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一种移动站(10)具有存储器(24),存储包括唯主使能控制位的智能漫游数据库(IRDB)。 A mobile station (10) having a memory (24), comprising a memory-only database dictates Intelligent Roaming can control bits (IRDB). HOE控制位被做成具有使能的工厂缺省值(非激活状态),使得在激活前,移动站只允许预占主系统。 HOE has a control bit is made to the factory default value of energy (inactive state), such that prior to activation, the mobile station camped only allows the host system. 本文中的主系统意思是一种广播系统操作者码(SOC)的系统,该码等于在移动站的号码分配模块(NAM)中所存储的SOC。 Herein means the main system is a broadcast system operator code (SOC) system, SOC is equal to the code of the mobile station number assignment module (NAM) are stored. 然后在激活以后允许漫游到非主系统(也就是,将IRDB中的唯主使能控制位非使能),不需要空中编程,这可通过移动站在空中激活或某种其他类型激活以后自动地将唯主使能控制位非使能来实现。 After activation then allowed to roam non-primary system (i.e., the only dictates the IRDB control bit in the non-enabled), the programming does not require air, which can be activated by moving the stand in the air or some other type of activation automatically after It will be the only non-master enable control bit is enabled to achieve.


不在空中编程之上激活以后提供漫游的方法和设备 Roaming is not above the air programming after activation methods and apparatus

发明的领域:本发明一般涉及无线电话,尤其是,涉及比如那些能够利用无线移动通信网操作的无线电话或移动站。 Field of the Invention: The present invention generally relates to a radio telephone, in particular, such as those involving the use of a wireless mobile communication network capable of operating a wireless telephone or mobile station.

发明的背景:在TIA/EIA IS-136.1,Rev.A,Febrnary 1996中描述了一种称为IS-136的现代移动通信系统(特别是蜂窝通信系统)并且随后修正发表。 Background of the Invention: in TIA / EIA IS-136.1, Rev.A, Febrnary 1996 described in modern mobile communication systems (especially cellular communication system) called IS-136 and subsequently published correction. 这种系统采用数字控制信道(DCCH),使移动站能得到对该系统的接入。 Such systems employ digital control channel (DCCH), mobile station can get access to the system. 当移动站扫描并随后监听DCCH时,就说是预占该特定的DCCH。 When the mobile station scans and then listens DCCH, it is said to account for the particular pre-DCCH. 从该DCCH接收页面消息和其他信息。 Receiving a page message and other information from the DCCH.

正如目前所规定的那样,当利用空中激活(OAA)时,起动移动站中的唯主使能(Home Only Enuble)(HOE)控制位提供快速和方便的激活操作。 As currently specified above, use of air when activated (the OAA), the only starter dictates mobile station can (Home Only Enuble) (HOE) control provides a quick and easy activation. 该移动站必须始终是完全空中可编程(OAP),以便允许漫游在非主系统上(也就是,该唯主使能位被OAP清除)。 The mobile station must always be completely programmable air (the OAP), in order to allow roaming in the non-primary system (i.e., the CD master enable bit is cleared OAP). 然而,如果唯主使能位一开始被禁止(例如,如通常实践中那样设置为0,从而起动对非主系统的漫游),在某个时间周期内该移动站可“粘贴”在不可能激活该移动站的一个非主系统上(如果OAA是所用的激活方法的话)。 However, if the only dictates a start bit is disabled (e.g., set to zero as is normal practice to start the main system for non-roaming), the mobile station can be "pasted" in a certain period of time is not possible activating the non-master system in which a mobile station (OAA is activated if the method used words). 换句话说,一个未被激活的移动站,例如由于信号衰落的缘故,可以漫游到不能够激活该移动站的系统。 In other words, a non-active mobile station, for example due to signal fading reasons, you can not be able to roam to activate the system of the mobile station.

本发明的目的和优点:因而本发明的第一目的和优点是提供一种改进的激活移动站的方法。 The objects and advantages of this invention: thus a first object and advantages of the present invention to provide an improved method of activating a mobile station.

本发明的再一个目的和优点是提供一种方法,和所构成的按本方法操作的移动站,用于一开始将该移动站的漫游能力撤除,然后在移动站被激活后自动地起动该漫游能力。 A further object and advantage of the invention is to provide a method and a mobile station according to the method of operation of the configuration for a mobile station starts the roaming capability of removal, then the mobile station is automatically activated after starting the roaming capability.

本发明的另一个目的和优点是提供一种方法,和一种按本方法操作的移动站,一开始当搜索服务时使移动站只使用在NAM中所规定的HOME_SID或HOME_SOC,排斥所有其他的服务提供者,然而,在激活以后,当搜索服务时,使用在IRDB连同NAM中所规定的SOC/SID目录。 Another object and advantage of the present invention is to provide a method, a mobile station and one according to the method of operation, a mobile station begins to search for the service only when HOME_SID or HOME_SOC specified in the NAM, the exclusion of all other service providers, however, after activation, when the search service, as defined in IRDB together with NAM in SOC / SID directory.

本发明的又一个目的和优点是提供一种方法,和一种按本方法操作的移动站,一开始在使能的条件下提供一个唯主使能指示器,在激活以后撤除该唯主使能指示器。 A further object and advantage of the invention is to provide a method, a mobile station and one according to the method of operation, dictates the beginning of a CD under conditions enabling the indicator can, after removal of the activation dictates CD energy indicator.

本发明的另一个目的和优点是除去关于是否无线电话将预占要被空中激活(OAA)的合格或不合格系统的不确定性,并不始终需要被空中编程(OAP),也防止由于预占一个非主系统在激活中可能的延时。 Another object and advantages of the present invention is to remove the uncertainty regarding whether qualified or wireless telephone to be camped on to activate the air (the OAA) of the failed system, the air does not always need to be programmed (the OAP), is prevented since the pre accounting for a non-primary system possible delays in activation.

发明概述通过依据本发明的实施方案的方法和设备克服了以上的和其他的问题,并实现了本发明的目的和优点,其中修改智能漫游(IR)程序,以便提供一种选项来配置智能漫游数据库(IRDB)唯主使能控制位,使得在激活以前允许该移动站只预占一个主系统。 Summary of the Invention By the present invention, in accordance with embodiments of the method and apparatus overcome the above and other problems, and to achieve the objects and advantages of the present invention, wherein the modifying Intelligent Roaming (IR) program, in order to provide an option to configure Intelligent Roaming database (the assistance of IRDB) CD master enable control bit, so as to allow the mobile station camped on previously activated only a primary system. 本文中主系统的意思是一种广播系统操作员码(SOC)的系统,该系统操作员码等于在移动站的号码分配模块(NAM)中存储的SOC。 Herein means a system main broadcasting system operator code (SOC) of the system operator code is equal to the SOC stored in the mobile station number assignment module (NAM) in. 在激活以后允许漫游到非主系统(也就是,撤除IRDB中的唯主使能控制位),没有空中编程,可以通过在OAA,或某种其他类型的激活以后,移动站自动地撤除该唯主使能控制位来实现。 After allowing the system to activate roamed into a non-primary (i.e., removal of the only master enable control bit in the IRDB), no air programming, can be obtained by the OAA, or some other type after activation, the mobile station automatically remove the CD to achieve master enable control bit.

依据本发明的一个方面,当移动站离开工厂时,IRDB唯主使能控制位始终被使能(例如,设置为'1')。 According to one aspect of the present invention, when the mobile station leaves the factory, the assistance of IRDB CD master enable control bit is always enabled (e.g., set to '1'). 在移动站已被OAA或某种其他措施激活以后,随即自动地复位(置为'0')唯主使能控制位。 After the mobile station has been activated or some other measures OAA, then automatically reset (set to '0') the only master enable control bit.

附图简述在结合附图阅读随后的本发明详述后以上陈述的和本发明的其他特征将更为明显,其中:图1是依据本发明构成和操作的一种移动站的方框图;图2是图1中所示的移动站的正视图,并进一步示出多种蜂窝和其他通信系统,移动站可通过无线RF链路双向连接到这些系统上,系统包括一个主系统和一个或多个非主系统;图3是依据本发明的一种方法的逻辑流程图;和图4示出一种通常的消息流,用于在DTC时将信息编程到未被编程的移动站中。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS In the following detailed description of the invention set forth above and other features of the present invention will become more apparent, wherein: FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a mobile station constructed and operated in accordance with the present invention; FIG. 2 is a front view of the mobile station shown in FIG. 1, and further illustrate various cellular and other communication systems, two-way mobile stations connected to these systems via a wireless RF link, the system comprising a master system and one or more non-primary system; FIG. 3 is a logic flow diagram of a method according to the present invention; and FIG. 4 shows a conventional message flow for when the DTC information programmed into unprogrammed mobile station.

发明详述首先参考图1和2,用于示出适合于实施本发明的无线用户终端或移动站10,例如但并不限于蜂窝无线电话或个人通信器。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION Referring first to FIGS. 1 and 2, adapted for illustrating a wireless user terminal or mobile station 10 of the embodiment of the present invention, such as, but not limited to a cellular radiotelephone or a personal communicator. 移动站10可以是一种车载的或手持的设备。 The mobile station 10 may be a vehicle or a handheld device. 移动站10包括一个天线12,用于发送信号到和接收信号从第一基点或基站30。 The mobile station 10 includes an antenna 12 for transmitting signals to and receiving signals from the first base point or base station 30. 基站30是第一蜂窝公共系统的一部分,包括基站/移动交换中心/互通功能(BMI1)32,其中包含移动交换中心(MSC)34。 The base station 30 is a part of the first public cellular system including a base station / mobile switching center / interworking function (BMI1) 32, which includes a mobile switching center (MSC) 34. 当移动站10被包含在呼叫中时,MSC34提供对陆地线路干线的连接。 When the mobile station 10 is included in the call, MSC34 provides a connection to landline trunks.

图2还示出具有相联的基站30'和MSC 32'的第二BMI232'。 2 also shows a base station associated with a second BMI232 30 'and the MSC 32' 'of. 作为举例,BMI132可以与第一数字公共系统(例如,PCS 1900或GSM)有联系,BMI232'可以与第二公共系统有联系,例如相同类型或另一种类型的数字系统。 By way of example, BMI132 may be associated with a first digital public systems (e.g., PCS 1900 or GSM), BMI232 'may be associated with a second common system, for example, the same type or another type of digital systems. 两种公共系统具有相关联的SID和SOC。 Two kinds of public systems associated with a SID and SOC. 对于本描述的目的,假定BMI132是移动站10的主系统,也就是,它广播系统操作者码(SOC),等于存储在移动站的号码分配模块(NAM)中的SOC。 For the purposes of this description, it assumes that the master system is BMI132 mobile station 10, i.e., it broadcasts a system operator code (SOC), the SOC is equal to storing a mobile station number assignment module (NAM) in. 其他的BMI(BMI232')被假定为一个非主系统。 Other BMI (BMI232 ') is assumed to be a non-master system. 如果两个或多个系统不是相同的(例如,两个利用相同空中接口的数字TDMA系统),那末移动站10被假定具有至少双模式能力,以致它可以在不同类型的系统中工作。 If two or more systems are not the same (e.g., two digital TDMA systems using the same air interface), then the mobile station 10 is assumed to have at least a dual-mode capability, such that it can work with different types of systems.

图1的移动站10包括发送接收机,由调制器(MOD)14A,可调谐发射机14,可调谐接收机16,解调器(DEMOD)16A,和控制器18组成,控制器提供信号到发送接收机并从发送接收机接收信号。 The mobile station 10 of FIG. 1 comprises a transmitter and receiver, by a modulator (MOD) 14A, a tunable transmitter 14, tunable receiver 16, a demodulator (DEMOD) 16A, and a controller 18 composed of, provides a signal to the controller the receiver transmits signals from the transmitting and receiving receiver. 这些信号包括依据适用的蜂窝系统的空中接口标准的信号信息,也包括用户语音和/或用户所产生的数据。 These signals include the signal information according to the air interface standard of the applicable cellular system, and also user speech and / or user generated. 正如以上所指出的那样,发射机,接收机,调制器和解调器至少可以是双模式的,可以用移动站10的环境中几种不同的公共和私人系统的频率,调制类型,接入类型,等进行操作。 As pointed out above, the transmitter, receiver, modulator and demodulator may be at least dual mode, the frequency can be used, the type of modulation environment of the mobile station 10 in several different public and private systems, access type, or the like operation.

可以理解的是,控制器18也包括实现移动站的声频和逻辑功能所需的电路。 It will be appreciated that the controller 18 also includes the circuitry required for implementing the audio and logic functions of the mobile station. 作为举例,控制器18可以由数字信号处理器设备,微处理器设备,和各种模数变换器,数模变换器,以及其他的支持电路组成。 By way of example, the controller 18 may be a digital signal processor device, a microprocessor device, and various analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, and other support circuits. 移动站的控制和信号处理功能,依据它们各自的能力被分配在这些设备之间。 And a mobile station control signal processing functions are allocated between these devices according to their respective capabilities.

用户接口包括通常的耳机或扬声器17,通常的话筒19,显示器20,和用户输入设备,典型的是键板22,所有这些被连到控制器18。 The user interface includes a conventional earphone or speaker 17, a conventional microphone 19, a display 20, and a user input device, typically a keypad 22, all of which are connected to the controller 18. 键板22包括通常的数字键(0-9)和有关的键(#,*)22a,和用于操作移动站10的其他键22b。 Keypad 22 includes conventional numeric (0-9) and related keys (#, *) 22a, and other keys used for operating the mobile station to 22b 10. 这些其他键22b可以包括,例如,SEND键,各种菜单翻卷和软键,和PWR键。 These other keys 22b may include, e.g., the SEND key, various menu scrolling and soft keys, and a PWR key. 移动站10也包括电池26,用于对操作移动站10所需的各种电路供电。 The mobile station 10 also includes a battery 26 for powering the various circuits 10 required to operate the mobile station.

移动站10还包括各种存储器,合起来表示为存储器24,其中存储在移动站操作期间控制器18所用的多个常数和变量。 The mobile station 10 also includes various memories, shown collectively as the memory 24 represents a plurality of constants and variables stored therein during the operation of the mobile station used by the controller 18. 例如,存储器24存储各种系统参数和号码分配模块(NAM)的值。 For example, the 24 stores values ​​of various system parameters and the number assignment module (NAM) memory. 用于控制控制器18操作的操作程序也被存入存储器24中(典型做法是存入ROM设备)。 Operating program for controlling the operation of the controller 18 is also stored in the memory 24 (typically involving a device stored in ROM). 存储器24也可存储数据,包括用户消息,是在将消息显示给用户以前从BMI 32接收到的。 The memory 24 may also store data, including user messages, the message is displayed to the user previously received from the BMI 32 to.

对于本发明的目的,假定存储器24的某个部分24A,典型情况下是NAM,存储移动识别号(MIN),系统操作者码(SOC),和以上提到的IRDB。 For the purposes of the present invention, some portion of memory 24 is assumed to 24A, typically a NAM, stored mobile identification number (MIN), system operator codes (the SOC), and the above-mentioned IRDB. IRDB中的一位,例如LSB,被规定为唯主使能(HDE)控制位。 IRDB in one, for example, LSB, is defined as the only master enable (HDE) control bit. IRDB中的其他位,对于理解本发明没有密切关系,可以包括非公共优先权使能控制位,触发扫描述非使能控制位,增强的DCCH时间关系表(DHT)使能和DHT使能控制位,SOC非使能控制位,字母标记使能控制位。 IRDB other bits, not germane to the understanding of the present invention, may include non-common priority enable control bit, the non-described sweep trigger enable control bits DCCH enhanced time table (DHT) enable and enable control DHT position, the SOC non enable control bit, lettered enable control bit. 在通常的实施过程中,对于所有这些控制位的工厂缺省设置(未被编程的移动站)为'非使能'(设置为0)。 In a typical implementation, the control bits for all of these factory default settings (unprogrammed mobile station) as 'non-enable' (set to 0).

如果事先已知或稍后,可由分销商,本地提供者,或某些其他的实体将HOME_SOC存入工厂。 If known in advance or later, by distributors, local providers, or some other entity will HOME_SOC into the plant. 为本发明的目的,假定在激活以前。 Purposes of this invention, it is assumed that before activation. 存储器24存储某些缺省值的指示或主服务操作者码。 The memory 24 stores the main service operator instructions or code with some default values.

依据本发明的讲授和也参考图3,对于HOE控制位的工厂设置被替代成使能(在步骤A设置1),从而一开始使移动站10在搜索服务时只使用在NAM中被规定的HOME_SID或HOME_SOC,并拒绝所有其他的服务提供者(例如与图2的BMl2 32'有关的服务提供者)。 Based on teaching and also with reference to FIG. 3 of the invention, for the HOE control bit factory setting is replaced with enabled (at step A set 1), so that the beginning that the mobile station 10 only is specified in the NAM at the time of the search service HOME_SID or HOME_SOC, and reject all other service providers (e.g. FIG BMl2 32 2 'of the relevant service providers). 在激活以后(步骤B),HOE位被复位(自动地)为0(步骤C),从而使移动站10在搜索服务时,能够使用IRDB连同NAM中所规定的SOC/SID目录。 After (Step B) activated, the HOE bit is reset (automatically) to 0 (Step C), so that the mobile station 10 in the search service to use SOC / SID IRDB directory specified in conjunction with NAM.

一般,发布移动站识别(MSID)管理包含BMI 32和移动站10确定哪种MSID格式可用于空中接口的过程。 In general, the released mobile station identification (MSID) comprising management BMI 32 and the mobile station 10 may be used to determine which format MSID process air interface. 依据本发明的讲授,在移动站10具有有效的MIN以后(已被空中激活或其他的措施激活),为了允许漫游,移动站10自动地把唯主使能位设置为0。 Accordance with teachings of the present invention, the mobile station 10 has a valid MIN later (the air has been activated or other measures activation), in order to allow roaming, the mobile station 10 automatically sets the only master enable bit is set to 0.

在通常的实施过程中,当HOE位被设置为0时,移动站10在搜索服务时,使用在IRDB,连同NAM中所规定的SOC/SID目录,如果没有找到更高优先级的服务提供者,则从一个中性的服务提供者取得服务。 In a typical implementation, when the HOE bit is set to 0, the mobile station 10 at a search service, using the assistance of IRDB, together with the specified NAM SOC / SID directory, if not found higher priority service provider , from a neutral service provider to obtain service. 当HOE位被设置为1时,移动站10在搜索服务时被规定只使用在NAM中被规定的HOME_SID或HOME_SOC,并且拒绝所有其他的服务提供者。 When the HOE bit is set to 1, the mobile station 10 when a predetermined search service is only HOME_SID or HOME_SOC prescribed in the NAM, and reject all other service providers.

依据本发明的讲授,在移动站10中HOE控制位被设置为1,作为移动站被激活以前的一个缺省值。 Accordance with teachings of the present invention, the mobile station 10 HOE control bit is set to 1, it is activated as a default value before the mobile station. 为了允许漫游,在激活以后移动站10将HOE控制位设置为0。 To allow roaming, the HOE 10 after activation control bit 0 is set to the mobile station. HOE控制位的状态往后可再次通过从某个其他服务提供者的空中编程来改变(例如,可被设置为1)。 HOE control bits next state may change again (e.g., may be set to 1) by programming some other service provider from the air.

图4描绘出现有技术的消息流,当在DTC时将信息编程到未被编程的移动站10(也就是,对于MIN,国际移动站识别(IMSI),和被共享的保密数据(SSD_S,和SSD_C),移动站具有零值)。 FIG 4 depicts a prior art appears message flow when the DTC information programmed into unprogrammed mobile station 10 (i.e., for the MIN, the international mobile station identification (the IMSI), and a shared secret data (SSD_S, and SSD_C), the mobile station have a zero value).

依据本发明的讲授,在移动站10具有有效的MIN以后(已被空中激活或其他措施激活),为了允许漫游,移动站10自动地将唯主使能位设置为0,移动站10被用这种方式使能漫游并从一个非主系统得到服务(例如,示于图2中的BMI232')。 Accordance with teachings of the present invention, the mobile station 10 has a valid MIN later (has been activated measures the air or other activation), in order to allow roaming, the mobile station 10 automatically CD master enable bit is set to 0, the mobile station 10 is used this manner can roam and obtain service from a non-primary system (e.g., shown in FIG. 2 BMI232 ').

可以认识到,这种技术避免以上所讨论的问题,其中一个未被激活的移动站可以漫游到一个不能够激活该移动站的系统。 Can be appreciated, this technique avoids the problems discussed above, wherein a non-active mobile station may roam to a system can not be activated in the mobile station.

虽然在最佳实施方案的文本中已进行了描述,应该意识到,对于本领域的技术人员可以进行对这些讲授的许多修改。 Although the text has been described in the preferred embodiment, it should be recognized that those skilled in the art may make many modifications are taught. 例如,本发明的讲授并不限于只使用按照IS-136或类似的空中接口所构成并操作的系统,或者只利用数字TDMA蜂窝系统。 For example, the teachings of the present invention is not limited to use only in accordance with operation of the system and IS-136 or the like constituting the air interface, or using only the digital TDMA cellular system. 而且,本发明的讲授同样适用于使能和非使能特性的不同表示方法(例如,可以使用多于1位提供HOE指示器,或者位的意思可以相反(例如,逻辑1指明非使能HOE,而逻辑0表示使能HOE))。 Furthermore, the teachings of the present invention are equally applicable to the enable and the disable different representations of the characteristics (e.g., may use more than one indicator provided HOE, or may mean the opposite position (e.g., a logic 1 indicates the disable HOE and a logic 0 is enabled HOE)).

因而,虽然对于其最佳实施方案详细地展示和描述了本发明,本领域的技术人员将理解,其中可以进行形式和细节上的改变而不偏离本发明的范围和精神。 Thus, although for the best embodiments of the present invention is shown and described in detail, those skilled in the art will appreciate that changes may be made therein in the form and details without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention.

Claims (7)

  1. 1.一种用于操作移动站的方法,包括以下步骤:提供一种未被激活的移动站,使得移动站能够只从具有作为主服务提供者被存储在移动站中的服务提供者码的服务提供者取得服务;激活该移动站;和对激活该移动站作出响应,自动地使移动站能够从其他服务提供者得到服务。 1. A method for operating a mobile station, comprising the steps of: providing a mobile station is not activated, so that the mobile station can be provided provider stored in the mobile station from the service provider only has as a main code and services service provider access to services; activating the mobile station; and in response to the activation of the mobile station, the mobile station can automatically enable the provider to obtain service from another service.
  2. 2.一种用于操作移动站的方法,包括以下步骤:提供移动站工厂缺省的位设置,防止移动站从不是主服务提供者的服务提供者得到服务;激活该移动站,提供该移动站一个移动识别号;和对激活移动站作出响应,自动地改变工厂缺省的位设置,使移动站能够漫游到一个非主服务提供者并从该处得到服务。 2. A method for operating a mobile station, comprising the steps of: providing the mobile station is the factory default setting position, preventing the mobile station from the service provider is not the primary service provider to obtain services; activating the mobile station to provide the mobile a mobile station identification number; and in response to the activation of the mobile station, to automatically change the factory default bit settings so that the mobile station can roam to a non-primary service provider and the service obtained therefrom.
  3. 3.一种用于操作移动站的方法,包括以下步骤:提供移动站具有被使能的唯主使能(HOE)控制位工厂缺省设置值的智能漫游数据库(IRDB);激活该移动站;和对激活该移动站作出响应,自动地非使能HOE控制位。 3. A method for operating a mobile station, comprising the steps of: providing a mobile station with intelligent roaming database (the assistance of IRDB) is the only master enable enabled (the HOE) control bit of the factory default settings; activating the mobile station ; and in response to the activation of the mobile station, automatically non-HOE enable control bit.
  4. 4.一种移动站,包括:一个发送接收机;一个控制器;和连到所述的控制器的存储器,所述的存储器存储智能漫游数据库(IRDB),它具有被使能的唯主使能(HOE)控制位工厂缺省设置值。 A mobile station, comprising: transmitting a receiver; a controller; and a memory coupled to said controller, said memory storing intelligent roaming database (the assistance of IRDB), which has enabled the CD dictates energy (the HOE) control bit factory default settings.
  5. 5.如权利要求4中的移动站,其中所述的控制器响应接收激活数据的所述移动站,自动地非使能所述的HOE控制位。 5. The mobile station of claim 4, wherein said controller is responsive to activation of said mobile station receives data, so that the non-automatic control bit energy of the HOE.
  6. 6.如权利要求4的移动站,其中所述的控制器响应通过所述的发送接收机接收激活数据的所述的移动站,自动地非使能所述的HOE控制位。 6. The mobile station as claimed in claim 4, wherein said controller in response to activation of mobile station receives data transmitted by the receiver of the automatically non-control bits that make the HOE.
  7. 7.如权利要求5的移动站,其中所述的控制器响应通过所述的发送接收机接收空中编码数据的所述移动站,再次将所述的HOE控制位放入使能设置值。 The mobile station as claimed in claim 5, wherein said controller is responsive to the mobile station receives the encoded data through the air to the transceivers, and again placed in the control bit is enabled HOE set value.
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