10处设置一级滤网8,中部设置二级滤网5,尾部周向分布的出风口2处设置三级滤网13,以上的三个等级滤网均是可卸式的。 Before the molded case 1 is divided into three portions, the tail, a screen disposed at a front portion thereof a circular air inlet 108, two filters 5 arranged in the middle, an aft circumferentially distributed outlet 2 provided at three filter stage 13, three or more levels are removable screen type. 塑壳1内中部右下方设置变压器9,中心部位设有电机6,线路板3、电子元件及负氧离子发生器4设置在左上方;前部设置风叶7。 A plastic shell disposed lower right of the middle of the transformer 9, with the central portion of the motor 6, the circuit board 3, electronic components and negative oxygen ion generator 4 is provided at the upper left; front fan 7 is provided.

图2是车用空气净化器工作原理方框图,该图能直观地反映汽车内原储备的直流电源按两条线路供给作功,该方面已在设计方案的实现中叙述,故不重述。 FIG 2 is a block diagram of a vehicle air cleaner works, this figure can directly reflect the original car DC power reserve by two lines for power supply, which has been described in terms of the design scheme, it is not repeated here.

本实用新型为每辆小车一般安装1只。 The present invention is generally installed one per car.

Claims (1)

1.车用空气净化器涉及一种净化装置领域,它由机壳、滤网、电器三个部分组成,即由塑壳(1)、出风口(2)、圆形进风口(10)、圆形出风口(12)构成机壳部分;由一级滤网(8)、二级滤网(5)、三级滤网(13)构成滤网部分;由线路板(3)、电子元件及负氧离子发生器(4)、电机(6)、风叶(7)、逆变器(9)、专用电源线及插头(11)构成电器部分;其特征是:a)在塑壳(1)内设有三道滤网,即前部圆形进风口(10)处设置一级滤网(8),中部设置二级滤网(5),尾部周向分布的出风口(2)处设置三级滤网(13);b)在塑壳(1)内中部右下方设置逆变器(9),中心部位设有电机(6),线路板(3)、电子元件及负氧离子发生器(4)设置在左上方;前部设置风叶(7)。 1 relates to vehicle air purification device purifying one kind of art, which consists of three housing portions, filters, electrical components, i.e., a molded case (1), outlet (2), a circular air inlet (10), circular outlet (12) constituting the housing portion; manufactured by a filter (8), two filters (5), three filter (13) constituting the filter portion; a circuit board (3), the electronic component and negative oxygen ion generator (4), the motor (6), the blades (7), an inverter (9), and plug the power cord (11) constituting the collector portion; characterized in that: a) in the molded case ( 1) is provided with three filters, i.e., the front portion of the circular inlet (10) is provided at a filter (8), arranged in the middle two filters (5), trailing circumferentially distributed outlet 2) at ( three filter set (13); b) set the inverter (9) (1) Molded lower right middle, the central portion is provided with a motor (6), the circuit board (3), the electronic component and the negative oxygen ions generator (4) disposed at the upper left; front fan is provided (7).
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