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A windproof clothes-line comprises main lines (1, 2) and interval lines (3). A plurality of interval lines (3) are arranged between the two main lines (1, 2), and hooks are arranged at two ends of the clothes-line. The utility model has the benefits of durability, firmness during use, favorable elasticity, attractive appearance, small occupied space, small size and convenient operation.


Windproof clothes-line
Technical field
The utility model relates to a kind of clothes-line.
Background technology
General clothes-line is common rope, hangs to be used as hanging in indoor and outdoor and washes the back clothing and be convenient to dry.But many shortcomings such as the wind of fearness is insecure, not attractive in appearance, the easy adhesion of clothing that this clothes-line has.Various in recent years airer ropes also emerge in an endless stream, for example Airer capable of lifting or falling.Also improved clothes-line and hung too high inconvenience though this clothes hanger has overcome unstable shortcoming, its inconvenient dismounting, difficultly cleaned, take up an area of big, shortcoming such as cost an arm and a leg and allow prestige equally and step back.
Summary of the invention
The purpose of this utility model provides a kind of windproof clothes-line, can separate rope and going up clothes hanger and prevent that wind adhesion, knotting from dry clothing and good and cheap, easy to carry sooner.
Structure of the present utility model is, comprises trunk rope, rope at interval, is that up and down being provided with several in the middle of two trunk ropes restricts at interval, and the two ends of clothes-line are provided with hook.
The utility model adopts polyethylene and nylon material crocheted to form, and is light easily folding.Adopt similar rail-like design for solving windproof this problem the utility model, each forms the likeness in form track by many polyethylene marlines and crocheted both sides, middle about two cm distance have a layout linear like sleeper, and septal line is the fence structure that is formed by PP polyester thread crocheted.Respectively there is the convenient suspension of a hook on the clothes-line both sides.
The beneficial effects of the utility model are: easy to use, safe firmly, take up an area of little, portable, make simple, material price is cheap.
Description of drawings
Fig. 1 is the schematic diagram of the utility model clothes-line;
Fig. 2 is user mode figure of the present utility model.
The specific embodiment
Clothes-line shown in Figure 1 is by trunk rope 1,2, restrict at interval 3 and hook 4 form, the trunk rope has some ropes at interval every 2 centimetres, rope is linked to each other with trunk by some PP line crocheteds at interval.Form hollow rectangle 5, hook 4 is arranged on the clothes-line two ends.
During use, hook 4 is fixed on the wall, clothes hanger hook hook to be hung out is placed hollow rectangle 5 on trunk rope 2.

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A kind of windproof clothes-line comprises trunk rope (1,2), restricts (3) at interval, it is characterized in that being provided with several restrict at interval (3) in the middle of two trunk ropes (1,2) up and down.
Clothes-line according to claim 1 is characterized in that the two ends of clothes-line are provided with hook (4).
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