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The utility model relates to a daily life article, in particular to a food utensil. The utility model provides that the periphery of a box cover is made into the concave edge shape, is pressed on the concave edge by a pressing wheel through snap rings arranged on hinged sheets on both sides out of a box bottom, the food in the box is sealed tightly by a sealing pad to achieve the sealing effect.


本实用新型涉及一种日常生活用品,特别是一种饮食器皿。 The present invention relates to a daily necessities, especially an eating utensils.

饭盒目前是我国广大职工上班备中午饭的主要器皿之一,一般需准备饭、菜两个盒,或将饭菜放在一块,但都存在着汁液外流产生污染的问题,同时也容易通过缝隙进入灰尘或异味,影响饭菜的卫生。 Lunch box is currently one of the main vessel of the majority of workers work in preparation for lunch, usually need rice, vegetables two cassettes, or on a piece of food, but there is a problem with the outflow of juice contamination, but also easy to enter through the gap dust or odor, affecting the health of food. 目前市场上有一种手提式组合饭盒,可以解决泄漏问题,还有在扁形饭盒的基础上增加一些卡具,使之达到密闭的作用。 Currently on the market a handheld combination boxes, you can solve the leakage problem, as well as increase the number of fixtures on the basis of flat boxes, so as to achieve the role closed. 但仍有其不尽如意的地方。 But still it has its place unpleasantness.

本实用新型的目的在于提供一种将盒盖周边制成凹边状,通过设置在盒底两侧铰片上的卡环1由压轮压在凹边内,使盒内食品被密封垫封严,达到密闭的效果。 The present invention aims to provide a cover surrounding the concave edge shape formed by providing on the cartridge bottom sides of the hinge plate 1 by a snap ring against the press roller in the inner recess, so that the food box is seal gasket to reach airtight effect.

本实用新型的目的是通过以下技术措施来实现的;密封食品盒,由卡环、压轮及盒盖、大盒底、密封垫、小盒底组成,其盒底的两侧固结有铰片、卡环一端穿在铰片的铰孔中,另一端上镶配有压轮,该压轮对称的扣压在盒盖上凹边内;与盒底开口周边对应的盒盖周边处,均呈凹条状密封垫镶配其内与开口压严。 The purpose of the present invention is achieved by the following technical measures; food boxes sealed by the collar, and the pressure wheel cover, a large bottom of the box, the gasket, the composition of the capsule bottom, the bottom sides of the box which are consolidated hinge piece, one end of the snap ring through the hole in the hinge plate of the hinge, the insert with the other end of the pressure wheel, the wheel pressure on the lid in a symmetrical withhold the concave edge; outside periphery of the cover corresponding to the bottom opening of the cartridge are a recessed strip gasket set with its opening pressure of the inner Yan.

盒底可制成分割状,盒盖上也与其对应的制成分割状,由密封垫封严。 Bottom of the box can be made split shape, the lid is also divided corresponding shape formed by the gasket seal.

本实用新型的优点与效果是:1、在原普通饭盒基础上,仅在两侧增加了卡环与压轮,在盒盖内侧增加了密封垫,既可达到密闭的作用,同时还可以利用盒两侧卡环及压轮达到防烫的效果。 The present invention are the advantages and effects: 1, based on the original ordinary lunch box, only the collar on both sides and increased pressure wheel, the inner lid gasket increased, the effect can achieve closed, while taking advantage of the cartridge both sides of the collar and the pressure wheel to achieve the effect of anti-scalding.

2、整体结构比较简化,且适合于金属,塑料兼等不同材质的制造加工。 2, the overall structure is simplified, and the manufacturing process suitable for metal, plastic and the like of different materials.


如下:图1为本实用新型的主视图;图2为本实用新型的左视图。 As follows: Figure 1 is a front view of the novel utility; FIG. 2 is a left side view of the present disclosure.

下面将结合附图所示实施例作进一步表述;本实用新型可制成单盒,也可制成如图示大小盒式或分割成多个盒式,使之达到饭菜分开、各不污染的目的。 Example embodiments will be further illustrated in conjunction with the accompanying drawings expression; the present invention may be made as a single box, the size can also be made as shown into a plurality of cassette or cartridge, so as to achieve separate meals, each non-contaminating purpose. 其材质可由硬质无毒塑料,也可由金属制作。 Which may be a hard non-toxic plastic material, it can also be made of metal. 在盒底的外两侧固定两个装接卡环1的铰片8,卡环1可由弹性金属制作,在其上串装一压轮2,掰动压轮2,使其扣在盒盖3上的凹边5中。 Two outer sides of the fixed end of the cartridge attachment collar 8 of the hinge plate 1, card 1 may be an elastic ring made of metal, in which a pressure wheel mounted on the string 2, breaking the dynamic pressure wheel 2, so that the buckle cover on three sides of the recess 5. 这样汤汁就不会泄漏了。 So the soup will not leak. 为增加刚度,将盒盖3的周边均制成凹边5状,既美观又可满足密封的需要。 To increase the rigidity of the periphery of the lid 3 are made of shape concave edge 5, to meet the aesthetic finish and sealing needs. 当分割成两个盒时,大盒底4与小盒底7上的盖用一个盒盖,只是也分割制成对应的凹边5,在隔板上和盒盖的周边布置装一“日”字形的密封垫6,该垫可由无毒橡胶制作,然后嵌入盒盖3的凹槽中既可。 When the cartridge is divided into two large box bottom 4 and the capsule bottom lid 7 on a cover, but also a recess formed corresponding to the dividing edge 5, in the periphery of the separator means and a cover disposed "Day "-shaped gasket 6, the pad may be made of rubber, non-toxic, and the engagement groove 3 can cover.

Claims (2)

  1. 1.密封食品盒,由卡环1、压轮2及盒盖3、大盒底4、密封垫6、小盒底7组成,其特征在于所述进盒底的两侧因固结有铰片8、卡环1一端穿在铰片8的铰孔中,另一端上镶配有压轮2,该压轮2对称的扣压在盒盖3上凹边5内;与盒底开口周边对应的盒盖周边处,均呈凹条状密封垫6镶配其内与开口压严。 1. The sealed food boxes, by a snap ring 1, 2 and lid press roller 3, the large end of the cartridge 4, the gasket 6, the capsule 7 consisting of a bottom, characterized in that both sides of the cartridge into the bottom of the hinge due to consolidation have sheet 8, one end of the collar through the hole in the hinge of the hinge piece 8, pressing the insert with the other end of the wheel 2, the pressure wheel 2 is symmetrical crimping of the lid 3 on the side of the recess 5; corresponding to the periphery of the opening with the cartridge bottom the periphery of the lid, the seal strip 6 showed a recess therein with an opening set with strict pressure.
  2. 2.如权利要求1所述的食品盒,其特征在于盒底可制成分割状,盒盖上也与其对应的制成分割状,由密封垫6封严。 2. The food cartridge according to claim 1, characterized in that the bottom of the box can be made of split shape, the lid is also divided corresponding shape formed by the gasket seal 6.
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