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A system for instant voice messaging comprising an IVM server operative to essentially simultaneously receive from an initiating user at least one voice message fragment and stream the at least one voice fragment to at least one target user; and a switch coupled to the IVM server and operative to effect communications between the initiating user and each target user and the IVM server, as well asbetween the users themselves. The streaming operation ends with an entire instant voice message being transmitted to the target user(s). Each target user may instantly retrieve a message by using a smart notification provided by the IVM server. Special numbering systems facilitate both the instant voice messaging and the instant message retrieval aspects.


即时语音消息传输及即时语音消息检索的方法及系统 The method of instant voice messaging and instant voice message retrieval and system

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及电信技术,尤其涉及有线及无线电话与电话通信系统、以及经由诸如PSTN(公共交换电话网络)与PLMN(公共地面移动网络)的公共交换电话网络及因特网协议语音系统(VoIP)来进行的通信,更涉及通信系统No.7(SS7)。 [0001] The present invention relates to telecommunication technology, and particularly relates to wired and wireless telephone and the telephone communication system, and via such (Public Switched Telephone Network) and PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) is a public switched telephone network and voice over internet protocol system PSTN (VoIP ) communication carried out, it relates to communication systems and more No.7 (SS7). 本发明还涉及蜂窝电话技术,即:第一代("1G",即,模拟蜂窝电话技术)、第二代("2G",比如,全球移动通信系统即GSM、 CDMA(码分多址接入)及TDMA(时分多址接入))、2. 5代("2. 5G",比如通用分组无线电业务即GPRS)、以及第三代(3G)蜂窝电话技术,比如UMTS(通用移动电话系统)及lXRTT(lx)无线传输技术。 The present invention further relates to cellular telephone technology, namely: the first generation ( "1G", i.e., analog cellular telephony), second generation ( "2G", for example, Global System for Mobile i.e. GSM, CDMA (code division multiple access in) and TDMA (Time division multiple access)), 2.5-generation ( "2. 5G", i.e. such as General packet radio service GPRS), and a third generation (3G) cell phone technologies, such as UMTS (universal mobile telephone system) and lXRTT (lx) radio transmission technology.

[0002] 本发明还涉及消息传输技术,包括即时消息传输技术与语音消息传输技术。 [0002] The present invention further relates to a message transmission technologies, including instant messaging technology and a voice message transmission technology. 即时消息传输技术是一个较新的概念,由ICQ公司首先提出。 Instant messaging technology is a relatively new concept, first proposed by ICQ company. 本发明还涉及即时消息传输与在位业务(IMPS)以及经由因特网协议(IP)的按键即谈(PTT)电话技术(经由VoIP的PTT), 它也称为即时语音通信(IVC)。 The present invention further relates to an instant messaging service with a bit (the IMPS), and a key via an Internet Protocol (IP), i.e., talk (PTT) telephony (via the PTT VoIP), which is also called live voice communications (IVC).

背景技术 Background technique

[0003] 现有IVC技术 [0003] prior art IVC

[0004] 有许多技术均支持即时语音通信技术。 [0004] There are a lot of technical support instant voice communication technology. 尽管通过诸如电话连接的电路交换线便可很容易地建立电话语音通信,但它仍然有延迟(比如连接延迟),这种现象不存在于PTT技术,比如iDEN(集成数字增强网络)或TETRA(地面中继无线通信)。 While circuit-switched connection such as a telephone line can easily establish the telephone voice communication, but it still has a delay (such as connection delay), this phenomenon does not exist in the PTT technology, such as iDEN (integrated Digital Enhanced Digital Network), or the TETRA ( terrestrial relay wireless communication).

[0005] iDEN技术在1994年首次开发,它用于蜂窝电话通信领域。 [0005] iDEN technology was first developed in 1994, it used a cellular phone communications. 它的市场占有量与其它蜂窝电话技术相比极低。 Its market share with very low compared to other cellular phone technology. 对iDEN技术而言,当用户在手机上按键交谈时,他的指定组站便可即时接受到他的话音。 On iDEN technology, when the user presses a key on the phone talking to his designated group of stations you can immediately receive his voice. iDEN技术类似于无线电中的"步话机"技术。 iDEN technology is similar to radio in the "walkie-talkie" technology. 对方可以进行即时回复,这一点也类似于"步话机"系统。 The other party can instantly reply, which is also similar to the "walkie-talkie" systems.

[0006] TETRA技术是一种公开标准技术,用于可支持各国多种政府机构且可在同一网络 [0006] TETRA technology is an open standard technology, it can be used to support countries in a variety of government agencies and can be on the same network

上通信的单一聚集性双向无线网络,因而在消费者市场的占有量较低。 Single aggregation of two-way wireless communication networks, and thus a lower share of the consumer market.

[0007] 其它的IVC技术包括"个人移动无线业务",它是一种短程无线业务,只有有限的 [0007] Other techniques include IVC "Personal Mobile Radio Service", which is a short-range wireless service, only a limited

能力,主要用于工作组站,此外还包括"步话机终端",诸如"Cobra"及"Talkabout ",它代表 Capacity, mainly for workgroup station and further comprising a "walkie-talkie terminals", such as "Cobra" and "Talkabout", which represents

着正在成长中的消费者市场(主题公园、滑雪辅导站等),但其传输范围有限。 The consumer market is growing (theme parks, ski counseling stations, etc.), but limited its transmission range.

[0008] 在蜂窝电话市场中,PTT技术的份额小于其它盛行的蜂窝电话,比如GSM、 CDMA以 [0008] In the cellular phone market share is smaller than the other PTT technology prevalent cellular telephone, such as GSM, CDMA to


[0009] 近年来,开发出一种用于数据网络的应急"不断线"概念。 [0009] In recent years, the development of the concept of "continuous line" response for a data network. 在该概念中,用户通过他/她的蜂窝电话来与数据网络始终相接。 In this concept, the user is always in contact with the data network through his / her cellular phone. 以GPRS蜂窝电话技术为例,它的IP网络与GSM 蜂窝语音网络相接。 In GPRS cellular phone technology, for example, that the IP network and the GSM cellular voice network contact. 这种永久性数据连接能力有希望开辟一种蜂窝电话用户争相采用IVC 技术的局面。 This persistent data connectivity hopefully open up for a cellular phone users competing with IVC technology situation.

[0010] VoIP技术可通过数据网络来传输语音,有希望成为一种数据网络IVC概念的关键技术。 [0010] VoIP technology to transmit voice over a data network, a technique promises to be a data network key concepts IVC. 然而,该VoIP技术在应用中需要改进终端用户的手机,以便使该手机能支持IP网络上的语音编码与解码。 However, the application of VoIP technology need for improved end-user mobile phone so that the phone can support voice encoding and decoding the IP network. 这种改进可称为'客户端软件'。 This improvement may be referred to as 'client software'. [0011]现有柳隨肖扁扁狀 [0011] Shore is flat with prior like Liu

[0012] ICQ是一种广泛使用的即时消息传输技术,它起源于基于因特网(因而也是基于数据)的技术。 [0012] ICQ instant messaging is a widely used technique, which originated in an Internet-based (and therefore data based) techniques. 利用ICQ技术,用户可以进行通过因特网来即时传输的文本消息通信。 Using ICQ technology, users can be instantly transmitted to a text messaging over the Internet. 用户可以将语音文件附加于ICQ消息,但是该技术不是一种基于语音的技术,语音只是一种附件。 The user can voice file attached to an ICQ message, but this technology is not a voice-based merely an accessory, voice. 尽管ICQ技术需要通过诸如GPRS网络的先进的蜂窝电话网络来实施,但它采用蜂窝电话网络的数据部分,而不是语音部分。 Although the need to implement techniques ICQ GPRS network, such as advanced cellular telephone networks, but it uses the data portion of a cellular telephone network, rather than part of speech. ICQ技术需要在终端用户的装置内安装'客户端软件'。 ICQ Technology requires the 'Client' in the end-user device. 此外还有其它的类似于ICQ的技术,比如'AOL消息传输技术'。 There are also other techniques like ICQ, such as 'AOL message transmission technology'.

[0013] 短信业务(SMS)技术代表另一种即时消息传输平台,它可经由电话(尤其是蜂窝电话)系统的通信分网络,来即时发送长达160个字符的消息。 [0013] Short Message Service (SMS) technology represents another instant messaging platform, it may be to immediately send a message of up to 160 characters, via the communication sub-network telephones (especially cellular telephone) system. EMS(增强型SMS)技术可以使短SMS消息相串联,从而可发送图片或图像。 EMS (Enhanced SMS) technique allows SMS short messages in series, which can send pictures or images.

[0014] 另一种即时语音消息传输方法是基于多媒体业务(匪S)的'记录暨发送'业务。 [0014] Another instant voice message transmission method is based multimedia services (bandit S) 'of the recording cum transmission' service. 在该业务中,用户将消息记录到他的支持匪S的手机内,然后将该消息传输给另一个支持匪S '记录暨发送'的手机。 In this service, the user records the message into his mobile support bandit S, then a further message to the S support bandit 'record cum transmission' phones. 该消息被存储于对方用户的手机内,并可在位出来。 The message is stored in the other user's mobile phone, and place it. 该业务需要一个支持匪S的网络及一台专用手机,此外还需要进行大量的互动努力,从而穿越各种网络及手机来运行。 The business needs a support network S bandit and a dedicated phone, also requires a lot of effort to interact, so that through the various networks and mobile phones to run.

[0015] 另一种即时语音消息传输方法是语音传呼发送技术(VP)。 [0015] Another method for transmitting an instant voice message is a voice paging transmission technique (VP). 在采用VP技术时,先呼叫一个电话号,然后输入用户的识别号(IDN),再输入语音消息。 When using VP technique to call a telephone number, then enter the user identification number (the IDN), then the input voice message. 该消息被发送给一个语音传呼装置。 The voice message is sent to a paging device.

[0016] 诸如GPRS的2. 5G蜂窝电话技术的诞生,可以使人们利用不断线数据网络来传输即时消息。 [0016] The birth of the cellular phone 2. 5G technologies such as GPRS, it can continue using the data network to transmit an instant message. SMS消息可以被同样传送。 SMS messages can be transmitted equally.

[0017] 在由爱立信、摩托罗拉及诺基亚公司于2001年4月主办的'无线村'论坛上,规定并起草了移动电话即时消息传输及在位业务的一系列通用规格,这在即时通信或即时消息传输技术标准化方面又进一步付出了努力。 [0017] on by Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia in April 2001 organized by 'Wireless Village' Forum, a series of draft regulations and general specifications instant messaging and mobile phone services in place, which in the instant messaging or instant message transmission technology standardization has further made efforts. 无线村论坛为即时消息传输及在位业务(IPMS) 技术草拟了一份标准协议,它包括在位信息管理、即时消息传输、组站管理及内容共享。 Wireless Village instant messaging forum for the drafting and position service (IPMS) technology a standard protocol, which includes reign information management, instant messaging, groups, station management and content sharing. 另一个论坛是PAM,即在位及获取性管理论坛。 Another forum is PAM, namely reign and access management forum. PAM论坛由独立的非赢利性社团组织举办,用于制定跨越多种业务及网络的在位及获取性信息的管理及共享的标准。 PAM forum organized by the independent non-profit community organizations, to develop a variety of business and place across the network and access management and sharing of information standards. IETF(因特网工程任务管理局)下设一个小组,专门处理即时消息传输及在位协议(MPP)。 IETF (Internet Engineering Task Administration) consists of a team dedicated to handling and instant messaging protocol in place (MPP). 该MPP小组的任务是处理协议及数据格式,从而建立一种因特网终端用户在位警示、通知及即时消息传输系统。 The task group is MPP processing protocol and data format, the bit end-user to establish an Internet warning, notification, and instant messaging system. 最近在IETF内建立的一个小组(2002年10月31日)是扩展消息传输及在位协议(XMPP)工作组。 A group recently established within the IETF (October 31, 2002) is an extension of messaging and reign Protocol (XMPP) Working Group. [0018] 当前的i吾音由B件技术 [0018] The current i B TECHNICAL by the sound I

[0019] 通过电信网络来保存语音消息,这是一个由语音邮件系统支持的普通功能。 [0019] to store voice messages through the telecommunications network, which is supported by a common voice mail system functions. 利用该功能,可以呼叫语音邮件应答机,从而可使呼叫用户留言语音消息。 Using this feature, you can call a voice mail answering machine, so that the user can call a voice mail message. 语音邮件系统具有各种不同的能力及大小:电信载波系统、中等规模的机构甚至是个人用户(家庭应答机)。 Voice mail system with a variety of different capabilities and sizes: telecommunications carrier systems, medium-sized organizations and even individual users (home answering machine). 在被叫方未应答、被叫号码占线、甚至呼叫待机的情况下,呼叫用户可以利用这些系统来留言。 In the called party does not answer, the called number is busy, the call waiting even a case, the calling subscriber can use these messages to the system. 在被叫方为处于非无线电覆盖区的蜂窝电话用户的场合下,也可以留言。 In the case where the called party is in the non-cellular telephone user's radio coverage area, the message may be. 语音留言的另一种方法是直接对语音邮件系统拨号(无需呼叫目标用户),包括目标用户的电话号。 Another way to voice mail is a direct dial voice mail system (no need to call the target user), including the target user's phone number. 比如拨号151-54-123456后,便可向No. 054123456用户进行语音留言及/或传真留言,而无需呼叫他/她。 151-54-123456 such as dial-up, you can leave a voice message and / or fax messages to No. 054123456 user, without the need to call him / her. [0020] 对目标用户语音(及/或传真)留言后,该用户便可以通过以下方式而获知该留言事宜:接收SMS通知;在他/她的手机上显示出邮件图标E1.;在他/她的手机上点亮指示灯(比如与有线电信网或PBX(个人交换机)相接的有线电话)。 [0020] After the target user's voice (and / or fax) message, the user can be learned by way of the message matters: receive SMS notification; E1 mail icon shows on his / her cell phone .; his / indicator lights (such as wired telecommunications network or PBX (individual switches) wired telephone contact) on her cell phone.

[0021] 发现是否有新语音邮件已到达某人的语音邮箱的另一种方法是呼叫语音邮件系统,从而收听有多少个新消息已到达。 [0021] to find out if there is a new voice mail has arrived Another way to someone's voice mailbox is a call voice mail system to listen to how many new messages have arrived. 通过呼叫语音邮件系统,并收听交互语音应答(IVR) 且按照IVR的指示去做,便可进行消息检索。 By calling the voice mail system and listen to interactive voice response (IVR) IVR and following the instructions, the messages can be retrieved.

[0022] 语音邮件技术是一种通用技术。 [0022] Voice mail technology is a common technique. Comverse公司(以色列Tel Aviv 69710 RamatHachaval HaBarzel大街29号)已开发出一种语音邮件技术并已推向市场。 Comverse Company (Israel Tel Aviv 69710 RamatHachaval HaBarzel Street 29) has developed a voice-mail technology and has been on the market. 语音邮件技术可采用SS7信令系统互连技术,从而可与电话系统相连。 Voice mail system interconnect technology may employ SS7 signaling technology, so as to be connected to the telephone system. 其它语音邮件系统通过数据网络来传输。 Other voice mail system to transmit data via the network. 这些语音邮件系统采用VoIP技术,从而可接收语音并发送给与这些语音邮件系统相接的数据网络。 These voice mail systems using VoIP technology, so as to be sent to the reception voice contact with the data network voice mail system.

[0023] 某些语音邮件系统(比如Comverse系统)可以允许用户在留言消息上标注加急字样。 [0023] Some voice mail system (such as system Comverse) may allow a user on the message marked urgent message words. 在这种场合下,所有的加急消息均在"普通"消息(即未标注加急字样的消息)之前向目标用户显示。 In this case, all urgent messages are in the "normal" messages (that is, not the words of a message marked urgent) before being displayed to the target user. 加急消息的显示顺序取决于它们的先后留言顺序。 The display order of urgent messages depends on their order has a message. [0024] 当前的即时语咅ffl信VoIP抟术 [0024] The current real-letter language Pou ffl VoIP Tuan surgery

[0025] 在传统技术中,曾有过几次通过数据网络来实施即时语音通信的尝试。 [0025] In the conventional art, there have been some attempts to implement an instant voice communication over a data network. 这些尝试曾试图模拟'按键即谈'技术的应用经验。 These attempts have tried to simulate 'button-talk' experience in application technology. 比如,Tornado移动电话公司(以色列Herzlya 461儒algaley H即lada大街6号,邮政信箱4043)所采用的就是数据网络(比如GPRS, 1XRTT等),它的特性是始终与终端用户相连。 For example, the Tornado mobile phone company (Israel Herzlya 461 Ru algaley H lada i.e. 6th Avenue, P.O. Box 4043) is used in a data network (such as GPRS, 1XRTT, etc.), its characteristics are always connected to the end user. 这样,用户便可与网络始终相连,因而可在极短的时间内接收到消息。 Thus, the user can always connected to the network, and thus may receive a message in a very short period of time. 由于上述网络用于数据传输,因而语音只能以VoIP方式通过该网络来传输。 Due to said network for data transmission, voice and therefore can only be transmitted by way of the VoIP network. VoIP技术需要安装专用网络、专用手机及专用互动能力,因而推向市场之日遥遥无期,而且该系统的用户数量较少,因而有许多互动问题有待解决。 VoIP technology need to install a dedicated network, dedicated phone and special interactive capabilities, and thus into Japanese market within the foreseeable future, and the small number of users of the system, so there are many issues to be resolved interactive. 此外,由于VoIP系统的典型特性存在波动(变化延迟)、延迟及带宽等问题,因而VoIP网络的服务质量(QoS)较低。 Further, since the presence of fluctuations (delay variation), the delay and bandwidth problems typical characteristics of VoIP system, so the quality of VoIP network service (QoS) is low.

[0026] 现有技术的缺点 [0026] The disadvantages of the prior art

[0027] 现有技术不能为所有的电话系统及技术(有线及蜂窝电话)提供与实时语音通信相同的即时语音消息传输。 [0027] The prior art can not all telephone systems and techniques (wired and cellular phones) to provide the same real-time voice communications voice instant messaging. 大多数现有技术需要在末端用户终端安装客户端软件。 Most prior art requires the terminal mounting end user client software. 大多数现有技术的市场占有率低于iDEN技术或TETRA技术。 Market share is lower than most prior art iDEN technology or TETRA technology.

[0028] 对用于经由诸如GPRS数据网络的2. 5G蜂窝电话数据网络来实施即时语音通信的现有VoIP技术而言,其语音质量低于线路交换语音网络的质量。 [0028] The VoIP via a prior art to the instant embodiment of the voice communication network 2. 5G cellular telephone data network, such as GPRS data, its quality is lower than the quality of the voice circuit-switched voice networks. 这主要因为线路交换语音网络的语音质量得到了改进。 This is mainly because the circuit-switched voice network voice quality has been improved. 线路交换语音网络专用于电话通信,而数据网络则用于分组传输。 Circuit-switched voice network is dedicated to a telephone communication, while the network is used for packet data transmission. 当采用分组传输网络(数据网络)来传输语音时,采用VoIP技术,它的语音传输质量低于线路交换网络的语音传输质量。 When a packet transport network (network data) to transmit voice using VoIP technology, voice transmission quality is below its circuit-switched voice transmission quality of the network.

[0029] 对用于检索语音及/或传真消息的现有技术而言,用户需要呼叫系统,并收听系 [0029] The prior art for retrieving voice and / or fax message, the user needs to call the system, and listen system

统问候语及先于所需消息到达的其它新消息,然后才能检索出所需的消息。 EC greetings and other news before the news arrived required before you can retrieve the messages you want.

[0030] 现有的PTT技术无需提供"存储暨传输"引擎。 [0030] existing PTT technology eliminates the need to provide "store-cum-transmission" engine. 换言之,未接收到的消息将丢失, In other words, the received message will not be lost,

类似于双向无线通信技术。 Similar to the two-way wireless communications technology. 由于缺乏存储暨传输引擎,因而PTT技术易于受到干扰,即,在 Due to lack of storage-cum-transfer engine, and therefore susceptible to interference PTT technology, that is,

播放语音消息时,手机会突然产生干扰噪声。 When playing a voice message, the phone will suddenly cause interference noise. 比如,iDEN技术不允许存储已发送过的消息。 For example, iDEN technology does not allow storage of messages had been sent.

因此,如果目标用户未在收听,则消息便会丢失。 Therefore, if the target user does not listen, then the message will be lost. 此外,不向目标用户提供表示消息试图到达目标用户的标志。 In addition, the goal is not to provide users with a message indicating that the user is trying to reach the target mark. 此外,也不向呼叫方提供表示接收还是不接收的标志。 In addition, it does not provide representation to receive or not to receive the mark to the caller. [0031] 现有消息检索技术的主要缺点是:目标用户如果不收听完所有的前置消息,便不能接收并检索特定消息。 The main disadvantage [0031] existing message retrieval technology is: if the target user does not have listened to all the news front, they can not receive and retrieve specific messages. 此外,即使目标用户得知有人发来一条很重要及/或紧急的特定语音(及/或传真)消息,目标用户也必须呼叫他/她的语音邮件系统,并收听完所有的前置消息。 In addition, even if the target user that someone sent a very important and / or urgent specific voice (and / or fax) message, the target user must also call him / her a voice mail system, and complete all pre-listen to the message. 现有语音邮件检索技术的另一个不足是:需要收听问候语以及IVR的操作说明。 Another disadvantage of existing voice mail retrieval technology: the need to listen to the greeting and IVR instructions. Comverse公司近来开发出一种被称为"可视语音邮件"的技术,该技术可进行即时语音邮件检索。 Comverse company recently developed a technology called "visual voice mail", the technology can be instant voice mail retrieval. 该技术需要专用'客户端软件'或者专用手机以及配备语音邮件系统的附属通信线(比如基于IP的对话线路)。 This technique requires special 'client software' or a dedicated phone and voice mail system with a subsidiary of communication lines (such as IP-based dialogue line). 事实上,根据该方法,终端用户可以与语音邮件进行浏览对话, 用户从中可以发现为他/她留下了什么消息,从而可选择消息进行显示。 In fact, according to this method, the end user can browse dialogue with voice mail, from which the user can find his / her leave any message, so choose the message to be displayed. 可根据请求来显示消息。 The request message may be displayed. 该方法需要采用专用终端用户装置以及配备语音邮件服务器的IP对话线。 This method requires a dedicated line using IP session with the end-user device and a voice mail server. [0032] 美国专利No. 20020146097公开了一种用于短语音消息(SVM)的方法、装置及系统,该消息作为一种SMS消息、一种类SMS消息、或者一种即时消息来传送。 [0032] U.S. Patent No. 20020146097 discloses a method of short voice message (SVM) is used, the apparatus and system, the message as an SMS message a SMS type message, or an instant message transport. 该专利申请所推荐的操作方法包括下列之一:在新用户终端及网络中采用匪S协议;利用现有的SMS点对点服务器,并将分组数据单元(PDU)串联成一体,从而形成短语音消息;对文本转换器中的记录消息提供语音,并向语音转换器提供文本,从而作为消息来显示;或者在数据网络上传送语音消息。 The method of operation of this patent application comprises one of the following is recommended: The new user terminals and network protocol bandit S; point using the existing SMS server, and the packet data unit (PDU) integrally connected in series so as to form a short voice message ; record message text to provide a voice converter, and provides a text-speech converter, so as to display the message; or a voice message transmitted over a data network.

[0033] 加拿大专利No. 2355420中公开了一种装置及方法,其用于通过电子网络来传输 [0033] Canadian Patent No. 2355420 discloses an apparatus and method for transmitting an electronic network

信息,以移动电话用户之间的用户-用户语音消息业务的形式来传输。 Information between the user's mobile phone users - users in the form of voice message service to transmit. 在该发明的优先实 In this invention solid priority

施方式中,系统作为一种语音SMS平台,包括一个语音SMS服务器及一个与图形用户界面 Shi, the system as a voice SMS platform, including a voice SMS server and a graphical user interface

(GUI)耦合的应用用户界面层。 (GUI) application coupled to the user interface layer. 该发明基于下列技术:基于浏览器的界面,其基于无线应用 The invention is based on the following technologies: a browser-based interface, which is based on the Wireless Application

协议(WAP)或HTML或C-HTML ;SIM应用工具包(SAT);以及互动语音回复(IVR)。 Protocol (WAP) or HTML or C-HTML; SIM Application Toolkit (SAT); and interactive voice response (IVR).

[0034] 美国专利申请No. 20020146-097及加拿大专利No. 2355420中并未披露与现有标 [0034] US Patent Application No. 20020146-097 and Canadian Patent No. 2355420 does not disclose the existing standard

准网络及终端用户设备配用的具有全部终端用户的灵活性及实时可用性的方案。 Flexibility has all end-user and end user network registration device is equipped with a program and the availability of real-time.

[0035] 因此,需要开发一种传统技术所不存在的即时语音消息传输及语音消息检索方法 [0035] Therefore, development of an instant voice message transmission and a voice message retrieval method of the conventional technique does not exist

及系统,如能这样便是一种很大的进步。 And systems, such as energy is a kind of great progress.


[0036] 本发明公开一种新的即时(即时)语音消息传输(IVM)方法及系统。 [0036] The present invention discloses a new instant (instant) a voice message transmission (the IVM) method and system. 这里所公开的部分IVM方法用于确认消息接收或非接收。 IVM methods disclosed herein portion for receiving a non-acknowledgment message is received. 这里所公开的IVM方法与传统的即时语音通信方法(比如PPT方法)的不同点在于,可易于用于所有的蜂窝电话网络及有线电话网络及所有现有终端用户电话装置。 IVM methods disclosed herein instant voice communication with conventional methods (such as PPT method) is different from that it can be easily used for all cellular telephone networks and wired telephone networks and all existing end-user telephone apparatus.

[0037] 本发明提供通信网络中的一种系统,其用于即时语音消息传输,包括一个IVM服务器(后文详述),其从呼叫用户同时接收至少一个语音消息段,并将该至少一个语音消息段传输给至少一个目标用户;还包括一个交换机,其与IVM服务器相接,用于在呼叫用户与各目标用户及IVM服务器之间、以及呼叫用户与至少一个目标用户之间进行通信,其中,来自上述呼叫用户的各语音消息可以通过通信网络,被即时传输给至少一个目标用户。 [0037] The present invention provides a system in a communications network for voice instant messaging, IVM comprises a server (described later in detail), which receives at least one voice message from a calling subscriber while the segment, and at least one voice message segment transmitted to the at least one target user; further comprising a switch that IVM contact with the server for the call between the user and the target user and each IVM server, and a call between users to communicate with the at least one target user, wherein each of the voice message from the calling subscriber via a communication network, is instantly transmitted to the at least one target user. [0038] 本发明提供一种方法,用于从上述呼叫用户,通过通信网络向至少一个目标用户中继即时语音消息,该方法包括下列步骤:至少一个IVM服务器,从呼叫用户接收至少一个语音消息段,并同时利用接收步骤,向至少一个目标用户传输至少一个语音段。 [0038] The present invention provides a method for the call from the user, through the communication network relaying instant voice messages to a user at least one target, the method comprising the steps of: at least one IVM server, receiving at least one voice message from the calling subscriber section, and at the same step using the received at least one speech segment to the at least one target user transmission. [0039] 本发明提供一种方法,用于即时检索从呼叫用户通过IVM服务器向目标用户传输的语音消息,包括以下步骤:目标用户从IVM服务器接收表示特定的即时语音消息已发送的通知;目标用户直接访问该特定消息。 [0039] The present invention provides a method for retrieving an instant call from a user via a voice message to the target server IVM-user transmission, comprising the steps of: receiving a notification target subscriber specific instant voice message has been sent from the server IVM; target users direct access to the particular message.

[0040] 本发明提供一种即时语音消息传输(IVM)服务器,包括:从第一用户接收至少一 [0040] The present invention provides an instant voice message transmission (the IVM) server, comprising: receiving at least a first user from

个语音消息段,并同时将该至少一个语音消息段发送给至少一个第二用户的机构;还包括 Voice message segment, and transmits the voice message while at least one segment to the at least one second user means; further comprising

一个用于IVM服务器的通信机构,用于与第一用户及至少一个第二用户进行通信。 A communication mechanism for IVM server for communicating with the first user and the at least one second user.

[0041] 本发明提供用于利用现有的标准蜂窝电话及PSTN网络及标准的末端用户终端技 An end user terminal TECHNOLOGY [0041] The present invention provides for use of existing cellular telephone standards and PSTN networks and standards

术,来发送即时语音、传真及多媒体消息的系统及方法。 Surgery, to send instant voice, fax systems and methods and multimedia messages. 最好利用"按键"方式,并采用合并 Preferably by "key" manner, and the combined use of

技术,将消息发送给终端用户,从而使用户可以在记录的同时收听消息,并可利用简单的功 Technology, sends a message to the end user so that the user can listen to the recorded message at the same time, and with a simple work

能(比如手机上的按键)来检索被记录的消息。 Energy (such as buttons on the phone) to retrieve the recorded message. 用户还可以切换到全双向(全双工)传统 The user can also switch to a full two-way (full-duplex) Traditional

电话对话方式。 Telephone dialogue.

[0042] 本发明提供一种改进了的语音传呼(VP),使VP与本文的即时语音消息业务相结合。 [0042] The present invention provides an improved voice paging (VP), that the instant voice message service VP herein combined. 这样,可以使IVM业务扩展到语音传呼装置。 Thus, IVM can expand into the voice paging device. 电话用户需要存储电话号,其包括:(a)即时消息传输业务号,(b)语音传呼服务器号,(c)目标用户传呼识别号。 Phone users need to store telephone numbers, comprising: (a) instant messaging service number, (b) a voice paging server number, (c) target subscriber pager identification number. 在拨动该电话号时, IVM服务器便连接到语音传呼服务器,提供一种直观简单的即时语音传呼服务,从而可以从常规的电话装置来启动它。 When struck the telephone number, IVM server will be connected to the voice paging server, providing a simple and intuitive real-time voice paging service, so it can be started from a conventional telephone devices.

[0043] 利用本发明,可以向没有PTT电话或者不是PTT业务用户的电话用户传输PTT消息。 [0043] With the present invention, it is possible to telephone without PTT PTT service or not the user's telephone user transmission PTT message. 其方法是,发送PTT消息到IVM服务器,同时转换该消息为IVM消息,并发送给任意电话用户。 The method is to send a message to the PTT server IVM, IVM simultaneously convert the message to message, and send any telephone user. 本发明可使每个电话用户发送IVM消息到IVM服务器,它转换该消息为PTT格式, 并发送给PTT系统。 The present invention allows each telephone user sends a message to the IVM IVM server, which converts the PTT message format, and send PTT system. PTT系统发送该PTT消息到电话用户所指定的PTT用户。 The system transmits the PTT message to the PTT phone PTT user specified by the user. [0044] 本发明提供一种专用拨号特性(方法),其可向IVM用户发送即时消息,该业务可通过现有的电话网络来实施,特别是采用SS7信号系统的网络。 [0044] The present invention provides a special dialing feature (method), which IVM user may send an instant message, the service may be implemented through the existing telephone network, especially a network SS7 signaling system. 该特性可建立即时语音消息,同时启动与目标用户的语音对话。 This feature can establish instant voice messaging, voice and start a dialogue with the target user. 比如,拨号"152",然后再拨号该电话用户的电话号, 比如152-054-123456,则开始与IVM服务器的即时对话,从而可同时启动与054-123456电话用户的IVM对话。 For example, dial "152" and then dial the telephone user's telephone number, for example 152-054-123456, then begin immediate dialogue with the IVM server, which can start a dialogue with IVM 054-123456 phone users at the same time. 在该例中,"152"是专用的"IVM前缀",它向交换机表示该对话是一种IVM对话,因而应传输给IVM服务器。 In this embodiment, "152" is a special "IVM prefix", which indicates the session to switch IVM is a dialogue, and thus should be transmitted to the server IVM.

[0045] 与目标用户的语音对话最好包括一个对目标用户的专用通知,从而使目标用户知道该对话包括一个即时语音消息通信。 [0045] The voice conversation with the target user preferably includes a dedicated notification to the target user so that the user knows that the target conversation voice message comprises an instant communication. 利用IVM服务器,呼叫用户可以建立他/她的消息, 同时目标用户可以听到该消息。 Use IVM server, call the user can build his / her message, and the target user can hear the message. 在该建立期间,可以向呼叫用户通知他/她的消息是否正在被收听,方法是向呼叫用户利用IVM服务器所进行的语音对话插入一个专用通知(比如"嘟嘟声")。 During the build, the user can call to inform him / her of whether the message is being listening, dialogue IVM method is to use a voice server performed to insert a special notification (such as "beep") to the calling user. 也可以向呼叫用户通知他/她的消息在呼叫用户结束他/她与IVM服务器的语音对话后已被收听。 He can also inform the user of the call / her messages in the caller end of his speech / IVM server and she has been listening to the conversation. 可利用SMS或可由IVM服务器建立并发送给呼叫用户的消息来进行该通知。 The notification may be performed by using SMS or IVM server sends a call setup message to the user. 呼叫用户及目标用户可以与IVM服务器相连接,但没有电话及他们之间的双向通信信道,尽管该信道可容易地建立。 The calling user and the destination user may be connected to the server IVM, but no phone and two-way communication channel between them, although the channel can be easily established. 这样,IVM业务便是一种基于内容的呼叫触发或基于内容的呼叫屏蔽业务,即,根据消息内容来决定接通电话(呼叫触发)还是不接通(呼叫屏蔽)。 Thus, the IVM service call is triggered based on content or based call screening service content, i.e., the message content is determined according to connect the call (call trigger) is turned on or not (call screening). 利用IVM业务,呼叫用户可以预先选择(采用不同的拨号)使他/她发送即时语音消息,还是使他/她与目标用户进行常规通话。 Use IVM services, call the user can pre-select (using different dial-up) so that he / she send instant voice messages, or his / her routine call with the target user. 利用本文公开的新拨号技术,用户(呼叫用户与目标用户)可以在开始对话时选择是采用消息传输方式,还是对话方式,因为有不同的对话方式号码和消息传输号码。 Using the new dial-up technology disclosed herein, the user (calling user and the target user) may be employed to select a message transmission, or at the beginning of a dialogue session, because there are different numbers of dialogue and message transmission number. 可以对即时语音消息设立时间限制(比如不超过2分钟等)。 We can set up a time limit (for example, no more than two minutes, etc.) for instant voice messages. [0046] 利用这里的方法及系统,可以建立一种专用的单人主持会议电话会议。 [0046] using the method and system here, you can create a special one-preside a conference call. 单人主持会议用户先说"请参加会议"这一即时语音消息,然后作为正常的电话会议来继续。 Single chair user to say "please attend the meeting," the instant voice message and then as a normal conference call to continue. 在向多个用户发送"请参加会议"这一短消息后,目标用户便可按动电话上的键钮来与其它用户一起参加会议。 After sending, "Please attend the meeting," the short message to multiple users, the target user can press the key button on the phone to attend the meeting together with other users.

[0047] 本发明还公开一种语音及/或传真及/或即时语音消息即时检索方法及系统。 [0047] The present invention also discloses a voice and / or fax and / or an instant voice message retrieval method and system for real time. 该系统可直接访问特定语音及/或传真及/或多媒体及/或统一消息,无需收听前面的消息及/或系统问候语及/或系统操作指示。 The system can directly access a particular voice and / or fax and / or media and / or unified messaging without listening to previous messages and / or system greeting and / or operating system instructions. 用户接收到他/她的通知后,比如SMS通知,上面写道:"你有一条来自电话号+972 3 123456的新语音消息(及/或传真)",用户可以呼叫上述语音邮件系统,同时利用通知中的信息(此处为号码+972 3 123456)。 After the user receives his / her notice, such as SMS notification, which said: "You have a new voice message from the telephone number +972 3 123 456 (and / or fax)", the user can call the voice mail system described above, and using the information (here, number +972 3123456) notification. 为了"即时"检索,该通知应是"动态的",比如带有"动态"呼叫号153 972 3 123456 1997的SMS。 In order to "instant" search, the notice should be "dynamic" SMS 153 972 3 123456 1997's "dynamic", such as with a call number. 在该例中,"153"是前缀,它告诉交换机这是一个即时语音消息的即时检索。 In this example, "153" is the prefix, it tells the switch which is a real-time instant retrieval of voice messages. 交换机将向IVM服务器发送该呼叫,但与访问上述服务器的"152"前缀不同。 IVM switch will send the call server, but the access of the server "152" prefix different. "152"表示消息建立对话,而"153"则表示消息检索对话。 "152" indicates that the message to establish a dialogue, and "153" indicates a message retrieval dialogue. IVM服务器将所有带有"153"前缀的呼叫作为一种检索呼叫。 IVM server with all calls "153" as a prefix to retrieve the call. "1997"表示后缀,用于指定即时检索的特定消息。 "1997" represents a suffix that specifies a particular message instant retrieval. 将呼叫用户的号码与后缀相结合后,可以縮短后缀,因为在该场合下,后缀只指定由该呼叫用户留言的消息,而不是系统内所有的留言消息。 After the calling subscriber number in combination with the suffix, the suffix can be shortened, since in this case, only the suffix of the specified message by the calling subscriber a message, not all messages in the system message.

[0048] SMS文本(内容)示例如下:"你有一条来自972 3 123456的即时语音消息;为了即时检索,请拨动该消息发送者的号码"。 [0048] SMS text (content) example is as follows: "You have a message from 9,723,123,456 instant voice message; for immediate retrieval, please dial number of the sender of the message." 按动手机上的CALL或SEND键,用户便可利用SMS内的该号码。 Press the CALL or SEND button on your phone, the user can use the number in the SMS.

[0049] 利用本发明的正常语音、传真、及即时语音消息的即时检索方法及系统,还可以直接即时访问已变为语音邮件消息的未听到(未收听)的即时语音消息。 [0049] The present invention utilizing a normal voice, fax, and instant retrieval method and system for instant voice messages, you can also direct instant access has become a voice mail message does not hear (not listen) instant voice messages. 其方法是:当从IVM服务器向其它存储器比如语音邮件系统传输IVM消息时,IVM服务器便可与其它存储器(在该场合下为语音邮件)服务器进行通信,从而获得专用的指示符,用于在新存储器内即时访问该消息。 The method is: when the mail system such as voice transmission IVM IVM message from the server to the other memory, the server can communicate with other IVM memory (in this case voice mail) server communication, to obtain a specific indicator, for instant access the message in the new memory. 接收(目标)用户无需知道该消息是否已传输给其它存储器。 Receiving (target) users do not need to know whether the message has been transmitted to the other memory. 用户采用拨号方法来即时访问存储于IVM服务器内的消息。 Users dial-up method to instantly access stored messages within the IVM server. 如果消息已被传输,则IVM服务器仍然可以访问它并即时显示。 If the message has been transmitted, the IVM server can still access it and instantly displays. 此外,存储于诸如语音邮箱的传统存储器系统内的各消息可获得一个即时访问指示符,可以向接收用户发送上述的动态通知,从而使他/她可即时检索该消息,而无需采用IVM服务器。 Further, each message in the storage in conventional memory such as a voice mail system may obtain an immediate access indicator may transmit the notification to receiver dynamic user, so that he / she can immediately retrieve the message, without using the server IVM.

[0050] 本发明适用于各种蜂窝电话技术及有线电话技术。 [0050] The present invention is applicable to various cellular phone technology and wireline telephony. 与现有的技术相比,本发明最好采用线路交换网络,来实施即时语音消息业务,从而提供高质量的传输语音。 Compared with the prior art, the present invention preferably uses circuit switched network, to implement an instant voice message service, thereby providing high quality voice transmission.


[0051] 参照附图对本发明优先实施方式示例进行详细说明。 BRIEF embodiment of the present invention, exemplary preferred embodiment described in detail with [0051] reference. 附图只用于说明,不构成限定。 BRIEF only for illustration and are not limiting. 尽管在优选实施方式中说明了本发明,但不限定本发明的精神及范围。 While the invention has been described in the preferred embodiment, but not limit the spirit and scope of the invention. 参照下列说明及附图,可进一步了解本发明优先实施方式的结构、操作及长处。 Reference to the following description and drawings, further understand the structure, operation and advantages of preferred embodiment of the present invention.

[0052] 图la是本发明即时语音消息传输(IVM)系统的基本优先实施方式的方框图;[0053] 图lb表示各IVM号的示例;[0054] 图lc表示多个目标用户IVM号; [0052] FIG. La is a basic block diagram of preferred embodiment of the instant embodiment of the present invention, a voice messaging (IVM) system; [0053] FIG lb shows an example of each number IVM; [0054] FIG. Lc represent a plurality of target users IVM number;

[0055] 图2a表示本发明IVM "按键"功能的IVM优先实施方式主要步骤流向图;[0056] 图2b表示图2a的流向图中的步骤详情;[0057] 图2c表示图2b中发送的IVM附加处理步骤; [0055] Figure 2a shows the embodiment the main steps IVM IVM present invention "button" feature preferred embodiment of flow diagram; [0056] Figure 2b shows the step before the flow of FIG. 2a; and [0057] FIG 2c shows in Figure 2b transmitted IVM additional processing steps;

[0058] 图2d表示本发明IVM即时检索功能的即时语音消息传输的优选实施方式主要步骤的流向图; [0058] FIG. 2d shows the main steps of the flow diagram a preferred embodiment of voice instant messaging instant invention IVM searching function;

[0059] 图2e表示图2d中流向图的步骤详情;[0060] 图3表示本发明IVM系统的另一种实施方式; [0059] FIG 2e shows the step before the flow diagram in FIG. 2d; [0060] FIG. 3 shows another embodiment of the present invention, IVM system;

[0061] 图4表示向一个目标用户发送消息的场合下,IVM服务器-呼叫用户通知的流向图示例; [0061] FIG. 4 shows the case to send a message to a target user, IVM server - a call flow diagram of an example of a user notification;

[0062] 图5表示向多个目标用户发送消息的场合下,IVM服务器-呼叫用户通知的流向图示例; [0062] FIG. 5 shows the case of sending a message to a plurality of target users, IVM server - a call flow diagram of an example of a user notification;

[0063] 图6表示本发明IVM系统的另一种实施方式,其中包括除了图1及图3所示之外的多个自选部分; [0063] FIG. 6 shows a system according to the present invention, IVM another embodiment, wherein the portion comprises a plurality of optional addition shown in FIGS. 1 and 3;

[0064] 图7表示本发明IVM系统的另一种实施方式,其中,IVM服务器与VoIP技术下的IP(数据)相连接; [0064] FIG. 7 shows another embodiment of the present invention, IVM system, wherein, IP (data) at the IVM VoIP technology and is connected to the server;

[0065] 图8表示本发明IVM系统的另一种实施方式,其中,IVM服务器与子PTT系统及/或基于VoIP的PTT相连接。 [0065] FIG. 8 shows another embodiment of the present invention, the system IVM manner, wherein, IVM PTT server sub system and / or is connected to a PTT-based VoIP. [0066] 优先实施方式详述 [0066] DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF preferred embodiment

[0067] 本发明公开一种用于即时语音消息传输及语音消息检索的方法及系统。 [0067] The present invention discloses a method for instant voice messaging systems and methods, and voice message retrieval. [0068] 图la是本发明即时语音消息传输系统100的基本优先实施方式的方框图。 [0068] FIG. La is a block diagram of a basic embodiment of a priority voice instant messaging system 100 of the present invention. 该系统包括一个呼叫终端用户装置(呼叫用户)102,它通过电话线或VoIP交换机104来耦合到即时语音消息(IVM)服务器106,该服务器安装到电话(蜂窝电话或有线电话)线或VoIP网络108上。 The system includes a calling end-user device (caller) 102, which is coupled via a telephone line or VoIP instant voice message to the switch 104 (the IVM) server 106, the server is installed into a phone (a cellular phone or a wired telephone) line network or VoIP 108. 呼叫用户可以通过交换机104来连接到一个或多个目标用户装置("目标用户")IIO。 Users can connect the call to one or more target user devices ( "target user") switch 104 via the IIO. 参照一个目标用户所作的说明可以证明,本发明也适用于多个用户。 Described with reference to a target made by the user can be shown that the present invention is applicable to a plurality of users. 呼叫用户及目标用户装置可以是蜂窝电话手机(模拟及/或数字2G、2. 5G或3G),有线电话或VoIP装置,可以自选存储器,用于存储号码。 The calling user and the target user device may be a cellular telephone handset (analog and / or digital 2G, 2. 5G or 3G), wired or VoIP device, can be chosen memory, for storing a number. 在以下,所有这些装置均称为"手机"。 In the following, all of which are known as "mobile phone." 向各用户分配一个即时语音消息号,详情下述。 Each user is assigned a voice instant message number, the following details. 它代表了本发明的主要新特性。 It represents the main new features of the present invention. 拨动目标用户的IVM号码后,可与IVM服务器106即时建立(触发) 一个对话,从而使呼叫用户建立一个即时语音消息。 After IVM struck the target user numbers, and IVM server 106 can establish instant (trigger) a dialogue, so that the user calls up an instant voice message. 同时,服务器106与一个或多个目标用户建立对话。 Meanwhile, the server 106 to establish a dialogue with one or more target users. 已由呼叫用户建立的消息部分(段)由IVM服务器被传送(合并)给目标用户,同时呼叫用户仍可建立其它段,这一点不同于已知的现有语音消息技术。 Established by the calling subscriber's message portions (segments) are transmitted by the server IVM (combined) to the target user, while still calling user to establish the other sections, it differs from the known prior art voice message.

[0069] 以下说明的可由呼叫用户同时建立IVM以及建立IVM服务器与目标用户之间的对话是IVM拨号系统的第一个主要特性。 [0069] The following description of the call by the user while establishing a dialogue between IVM and IVM server and the target user is the first major characteristic of IVM dialing system. 可同时存储消息段并合并到目标用户是第二个主要特性,它是一个"段存储合并"模块120,设置在IVM服务器106内。 And can store the message segments into the target user is the second main features, it is a "memory segment merge" module 120, the server 106 is provided in the IVM. 模块120用于识别所接收消息的格式,并以规定的格式来存储该消息,比如MP3格式。 Module 120 for identifying the format of the received message, and a predetermined format to store the message, such as MP3 format. 模块还用于存储具有规定长度的段中的消息,并在IVM服务器接收到全部消息之前,将这些段合并(传送)到目标用户。 Module is further configured to store segment having a predetermined length in the message received at the IVM and all messages to the server before the segments merge (transfer) to the target user.

[0070] 系统100可以包括一个自选"即时检索"模块122,最好(但不是必须)设置在服务器106内。 [0070] The system 100 may include an optional "instant retrieval" module 122, preferably (but not necessarily) disposed within the server 106. 当设置了它以后,模块122便向目标用户提供"动态"通知(比如"动态"呼叫方ID或SMS)。 When it is set after the user module 122 provides certain Pianxiang "dynamic" notice (such as "Dynamic" caller ID or SMS). 当"按键"失效后,或者当他/她访问一个已收听并保存过的消息时,该通知可由目标用户来使用。 When the "button" failed, or when he / she has to listen to and access a saved message, the notification by the target user to use. 通过该通知,目标用户可以即时访问所保存的消息。 By this notice, the target user instant access to the stored messages. 在本发明中,"动态"意味着一个可进行特定消息即时检索的计数系统。 In the present invention, "dynamic" means that a particular system may count the instant message retrieval. 系统ioo可以还包括一个在位状态模块326,其最好设置于IVM服务器内,用于提供目标用户的状态,详情下述。 The system may further comprise a bit ioo state module 326, which is preferably disposed in the IVM server for providing target user's status, the following details. [0071] 模块122用于识别所存储的消息,指示这些消息,从而可即时检索出来。 [0071] module 122 for identifying the stored message, indicating that these messages, thereby instantly retrieved. 此外,该模块还可建立动态通知。 In addition, the module can also create dynamic notifications. IVM服务器无需存储IVM消息。 IVM IVM server does not need to store the message. 比如,如果目标用户在准备过程中已收听了消息,而且没有要求保存它或传送它,则该消息便可被删除。 For example, if the target user in the preparation process has been listening to the news, and there is no requirement to save it or send it, the message can be deleted. 在这一场合下,IVM服务器只起着一个缓冲器的作用,而不是存储器的作用。 In this occasion, IVM server only plays the role of a buffer, rather than the role of memory. 此外,操作者可以规定不存储IVM消息,而只缓冲,而且只在准备过程中收听它。 In addition, the operator can not store a predetermined IVM message, but only the buffer, and only listen to it during preparation.

[0072] 图lb表示各IVM号的示例(比如呼叫用户与一个目标用户之间的对话)。 [0072] FIG lb shows an example of each IVM number (such as dialogue between the calling user and a target user). 图lc表示多个目标用户IVM号(呼叫用户与多个目标用户之间的对话)。 Fig lc represents (conversation between the calling user and the plurality of target user) IVM plurality of target user number. 当呼叫用户拨号后,交换机便将其识别成为一个发送给IVM服务器的呼叫。 When the user dials the call, put the switch identifies the call be sent to a server IVM. 在该消息结束之前,即在服务器内记录结束之前,IVM服务器将其识别成一个"按键"即时消息(即时发送),并与IVM号内的电话号一起发送给目标用户。 Before the end of the message, i.e. before the end of the recording server, the server recognizes IVM as a "button" Instant Messaging (real time transmission), and transmits to the user the target telephone number with numbers in the IVM. 各IVM服务号可以包括二个或三个部分。 Each IVM service number may include two or three portions. 二部分的IVM号包括一个IVM前缀152及目标用户号154,比如152 054 123456,其中,"152"是前缀,054-123456是目标用户号。 IVM second part comprises a number IVM prefix 152 and the target user 154, such as 152,054,123,456, where "152" is the prefix is ​​the target user number 054-123456. 与电话网络同样,当增加前缀时,可省略数字前面的零(0)。 Similarly to the telephone network, when prefixed, can be omitted in front of a digital zero (0). 因此,目标用户号154也可成为54123456。 Thus, the target user 154 may be 54,123,456. 一般而言,如果包括三个部分152 (IVM前缀)、154 (目标用户号)及156 (IVM后缀,比如"789"),如图lb所示,则前缀或后缀均将对话识别成IVM对话。 Generally, if the portion 152 including three (IVM prefix), 154 (target user number) and 156 (IVM suffixes, such as "789"), as shown in FIG lb, the prefix or suffix to identify each dialogue session IVM . 即,电话或VoIP交换机可采用前缀或后缀来通知向IVM服务器传送该消息。 That is, or VoIP telephone exchange a prefix or suffix can be used to inform the server transmits the message to IVM. 利用部分154, IVM服务器可即时'请求'电话或VoIP交换机与目标号相连接。 Using part 154, IVM server immediate 'request' or VoIP telephone switch and is connected to the target number. 目标用户的IVM号可被即时访问,从而即时开始对话。 IVM target user number can be accessed instantly, enabling them to immediately start a conversation. "152"、"154"及"156"还可以代表IP地址,并具有IP地址格式(比如"152"可看作是172. 24. 204. 205)。 "152", "154" and "156" may represent a further IP address and IP address with the format (such as "152" can be regarded as 172. 24. 204.205).

[0073] 表1表示电话存储器的内容。 [0073] Table 1 shows the content of the telephone memory. 所存储的号码是IVM号,其前缀是"152"。 The stored number is IVM number prefix is ​​"152." 拨号各号 Dial each number

码后,便开始向具有下列前缀号的用户传送IVM。 After the code, they start to transmit to the user with the following IVM prefix number.

[0074] [0074]

<table>table see original document page 13</column></row> <table> <Table> table see original document page 13 </ column> </ row> <table>

[0075] 表1 [0075] TABLE 1

[0076] 如果有多个(或"组")目标用户,多个目标用户IVM号最好也具有三个部分,如图lc所示。 [0076] If there are multiple (or "groups") the target user, a plurality of target user number IVM preferably also has three portions, as illustrated in FIG lc. 换言之,多个目标用户IVM号包括一个IVM对话识别符,一个多目标用户识别符,一个各目标用户的电话号或IP地址(比如基于因特网的系统)。 In other words, a plurality of target user number IVM IVM comprises a session identifier, a user identifier multi-target, a target user for each telephone number or IP address (for example, internet based systems). 第一部分160 "通知"电话或VoIP交换机,表示该对话是一种IVM对话。 The first portion 160 "notification" switch or VoIP, indicates that the dialogue is a dialogue IVM. 第二部分162通知IVM服务器,表示这是一个呼叫用户与多个目标用户之间的IVM对话请求。 IVM server 162 notifies the second portion, it indicates that this is a call IVM dialogue between the user and requests a plurality of target users. 第三部分164包括目标用户所有的电话号。 The third portion 164 comprises all of the target user's telephone number. 所有目标用户的全部电话号可直接逐个输入或者由符号来隔离。 All target all users one by one telephone number can be entered directly or are separated by a symbol. [0077] 如图lc所示,多目标用户IVM号可以为:152*054 123456#054765432#053234876。 [0077] As shown in FIG. Lc, multi-target user may IVM number: 152 054 765 432 * 054 123 456 # 053234876 #. 其中,"152"(160部分)表示"开始IVM对话"。 Among them, "152" (section 160) means "beginning IVM dialogue." "#"(162部分)表示与多个终端用户对话,"#"表示不同成员电话号之间的隔离(三个号码054 123456,054765432,053 234876在此形成164部分)。 "#" (Section 162) represents more end-user dialogue, "#" indicates the isolation between the different members of the telephone number (three 123456,054765432,053 number 054 164 234 876 In this section is formed). 多个目标用户IVM号可保存到呼叫用户装置内,其名称为"IVM到我的同学"。 IVM multiple target user number in the call can be saved to a user device, to be named "IVM to my classmates." 此外,可以通过拨号152到IVM服务器,然后键入某个数码比如777,来规定用户组。 In addition, it is possible to dial by 152 IVM server, and then type a digital such as 777, to specify a user group. 它们将得到一个IVR(互动语音响应),从而将其引入组成员号码。 They will give a the IVR (interactive voice response), so as to be introduced into the group member number. 接下来,该组将得到一个组识别号,比如"54321",然后通过拨动比如152 54321,为全组留言一个IVM消息。 Next, the group will be given a group identification number, such as "54321", then toggle 15,254,321 example, a message for the whole group IVM message. 还可以通过因特网来始终访问IVM服务器(WEB界面),并规定用户组。 You can also always access the IVM server (WEB interface) via the Internet, and provides a user group. [0078] 在IVM对话期间,IVM服务器作为一个通道包括在呼叫用户与目标用户之间的所有通信中。 [0078] During the session IVM, IVM server as a communication channel between the call includes all users of the destination user. 然而,任何用户(目标或呼叫用户)可以请求IVM服务器变换通信方式,即从IVM对话进入双向电话呼叫(二个参与者),或者进入会议呼叫(二个以上的参与者)。 However, any user (or call the target user) can request IVM conversion server communication, i.e., into the two-way telephone call (two participants) from IVM dialogue, or into a conference call (more than two participants). 在这种场合下,呼叫用户按下某个键后(比如按压ftft),IVM服务器便可向电话或VoIP交换机发信号,从而启动双向呼叫或会议呼叫。 After (such as pressing ftft) In this case, call the user presses a key, IVM server can switch to a VoIP phone or send a signal to initiate two-way or conference call.

[0079] IVM服务器可以记录消息,从而在相连期间,随时向所有与之相连的用户显示。 [0079] IVM server may record a message, so that during connected displayed at any time to all users connected thereto. 这种消息可以指导呼叫用户及目标用户使用各种功能,从而通过按压某个键,来设置正规的语音电话对话。 Such a message may call the user and the target user guide use various functions by pressing a key in order to set up a regular voice phone conversation.

[0080] IVM服务器可以具有限制即时语音消息长度的功能,从而防止因即时语音消息过 [0080] IVM servers may have to limit the length of an instant voice message function to prevent an instant voice message through

长而造成电话网络过载,IVM服务器可以在所限制的长度(比如2分钟)之后停止IVM的 Long overload caused by the telephone network, the server may stop IVM after IVM limited length (for example 2 minutes) of

操作。 operating. 接下来向呼叫用户发送通知,从而建立不长于限定期间的消息。 Next, notification is sent to the calling user, thereby establishing a defined period of not longer than message.

[0081] 图2a表示本发明IVM "按键"功能的即时语音消息传输方法优先实施方式主要步 The method of voice instant messaging [0081] Figure 2a shows the present invention IVM "button" feature preferred embodiment of the main steps

骤流向图。 FIG flow step. 它包括在步骤200,在IVM服务器内从呼叫用户接收至少一个语音消息段,并在 It comprises a step 200, receiving at least one voice message from the calling subscriber in the segment IVM server, and

步骤202,同时接收并将该至少一个语音段合并到至少一个目标用户。 Step 202, while receiving the at least one voice segment and merge into the at least one target user. 图2b表示这些步骤 Figure 2b shows the steps

的详情。 Details.

[0082] 如图2b所示,步骤200还包括以下内容:在步骤210,呼叫用户进行IVM"按键"操作后,通过交换机向IVM服务器提供目标用户的IVM号(即建立信号对话)。 [0082] As shown in FIG 2B, the step 200 further comprises the following: for IVM "key" operation in step 210, after the calling subscriber, providing target user IVM number (i.e., to establish a dialogue signal) through the switch to the server IVM. 在步骤212,利用该号码,IVM服务器由呼叫用户来访问(即建立语音对话)。 At step 212, using the number, the IVM server by the calling user to access (i.e., to establish a voice conversation). 访问之后,IVM服务器向呼叫用户发送通知,比如嘟嘟音,向呼叫用户表示可以开始记录消息。 After the visit, IVM call server sends a notification to the user, such as a beep tone, the call may indicate the user to start recording a message. 在步骤214,同时进行二个处理:IVM服务器记录由呼叫用户提供的消息(利用段存储器及合并模块120),并同时访问目标用户。 In step 214, two processing simultaneously: IVM server records the message provided by the caller (using the segment memory and merge module 120), while access to the target user. IVM服务器继续记录并存储消息段,直至呼叫用户已发送完全部消息为止。 IVM server continues to record and store the message segments until the call until the user has completely sent the message portion. [0083] 如图2b所示,步骤202还包括以下内容:目标用户在被它访问之后,可以回复也可以不回复IVM服务器。 [0083] As shown in FIG 2B, the step 202 further comprises the following: After the target user is accessed it can reply to the server may not reply IVM. 如果目标用户回复,则IVM服务器便在步骤216合并已存储的段信息,直至全部消息传输完。 If the target user replies, the server IVM step 216 will be merging section information stored until the entire message is completely transmitted. 目标用户可以在任意合并阶段转移到与呼叫用户的全双工对话(步骤218)。 Target user can be transferred to a full-duplex conversation with the caller (step 218) combined at any stage. 如果目标用户回复了IVM消息,则呼叫用户可随时按压手机上的某个键,从而将IVM对话转换成双向电话交谈。 If the target user replies to the IVM message, the user can call at any time press a key on the phone to convert into a two-way dialogue IVM telephone conversation. 用户可以通知服务器,他/她愿意与其它人进行全双工对话。 Users can tell the server, he / she is willing to carry out full-duplex conversations with other people. 可以通过比如DTMF(双音多频)信号来进行该通知,建立方法是按压手机的任意键。 The notification may be performed by, for example DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) signal, a method for establishing a phone pressing any key. 也可以进行其它通知,比如,IP电话中基于由用户手机产生的数据码的任何指令。 Other notifications may be performed, for example, IP phones based on any instruction code data generated by the user's phone. 在得到通知后,IVM服务器通过服务器,连接用户到全双工对话,或者指示电话(或VoIP)交换机,直接通过交换机连接用户到全双工对话。 After receiving the notification, the IVM server from the server, the user is connected to a full duplex conversation, or indicates that the phone (or VoIP) switch, the user directly connected through the switch to full-duplex conversation.

[0084] 目标用户也可以处理消息,比如存储它,回复它或传输它,如图2c的步骤248-258所述。 [0084] The user can also handle certain messages, such as storing it, return it or transmit it, the steps 248-258 in FIG. 2c. 如果目标用户不回复服务器(步骤215),服务器便根据预定规则来处理消息。 If the user does not respond to the target server (step 215), then the server to process the message according to a predetermined rule. 它包括在IVM服务器内存储、传输给语音邮件系统、或者再发送IVM消息。 It includes a memory for transmission to the voice mail system, or in a message retransmission IVM IVM server. 比如,如果消息仍存储在IVM服务器内,则消息便即时显示。 For example, if the message is still stored in the IVM server, the message will be instantly displayed. 如果消息不存储,则IVM服务器便联系语音邮件系统,进行动态检索(即时显示消息),或者不实施任何"动态",而只连接检索用户到语音邮件系统(进行正常的消息检索)。 If the message is not stored, the IVM server will contact the voice mail system, dynamic retrieval (instant message is displayed), or abstain from doing any "dynamic", and is only connected to the voice mail system to retrieve the user (normal message retrieval). 用户可始终访问语音邮件,并检索现有的消息。 Users can always access the voice mail and retrieve existing messages. 如果消息处于语音邮件系统内,用户可以只收听它。 If the message is in the voice mail system, the user can only listen to it.

[0085] 图2c表示本发明中IVM处理流向详情。 [0085] FIG 2c shows the flow of processing according to the present invention, IVM details. 开始处理后,呼叫用户在步骤232选择(或"键入")号码,并按压手机上的"发送"键。 After the process starts, at step 232 the user select the call (or "type") number and presses "send" key on the handset. 在步骤234,即时建立呼叫用户与IVM服务器之间的连接。 In step 234, an instant call connection is established between the user and the server IVM. IVM服务器在步骤236提供确认(比如"前进"通知)到呼叫用户。 IVM server providing confirmation step 236 (such as "forward" notified) to the calling user. 接下来同时实施二个步骤(与212/222相同):呼叫用户在步骤238,在IVM服务器内记录他的消息,IVM服务器在步骤240呼叫目标用户。 The next two steps simultaneously (same 212/222): In step 238 the caller, to record his message at the IVM server, the server IVM at step 240 the call destination user. 在步骤242检查目标用户是否回复该呼叫。 Whether to reply the call at step 242 checks the destination user. 如果回复("yes"), IVM服务器便在步骤244向目标用户显示已记录的消息部分(段)。 If the reply ( "yes"), IVM server in step 244 will display the message part (segment) recorded to the target user. 目标用户可以在步骤246按压手机上的DTMF键来选择六个中的一个选项:在步骤248保存消息,或者:在步骤250回复即时语音消息,或者:如果有一个以上的目标用户,在步骤256 回复所有用户,即呼叫用户及所有目标用户,或者:在步骤252将消息作为IVM发送给其它用户,或者:在步骤254,与呼叫用户建立即时全双工电话对话,或者:在步骤258删除消息。 DTMF key target user can press the phone on step 246 to select an option in the six: save the message in step 248, or: In step 250 reply to an instant voice message, or: If more than one target user, at step 256 reply to all users, ie users call and all the target users, either: the message is sent in step 252 as IVM to other users, either: in step 254, the user and the call to establish a full-duplex telephone conversation instantly, or: delete the message in step 258 . 目标用户也可以结束对话。 You can also target end of the conversation.

[0086] 如果目标用户不回复呼叫(在步骤242为"No"),则在步骤260,由目标用户访问时显示出所记录的消息,或者,如果未在规定时间内访问,则所记录的消息可以在步骤262 传送给语音邮件,而且结束处理。 [0086] If the target user does not reply to the caller (at step 242 is "No"), then in step 260, showing the recorded message when accessed by the target user, or access if not within the specified time, the recorded message 262 may be transferred to the voice mail in step, and the process ends.

[0087] 图2d是本发明IVM即时检索功能的即时语音消息传输的优选实施方式二个主要步骤的流向图。 [0087] Figure 2d is a preferred embodiment of the instant voice messaging retrieval IVM instant flow diagram of the present invention, two major steps. 它包括由目标用户从IVM服务器来接收一个"动态"通知,表示即时消息(语音、传真等)已在步骤264传送给他/她,并在步骤266直接访问特定即时消息。 It includes the target user to receive a "dynamic" IVM notification from the server indicating instant messaging (voice, fax, etc.) have been in step 264 is transmitted to him / her, and 266 direct access to specific instant messaging in step. 图2e 表示这些步骤详情。 Figure 2e shows details of these steps.

[0088] 在步骤264之前,IVM服务器向目标用户发送"动态"通知,比如"呼叫者ID":"来自ABC#XYZ*W054 123456的即时语音消息"。 [0088] Prior to step 264, IVM server sends a "dynamic" notification to the target user, such as "caller ID": "* W054 123456 instant voice message from ABC # XYZ". 这里,"ABC"表示对IVM服务器(即模块122) 或者其它能存储消息的系统的IVM即时检索模块的访问码。 Here, "ABC" expressed IVM server (module 122) or access code IVM immediate retrieval of other modules in the system can store the message. "ftXYZ"表示特定消息的唯一识别码,、W"表示消息类型(语音邮件、匪S消息、统一消息或IVM)。比如W = 1意味着语音邮件消息,W = 2意味着匪S消息,W = 3意味着统一消息,W = 4意味着即时语音消息。 如果目标用户没有见到呼叫方ID,从而丢失(未回复)呼入IVM消息,则见到'丢失的即时语音消息'通知的目标用户可以阅读所丢失(未回复)的即时语音消息列表,包括前缀(步骤276),并可手动拨动特定消息的前缀号,从而即时检索它(步骤278)。在步骤278,目标用户还可按压手机的'DIAL'键或'CALL'键,同时观察'所丢失的'消息通知。这时,手机将自动拨动前缀号。 "FtXYZ" represents a unique identifier for a particular message ,, W "indicates the type of message (voice mail, message S bandit, Unified Messaging or IVM). W = 1 means, such as a voice mail message, W = 2 message means bandit S, W = 3 means unified messaging, W = 4 means instant voice messaging. If the target user does not see the caller ID, thereby losing (not respond) IVM incoming message, see 'loss of instant voice messaging' notice the user can read the missing the target (not reply) instant voice message list, including the prefix (step 276), and manually dial a specific number prefix message to instant retrieve it (step 278). in step 278, the target user has depressible phone 'the dIAL' key or 'the CALL' key while viewing 'the missing' message notification. in this case, the phone will automatically dial the prefix number.

[0089] 该通知可以是一个SMS消息,如下文详述。 [0089] The notification may be an SMS message, as detailed below. 目标用户在步骤270选择该通知是一个呼叫方ID还是SMS消息。 The notification target subscriber in step 270 to select a caller ID message or a SMS. 如果是SMS消息(步骤272),则目标用户可在步骤280读取消息,从而在步骤282访问SMS发送者的号码,并在步骤284以消息检索模式来即时连接IVM服务器。 If an SMS message (step 272), the target user may read the message in step 280, to access the SMS sender number at step 282, and is connected to an instant message retrieval mode in step 284 the server IVM. 如果是呼叫方ID通知(步骤274),则在步骤276,呼叫方ID显示到目标用户的手机上,目标用户在步骤278访问所显示的号码,然后在步骤284连接到IVM服务器。 If the caller ID is notified (step 274), then in step 276, the caller ID display to the user on the target phone number at step 278 to access the target user is displayed, then at step 284 the server is connected to IVM. 由IVM服务器来进行285的检查,确认消息是否存储到IVM服务器内。 Checks performed by the IVM server 285 to confirm whether the message stored in the server IVM. 消息可存入存储器模块623 (参见图6),用于以后的即时检索。 Message may be stored in the memory module 623 (see FIG. 6) for immediate retrieval later. 如果已存储,目标用户在步骤287直接访问并检索该消息。 If stored, the target user in step 287 to directly access and retrieve the message. 如果未存储,IVM服务器将检查该消息是否被传输给其它存储服务器(步骤289中未示出)。 If not stored, IVM server checks whether the message is transmitted to other storage server (step 289 not shown). 语音邮件服务器(未示出)耦合到服务器106。 Voice mail server (not shown) coupled to a server 106. 此外,多媒体消息也可以保存到匪S服务器内(未示出),统一消息可以保存到统一消息系统内(UMS)(未示出)。 In addition, the multimedia message may be stored into the bandit S server (not shown), can be saved into the unified messaging unified messaging system (the UMS) (not shown). 对这些服务器及其与电话或VoIP系统或网络的连接而言,业内人士已知。 For these servers and their connection with the telephone system or network or VoIP, the industry is known. 在肯定的场合下,IVM 服务器在步骤292还检查是否有与存储器服务器的动态连接。 In the affirmative case, IVM at step 292 the server checks whether there are further connected to the dynamic memory of the server. 如果存在该连接(yes),则IVM服务器便在步骤296向存储服务器提供所存储的消息ID号,从而可即时访问该消息,并显示给目标用户。 If the connection is present (Yes), then the IVM server 296 provides a message ID number stored in the storing step the server, which can access the instant message, the target and displayed to the user. 否则,目标用户便由IVM服务器连接到存储服务器,并由存储服务器的菜单来引导,如步骤294所示。 Otherwise, the user will be connected by IVM target server to the storage server, the storage server by the boot menu, as shown in step 294. 如果在步骤289,消息未传输给其它存储服务器,则检索处理在步骤289结束,进行"延迟的"即时消息检索。 If, at step 289, another message is not transmitted to the storage server, the search process ends at step 289, a "delayed" instant message retrieval.

[0090]"即时检索"系指直接访问特定语音及/或传真及/或多媒体及/或统一消息,而无需收听前面的消息及/或系统的问候语及/或系统的操作指示。 [0090] "Instant Search" shall mean direct access to specific voice and / or fax and / or media and / or unified messaging without having to listen to instructions Greeting previous messages and / or systems and / or system. 由即时检索模块122来实施该功能。 Now by the retrieval module 122 to implement the function.

[0091] 在步骤276后,如果消息仍然存储于IVM服务器,消息便即时显示,如果消息未存 [0091] After step 276, if the message is still stored in the IVM server, an instant message will be displayed if the message is not stored

储,则IVM服务器连接语音邮件系统,进行动态检索(此时消息即时显示),或者IVM服务器 Storage, connected to the voice mail system server IVM, retrieved dynamically (real-time display message at this time), the server or IVM

不实施"动态"活动,只连接检索用户到语音邮件系统(此时进行正常的消息检索),用户也 Not performed "dynamic" active, only connect to the voice mail system retrieves the user (message retrieval normal case), the user

可以始终访问语音邮件,并检索任何现有的消息。 You can always access the voice mail and retrieve any existing message. 如上所述,此时可以不利用IVM服务器。 As described above, this case may not be utilized IVM server.

如果消息处于语音邮件系统内,用户可以听到它。 If the message is in the voice mail system, the user can hear it.

[0092] 增加附加功能,可以如下扩大图la所示的基本系统。 [0092] The additional functions may be enlarged as the basic system shown in FIG. La.

[0093] 图3表示本发明即时语音消息系统的另一种实施方式。 [0093] FIG. 3 shows another embodiment of the instant embodiment of the present invention, the voice messaging system. 系统300包括图la系统100所有的单元,并增加了自选在位服务器302。 The system 300 includes all of the elements 100 of FIG la system, and increases the managed server 302 in place. 利用在位服务器,用户可以规定是否可以接收消息。 Using bit server, the user can specify whether the message received. 业内人士已知在位服务器。 The industry is known reign server. 现有的在位装置由ICQ,Odigo, Converse ('Next2Me') 以及A0L(A0L 'messenger' ) 。 Bit by the conventional apparatus ICQ, Odigo, Converse ( 'Next2Me') and A0L (A0L 'messenger'). GMS蜂窝电话系统包括在IVM内,在位服务器可以连接一个家庭定位登录器(HLR)306。 GMS comprises a cellular telephone system in IVM, the bit can be connected to a home server positioning Logger (HLR) 306. 在位服务器302耦合到IVM服务器106,各用户可以规定他/她的在位参数。 Server 302 is coupled to a bit IVM server 106, each user may specify his / her bit parameter. 可以采用另一种"动态"编号法,比如拨号"152#0",用户将他/她规定为"离线"并拨号"152#1",用户便可将他/她规定为"在线"。 Another possible use of "dynamic" numbering, such as dialing "152 # 0", the user that he / she defined as "offline" and dial "152 # 1", the user can he / she defined as "online." HLR存储有关蜂窝电话用户的信息。 For information about cellular phone users HLR stores. 现有标准是目标用户手机通、断。 Existing standards is the target user's mobile phone turned on and off. 通断转换由HLR来登录。 Conversion to log off from the HLR. 在位服务器请求HLR获取该信息,并将其用作在位(可获取性)标准。 Bit server requests HLR for this information and use it in place (accessibility) standard.

[0094] 在位参数是一种选择用户选择状态,表示检索即时语音消息的能力或意愿。 [0094] The bit selection parameter is a user selected state, it indicates the ability or willingness to retrieve instant voice messages. 该状态可包括'在线',它意味着用户可检索IVM;'发送我一个消息',它意味着用户请求接收即时语音消息;'离线',它意味着用户不能接收即时语音消息。 The state may include 'Online', it means that the user can retrieve the IVM; "Send a message", it means that the user request receiving instant voice messages; 'off', it means that the user can not receive instant voice messages. 可拨动专用号,来规定在位状态,可保持在目标用户的装置存储器内,可迅速拨号。 Dial number can be dedicated to a predetermined bit state, the user can be kept within the target memory device can be quickly dial. 该专用在位状态号最好包括二个部分,第一部分是上述IVM前缀。 The specific bit state number preferably comprises two portions, a first portion of the above-mentioned prefix IVM. 第二部分是代码,表示IVM服务器的在位状态。 The second part is a code indicating the bit state of IVM server. 如果IVM服务器接收到在位状态指令,它便与在位服务器302进行通信,并更新在位服务器(未示出) 内的数据库。 If the server receives a bit IVM status command, it will communicate with the server 302 in place, the server and updates the bit (not shown) within the database.

[0095] 假设呼叫用户想更新在位状态至'离线'。 [0095] Suppose the calling subscriber wants to update the bit state to 'off'. 该用户拨号152#*111 054 987654。 The user dials * 111 054 987 654 152 #. IVM 前缀"152"告诉电话交换机这是一个IVM对话,该对话连接到IVM服务器。 IVM prefix "152" telephone exchange told it was a IVM dialogue, the dialogue is connected to the IVM server. "#*"告诉IVM 服务器这是一个在位状态更新指令。 "# *" Tell IVM server This is a place status update instruction. IVM服务器建立一个与在位服务器302的通信对话。 IVM server to establish a communication session with the server 302 in place. "lll"告诉在位服务器用户想成为'离线'状态。 "Lll" reign server users want to be told 'off' state. 用户由自己的呼叫者ID或在位状态后的数字来识别(此时为054 87654)。 By a user of the own number or caller ID to identify the status bit (in this case, 05487654). 在位服务器在数据库中将电话号为054 87654的用户的在位状态更新成'离线'状态。 Server updates the bit to 'off' state of the bit in the state database of telephone numbers 05487654 users. 如果利用拨号方法来作为在位特性,或者从HLR获得在位状态,则在位服务器可以是一个IVM服务器内的模块。 If the dialing method using a characteristic as a bit, or the bit state is obtained from the HLR, the server may be a module in place within a server IVM. 在设置与一个或多个目标用户的即时语音消息对话之前,IVM服务器可检查各目标用户的在位状态,不论是单一用户还是组用户。 Before you set up with one or more target users of instant voice messaging conversations, IVM server can check the status of the target user's reign, either a single user or group of users. 如果在位状态是'离线',则不设置IVM对话,语音消息将存储到IVM服务器内,直至目标用户可进行IVM对话为止。 If the status bit is 'off', not set IVM conversation, the voice message is stored in the server IVM, up until the target user can be IVM dialogue. 如果目标用户不能进行IVM对话,则在建立IVM期间通知呼叫用户。 If the target user can not IVM dialogue, during the establishment of IVM notify the calling subscriber. 该通知最好作为一个特殊嘟嘟声来插入,并由IVM服务器发送给呼叫用户。 The notification is preferably a special beep as inserted by the user to the call server transmits IVM. [0096] 图4表示IVM服务器-呼叫用户通知的流向图示例。 [0096] FIG. 4 shows IVM server - a call flow diagram of an example of a user notification. IVM服务器向将IVM消息发送给目标用户的呼叫用户发送该通知。 IVM IVM server sends the message to the target user transmits the user's call notification. 在建立呼叫用户与IVM服务器之间的语音对话后, IVM服务器在步骤402为呼叫用户(102)提供'前进'信号(嘟嘟声等)。 After establishing a voice conversation between the calling user and the server IVM, IVM server provides a "forward" signal (beeps) to the calling subscriber (102) at step 402. 呼叫用户在步骤404记录该消息。 At step 404 the caller to record the message. 同时在步骤405, IVM服务器检查目标用户的在位状态,方法是与在位服务器(图3中的302)进行通信。 Meanwhile, in step 405, the server checks the bit status of the target user IVM, the bit is in communication with the server (302 in FIG. 3). 如果目标用户处于'离线'状态,不能接收IVM消息,则IVM 服务器便在步骤420利用语音信号(利用一串快速重复的嘟嘟声)来通知用户。 If the target user is in 'off' state, IVM is not receiving messages, the server will IVM at step 420 to notify the user using a speech signal (using a series of rapidly repeating beeps). 可以通过短文本消息(SMS)及IVM服务器与呼叫用户之间的IVM对话,来发送IVM服务器-呼叫用户通知。 IVM can and dialogue between IVM server and call users through short text messages (SMS), to send IVM server - call user notification. 可以由接收记录语音通知的服务器来启动该对话。 You can start the conversation by the receiving server announcements of record. 在SMS通知中,IVM服务器建立与SMSC605的通信。 In the SMS notification, IVM server establish communication with the SMSC605. 通知文本消息可存储到IVM服务器内,并经由SMSC,作为文本SMS消息发送到用户。 The notification may be a text message stored in the IVM server, and transmitted to the user as a text message via SMS SMSC. 在电话网络中,SMSC与电话交换机相连接,如图6所示。 In the telephone network, the telephone exchange is connected to the SMSC as shown in Fig. [0097] 如果目标用户为'在线',可以接收IVM消息,则IVM服务器在步骤406呼叫目标用户。 [0097] If the target users 'online', IVM can receive message, then at step 406 the server IVM call destination user. 此时,目标用户可选择:在步骤410回复呼入消息,在步骤412拒绝呼入消息,或者让电话空响(此时将由IVM服务器发送通知给呼叫用户)。 In this case, the user may select the target: an incoming reply message in step 410, an incoming call reject message at step 412, or let the phone ring blank (IVM server sends a notification at this time by the user to a call).

[0098] IVM服务器可请求交换机来通知它目标用户已回复了对话。 [0098] IVM server may request the switch to inform its target audience has responded to the dialogue. 此时,IVM服务器可在步骤414将通知呼叫用户(比如在与呼叫用户的对话中插入一个特定嘟嘟声):目标用户已回复了对话或者已接收了消息。 In this case, IVM server may inform the calling subscriber in step 414 (such as inserting a specific beep dialogue with the user's call): the target user has responded to the conversation or message has been received. IVM服务器可以从交换机接收与目标用户的对话时间(CDR-呼叫期间登录)。 IVM server can receive time for dialogue with the target user (CDR- login during a call) from the switch. 如果该时间类似于呼叫用户留言的原消息时间,则IVM服务器便可使该对话不仅被回复,而且该消息还被收听。 If the time period is similar to the original message of the caller leave a message, the IVM server so that the dialogue can not only respond, but also to listen to the message. 如果目标用户在步骤412接收到了呼入IVM消息(比如按压手机上的'结束'键),则IVM服务器便可在步骤416通过语音信号(比如嘟嘟音)来通知呼叫用户。 If the target user is received at step 412 the incoming message IVM (such as pressing on the phone 'End' key), the IVM server can call at step 416 to notify the user by a voice signal (such as a beep tone). 目标用户可以规定一个'不可见状态',其中,呼叫用户不能从IVM 服务器接收有关从用户发送给目标用户的消息接收及拒收等的通知。 The user can specify a target "invisible state", wherein the user can not receive notification of the call message received from the user and sent to the reject other target user from a server IVM. 可以通过以与在位状态类似的方法来拨号特定号码,来进行上述操作。 May be performed by the above-described operation state bit similar method to dial a particular number.

[0099] 图5表示向多个目标用户发送消息的场合下,IVM服务器-呼叫用户通知的流向图示例。 [0099] FIG. 5 shows the case of sending a message to a plurality of target users, IVM server - a call flow diagram of an example of a user notification. 在步骤502,如上所述将该消息发送给多个呼叫用户。 To a plurality of caller in step 502, the message as described above. 由于各目标用户可在不同时间听到呼入消息(比如第一人在一遍铃声之后回复,第二人在三遍铃声之后回复等),因而需要采用不同方法来通知呼叫用户实时状态,比如消息已接收(收听)或拒绝。 Since each target user can hear the incoming message (such as a first person again after ringing response, response, and the second person after three times tones) at different times, thus requiring different methods to notify the calling user real-time status, such as message received (listen) or rejected. 当所有目标用户已收听到IVM消息时,或者在预定时间经过之后,可在步骤504发送该通知到呼叫用户。 When all the user has to listen to the target IVM message, or after a predetermined time has elapsed, the notification can be sent at step 504 to the calling subscriber. 在后者场合下,IVM可以识别目标用户已收听到该消息的呼叫用户、以及目标用户未收听到该消息的呼叫用户。 In the latter case, the IVM can identify the target user has to listen to the message of the calling subscriber, and the target user does not listen to the message of the calling subscriber. 在步骤506,利用上述步骤之一来发送该通知。 In step 506, the notification is transmitted using one of the above-described steps. [0100] 图6表示本发明IVM系统600的另一种实施方式,其中包括除了图1及图3所示之外的多个自选部分。 [0100] FIG. 6 illustrates another embodiment of the present invention IVM system of embodiment 600, wherein the portion comprises a plurality of optional addition shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 3. 这些自选部分可以分别或者组合附加到图la所示的基本系统配置中。 These optional additional portions may separately or in combination to the basic system shown in FIG. La configuration. 比如,系统600可以包括一个与IVM服务器通信的语音及/或文本传呼系统602、一个从传呼系统602接收传呼消息(语音或文本)而且有时可通过传呼系统向呼叫用户回复语音或文本消息的文本传呼器604、一个自选短消息服务器中心(SMSC)605。 For example, system 600 may comprise a 602, a received paging message (voice or text) from the paging system 602 and sometimes can reply voice or text message to the calling user voice and / or text paging system communication IVM server via a paging system text pager 604, an optional short message server center (SMSC) 605. SMSC605与IVM服务器106相耦合,在电话或诸如网络108的VoIP网络中,还与电话或VoIP交换机104相耦合。 106 is coupled to the SMSC605 IVM server, such as a network or VoIP network 108, is also coupled to switch 104 or VoIP telephone. 系统600可以还包括一个用于将语音消息转换成文本消息的语音识别模块606、一个语音传呼模块608、一个文本-语音模块610、一个SMSC模块612、一个IVM建立模块614。 The system 600 may further comprise a means for converting the voice message into a text message to a speech recognition module 606, a voice paging module 608, a text - voice module 610, a SMSC module 612, a module 614 to establish IVM. 这些模块最好设置在IVM服务器内。 These modules are preferably arranged in the IVM server. 网络108可以还与其它电话或VoIP网络630相耦合。 The network may also be coupled with other telephone or VoIP network 630,108. [0101] 呼叫用户可拨动一个即时消息访问号(比如152),然后拨号对语音传呼消息是唯一的号码(比如99999),并拨号目标传呼用户号(识别码,比如3963)。 [0101] caller can dial a number to access instant messages (such as 152), and then dial the voice message paging is the unique number (such as 99999), and the target pager user dial number (identification code, for example 3963). 如果传呼系统是一个语音传呼系统,则IVM服务器在语音传呼模块608中将该消息转换为语音传呼消息(具有语音传呼格式),然后将该消息传输给语音传呼系统602,该系统利用该目标用户的号码,将他/她的消息作为语音传呼消息来传输。 If the voice paging system is a paging system, the paging IVM in the voice conversion server module 608 in the paging message is a voice message (OGM having format), then a voice message to the paging system 602, the system uses the target user number, his / her message as voice paging message transmission.

[0102] 为了传输文本消息,在IVM访问码(比如152)之后,拨号对文本传呼消息是唯一的号码(比如88888),然后拨号目标传呼用户号码(比如识别码4175)。 [0102] In order to transmit a text message, in IVM access code (such as 152), the dial text pager message is a unique number (such as 88888), and then dial the number of the target pager user (such as an identification code 4175). 语音识别模块606 用于将语音消息转换成文本消息。 A speech recognition module 606 for converting the voice message into a text message. 如果文本传呼系统具有回应功能(文本回应),则来自文本传呼机604的回应文本消息便经由文本传呼系统602转送给IVM服务器。 If you have text paging system response function (text response), the response from the text pager text message via a text 604 will be forwarded to the paging system 602 IVM server. 该文本消息在服务器内由模块610从文本转换成语音,并由模块614转换成IVM格式。 The text message is converted by the server 610 from a text to speech module by module 614 is converted into IVM format. 该消息作为IVM消息发送给呼叫用户。 The message sent to the calling subscriber as IVM message. 当文本SMS消息发送给呼叫用户或目标用户时,以及当该消息的SMSC 号是属于SMSC模块612的号码时,需要文本-语音模块610。 When the text SMS message sent to the calling user or the target user, and when the number of the SMSC message is SMSC module 612 number belongs, require text - voice module 610. 指定一个"属于"IVM服务器(通过模块612)的SMSC号码后,便可以在SMSC模块612中接收文本SMC消息、由文本-语音模块610转换为语音的消息、由模块614转换为IVM格式并作为IVM消息由IVM服务器传输给特定用户的消息。 Specify a "belongs" IVM server after (by module 612) of the SMSC number, they can receive a text SMC message in SMSC module 612, the text - voice module 610 into a voice message, a module 614 is converted into IVM format as IVM message transmitted by the server IVM message to a particular user. 需要将文本传输给特定模块的另一种场合是:文本消息为基于IP 的文本消息(比如ICQ消息或电子邮件消息)或其它类型的文本消息。 Another occasion demands to transfer text to a particular module are: IP-based text message text message (such as ICQ message or an email message) or other type of text messages. 在这种场合下,ICQ 或电子邮件消息经由IVM服务器,并利用该号码方法来传送给目标用户。 In this case, ICQ or e-mail message is transmitted to the user via IVM target server, using the method number. 比如,IVM服务器可以具有一个电子邮件域,比如"IVM. com",各用户可以有一个邮件地址,比如"123456@ IVM. com"如果用户收到一个电子邮件,IVM服务器将利用文本-语音模块,把它转换成IVM 消息。 For example, IVM server can have an e-mail domain, such as "IVM com.", Each user can have a mailing address, such as "123456 @ IVM com." If a user receives an e-mail, IVM server will use the text - voice module , to convert it into IVM message. 在ICQ场合下,IVM服务器可被识别成一个具有多个ICQ号的用户。 In ICQ case, IVM server may be identified as a user having a plurality of ICQ number. 各ICQ号属于一个不同的目标用户,并存储到IVM服务器内的数据库中。 Each ICQ number belongs to a different target users, and stored in the database in the server IVM. 如果ICQ用户发送ICQ消息到一个目标用户,则ICQ消息将达到为该ICQ用户登录的IVM服务器。 If ICQ ICQ users to send messages to a target user, the message will reach IVM ICQ login server for the ICQ user. IVM服务器接下来在文本_语音模块内将该ICQ文本消息转换成语音消息,并将其作为一个IVM消息发送给在IVM服务器的数据库内代表该ICQ号的目标用户。 Next, at the IVM server module converts text speech _ ICQ message text into a voice message, and send it to the user on behalf of the target number in the ICQ server database IVM IVM as a message.

[0103] 如果IVM服务器已发送需要在IVM服务器内准备的IVM消息比如通知消息,则采用IVM模块614。 [0103] If the server has sent IVM IVM messages need to be prepared in such a notification message server IVM, IVM module 614 is used. 该模块还可向被转换成IVM消息的文本消息或语音传呼消息提供IVM格式。 The module may also provide IVM IVM format to be converted into a text message or a voice message paging message.

[0104] 在另一种的场合下,电话用户可能希望向ICQ用户发送一条原为语音消息(IVM) 的消息。 [0104] In another occasion, the telephone user may wish to send a voice message to the original (the IVM) message to the ICQ user. ICQ用户可以是一个运用诸如ICQ的即时文本消息软件的IP装置704(图7)。 ICQ user may use a device such as ICQ, IP instant text messaging software 704 (FIG. 7). 事实上,可向各ICQ用户提供一个唯一的电话号(用于接收即时语音消息)。 In fact, it provides a unique telephone number (for receiving instant voice messages) to each ICQ user. 该电话号属于接收该IVM消息的IVM服务器,而且还有一个用于规定电话号与ICQ号的列表。 The telephone number belongs IVM IVM server receives the message, but also a list of predetermined telephone number for the ICQ number. IVM服务器由模块606将该语音消息转换成文本,并经由IP域702(参见以下的图7说明),将该文本消息发送给IP服务器704(参见以下的图7说明)。 IVM server module 606 is converted by the voice message into text, and (see the following description of FIG. 7) via an IP field 702, transmits the text message to the IP server 704 (see FIG. 7 described below).

[0105] 如果一个或多个目标用户接收到即时语音消息而不能大声回复(比如在会场中),则可在各手机上显示出IVM,比如:"从...发来一条即时语音消息"。 [0105] If one or more target user receives an instant voice message can not reply out loud (for example, at the venue) can be displayed on the mobile phone out of IVM, such as: "to send an instant voice message from ..." . 目标用户可以通过SMS来回复。 Target user can reply by SMS. 可以利用"呼叫者ID"中的发送者的号码来回复SMS消息。 Sender number may be utilized "Caller ID" in reply to SMS messages.

[0106] IVM服务器还可包括一个"匹配模块"650,用户可利用它并经由因特网或经由电话 [0106] IVM server may further comprise a "matching block" 650, and the user can use it via the Internet or via the telephone

呼叫及IVR(互动语音回复)来利用服务器,并建立使IVM服务器发回IVM消息的标准。 Call and IVR (interactive voice response) to take advantage of the server, and the server sends back the establishment of the IVM IVM message standards. in

这种场合下,IVM服务器可以及时发送IVM到多个用户,这些用户可以在它们之间即时建立 In this occasion, IVM IVM server can promptly send to multiple users, these users can instantly established between them

一种双向语音对话。 A two-way voice conversation.

[0107] IVM服务器还可包括一个"动态计费"模块660,它使电话系统为IVM业务提供'动态'计费,比如目标用户在接收到IVM消息后选择建立双向电话呼叫这种场合。 [0107] IVM server may further include a "dynamic billing" module 660, which enables a telephone system to provide 'dynamic' business accounting of IVM, such as the user selects the target to establish a two-way telephone call after receiving this case IVM message. 动态计费模块通知电话系统的收费系统:此时应收费的对象是目标用户。 Dynamic billing module informs the charging system telephone system: the object should be charged at this time is the target user.

[0108] 本发明的系统的任意一种实施方式还可包括一个为各用户提供的专用手机670。 [0108] any one embodiment of the system of the present invention may further comprise a dedicated phone 670 provided for each user. 手机670包括一组键,其包括"专用"键,比如专用IVM键672、一个专用SMS键674、一个专用PTT键676等。 Mobile 670 includes a set of keys, including a "dedicated" keys, such as key 672 special IVM, a dedicated SMS key 674, a dedicated PTT keys 676 and the like. 呼叫用户选择一个目标电话号,按压用于所需功能的专用键。 Calling the user selects a target telephone number, pressing a dedicated key for the desired function. 这样,按压IVM键672后,便可自动使呼叫用户发送IVM到目标用户,按压SMS键674后,便可自动使呼叫用户发送SMS到目标用户,按压PTT键676后,便可自动使呼叫用户发送PTT消息到目标用户。 Thus, after IVM key 672 is pressed, the user will automatically make a call to the target user transmits IVM, the key 674 presses the SMS, so that the calling subscriber will automatically send an SMS to the destination user, after pressing the PTT key 676, so that the caller will automatically transmitting the PTT message to the destination user. 对邮件、传呼(语音及文本)、即时IP文本消息(比如ICQ)等也如此。 Also true for e-mail, pager (voice and text), IP instant text messages (such as ICQ) and so on. 这一组键可提供基于菜单的手机操作。 This set of keys may provide a menu-based mobile phone operating.

[0109] 图7表示本发明系统的另一种实施方式,其中,IVM服务器与IP(数据)域702自选连接。 [0109] FIG. 7 shows a system according to the present invention, another embodiment in which, the IVM server IP (data) managed domain 702 is connected. 即时语音消息从用户的电话装置发送给一个或多个IP装置704,它可以是VoIP电话或个人计算机(PCs),或者是具有数据(IP)连接运行文本或语音消息软件的其它装置。 Instant voice messages sent from a user's telephone apparatus to one or more IP device 704, which may be a VoIP phone or a personal computer (the PCs), or other connected devices having text or voice messaging software operating data (IP). IVM 服务器可识别发送给VoIP客户的即时语音消息,其方法是对呼叫用户拨号的号码增加一个后缀。 IVM server recognizes instant voice message to the VoIP client, which is the number of the calling subscriber dialing a suffix increases. 该号码可以是IVM访问号,比如"152"或IVM访问号,后面加该IP装置的正常电话号。 The IVM access number may be a number, such as "152" or IVM access number, followed by normal telephone number plus the IP device. 在该后缀之后,是目标IP用户的IP地址192. 168. 100. ll,其中,可以取代'.',而采用'#'。 After this extension, the target IP is the IP address of the user 192. 168. 100. ll, which may be substituted '', while the use of '#'. 所拨号的全部号码可以是152 192#168#100#11或者15254 123456 192#168證1#11, 其中,54123456是所分配的IP用户电话号。 All dialed numbers could be 152 192 # 168 # 100 # 11 # 168, or 15,254,123,456,192 card # 1 11, wherein the assigned IP 54123456 is the telephone number of the user. 如果各IP用户获得专用(正常电话)电话号或其它IP识别号(比如电子邮件地址),则可省略后缀。 If each user obtains a dedicated IP (normal telephone) IP telephone number or other identifier (such as an email address), the suffix may be omitted. 装置704(包括PC中的电话软件客户)可以通过指定IVM服务器的IP地址及目标用户的电话号,来发送即时语音消息到线路转换电话(正常电话)用户。 Device 704 (including telephone software in the client PC) can send instant voice messages by specifying the IVM server's IP address and target user's phone number to the switched telephone line (normal telephone) users.

[0110] 要注意的是,IP装置可以是文本装置,比如PC中的ICQ或邮件,也可以是VoIP装置,比如PC中的VoIP软件。 [0110] Note that, IP device can be text device, such as a PC in ICQ or mail, it can also be a VoIP device, such as a PC VoIP software. 如果目标装置是文本IP装置(即目标用户被规定成文本用户),则最好利用语音识别模块606,来将初始IVM消息转换成文本消息。 IP text if the target device is a device (i.e., a target user is specified as user text), it is preferable to use a speech recognition module 606 to convert the message into a text message initial IVM. 可以向各IP用户分配一个电话号。 A telephone number may be assigned to each IP user. 该号码可与该用户的IP地址一起保存到IVM服务器的数据库中。 This number can be stored along with the user's IP address to the database server IVM. 电话系统108可将这些电话号分配给IVM服务器,每当呼叫用户发送IVM消息到该电话号,IVM 服务器便接收该消息,并将其转换成上述文本消息,然后将其作为文本消息来发送给基于文本IP的用户704。 The telephone system 108 may be a telephone number assigned to the server IVM, IVM send the message to the telephone number whenever the user calls, IVM server will receive the message and convert it into said text message, and then transmits it as a text message to the 704 text-based IP users. 如果目标IP用户704是一个VoIP用户(运行于PC的VoIP软件), 则初始IVM消息便不能转换成文本消息。 If the target user IP 704 is a VoIP user (VoIP software running on a PC), the initial IVM messages can not be converted to text messages. IVM服务器内的数据库将根据IP目标用户性质(文本还是语音)来更新。 IVM server database in the IP will be updated according to the nature of the target user (text or voice). 该数据库包括一组登录于IVM服务器的专用电话号,利用它,IVM 服务器可实施与IP数据库的这种互相连接。 The database comprises a set of dedicated telephone number registered in the server IVM, use it, IVM server may interconnect with this embodiment IP database. 可对所拨号的号码附加一个后缀(比如,对文本用户附加后缀*01 ,对语音用户附加后缀*02),从而向IVM服务器提供一种信息,表示目标用户是文本用户还是语音用户。 Be a suffix attached to the dialed number (for example, text suffix * 01 additional users, additional users for voice suffix * 02), thereby providing a message to the IVM server, the user indicates the target user is a text or voice users.

[0111] 图8表示本发明系统的另一种实施方式,其中,IVM服务器包括一个PTT模块802,并与子PTT系统804或基于IP (VoIP)的PTT系统806相连接,从而相对PTT系统来发送及/或接收即时语音消息。 [0111] FIG. 8 shows another embodiment of the system of the present invention, wherein, the IVM server comprises a PTT module 802, and the sub-system 804 or PTT-based IP (VoIP) PTT system 806 is connected so as to correspond to PTT system transmitting and / or receiving instant voice messages. 可以采用其它拨号格式,比如采用前缀"154"而不是拨号"152"前缀来进行该连接(它表明这是一个IVM对话)。 May take other dialing format, such as a "152" prefix as "154" instead of a dial to the connection (which indicates that this is a dialogue IVM). "154"前缀由电话交换机来识别成一个针对IVM服务器的呼叫。 "154" prefix by the telephone exchange to identify the call as a server for IVM. 然而,IVM服务器将"154"识别成一个传送给PTT系统的消息,后面附加PTT目标用户806或VoIP PTT用户812的号码。 However, the IVM server "154" to recognize a message transmitted to the PTT system, the user 806 or 812 of the VoIP PTT PTT number is appended to the target user.

[0112] 如果PTT用户810或VoIP PTT用户812决定发送一条PTT消息到某个电话号, 而且如果PTT系统将该目标号识别成不属于PTT登录用户,则PTT系统便将该消息发送给IVM服务器。 [0112] If the PTT user 810 or VoIP PTT PTT user 812 decides to send a message to a phone number, and if the target PTT system identification number into the login user does not belong to PTT, the PTT system will send the message to the IVM server . IVM服务器将该PTT型消息转换成IVM格式,并发送该消息到所需的目标用户。 IVM server converts the message to a PTT type IVM format, and transmits the message to a target desired by the user. IVM服务器也可以是具有PTT模块802的PTT用户,其相对PTT系统来接收及/或发送PTT消息(与PTT用户810或VoIP用户812相同)。 IVM server may be a PTT module having a PTT user 802, which receives the relative PTT systems and / or transmitting the PTT message (same as the PTT user 810 or 812 VoIP users). 然而,各IVM用户最好具有一个唯一的"PTT"用户号,该号码在PTT系统内作为IVM号来登录。 However, each user preferably has a IVM unique "PTT" user number, which to log the number IVM as PTT systems. 因此,PTT消息将被发送给IVM 服务器。 Thus, PTT IVM message will be sent to the server. IVM服务器配有一个与PTT号及正常电话号相匹配的数据库,各用户均有该唯一性匹配。 IVM server has a match with the PTT number and normal telephone number database, each user has the unique matching. 因此,所接收的PTT消息将由PTT模块802来接收,然后在IVM建立模块614内被转换成IVM格式,并发送给目标IVM用户。 Thus, by the PTT PTT message received by module 802 receives and then establishing module 614 is converted into the format IVM IVM, IVM sent to the target user. IVM用户可以回复该消息,它需要IVM服务器将该回复转换成PTT格式(利用PTT模块802),并将该回复发送给PTT子系统804或IP PTT 系统806,它将该消息发送给相应的PTT子用户810或VoIP PTT用户812。 IVM user can reply to the message, it needs to be converted into IVM PTT server formats the reply (that PTT module 802), and transmits the reply to the PTT PTT subsystem 804 or the IP system 806, it sends a message to the corresponding PTT sub-user 810 or VoIP PTT user 812. [0113] 在本说明书中,在各出版物、专利及专利申请的引用主题范围内,参照了本说明书涉及的所有出版物、专利及专利申请。 [0113] In the present specification, in the cited publications, patents and patent applications within the subject matter, with reference to all publications, patents, and patent applications in this specification relates. 此外,本说明书中的任何参照引用或识别并非意味着这种参照构成本发明的前身技术。 In addition, citation or identification of any reference in this specification does not mean that such techniques reference is made to the predecessor of the present invention.

[0114] 结合有限的实施方式来说明了本发明,但也可以对本发明进行各种改动、改进及用于其它用途。 [0114] finite embodiments of the present invention is understood, but may be various modifications of the present invention, improvement and for other purposes.

Claims (40)

  1. 一种通信网络中的系统,其用于即时语音消息传输,包括:a.一个即时语音消息传输(IVM)服务器,其从呼叫用户同时接收至少一个语音消息段,并将该至少一个语音消息段合并到至少一个目标用户;b.一个交换机,其与所述IVM服务器相接,用于在所述呼叫用户与所述各至少一个目标用户及所述IVM服务器之间、以及所述呼叫用户与所述至少一个目标用户之间进行通信,其中,来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段通过通信网络,被即时传输给所述至少一个目标用户,其特征在于,所述的系统还包括:c.一个即时检索模块,其与所述IVM服务器相接,并用于当来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段不能通过通信网络,被即时传输给所述至少一个目标用户时,向所述至少一个目标用户提供第一动态通知,所述第一动态通知通知目标用户来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息 System for a communication network for voice instant messaging, comprising:. A a voice instant messaging (the IVM) server, receiving at least one voice message from a calling subscriber while the segment, and the at least one voice message segment incorporated into at least one target user;. b a switch, which is in contact with the IVM server for the call between the user and the target user and each of said at least one server IVM, and the calling user and between the at least one target user for communication, wherein each of the voice message segments from the calling subscriber via a communication network, is instantly transmitted to the at least one target user, wherein, said system further comprising: c An immediate retrieval module that IVM in contact with the server, and for, when the call from the user of each voice message segment is not via the communication network, when immediate transmission to the at least one target user, to the at least one each target user in a first voice message notification dynamic, the dynamic notifications first target user from the calling subscriber 不能通过通信网络,被即时传输给该目标用户,并向所述呼叫用户提供有关所述消息的状态的第二动态通知,所述消息的状态选自所述至少一个目标用户拒绝接收所述消息,以及所述至少一个目标用户接收所述消息。 The second communication network can not be notified dynamically, is instantly transmitted to the target user, the message to provide the user of the call state, the status message is selected from at least one target user receiving the reject message and the at least one target user receiving the message.
  2. 2. 根据权利要求l所述的系统,其中,所述通信网络选自电话网络及因特网协议网络语音电话(VoIP)网络,所述交换机选自于电话交换机及VoIP交换机。 2. The system according to claim l, wherein said communications network is selected from a telephone network and voice over IP Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, the telephone exchange switches to the selected switch and VoIP.
  3. 3. 根据权利要求1所述的系统,其中,所述IVM服务器包括一个段存储器及合并模块,用于进行所述至少一个语音段的同时接收及传输。 The simultaneous transmission and reception system according to claim 1, wherein said segment memory comprises a server IVM and merge module, for performing at least one of the speech segment.
  4. 4. 根据权利要求2所述的系统,其中,所述电话网络选自蜂窝电话网络及有线网络。 4. The system of claim 2, wherein said telephone network is selected from a cellular telephone network and a wired network.
  5. 5. 根据权利要求4所述的系统,其中,所述蜂窝网络采用选自第一代(1G)、第二代(2G) 、2. 5代(2. 5G)或第三代(3G)蜂窝电话技术。 5. The system according to claim 4, wherein the first generation of cellular networks is selected from (. 1G), second generation (2G), 2. 5 Generation (2. 5G) or third generation (3G) cellular phone technology.
  6. 6. 根据权利要求2所述的系统,其中,利用分配给各所述用户的IVM号,来进行所述交换机用于所述呼叫用户与目标用户及所述IVM服务器之间的通信的操作。 6. A system according to claim 2, wherein each of said user using IVM number assigned to the switch for the call for operation of the communication between the user and the target user and the server IVM.
  7. 7. 根据权利要求6所述的系统,其中,所述IVM号选自各用户IVM号及多个目标用户IVM号。 7. The system according to claim 6, wherein each of said user selected number IVM IVM IVM number and a plurality of target user number.
  8. 8. 根据权利要求7所述的系统,其中,各所述用户IVM号包括一个对话识别符和一个电话号,或者,各所述用户IVM号包括一个对话识别符和因特网协议(IP)地址。 8. The system of claim 7, wherein each of said user IVM comprises a session identifier number and a telephone number, or each of the user number IVM comprises a session identifier and an Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  9. 9. 根据权利要求8所述的系统,其中,所述对话识别号选自处于所述电话号或IP地址之前的前缀,以及处于所述电话号或IP地址之后的后缀。 9. The system of claim 8, wherein said selected session identification number in the telephone number prefix before or IP address, and a suffix following in the telephone number or IP address.
  10. 10. 根据权利要求9所述的系统,其中,所述前缀及所述后缀各包括一个三位数字。 10. The system according to claim 9, wherein each of the prefix and the suffix comprises a three-digit number.
  11. 11. 根据权利要求7所述的系统,其中,所述多个目标用户IVM号依次包括一个IVM对话识别符、一个多目标用户识别符、以及一个电话号,或者,所述多个目标用户IVM号依次包括一个IVM对话识别符、一个多目标用户识别符、以及各所述至少一个目标用户的IP地址。 11. The system of claim 7, wherein the plurality of target user comprises a sequence number IVM IVM session identifier, a multi-target user identifier, and a telephone number, or a plurality of target user IVM in turn comprising a number IVM session identifier, a multi-target user identifier, and the IP addresses of the at least one target user.
  12. 12. 根据权利要求11所述的系统,其中,所述IVM对话识别符是一个三位数字。 12. The system according to claim 11, wherein said session identifier IVM is a three-digit number.
  13. 13. 根据权利要求2所述的系统,其中,所述的即时检索模块包括在所述IVM服务器内。 13. The system according to claim 2, wherein said instant retrieval module included in the IVM server.
  14. 14. 根据权利要求13所述的系统,其中,还包括与所述IVM服务器及所述交换机相耦合的短消息业务中心,其中,所述动态通知选自短消息业务(SMS)通知及动态用户识别符(ID)。 14. The system according to claim 13, wherein, further comprising a short message service center and of the server IVM coupled to said switch, wherein said selected notification dynamic short message service (SMS) and dynamic user notification identifier (ID).
  15. 15. 根据权利要求4所述的系统,其中,还包括与所述IVM服务器耦合的在位状态子系统,并用于提供所述至少一个目标用户的状态参数。 15. The system according to claim 4, wherein, further comprising a status bit coupled to the server sub IVM, and for providing said at least one state parameter of the target user.
  16. 16. 根据权利要求15所述的系统,其中,所述在位状态子系统选自包括于所述IVM服务器的在位状态模块及与所述IVM服务器耦合的外部在位状态服务器。 16. The system according to claim 15, wherein said state bit included in the selected sub-server IVM bit state module and an external server status bit coupled to the server IVM.
  17. 17. 根据权利要求16所述的系统,其中,所述蜂窝网络是一种移动通信环球系统(GSM)网络,其中所述在位状态服务器还与归属寄存器相耦合。 17. The system according to claim 16, wherein the cellular network is a Global System Mobile communication (GSM) network, wherein the server is further coupled to the bit state of the home register.
  18. 18. 根据权利要求2所述的系统,其中,还包括一个传呼系统,其选自于文本传呼系统及语音传呼系统,所述传呼系统与所述IVM服务器相耦合,所述IVM服务器还包括:i. 一个语音识别模块,用于将语音消息转换为语音传呼消息,ii 一个文本-语音识别模块,用于将语音消息转换为文本消息,其中,所述传呼系统用于使所述语音传呼消息及所述文本消息与属于所述至少一个目标用户的传呼系统进行通信。 18. The system according to claim 2, wherein, further comprising a paging system, paging system which is selected from the text and voice paging system, the paging system and the server is coupled to IVM, the IVM server further comprises: . i a speech recognition module, for converting the voice message into a voice paging message, a text II - a speech recognition module, a voice message into a text message, wherein the paging system for paging the voice message the text message and communicating with the at least one target user belonging to the paging system.
  19. 19. 根据权利要求2所述的系统,其中,还包括一个按键即谈(PTT)模块,其包括在所述IVM服务器内,用于在所述呼叫用户与所述至少一个目标用户之间传输即时语音消息。 19. The system according to claim 2, wherein, further comprising a key-to-talk (PTT) module included in the IVM server for the call between the at least one target user and the user transmission instant voice messages.
  20. 20. —种即时语音消息传输方法,包括:a. 通过即时语音消息传输(IVM)服务器从呼叫用户同时接收至少一个语音消息段,并将该至少一个语音消息段合并到至少一个目标用户;b. 在所述呼叫用户与所述各至少一个目标用户及所述IVM服务器之间、以及所述呼叫用户与所述至少一个目标用户之间进行通信,其中,来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段通过通信网络,被即时传输给所述至少一个目标用户,其特征在于,所述方法还包括:c. 当来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段不能通过通信网络,被即时传输给所述至少一个目标用户时,向所述至少一个目标用户提供第一动态通知,所述第一动态通知通知目标用户来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段不能通过通信网络,被即时传输给该目标用户,并向所述呼叫用户提供有关所述消息的状态的第二动态通知,所述消 20. - kind of instant voice messaging method, comprising: a receiving instant voice messaging (the IVM) server by the user from the call while at least a section of a voice message, the voice message and the at least one segment merge into the at least one target user; B in a call between the user and the target user and each of said at least one IVM server, and the communication with the calling user, wherein each of the voice message from the calling user between at least one target user section through the communication network, is instantly transmitted to the user at least one target, wherein said method further comprises:. c when the call from the user of each voice message segment is not via the communication network, is transmitted to the instant when at least one target user, the at least one target to provide a first user notification to the dynamic, the first dynamic notifications from the call destination user of each user is not a voice message via a communication network segment, it is instantly transmitted to the target user second dynamic notification, to provide the user of the message call state, the elimination 的状态选自所述至少一个目标用户拒绝接收所述消息,以及所述至少一个目标用户接收所述消息。 The state is selected from at least one target user receiving the rejection message, and the at least one target user receiving the message.
  21. 21. 根据权利要求20所述的方法,进一步包括:i. 提供一种与IVM服务器耦合的交换机,用于在各所述呼叫用户与目标用户及所述IVM服务器之间、以及所述呼叫用户与所述至少一个目标用户之间进行通信;ii. 向各目标用户提供一种唯一的即时语音消息传输(IVM)号;ii i.所述目标用户访问所述IVM服务器,其中,将该至少一个语音消息段合并到至少一个目标用户包括:iv.在所述IVM服务器中,开始记录并存储所述语音消息段,同时访问所述目标用户。 21. The method of claim 20, further comprising:. I IVM provided with one kind of the switch coupled to the server for the call between the user and the target user and the server IVM, the calling user and with the communication between the at least one target user;. ii unique to each user a certain instant voice message transmission number (IVM);. ii i IVM the user to access the target server, wherein the at least a voice message segment merge into the at least one target user comprises:. iv at the IVM server and begin recording the voice message memory section, while accessing the target user.
  22. 22. 根据权利要求21所述的方法,还包括以下步骤:c. 如果所述至少一个目标用户应答所述IVM服务器,则将所述已存储的即时语音消息段合并到所述至少一个目标用户,直至全部消息均被传输为止;或者d. 如果所述至少一个目标用户不应答所述IVM服务器,则根据以下的规则之一来处理IVM服务器内的所述即时语音消息:(1)在IVM服务器内存储该即时语音消息;(2) 将该即时语音消息传输给语音邮件系统;(3) 再次发送该即时语音消息。 22. The method of claim 21, further comprising the step of: c instant voice message segment if the user answers the at least one target server IVM, then merged into the stored at least one target user until all messages are transmitted so far; or d if said at least one target user does not answer the IVM server, processing the instant voice message server in accordance with one of the following IVM rules: (1) in IVM the instant voice message is stored within the server; (2) the instant voice message to the voice mail system; (3) transmits the instant voice message again.
  23. 23. 根据权利要求22所述的方法,其中,所述至少一个目标用户是单一目标用户,其中,所述向所述单一目标用户提供IVM号的步骤包括提供双部分号码的步骤,该号码包括一个IVM对话识别符及一个电话号,或者,该号码包括一个IVM对话识别符及IP地址。 23. The method of claim 22, wherein said at least one target user is a single target user, wherein said step of providing said single IVM number to the target user comprises the step of providing a two-part number, the number includes IVM a session identifier and a telephone number, or the number IVM comprises a session identifier and an IP address.
  24. 24. 根据权利要求22所述的方法,其中,所述至少一个目标用户包括多个目标用户,其中,所述向所述多个目标用户提供IVM号的步骤包括提供三部分多目标用户号码的步骤, 该号码包括一个IVM对话识别符、一个多目标用户识别符及一个电话号,或者,该号码包括一个IVM对话识别符、一个多目标用户识别符及IP地址。 24. The method according to claim 22, wherein the at least one target user comprises a plurality of target users, wherein the step of providing said plurality of IVM to the number of the target user comprises providing a three-part multi-target subscriber number step, the number IVM comprises a session identifier, a user identifier and the multi-target a telephone number, or the number IVM comprises a session identifier, a user identifier and the multi-target IP address.
  25. 25. 根据权利要求22所述的方法,其中,在所述合并已存储的消息段的步骤之后,由所述至少一个目标用户进行以下操作:转向与所述呼叫用户的全双工对话,并处理所述即时语音消息。 25. The method according to claim 22, wherein, after the step of merging the message segments stored, the following operations by the at least one target user: turning full-duplex conversation with the calling user, and the instant voice message processing.
  26. 26. 如权利要求20所述的即时语音消息传输方法,还包括:a. 目标用户从IVM服务器检索所述第一动态通知,该通知与由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的即时语音消息一道被提供给所述目标用户;b. 由所述目标用户来直接访问所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息。 26. The instant voice message transmission method according to claim 20, further comprising:. A certain user from the first server to retrieve said dynamic IVM notification that the transmission by the calling user to the target user is provided an instant voice message to the target user;. B directly accessed by the target user is sent by the calling user to the target user's message.
  27. 27. 根据权利要求26所述的方法,其中,所述接收第一动态通知的步骤包括接收选自呼叫方ID通知及短消息业务(SMS)通知的通知。 27. The method according to claim 26, wherein the step of receiving the first notification comprises receiving a notification dynamically selected and the caller ID notification short message service (SMS) notification.
  28. 28. 根据权利要求27所述的方法,其中,所述接收呼叫方ID通知的步骤还包括接收包括对IVM即时检索模块的访问码、用于所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的即时语音消息的唯一识别码、以及消息类型的通知的步骤。 Step 28. A method according to claim 27, wherein the receiving caller ID notification further comprises receiving an access code to IVM immediate retrieval module for the transmission by the calling user to the target user's instant voice message the unique identification code, and the step of a notification message type.
  29. 29. 根据权利要求28所述的方法,其中,所述消息类型选自即时语音消息、语音邮件、 多媒体业务消息及单一消息。 29. The method according to claim 28, wherein said message type is selected from instant voice message, voice mail, and a single multimedia message service message.
  30. 30. 根据权利要求26所述的方法,其中,上述直接访问上述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息的步骤包括当消息已传递到服务器之后或者已被收听到之后,由目标用户访问上述消息。 30. The method according to claim 26, wherein said step of direct access by the calling user to send the message destination user after the message including the above has been passed to the server or after having been listening to, to access said message by the target user.
  31. 31. 根据权利要求26所述的方法,其中,所述直接访问所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息的步骤包括在由呼叫用户来发送所述即时语音消息之后,访问所述消息。 Step 31. The method according to claim 26, wherein said direct access to the message sent by the calling user to the target user comprises a user by the call after transmitting the instant voice message to access the message.
  32. 32. 根据权利要求26所述的方法,其中,访问所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息的所述步骤包括直接拨号所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息的前缀。 Said step 32. The method according to claim 26, wherein the user access to the call sent by the target user comprises a direct dial-up message sent by the calling user to the target user of the message prefix.
  33. 33. 根据权利要求26所述的方法,其中,访问所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息的所述步骤包括由所述目标用户直接按动手机上的拨号键或呼叫键,同时察看某个遗失的消息通知。 33. The method according to claim 26, wherein said step of accessing the transmission by the calling user to the target user comprises message directly by the target user pressing dialing keys or a call key on the phone while viewing a a lost message notification.
  34. 34. 根据权利要求26所述的方法,其中,还包括由所述IVM服务器将所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息转发给所述目标用户的步骤。 34. The method according to claim 26, wherein, further comprising the step of sending, by the server by the calling user IVM to the target user's message to the target user.
  35. 35. 根据权利要求34所述的方法,其中,所述由呼叫用户发送至目标用户的消息包括一个未收听到的消息,而且其中,所述转发步骤包括将所述未收听到的消息作为如下消息来发送,即:从一组IVM中选择的消息、语音邮件消息、多媒体业务消息、统一消息、传真消息及按键接听消息。 35. The method according to claim 34, wherein the transmission by the calling user to the target user is not listening to a message including the message, and wherein said step comprises forwarding the message to a non-listening follows to send a message, namely: selecting from a set of IVM messages, voice mail messages, multimedia message service, unified messaging, fax messaging and buttons to hear the message.
  36. 36. —种通信网络中的系统,用于即时语音消息传输,其包括:a. —个即时语音消息传输(IVM)服务器,用于从具有呼叫用户手机的呼叫用户同时接收至少一个语音消息段,并将所述至少一个语音段合并到具有相应目标用户手机的至少一个目标用户;b. —个交换机,其与所述IVM服务器相耦合,用于在所述呼叫用户与各所述至少一个目标用户及所述IVM服务器之间、以及所述呼叫用户与所述至少一个目标用户之间进行通信,其中,来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段通过通信网络,被即时传输给所述至少一个目标用户;c. 一种包括于各所述手机内的机构,用于对所述IVM服务器进行按键访问,从而发送或收听所述语音消息;其特征在于,还包括:d. —个即时检索模块,其与所述IVM服务器相接,并用于当来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段不能通过通信网络,被 36. - kind of a communication network system for voice instant messaging, comprising:. A - a voice instant messaging (the IVM) server for receiving at least one voice message from a calling subscriber while the segment with the phone call user and said at least one speech segment merge into the at least one target has a corresponding target user's phone user;. b - a switch, which is coupled with the IVM server for the calling subscriber and the at least one each of IVM between the target user and the server, and the call between the at least one target user and the user is in communication, from the calling subscriber a voice message for each segment through the communication network, is transmitted to said at least an instant a target user; C comprising a mechanism in each of the mobile phones, access to the key for IVM server so as to transmit or listen to the voice message; characterized by, further comprising:.. d - a real time retrieval module that IVM in contact with the server, and for, when the call from a voice message segments each user through a communication network can not, be 时传输给所述至少一个目标用户时,向所述至少一个目标用户提供第一动态通知,所述第一动态通知通知目标用户来自所述呼叫用户的各语音消息段不能通过通信网络,被即时传输给该目标用户,并向所述呼叫用户提供有关所述消息的状态的第二通知,所述消息的状态选自所述至少一个目标用户拒绝接收所述消息,以及所述至少一个目标用户接收所述消息。 When transmission to the at least one target user, an object of at least the first user to provide dynamic notification, the first notification destination user notification dynamic call from the user of each voice message segment is not via a communication network to immediate transmitting a second notification to the target user, the calling user to provide information about the state of the message, the message status is selected from at least one target user receiving the rejection message, and the at least one target user receive the message.
  37. 37. 根据权利要求36所述的系统,其中,所述机构包括至少一个按键,所述按键访问包括所述至少一个按键的操作。 37. The system according to claim 36, wherein said operating means comprises at least one key, the key comprises at least one access key.
  38. 38. 根据权利要求36所述的系统,其中,所述IVM服务器选择性包括一个灵敏计费模块,其用于对通过所述IVM服务器来实施的活动进行灵敏计费。 38. The system according to claim 36, wherein said selectively IVM comprises a sensitive billing server module for activities to be implemented by the server IVM sensitive billing.
  39. 39. 根据权利要求37所述的系统,其中,所述至少一个按键是一种专用按键。 39. The system according to claim 37, wherein said at least one key is a private key.
  40. 40. 根据权利要求39所述的系统,其中,所述专用按键选自于:专用IVM按键、专用短消息业务(SMS)按键及专用按键接听(PTT)按键。 40. The system according to claim 39, wherein the dedicated key is selected from: IVM dedicated keys, special short message service (SMS) and a dedicated key answer button (PTT) button.
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