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The present invention relates to a method for reducing the spreading of additional agent(s) which is/are introduced into the process at a papermaking machine. A flowable paper pulp including fibres and a process liquid and having a consistency of not more than 10% is conducted towards the paper machine's headbox (5). Prior to the introduction (14) of said additional agent the consistency of the pulp is increased to a value higher than 10% by removing (8) process liquid and conducting (11) it in the upstream direction, while compensating process liquid is introduced (13) downstream. The present invention also relates to an arrangement at a paper machine, where separating means (8) are arranged in the process direction before means (14) for introducing additional agent (s). The arrangement further includes means (11) for conveying process liquid separated from the process in an upstream direction in the process, as well as means (13) for a downstream introduction of process liquid from a short circulation in order to compensate for the separated process liquid.


在造纸机中使用的方法和装置 Method and apparatus for use in a paper machine

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种造纸机中在造纸机制备纸浆的连续过程中减少添加到过程中的添加剂的分散的方法,从而将包括纤维和过程液体且粘稠度不大于10%的可流动的纸浆引导到造纸机的料箱中。 [0001] The present invention relates to a paper machine to reduce the dispersion is added during the additive preparation process in a continuous paper machine in the pulp, so as to comprise not more than 10% of the flow and process liquid and the fiber consistency the pulp is guided to the headbox of the paper machine.

[0002] 本发明也涉及一种在造纸机纸浆制备方面的装置,为的是限制在进一步的过程中添加剂的分散,这一过程包括用于粘稠度不大于10%且包括纤维材料和过程液体的可流动纸浆的一个入口,还涉及包括一个用于造纸机的料箱的闭合循环系统,以及用来添加所述添加剂的装置。 [0002] The present invention also relates to an apparatus for the preparation of the pulp in the paper machine, in order to limit the further additives in the dispersion process, the process comprising a viscosity of not more than 10% and comprises a fiber material and process a liquid inlet of a flowable pulp, also relates to a closed circulation system for a paper machine headbox, and means for adding the additive.

[0003] 在本专利申请中,造纸机定义为用来制造连续的纸幅(或卷筒纸)的机器。 [0003] In the present patent application, it is defined as a paper machine for manufacturing a continuous paper web (or web) of the machine. 在本专利申请中使用的纸浆制备这个表述表示一种过程,该过程由包括纤维,通常为一种纤维素材料,并且具有或多或少稳定粘稠度的纸浆(或浆状物质)开始,在混和的条件下制备出纸浆,以进一步传送到料箱中,而纸浆包括不大于10%的纤维材料,通常至少1%,适当地为2 到7%,并且通常为3到5%,以及添加的过程液体通常为水。 Preparation of the pulp used in the present patent application the expression means a process that comprises the fibers, typically a cellulosic material, and has a more or less stable consistency pulp (or paste-like material) begins, under conditions of mixing of the prepared pulp, in order further to the headbox, the pulp comprising not more than 10% of the fibrous material, typically at least 1%, suitably 2-7%, and typically 3-5%, and the process of adding a liquid, usually water. 典型地,这样的纸浆制备包括一台所谓的纸浆机,在此纸浆机中,在分解和搅动的过程中由一种纤维素过程中分解出纤维材料,并且使纤维材料与过程水混合。 Typically, the preparation of such pulps include a so-called machine pulp, this pulp mill, in the process of decomposition and the decomposition of the cellulose by agitation during the fibrous material and the fibrous material mixed with the process water.


[0005] 传统的造纸包括一种过程,在该过程中把基本上包括纤维材料和过程液体的纸浆引导到一个料箱中,为的是在一个细丝(网)上进行脱水。 [0005] Traditional papermaking processes include one in which process substantially comprises the processes of pulp fiber material and liquid are directed to a bin, as is dewatered on a filament (network). 大量的后续步骤和装置与此过程相关,包括粘稠度典型地为3到5%浆液的容器,从而在向上游的方向上将大多数过剩的液体引导回过程中。 A large number of subsequent steps and apparatus associated with this process, including consistency typically 3-5% of the slurry container, so that led back to the process upstream of a direction of most of the excess liquid.

[0006] 在特殊品质的纸比如装饰纸,着色的纸或者其它级别的纸的生产中,把贵重的、也许是对过程敏感的添加剂比如二氧化钛(TiO2),颜料或者类似的常常很昂贵的成分添加到过程中,这样就出现了一个问题,即这些添加剂在过程中的保存度很低,从而,所谓的白水典型地可能包含高至或者更多这样的添加剂。 [0006] In the paper, such as the production of special qualities of the paper decorative paper, paper, colored, or other levels in the valuable, perhaps of the process sensitive additives such as titanium dioxide (TiO2), pigments or the like are often very expensive component added to the process, so there is a problem that the storage of these additives in the process is low, so that a so-called white water may typically contain up to or more such additives. 为了回收这些添加剂,传统的过程包括借助于例如在回收装置中的漂浮进行回收,在此之后,在纸浆制备中重复使用来自漂浮的清洁水。 In order to recover these additives, for example by means of conventional processes include recovered in the recovery of floating, after repeated use of clean water from floating in the manufacture of pulp.

[0007] 在制造这种特殊品质的纸时,为了获得与实际的造纸用的纸浆足够的混合和接触时间,通常在纸浆制备的过程中已经向过程添加所述添加剂。 [0007] In the manufacture of this particular paper quality, in order to obtain the actual papermaking pulp mixing and sufficient contact time, generally to the process of the additive have been added during the preparation of pulp. 在实践中,这意味着整个过程将实际上被彻底染上颜色。 In practice, this means that the whole process will in fact be completely dyed colors. 因此,在改变纸的等级时,过程必须在初始就达到一种平衡,这就要求很长的建立平衡的时间,同时颜色的改变要求对系统进行广泛的清洁,并且造成材料的大量损失。 Therefore, when changing paper grades, the process must be to achieve a balance in the initial, which requires a long time to establish a balance while changing the color of the system requires extensive cleaning, and cause a lot of loss of material. 即使这样,着色的纸,包括用颜料着色的白纸,很难生产,特别是对于装饰用纸确定正确的颜色很困难。 Even so, colored paper, comprising a white colored pigment, difficult to produce, especially difficult to determine the correct colors for decorative sheet. 此外,存在着这样的事实,在这些条件下卷筒纸断裂将造成不稳定。 In addition, there is the fact that, under these conditions a web break will cause instability.

[0008] 因为例如装饰用纸将在进一步的精加工中被浸渍,所以它的光学性质也将会改变。 [0008] For example, the decorative sheet is to be immersed in a further finishing, its optical properties will also change. 纤维和浸渍剂的折射率大致相同,因此,颜料的浓度,分布和光学性质这些因素对于产品的品质是决定性的。 Fiber and a refractive index substantially the same as the impregnating agent, and therefore, the pigment concentration, distribution and optical properties of these factors for the quality of products is decisive. 由于这个原因,常常需要在开始实际生产之前先进行一种测试的多层制品,而这要花费大约半小时,在这个期间内,纸浆在机器的一个循环中流动。 For this reason, often we need to be performed before starting the actual production of multilayer articles for testing, which takes about half an hour, during this period, the pulp flow in one cycle of the machine.

[0009] 因此,借助于在本申请人的国际专利申请No. PCT/FI93/00214,PCT/FI94/00578, PCT/FI96/00052和PCT/F101/00365中公开的装置可以部分地更有效地实现这一过程,但是,仍然存在某些问题,尽管所述装置使得对于每种特别的用途选择适用的白水成为可能。 [0009] Thus, by means of a part can be more effectively in the device according to the applicant's International Patent Application No. PCT / FI93 / 00214, PCT / FI94 / 00578, PCT / FI96 / 00052 and PCT / F101 / 00365 disclosed to achieve this process, however, there are still some problems, although the device enables to select for each particular use application of the white water as possible. 然而,在典型的传统过程中,对于每100千克纸将有大约20到30千克的添加剂二氧化钛(TiO2)通过纤维回收装置(也见下面的表I)。 However, in a typical conventional process for every 100 kilograms of paper will have about 20 to 30 kg of additive titanium dioxide (TiO2) through a fiber recovery device (see also below Table I). 在采用漂浮技术的传统纤维回收工厂中,化工产品将造成结团,这将降低颜料的光学效果。 In the traditional fiber recovery plant uses flotation technology, the chemicals cause agglomeration, which will reduce the optical effect of the pigment. 因此,二氧化钛将失去光学效果,还有一部分将会例如以系统中的沉积物的形式损失。 Thus, the titanium dioxide will lose optical effect, there are still some loss will be in the form of, for example, deposits in the system. 此外,当然还存在有由于分开的装置所造成的有关纤维回收,投资和运行成本,以及取决于系统的污染和清理的成本的缺点,还有与先有技术相关的回收装置要求更复杂的过程化学的缺点。 In addition, of course, also present disadvantages and contamination due to cleanup costs caused by separate means about recycled fiber, the investment and operating costs, and on the system, as well as with the prior art related to the recovery requires a more complex process shortcomings chemistry.


[0010] 因此,本发明的目的是避免至今与颜料的使用相关的缺点,特别是与纸张等级改变相关的缺点。 [0010] Accordingly, an object of the present invention to avoid the disadvantages associated with the use of far pigment, in particular the drawbacks associated with the change of paper grade.

[0011] 本发明基于以下令人惊奇的实现而构成,通过在过程的早期阶段提高纸浆的粘稠度,在实践中切断在传统的造纸中被称为长循环的装置是可能的,这种长循环即一个循环系统,在该系统中,按照传统安排的白水可以由造纸机的细丝(网)凹陷在系统中向上游流动直到添加纸浆的部位,例如到纸浆机。 [0011] The present invention is based on the surprising realization constituted, by increasing the pulp at an early stage of the process viscosity, long circulation means referred to in the conventional papermaking cutting is possible in practice, this that is a long-circulating loop system, the system according to the conventional arrangement of white water in the system may be recessed upstream portion flows until the pulp is added, for example to a pulper of a paper machine filaments (network). 通过中断这个循环,可以防止贵重的添加剂向上游方向流动,例如防止二氧化钛和其它颜料的流动,否则,这些二氧化钛或者其它颜料可能会部分地损失掉,并且可能部分地污染整个过程链。 By interrupting this cycle can be prevented valuable additive flow in the upstream direction, for example, to prevent the flow of titanium dioxide and other pigments, otherwise, the titanium dioxide or other pigments may be partially lost, and may contaminate the entire process chain part.

[0012] 在所附的独立的权利要求的各个特征部分中公开了本发明的特点,而从属的权利要求公开了本发明的有利实施例。 [0012] The features of the present invention are disclosed in the respective characterizing part of the independent claim appended claims, rather disclose advantageous embodiments of the invention as claimed in the dependent claims. 因此,按照本发明的方法的特征在于,在引入所述添加剂之前且适宜地在一个分开的过程阶段中,通过除去过程液体把纸浆的粘稠度提高到大于10%的数值,其中,在过程中将这些过程液体向上游传送,同时在过程方向上在下游添加补充的过程液体,这些液体可能适当地包含添加剂。 Thus, according to the method of the present invention is characterized in that, and is suitably in a separate process stages, the process of raising the liquid consistency of the pulp to a value greater than 10% by the additive is removed prior to the introduction, wherein, in the process these processes in the liquid to the upstream transmission, while adding supplementary process fluid downstream direction in the process, these liquids may suitably contain additives.

[0013] 相应地,按照本发明的过程的特征在于,在过程的方向上看,在用来引入添加剂的装置之前,但是在所述入口之后设置分离装置,由此,这些分离装置设置成使得过程液体与可流动的纸浆分离,从而纸浆的粘稠度将提高到大于10%值,在某些情况下甚至有利地高至50%。 [0013] Accordingly, the process according to the present invention is characterized in that, viewed in the direction of the process, prior to the introduction means for the additive, but the separating means is provided after the inlet, thereby, the separating means is arranged such that process fluid flow can separate the pulp, whereby the consistency of the pulp is increased to a value greater than 10%, in some cases even up to 50% advantageously. 本发明的装置进一步包括一个装置,用来将已经与纸浆分离的过程液体向上游传输进入过程中,还包括一个装置,用来在下游引入来自所述循环的过程液体,为的是补充被分离的过程液体。 Apparatus of the present invention further comprises a means for the pulp which has been separated from the process fluid into the process upstream transmission, further comprising a means for introducing the process fluid from circulating in the downstream, in order to replenish the separated the process liquid. 这种过程液体可能包含或多或少的添加剂。 This process may contain more or less liquid additives.


[0014] 下面将参考着一些有利的实施例和附图更详细地描述本发明,在附图中: [0014] The present invention below with reference to the description of some advantageous embodiments and the accompanying drawings in more detail, in the drawings:

[0015] 图1作为一个原理图示出了按照本发明的一个实施例的装置(或布置);以及 [0015] FIG. 1 illustrates the principle as a means (or arrangement) in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention; and

[0016] 图2总体地示出了按照一个特别有利的实施例的造纸机装置。 [0016] Figure 2 generally illustrates According to a particularly advantageous embodiment of the apparatus of a paper machine.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0017] 按照图1,一个造纸机典型地包括一个用于包含纤维的材料即纤维素的入口,这种材料通常以干燥薄片的形式提供,或者在所谓的集成化工厂中直接从一个纤维素工厂以包含纤维的过程液体形式提供。 [0017] According to FIG. 1, a paper machine typically comprises a material containing a cellulose fiber, i.e., an inlet, which material is generally provided in a dry sheet form, or directly from a cellulose in so-called integrated chemical plant process plant in a liquid form comprising providing fibers. 如果进来的材料的形式为薄片,过程(或加工处理)以包括所谓的纸浆机2的纸浆制备开始,在该纸浆机中使薄片分解,并且与例如来自罐3的过程液体混合,以形成所谓的原料或者造纸用的纸浆。 If the incoming material is in the form of a sheet, the process (or processing) starts to include the so-called machine pulp pulp 2 was prepared, in which the pulp sheet machine manipulation decomposition, and for example, the process of mixing the liquid from the tank 3 to form a so-called the pulp or raw material for papermaking. 纸浆通过不同的过程(或加工处理)阶段如,仙,如,4(1,如...等等,在本文中这些阶段基本上与发明是不相关的,且在最后,通过造纸机的料箱5将纸浆散布到一个细丝(网)6上。该细丝(网)穿过一机器7,在那里通过抽吸将很大一部分的过程液体以所谓的白水的形式排出,而借助于加压装置9和干燥将保持湿气的纸浆逐渐地做成纸。 The pulp through different processes (or processing) phases such as Sin, e.g., 4 (1, ..., etc., such as, essentially invention herein is not related to these stages, and in the end, by a paper machine 5 will spread the pulp headbox into a filament (network) 6. the filament (web) 7 through a machine, a significant portion of the liquid discharging process in the form of a so-called white water there by suction, and means pressurizing means 9 to the retained moisture and dried pulp sheet made gradually.

[0018] 白水除了包含水以外也在某种程度上包含化工产品,这些化工产品将会保留在纸中。 [0018] In addition to the white water also includes water containing chemicals to some extent, these chemicals will remain in the paper. 过程水带着这些化工产品,在一些过程阶段为了稀释的目的在所谓的短循环中对于某些部分使用这种过程水,例如这些过程阶段需要所述化工产品,或者在这些过程阶段中所述化工产品在任何情况下仅只会造成非常小的损害。 With these process water chemicals, for purposes of using such a dilution process in some parts of water to the so-called short circulation in some stage of the process, for example, these process stages need of chemical products or the phases in these processes chemical products in any case will only cause very little damage. 在不同的过程和清洁阶段中清洁用于其它目的的白水,一方面为了回收化工产品,另一方面为了获得清洁的水,这些清洁的水可以在过程的其它部分中使用。 In the white water cleaning process and the various stages of cleaning for other purposes, chemical products in order to recover on the one hand, on the other hand in order to obtain clean water, clean water which can be used in other parts of the process. 然而,每个这样的清洁过程在某种程度上是不完全的,并且附加地需要能量、时间和装置。 However, each such cleaning process is incomplete to some extent, and additionally requires energy, time and apparatus.

[0019] 特别是对于特殊的纸比如装饰用纸和其它的有颜色的纸,制造的量相对较少。 [0019] Especially for special decorative paper sheet such as paper and other colored, producing relatively small amount. 这使得这些等级的纸的生产在集成化的造纸工厂中相当地没有收益,并且由于这个原因,特殊等级的纸常常在基本上以干薄片的形式接受纤维材料的造纸厂中生产,这样将在过程的开始就已经需要过程液体。 This makes these grades of paper produced in the paper mill in integrated quite unproductive, and for this reason, special grade paper mills often generally acceptable fiber material produced in the form of a dry sheet, which will in beginning of the process has been required process liquid. 在已知的过程中,通常,这种过程液体以所述长循环的形式从清洁的白水中提取。 In the known process, usually, in the form of such a process liquid extracted from the long-circulating white water clean. 然而,在实践中,这种清洁的过程液体也包含或多或少部分的杂质,即,主要是属于过程的某个其它部分的材料。 However, in practice, this cleaning process is more or less part of the liquid also contains impurities, i.e., a material mainly belonging to other portions of the process. 对于有颜色的纸来说,这些杂质中的一部分除了其它以外由颜料比如二氧化钛构成,为了混合得好,常常在纸浆机1中就已经添加了这些颜料,从而系统实际上将被彻底染上颜色。 For colored paper, a part of these impurities, among other things consists of a pigment such as titanium dioxide, in order to mix well, often in the pulper 1 has been added to these pigments, so that the system will actually be completely infected Color . 在例如改变成一种不同的颜色时,与这些昂贵的作为沉积物沉积在系统的不同部分(或部件)上的成分相结合的这种状况例如对于有颜色的纸来说实际上将会造成这种情形,在可以制造后面的等级的纸之前必须清洁整个系统。 For example when changing to a different color, a different portion of the expensive and deposition of sediments on the components of the system (or component) in combination For example the situation which is actually colored paper will cause this scenario, the paper may be made before the level of the back of the entire system must be cleaned.

[0020] 按照本发明的系统与上面描述的已知技术有本质上的不同。 [0020] The system according to known techniques of the present invention described above are essentially different. 通过至少在过程的一个部位引入分离装置暂时地提高纸浆的粘稠度,从而实现过程液体的另外的分离8,8a,这将中断这些包含贵重的添加剂的过程液体在系统中反向的长程流动。 By introducing at least a portion of the process of separation apparatus temporarily increase consistency of the pulp to achieve additional separation process liquid 8,8a, this will break these additives contain valuable process fluid flow reversal in the long-range system . 较早期的分离仅只为了防止干扰后面过程的化工产品向下游流动才采用,而也可以以对应的方式防止贵重的添加剂污染上游的构思是相当新颖的。 Earlier only been isolated in order to prevent interference during later use of chemical products only flow downstream, and can be prevented upstream of the contaminated valuable concept is quite novel additive in a corresponding manner.

[0021] 在表I中给出了本发明背后的原理,在该表中借助于一方面关于按照先有技术的典型过程(T)和另一方面按照本发明一个实施例的过程(U)的纸浆粘稠度(以% (百分比)表示),体积(“X”为每千克纸浆中液体的升数)和干物质(以千克表示)示出在系统的不同部分内材料的平衡,其中A表示在按照先有技术的过程的初始阶段1...如纸浆的数值,A1表示在按照本发明的分离8之后纸浆的数值,B表示在料箱5中的情况,C表示当纸离开加压装置9时的情况,D表示“剩余的水”即在水可以再次使用之前必须对它清洁的水,而E表示在短循环中的情况: [0021] gives the rationale behind the present invention in Table I, by means of one hand on the table in accordance with an exemplary procedure (T) on the other hand the prior art and according to the procedure (U) of a embodiment of the present invention pulp consistency (in% (percent)), the volume (expressed in kilograms) ( "X" is the number of liters of liquid per kg of pulp) and dry the material balance is shown in different parts of the system, wherein a represents the initial stage of the process according to the prior art, such as the value 1 ... pulp, A1 represents the value after 8 according to the present invention the pulp division, B represents the case of the magazine 5, C represents when the paper away case of pressing means 0900, D denotes "residual water" i.e. before the water can be reused it must be clean water, and E represents the case where a short cycle:

[0022] 表I [0022] TABLE I

[0023] [0023]

Figure CN1997794BD00071

[0024] 由上面的表I很明显地看出,每100千克纸有大约20到30千克的TW2通过纤维回收装置10,而当按照本发明暂时地提高纸浆的粘稠度时,包含TiA的剩余水的体积和分配给它的干物质将大大减少。 [0024] I As is apparent from the above table, per 100 kg of paper has about 20 to 30 kg TW2 through a fiber recovery device 10, and when the improved consistency of the pulp is temporarily according to the invention comprises the TiA volume of distribution, and remaining water to dry it will be greatly reduced.

[0025] 在实践中,借助于由例如纤维素的生产,漂白和脱色本质上已经知道的浓缩技术可以有利地实现除去过程液体的分离。 [0025] In practice, it can be advantageously implemented by means of, for example, production, bleaching and bleaching nature of cellulose has been known concentration techniques for removing liquid separation process. 这样的装置常常能够提高包含纤维的纸浆的粘稠度,由2%到10%的初始值,在现在的情况下典型地在大约4%到6%的量级,提高到甚至高至50%的最后值,并且可能甚至更高。 Such devices are often possible to improve the consistency of the pulp fibers comprising, from an initial value of 2% to 10%, in the present case is typically about 4% to 6% of the magnitude, even up to as high as 50% the final value, and may be even higher.

[0026] 按照一个有利的实施例,借助于一个加压装置实现分离,这样的加压最好在打浆4c之前进行。 [0026] According to an advantageous embodiment, the pressing means by means of a separation, such pressure is preferably performed before beating 4c. 在进行浓缩的阶段进行加压可以有利地在其类型本质上已经知道的螺旋压机或者带状压机8a中进行,从而在加压之后的软泥状的纸浆中干物质含量大于10%,特别是在20%到50%的范围内,适宜为25%到40%,最好至少为30%。 In carrying out the phase for pressurizing concentrate can advantageously be of the type already known in the nature of a screw press or band-shaped press 8a, so that the pulp after pressing the soft sludge dry matter content greater than 10%, especially in the range of 20% to 50%, suitably 25% to 40%, preferably at least 30%.

[0027] 在加压过程中分离出来的过程液体在上游方向被传送回11过程中,适宜地返回到纸浆机2中。 [0027] separated during the pressurization process liquid 11 in the upstream direction transmitted back to the process, the pulp is suitably returned to the dryer 2. 适宜用从造纸机的循环中提取的数量基本上对应的液体在一个散布装置12 中替代已经由过程中分离出来的液体13。 Suitable liquid was extracted from a number of cycles corresponding to the paper machine substantially in a liquid spreading device 12 alternatively 13 has been isolated from the process. 这最好在按照本申请人的国际专利申请No PCT/ FI99/00143的装置中进行,或者替代地借助于一种螺旋装置或者某种其它类型的混合装置来进行。 This is preferably in accordance with the applicant's international patent application for the present apparatus No PCT / FI99 / 00143 of, or alternatively by means of a screw or some other type of mixing apparatus to perform. 为了获得最佳的相互混合,最好在过程方向上、基本上直接在分离装置8,8a之后设置散布装置12。 For best mixed with each other, preferably in a process direction, substantially directly after the separating means 8,8a spreading means 12 is provided.

[0028] 按照本发明的一个有利的实施例,重要的添加剂比如非常昂贵的颜料和着色剂的主要引入14与把液体添加到散布装置12中联系起来进行(见图幻,这样在浓缩之后在尽可能早的阶段实现添加剂的有效的相互混合。图2示出了也可以在过程中的较后阶段引入添加剂14,14b。因为添加剂的至少一部分的引入有利地与引入替代的液体13的引入同时进行,所以,如果替代的液体取自添加剂的剩余含量可能甚至更高的那部分过程,将几乎没有什么结果。 [0028] According to an advantageous embodiment of the present invention, additives such important introduced mainly very expensive pigments and colorants added to the liquid 14 and the spreading device 12 to be linked (see phantom, so that after concentration intermixing effective to achieve the earliest possible stage additive. FIG. 2 shows 14,14b additives may also be incorporated later stage in the process. since the introduction of introducing at least a portion of the additive is advantageously introduced into the liquid 13 in the alternative at the same time, so if alternative liquid from the remaining content of additives that may be even more part of the process, will be almost no results.

[0029] 实践中,上面讨论过的其中纸浆的粘稠度将提高的装置将会产生这样的情况,除去和返回过程液体对于引入这样的添加剂材料来说是“腾出空间”,人们希望防止向上游方向分散,其中,这种除去和返回功能上说在某种意义上属于较早的过程阶段。 [0029] In practice, the apparatus wherein the consistency of the pulp will be increased as discussed above will produce such a case, the liquid is removed and the process returns to the introduction of such additive material is "make space", it is desirable to prevent dispersing in the upstream direction, wherein the removal and return of this function in a sense of belonging to an earlier process stage. 从而,可以把随后的添加剂材料以及因此例如过程的着了色的部分限制在造纸机的短循环,而保持长循环没有贵重的材料和/或造成污染的材料,使其达到可能需要这样的线路(或回路)的程度。 Thereby, the additive material and thus a subsequent process, for example, a colored portion is limited to the short circulation of the paper machine, while maintaining the cycle length is not expensive material and / or polluting material, it may be required to reach such lines degree (or circuits) of.

[0030] 因为在按照图2的特殊有利的实施例中系统基本上是自清洁的,所以在实践中可以很好地提供不同成分的白水,并且提供相当清洁的剩余液体,达到在系统的其它部分对这些液体需要的程度。 [0030] Since in accordance with the special system in an advantageous embodiment of the FIG. 2 embodiment is substantially self-cleaning, so in practice, may well provide different components of the white water, and provides a relatively clean excess liquid in the system reaches the other degree part of these liquids needed. 因此,可以为了这些需要选择正确的清洁程度,这进一步减少了贵重的添加剂材料的损失。 Accordingly, it is possible to select the correct level of these needs cleaning, which further reduces the loss of valuable additive material. 可以在一个精细的过滤器中处理仍然保留的数量很小的剩余水, 提供喷雾水等,从而使滤饼返回到散布装置。 Can be processed in a fine filter in a small amount of residual water remains, there is provided a spray water or the like, so that the filter cake was returned to the dispersing device.

[0031] 因此,图2示出了一种特别有利的装置,在这种装置中,在材料的浓度尽可能低的一个部位使由系统提取的水转换方向。 [0031] Thus, Figure 2 illustrates a particularly advantageous arrangement, in such a device, a portion of the concentration of the material as low as possible in the direction of the water extracted by the conversion system. 按照这个实施例,可以通过在已经形成纤维卷筒、 从而该纤维卷筒起过滤器的作用的一个部位在细丝(网)下面设置一个抽吸箱15降低这个浓度。 According to this embodiment, the fibers have been formed by a roll, whereby a portion of the fibers acting as a filter drum of a filament in the (network) under a suction box 15 is provided to reduce this concentration. 使这个抽吸箱15以不高的真空度工作,从而实现仔细的过滤,并且获得非常清洁的白水。 The suction box 15 so as not to work a high degree of vacuum, in order to achieve careful filtration to obtain a very clean and white water. 这个过滤过程减少了材料的数量,使得可以将这种白水正常地引导16到溢流装置17,而不需要任何附加的回收装置。 This filtration process reduces the amount of material, so that the white water 16 can be properly guided to the overflow means 17, without the need for any additional recovery.

[0032] 借助于按照本发明的装置,可以实现贵重添加剂的接近100%的保留,同时,不再需要例如单独的回收装置,减少在进行测试的层压步骤期间的无负载运行,并且缩短在改变颜色之后的建立新颜色的时间。 [0032] close to 100% by means of retaining means according to the invention may be implemented valuable additive, while, for example, no longer need separate recovery, reducing the no-load operation during the lamination step during the test, and to shorten the create a new color of time after the change in color.

[0033] 在上面已经公开了本发明的某些有利的实施例,但是对于本领域技术人员来说这一点是很清楚的,在所附的权利要求书的范围以内也可以以许多其它的方式实现本发明。 [0033] In the above been disclosed certain advantageous embodiments of the present invention, but the skilled person it is clear that, within the scope of the appended claims may be many other ways to implement the present invention.

Claims (17)

  1. 1 一种用来在造纸机中从一种作为原料纸浆的可流动纸浆制备出纸浆时减少引入到一个连续过程中的添加剂的分散的方法,其中将包括纤维和过程液体、且稠度不大于10% 的可流动纸浆传输到造纸机的料箱(5),其特征在于,在引入所述添加剂(14)之前,通过除去(8,8a)过程液体、并且向除去过程液体处的上游传送(11)这种除去的过程液体来把纸浆的稠度提高到大于10%的数值,同时在加入添加剂处的下游添加补充的过程液体(13)。 A method for reducing a pulp as a raw material from one paper machine to prepare a flowable pulp when the pulp is dispersed into a continuous process method of additives, wherein the process comprises a fiber and liquid and the consistency of not greater than 10 % of the flowable pulp transferred to the paper machine headbox (5), characterized in that, prior to introduction of the additive (14), by removing (8,8a) process fluid, and the upstream is transmitted to the liquid removal process at ( 11) of such a process the liquid is removed to improve the consistency of the pulp to a value greater than 10%, while adding supplementary process fluid (13) at a downstream addition of additives.
  2. 2 按照权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,通过将所述过程液体从所述纸浆分离出来,借助于加压装置(8,8a)来提高所述纸浆的稠度,使得所述纸浆对应于其中20%到50% 的干物质的含量,同时将所述过程液体传送(11)到上游返回到所述过程中。 The method of claim 2 according to claim 1, characterized in that, to improve the consistency of the pulp by the process liquid separated from the pulp by pressurizing means (8,8a), so that the pulp corresponding to wherein the dry matter content to 20% to 50%, while the process liquid delivery (11) is returned to the upstream process.
  3. 3.按照权利要求1或2所述的方法,其特征在于,在向所述料箱(5)传送所述纸浆之前,从造纸机的短循环来添加一种含有添加剂且呈过程液体形式的补充的液体(13)。 3. The method of claim 1 or according to claim 2, characterized in that, prior to the transfer of the pulp feed tank (5), to add the short circulation of the paper machine containing an additive process as a liquid form and supplementary liquid (13).
  4. 4.按照权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,与已经提高稠度的所述纸浆的分散(12) 相结合地,引入添加剂以及相称地引入所述补充的过程液体。 4. The method according to claim 1, wherein the dispersion has improved the consistency of the pulp (12) in combination, the introduction of additives and the commensurate introduction of supplementary process fluid.
  5. 5.按照权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述添加剂包括颜料或其它的着色剂。 5. The method according to claim 1, wherein said additive comprises a pigment or other colorant.
  6. 6. 一种在造纸机中从一种作为原料纸浆的可流动纸浆制备纸浆方面的装置,用来限制添加剂在进一步的过程中在上游分散,其中所述过程包括用于稠度不大于10%、并且包括纤维材料和过程液体的可流动纸浆的入口(1,2),封闭起来的循环系统包括用于所述造纸机的细丝网的料箱(5)以及用来引入所述添加剂(14)的装置,其特征在于,在过程的方向上在用于引入添加剂的装置之前、但在所述入口(1,¾之后设置分离装置(8,8a),所述分离装置(8,8a)设置成将所述过程液体从可流动的纸浆分离出来,使得所述纸浆的稠度提高到大于10%,用于向上游传送过程液体(11)的装置用来将已经与所述纸浆分离的所述过程液体向上游传输到所述过程中,以及用于添加补充的过程液体(1¾的装置用来在下游引入来自所述封闭起来的循环系统的所述过程液体,为的是补 Means a flowable pulp prepared aspect 6. A pulp in a paper machine from one as a starting material pulp, for limiting the additive dispersed in the further upstream in the process, wherein the process comprises a consistency of not greater than 10%, and comprises a fiber material and a flowable pulp process liquid inlet (1,2), a closed circulation system comprises up the screen for fine paper machine headbox (5) and means for introducing said additive (14 ) of the apparatus, characterized in that, in the direction of the process prior to the apparatus for introducing an additive, but in the inlet (1, ¾ arranged after the separating device (8,8a), said separating means (8,8a) arranged to process the liquid separated from the pulp can flow out, so that the consistency of the pulp is increased to greater than 10%, which has been used for the pulp separated from the process liquid to the upstream conveying means (11) being said process liquid to said upstream transmission process, and a process for adding a liquid supplement (1¾ apparatus used in the process is introduced downstream from the closed liquid circulation system together, in order to complement 被分离的所述过程液体。 The process liquid separated.
  7. 7.按照权利要求6所述的装置,其特征在于,所述分离装置借助于加压装置(8,8a)能够提高包含纤维的纸浆的稠度,由2%到10%的初始值提高到20%到50%的最后值。 7. The device according to claim 6, characterized in that the means by pressurizing means (8,8a) can improve the consistency of the pulp fibers comprising the separation, increased from an initial value of 2% to 10% to 20 % to 50% of the final value.
  8. 8.按照权利要求6或7所述的装置,其特征在于,用于添加补充的过程液体(13)的装置设置成与用于添加剂的所述入口联系起来、或者在所述入口之后添加(14)来自所述造纸机的短循环系统的补充水。 8. The apparatus of claim 6 or claim 7, characterized in that the process for adding supplemental fluid (13) means arranged to be linked to the inlet for the additive, or added after the inlet ( 14) make-up water from the short circulation of said papermaking machine.
  9. 9.按照权利要求6所述的装置,其特征在于,分散装置(1¾设置成重新分散已经将过量的液体分离的纸浆,由此,用来引入所述添加剂(14)的装置布置成与在所述过程的方向上、基本上紧挨着所述分离装置(8,8a)之后的所述分散装置(1¾相联系。 9. The apparatus according to claim 6, characterized in that the dispersing means (1¾ been arranged redispersed excess liquid separation pulp, whereby, for introducing the additive (14) in a device arranged to the direction of the process, substantially next to the separation device (8,8a) after the dispersing device (1¾ linked.
  10. 10.按照权利要求6所述的装置,其特征在于,在细丝网(6)的一部分处设置具有单独的抽吸箱(15),该抽吸箱具有一种便于实现仔细的过滤以及非常清洁的白水的、量级不高的真空度,在那部分细丝网已经形成了纤维卷筒,并且,用于传送水的装置(16)设置成用来将水由这样的单独的抽吸箱(1¾在系统中向上朝向单独的溢流管(17)传送。 10. The apparatus according to claim 6, characterized in that a separate suction chamber (15) in the fine screen (6) is provided at a part of the suction box having one easy to implement, and very careful filtering white water cleaning, the order is not a high degree of vacuum, in that part of the fine fiber mesh roll has been formed, and, means for conveying water (16) is arranged for pumping water from such individual box (1¾ toward separate overflow pipe (17) carried upwardly in the system.
  11. 11.按照权利要求2所述的方法,其特征在于,提高了纸浆的稠度,从而使得纸浆对应于25%到40%的干物质的含量。 11. The method according to claim 2, characterized in that the increased consistency pulp so that the pulp content of 25% corresponding to 40% of dry matter.
  12. 12.按照权利要求2所述的方法,其特征在于,提高了纸浆的稠度,从而使得纸浆对应于至少30%的干物质的含量。 12. The method according to claim 2, characterized in that, to improve the consistency of the pulp, so that the content of the pulp corresponding to at least 30% of the dry matter.
  13. 13.按照权利要求2所述的方法,其特征在于,通过借助于加压装置从纸浆分离出过程液体,来提高纸浆的稠度。 13. The method according to claim 2, characterized in that the means for separating the consistency of a process liquid from the pulp, through the pulp to increase by pressurizing.
  14. 14.按照权利要求7所述的装置,其特征在于,所述分离装置(8,8a)能够借助于加压装置将包含纤维的纸浆的稠度从4%到6%的初始值提高到20%到50%的最后值。 14. The apparatus according to claim 7, wherein said separating means (8,8a) by means of pressurizing means including consistency pulp fibers increases from an initial value of 4 to 6% to 20% to 50% of the final value.
  15. 15.按照权利要求7所述的装置,其特征在于,所述分离装置(8,8a)能够将包含纤维的纸浆的稠度从4%到6%提高到25%到40%的最后值。 15. The apparatus according to claim 7, wherein said separating means (8,8a) capable of fibers comprising pulp consistency of from 4% to 6% to 25% to 40% of the final value.
  16. 16.按照权利要求7、14、15中任一项所述的装置,其特征在于,所述分离装置(8,8a)能够将包含纤维的纸浆的稠度提高到至少30%的最后值。 16. The apparatus as claimed in any one of claim 7,14,15, characterized in that the consistency means (8,8a) comprise fibers capable of separating the pulp is increased to at least 30% of the final value.
  17. 17.按照权利要求6所述的装置,其特征在于,分散装置(1¾布置成在添加补充的过程液体(1¾之后重新分散已经将过量的液体分离的纸浆,由此,用来引入所述添加剂(14) 的装置布置成与所述分散装置(1¾相联系,从而所述分散装置(1¾设置在所述过程的方向上、基本上紧挨着所述分离装置(8,8a)之后。 17. The apparatus according to claim 6, characterized in that the dispersing means (1¾ redispersed arranged to have excess liquid after separation of pulp (1¾ addition of supplementary liquid process, whereby, for the introduction of the additive means (14) is arranged (1¾ means associated with said dispersion, such that said dispersion means (1¾ arranged in the direction of the process, substantially next to the separation device (8,8a) after.
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