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A closet stool of the utility model belongs to a sanitary ware, which is composed of a stool body (4), a stool surface (6), a movable ring (5), an inner claw (1), and a handle (3), wherein, the closet stool is put on the household porcelain urinal and is matched with the household porcelain urinal, and has a function of a toilet bowl. The utility model can avoid discomfort of blood vessels generating form going to stool for a long time without moving, and avoids inconvenience and danger of the old person, the disabled person, and the weakling person. The utility model plays a role for beautifying toilet environment, and is a necessary of the existing toilet of households which have the porcelain urinal. The utility model has the advantages of easy fabrication, low cost, no need of installation, etc. The utility model can move, and is used as a short stool.


Closet stool
Closet stool belongs to cleaners and polishes.
Present water closet price height, whole height is also higher, and more unfavorable children use.The toilet of porcelain urinal has been installed now, and constructional difficulties maybe can't be constructed in the time of being replaced with water closet.
Inventing the purpose of this Closet stool, is in order to solve the difficulty that the toilet inconvenience that the porcelain urinal has been installed is replaced with water closet; Avoid people in the stool smooth and sense of the discomfort that causes of the blood vessels that bring of squatting down during duration; Prevent old, body is residual, bring when the weakling squats down inconvenience and dangerous; And beautify environment of toilet.
This Closet stool compares with existing water closet that to have a cost low, does not need construction and installation, can move, and can work as advantages such as low stool use, and domestic still do not have a similar inventions.
This Closet stool is achieved in that the box body of putting a no bottom surface above the porcelain urinal, the box body downside is adorned pawl in several, tight with the urinal embedding, be used for fixing box body, a hole is opened in the box body top, active ring of upper articulation and a movable stool face, its function and shape are all similar with the loam cake and the active ring of water closet, below in conjunction with the detailed structure of this Closet stool of description of drawings.
Referring to accompanying drawing 1: Closet stool is by interior pawl (1), the notch that leaks (2), and groove handle (3), stool body (4), active ring (5), stool face (6) and hinge (7) are formed.Stool body (4) is the box body of a no bottom surface, its cross section to joining urinal table flat shape similar, an and bigger circle is convenient to be placed in urinal top.Open a macropore above the box body, can allow stool and urine pass box body and flow into urinal by this hole.Interior pawl (1) is fixed on the below of stool body (4), and shape is hook-type, with the embedding mutually of urinal inwall, prevents moving of Closet stool.The notch (2) that leaks is opened at stool body (4) downside, and its shape is any, and water flows into urinal through the notch that leaks (2) when between flushing sanitation.Groove handle (3) is opened in the both sides of stool body (4), and the groove handle similar (seeing accompanying drawing 2) of its shape and furniture drawer uses when mobile Closet stool.Hinge (7) is fixed on the top, rear portion of stool body (4), and is similar with stool face (6) cross section to active ring (5) respectively, when separating urine it raised, and above being sitting in when defecating, keeps health.Stool face (6) is a profile and the similar plate of stool body (4) cross section, can raise separately or raise with active ring (5), and be the seat face, can prevent the smelling out of urinal again.
This Closet stool can be made with plastics or other material.Process with the injection molding mode, its finished product is attractive in appearance, light, cost is low, the production efficiency height.

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1, a kind of Closet stool of forming by active ring (5), stool face (6), hinge (7), it is characterized in that: it also is made up of interior pawl (1) and stool body (4), stool body (4) is a no bottom surface box-like, its cross section is similar to urinal table flat shape, the plane has a macropore on the box body, be hinged with hinge (7) and active ring (5), stool face (6) in its back side top, interior pawl (1) is fixed on stool body below, is hook-type.
2, have several translot mouths (2) that leaks according to right 1 described stool body (4) downside, stool body (4) both sides have groove handle (3), and shape is similar to the groove handle of furniture drawer.
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