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The utility model relates to a pair of air inflation type resilient sports shoes, which is characterized in that air bags with air are arranged in sandwich layers at the front parts of shoe soles, and the inner walls of the air bags are provided with a plurality of transverse grids used for dividing the whole chambers of the air bags into a plurality of small chambers which are mutually communicated; the upper end surfaces of the back parts of the shoe soles are provided with recesses used for causing the air bags to enter and come out of the sandwich layers, and the recesses are sealed by plugs fitting with the recesses. The utility model has the advantages of obvious power boosting and buffering effects and comfort for wearing, user is not easy to fatigue when wearing the air inflation type resilient sports shoes, and one-time walking distance is lengthened. The utility model is particularly suitable for the long-distance march or cross-country training of an army, and the utility model can be also used for sports to increase the speed of athletes and enhance the jumping ability of the athletes.


充气式弹力运动鞋 Elastic inflatable sports shoes

本实用新型涉及一种运动鞋。 The present invention relates to a sports shoe.

目前现有的普通运动鞋穿着不舒适,行走一段时间易使人产生疲劳,一次性行走距离短。 Currently available general sports shoes uncomfortable to wear, easy to make walking fatigue over time, a one-time short walking distance. 现有的弹力运动鞋,其鞋底中间有一夹层,夹层内填装弹性材料,其缓冲、助动的效果差。 Conventional elastic sports shoe, which sole has an intermediate interlayer, the interlayer filling the resilient material buffer, assisted poor results.

本实用新型的目的在于克服上述现有技术之不足,提供一种充气式弹力运动鞋,它会让人穿着舒适,而且缓冲、助动效果好。 The present invention aims to overcome the above disadvantages of the prior art, to provide an inflatable elastic sports shoes, makes it comfortable to wear, and a buffer, a good effect is assisted.

本实用新型的目的是通过下述方案来实现的:充分式弹力运动鞋具有一鞋底,鞋庭中具有一夹层,设于鞋底前部的夹层内装有一气囊,该气囊上带有气蕊,气囊内壁上具有可将气囊整个腔体分成数个彼此相通小腔体的多条横隔,鞋底后部的上端面上具有气囊进出所述夹层的凹陷,该凹陷由与之相吻合的塞子封口,气囊的气蕊从塞子中穿出。 The object of the present invention is achieved by the following scheme: Formula full force of a sports shoe having a sole, a shoe having Chamber interlayer, the interlayer is provided on the front portion of the sole interior has an airbag, the airbag on the core with gas, the airbag the bladder has an upper inner wall of the cavity into a whole number multiple of the diaphragm communicate with each other in a small chamber, the upper end face of the rear portion of the sole recess having a sandwich out of the airbag, the recess by a sealing plug fit therewith, the gas from the airbag piercing core plugs.

上述技术方案中,鞋底上的凹陷形状为“T”形,该凹陷包括与上述夹层相通的内口、位于凹陷前部的缺口、位于凹陷后部的外口、设于外口两侧的半圆形小凹陷;与所述凹陷相吻合的塞子包括与缺口相吻合的凸棱、与外口相吻合的主体、设于小凹陷内的带连接孔的凸耳,塞子上具有气蕊通过的两段相互垂直的通道。 In the above technical solution, the concave shape of the sole is "T" shaped, which includes an inner recess communicating port and the interlayer, cutout front portion of the recess, the recess is located in the rear of the mouth, the mouth is provided on both sides of the outer half small circular recess; said plug includes a recess coincide with the ribs of the notch coincide with the outer port of the main body coincide, the connection is provided with a small hole in the lug recess, the plug has passed the air core two orthogonal passages.

与现有技术相比,本实用新型具有以下优点:1、穿着舒适,缓冲效果明显。 Compared with the prior art, the present invention has the following advantages: 1, comfort, cushioning effect. 本实用新型在鞋底前半部装有气囊,所充入的密闭气体的压强较小,而且气囊内有数条横隔将囊腔分隔成彼此相通的效个小囊腔,这样当气囊充气后能保持鞋底平展,并保证行走时鞋底能顺利弯曲,因此它穿着舒适,缓冲效果明显。 The present invention is equipped with an airbag in front halves of the sole, the less the pressure of gas charged in a sealed, but had several diaphragm cavity is divided into the balloon cavity in communication with each other small efficiency, so that when the balloon is inflated to maintain flat sole, and to ensure a smooth bending of the sole when walking, so it is comfortable to wear, the buffer effect is obvious.

2、助动效果明显。 2, assisted effect. 本实用新型将人体自身重力作用于鞋底前半部的气囊上,使其被压缩,体积变小,贮存弹性势能,当穿者前进或弹跳时,弹性势能变为动能面推动人体,从而减轻了行走用力及疲劳,提高行走、跑步速度及弹跳力。 The present invention is the body's own gravity on the front half of the sole of the airbag, it is compressed, smaller size, the storage elastic potential energy, when jumping forward or the wearer, the elastic potential energy becomes kinetic energy surface pushes the body, thereby reducing the running force and fatigue, improved walking, running, jumping ability and speed.

3、适用范围广。 3, wide application. 本实用新型由于穿着舒适,助动、缓冲效果明显,增加了一次性行走距离,尤其适用于部队的长距离行军或越野;它还可广泛应用于体育运动,大大提高田径、跳高、跳运运动员的比赛成绩,提高足球、篮球等球类运动员的行进速度和弹跳力。 The utility model wearing comfort, help move, buffer effect is obvious, one-time increase walking distance, especially for long-distance marching troops or cross-country; it is also widely used in sports, greatly improving athletics, high jump, jump ship athletes race results, increase travel speed and jumping ability soccer, basketball and other sports players.

4、结构简单。 4, simple structure.

本实用新型下面将结合附图作进一步详述:图1为本实用新型的结构示意图。 The present invention will now be described in further detail in conjunction with the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 is a schematic structural diagram novel utility.

图2为本实用新型气囊4的纵剖面图。 FIG 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the airbag invention 4.

图3为本实用新型气囊4的横剖面图。 3 is a cross-sectional view of the airbag invention 4.

图4为本实用新型鞋底的结构示意图。 FIG 4 is a schematic structural diagram of the sole disclosure.

图5为图4中本实用新型凹陷2′的结构示意图。 FIG 5 is a schematic structural view of the present invention, the recess 4 2 '.

图6为与凹陷2′相吻合的塞子2的结构示意图。 FIG 6 is a schematic structural view of the plug coincides with the recess 2 '2.

如图1、图2、图3所示,本实用新型的鞋底1前部(可在前二分之一)具有一夹层3,该夹层3由与地面接触的地层1c、顶层1a、设于地层与顶层之间的旁层1b构成,地层由具有一定韧性的弹性橡胶制成,其与地接触的面上带有增强摩擦力的防滑纹,顶层由硬橡胶制成,在接近凹陷约10mm处,逐渐加厚以增强塞子堵塞凹陷的功能。 1, FIG. 2, FIG. 3, the sole 1 of the present invention the front portion (the front one-half may be) having an interlayer 3, the formation of the sandwich 3 by the contact with the ground 1C, the top layer 1a, provided layer 1b side between the formation and the top layer, the formation is made of elastic rubber having a certain toughness, which is in contact with the ground surface with enhanced friction slip pattern, the top layer is made of a hard rubber, close to the recess about 10mm at gradually thickened to enhance the clogging of the stopper recessed features. 旁层由牛皮或其它柔软并具有韧性的非弹性材料制成,地层的前端比顶层长出约3-4mm,其与旁层(鞋底夹层前壁)的夹角略小于90°,以保证行走时鞋底的顺利弯曲。 Next to the non-elastic layer is made of leather or other flexible material and has a toughness, the front end of the formation of the cover layer of about 3-4mm to grow, which is the angle between the adjacent layers (the front wall of the midsole) slightly smaller than 90 °, to ensure travel when the smooth curved sole. 气囊4设于上述夹层3内,其外形与所述的夹层空间呈相似状,它由弹性橡胶制成,其内壁上具有4条横隔41,这些横隔41将气囊整个腔体分成5个小腔体42,每条横隔上具有一通气口43,相邻两横隔上的通气口左右设置,不在同一侧,横隔上的通气口43使得气囊内的小腔体彼此相通,图3中虚线表示气体6的走向。 4 provided on the laminated bladder 3, the outer shape of the interlayer space which was similar to the shape, which is made of elastic rubber, having a diaphragm 4 on the inner wall 41, the diaphragm chamber 41 into the entire balloon 5 small cavities 42, on each diaphragm having a vent 43, on both the left and right vent disposed adjacent to the diaphragm, not on the same side of the diaphragm 43 so that the small vent chamber communicate with each other in the airbag, FIG. 3 by dashed lines 6 to the gas. 气蕊5与气囊4相连接,其构造与汽车轮胎气蕊相同,为便于从上述夹层中伸出,将其后端部弯曲90°。 Air core 5 and is connected to the airbag 4, which is configured with the same vehicle tire air core, for purposes of extending from the laminated, the rear end portion thereof is bent 90 °. 如图4、图5、图6所示,鞋底后部的上端面上具有气囊进出所述夹层3的凹陷2′,该凹陷2′形状可为“T”形,它包括内口9、缺口10、外口11、小凹陷7。 4, FIG. 5, FIG. 6, the upper end face of the rear sole recess having a sandwich out of the airbag 23 'of the recess 2' shape may be a "T" shape, which includes an inner opening 9, a gap 10, mouth 11, a small recess 7. 内口9进出夹层的出入口,外形为长方形。 9 out of the entrance mouth interlayer, rectangular shape. 外口11位于凹陷的后部,形状为一等腰梯形。 Outer opening 11 located at the rear of the recess, the shape of an isosceles trapezoid. 缺口10位于凹陷的前部。 Notch recessed portion 10 is located at the front. 小凹陷7形状为半圆形,小凹陷的底端为螺钉孔8。 Small semicircular recess 7 shaped bottom end, a small screw hole 8 is recessed. 设于凹陷上的塞子2其外形大致与凹陷2′互补,它包括与缺口10相吻合的凸棱13、与外口11相吻合的主体15、设于小凹陷7内的带连接孔16的凸耳14,这样在上述连接孔16和螺钉孔8内用螺钉即可固定塞子,也可不用螺钉连接,只将塞子2挤入凹陷2′内。 Provided on the recessed plug 2 which shape substantially the recess 2 'complement, which comprises a notch 10 coinciding ribs 13, the main body mouth 11 coincides with 15, provided in a small depression band 7 the connection hole 16 lug 14, so that the plug can be fixed, can not be screwed to the connection holes 16 and the screw holes by screws 8, the plug 2 only squeeze the recess 2 'of. 塞子2上具有气蕊5通过的两段相互垂直的通道,其纵向段通道为圆柱体形,气蕊延伸至该通道的端口,为便于充气,该端口直径略大于气蕊的直径。 2 gas having a plug core 5 by two mutually perpendicular channels, which channel is a cylindrical longitudinal section, extending to the gas port of the core channel, to facilitate the inflator, the gas port diameter slightly greater than the diameter of the core. 塞子上的横向段通道设于塞子的下端面上,形状为U形,该通道对气蕊兼起限位作用。 The lower end of the transverse section of the plug on the channel stopper provided on a surface of the shape of a U-shaped channel of the gas core and play the role of the stopper.

Claims (2)

1.一种充气式弹力运动鞋,具有一鞋底,鞋底中具有一夹层,其特征在于设在鞋底前部的夹层内装有一气囊(4),该气囊(4)上带有气蕊(5),气囊(4)内壁上具有可将气囊整个腔体分成数个彼此相通的小腔体的多条横隔(41);鞋底后部的上端面上具有气囊进出所述夹层的凹陷(2′),该凹陷(2′)由与之相吻合的塞子(2)封口;气囊的气蕊(5)从塞子(2)中穿出。 An inflatable elastic sports shoes, having a sole, having a sandwich, characterized in that provided at the front portion of the sole of the sandwich built with an airbag (4), the balloon with a gas core (5) (4) balloon (4) having the entire balloon cavity into a plurality of pieces of diaphragm communicating with each other small cavities (41) on the inner wall; the upper end surface of the rear portion of the sole having a recess airbag out of the interlayer (2 ' ), the recess (2 ') coincides with a plug (2) sealing; core gas balloon (5) (2) out through the plug.
2.根据权利要求1所述的运动鞋,其特征在于鞋底上的凹陷(2′)形状为“T”形,该凹陷包括与上述夹层相通的内口(9)、位于凹陷前部的缺口(10)、位于凹陷后部的外口(11)、设于外口两侧的半圆形小凹陷(7);与所述凹陷(2′)相吻合的塞子(2)包括与缺口(10)相吻合的凸棱(13)、与外口(11)相吻合的主体(15)、设于小凹陷(7)内的带连接孔的凸耳(14),塞子(2)上具有气蕊(5)通过的两段相互垂直的通道(12)。 The sports shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the recesses (2 ') on the sole shape "T" shaped, the recess comprises an inner opening (9) communicating with the laminated located in the front portion of the recessed cutout (10), located outside the mouth of the rear recess (11), provided on both sides of the mouth of small semicircular recess (7); and the recess (2 ') coincides with a stopper (2) comprises a notch ( 10) coincides with the ribs (13), the body (15) with an outer opening (11) coincide, provided small recesses (lug in 7) with a connection hole (14), the plug having an upper (2) two air core (5) by the orthogonal passages (12).
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