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The utility model discloses a specimen bag used in specimen taking, and belongs to a medical instrument used in clinical application. The specimen bag comprises a bag body which is provided with a bag notch. The outboard of the bag notch is provided a ring-shaped tunnel and two tunnel orifices. The coupling usage of the specimen bag with specimen tongs overcomes the shortcomings that putting the specimen into the specimen bag is quite difficult and is easy to pollute the thoracic cavity when the specimen provided under a thoracoscope are taken out in existing technique, and imported instruments are expensive. The utility model is mainly applied to successfully take out the excision specimen provided under a thoracoscope in clinical operation.


标本袋 Sample bags

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型属于一种辅助医疗器具,具体的说,涉及一种取标本时使用的标本袋。 The present invention belongs to a medical aid appliance, specifically, to use one kind of specimens of the specimen bag. 背聚技术 Back poly technology

医院临床手术中,在胸腔镜下如何将切除标本顺利取出,目前仍是尚待解决的问题。 Hospital clinical surgery, thoracoscopic how successfully removed in the resected specimen, is still yet to be resolved. 在胸腔镜下将标本直接装入标本袋内难度大,费时,易污染胸腔;进口同类产品为一次性耗材, 标本袋口端为弹性钢圈,钢圈为能顺利收入中心杆中,其弹性好,硬度差,不易掌握标本袋的方向,收集标本时较困难,且价格昂贵,在临床上使用少;大多国内医师在行此类手术时, 为降低病人的花费,使用橡胶手套代替进口标本袋,此方法费吋,易污染胸腔。 In thoracoscopic the specimen directly into the specimen bag is difficult, time-consuming, polluting the chest; imports of similar products as disposable supplies, specimen bag is resilient end rims, rims income for the smooth rod in the center, its elasticity well, the difference in hardness, not easy to grasp the direction of the specimen bag more difficult when the specimens are collected, and expensive, in clinical use less; when most of the domestic line physicians such surgery, to reduce the cost of patient, use rubber gloves instead of imported specimens bags, this method costs inches, easily contaminated chest. 而标本直接取出易污染胸腔及切口。 The specimen taken directly and easily contaminated chest incision. 发明内容 SUMMARY

为了克服现有技术中胸腔镜下取出标本时存在的装入标本袋内难度大、易污染胸腔,而进口器具又价格昂贵的技术缺陷,本实用新型提供了一种标本袋。 In order to overcome the prior art specimen bag thoracoscopic charged occurring when removing the sample is difficult, chest easily contaminated, expensive imported tool has technical drawbacks, the present invention provides a specimen bag.

本实用新型标本袋是采用以下技术方案实现的: 一种标本袋,包括袋体,袋体上设有袋口,袋口外側设有环形隧道和两个隧道口。 The present invention is a specimen bags following technical solution: one sample bag comprises a bag body, the bag is provided on the bag body, the bag is provided with an annular outer tunnel and two tunnel. 标本袋选用橡胶材料制作。 Specimen bags selected rubber material.

与现有技术相比,本实用新型的有益效果是:生产工艺简单,价格低廉,有效降低了手术费用;标本袋为橡胶材料,是一次性耗材。 Compared with the prior art, the present invention has the advantages that: the production process is simple, inexpensive, effective to reduce the operation cost; rubber material specimen bags, disposable consumables. 在取标本时,标本袋与标本钳一起配套使用, 可在胸腔内作上下、左右、前后及旋转运动,取标本方便快捷,减少污染。 When the specimens, the specimen bag and the jaw together with the sample supporting the use, within the thoracic cavity may be up and down, left and right, front and back, rotational movement, convenient specimens, reduce pollution. 使用时性能可靠。 Reliable use.


附图是本实用新型的结构示意图: 具体实施方式 The drawings are schematic novel structure present invention: DETAILED DESCRIPTION

下面结合附图对本实用新型作进一步说明。 DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS The present invention is further made.

如附图所示: 一种标本袋,包括袋体9,袋体9上设有袋口12,袋口12的外侧设有环形隧道10和两个隧道口11。 One kind of specimen bag comprising a bag body 9, 9 provided on the bag body bag 12, the bag 12 is provided outside the annular tunnel 10 and two tunnel 11: As shown in the drawings. 标本袋用橡胶材料制作。 Specimen bags made with rubber material.

使用本实用新型时,首先将标本钳钳臂的前端插入标本袋的袋口12处的环形隧道10内, 用线将标本袋分别固定于标本钳的钳臂的凸起处和钳嘴处,使标本钳的钳臂与标本袋的袋口12成为一体,在标本钳的作用下标本袋的袋口12可以自由开合;将标本袋随标本钳的前端经胸部小切口放入胸腔,张开标本钳,将标本收集在标本袋内,闭合标本钳,将标本袋取出即可。 Protrusions on the jaw and the use of the present invention, the front end of the specimen is first inserted into the caliper arm caliper specimen bag 12 circular tunnel at the inside bag 10, the bag with the wire specimen in the specimen are fixed jaw pliers arm, so that the specimen clamp and specimen pocket bag clamp arm 12 integrally clamp the specimen under the effect of the specimen pouch pocket 12 can be freely opened and closed; specimen via the bag with the tip of the specimen clamp chest incision into the chest, ZHANG this clamp opening, the specimen collected in the specimen bag, the specimen clamp is closed, the specimen can be taken out the bag.

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1、一种标本袋,包括袋体,袋体上设有袋口,其特征在于:袋口外侧设有环形隧道和两个隧道口。 1 A specimen bag comprising a bag body, the bag is provided on the bag body, wherein: the outer bag is provided with two circular tunnel and the tunnel.
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