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The utility model discloses a safe wallet which comprises a wallet made of leather or other artificial leather or other materials, a small hole is arranged at the crease of the wallet, a stainless steel chain penetrates through the small hole, the length of the steel chain is at least 30 cm, and one end of the steel chain is provided with a lock catch. When the safe wallet is carried by people, especially men, the wallet can be placed in the pocket of trousers, the lock catch of the stainless steel chain of the wallet can be tied to the belt, as the chain of the wallet cannot be cut off, the wallet can remind people of the wallet and prevent being stolen; in addition, if the owner of the wallet forgets to put the wallet back to the pocket after taking out the wallet, the stainless steel chain tied to the belt can drive the wallet so as to remind the owner of putting the wallet back to the pocket.


A kind of safe wallet
Technical field
The utility model relates to a kind of safe wallet.
Background technology
Present wallet on the market is exactly an independently wallet, and people can put into wallet the pocket, particularly gay of clothes or trousers, all likes being placed on wallet in the pocket of trousers back.But such design also has many problems, and people possibly lose wallet or forget on sales counter, drops in car such as on taxi or the bus, is exactly because the shallow reason of trouser pocket in addition, and wallet is stolen by the pickpocket easily.
Summary of the invention
This is novel to be exactly the defective of losing easily for present wallet, has designed a kind of new safe wallet.Safe wallet has increased a metal small sircle hole at middle crease place, and is damaged in order to prevent that the metal small sircle hole from being made leather around it take place by the long-term friction of stainless steel chain, around it with the leather sewn of thickening; Passing the metal small sircle hole with a stainless steel chain then, minimum about 30 centimetres of the length of rust steel chain, and also an end has the snap close of a similar key chain, so just can be buckled in snap close on the waist-belt.Such wallet that has chain; Can be constantly equally be worn on one's body the owner to key, sufficiently long chain can make owner draw out wallet, and chain still is buckled on the waist-belt; Avoided wallet to pass into silence, solid chain also is difficult to cut off and steal wallet by the pickpocket.Its security of such wallet is much higher than present wallet, and the cost that increases has only several yuans.
Description of drawings
Fig. 1 is the sketch map of the utility model.
1 wallet, 2 metal apertures, 3 stainless steel chains, 4 snap closes
The specific embodiment
At the middle crease place of present wallet, increase a sizeable metal small sircle hole 2, in order to prevent the friction of chain, the leather around damaging is made the leather of one deck thickening around the hole; With about one 30 centimetres length, one a snap close stainless steel chain 3 is arranged then, pass aperture, be buckled in snap close 4 on owner's the waist-belt.When owner footed a bill bag, wallet still was linked at and is following owner on the chain; If owner has forgotten wallet and put back to pocket, will be reminded by the wallet of chain traction.If the pickpocket steals out wallet, can not cut off chain yet.Can significantly reduce the probability that wallet is lost and stolen like this.
How many costs this product can not increase, as long as about several yuans, if for attractive in appearance, can adopt more beautiful chain.It has made things convenient for people's life.

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1. a safe wallet comprises wallet and stainless steel chain, it is characterized in that: a metal small sircle hole has been fixed at the middle crease place of wallet.
2. safe wallet according to claim 1 is characterized in that: the leather sewn of using thickening around the described small sircle hole.
3. safe wallet according to claim 1 is characterized in that: minimum 30 centimeter length of described stainless steel chain.
4. safe wallet according to claim 1 is characterized in that: an end of described stainless steel chain has a snap close.
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