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The utility model room closet which is particularly suitable for the urination and the excretion of shipmen, old people and patients. The room closet is formed by that a closet cylinder, a closet cover, a guide tube, a urinal, etc. are assembled, wherein, the closet cover is arranged on the closet cylinder; the guide tube is connected with the closet cylinder and the urinal. The old people and the patients need not get up when making water in winter nights; with the urinal, urine flow into the closet cylinder via the guide tube; the utility model can be also used for defecating stool indoors. On a ship which has no sanitary devices, the shipmen can use the utility model to reduce water pollution and to increase the sanitary civilization degree of the shipmen. The utility model which can be detached and combined has very convenient carryover and transportation.


Room closet
The utility model relates to people's a certain sphere of life, particularly is suitable for boat people, the elderly and patient convenient and drains use.
Living on the rivers of China, the lake boat people of numerous shortage sanitary installations, vast town and country also have many elderlys, patient.Boat people are not owing to there is special convenient machine, where just are excreted in the waters where so navigate by water through the ship of being everlasting, thereby cause water pollution, very unhygienic.In addition, to some patients who does not have the special messenger to nurse, it also is trouble and difficulty that the elderly will drain.
The utility model has designed a kind of for boat people, the elderly, patient and other spendable per capita convenient machine, and this convenient machine can solve the stool problems of living on boat people's circulating water, can solve the elderly, patient and people's stool problems cold night severe winter again.
The convenient machine that the utility model proposes, be by separately independently just the tube, parts such as toilet seat lid, conduit, urinal are assembled.
The structural representation that accompanying drawing 1 is assembled together for all parts of the utility model.
Accompanying drawing 2 is seated at just the structural representation that has a style of one's own on the tube for urinal of the present utility model.
Among the figure: 1 is a just handle for urinal 6 for conduit socket 7 for toilet seat lid 3 be a cover 4 for conduit 5 for just tube 2.
Now be described further by reference to the accompanying drawings:
Closet cap 2 of the present utility model is contained in just on the tube, and just the upper part of tube and the lower position of urinal respectively have a conduit socket 7, conduit 4 two ends to be inserted on the conduit socket, connects just tube 1 and urine tube 5. Cover 6 is installed in the stub end of closet cap by latch or other coupling component; urinal capping, bottom surface outline are consistent with hole shape in the closet cap; the closet cap internal orifice dimension is between the capping and bottom surface of urinal, namely less than the urinal capping, greater than the footpath, bottom surface of urinal.
The utility model embodiment:
(1) the elderly, patient or other people urinate night in winter, the use urinal of needn't getting up, urine by conduit from flowing into just in the tube; Must stool, needn't set foot in outside the room, be sitting in just on the tube, just finish and cover cover, there is not smell yet.
(2) boat people can aboard ship use, and when limit, port, vessel port of call, pulls up conduit, separates urinal, mentions just tube excreta is poured into the public lavatory, so both can reduce water pollution, can improve the civilization consciousness that the boat people pays attention to hygiene again.
(3) occupy the family for the rural area, take off toilet seat lid etc., just available just tube waters dish or uses it for anything else.
(4) urinal is seated in the cover that closes in the toilet seat lid hole, make it to have a style of one's own, thereby carrying is carried also very convenient.
The utility model is for the boat people, and the elderly, patient have very strong practicality.

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1, a kind of convenient machine is characterized in that it is to be assembled by just tube 1, toilet seat tube 2, cover 3, conduit 4, urinal 5, and the toilet seat lid is contained in just on the tube, and just a tube device 1 links to each other by conduit 4 with urinal 5, and cover is linked in the stub end that toilet seat covers.
2, a kind of convenient machine according to claim 1 is characterized in that the outline of urinal capping, bottom surface is consistent with hole shape in the toilet seat lid, and toilet seat lid internal orifice dimension is less than the urinal capping, greater than its footpath, bottom surface.
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