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The utility model relates to a urinal which is composed of a receiving bottle, an anti-overflow device, a trapezoidal joint, a movable pot cover, a urine storing pot, a handle and a conduit. The utility model is characterized in that the receiving bottle is a cylinder with a large upper part and a slightly small lower part, the anti-overflow device is arranged in the middle of the internal part of the upper end, the lower end is provided with the trapezoidal joint, the urine storing pot and a cylinder with a small upper part and a large lower part, the upper end is provided with the movable pot cover and the handle which are convenient in washing, and the receiving bottle and the urine storing pot are communicated by the conduit. The urinal is favorable for a patient or a physical person to discharge urine naturally with gestures, such as lying, sitting, standing, etc., and the utility model is widely suitable for the needs of patients in hospitals, adults and children in a city and in a countryside, and people who have the habit of discharging urine at night. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, practicability, convenience, cleanness, sanitation, beautiful appearance, low price, high durability, labor saving, etc., and can be widely popularized and used in the city and in the countryside.


The utility model is a kind of patient of hospital and natural person needed utensil of urinating evening in severe winter that makes things convenient for.
What the present large and small confession patient of hospital urinated usefulness is urinal and bedpan, and what rural area the old and child used is urinal and wooden pail for urine, and it exists the sleeping inconvenience of relieving oneself of patient; Excessive easily, the bed clothes of making dirty, urine foul smell distribute in the room, and be unhygienic; The severely sick person relieves oneself and wants physiognomy to hold up, and will wear the clothes winter, trouble; Porcelain match-maker in winter, easily break; The child who nocturnal emission disease and winter is afraid of cold and is reluctant to get up and relieves oneself is arranged, usually cause wetting the bed, the bed clothes etc. of making dirty, the old, child and entourage that the patient that therefore is in hospital, night urinate feel inconvenient deeply.
The purpose of this Urinal is a kind of patient of making and the natural person utensil very easily of urinating, its advantage: 1. rational in infrastructure, easy to use.Weight patient and can under various posture situations such as crouching, sit, stand, urinating freely per capita naturally; 2. not excessive, not dirty bed clothes; 3. sanitation and hygiene, utensil is closed, and no foul smell distributes; 4. plastics matter part, winter is the match-maker not; 5. durable in use, inexpensive; 6. volume is little, is convenient to keeping; 7. to nocturnal emission custom person is arranged, put on sleep, lose Wet preventive bed; 8. the ward is used and is saved the labour, accompanies the people light.
Below in conjunction with accompanying drawing the new Urinal of this practicality is described in detail:
Accompanying drawing is a perspective view of the present utility model:
With reference to the accompanying drawings, the utility model Urinal comprises receiving bottle (1), anti-backflowing dress Put (2), trapezoidal joint (3), movable pot lid (4), urine storage kettle (5), handle (6), conduit (7) structure Become, receiving bottle (1) is big lower smaller Cylinder on, and the upper end bosom is installed the anti-backflowing dress Put (2), the lower end is provided with trapezoidal joint (3), the up-small and down-big Cylinder of urine storage kettle (5), and the upper end is provided with Movable pot lid (4), handle (6), conduit (7) are with receiving bottle and urine storage kettle UNICOM.
Structural shape of the present utility model can make patient and natural person in posture feelings such as crouching, sit, stand Under the condition, urinate freely, device against overflow of water (2) has been controlled urine water and has been refluxed and leak, Make it waltz through conduit (6) and enter urine storage kettle (5), urine storage kettle (5) is up-small and down-big, is convenient to steady Stand not fall, movable upper end pot lid (4) is convenient to clean.
The utility model not only is suitable for the human needs that the bed of weight patient of hospital and family is not easy to move, and suitable town and country the old and child, the needs of not getting up winter and can urinate, and giving especially has the people of nocturnal emission custom to bring convenience, can extensively promote the use of in town and country.

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1. Urinal is made of receiving bottle (1), the excessive device (2) of counnter attack, trapezoidal joint (3), movable pot lid (4), storage chamber pot (5), handle (6), conduit (7), it is characterized in that receiving bottle (1) is a big smaller Cylinder down on, the upper end bosom is installed the excessive device (2) of counnter attack, the lower end is provided with trapezoidal joint (3), the up-small and down-big Cylinder of storage chamber pot (5), upper end are provided with movable pot lid (4), handle (6), conduit (7) with receiving bottle and storage chamber pot UNICOM.
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