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本发明相关于一个打印机,用于在提交很多手动组合页时打印一个组合的多页文档,该打印机包括了一个代码传感器,用于感知手动组合页上面的机器可读代码,一个控制单元,使用机器可读代码来识别以及搜索先前存储的该页的电子版本,以及一个打印头用于打印搜索页。 The present invention is related to a printer, for printing a combination of manual composition when submitting many multi-page document pages, the printer includes a code sensor for sensing the manual page composition above machine readable code, a control unit, using machine readable code to identify and search for a previous electronic version of the page is stored, and a print head for printing the search page.


具有手动组合控制功能的打印机 The printer control function in combination with manual

技术领域 FIELD

本发明相关于打印文档,并且特别是指一台打印机,它从很多手动的组合页打印组合的多页文档。 The present invention is related to a printed document, and more particularly to a printer, a multi-page document from which many combinations manual page printing in combination. 同时提交的申请与本发明相关的各种方法,系统和设备在由本发明的申请人或代理人与本发明同时提交的申请中披露:PCT/AU00/01442,PCT/AU00/01444,PCT/AU00/01446,PCT/AU00/01445,PCT/AU00/01450,PCT/AU00/01453,PCT/AU00/01448,PCT/AU00/01447,PCT/AU00/01459,PCT/AU00/01451,PCT/AU00/01454,PCT/AU00/01452,PCT/AU00/01443,PCT/AU00/01455,PCT/AU00/01456,PCT/AU00/01457,PCT/AU00/01458andPCT/AU00/01449。 Filed simultaneously various methods, systems and apparatus relating to the present invention are disclosed in the application by the applicant or assignee of the present invention, filed concurrently with the present invention: PCT / AU00 / 01442, PCT / AU00 / 01444, PCT / AU00 / 01446, PCT / AU00 / 01445, PCT / AU00 / 01450, PCT / AU00 / 01453, PCT / AU00 / 01448, PCT / AU00 / 01447, PCT / AU00 / 01459, PCT / AU00 / 01451, PCT / AU00 / 01454 , PCT / AU00 / 01452, PCT / AU00 / 01443, PCT / AU00 / 01455, PCT / AU00 / 01456, PCT / AU00 / 01457, PCT / AU00 / 01458andPCT / AU00 / 01449. 这些待申请的披露通过互相参照在本文中给出与本发明相关的各种方法,系统和设备在2000年10月20日由本发明的申请人或代理人提交的下面的申请中被披露:PCT/AU00/01273,PCT/AU00/01279,PCT/AU00/01288,PCT/AU00/01282,PCT/AU00/01276,PCT/AU00/01280, These disclosures are given to be incorporated by a variety of methods related to the invention herein with reference to each other, the system and apparatus are disclosed in the following October 20, 2000, filed by the applicant or assignee of the present invention herein: PCT / AU00 / 01273, PCT / AU00 / 01279, PCT / AU00 / 01288, PCT / AU00 / 01282, PCT / AU00 / 01276, PCT / AU00 / 01280,

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当需要多个多页组合文档的多个副本时,此问题变得特别明显。 When you need multiple copies of multiple combinations of multi-page documents, this problem becomes particularly evident. 如果用户很难或者不可能打印出期望的组合顺序的页,那么用户通常不得不通过手动方式来组合单个的多页文档副本来完成该处理。 If the user is difficult or impossible to print out the desired combination order page, the user usually has to be manually combined single copy multi-page documents to complete the process. 此处理的复杂程度取决于每个副本中页的数目以及印刷的副本的数目。 This process depends on the complexity of the number of copies and the number of printed pages of each copy.

如果印刷的多页文档要组合,手动组合的必要性阻止了此处理过程的自动进行,因为正确的组合必须发生在整合步骤之前。 If the printing of multi-page document to a combination, a combination of the need to manually do this to prevent the automatic process, because the right combination must occur before the integration step.

本发明的一个目标是提供一个新的打印机以及一种方法用于打印组合的文档。 An object of the present invention is to provide a new printer for printing a document and a method in combination.

在第一方面,本发明提供一个打印机,用于在提交一个很多的手动组合页时印刷一个组合的多页文本,该打印机包括:(a)一个代码传感器,在手动组合页上测试机器可读的代码;(b)一个控制单元,使用机器可读的代码来识别并搜索前面存储的页面的电子版本;并且(c)一个打印头打印搜索页。 In a first aspect, the present invention provides a printer for printing a combination of a number at the time of filing of the manual multi-page text page composition, the printer comprising: (a) code for a sensor, the test machine-readable composition in the manual page code; (b) a control unit, the use of machine-readable codes to identify and search for the electronic version of the page previously stored; and (c) a printhead search page.

可取的是该打印机包括一个装订机用于将打印的页装订在一起,以及一个扫描仪用于复制那些上面没有机器可读代码的页,以及那些制作页的电子版本的页。 Preferably the printer includes a binding machine for binding together the printed pages, and a scanner for copying pages without a machine-readable those above, and an electronic version of the page that the page code produced.

可取之处还在于该打印机包括了一个存储媒介,它存储了扫描页的电子版本,以及一个手持代码传感器,感知手动组合页上面的机器可读代码,其中手动组合页上面的机器可读代码的表示方式有:(a)光学地;或者(b)电子地;或者(c)电磁地;或者(d)拓扑地;或者(e)化学地。 Merit in that the printer further comprises a storage medium, which stores the electronic versions of the scanned pages, and a hand-held codes sensor, sensing manual page above combination machine readable code, wherein a combination of manual page above machine readable code represents methods are: (a) optically; or (b) electronically; or (c) electromagnetically; or (d) topologically; or (e) chemically.

可取的是,代码传感器感知手动组合页两面上的机器可读代码,并且控制单元控制一个或者更多的外设之间的通信。 Preferably, the sensor senses the code on the manual combination of machine readable codes on both sides of the page, and the control unit controls the communication between one or more peripherals. 可取之处在于要打印的手动组合页的电子版至少是从下面这些组中的一个搜索到的,这些组包括:(a)一个主机中包含的一个存储媒介;(b)通过一个计算机网络访问的服务器;(c)一个打印机自身包含的存储媒介;或者(d)上述的任意组合。 Merit that the electronic version of the manual combination of pages to be printed at least one search from below of these groups to, these groups include: (a) a storage medium a host included; (b) accessible via a computer network server; (c) a printer comprising a storage medium itself; or (d) any combination thereof.

可取之处在于打印机包括了一个输入设备,通过它打印机的用户可以控制打印的并且是组合的多页文档,其中输入设备包括一个触屏,并且其中的打印头也把机器可读代码打印到页上,并且其中的机器可读代码是人们用肉眼看不见的。 Merit in that the printer comprises an input device through which a user can control the printer to print a multi-page document and combinations thereof, wherein the input device comprises a touchscreen, and wherein the printhead also prints machine readable code page upper, and wherein the machine readable code that people can not see with the naked eye. 可取之处还在于打印机在打印的文档中插入空白页,以复制手动组合页中包含的空白页。 Preferably also lies in the printer inserts blank pages in the printed document to duplicate blank pages contained in the manual page composition. 从手持的代码传感器传来的适宜的指令被接收,并被解释,并且产生一个多页的组合文档。 Suitable instruction code is transmitted from the hand-held sensor is received, and interpreted, and generates a combination of a multi-page document.

可取之处在于打印机包括一个接口,它向第二个打印机传递用于打印一个组合的多页文档的指令,其中该指令通过一个计算机网络或一个电话网络来传输。 Merit in that the printer includes an interface which instructions for transmitting a multi-page document to a combination of the second printer, wherein the instruction transmitted via a computer network or a telephone network. 可取之处还在于该打印机还包括了一个存储媒介,存储已经打印完的页的电子版本。 Further merit in that the printer further comprises a storage medium, an electronic storage has been printed version of the page.

在第二方面中,本发明提供了一种方法,用于在提交了很多的手动组合页时打印一个组合的多页文档,该方法包括下列步骤: In a second aspect, the present invention provides a method for multi-page document at the time of filing a lot of manual combination of a combination of printed pages, the method comprising the steps of:

(a)用一个代码传感器感知在手动组合页上的机器可读代码;(b)使用机器可读代码来识别并且搜索先前存储的页的电子版;以及(c)打印该搜索页。 (A) sensing the code with a sensor on the manual machine readable code page composition; (b) using a machine-readable codes to identify and search for the electronic version of the previously stored page; and (c) to print the search page.

可取之处在于本发明提供了一种方法包括了把打印页装订在一起的步骤,并且还包括了步骤即使用一个扫描仪,用来复制那些上面没有机器可读代码的页,并且产生那些页的电子版。 Merit that the present invention provides a method comprising the steps of binding together the printed pages, and further comprising the step of using a scanner that is used to copy the page no machine-readable code, those above and those which produce p the electronic version. 可取之处还在于打印搜索页的步骤包括了在那些页上面打印机器可读代码,并且其中的机器可读代码是看不见的。 Merit further comprising the step of printing includes the search page in the page above that printing machine-readable codes, and wherein the machine readable code is invisible.

可取之处在于代码传感器感知手动组合页两面上的机器可读代码。 Merit in that the code sensor senses machine on both sides of the page manually readable code combinations.

可取之处在于该方法包括了步骤即使用一个输入设备来控制打印并且组合的多页文档,并且其中的打印步骤包括了一个子步骤,向远程打印机传输搜索页。 Merit in that the method comprises the step of multi-page documents that the use of an input device to control the printing and combinations thereof, and wherein the printing step comprises a substep of transmitting to the remote printer search page.

本发明现在将参照附图详细说明。 The present invention will now be described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings. 需要知道的是附图中表示的实施方式的特例并不能代替前面描述的本发明的一般性。 Need to know is a special case of the embodiment illustrated in the drawings and described above generally can not replace the present invention.

图2表示了本发明的一个实施方式的打印和装订路径。 Figure 2 shows the printing and binding path to an embodiment of the present invention.

图3表示本发明的一个实施方式的复制路径。 Figure 3 shows a copy path embodiment of the present invention.

图4是符合本发明的一个实施方式的打印机控制器的一个模块图。 FIG 4 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention conform to the printer controller.

图5是符合本发明的一个实施方式的带有传真调制/解调器的一个打印机控制器的一个部分的模块图。 FIG 5 is a block diagram of a portion of a printer controller with facsimile modulator / demodulator conform to one embodiment of the present invention.

图6是一个打印以及复制控制处理的一个流程图。 FIG 6 is a flowchart of a printing and copying control process.

各种工作组打印机已经有所描述,它们也作为随身的文档终端,也就是说它们提供一个用户接口,允许选择并打印一个文档而不需要求助于一个工作站,并且特别是,不求助于一个工作站以访问该文档的原始的电子版本。 Various workgroup printers have been described, they carry the terminal as a document, i.e. they provide a user interface allowing selection and print a document without resorting to a workstation, and in particular, without recourse to a workstation to access the original electronic version of the document. 这样的一个工作组打印机的例子在我们早期的申请PCT/AU00/00114中有进一步的描述。 Examples of such a workgroup printers are further described in our earlier application PCT / AU00 / 00114. 以这种方式可以被选择并且打印的文档是以前通过打印机打印过的典型的文档,并且在该过程中存储在打印机内部的硬盘上。 It may be selected in this manner and the print document is the typical document previously printed by the printer, and stored on the internal hard disk of the printer in the process. 要使打印的速度最佳,该文档通常以光栅或部分光栅的格式来存储。 For optimum printing speed, the document is typically part of a raster or raster format to store. 一个用户可以选择把一个文档“打印”该打印机的硬盘,也就是说使随身打印成为可能而实际上没有打印。 A user can select a document to "print" the printer's hard disk, which means that the players are not actually print it possible to print.

一个随身打印机可以利用一个局域网或者广域网上的存储,而不是自身有内部的存储,并且一组这样的打印机可以访问一个共享的文档仓库。 A portable printer can use a local area network or wide area network storage, rather than their own internal storage, and a group of such a printer can access a shared document repository. 一个随身的打印机也可以有简单的到原始文档的记录链接,而不制作副本。 A portable printer may also have a simple link to the original document recording, without making a copy.

一个打印机可以包括一个装订技术,把一个文档的页装订为一个单个的整体。 A printer can include a binding technique, the pages of a document stapled into a single whole. 各种适合于包含一个高速工作组打印机的装订技术,在我们的同时申请PCT/AU00/01456中有进一步的描述。 Binding of various techniques suitable for inclusion in a group of high-speed operation of the printer, while in our application PCT / AU00 / 01456 are further described. 由于一个文档通常应以一个单个文档的形式发送到一个打印机,以产生一个装订副本,文档集成对于装订来说通常是一个前提。 Since typically a document to be transmitted to a printer as a single document, to produce a copy of the binding, the binding is to the document integration is normally a prerequisite. 这对许多用户来说都是一个障碍。 For many users, this is an obstacle.

本发明相关于一个打印机,它在提交一个手动组合的成捆的页时,能够产生一个或者多个装订文档。 The present invention is related to a printer which, when submitted to a combination of a bundle of manual page, or can generate a plurality of binding documents. 该打印机包含了一个代码传感器用于感知页上的机器可读代码,允许它识别并且从该页的电子版产生页的打印的副本。 The printer contains a code sensor for sensing machine-readable codes page, allowing it to identify and produce printed copies of the pages from electronic version of the page. 该打印机还可以选择是否有一个扫描仪,以用于复制没有印代码的页。 The printer can also choose whether there is a scanner for copying pages not printed code.

该复制过程可用于从单面输入产生双面输出。 The replication process may be used to produce double-sided output from single-sided input. 空白页可以散布在输入中,使空白页被强制包含。 Blank pages can be interspersed in the input, so that a blank page is forcibly contained.

如图1中所表示,优选方式的打印机有两个输入托盘,一个用于原件1012,另一个用于输入媒介比如纸的1014片。 Represented in Figure 1, the printer of the preferred embodiment has two input trays, one for the original 1012, the other input media 1014 such as paper. 该纸的路径包括了一个输入的传送机构1022,一个或者多个代码传感器1024,一个或者多个打印头1026,一个输出传送机构1028,以及一个装订机构1030,1032。 The paper path includes an input transport mechanism 1022, one or more code sensors 1024, one or more print heads 1026, an output transport mechanism 1028, and a binding mechanism 1030, 1032. 一个打印控制器1040控制该打印过程。 A print controller 1040 controls the printing process.

该打印机有一个单个的输出托盘,在该托盘中既有已经解码的原件1012又有打印的和装订的文档1020。 The printer has a single output tray, the tray 1012 both originals have been decoded and printed documents 1020 binding. 作为一个选择,该打印机可以有用于原件的和文档的单独的托盘。 As an option, the printer has a separate tray for originals and documents. 它可以,例如,把已经解码的原件放回原件输入托盘,该输入托盘通过一个机械手指与输入原件分开,从而防止了已经被感知的原件被认为是后续的输入。 It may, for example, has been put back into the original decoded original input tray, the input tray and the input text separated by a mechanical finger, thereby preventing the original has been perceived subsequent input is considered.

在打印机优选的样式中,原件的感知和打印都利用同一个纸传送机构。 In a preferred form of the printer, and print the original perception utilize the same paper transport mechanism. 作为一个选择,该打印机可以包含单独的页感知和打印页路径以及相关的传送机构。 As an alternative, the printer may contain separate page sensing and printing pages and related transport path mechanism.

该优选的装订机构,在我们的同时申请PCT/AU00/01456中有进一步的描述,它包括一个与页同高的粘剂涂抹器1030,以及一个与纸同高的冲压机1032。 The preferred binding mechanism, while in our application PCT / AU00 / 01456 are further described, which comprises a high adhesion with the page with the applicator 1030, and the paper with a high punch 1032. 在纸张进入输出纸箱之前,粘剂涂抹器向页的邻近中间处涂一条粘剂。 Prior cardboard sheet into the output, an adhesion promoter coating applicator to adjacent the middle of the page. 该冲压机1032把输出纸箱中的页压在一起,使这些带有粘剂的页相互粘接在一起。 Page 1032 of the press output carton pressed together, so that these pages to each other with an adhesive agent. 粘剂可以涂在一个文档的每一页的前面和背面。 Agent can be applied to a document of the front and back of each page. 当涂在前面时,第一页不涂。 Dang is in front, the first page is not coated. 当涂在背面时,最后一页不涂。 Dang when the back of the last page is not coated. 冲压机通常在文档的最后一页打印完成后才工作,尽管粘剂被印在每页(面冲下)的前面,然而冲压机可以在每页打印完后使用或者在打印一个文档的过程中周期性地使用。 Stamping machines typically printed on the last page of the document after the completion of the work, although the agent is printed on the front page (facing down), but the punch after use can be printed on each page or in the process of printing a document periodically use. 可以选择的装订机构包括角部或者与页同高的订书机和夹子。 The binding mechanism may include a corner or the selected page with the same high staplers and clip.

优选的代码传感器1024,在我们以前的申请PCT/AU00/00561中有进一步的描述,它包括一个光源,投影以及图象捕捉光学系统,以及一个图象传感器。 Preferred code sensor 1024, are further described in our previous application PCT / AU00 / 00561, which includes a light source, projection and image capturing optical system, and an image sensor. 代码由光学图案来表示,印在或者涂在一个表面,例如在我们以前的申请PCT/AU00/00561中进一步描述的。 Optical pattern represented by a code, printed on or applied to a surface, such as further described in our previous application PCT / AU00 / 00561 in. 作为一个原件的1012被传送通过代码传感器1024,该打印控制器1040通过图象传感器捕获页的图象,对在该图象中发现的光学图案进行解码,并由此获取直接或间接识别原件和/或该原件所属文档的一个或者多个代码。 Original is transmitted as a sensor 1012 by the code 1024, the print page image captured by the image sensor controller 1040, the optical pattern is found in the image decoding is performed, and thereby obtain direct or indirect recognition of the original and / or one or more code belongs to the original document. 代码可以选择以电子的,电磁的,拓扑的,或者化学的方式来表示,加上对应的配套的代码传感器。 Code may be selected to electronic, electromagnetic, topological, or chemical means to represent, together with the code corresponding to the matching sensor.

在打印的过程中,如图2中所示,输入传输机构1022提取一个输入纸1014,该打印头1026把该页的内容打印到该纸的一面或两面,并且输出传送机构1028把该纸存放到输出托盘中。 During printing, as shown in FIG. 2, the input transport mechanism 1022 to extract an input sheet 1014, the contents of the print head 1026 prints the page to one or both sides of the paper, and the output transport mechanism 1028 of the paper storage to the output tray. 粘剂涂抹器1030在把该纸放到输出托盘中之前把粘剂1018涂抹到该纸的一边,并且冲压机1032把输出托盘中的一个文档的多页纸压到一起以形成一个装订文档1020。 Agent applicator 1030 before the paper into the output tray in the agent 1018 applied to the side of the paper, and a press machine 1032 outputs a multi-page document tray pressed together to form a stapled document 1020 .

在代码传感的过程中,如图3中所示,输入机构1022提取一个原件1012,该处理器通过代码传感器1024从原件的一边或两边感知代码,并且该输出传送机构1028把原件存放到输出托盘。 In the process of sensing the code, as shown in FIG. 3, an input means 1022 extracts the original 1012, the processor perceived from one or both sides of the original codes by the code sensor 1024, and the output transport mechanism 1028 is stored in the original output tray. 复制包括了一个代码传感周期,后面跟着一个打印周期。 Copy the code includes a sensing cycle followed by a print cycle. 在优选的配置中,代码传感器是该设备的一个固定的部分。 In a preferred arrangement, the code sensors are a fixed part of the apparatus. 作为此配置的一个选择,该代码传感器可以被安置于一个手持设备中,例如是一个适合的笔或铁笔,如在我们以前的申请的PCT/AU00/00565中进一步描述的,这样该用户指定该打印文档如何通过手动感知一组页来组合,在此情形下该打印机不必要在纸路径上包括代码传感器1024。 As an alternative to this configuration, the code sensor may be disposed in a handheld device, for example, a suitable pen or stylus, as further described in PCT our previous application / AU00 / 00565, so that the user specifies the how to print the document by manually sensing a set of pages are combined, in which case the printer is not necessary in the paper path sensor 1024 includes a code.

该打印机很理想地具有了打印以后可以识别的代码的功能。 The printer is ideally having a function code can be recognized after printing. 这不是一个需要,然而,该打印机可以简单地与另一个打印机打印的原件一起使用。 This is not a need, however, the printer can be easily used with another printer to print originals.

如我们以前的申请PCT/AU00/00561中进一步描述的那样,也可以让该打印机能够接收,翻译和/或从一个手持代码传感设备进行中继传送,该设备例如是一个适当的设置了功能的笔或铁笔,如我们前面的申请PCT/AU00/00565中进一步描述的。 As in our previous application PCT / AU00 / 00561 are further described in, but also allows the printer is able to receive, translate and / or relay and transmit the code from a hand-held sensing device, which for example is an appropriate function is provided or a stylus pen, such as our earlier application PCT / AU00 / 00565 described further.

该打印机有一个用户接口,它最少提供了一个“复制”按钮。 The printer has a user interface, it at least provides a "Copy" button. 该用户接口也可以包括一个彩色的触屏,允许用户浏览一列该打印机可以访问的文档,并且选择一个特殊的文档来打印。 The user interface may also include a color touch screen that allows users to browse a document can access the printer, and select a special document to print. 该复制按钮也可以以实际的形式提供在显示中。 The copy button may also be provided to display actual form. 当用户按下该复制按钮时,该打印机把输入托盘中每个原件传过代码传感器,并且记录对应的页的识别信息。 When the user presses the copy button, the printer input tray to pass over each of the original codes sensor, and recording the identification information corresponding to the page. 当所有的页处理完成后,该打印机使用页的识别信息来搜索这些页的电子版本,并且使用这些电子版本来打印原件的“副本”,装订如一个单个的文档。 When all the sheet processing is completed, the printer uses the page identification information to search for these electronic versions of the pages, and uses these electronic versions to print "copies" of an original, such as binding a single document. 该打印机咨询一个当地或网络存储的文档和/或页的索引,来识别以及搜索这些页的电子版本。 The index consult a local printer or network storage of documents and / or pages to identify and search for electronic versions of these pages.

该用户接口也允许用户选择或者指定典型的影印和打印选项,包括副本的数量,文档是否装订,单面还是双面的打印,页面内容的比例,以及媒介的选择,包括不同的媒介尺寸。 The user interface also allows the user to select or specify a typical photocopying and printing options, including the number of copies to print, whether the document is binding, single-sided or double-sided, the ratio of page content, and the selection of media, including different media sizes.

该打印机控制器1040,如图4中所表示的一个模块图,处理与主机的通信,管理用户接口,并且控制打印过程。 The printer controller 1040, a module as shown in FIG. 4 represented a communication process with the host, the user interface management, and control the printing process. 它包含了一个集成的控制器芯片1041以及一定数量的分立元件。 It includes an integrated controller chip 1041 and a number of discrete components. 该控制器包括了一个处理器1042,运行DRAM(动态随机存取存储器)1044中从闪存1046装载的控制软件。 The controller includes a processor 1042, the DRAM operation (Dynamic Random Access Memory) 1044 1046 loaded from the flash memory control software. 该处理器也可以从一个主机下载控制软件。 The processor can also be downloaded from a host control software.

该打印机控制器通过一个网络接口1046与主机通信。 The printer controller via a network interface to communicate with the host 1046. 该网络接口可以提供一个到主机的直接的连接,例如是一个串行,并行(IEEE1284),通用串行总线(USB)或IEEE1394连接,或者连接到一个局域网,例如一个以太网,或连接到一个广域网,例如因特网。 The network interface may provide a direct connection to the host, for example a serial, parallel (IEEE1284,), a universal serial bus (USB) or IEEE1394 or connect to a LAN, for example an Ethernet, or connection to a wide area network such as the Internet. 该控制器可以包括多个这样的网络接口。 The controller may include multiple such network interfaces.

该打印机控制器可以包括一个磁盘控制器1056用于控制一个打印机内部的硬盘1058。 The printer controller may include a disk controller 1056 for controlling a hard disk 1058 inside the printer. 该打印机控制器可以使用硬盘存储排队的打印任务,例如文档,光栅化的或者部分光栅化的页,以及文档和页的索引。 The printer controller may use the hard disk storage queued print jobs, such as documents, rasterized or partially rasterized pages, and an index of documents and pages. 它也可以利用可以通过网络接口访问的计算机提供的存储,来实现一些这些功能的一部分或者全部。 It can also be provided by using the memory interface to access the computer network, to implement part or all of some of these features.

如果该打印机包括了一个触屏彩显用户接口,那么该打印机控制器包括一个显示控制器1060用于控制一个彩显1062,以及覆盖在显示器上,用于获取用户与显示的用户接口的交互信息的接触传感器1066。 If the printer includes a touch-screen color display user interface, then the printer controller includes a display controller 1060 for controlling a color display 1062, and a cover on the display, the user information acquisition for interacting with a user interface display the contact sensor 1066. 该彩显通常是一个薄膜液晶显示器,但是也可以是任何合适的显示设备,包括例如一个组合的发光二极管显示器(OLED)。 The color display is typically a thin liquid crystal display, but may be any suitable display device, including a light emitting diode (OLED) displays a combination thereof. 该打印机控制器通过一个并行接口1064从接触传感器1066获取输入。 The printer controller 1064 via a parallel interface 1066 obtain input from the touch sensor. 该打印机可以包括一定数量的用户接口发光二极管显示器1068用于向用户指示打印机,纸以及墨水的状态信息。 The printer can comprise a number of light emitting diode display a user interface 1068 for indicating printer, paper and ink status information to the user. 该打印机控制器也可以通过并行接口1064来控制这些状态。 The printer controller may also be controlled through the parallel interface 1064 these states.

该打印机控制器包括一个或者多个图象传感器接口1060用于控制对应数目的,用于捕捉出现在原件表面的代码图案的图象传感器1074。 The printer controller includes one or more image sensor interfaces 1060 for controlling a corresponding number, it appears in the image sensor for capturing an original code pattern surface 1074. 每个图象传感器1074通常是一个电荷耦合装置(CCD),但是可以是任何合适的图象传感器,例如一个CMOS图象传感器。 Each image sensor 1074 is typically a charge coupled device (the CCD), but may be any suitable image sensor such as a CMOS image sensor. 每个并行接口1064至少有一个辅助的照明发光二极管1070。 Parallel interface 1064 each have at least one secondary illumination light emitting diode 1070. 该打印机控制器也通过并行接口1064控制照明发光二极管1070,尽管它们可能与相关的图象传感器接口1060的合作更紧密,目的是使它们有效地与图象捕获同步地存储。 The printer controller via a parallel interface 1064 also controls illumination light emitting diode 1070, although they may be more closely associated with the image sensor interface 1060 is intended to enable them to effectively capture the image memory in synchronization.

该打印机通常包括一个或者两个打印头1052,取决于它是否具有一个成双的复印能力,尽管它可以包括另外的打印头以获取高速的打印或者支持更复杂的墨水设置。 The printer typically includes one or two printheads 1052, depending on whether it has a double copy capability, although it may include additional print heads for high speed printing or to support more complex ink set.

该打印机控制器包括一个高速的串行接口1048用于与一对打印头/控制器1050通信,它们中的每一个控制一个打印头1052。 The printer controller includes a high-speed serial interface 1048 for communicating pair of printheads / controller 1050, each of which controls a print head 1052. 在该打印机的优选方式中,该打印头1052是高速的喷墨打印头,并且打印头/控制器1050接收页的描述,将它展开并实时发送到打印头,更详细的描述在我们以前的申请PCT/AU00/00114中。 In a preferred embodiment of the printer, the printheads 1052 are high-speed inkjet printhead, the printhead and / controller 1050 receives the page description, it will expand and transmitted in real time to the print head, described in more detail in our previous application PCT / AU00 / 00114 in.

如上所述,该打印机可以有一个内部的硬盘1058,通常有几个GB的容量,用于存储要打印的文档比如光栅化或部分光栅化的页。 As described above, the printer may have an internal hard disk 1058, usually has several GB capacity, for storing documents to be printed, such as a grating or partially rasterized page. 可以选择的是它可以以来于网络存储来实现这些用途。 It can be selected since it can be stored on the network to achieve these purposes. 该打印机通常接收使用一个高级页描述语言(PDL)例如Adobe Postscript或者封装了图形设备接口(GDI)指令的Microsoft Windows Metafile描述的文档。 The printers typically use to receive a high-level page description language (PDL) such as Adobe Postscript or packaged document Microsoft Windows Metafile graphics device interface (GDI) commands described. 在此情况下该处理器1042光栅化页,从PDL到适合打印的格式。 In this case the processor 1042 rasterized pages from the PDL format suitable for printing. 可选择的或者可以附加的是,该打印机可以直接接收光栅化或者部分光栅化的页。 Alternatively or additionally it is that the printer can receive directly rasterized or partially rasterized page.

该打印机控制器的一个变量,如图5中所示的一个模块图,包含了一个传真调制/解调器(modem)1078,由处理器1042通过一个串行接口1076来控制,它允许文档通过传真来传送和/或接收。 A variable of the printer controller, a block diagram shown in Figure 5, includes a facsimile modulator / demodulator (modem) 1078, controlled by the processor 1042 via a serial interface 1076, which allows documents to pass a fax to transmit and / or receive. 手动组合有关装订的多个原件的优点与手动组合与传真传输有关的原件是相同的。 Advantages related to the original combination of a plurality of related manual original binding combined with a manual facsimile transmission is the same. 该打印机的用户接口可以给用户提供传真控制,通过使用一个专用的用于输入电话号码的键盘以及一个专用的用于传输的专用按钮,但首要的是通过触屏提供一个传真控制用户接口。 The user interface of the printer may be provided to the user facsimile control by using a dedicated keypad for inputting a telephone number and a specific dedicated button for transmission, but primarily through a facsimile control the touch screen user interface.

更普遍的是,该打印机可以允许用户指定传输一个手动组合的文档到一个远程的打印机,该远程打印机连接到打印机控制器通过网络接口1046能够寻址到的一个局域网或广域网。 More generally, the printer may allow the user to specify a combination of a manual transmission of the document to a remote printer, the printer is connected to a remote printer controller can be addressed via the network interface 1046 to a LAN or WAN. 该远程打印机可以是一个常规的打印机,或者它可以是具有本发明的打印机的任何能力的一个打印机。 The remote printer may be a conventional printer, or it may be a printer having the capability of any printer of the present invention.

为了使一个打印机能够被远程发现并且寻址到,本发明的打印机可以采用一个协议例如因特网打印协议。 In order for a printer to be found and addressed to a remote printer according to the present invention may employ a protocol such as the Internet Printing Protocol.

该打印机的控制流如图6中所表示。 The printer control flow as represented in FIG. 6. 在正常打印期间,该打印机从一个主机接收(在1080)一个文档,光栅化(在1082)该文档的页,存储(在1084)光栅化的页到本地或网络存储1088(例如内部的硬盘1058),并且最终打印(在1084)这些页(或者通过传真传输它们)。 During normal printing, the printer receives from a host computer (1080) a document, rasterized (at 1082) the rasterized page to a local or network storage 1088 (e.g. internal hard disk 1058 of the page of the document, stores (at 1084) ), and finally prints (at 1084) the pages (or transmitted via facsimile thereof). 在复制的过程中,该打印机“扫描”(在1090)该原件(即感知它们的代码),搜索(在1092)该页对应的电子版本,并且最终打印或者传输(在1084)该页。 In the process of copying, the printer "scans" (at 1090) of the original (i.e., sensing their code), Search (1092) corresponding to the electronic version of the page, and the final printed or transmitted (in 1084) the page.

Claims (25)

1.一个打印机用于在提交很多手动组合页时打印一个组合的多页文本,该打印机包括:(a)一个代码传感器感知手动组合页上的机器可读代码;(b)一个控制单元,它使用机器可读代码来识别并搜索先前存储的该页的电子版本;以及(c)一个打印搜索页的打印头。 1. A printer for printing a combination of many manually composition when submitting multiple pages of text pages, the printer comprising: (a) a sensor senses the code on a machine-readable code page manually composition; (b) a control unit, which using machine-readable codes to identify and search for a previous electronic version of the page stored; and (c) a print head search page.
2.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机该包括一个装订机,用于把打印的页装订在一起。 2. a printer according to the claim 1 comprising a stapler for binding together the printed pages.
3.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机还包括一个扫描仪,用于复制上面没有机器可读代码的页以及产生该页的电子版本的页。 A printer as claimed in claim 1 further comprising a scanner, a copy machine without the above-readable code pages and generating electronic version of the page of the page.
4.如权利要求3所述的一个打印机还包括一个存储媒介,存储扫描页的电子版本。 4. a printer according to claim 3 further comprising an electronic version of a storage medium storing the scanned page.
5.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机还包括一个手持的代码传感器,感知手动组合页上面的机器可读代码。 5. a printer according to claim 1 further comprising a hand-held sensor codes, sensing manual page above combination machine readable code.
6.如权利要求1或5所述的一个打印机,其中手动组合页上面的机器可读代码的表示方式有:(a)光学的;或者(b)电子的;或者(c)电磁的;或者(d)拓扑的;或者(e)化学的。 6. 1 or a printer according to claim 5, showing the manner in which the manual combination of machine readable code page above are: (a) optically; or (b) electrons; or (c) electromagnetic; or (D) topology; or (e) chemically.
7.如权利要求1或5所述的一个打印机,其中的代码传感器感知手动组合页两面的机器可读代码。 7. 1 or a printer according to claim 5, wherein the sensor senses the code on both sides of the page manually composition machine readable code.
8.如权利要求1所述的打印机,其中的控制单元也控制该打印机与一个或多个外设之间的通信。 8. A printer according to claim 1, wherein the control unit controls the communication between the printer and the one or more peripheral.
9.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机,其中要打印的该手动组合页的电子版本至少是从下面的组中的一个来搜索,包括(a)一个主机中包含的一个存储媒介;(b)通过一个计算机网络访问的一个服务器;(c)该打印机自身包含的存储媒介;或(d)上述的任意组合。 9. a printer according to claim 1, an electronic version of the manual combination of pages to be printed which is to search from at least one group of the following, a storage medium a host comprising (a) contained in; (b ) to access a server via a computer network; (c) the printer itself comprises a storage medium; or (d) any combination thereof.
10.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机还包括一个输入设备,该打印机的用户通过它控制打印的以及组合的多页文档的格式。 10 a printer according to claim 1 further comprising an input device, a user of the printer by the multi-page document and a format combinations which controls printing.
11.如权利要求10所述的一个打印机,其中的输入设备包括一个触屏。 11 a printer according to claim 10, wherein the input device comprises a touchscreen.
12.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机,其中的打印头也在一页上打印机器可读代码,并且其中的机器可读代码是人们看不见的。 12 a printer according to claim 1, wherein the printhead is also a printing machine-readable codes, and wherein the machine readable code is invisible to people.
13.如权利要求2所述的一个打印机,其中该打印机在该打印文档中插入空白页,以使手动组合页中包含复制的空白页。 13 a printer according to claim 2, wherein the printer inserts blank pages in the printed document, so that a blank page manual page composition comprising replication.
14.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机,其中接收并翻译从一个手持的代码传感器来的指令,并且产生一个组合的多页文档。 14. a printer according to claim 1, wherein the instructions to receive and interpret the code from a hand-held sensor, and generates a combination of multi-page document.
15.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机还包括一个接口,用于传送指令以把一个组合的多页文档打印到第二个打印机。 A printer as claimed in claim 1 further comprising an interface for transmitting instructions to the combination of a multi-page document to a second printer to print.
16.如权利要求15所述的一个打印机,其中的指令通过一个计算机网络或者一个电话网络来传输。 16. a printer according to claim 15, wherein the instructions transmitted via a computer network or a telephone network.
17.如权利要求1所述的一个打印机还包括一个存储媒介,存储已经打印完的页的电子版本。 A printer as claimed in claim 1 further comprising a storage medium, an electronic storage has been printed version of the page.
18.在提交很多的手动组合页时使用的打印一个组合的多页文档的方法,该方法包括下面的步骤:(a)使用一个代码传感器感知手动组合页上的机器可读代码;(b)使用机器可读代码来识别并搜索先前存储的该页的电子版本;以及(c)打印搜索页。 18. The method of multi-page documents used when submitting print many pages of a manual combination compositions, the method comprising the steps of: (a) using a code sensor senses machine-readable codes on page manually composition; (b) using machine-readable codes to identify and search for a previous electronic version of the page stored; and (c) printing search page.
19.如权利要求18所述的一种方法还包括把打印的页装订在一起的步骤。 19. A method as claimed in claim 18 further comprising the step of binding together the printed pages.
20.如权利要求18所述的一种方法还包括一个步骤,即使用一个扫描仪来复制上面没有机器代码的页,以及产生那些页的电子版本。 20. A method according to claim 18 further comprising a step of using a scanner to replicate the top of the page is not machine code, and producing electronic versions of those pages.
21.如权利要求18所述的一种方法,其中打印该搜索页的步骤包括在那些页上打印机器可读代码。 Step 21. A method according to claim 18, wherein the search page is printed on those pages that include printing machine-readable codes.
22.如权利要求18和权利要求21所述的一种方法,其中的机器可读代码是看不见的。 22. The claim as claimed in claim 18 and a method according to claim 21, wherein the machine readable code is invisible.
23.如权利要求18所述的一种方法,其中的代码传感器感知手动组合页的两面的机器可读代码。 23. A method according to claim 18, wherein the sensor senses the code on both sides of a combination of a manual machine readable code page.
24.如权利要求18所述的一种方法还包括一个步骤,使用一个输入设备来控制打印的以及组合的多页文档。 24. A method according to claim 18 further comprising a step of using an input device to control the printing of multi-page document, and combinations thereof.
25.如权利要求18所述的一种方法,其中的打印步骤包括了子步骤即传送搜索页到一个远程的打印机。 25. A method according to claim 18, wherein the printing step includes the sub-steps printer search page that is transmitted to a remote.
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