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本发明涉及一种天线(20;80),该天线包括:一个微带部件(21;83),一个基本与所述微带部件相平行的导电基板(22;82),所述微带部件具有至少一个馈电器(26;89)以产生圆极化,其中所述微带部件具有一个基本位于所述微带部件(21;83)中心的第一孔,所述导电基板具有与所述第一孔相对设置的相应的第二孔,所述天线还包括一根连接所述第一和第二孔周边之间的导电连线(25;85),由此形成一个穿过所述天线的通孔(24;84),其中所述通孔(24;84)适用于实现至少一种非天线的功能。 The present invention relates to an antenna (20; 80), the antenna comprising: a microstrip means (21; 83), a member microstrip substantially parallel to said conductive substrate (22; 82), said member microstrip having at least one feeder (26; 89) to produce circular polarization, wherein the member having a microstrip located substantially microstrip member; a first hole (2183) in the center, the conductive substrate having the respective second aperture disposed opposite the first hole, the antenna further comprises a conductive connection between the first and second apertures of said periphery of a connector (25; 85), thereby forming a through the antenna a through hole (24; 84), wherein said through hole (24; 84) suitable for implementing at least one non-antenna function. 还可在所述微带部件(21;83)的边缘(21′)和所述导电基板(22′,22;82)之间形成一个容性负载。 The member may also microstrip; edge (21 83) 'and the conductive substrate (22 (21)', 22; 82) is formed between a capacitive load. 本发明还涉及一种包含上述天线(35;61)的通信装置(30;62)。 The present invention further relates to the antenna comprising; communication means (35 61) (30; 62).


微带天线和包括这种天线的通信装置 Microstrip antenna and a communication device comprising such an antenna

发明领域:本发明涉及一种如权利要求1的前序部分所述的微带(patch)天线。 Field of the Invention: The present invention relates to a microstrip of the preamble of claim 1 (Patch) antenna as claimed in claim. 本发明还包括一种包含这种天线的通信装置。 The present invention further includes a communication device comprising such an antenna. 根据本发明的微带天线对于各种产品的集成具有实质性的优点,尤其是将其用作移动电话中的陶瓷GPS天线。 The microstrip antenna according to the present invention, substantial advantages with respect to integration of various products, in particular to a mobile phone as a ceramic GPS antenna.

背景技术 Background technique

:过去十年以来GPS导向系统和其他相关系统(Glonass等)的利用已经得到极大的增强并有了广泛的应用。 : Over the past decade the use of GPS guidance systems and other related systems (Glonass, etc.) has been greatly enhanced and has been widely used. 在天线中陶瓷天线应用得很普遍,因为它们尺寸小且具有为保护GPS接收器所必需的内在的过滤功能。 Application of the antenna in the antenna ceramic is very popular because of their small size and having a filter function to protect the internal GPS receiver is required.

GPS微带天线可以有许多种安装方式,一种典型的手持GPS接收器具有一个带显示器(显示地图等)的扁平上表面、一个键盘和一个微带天线,该天线通常在使用时指向上方或稍微背离使用者的脸部。 GPS microstrip antenna mounting can have many ways, a typical handheld GPS receiver having a band on the flat display (display map, etc.) of the surface, a keyboard and a microstrip antenna, the antenna is generally directed upwardly during use or slightly away from the user's face. 一个手持GPS的扁平表面的典型尺寸为60*150毫米,从其底部连接的一个微带天线的典型尺寸为25*25毫米。 Typical dimensions of a handheld GPS flat surface is 60 * 150 mm, from the typical size of a microstrip antenna is connected to the bottom 25 * 25 mm.

微带天线的一个特有问题是其要求有一个“接地面”,即一个基本平坦的导电表面。 A microstrip antenna specific problem is that it requires a "ground plane", i.e. a substantially planar conductive surface. 理想情况下该表面应当较大,该表面越小天线的性能就越差。 Ideally the surface should be larger, the smaller the antenna properties of the surface worse. 例如,一个50*50毫米的导电基板为GPS陶瓷微带天线产生的增益比用一个较好的接地面(大导电基板)所产生的增益低大约2分贝,且导电基板的表面越小,所述增益还会更低。 For example, the gain of a conductive substrate 50 * 50 mm produced ceramic microstrip antenna for the GPS low gain of about 2 dB lower than with a good ground plane (large conductive substrate) produced, and the smaller the surface of the conductive substrate, the said gain will be lower.

对于GPS系统以及任何其他卫星通信/接收系统来说,通常功率余量只有几分贝,所以非常有限的衰减也会对功能造成损害。 For any other GPS systems and satellite communication / reception system, the power margin is usually only a few decibels, so very limited decay can also cause damage to the function. 注意到有另一种四线螺旋状的GPS天线,这种天线不需要导电基板,但是很少有能保持其功能的合手轮廓外形。 Another noted GPS four-wire helical antenna that does not require a conductive substrate, but few can maintain its contour profile HT function.

微带天线的带宽通常很窄,但是由Iwasaki所提出的美国专利5,861,848描述了一种可调频接收到两种卫星通信频率的改进型的微带天线。 The bandwidth of microstrip antennas are usually very narrow, but the U.S. Patent 5,861,848 proposed by the Iwasaki describes a modification of the two FM reception frequency of the satellite communication microstrip antenna. 圆环状的微带天线是这种天线的组成部件之一,且如所引用的现有技术那样,圆环状微带天线是通过圆周形栅格电线接地的。 An annular microstrip antenna is an integral part of such an antenna, and as the prior art cited above, by microstrip antennas annular circumferential grounded grid wires. 所引用的应用仅仅只涉及天线本身和在天线阵列中的天线。 Application cited relates only to itself and the antenna only the antenna in the antenna array. 并没有讨论考虑天线在像移动电话这样的小装置中安装的问题。 Consider not discussed in a small antenna mounting apparatus such as the mobile telephone.

日本专利申请JP10247815公开了一种天线的结构,该天线具有安装在一个绝缘基板上的微带天线和安装在所述基板反面的接地线。 Japanese Patent Application JP10247815 discloses an antenna structure, the antenna having a microstrip antenna mounted on the insulating substrate and the substrate is mounted on the reverse surface of the ground line. 在所述微带天线的中心部分形成一个垂直孔,接地线和微带天线由一个圆柱形的导体短路。 Forming a vertical hole, and a ground line conductor short-circuit microstrip antenna consists of a cylindrical central portion in the microstrip antenna. 通过所述孔安装一个单极天线,由此减少了分别由微带天线和单极天线所产生的通信信号之间的干扰。 A mounting aperture through the monopole antenna, thereby reducing the interference between the communication signals of a microstrip antenna and a monopole antenna created.


:本发明的目的在于提供一种微带天线,该天线的形状将简化其在例如移动电话中与通信装置的集成,在所述移动电话中,所述微带天线带有一个可放置诸如扬声器、麦克风或GPS放大器的孔。 : Object of the present invention to provide a microstrip antenna, the shape of the antenna will simplify its integration in a communication device such as a mobile phone, the mobile phone, the microstrip antenna may be provided with a place such as a speaker , hole microphone or GPS amplifier.

根据本发明,所述目的通过权利要求1特征部分所述的特征实现。 According to the present invention, the characterizing part of claim 1 wherein said object is achieved by claimed.

所述目的也可通过权利要求9特征部分所述的特征实现。 The object is also achieved by the characterizing part of claim 9 wherein.

本发明的一个优点是微带天线可与一种装置组合起来以集成不同于天线的功能。 One advantage of the present invention is a microstrip antenna device may be combined together with one function different from an integrated antenna. 在像移动电话这种小的装置中几乎不可能将至少为可接受的集成而合理设计的微带的小导电基板与为完成所述移动电话的基本功能所必需的设备组合起来。 Small microstrip conductive substrate such as a small mobile telephone apparatus is almost impossible to at least an acceptable and reasonable designed and integrated to complete the basic functions of the mobile phone equipment necessary in combination.

下面将参照附图以举例的方法更详细地揭示本发明。 The method disclosed in the following example of the present invention in more detail with reference to the accompanying drawings.

附图简要说明:图1a示出了根据本发明的一个微带天线的透视图;图1b是图1中沿线AA的对角断面图;图2是微带天线另一个实施例的断面图;图3a和3b是带有根据本发明的微带天线的移动蜂窝电话的示意图; Brief Description: Figure 1a shows a perspective view of a microstrip antenna of the present invention; FIG. 1b is a diagonal cross-sectional view along line AA of FIG. 1; FIG. 2 is a microstrip antenna sectional view of another embodiment; Figures 3a and 3b are a schematic view of a mobile cellular telephone with a microstrip antenna according to the present invention;

图4是包括根据本发明的安装在顶部的、且包括GPS天线的移动电话天线的示意图;图5示出了一种陶瓷填充的微带天线在一个特定频率时微带尺寸与孔径的关系曲线图;图6示出了具有根据本发明的集成GPS天线的移动电话;图7a和7b示出了根据本发明的一个微带天线,该天线安装在所述孔中且具有一个低噪声放大器;图8示出了根据如图2的实施例所述的发明的另一个实施例。 FIG 4 is mounted according to the present invention comprises at the top, and includes a schematic view of a mobile telephone antenna GPS antenna; FIG. 5 shows a ceramic-filled microstrip antenna microstrip versus aperture size and at a specific frequency ; Figure 6 shows a mobile telephone integrated GPS antenna according to the present invention; Figures 7a and 7b illustrate a microstrip antenna according to the present invention, the antenna having a low noise amplifier mounted in said bore and; FIG 8 illustrates another embodiment of the invention described in the embodiment of FIG. 2.

实施例详细说明:图1a示出了根据本发明的一个典型微带天线10的透视图,该天线具有一个表面大致为正方形的微带部件11,该正方形的边长为λ/2。 Example Detailed Description: FIG 1a shows a perspective view of FIG. 10 according to the present invention, a typical microstrip antenna that has a substantially square microstrip surface member 11, the side length of the square is λ / 2. 在频率为1575.42MHz(仅适用于C/A代码的GPS频率)的正方形表面积95*95毫米2。 In a frequency of 1575.42 MHz (applies only to the GPS frequency C / A code) square surface area of ​​95 * 95 mm2. 所述微带天线还包括一个用作接地面的导电基板12,该基板基本与所述微带部件平行,这对于实现其功能是必要的。 The microstrip antenna further comprises a ground plane is used as the conductive substrate 12, the substrate substantially parallel to the microstrip element, which is necessary for its function. 当其具有与微带天线相关的接地面的功能时,印制电路板、屏幕护罩、车顶等也可用作导电基板。 When it has a function associated with the ground plane of the microstrip antenna, a printed circuit board, the shield screen, such as the roof it can be used as a conductive substrate.

导电基板会降低天线增益,这是在小型设备中这类天线的典型损失。 A conductive substrate will reduce antenna gain, which is typically a small loss of such an antenna device. 微带部件11和导电基板12之间的空间13可由陶瓷(例如ε=10或ε=36)或者塑料填充,用陶瓷填充时会将微带的尺寸分别缩减到25*25毫米或19*19毫米而厚度只有几毫米。 The space 12 between the microstrip 11 and the conductive member 13 may be a ceramic substrate (e.g. ε = 10 or ε = 36), or plastic filled with a ceramic filler will when the dimensions are reduced to the microstrip 25 mm or 19 * 25 * 19 mm and the thickness of only a few millimeters. 由陶瓷填充所引起的微带物理尺寸的缩减将会严重地减小带宽,但是带宽也可能减小到2MH(外加由于温度等引起的频率稳定裕度)以保持最简单的GPS(只用C/A代码)的功能。 By the physical dimensions of microstrip ceramic filler will be seriously reduced due to reduced bandwidth, bandwidth may be reduced to 2MH (external temperature caused due to the frequency stability margin) in order to maintain the simplest GPS (only C / a code) function.

微带部件11具有一个馈电器(feeding)16,在此天线和基板一起作为地端。 Microstrip member 11 having a feeder (feeding) 16, and on this substrate as a ground terminal antenna together. 通常用一根同轴线把馈电器16中心和外部导线连接到基板12。 A generally coaxial with the center of the feeder 16 and the external lead 12 connected to the substrate. 馈电线的粗细因同轴线中心导线的粗细不同而不同,或者也可改进馈电线的外形以增加匹配程度。 Thickness feeder coaxial central conductor due to different thicknesses and different, or may be improved to increase the wire feed profile matching degree. 所述馈电器设置在非常靠近近似为正方形的微带的对角线之处,且其距离中心孔14的距离要保证合适的匹配(50欧姆等)。 A feeder disposed at a very close approximation of a square microstrip diagonal, and the distance from the center hole 14 to ensure proper matching (50 ohm, etc.). 所述近似为正方形的微带可从概念上理解为两个调频到稍有不同的频率的被线形极化了的微带,所述不同的两个频率是由每边的长度所确定的。 The nearly square microstrip concepts to be appreciated from the FM to two slightly different frequencies are polarized microstrip line, the two different frequencies by the length of each side is determined. 这种由每边边长所确定的频率的不同的数量级为百分之一,或用另一种不同的方式表示为所述微带的一阻抗带宽。 This different magnitude determined by each of Length frequency is one percent, or with a different embodiment is represented as an impedance bandwidth of the microstrip. 这种不同使得每个所述概念上的微带中的电流具有大约±45度的相位,从而产生圆极化辐射。 This difference causes current to each of the microstrip on the concept of having a phase of about ± 45 degrees, resulting in circularly polarized radiation. 这是用于产生圆极化的通用方法,可称为“自极化”,但是这种方法只适用于很窄的带宽。 This is a common method of producing a circular polarization, it may be referred to as "self-polarization", but this method is only applicable to very narrow bandwidth. 阻抗带宽可能较大而极化带宽却很窄。 Impedance bandwidth can be large and very narrow bandwidth of the polarization. 典型的陶瓷微带天线是由有金属镀层的陶瓷制成,这种天线中的微带比陶瓷天线中的微带稍微小些。 Typical ceramic microstrip antenna is made of a ceramic with a metal plating layer, such an antenna than ceramic microstrip antenna microstrip slightly smaller. 在这种情况下,金属化了的外层比起图中所示的微带显然薄得多。 In this case, the metal of the outer layer is much thinner than the microstrip clearly shown in FIG.

只要所述孔的尺寸保持在大约为微带的尺寸的1/3之下,孔和导电管将不会干扰半波功能。 As long as the pore size is kept below about 1/3 the size of a microstrip, the hole will not interfere with the conductive tube and a half-wave function. 为了说明此点,计算了在以Al2O3为电介质时微带的尺寸作为所述孔直径的函数。 To illustrate this point, it is calculated as a function of the dimensions when the microstrip dielectric of Al2O3 as the pore diameter.

本发明微带天线10在其中部设有一孔14,在其中设有一短接所述微带部件11和所述导电基板12的导电管15,即所述导电管15与所述微带部件和导电基板是电接触的。 Microstrip antenna of the present invention in which the portion 10 is provided with a hole 14, in which the microstrip is provided a shorting member 11 and the conductive substrate 12 of the conductive tube 15, i.e. the tube 15 and the conductive member and the microstrip the conductive substrate is in electrical contact. 如果所述天线是由固体材料作为填充物,则所述导电管15可通过对所述孔14涂覆金属制成。 If the antenna is of a solid material as a filler, then the tube 15 can be made electrically conductive by metal coating 14 of the aperture. 导电管也可由插入所述孔中的金属管制成,该金属管连接所述微带部件和所述导电基板12。 The conductive tube may also be inserted into the bore metal tubing, the metal tube and the conductive connection member 12 of the microstrip substrate. 在后一种情况中,无需用固体材料填充,所以如图5所示,对一个特定的频率所述微带天线和所述导电基板之间的空间13中可以没有填充物而只有空气。 In the latter case, no solid material is filled, it is shown in FIG. 5, the space between the frequency of a particular microstrip antenna substrate 13 and the conductive filler may be absent and only air. 可以看出,孔小则对谐振频率的影响也小,这种影响可通过稍微增加所述微带边长容易地进行补偿。 As can be seen, the effect on small hole resonance frequency is small, this effect can be obtained by slightly increasing the side length of microstrip easily compensated.

显然,通过调整所述微带的边长可以利用孔径范围很宽的孔而仍然保持整体天线的尺寸不变,但是如果考虑实际的上限为所述微带的边长增加20%,则对于一个25*25毫米的微带所述孔的尺寸应该保持在10-11毫米以下。 Clearly, by adjusting the side length of the microstrip may utilize a wide range of pore sizes and pore size remains unchanged overall antenna, but in consideration of practical upper limit for the side length of the microstrip 20%, then for a 25 * 25 mm size of the aperture should remain microstrip 10-11 mm. 于是所述中心孔可有很宽的直径范围,例如在所述近似为正方形的微带的边长的0-40%之间。 Thus the central hole may have a wide range of diameters, for example, the square microstrip approximately between 0-40% of the side length. 在限制孔径的情况下,仅一根电线可通过一个小孔,但是本发明的一个很明显的优点是可能利用一个相当大的孔来安装一种设备,例如扬声器或麦克风,或者把所述孔当作一个传声信道。 In the case of the limiting aperture, only one wire through a small hole, but it is a significant advantage of the present invention are possible using a relatively large holes to install a device such as a speaker or a microphone, or said hole as a sound transmission channel. 由于所述孔涂覆有金属镀层,所以所述设备和天线之间的干扰是很小的。 Since the aperture coated with a metal plating layer, so that the interference between the antenna and the device is very small.

本发明另一个重要的特征是所述馈电器16是为圆极化而设计的,这种极化对于在GPS系统中与轨道卫星通信是必需的。 Another important feature of the invention is the feeder 16 is designed as a circular polarization, for which the polarization in the GPS system and orbit satellite communication is required. 为达此目的,把所述微带部件11、导电管15或馈电器16稍微不对称地设置以便可仅利用一个馈电点(feeding point)来提供圆极化。 For this purpose, said microstrip member 11, the conductive tube 15, or the feeder 16 is provided so as to be slightly asymmetrical with only one feeding point (feeding point) to provide circular polarization. 本发明所述的天线也可在线形极化环境中工作,但是实际中很少采用。 The antenna of the present invention may also be in a linear polarization in the work environment, but rarely used in practice.

本发明的微带天线的功能与通常用于圆极化的微带天线的功能相似,但是其优势在于其轮廓外形,即所述孔可以用于下述各种目的。 Microstrip antenna of the present invention is generally used for the same function as the circularly polarized microstrip antenna is similar, but its advantage lies in its profile shape, i.e. the holes may be used for the following various purposes.

图1b示出了沿图1a中线AA的对角断面图。 Figure 1b shows Figure 1a along the line AA of the diagonal cross-sectional view.

用陶瓷填充是优选实施例,但是在其他实施例中也可用具有低ε的材料而仍然保持其为了安装在通信装置例如一种现代蜂窝电话中所需的尺寸。 Ceramic filler is a preferred embodiment, but may also be a material having a low ε in other embodiments while still maintaining its communication device, such as mounted to a desired size of modern cellular telephones. 由高ε所产生的额外电容可由靠近所述微带边缘的各类集总电容代替,图2示出了其中一种可能情况,下面将进行讨论。 Additional capacitance generated by the high ε may be close to the various kinds of the lumped capacitance instead of the microstrip edge, FIG. 2 shows one possible case, as will be discussed below.

图2示出了本发明的另一个实施例,其中微带天线20包括一个其外围周边具有向下折叠的边21′的微带部件21,和一个导电基板22,该基板具有脊22′以便在区域27中把所述向下折叠的边21′容性地加载到所述基板上。 FIG 2 shows another embodiment of the present invention, wherein the microstrip antenna 20 comprises a surrounding its periphery with a downward folded edge 21 'of the microstrip member 21, and a conductive substrate 22, the substrate has a ridge 22' for in the region 27 of the downwardly folded edge 21 'is capacitively loaded onto the substrate. 所述天线20还包括一个基本在所述微带部件21的中心并把该部件短接到所述导电基板22的空心金属管25,由此在所述微带天线20上产生一个孔24。 The antenna 20 further comprises a substantially central microstrip 21 of the member and the member shorting the conductive substrate 22 of the hollow metal pipe 25, thereby creating a hole 24 in the microstrip antenna 20. 通过所述导电基板22提供给所述微带部件21一个与所述导电基板相隔离的馈电器26。 It is supplied to the conductive substrate 21 a of the feeder 26 is isolated from the microstrip substrate 22 through the conductive member. 该馈电器通常采用同轴电缆,其外部导线连接到所述导电基板22。 The feeder commonly used coaxial cable is connected to the external lead 22 conductive substrate.

在本实施例中,无需在位于所述微带部件21和所述导电基板22之间的空间23中引入高绝缘材料,因为所述区域27中的电容耦合减小了微带部件所需尺寸。 In the present embodiment, without a space located between the microstrip 21 and the conductive member 23 of the substrate 22 of high dielectric material is introduced, because the area of ​​the capacitive coupling member 27 reduces the required size of the microstrip . 这样作的一个明显优点就是避免了陶瓷材料的过大重量。 One distinct advantage of doing so is to avoid excessive weight of the ceramic material. 所述靠近周边的集总电容可用许多方式实现。 Near the perimeter of the lumped capacitance available in many ways. 绝缘材料可以是空气或一种可由相应金属涂覆的低ε材料(例如塑料)。 The insulating material may be air or a low-ε from the corresponding metal-coated material (e.g., plastic).

图8示出了从图2中的实施例发展而来的又一个实施例微带天线80。 FIG 8 shows an embodiment in FIG. 2 is a further embodiment developed from the microstrip antenna 80 embodiment. 一个塑料体81用来支撑通过涂覆金属而制成的导电表面82、83、87。 A plastic body 81 for supporting by coating a metal conductive surfaces 82,83,87 made of. 所述塑料体81具有一个孔84和一个基本位于所述塑料体中心的、与靠近边缘的槽86相配合的导电管85,所述槽也具有内部金属镀层。 The plastic body 81 having a bore 84 and substantially at a center of said plastic body, cooperate with grooves 86 near the edges of the conductive pipe 85, the slot also has an inner metal plating layer. 所述槽86的外边缘88没有涂覆金属,由此把导电基板82和微带部件83隔离开来。 An outer edge 88 of the groove 86 is not coated with metal, whereby the conductive member 83 and the microstrip substrate 82 to isolate. 一个导电板87可把一个放大器与一个馈电点89连接起来,如图7所述。 A conductive plate 87 may be an amplifier connected to a feeding point 89 up, as shown in FIG 7. 除了所述槽因为与所述导电管相平行的电流而将产生额外的长度以外,所述天线形成与图2中所示相应的外形,所述额外的长度使得虽然小微带的尺寸小但仍较容易调频。 In addition to the current slot as the conductive tube and parallel to the extra length generated outside the antenna form corresponding to the shape shown in Figure 2, while the extra length such that a small size but a small microstrip FM still easy.

所述天线80最好通过例如一种粘合剂固定在一个大导电表面90上以改善天线的接地面。 The antenna 80 is preferably fixed by an adhesive, for example, to improve the antenna on the ground a large conductive surface 90. 这种微带天线可具有与陶瓷微带天线相同的尺寸并拥有优良的机械稳定性。 Such ceramic microstrip antenna microstrip antenna may have the same size and has excellent mechanical stability. 显然这种天线既可以和电话内部的固定件结合在一起,如图6所示,也可以和一个集成放大器结合在一起,如图7所示。 Obviously, this antenna may be inside the phone and the holder together, as shown in FIG. 6, may be joined together and an integrated amplifier, as shown in FIG.

图3a和3b示出了一种通信装置30,例如移动蜂窝电话,这种装置具有一根根据本发明的用于GPS的第一天线和一根传统的用于接收和发送位于不同于GPS频率的频带中的信号的第二天线。 Figures 3a and 3b illustrate a communication device 30, such as a mobile cellular telephone, such devices have a GPS frequency different from that according to the present invention, a first GPS antenna and a conventional positioned for receiving and transmitting a second antenna signal in the frequency band.

图3a示出了处于一个第一位置,用于接收和发送蜂窝电话系统例如GSM、AMPS、PCS等中的无线信号的移动电话30。 Figure 3a shows in a first position, for receiving and transmitting cellular telephone system, such as a mobile phone 30 GSM, AMPS, PCS and other wireless signals. 所述无线信号经由一根第二天线31(例如用于GSM频率的微带天线、单极天线、螺旋天线等)接收/发送。 The wireless signal 31 (e.g., a microstrip antenna for GSM frequency, a monopole antenna, helical antenna, etc.) received / transmitted via a second antenna. 所述移动电话30包括一个外壳32、一个麦克风33、一个扬声器34和一个用于GPS频率的微带天线35。 The mobile phone 30 includes a housing 32, a microphone 33, a speaker 34 and a microstrip antenna 35 for GPS frequency. 所述扬声器34位于微带天线35的孔36中,由此使得这种集成GPS/GSM通信装置结构紧凑而又仍然保持了在所述GPS微带周围有一个可用的接地面。 The speaker 34 is located in a microstrip antenna 35 holes 36, thereby making such integrated GPS / GSM communication apparatus compact while still maintaining a ground plane available around the microstrip GPS. 还有一个显示器37用于在电话操作期间提供信息。 There is also a display 37 for providing information during a telephone operation.

图3b示出了处于一个第二位置、通过用于GPS的微带天线35接收GPS信号的通信装置。 Figure 3b shows in a second position, communication means 35 receives GPS signals through a GPS microstrip antenna. 该通信装置也具有一个用于在该第二位置提供信息(地图等)的显示器3。 The communication apparatus also has a display for providing information (map, etc.) at the second location 3.

如上所述,由于大多数电话都具有一个以传声方式连接到耳朵的平坦的、或微弯的表面,所以微带天线35中的孔36可用来固定扬声器34或固定用以传送发自扬声器的声音的传声信道。 As described above, since most telephone has a flat or slightly curved surface connected to the ear to a sound-transmitting manner, the holes 35 in the microstrip antenna 36 used to secure the speaker 34 for transmitting from the bottom of a speaker or a fixed sound-channel sound. 最好从后方向所述扬声器34馈送信号,且扬声器无需和所述微带天线35集成在一起。 Preferably the speaker feed signals 34 from the rear, and the speaker without the microstrip antenna 35 and integrated. 也可用一个麦克风或一个用于向麦克风传送声音的传声信道代替一个扬声器固定在所述孔中,此时最好从后方向所述麦克风馈送信号,且麦克风无需和所述微带天线35集成在一起。 May also be a microphone or a sound-transmitting channel for transmitting sound to the microphone loudspeaker in a fixed place in the hole, then the best microphone from the direction of the feed signal, and without the microphone 35 and the microstrip antenna integrated together.

可在不同的应用中利用较大的孔来简化各个部分的集成。 The integration may be simplified by using various portions of larger pores in different applications. 其中之一就是一种汽车用的尺寸简洁的车顶天线,在此尺寸和对称都被利用起来以形成一个实用方案。 One of them is the size of concise roof antenna for automobile, and symmetric in this dimension are utilized to form a practical embodiment.

图4示出了一种汽车天线40的应用情况,该天线具有一根用于GPS通信的第一天线和一根在移动蜂窝通信(例如GSM、PCS等)频带中工作的第二天线42。 Figure 4 illustrates the application of a vehicle antenna 40, the antenna having a first antenna and a second antenna 42 for communication with a GPS working in a mobile cellular communications frequency bands (e.g., GSM, PCS, etc.). 孔43可用于为所述蜂窝电话系统提供一根电话天线(鞭状天线、短棒状天线、螺旋状天线等),在此对称不会干扰GPS功能。 The aperture 43 may be used to provide a cellular telephone system, the telephone antenna (whip antenna, short rod antenna, helical antenna, etc.), this does not interfere with the GPS function symmetry. 另一方面,因为极其不同的操作频率和不同类型的对称,所以所述微带天线41不会干扰所述电话天线42。 On the other hand, since very different frequencies and different types of operations of symmetry, so that the microstrip antenna 41 does not interfere with the telephone antenna 42. 这种包括GPS天线的天线与没有GPS天线的传统天线在几何外形上非常相似。 Such an antenna includes a GPS antenna GPS antenna and the conventional antenna is not very similar in geometry. 所述天线41的导电基板44通常不与汽车的接地部分如车顶直接接触。 Conductive substrate 44 of the antenna 41 is not normally in direct contact with the ground as part of the car roof. 广泛地运用天线41和车顶之间的磁耦合以把天线固定在车辆上。 Extensive use of magnetic coupling between the antenna 41 and the roof to the antenna fixed to the vehicle.

多数时候将在靠近GPS天线处安装一个低噪声放大器。 Most of the time will be installed close to a low-noise amplifier GPS antenna. 而所述孔的另一个作用就是把所述低噪声放大器及其相关电路安装到所述微带天线70的孔72中,如图7a和7b所示。 Another effect of the hole and is mounted to the low noise amplifier and associated circuitry to the microstrip antenna 72 in the hole 70, as shown in Figures 7a and 7b. 在本例中微带部件73比陶瓷填充物74的表面积小,当把微带部件安装到陶瓷填充物上时通常都是如此。 In the present example the microstrip member 73 was smaller than the surface area of ​​ceramic filler 74, as is usually the case when the member is mounted on a microstrip ceramic filler. 导电基板75可以为任何适当的尺寸。 The conductive substrate 75 may be any suitable size.

所述低噪声放大器71通过孔72安装,该放大器具有一个最好由金属制成的外壳,为了达到接地目的,最好把该放大器压入涂覆有金属的孔72中,所述放大器还具有用于为其馈电的电缆76。 The low noise amplifier 71 through the mounting hole 72, the amplifier having a housing preferably made of a metal, in order to achieve the purpose of the ground, the amplifier is preferably pressed into the hole is coated with a metal 72, the amplifier further having for its feeder cable 76. 可用同轴电缆代替如图所示的电缆76。 It can be used instead of the coaxial cable 76 as shown in FIG. 该放大器也有一个与所述外壳绝缘的、且经由所述微带部件73顶面上的一个导电板78连接到所述馈电点77的接点。 The amplifier also has a housing with the insulated, and connected to the feeding point 77 contacts a surface of the conductive plate 73 via the microstrip member 78. 所述导电板78与所述微带部件73绝缘。 Said conductive plate 7873 and the microstrip insulating member. 所述馈电点77也经由一根接地电线79连接到所述导电基板。 The feed point 77 is also connected to the conductive substrate 79 via a ground wire. 所述馈电点77从顶部还是从底部75连接并不重要,但是在本例中馈电点最好在顶部。 The feeding point 77 is not important from the top or from the bottom of the connector 75, but the feed point in this case is preferably at the top.

在所有的实施例中讨论的都是平坦的、基本为正方形的微带。 Is flat in all embodiments discussed embodiment, substantially square microstrip. 所有本领域熟练的技术人员都了解,微带外形的微小改变可通过适当改变其尺寸和厚度来实现。 All skilled in the art will understand, the outer shape of the microstrip minor change may be achieved by appropriately changing its size and thickness. 许多微带天线的侧壁上有凹痕或短小的狭槽,或具有一个或多个切角。 With a slot on the side wall of the indentation or many short microstrip antenna, or have one or more chamfer. 就这种天线的产生圆极化等功能来说,真正重要的是能够以合适的相间频率找到两个线性、正交的谐振频率,以便产生正交方向上两个电流的±45度相移。 Generates circular polarization antenna such functions, it is really important to find two linear, orthogonal to the resonance frequency at an appropriate frequency phase, so as to generate the orthogonal direction of the two currents ± 45 degree phase shift . 许多形状,例如近似的矩形和椭圆形都适合于用作这种天线的外形设计。 Many shapes, such as rectangular and elliptical approximation are adapted to the shape designed for this antenna.

为了把天线集成在移动电话中,其表面例如可稍弯以配合电话的设计,并且可以在一个相当大的限制范围内切出天线的转角(假设其他尺寸都进行了改变以保持谐振频率)。 In order to integrate the antenna in a mobile telephone, a surface for example, slightly curved in design with the phone, and can cut out the corner of the antenna in a considerably limited range (assuming other dimensions have been altered to maintain the resonant frequency). 图6例示出了这种情况,其中一个微弯的微带天线61安装在电话62上。 6 illustrates a case in which a microbend microstrip antenna 61 is mounted on the phone 62. 扬声器63安装在微带天线61中部的一个孔中。 Speaker 63 is mounted in a middle hole 61 in Microstrip Antenna. 显然,通过传统的成型方法或通过对陶瓷/塑料混合物进行注模可以把陶瓷材料制成实际上的任何形状。 Obviously, by conventional molding methods, or it can be made by practically any shape of the ceramic / plastic injection molding a mixture of ceramic material.

本说明书及权利要求书中所用的词“通信装置”应当理解为意指任何能够接收和/或发送无线信号的装置,例如GPS接收机、移动电话和传呼机。 In this specification and claims, the term "communication means" is to be understood as any device or means capable of receiving and / or transmitting wireless signals, such as GPS receivers, mobile phones and pagers.

Claims (12)

1.一种天线,包括:一个微带部件(21;83);一个基本与所述微带部件平行的导电基板(22;82);所述微带部件具有至少一个馈电器(26;89)以产生圆极化;所述微带部件(21;83)具有基本设置在所述微带部件中心的一个第一孔;所述导电基板(22;82)具有与所述第一孔相对设置的相应的第二孔;和所述天线还包括一个位于所述第一和第二孔之间的导电连线(25;85),由此产生通过所述天线的一个通孔(24;84);其特征在于,所述通孔适用于实现至少一种非天线的功能。 1. An antenna comprising: a microstrip means (21; 83); a conductive member substantially parallel to the substrate of the microstrip (22; 82); said microstrip member having at least one feeder (26; 89 ) to produce circularly polarized; member of the microstrip (21; 83) having a first aperture disposed in substantially the center of the microstrip member; said electrically conductive substrate (22; 82) having a first aperture opposite said a respective second aperture disposed; and said antenna further comprises a conductive connection is located between the first and second holes (25; 85), thereby creating a through hole (24 through the antenna; 84); characterized in that said through hole adapted to implement at least one non-antenna function.
2.如权利要求1所述的天线,其中所述的至少一种功能是关于:将一个扬声器(34;63)或一个麦克风(33)安装在所述通孔中;或利用所述通孔作为一个传声信道,用于向一个麦克风(33)传送声音或从一个扬声器(34)传送声音;或安装一个放大器或其他电子电路。 2. The antenna according to claim 1, wherein said at least one function is related to: a speaker (34; 63) or a microphone (33) mounted in the through hole; or by using the through hole as a sound-transmitting channel for transmitting sound from a speaker or transmit sound (34) to a microphone (33); mounting an amplifier or other electronic circuits or.
3.如权利要求1或2所述的天线,其中在所述微带部件(21;83)的边缘(21′)和所述导电基板(22′,22,;82)之间提供一个容性负载。 The antenna of claim 1 or claim 2, wherein in the capacitance between a microstrip member;; the edges (21 83) 'and the conductive substrate (22 (21)' 82, 22,) load.
4.如权利要求3述的天线,其中所述微带部件(83)设置在一个具有一个凹槽(86)的支撑件(81)上,所述凹槽(86)涂覆有金属以产生所述容性负载。 4. The antenna as described claim 3, wherein said microstrip means (83) is provided having a groove (86) of the support member (81), the groove (86) coated with a metal to produce the capacitive load.
5.如权利要求4所述的天线,其中所述支撑件(81)是由塑料材料制成的。 5. The antenna according to claim 4, wherein said support member (81) is made of plastic material.
6.如权利要求1至5中任何一项所述的天线,其中所述导电连线是一个导电管(25;85)。 1 to 5 according to any one of the antenna as claimed in claim, wherein said electrically conductive connection is a conductive tube (25; 85).
7.如前述任何一项权利要求所述的天线,其中所述通孔(24;84)的直径至少为所述微带部件(21;83)的10%。 7. The antenna according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein said through hole; diameter (24 84) is at least part of said microstrip (21; 83) in 10%.
8.如前述任何一项权利要求所述的天线,其中所述天线用于接收GPS信号。 8. The antenna according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the antenna for receiving GPS signals.
9.一种通信装置(30;62),其特征在于,所述装置(30;62)包括一根如权利要求1至8中任何一项所述的第一天线(35;61)。 A communication device (30; 62), characterized in that said means (30; 62) comprises one of claims 1 to 8 to any one of the first antenna (35; 61).
10.如权利要求9所述的通信装置,其中:一个扬声器(34;63)或一个麦克风(33)设置在所述通孔中;或所述通孔用作一个传声信道,用于向一个麦克风(33)传送声音或从一个扬声器(34)传送声音;一个放大器或其他电子电路设置在所述通孔中。 10. The communication apparatus according to claim 9, wherein: a speaker (34; 63) or a microphone (33) disposed in said through hole; or as a sound-transmitting channel to the through-hole for the a microphone (33) for transmitting sound from a speaker or transmit sound (34); an amplifier or other electronic circuit disposed in the through hole.
11.如权利要求9至10中任何一项所述的通信装置,其中所述通信装置是一个移动电话(30;62)。 The communication device according to any of 9 to claim 10, wherein said communication device is a mobile telephone (30; 62).
12.如权利要求9至11中任何一项所述的通信装置,其中所述第一天线(61)稍微弯曲以配合所述通信装置(62)的设计。 12. The communication device according to any claim 9 to claim 11, wherein said first antenna (61) is slightly curved to fit the communication device (62) design.
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