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证券处理设备(10)包括伪券检测系统,根据证券(22)的磁性识别可疑伪券。 Securities processing device (10) comprises a counterfeit note detection system, according to the magnetic identification suspected counterfeit notes of securities (22). 每张证券(22)都在读出磁头(86)附近传送,磁头产生电信号(210)。 Each document (22) in read head (86) near the transfer, the magnetic head generates an electrical signal (210). 调节电路(110)调节来自读出磁头(86)的信号(210),使其与模/数转换器(304)兼容。 Regulating circuit (110) adjustment signal (210) from the read head (86), so that the analog / digital converter (304) compatible. 调节电路(110)包括一个或多个放大器(130)、滤波器(140)、整流器(160)和一个积分器(180)。 Regulating circuit (110) comprises one or more amplifiers (130), a filter (140), a rectifier (160) and an integrator (180). 向模/数转换器(304)提供来自积分器(180)的调节信号(220),并最好将该信号限制到一个可兼容的电平。 Providing adjustment signal (220) from the integrator (180) to the analog / digital converter (304), and is preferably the limiting signal to a level compatible. 在检测每一张证券(22)时,通过模/数转换器(304)获得多个取样值。 Upon detection of each one stock (22), a plurality of sample values ​​obtained by A / D converter (304). 累加取样值产生代表证券(22)的一个或多个累加值(242、274、292、404、412)。 Generating accumulated sample values ​​representative of securities (22), one or more accumulated value (242,274,292,404,412). 将累加值与和真证券有关的一个或多个预定基准值(263、264、276、280、282、288、402、406、410、414)比较,以确定检测的证券(22)是否是一个可疑的伪券(22)。 The accumulated value with a true and a plurality of predetermined related reference value or security (263,264,276,280,282,288,402,406,410,414) to determine the detected securities (22) whether a suspected counterfeit note (22).


伪证券检测设备 Pseudo Securities testing equipment

本发明涉及对可疑伪券进行磁检测的设备和方法。 The present invention relates to apparatus and suspected counterfeit notes in magnetic detection.

计数、检验、堆垒特定类型的证券(如,货币)的证券计数和处理设备是公知的。 Counting test, a particular type of security heaps (e.g., currency) the document counting and processing apparatus are well known. 其中有一种利用模拟比较电路检验证券的光和磁特性是否落在由偏置该比较电路的分立电子元件确定的阈值内的设备。 Wherein there is a comparator circuit using an analog optical and magnetic properties of examining the security of the device falls within a threshold of the discrete electronic components by the bias circuit is determined by comparison. 为了采用这些设备计数和检验其光或磁特性不相同的证券,必须手动调节模拟比较电路的偏置元件。 To use these devices and testing their counts optical or magnetic properties different securities must manually adjust the biasing components of the analog comparator circuits. 在适合于一种类型证券(如,美国货币)的现有技术的证券计数设备中可实现核实检验的特定组合,但这种特定的组合不可能适合于其它类型的证券,例如赠券、美国食品印花、或除美国外的其它国家的货币。 Suitable for one type of security (e.g., U.S. currency) document counting apparatus in the prior art may be implemented to verify the specific combinations tested, but this specific combination not be suitable for other types of securities, such as coupons, U.S. food stamp, or currency except the United States or other countries. 因此,人们希望为证券计数设备提供一种控制系统,使得计数设备可有选择地进行核实检验以及能容易地选择检验阈值和步骤来符合各种证券的特征和特性。 Accordingly, it is desirable to provide a control system for the document counting device such that the device can be selectively count verification test and inspection can be easily selected to meet the threshold and the step of features and characteristics of the various securities.

我们发现,由于在计数设备中存在来自各种噪声源的电噪声,因此在高速证券计数设备中根据证券的光和磁性准确检验证券是很困难的。 We found that, due to the presence of electrical noise from various noise sources in the counting device, and therefore high-speed document counting device is difficult to accurately examining the security light according to a magnetic securities. 为了提高检验真证券的可靠性,期望提供一种可基本上免除电噪声影响的证券检验系统。 In order to improve the reliability of testing truth securities, securities desirable to provide an inspection system is basically exempt from noise power.

按本发明的一个方面,为证券计数和分选设备提供一个由可编程微处理器控制的控制系统。 According to one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a control system controlled by a programmable microprocessor for the document counting and sorting apparatus. 该微处理器连到一个通道模/数(A/D)转换器,该转换器对来自光和磁证券检测设备的模拟信号取样。 The microprocessor is connected to a channel analog / digital (A / D) converter which converts analog signals from optical and magnetic document detection sampling device. 在处理每一个证券时,微处理器经A/D转换器累加多个来自传感器的取样值。 When the processing of securities each, microprocessor via A / D converter samples the plurality of accumulated values ​​from the sensor. 该累加的取样值与可编程的阈值和/或限值比较,以便在证券通过设备传送时检验每一个证券。 Sampling programmable threshold value and / or comparing the accumulated value in order to check each of the securities transmitted through the security device. 每次通过用户来选择用于检验证券磁性的阈值和限值,或者对这些阈值或限值重新编程(这是很容易作到的),以便检验不同类型的证券。 Each selected threshold value, and a magnetic test securities by the user, or to reprogram these threshold values ​​or the limit value (which is easily done) in order to test different types of securities. 例如,更新非易失存贮器(包含微处理器执行的检验参数和控制程序)可能会便利于这种重新编程。 For example, updating the non-volatile memory (includes test parameters and control program executed by the microprocessor) could facilitate this re-programming.

按本发明的另一方面,证券计数设备包括一个用于具有磁性的证券的证券磁检验系统,并且该系统的特征是减小噪声的影响。 According to another aspect of the present invention, a document counting apparatus comprising a magnetic security inspection system for securities having magnetic properties, and the feature of the system is to reduce the influence of noise. 证券磁检验系统使用了一个读出磁头,它响应于具有磁性的证券通过磁头时产生一个感应电信号。 Magnetic security inspection system uses a read-out head, responsive to the electrical signals generated by a magnetic head having a magnetic securities. 磁头刚性地装到一个证券导向板上。 A magnetic head is rigidly mounted to the guide plate stock. 在本发明的一个实施例中,将一个加强证券磁性的磁铁也刚性地装在读出磁头上,使二者成固定关系,从而和读出磁头一起形成了一个单一的机械连接。 In one embodiment of the present invention, the magnet is a magnetic security strengthening is also rigidly mounted on the read head, so that the two fixed relation to the read head and form a single mechanical connection together. 当证券沿导向板传送时,定位在读出磁头上方的路径约束轮使证券在读出磁头附近均匀接近通过。 When the securities transmitted along the guide plate, positioned above the path of the read head restraint wheel to securities in the vicinity of the read head is accessible through uniform. 信号调节电路处理来自读出磁头的感应电信号,以提供具有低噪声含量的调节信号。 Signal conditioning circuit processes the induced electrical signal from the read head to provide a conditioned signal having a low noise content. 在优选实施例中,信号调节电路包括一个带通滤波器,用于除去来自读出磁头的感应电信号的高频噪声分量和低频噪声分量。 In a preferred embodiment, the signal conditioning circuit comprises a band-pass filter for removing high frequency noise from the electrical signals of the reading head components and low noise component. 在证券通过读出磁头期间,通过A/D转换器对被处理的信号进行多次信号取样,以便产生一个由微处理器累加的值。 , D converter to signal processing performed by the securities during the read head by the A / multiple signal samples to produce a value accumulated by the microprocessor. 在证券通过了读出磁头后,对累加的值求平均,并且同一个或多个预定的基准值比较,以便对具有预定的或可接受的磁特性或磁性的证券进行检验核实。 After the securities by the read head to find the value of accumulated averaged and compared with a predetermined reference value or more, for verification or verification of the magnetic properties or magnetic pharmaceutically having a predetermined securities.

按本发明的另一个实施例,为证券计数设备提供一个伪券检测系统,以便可用于检验具有不同磁特性的证券。 Another embodiment according to the present invention, there is provided a detection system for the counterfeit notes document counting apparatus, so as to be used to verify securities having different magnetic properties. 这样一些证券(例如中华人民共和国发行的50元钞票)若和美国货币相比,其磁性较弱和/或磁性区更小。 Some such securities (eg People's Republic of China issued 50 dollar bills) and if the US currency compared to the weak magnetic and / or magnetic zone smaller. 在检测和核实相当小的可磁化的证券的过程中,为一个强化的伪券检测系统提供一个高增益、低噪声的信号调节电路,以便连接读出磁头和控制用的微处理机。 Detection and verification process relatively small magnetizable securities, there is provided a reinforced counterfeit-note detection system a high-gain, low-noise signal conditioning circuit, connected to the read head and the control of the microprocessor used. 当每一张证券传送通过读出磁头时,A/D转换器在微处理器控制下取出调节信号的多个信号取样值。 When each of the securities transmitted through a read head, A / D converter plurality of signal samples taken in the adjustment signal under microprocessor control. 将每个取样值都和一个或多个基准值比较,微处理器相对于基准值对落在基准值的一个预定范围内的多个相继取样值的数目进行累加计数。 Each sample values ​​and comparing one or more reference values, the reference value of the microprocessor with respect to the number of the plurality of successive sample values ​​falling within a predetermined range of reference values ​​is accumulated count. 累加的计数又依次和一个或多个与真券相关的基准值比较,确定被处理的证券是否具有可接受的磁性。 And in turn accumulated counts associated with a plurality of genuine note or a reference value, and determines whether the processed securities magnetic acceptable.

当结合附图阅读时将会更好地理解本发明的下述概述和下述优选实施例的详细描述,其中:图1是按本发明的证券计数和分选设备的透视图;图2A是一个剖面图,表示沿图1的线2A-2A剖开的并且部分断开的图1的证券计数和分选设备的结构部件的结构安排;图2B是沿图1的线2B线取的并且除去了外壳的图1的证券计数和分选设备的侧视图;图2C是除去外壳的图1的证券计数和分选设备的侧视图,其中的剖面是沿图1的线2C取的;图2D是一个示意的平面图,表示图1设备的驱动链,其中除去了导向板、断开了侧板、并且分开了重叠部分,从而使图面清晰;图3A是一个部分剖面图,其中表示光和磁传感器在图2A的证券计数和分选设备中的位置,并且表示另一种剥离组件,其中为清晰起见除去了某些部分;图3B是图3A沿线3B-3B取的剥离组件的剥离调节机构的平面图;图3C是图 When read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings will be better understood from the following detailed description and the description of the following preferred embodiment of the present invention, wherein: FIG. 1 is a perspective view according to a document counting and sorting apparatus according to the present invention; FIG. 2A is a sectional view showing the structure of the arrangement taken along line 2A-2A of FIG. 1 taken structural member and securities counting and sorting apparatus of Figure 1 partially broken away; FIG. 2B is taken along line 2B of FIG. 1 taken from line and removing a side view of a document counting and sorting apparatus of Figure 1 housing; FIG. 2C is a side view of the removal of a document counting and sorting apparatus housing of FIG. 1, which is a sectional view along line 2C of FIG. 1 taken; FIG. 2D is a schematic plan view showing a drive chain of the apparatus of FIG, wherein the guide plates removed, the side plates is disconnected, and a separate overlapping portions, thereby drawing clarity; FIG. 3A is a partial cross-sectional view showing the optical wherein and the position of the magnetic sensor in a document counting and sorting apparatus of FIG. 2A, and showing another stripping assembly, for clarity certain parts removed; FIG. 3B is peeled release assembly of Figure 3A taken along line 3B-3B plan view of the adjustment mechanism; FIG. 3C is 3A的剥离调节机构的透视图;图4是导向板的一个平面剖面图,表示沿线4-4的方向观察的图3的光和磁传感器的位置;图5A是一个按照本发明的磁信号调节电路的示意方块图;图5B是一个曲线图,表示图5A的电路的输入和输出波形;图5C是图5A所示电路的一个优选实施例的一个示意图;图6A是用于按本发明的证券计数和分选设备的一个控制系统的示意方块图;图6B是向图6A的控制系统提供定时信号的电一机定时轮的示意图;图7A-7E是图6A的控制系统执行的控制过程的逻辑流程图的几个相继的部分,其中包括另一种伪券检测过程;图8是图1所示设备的控制面板的一个平面图;图9是中国的50元钞票的背面的示意图,其中表示出具有磁性的部分;图10A是按本发明的另一个磁信号调节电路的示意图;图10B是和图10A的电路一道使用的电源电路的示意图;并且图11是一个由 A perspective view of the release mechanism of the adjustment. 3A; FIG. 4 is a plan sectional view of the guide plate showing the location of optical and magnetic sensor 3 in the direction viewed along line 4-4; Figure 5A is a signal in accordance with the present invention a magnetic conditioning a schematic block diagram of the circuit; FIG. 5B is a graph showing input and output waveforms of the circuit of FIG. 5A; FIG. 5C is a preferred embodiment of the circuit shown in FIG. 5A is a schematic diagram; FIG. 6A is used according to the invention document counting and sorting a control apparatus of a schematic block diagram; FIG. 6B is a schematic view of an electrical a local timing wheel provides timing signals to the control system of FIG. 6A; FIG. 7A-7E is a control procedure executed by a control system. 6A logic flowchart of several successive portions, including another counterfeit-note detection process; FIG. 8 is a plan view of a control panel of the apparatus shown in FIG. 1; FIG. 9 is a schematic view of the back of the $ 50 bills in China, wherein It is shown having a magnetic portion; FIG. 10A is a schematic diagram of a magnetic signal by a further regulating circuit of the present invention; FIG. 10B is a schematic diagram of a power supply circuit and a circuit of FIG. 10A used; and FIG. 11 is of a 图10A的信号调节电路产生的信号波形的曲线图。 Graph showing a signal waveform of the signal conditioning circuit of FIG. 10A is produced.

图1表示一个有价证券计数和分选设备10。 1 shows a value document counting and sorting apparatus 10. 在设备10中,将有价证券放入斗仓12中,借此把证券送到设备10内进行计数或分选。 In the apparatus 10, the securities into the hopper 12, whereby the security device 10 to be counted or sorted. 证券通过设备10后由叠放轮18叠放在叠放板20上。 Securities by the device 10 stacked on the stacking plate 20 by the stacking wheel 18. 该设备的控制板包括显示器16(如,LCD显示器),向用户显示计数、总数和状态信息。 The apparatus includes a display panel 16 (e.g., LCD displays), displays the count, and the total number of status information to the user. 用键盘14向设备手动输入控制命令。 14 controls the keyboard command to the input device manually.

就有价证券输送机构而论,现参照图2A,把一叠证券22放入斗仓12中并使它们静止在斗仓板24上。 Securities respect to transport mechanism, referring now to Figure 2A, the security stack 22 into the hopper 12 and resting them on the hopper plate 24. 在斗仓12的两侧对齐一个LED65和一个光传感器64,检测斗仓12中是否存在有价证券。 On both sides of a hopper 12 is aligned with a photosensor 64 and LED65, hopper 12 detects the presence or absence of securities. 在分拣轮轴28上安装一对分拣轮(如,分拣轮26),轴28位于斗仓板24的下方。 Shaft 28 mounted on the sorter sorting one pair of wheels (e.g., sorting wheel 26), the shaft 28 is located below the plate 24 of the hopper. 摩擦式分拣表面30围绕着分拣轮26的周边的一部分。 Sorting friction surface portion 30 around the periphery of the wheel 26 of the sorter. 分拣轮26一转动,分拣表面30就穿过斗仓板24中的一个孔、与最下边的证券22摩擦啮合,并迫使这些证券22移向供给轮组件32。 A sorting wheel 26 is rotated, surface 30 will pass through a sorting hole hopper plate 24, frictionally engages the lowermost 22 securities, securities and 22 forcing them toward the feed wheel assembly 32.

当供给轮32与最下边的证券摩擦啮合时,剥离组件(用标号36总体表示)沿和供给轮32转动方向相反的方向提供剥离作用,挤压最下边的证券,使这些证券一次一张地通过该设备,对此下面还要作更加全面的介绍。 When the supply wheel 32 frictionally engages the lowermost securities, stripping assembly (generally indicated by reference numeral 36) and the supply wheel 32 rotates in an opposite direction to provide peeling action, pressing the lowermost securities, securities these one at a time With this equipment, the following should make this a more comprehensive introduction. 剥离组件36由驱动轴48驱动,在轴48上装有驱动皮带轮40。 Release assembly 36 driven by the drive shaft 48, with shaft 48 in the drive pulley 40. 驱动皮带轮40与剥离组件的摩擦式皮带38啮合,皮带38绕驱动皮带轮40和装在惰轮轴44上的惰轮42转动。 Drive pulley 40 and release assembly engaging the friction belt 38, the belt 38 around the drive pulley 40 and idler shaft 44 mounted on the idler gear 42 is rotated. 对剥离组件皮带38进行选择,使其与证券22的摩擦系数小于证券与供给轮32周边表面的摩擦系数,因此这种剥离作用不能克服供给轮32的供给作用。 Peeling the belt assembly 38 are selected so that the coefficient of friction and a coefficient of friction less than 22 securities securities and the peripheral surface of the supply wheel 32, so that the peeling effect can not overcome the feeding action of the feed wheel 32.

经常发生的情况是,有价证券(如,现金)的摩擦特性取决于证券的年代和状态,并且还取决于环境特性(如,湿度)。 Often it happens that the frictional characteristics of securities (e.g., cash) depends on the state's and securities, and also on the environmental characteristics (e.g., humidity). 为了在证券22加入设备中时能调节加到证券22上的剥离摩擦作用,要为惰轮轴44提供可转动的偏心轴承46,可以转动该轴承46以调节惰轮轴44相对于驱动轴48的位置。 In order to adjust the friction action on the release 22 when applied to securities added security device 22, idler shaft 44 is provided to be rotatable eccentric bearings 46, the bearing 46 may be rotated to adjust the position of the idler shaft 44 relative to the drive shaft 48 . 这种调节作用改变了剥离组件摩擦式皮带38中的张力,并且可利用这种调节作用来改变证券加入设备10中时由剥离组件摩擦式皮带38加到证券22上的正常作用力。 This changes the tension regulation of the friction belt stripping assembly 38, and may utilize such added securities regulation device to alter the normal force on the friction assembly 22 by the release belt 38 is added to the stock 10.

图3A表示一个优选的可替换的剥离组件,一般由标号36a表示。 3A shows a preferred alternative stripping assembly, generally designated by the reference numeral 36a. 张紧惰轮70在驱动皮带轮40和惰轮套42a之间和剥离组件皮带38啮合。 Tensioning idler pulley 70 in the drive sleeve 40 and the idler 38 and the engagement between the release belt assembly 42a. 当证券被迫向剥离组件皮带38的表面移动时,张紧惰轮70通过阻止由剥离组件皮带38形成的环路的向里变形来保持剥离组件皮带38中的张力。 When securities are compelled to move the release surface 38 of the belt assembly, by preventing the tension idler 70 to the loop formed by the belt 38 in the modified release component to maintain the belt 38 in tension stripping assembly. 在轴72上安装该张紧惰轮70,轴72是通过可枢轴转动的托架71从剥离组件驱动轴48悬垂下来的。 The tensioner idler 70 is mounted on shaft 72, shaft 72 is pivotable by a bracket 71 of the drive shaft 48 is suspended from the release assembly.

由图3B可见,惰轮套47在惰轮轴73a上自由旋转。 It is seen from FIG 3B, the idler gear 47 rotates freely on the sleeve idler shaft 73a. 通过螺钉113将惰轮轴73a紧固到侧板33和34上。 The idler shaft 73a is fastened to the side plates 33 and 34 by screws 113. 现在回到图3A,由图可见,凸缘63a的表面与供给轮32的表面相接触,因此证券和供给轮依然保持摩擦接触,并且证券在凸缘63a和供给轮32之间沿导向路径被推向前进。 Returning now to Figure 3A, seen from the drawing, the surface of the flange 63a and the surface of contact with the supply wheel 32, and thus the supply of securities remains in frictional contact wheel, and securities between the flange 63a and the supply wheel 32 along the guide path forward. 回到图3B,图示了一个用标号114表示的枢轴地支承在惰轮轴73a上的托架114。 Back to Figure 3B, illustrates a pivotally supported by a reference numeral 114 denotes a carriage on a shaft 73a of the idler 114. 通过螺钉115将短轴44a的一端固定到托架114上。 The end of the short axis 44a is fixed to the bracket 114 by screws 115. 按可转动方式把张力调节轮42a安装在短轴44a上,其安装位置靠近短轴44a的和螺钉115相对的那一端。 By rotatably adjusting the tension wheel 42a mounted on the minor axis 44a, and the mounting position close to the minor axis of the screw 115 44a opposite that end. 如由图3A清晰可见,张力调节轮42a与剥离组件摩擦式皮带38的下端啮合。 As clearly seen from FIG. 3A, the tension adjusting assembly and the peeling wheel 42a frictionally engaging the lower end 38 of the belt.

现在参看图3C,其中的托架114在其相对于惰轮轴73a上的可枢轴转动的端部的相对端处有一对夹板106和107。 Referring now to Figure 3C, wherein the carrier 114 with respect to the opposite end of the end portion may pivot on the rotation of the idler shaft 73a has its pair of clamps 106 and 107. 凸轮117偏心地安装在夹板106和107之间的调节轴116上。 The cam 117 is eccentrically mounted on the adjusting jaws 106 and 107 between the shaft 116. 由图3A可清楚看到,凸轮117在调节轴116上的转动使托架114的夹板端能在轴73a上绕托架114的可枢轴转动端枢动转动。 It can be clearly seen from FIG. 3A, the adjustment cam 117 is rotated on the shaft 116 so that the jaws can rotate about the end bracket 114 of the bracket 114 is pivotally end pivotally rotates on shaft 73a. 在托架114转动时,短轴44a凭借短轴44a和托架114之间的安装关系可上、下垂直移动。 When the bracket 114 is rotated, the minor axis 44a by virtue of the relationship between the minor axis mounting bracket 44a and 114 may be upper and lower vertical movement. 短轴44a随轮42a的相应的上、下移动垂直平移,从而可增、减剥离组件38中的张力。 44a with the minor axis of the respective wheel 42a, the lower vertical translation movement, thereby increasing and decreasing the tension in the stripping assembly 38. 因此应该认识到,凸轮117是由托架夹紧或夹持住的,所以托架才能绕惰轮轴73a枢轴转动,除夹板端以外还可以利用其它的装置来通过托架夹紧凸轮。 Therefore it is appreciated that the cam 117 is clamped or gripped by the carrier, so the carrier can pivot about an idler shaft 73a, in addition to the other end of the clamp means may also be utilized to clamp the cam by the bracket.

现在回到图3B,其中所示的调节轴116通过螺钉119固定到侧壁34上。 Returning now to FIG. 3B, there is shown the adjustment shaft 116 by a screw 119 secured to the side wall 34. 最好通过转动指轮118来转动凸轮117,指轮118在调节轴116上可自由转动,并且指轮118可安装到凸轮117上或与凸轮117整体式构成在一起。 Preferably by rotating the thumbwheel 118 to rotate the cam 117, the thumbwheel 118 may be adjusted on the shaft 116 is free to rotate, and the thumbwheel 118 may be mounted to the cam 117 or the cam 117 together constitute a unitary. 指轮118最好能从设备后部31中的一个切口中伸出以便于接近。 Thumbwheel 118 is preferably from a rear portion of the device projecting from the notch 31 to facilitate access. 当将剥离组件皮带38调节到期望的张力时,通过安装在调节轴116上并在指轮118和侧壁34之间的压簧121就可借助于摩擦力保持住指轮118的位置。 When the release assembly 38 is adjusted to a desired belt tension, by being mounted on an adjustment shaft 116 and a compression spring 121 between the thumbwheel 118 and the side wall 34 by means of frictional force can hold the finger position of the wheel 118.

从图2A-2D就可明了设备10的结构部件之间的功能关系。 Functional relationship between the structural member 10 of the device clear from Figures 2A-2D can. 如图2A所示,证券导向板50按公知的方式连到侧板33和34上,例如通过L形托架(托架35是这种托架的典型示例)进行这种连接。 2A, securities guide plate 50 in a known manner connected to the side plates 33 and 34, for example via an L-shaped bracket (bracket 35 is a typical example of such carrier) for this connection. 在侧板33和34上的止推轴承61中为分拣轴28提供两个分拣器26。 Thrust bearing 61 on the side plates 33 and 34 provided in two sorting sorter 26 to shaft 28. 在分拣轴28上有齿27,齿27与惰轮轴23上的惰轮齿25啮合,轴23装配在板33和34上的轴承29中。 In the sorting shaft 28 has teeth 27, 25 meshing with the idler gear 27 the idler gear teeth on the shaft 23, the shaft 23 is fitted in a bearing 34 on the plate 33 and 29.

惰齿轮25与在剥离组件驱动轴48上的剥离组件齿轮39啮合,轴48装配在侧板33和34上的轴承49中。 Idler gear 25 with the drive shaft gear 48 of the release assembly in engagement release assembly 39, the shaft 48 bearing 49 fitted to the side plates 33 and 34.

剥离组件驱动轴48有一个与其键接的同心定位的剥离组件驱动皮带轮40。 A stripping assembly of the drive shaft 48 has bonded thereto a stripping assembly positioned concentrically drive pulley 40. 剥离组件摩擦式皮带38与驱动皮带轮40、调节轴44上的惰轮42啮合。 The release assembly 38 and the friction belt drive pulley 40, the idler gear 42 are engaged with the adjusting shaft 44.

在托架71上安装一个张紧惰轮70,轮70由轴48支撑但不在轴48上转动,其支撑方式与1993年11月22日颁发的美国专利No.4,416,449中所示的方式相类似,这里参照引入了该专利公开的内容。 A bracket 71 mounted on a tensioning idler gear 70, gear 70 supported by the shaft 48 but not rotatable on the shaft 48, as shown in supporting manner on November 22, 1993 U.S. Patent No.4,416,449 issued in a similar manner herein refer to the introduction of this patent disclosure.

调节轴44通过偏心的轴承件46与侧板33和34配接,该轴承件46是公知的类型的轴承件,并且按可转动方式固定在期望的位置上,从而可在剥离组件摩擦式皮带38上得到期望的张力。 Adjusting shaft 44 via an eccentric bearing member 46 and the side plates 33 and 34 are mated, the bearing member 46 is a well-known type of bearing member, and by rotatably fixed at a desired position so as to be a friction belt in a stripping assembly 38 to give the desired tension.

在驱动轴48上有一对皮带轮43,如图2D所示,皮带轮43与皮带轮40隔开并且键接到轴48上,在皮带轮43上的O形环43a与证券22的纸面摩擦啮合。 A pair of pulleys 43 on the drive spindle 48, as shown in FIG. 2D, the pulley 43 and the pulley 40 spaced from and bonded to the shaft 48, O-ring 43a and paper securities frictional engagement 22 on the pulley 43. 证券导向板50上开有槽(图中未示出),可使O形环43a与证券22接触。 With a groove (not shown), the O-ring 43a can make contact with the stock 22 on the guide plate 50 securities. 皮带轮43的转动方向与证券加入设备的方向相反,所以O形环43a可提供附加的剥离作用。 Direction of rotation of the pulley 43 in a direction opposite to the device added security, the O-rings 43a provide additional stripping action.

当在供给轮组件32和剥离组件摩擦式皮带38之间不存在任何证券时,该皮带38的外表面就将与供给轮组件32中的惰轮套132发生接触。 When there is no security between the supply wheel assembly 32 and release the friction belt assembly 38, the outer surface of the belt 38 will be supplied with the idler wheel assembly 32 is brought into contact sleeve 132. 供给轮组件32键接到供给轴37上,而轴37则装配在位于侧板33和34的轴承41中。 Supply wheel assembly 32 is keyed to the feed shaft 37, while the shaft 37 fitted in the side plate 33 and the bearing 34, 41.

如图20所示,供料轮组件32包括一个中央的惰轮套132和在每一侧键接到轴37上的供给皮带轮133。 As shown, the feed wheel assembly 3220 includes a central sleeve 132 and idler pulley is supplied to each of the side key 133 on shaft 37. 供给皮带轮133有外摩擦衬层32a,用于当它们借助于分拣组件26前进时和证券摩擦啮合。 Pulley 133 is supplied with an outer friction lining 32a, when they are used by means of advancing sorting assembly 26 when the frictional engagement and securities. 惰轮套132在供给轴37上自由旋转,惰轮套132的表面相对于供给皮带轮是凹进的,以便适应剥离组件摩擦式皮带38的反方向转动。 Idler sleeve 132 is free to rotate on the supply shaft 37, the idler gear 132 relative to the jacket surface of the supply pulley is recessed to accommodate stripping assembly friction belt 38 is rotated in the reverse direction.

供给轴37有一对附加的供给轮135,轮135与轴37键接,在轮135上有O形环136,用于与证券22摩擦啮合。 Feed shaft 37 has an additional pair of supply wheel 135, wheel 135 and the shaft 37 is bonded with the O-rings 135 on the wheel 136, for engagement with the friction 22 securities. 供给轴37上的齿轮45与惰齿轮25啮合。 Gear 37 on the feed shaft 45 and the idler gear 25.

供给轴37在它的和齿轮45相对的端部有一个与其键接的驱动皮带轮122。 Feed shaft 37 at its opposite ends and a gear 45 has a drive pulley 122 bonded thereto. 定时皮带125与驱动皮带轮122啮合,并且与驱动电机321的输出轴323上的电机皮带轮322啮合,电机321安装到侧板34上,如由图2C清晰可见的那样。 Driving pulley 125 and a timing belt 122 engaging and meshing with the motor pulley 322 on output shaft 323 of the driving motor 321, the motor 321 is mounted to the side plate 34, as clearly visible in FIG. 2C above.

如图2D所示的驱动电机321为常规型,并且通过下面要介绍的电机控制电路连到电源(未示出)上。 Shown in Figure 2D the driving motor 321 is a conventional type, and the control circuit is connected to a power supply (not shown) by a motor to be described below.

定时皮带125还与加速轴56上的皮带轮59啮合,轴56装配在位于侧板33和34上的轴承中。 Timing belt 125 is also engaged with a pulley 59 on the acceleration shaft 56, shaft 56 is fitted in the side plate 33 and on the bearings 34. 加速轴56上有一对加速轴套52,轴套52键接到轴56上并且具有光滑的外夹紧表面52a以夹紧并加速证券,对此下面还要作更加全面的介绍。 There are one pair of the accelerator shaft 56 to accelerate the sleeve 52, the sleeve 52 keyed to the shaft 56 and has a smooth outer surface 52a to clamp the clamping and accelerating securities, which have to be more fully described below. 路径收缩轮62键接到加速轴56的中央部分。 Path wheel 62 keyed to shrink the central portion 56 of the acceleration axis.

定时皮带125为脊型,在电机321和皮带轮122、59之间提供可靠的无滑动的传动。 Timing belt 125 is ridged, slip-free to provide reliable transmission between the motor and the pulley 321 122,59.

提供一对加速惰轮54,它们与轴套52的表面52a接触并且安装在加速惰轮轴58上。 Providing a pair of accelerator idler 54, 52a and a contact mounted on the surface thereof acceleration idler shaft 58 and the sleeve 52. 该轴58通过安装在证券导向板下侧的弹簧加荷的支架组件69夹持。 Gripping the shaft 5869 in a mounting bracket assembly securities guide plate side loading of the spring.

加速轴套52和轮54抓紧每一张证券并且加速每一张证券,从而在证券之间提供一个间隙,并且将每一张证券依次加到叠放轮18上。 Accelerating the sleeve 52 and a wheel 54 of each gripping security and speed of each one stock, so as to provide a gap between the securities, securities and sequentially applied to each one stacked on the wheel 18. 路径约束轮62迫使证券靠紧磁传感器,下面对此再作更加全面的介绍。 Path constraints force the wheel 62 against the securities magnetic sensor, below this then make a more comprehensive introduction.

在加速轴56上有一个与其键接的公知的定时圆盘74,圆盘74带有公知类型的LED/光传感器对75和78,LED/光传感器对75和78安装在圆盘74附近,并可从Honeywell得到。 On the shaft 56 there is acceleration bonded thereto a known timing disk 74, the disk 74 LED / optical sensor with well-known type of 75 and 78, LED / photosensor pair 75 and 78 is mounted near the disk 74, can be obtained from Honeywell. 光传感器78对定时圆盘74进行扫描,并且对圆盘74的每个预定的增量移动都向下面将要描述的中央处理器提供一个定时脉冲。 Light sensor 78 scans the timing disc 74, and the central processor each predetermined incremental movement of the disc 74 will be described below to provide a timing pulse. 在圆盘74移动时光传感器78提供的定时脉冲期间移动的优选增量距离等价于加速轮52a的表面移动1毫秒左右。 The surface of the disc 74 during timing pulse time movement sensor 78 is preferably provided in an incremental distance moved is equivalent to the acceleration of the wheel 52a moves about 1 millisecond.

在惰轮轴23上有一个公知类型的超速飞轮组件190,组件190包括一个公知类型的皮带轮190,轮190带有一个与其啮合的皮带192,在轮23借助于常规的单路离合器(未示出)停止转动后轮190继续转动。 There is a well-known type overrunning flywheel assembly on idler shaft 23 190, assembly 190 includes a well-known type of pulley 190, the wheel 190 with the belt a meshed with 192 (not shown in the wheel 23 by means of conventional one-way clutch ) stops rotating wheel 190 continues to rotate.

皮带192与在叠放轴194上的皮带轮193啮合,轴194装配在位于侧板33和34上的轴承95中。 The belt pulley 192 and shaft 194 in the stack 193 engages the shaft 194 in the bearing assembly 95 located on the side plates 33 and 34.

叠放轴194有一对与其键接的叠放轮18,用于把证券D叠放在堆板20上。 Stacking shaft 194 has a pair of bonded thereto stacking wheel 18 for the securities D stacked on the pile board 20.

叠放轮18有一个鼓状部分199,该部分安装到轴194上。 Stacking wheel 18 has a drum-like portion 199, which is mounted to the shaft portion 194. 鼓状部分199有多个相互分开的弯曲的指状物196,指状物196成一定角度地从部分199伸出并抬高,指状物196接收来自加速轴套52的证券并将这些证券一次一张地叠放在板20上。 A drum-like portion 199 with a plurality of mutually separated curved fingers 196, the fingers 196 protrude from the angled and elevated portion 199, the finger 196 received from the accelerometer 52 and the sleeve securities these securities once a superposed on the plate 20.

还要为叠放板20提供一对叠放证券的、相互分开并垂直延伸的证券止块68。 But also to provide security for the pair of stacking stacking plate 20, separated from each other and extending perpendicular to the stop block 68 securities.

现在回到图2A,由图可见,在对证券施加了剥离作用后,在供给轮32和装在惰轮轴73上的惰轮63之间推动证券继续前进。 Returning now to Figure 2A, seen from Figure, the securities after peeling action is applied between the supply wheel 32 and the idler shaft 73 mounted on the idler gear 63 to move push securities. 惰轮63的作用是,当供给轮32推动证券向装在加速轴56上的加速轮52前进时,惰轮63能保持证券与供给轮32的摩擦啮合。 Idler gear 63 is acting, when the supply wheel 32 to push forward securities acceleration wheels 52 mounted on the accelerator shaft 56, the idler gear 63 to maintain frictional engagement with the supply wheel 32 of securities. 加速轮52与装在加速惰轮轴58上的惰轮54一起形成了一个轮隙。 Acceleration wheels 52 forms a gap with the wheel acceleration idler shaft mounted on the idler 58 54. 加速轮52和加速惰轮54提高了证券的移动速度,从而在由供给轮32推进的证券之间提供了一个间距。 Acceleration and acceleration idler wheel 52 increases the moving speed of 54 securities, thereby providing a spacing between the feed wheel 32 by the advancing stock. 确定加速轮52和54的位置,使它们沿下导向板50的方向尽量向供给轮32和惰轮63靠近,使证券能与供给轮32和惰轮63之间的、加速轮52和54之间的、以及叠放轮18的指状物之间的轮隙依次连续接触。 Determining the position of the acceleration of the wheel 52 and 54, so that they close as possible to the supply wheel 63 and the idler gear 32 in the direction of the lower guide plate 50, enabling the supply wheel 32 and between the idler 63 securities, acceleration wheels 52 and 54 of and a stacking wheel thumbwheel nip between the contact fingers 18 successively between. 这样的连续接触避免了对证券的惯性移动的依赖,提供了通过该设备的可控的传送。 Such continuous contact avoids reliance on coasting securities, there is provided a controllable conveyed through the apparatus.

证券加速后继续沿下导向板50移向叠放轮18。 After acceleration securities continue along lower guide plate 50 toward the stacking wheel 18. 叠放轮18的周边具有多个伸出的指状物196,指状物196将证券从下导向板50上抬起并把这些证券放置在叠放轮20上。 Surrounding wheel 18 having a plurality of superposed projecting fingers 196, the fingers 196 will be lifted from the stock 50 and the lower guide plate is placed on these securities stacking wheel 20. LED 67和光传感器66在叠放轮20的两侧对齐以检测在叠放轮20上是否存在证券。 LED 67 and photosensor 66 are stacked on both sides of the wheel 20 is aligned to detect the presence of securities wheel 20 in the stack. 光传感器64和66可以是光二极管、光晶体管、或其它等效的器件。 Optical sensors 64 and 66 may be a light emitting diode, phototransistor, or other equivalent devices. 证券传感器就证券通过设备时证券的检测过程而论,要通过设备控制网络在证券通过设备时完成几个控制和计算操作。 Securities sensor securities through the device detection process in terms of securities, several control and computational operations to be performed by the device control apparatus via the security network. 为了提供可接受的证券的准确计数,该设备要包括检测装置,用于检测误传送的证券或不满足预定的适应性或可靠性标准的证券,下面称之为错误证券或可疑的伪券。 In order to provide an accurate count of acceptable securities, the apparatus comprises a detecting means for, for securities or does not meet a predetermined reliability criterion or adaptive transmission error detection securities, securities called the error or suspect counterfeit notes below. 该设备一检测到误传送的或不合格的证券时即停止工作,用户可以除去该错误证券。 I.e., when the device is stopped upon detection of failure or erroneous transfer of securities, the user may remove the error document. 在检测到错误证券时要在显示器16上显示代表错误类型的信息。 To display the type of information representative of the error on the display 16 upon detection of the error document. 误传送的错误证券包括证券部分重叠的粘连的证券和证券完全重叠的重合证券。 Misfeed error document include securities partially overlapping blocking securities and securities securities coincide completely overlapping. 按照长度误差来检测粘连的证券,该长度误差是由于它们的相对于同类型的其它证券的异常长度产生的。 According to the length error detected securities adhesion, the error is due to their length relative to other types of securities with the exception of the length generated. 按照遮光性误差检测重合证券,该遮光性误差是由于它们的相对于操作员选定的范围的异常遮光性产生的。 According to the light-shielding error detecting coincidence securities, the light-shielding due to their errors with respect to the operator selected range abnormality generated light shielding property. 适应性错误证券包括尺寸不准确的证券和可疑的伪证券。 Adaptive error securities include securities size of inaccurate and questionable pseudo securities. 现在参照图4所示证券100的尺寸,将“半”误差定义为在x轴方向没有超过一个预定的长度阈值,“宽度偏离”误差(有时称之为“短缺误差”)被定义为在y轴方向没能超过一个预定的宽度阈值,如结合图4的证券100所表示的。 Referring now to FIG stock size 100 in FIG. 4, the "half" error is defined as the x-axis direction length does not exceed a predetermined threshold value, the "width deviates from the" error (sometimes referred to as "shortage error") is defined as y axis direction not exceed a predetermined width threshold in conjunction with FIG securities as represented by 1004.

使用几个传感器(设备控制系统的一部分)检测证券在通过设备的加速轮52、54附近时的磁特性。 Using several sensors (a part of a device control system) detecting magnetic properties of securities at the time of acceleration wheels 52, 54 through the vicinity of the device. 如图3A所示,在下导向板50的上方靠近证券导向路径中央的位置定位一个光源,如中央LED81。 Above, the lower guide plate of FIG. 3A 50 positioned proximate the center of the guide path securities one light source, such as a central LED81. 中央LED81发光,该光由装在下导向板50的下方的一个光传感器(如中央传感器80)检测,由此可对在LED81和传感器80之间是否存在证券进行光检测。 LED81 emitting center, the light emitted by a light sensor mounted beneath the lower guide plate 50 (e.g., the center sensor 80) is detected, whereby whether or not there between the LED81 and the light detection sensors 80 securities. 如图4所示,中央传感器80装在下导向板50中的孔51内。 As shown, the center sensor 80 mounted within a bore 50 in the guide plate 51 the lower 4. 左传感器82装在下导向板50的左侧的孔53内。 Left sensor 82 attached to the lower left side of the inner bore 50 of the guide plate 53. 右传感器84装在下导向板50的右侧的孔55内。 Right sensor 84 attached to the lower right side of the inner bore 55 of the guide plate 50. 用左、右传感器82、84检测证券沿传感器附近的下导向板50传送时传感器检测的证券的左、右侧段(在图4中一般用标号99、97表示)的存在状态和遮光性。 With the left, the left security when transmitting sensor for detecting the vicinity of the right lower guide plates 82, 84 of the sensor along the sensor 50 detects the securities, the right section (generally designated 99,97 is shown in FIG. 4) is present and the light blocking state. 左、右传感器82、84要与相应的左、右LED′83、85协调动作。 Left and right sensors 82 and 84 to the respective left and right LED'83,85 cooperative operation. LED′83、85安装在上导向板内,其设置情况与结合图3A所述的中央LED81和中央传感器80的设置情况类似。 LED'83,85 mounted in the guide plate, similar to the case is provided which is provided in conjunction with the case of FIG central LED81 and the central sensor of the 3A 80. 应注意,分别设在上、下导向板中的LED′和光传感器的相对位置可以颠倒过来而不会影响对其中通过的证券的检测。 It should be noted, are provided on, "the relative position of the lower guide plate and an LED light sensor may be reversed without affecting the detection of which by the securities. 进一步还应注意,可以按其它方式使用除LED′外的光源和除光晶体管外的光检测器来获得这里所述的检测功能。 It should also be noted that further may be used in addition to LED 'outside source and the light detector except phototransistor is obtained by other means detecting the functions described herein. 最后还要注意,在图4中表示的左、右和中央光传感器是定位在横过或垂直于证券导向路径的一条直线上的,但这些传感器可能有不同的取向。 Finally, note, shown in the left in FIG. 4, right and center the optical sensors are positioned in a line across or perpendicular to the stock guide path, these sensors may have different orientations.

还要对通过该设备的证券进行磁检测。 But also on the securities by the magnetic detection device. 现在回到图3,在导向板50下方的一个圆形板90上安装一个磁场检测器,例如读出磁头86,确定磁场检测量的位置,使其在下导向板50的表面上方略微凸出一点。 Returning now to FIG. 3, a little above the slightly convex surface of a circular mounting plate 50 beneath the guide plate 90 on a magnetic field detector, such as read head 86, determines the amount of magnetic field detecting the position of the lower guide plate 50 so . 该读出磁头86最好是由Michigan Magnetics Inc.ofVermontville,Michigan制造的全磁迹单磁头,其标称电感为300mH,在1KHz时的阻抗为2kΩ,直流电阻为270Ω。 The read head 86 is preferably a single full-track head manufactured by Michigan Magnetics Inc.ofVermontville, Michigan, which is a nominal inductance of 300mH, when the impedance is 2 k [Omega 1KHz, the DC resistance of 270Ω. 读出磁头86提供代表沿下导向板50前进的证券的磁特性和磁性质的电信号。 Representative of the read head 86 provides an electrical signal along a lower guide plate and the magnetic properties of the magnetic properties of securities 50 forward. 为了增强感应的电信号,在下导向板50的下方定位一个磁通源,例如永久磁铁88,使证券在读出磁头86上方通过之前就已磁化。 To enhance the induction of an electric signal, below the lower guide plate 50 is positioned in a magnetic flux source, such as permanent magnet 88, so that the magnetization of securities already in the read head 86 before passing through the top.

设备中机械振动具有在读出磁头86的电信号中引入不期望的变化的趋势,这可能是由于振动引发在磁铁88读出磁头86、和在读出磁头86上方通过证券之间的相对位置的涨落变化。 The mechanical oscillation has introduced an undesirable change in the electrical signal read head 86 in the trend apparatus, which may be caused due to vibrations of the magnet read head 8886, and a read head 86 over the relative position between the securities fluctuations change. 为了将磁铁88相对于读出磁头86的振动减至最小,要按刚性的、固定的相互关系安装磁铁88和读出磁头86,形成单个的结构单元。 The magnet 88 with respect to the read head 86 to minimize the vibration, according to a rigid, fixed relationship between the magnet 88 and mounting the read head 86, to form a single structural unit. 例如,在优选实施例中,通过刚性固定件(如,双头螺栓92)将圆形板90固定到下导向板50上,并且通过刚性固定件(如,双头螺栓94)把磁铁88也固定到下导向板50上。 For example, in a preferred embodiment, by a rigid fixing member (e.g., stud 92) circular plate 90 is fixed to the lower guide plate 50, and by a rigid fixing member (e.g., stud 94) is also the magnet 88 It is fixed to the lower guide plate 50. 把读出磁头86和磁铁88都固定到下导向板50上可约束磁头86和磁铁88之间的相对振动或移动。 The read head 86 and the magnet 88 are fixed relative to the vibration or movement may be constrained between the head 86 and the magnet 88 on the lower guide plate 50. 另外还要注意,可将磁铁88刚性固定到圆形板90上,90上也固定读出磁头86。 Also note that the magnet 88 may be rigidly fixed to circular plate 90, 90 is also fixed on the read head 86.

为了把证券和读出磁头86之间的距离变化减至最小,要用键接到加速轴56上的路径约束轮62来限制读出磁头86上方的证券的路径。 In order to read the securities and the distance between the magnetic head 86 is minimized, to use the key on the acceleration path path constraint shaft 56 to limit wheel 62 above the read head 86 securities. 路径约束轮的表面在上导向板60的下方伸展以便在读出磁头86的附近形成一个很窄的间隙。 Path constraints wheel surface below the upper guide plate 60 extends to the vicinity of the read head 86 to form a narrow gap. 在路径约束轮62和读出磁头80之间形成的这个窄间隙能保证读出磁头86可基本上均匀地检测或扫描在读出磁头86上方通过的证券,准确地检测到可疑的伪券。 In this narrow gap 80 is formed between the wheel 62 and path constraints to ensure that the read heads read head 86 may be substantially uniformly detected or scanned in the read head 86 passing over securities, accurately detect suspect counterfeit notes. 路径约束轮62对证券进行均匀一致的磁检查,不会使卷边的证券产生堵塞卡住的现象,而这种情况在使用固定的路径约束部件完成类似功能的现有技术设备时是经常发生的。 Path constraints wheel 62 for securities uniform magnetic inspection, does not cause curling securities jamming of clogging, and this situation when using a fixed path constraint member prior art devices is to perform similar functions often of.

图4表示读出磁头86相对于光传感器80、82、84的位置。 Figure 4 shows the read head 86 relative to the position of the optical sensor 80, 82. 读出磁头86穿过位于下导向板50的一个位置的孔57凸出出来,该位置相对于证券传送方向(如箭头101所示)比光传感器80、82和84略微靠前一点。 The read head 86 passes through a hole located in the position 57 of the guide plate 50 protrudes out of position with respect to the conveying direction of securities (as indicated by arrow 101) than the light sensors 80, 82 and 84 slightly ahead. 一种有价证券(如用标号100总体表示的美元钞票)在箭头101所示方向沿下导向板50传送。 One kind of securities (such as a dollar bill generally indicated by reference numeral 100) in the direction indicated by arrow 101 along a lower transfer guide plate 50. 美元(如美元100)的特征是有非磁性的中央部分104和磁性的周边油墨部分102。 Dollars (e.g., $ 100) is characterized by a central non-magnetic portion 104 and a peripheral magnetic ink portion 102. 因此,当美元钞票100通过磁头86时,读出磁头86产生的感应电信号的特征就是有两个不规则强度的周期,它们代表美元钞票100的磁性油墨部分102的首、尾周边部分通过磁头86。 Thus, when the dollar bill 100 by the magnetic head 86, the read head 86 wherein the electrical signals produced is to have two periods of irregular strength, they represent magnetic ink 100 dollar bill header portion 102, the peripheral portion of the tail through the head 86.

由图5A所示的磁信号调节电路110对读出磁头86根据证券的通过情况产生的电信号进行处理。 Magnetic signals shown in FIG. 5A adjustment processing circuit 110 read out the electrical signals generated in accordance with the magnetic head 86 by the case of securities. 调节电路110完成几项信号处理功能,提取并放大来自读出磁头86的电信号的成分,使其成为适于模-数转换的形式。 Conditioning circuit 110 to complete several signal processing functions to extract and amplify the component of the electrical signal from the read head 86, making it suitable for analog - digital conversion of the form. 读出磁头85与拾取电路120连接。 The read head 85 and the pickup circuit 120 is connected. 拾取电路120产生一个拾取信号210,图5B表示出一个典型的拾取波形。 Pickup circuit 120 produces a pickup signal 210, FIG. 5B shows a typical pickup waveform. 拾取信号210主要为来自设备电源的60Hz、200mv峰-峰值的漏洩噪声。 Pickup apparatus 210 from the main power source of 60Hz, 200mv signal peak - peak leakage noise. 为使表示清楚,图中没有表示出由于振动来自电机的电噪声产生的信号210的噪声分量。 For clarity, not shown in FIG noise component from the electrical signal due to the vibration of the noise generated by the motor 210. 时间t1表示具有磁性油墨周边部分的证券的前缘开始在读出磁头86上通过的时间。 Time t1 represents the leading edge of the magnetic security portion of the periphery of the ink at the start time by the read head 86. 证券上的油墨图案使拾取信号210的低幅振荡的频率分量明显超过60Hz。 Security ink pattern on the frequency components of low amplitude oscillation pickup signal 210 is significantly more than 60Hz. 这种低幅振荡在证券的非磁性部分通过读出磁头86时暂时减小。 Such low amplitude oscillations in a non-magnetic portion securities temporarily decreases by the read head 86. 在证券的非磁性部分通过后,在拾取信号210中再次出现这种低幅振荡。 After the non-magnetic portion by securities, the pickup signal 210. This low amplitude oscillations again. 时间t3表示证券的尾缘通过读出磁头86并且低幅振荡停止的时间。 Time t3 indicates the time the trailing edge of securities by the read head 86 and the low-amplitude oscillation is stopped. 由证券的通过所引起的低幅振荡的频率分布明显低于振动噪声和电机噪声的频率范围。 A frequency low amplitude oscillation caused by the distribution of the securities significantly lower than the frequency range of vibration noise and motor noise. 现在回到图5A,拾取信号210加到前置放大级130,该放大级130将拾取信号放大到适于提取由证券的磁性油墨部分引起的低幅振荡的电平。 Returning now to Figure 5A, the pickup signal 210 is applied to a preamplification stage 130, amplifier stage 130 which amplifies the pickup signal to the low-amplitude oscillation caused by the magnetic adapted to extract part of the ink level of security. 经过前置放大的信号加到带通滤波器140。 After the pre-amplified signal to bandpass filter 140. 对带通滤波器的上、下半功率点频率进行选择,以基本上清除来自经过前置放大的信号的低频电源噪声和高频的振动和电机噪声。 Of the bandpass filter, the half-power frequency is selected to substantially remove vibration and motor noise from the preamplified signal after low-frequency and high-frequency power supply noise. 我们发现,从约250Hz到约1600Hz的通频带适合于此目的。 We found that the passband from about 250Hz to about 1600Hz suitable for this purpose. 带通滤波器140可以是串接一个高通级和一个低通级的两级放大器,或者是一个单级带通放大器。 Bandpass filter 140 may be connected in series a high-pass stage and a lowpass stage of two-stage amplifier, or a single stage bandpass amplifier.

一旦通过带通滤波器140提取出期望的频率范围,就将经过滤波的信号加到一个第二放大级150。 Once the band-pass filter 140 extracts the desired frequency range, the filtered signal will be applied to a second amplifier stage 150. 第二放大级150将经过滤波的信号放大到适合于模/数转换并最终适合于阀值估算的电平。 The second amplifier stage 150 amplifies the filtered signal is adapted to A / D conversion and finally adapted to the threshold level estimation. 第二放大级150最好既包括可变增益级154又包括固定增益级152。 Preferably both the second amplification stage 150 includes a variable gain stage 154 in turn comprises a fixed gain stage 152. 提供可变增益级154的目的是调节放大器150的增益以补偿拾取信号幅度的变化。 Purpose of providing a variable gain stage 154 is to adjust the gain of the amplifier 150 to compensate for changes in the pickup signal amplitude. 这种变化可能由设备操作速度的变化引起。 Such changes may be caused by a change speed device operation.

在已放大到适于数字转换的电平后,把经过放大的信号加到一个整流器160,整流器160对该放大的信号进行整流以使随后的积分能得到一个正值。 After having been amplified to a level suitable for digital conversion, the amplified signal is applied to a rectifier 160, the rectifier 160 rectifies the amplified signal so that subsequent integration to get a positive value. 然后,把整流过的信号加到一个积分器180,积分器180对该整流信号进行积分。 Then, the rectified signal is applied to an integrator 180, the integrator 180 integrates the rectified signal. 将该积分器设计成具有有限的积分时间。 The integrator is designed to have a finite integration time. 积分器180的积分时间有限将会降低调节电路110对于整流信号的瞬时涨落的灵敏度,因此从积分信号中采集的数字式取样就能得到代表在有限时间周期检测到的证券的磁特性或磁性质的取样值。 The integrator 180 is limited integration time adjustment circuit 110 will reduce the instantaneous fluctuations of the rectified signal sensitivity, the integrated signal collected from the sampled digital magnetic characteristics can be obtained for a limited period of time representative of the detected magnetic or securities the nature of the sample values. 积分器180的有限积分时间还能补偿由读出磁头86和光传感器80、82、84沿下导向板50的相对位置的摆动引起的、在磁检测和光检测之间的时间滞后。 Oscillating finite integration time of the integrator 180 is also compensated by the read head 86 and the optical sensor 80, 82 in the relative position of the guide plate 50 is caused, the time lag between the magnetic detection and optical detection. 由该积分器获得的另一个好处是积分信号在证券的非磁性部分出现在读出磁头86上的时间内不会跌落到零。 Another benefit obtained by the integrator is the integral signal appears at readout time not fall to zero on the non-magnetic part of the magnetic head 86 securities. 可接受的积分时间的上限由加到该设备的证券之间短暂间隔确定。 The upper limit of acceptable integration time is determined by the brief interval between the applied security device. 积分时间必须足够短以允许信号衰减,使相继的两个证券之间的积分信号幅度不致于拖得太长。 The integration time must be short enough to allow the signal attenuation, the successive two integrated signal amplitude between securities as not too long. 我们发现,2毫秒左右的积分时间适合于约1200个证券/分钟的证券计数速度。 We have found that the integration time of about 2 milliseconds to about 1200 for securities / min speed document counting.

图5B表示由积分器产生的积分信号,即调节信号220。 5B shows the integrated signal generated by the integrator, i.e., adjustment signal 220. 调节信号220的特征是有两个约4v的峰值,它们基本上是和一个证券的磁化周边部分在读出磁头86上通过时同时产生的。 Characterized in that the adjustment signal 220 has a peak approximately two 4v, which is substantially magnetized peripheral portion and a read-out of securities simultaneously generated when the magnetic head 86. 通过比较拾取信号210和调节信号220可以看出,在调节信号220中60Hz的电源噪声的影响减小到偶尔发生的尖峰信号的程度。 Pickup signal by comparing the adjustment signal 210 and 220 can be seen, the influence of adjusting the power supply noise of 60Hz signal 220 is reduced to the extent of occasional spikes. 通过调节信号220在大范围内的升、降,就可辨别出证券在读出磁头86上通过期间的t1和t3之间的时间间隔。 By adjusting the signal 220 liters in a wide range of drop, can be discerned on the head stock 86 read time period between t1 and t3 by interval. 证券在光传感器80、82和84上方的时间出现在t2和t4之间的时间间隔。 Securities at time 80, 82 and above the optical sensor 84 appears in the time interval between t2 and t4. 该光检测间隔稍稍落后于在t1和t3之间的磁检测间隔。 The photodetector spaced slightly behind the magnetic detection interval between t1 and t3. 积分器180的有限积分时间能确保:调节信号220一直有一个与光检测间隔同时发生的明显可靠的幅度。 Finite integration time of the integrator 180 ensures that: an adjustment signal 220 has a significant amplitude of a reliable optical detection interval simultaneously.

图5C表示调节电路110的一个详细示意电路图。 5C shows a detailed schematic circuit diagram of a regulating circuit 110. 电路110包括几个线性运算放大器级(最好由LM324运算放大器构成),以实现结合图5B所述的信号处理功能。 Circuit 110 includes several linear operational amplifier stages (preferably constituted by an operational amplifier LM324), to implement the signal processing functions in conjunction with FIG. 5B. 表1中列出了和调节电路110有关的优选元件数值。 Table 1 lists the component values ​​and conditioning circuitry 110 is preferably associated. 图5C所示的调节电路110的详细工作过程对本领域普通技术人员来说是显而易见的。 The detailed operation of FIG. 5C circuit 110 shown adjusted to those of ordinary skill in the art will be apparent. 为了进一步加强和电噪声源的隔离作用,把一个基准电压自一个虚地(如,一个TLE2425型虚地)加到带通滤波级142和144、放大级152和154、以及整流器160。 In order to further strengthen the electrical noise source and isolation, to a reference voltage from a virtual ground (e.g., a virtual ground type TLE2425) was added to the bandpass filter stage 142 and 144, amplifier stages 152 and 154, and a rectifier 160. 通过一个稳压器(如,拾取电路120中的LM7805型5伏直流稳压器)给读出磁头86提供偏置。 By providing a bias voltage regulator (e.g., the LM7805 type pickup circuit 5 volt DC voltage regulator 120) to the read head 86.

表1 信号调节电路110的元件值R1-20KΩ C1-.01μF D1-1N914R2-10KΩ C2-1.0μF IC1-LM324R3-330KΩ C3-.10μF IC2-TLE2425R4-75KΩ L1-300Mh IC3-LM7805R5-10KΩR6-47KΩR7-27KΩR8-220ΩR9-100KΩpotR10-1MΩR11-100KΩ在证券通过证券处理设备期间,通过图6A所示的模/数转换器304针对定时轮组件77的每个递增的推进量都要取样该信号调节电路110的输出信号220(如在图5A和5B中所示的信号),并将取样的信号数字化。 Table 1 component values ​​of the signal conditioning circuit 110 R1-20KΩ C1-.01μF D1-1N914R2-10KΩ C2-1.0μF IC1-LM324R3-330KΩ C3-.10μF IC2-TLE2425R4-75KΩ L1-300Mh IC3-LM7805R5-10KΩR6-47KΩR7- 27KΩR8-220ΩR9-100KΩpotR10-1MΩR11-100KΩ securities through securities during processing apparatus, FIG. 6A by molding / D converter 304 for each timing advance an incremental amount of the wheel assembly 77 to be sampled in the signal conditioning circuit 110 output signal 220 (e.g., signal in FIG. 5B and 5A), and the sampled signal is digitized. 在由光传感器检测证券的时间t2和t4之间的检测时间间隔通过CPU302累加这样得到的数字值。 In such a digital value obtained by accumulating the CPU302 detected between time t2 and time t4 optical sensor for detecting security interval. 例如可通过对检测期间得到的值求和来累加这些数字值。 For example, during the detection value obtained by summing the digital values ​​accumulated. 另外,累加的值可以代表取样值的平均值,或者代表检测期间得到的数字值的一个可比较的统计度量。 Further, the accumulated values ​​may represent the average of the sample values, or represents a statistical measure of detecting a digital value comparable period obtained.

在t4检测间隔结束后,让累加的数值与一个或多个基准值进行比较,以验证该累加的数值是否对应于具有预定的或可接受的磁特性或磁性质的真证券的值。 At the end of the detection interval t4, so that the accumulated value with one or more reference values ​​are compared to verify whether the value of the accumulated value corresponding to a predetermined or acceptable magnetic properties or magnetic characteristics of genuine securities. 例如,该累加的数值可以和具有下阈值和上限值形式的基准值进行比较,该下阈值和上限值确定了可接受的累加值的一个范围,借此范围可辨别一个证券是否是可接受的或真正的证券。 For example, the accumulated value and the reference value may be compared with a lower threshold and an upper limit value in the form of the lower and upper threshold value determining a range of acceptable integrated value, whereby the range is discernible whether a security accepted or real securities. 下面,结合图7A-D更详细地描述一个程序,在该程序中结合证券处理设备的其它一些功能可以实现磁特性的核实检验。 Hereinafter, in conjunction with FIGS. 7A-D is described in more detail with a program, in conjunction with other security functions in the processing device may be implemented in program verify test magnetic properties.

已经发现,检验证券真实性的一个有益的方法是累加和证券的磁特性相对应的取样值,然后将一个有代表性的值与一个或多个基准值进行比较。 It has been found a useful method for testing the authenticity of the magnetic properties of securities and securities corresponding accumulated sample values, then a representative value of one or more reference values. 当被检验的证券具有足够强的磁性和/或具有按空间分布的磁性时,这一程序尤为有益,很容易把真券与可疑的伪券可靠地区别开来。 When the securities have been tested sufficiently strong magnetic and / or when a magnetic according to spatial distribution, this procedure is particularly useful, it is easy to suspect a genuine note and reliably distinguished from counterfeit notes. 和美国货币相比,准备检验的某些证券的磁性油墨部分可能相对来说局限在某一区域和/或磁特性较弱。 And the US currency compared ready to test certain magnetic ink part of the securities may be relatively limited to a certain area and / or magnetic properties of the weak. 例如,如图9所示,一张中华人民共和国发行的50元钞票350包括一个相当小的区域352,在区域352中有磁性相当强的油墨。 For example, as shown in FIG 9, a 50-dollar bills issued People's Republic of China 350 comprises a relatively small region 352, a very strong magnetic field 352 in the ink. 在50元钞票其余部分上的油墨的磁性相当弱。 Magnetic ink on the remaining portion 50 of dollar bills rather weak. 包含磁性相当强的油墨的区域352在靠近50元钞票350的背面底部中央。 Very strong magnetic ink comprises a region 352 near the center of the back bottom 50 yuan bill 350. 在50元钞票350的正面(未示出)还包括一个存在磁性相当强的油墨的一个限定的区域。 50 yuan bills face 350 (not shown) further includes a relatively strong magnetic ink a defined region is present. 此外,在这种50元钞票上使用的磁性油墨的磁性比美国货币上使用的磁性油墨的磁性低。 Further, the magnetic magnetic magnetic ink on such magnetic ink 50 yuan banknotes used than using U.S. currency low. 50元钞票上的油墨的磁性减小的实际结果是:由如结合图5A-C所述的信号调节电路110给出的响应值比处理美国货币所得的响应值低。 Magnetic ink on the bill $ 50 is reduced actual results: adjusting the signal as described in connection FIGS. 5A-C the response value is lower than a given circuit 110 processing the resulting monetary U.S. response. 因此,由检测真50元钞票的磁性所得到的电信号不可能与在50元伪钞通过该计数设备时检测到的电噪声可靠地区分开。 Thus, separate electrical noise detected by the magnetic true 50 yuan banknotes are not possible to detect the electrical signal obtained when the 50 yuan banknotes reliably by the counting device.

为了按照磁特性可靠地检验证券,如50元钞票,在该设备中最好使用一个强化的磁检测和调节系统,该系统的增益较高并且相对于电路110的噪声有较小的灵敏度。 In order to reliably test according to the magnetic characteristics of securities, such as 50-dollar bills, it is preferable to use a magnetic detection and control system in the apparatus enhanced, the gain of the system is high and the circuit 110 to noise have less sensitivity. 图10A和10B示意地表示出这样一个强化的检测和调节系统,该系统包括读出磁头360和调节电路110a。 10A and 10B schematically shows such an enhanced detection and regulation system, the system comprising a read head 360 and the adjusting circuit 110a. 在表2中列出了涉及调节电路110a的优选元件值。 Table 2 lists the preferred element values ​​relate to adjusting circuit 110a.

表2 信号调节电路110a的元件值R1-10KΩ C1-10μF D1-1N914R2-10MΩ C2-.005μF D2-3.8V ZenerR3-500KΩpot. C3-.1μF IC1-LM324R4-75KΩ IC2-MAX680R5-150KΩR6-47KΩR7-100KΩR8-3KΩ读出磁头360安装在该处理设备中,其安装方式和图3A中结合读出磁头86所述的安装方式相同。 Table 2 component values ​​R1-10KΩ C1-10μF D1-1N914R2-10MΩ C2-.005μF D2-3.8V ZenerR3-500KΩpot the signal conditioning circuit 110a. C3-.1μF IC1-LM324R4-75KΩ IC2-MAX680R5-150KΩR6-47KΩR7-100KΩR8 -3KΩ read head 360 is mounted on the processing device, which installation and 3A reads out the binding of the magnetic head 86 mounting the same. 读出磁头360与图10B所示的直流电源相连,并且根据磁性证券的通过状态在线362上提供拾取信号。 Reading out the DC power supply 360 shown in FIG. 10B is connected to the magnetic head, and provided on the pick-up signal line 362 via a state according to a magnetic securities. 读出磁头360最好是磁阻传感器,例如由MurataErie North America of Smyrna,Georgia制造的型号为BS05NIHGAA的货币识别传感器。 The read head 360 is preferably a magnetoresistive sensor, for example, a North model MurataErie America of Smyrna, Georgia manufactured BS05NIHGAA of currency recognition sensor. 读出磁头360不需要像先前结合永久磁铁88所述的那样在证券导向路径中加上外部磁场。 The read head 360 as the external magnetic field does not need to add in the securities previously in connection with the guide path as the permanent magnet 88. 由于不需要单独的磁铁(如,磁铁88),所以根除了在读出磁头360和这样一种磁铁之间的相对振动的影响。 Since the need for a separate magnet (e.g., magnet 88), so the effect of eradication of relative vibration between the head 360 and a magnetic readout.

为了进一步减小电噪声的影响,信号调节电路110a在设备中的安装位置要远离读出磁头360并且远离电机321。 To further reduce the effect of electrical noise, the signal conditioning circuit 110a in the device away from the mounting position of the read head 360 and 321 away from the motor. 加到线362的电信号通过屏蔽电缆364加到设备远端的信号调节电路110a。 Electrical signal on line 362 applied to the distal end 364 of the signal conditioning circuit device 110a via a shielded cable. 来自线362的拾取信号电容耦合到调节电路110a,并由调节电路中的固定增益放大器366接收。 Pickup signal from line 362 is capacitively coupled to the adjusting circuit 110a, by the regulation circuit 366 receives the fixed-gain amplifier. 放大器366最好包括一个LM324型运算放大器,该放大器与图10B所示的双极性10伏直流电源电路369相连。 Amplifier 366 preferably includes a LM324 op amp, 10 volt DC is connected to a bipolar power supply of the amplifier circuit shown in FIG 10B 369. 该电源电路368最好包括由MaximIntegrated Products of Sunnyvale,California制造的型号为MAX680DC/DC的电荷泵转换器。 The power supply circuit 368 preferably comprises a model MaximIntegrated Products of Sunnyvale, California manufactured by MAX680DC / DC converter of a charge pump. 双极性10伏电源如图所示与放大器366相连,并且与信号调节电路110a中的其它元件相连,因此和调节电路110中使用单端电源的比较电路(如图5A所示)相比,放大器366依据拾取信号可提供较大的电压变化。 Bipolar 10-volt power amplifier 366 connected as shown in FIG, and other elements of circuit 110a is connected to the signal conditioning, thus regulating circuit 110 and the comparator circuit using a single power supply (FIG. 5A) as compared pick-up signal amplifier 366 may be provided according to a larger voltage change. 用5伏的直流信号可以很方便地操作双极性直流电源369,而5.伏的直流信号是和该处理设备中其它地方使用的逻辑电路兼容的。 5 volt DC signal can easily operate the bipolar DC power source 369, and a 5 volt DC signal processing device and the logic circuit using compatible elsewhere.

由放大器366依据拾取信号产生的放大信号电容耦合到可变增益放大器368的输入端。 Amplifying the signal picked up by the capacitive coupling amplifier 366 according to the signal generated by the variable gain amplifier to an input terminal 368. 可变增益放大器368最好包括一个用于调节放大器368的增益的电位器R3,对从具有不同磁性的证券来的信号进行补偿。 The variable gain amplifier 368 preferably includes a gain amplifier 368 for adjusting potentiometer R3, the signal coming from the securities having different magnetic compensate. 例如,可调节电位器R3,使放大器368的增益值相当低,用于处理美国的货币。 For example, an adjustable potentiometer R3, the value of the gain of the amplifier 368 is very low, for processing U.S. currency. 为了处理磁特性相当弱的中国货币或其它证券,可调节电位器R3,使该增益值相当高。 To process relatively weak magnetic properties Chinese currency or other securities, adjustable potentiometer R3, so that the gain value is quite high. 在本发明的实践中可以使用调节放大器368的增益的其它装置(如,增益选择开关装置),为用户提供使信号调节电路110a可适应于要处理的证券的各种特定类型磁特性的能力。 In the practice of the present invention may use other means for adjusting the gain of the amplifier 368 (e.g., gain selecting switch means), to provide users with a signal conditioning circuitry 110a may be adapted to the capabilities of a particular type magnetic characteristics of the securities to be processed.

可变增益放大器368的输出信号加到高通滤波器370的输入端,高通滤波器370除去放大信号中低于预定频率(如低于300Hz)的频率分量。 The output signal of the variable gain amplifier 368 is applied to the input of the high pass filter 370, high pass filter 370 to remove the amplified signal frequency components below a predetermined frequency (e.g., less than 300Hz) of. 将来自滤波器370的经过滤波的信号电容耦合到一个组合在一起的整流器/积分器372。 Rectifier capacitively coupled through the filter from the filtered signal to a combined 370 / integrator 372. 整流器/积分器372对经过滤波的信号进行整流和积分。 A rectifier / integrator 372 pairs of rectifying the filtered signal, and integration. 整流器/积分器372的工作过程和先前结合电路110的整流器160和积分器180的工作过程类似。 A rectifier / integrator 372 of the working process and working process previously incorporated rectifier circuit 110 and 160 of the integrator 180 is similar.

由于调节电路110a有几级包括与双极性10伏电源相连的运算放大器,所以在该调节电路110a中在响应异常强的磁特性或响应瞬变信号时有可能产生高达10伏的信号。 Since there is likely adjusting circuit 110a includes an operational amplifier with a bipolar 10 volt power supply is connected, so that the adjusting circuit 110a in response to a strong magnetic properties or abnormal transient response signal to generate a signal up to a few stage 10 volts. 期望能把信号调节电路产生的调节信号限幅到10伏以下的电平,以使该调节信号能与该设备中其它地方的逻辑电路所用的较低电压兼容。 Desired signal conditioning circuit can adjust the level of the signal generated by the limiter 10 volts or less, so that the conditioned signal compatible with the device elsewhere lower voltage logic circuits used. 为了限制信号调节电路110a的输出端376提供的电压,在整流器/积分器372和输出端376之间连接一个削波电路374,以限制经整流和积分的信号。 In order to limit the voltage output of the signal conditioning circuit 110a to 376 provided, connected between the rectifier / integrator 372 and output terminal 376 a clipping circuit 374 to limit the rectified and integrated signal. 削波电路最好包括连在输出端376和地之间的一个齐纳二极管D2。 Preferably comprises a clipping circuit connected between an output terminal 376 and the zener diode D2. 对齐纳二极管进行选择,以便把在输出端376可得到的电压限制到与接收来自输出端376的调节信号的A/D转换器的基准电平相兼容的电平,如3.8伏或其它的期望电压值。 Zener diode is selected so as to limit the adjustment to the reception signal output from the A to D converter 376 of the reference level compatible level / voltage at the output 376 available, such as 3.8 volts or other desirable Voltage value. 在整流器/积分器和齐纳二极管D2之间串接一个电阻器R1,以便把流入二极管D2内的电流限制到一个适当的数值。 Between the rectifier / integrator and the zener diode D2 connected in series a resistor R1, so that the current flowing into the diode D2 is limited to an appropriate value.

现在参照图11,其中所示的各种电压波形代表由读出磁头360产生的拾取信号378、由高通滤波器370产生的经过滤波的信号380、以及在输出端376接收到的调节信号382。 Referring now to FIG. 11, the pickup signal 378 representative of various voltage waveforms where indicated by the read head 360 to produce, after filtering by a high-pass filter 370 to produce signal 380, and an adjustment signal 382 at the output 376 is received. 这些信号代表证券(如,50元钞票)沿证券导向路径通过时产生的信号。 These signals representative of securities (e.g., 50 bills) along a guide path securities generated when signal. 为清晰起见,在图11所示的波形中没有画出在一般情况下存在于这些波形中的噪声分量。 For clarity, in the waveform shown in FIG. 11 is not shown in the general case the noise component is present in these waveforms. 时间t1表示在导向路径中用中央光检测器检测证券的引导缘的时间。 Time t1 represents the time the leading edge in the guide path with the center of the light detector securities. 在时间t1,由读出磁头360产生的拾取信号378由于磁头与处理设备的交流电源偶合而暂时略有变化。 At time t1, the pickup signal produced by the read head 360 378 since the AC coupling head and processing apparatus is temporarily slightly changed. 高通滤波器370有效地阻挡了交流电源的60Hz频率,因此经过滤波的信号380和经过调节的信号382在时间t1基本上是平直的。 High-pass filter 370 effectively block the 60Hz frequency of the AC power supply, and therefore the filtered signal 380 and the adjusted signal 382 at time t1 is substantially flat.

当证券沿导向路径继续前进时,磁性油墨部分通过读出磁头360,使拾取信号378产生幅度约为200μv峰-峰值的几个高频振荡。 When securities move along a guide path, a magnetic read head by the ink portion 360, the pickup 378 generates a signal peak amplitude of about 200μv - Several high frequency oscillation peaks. 该高频振荡由放大器366和368放大并加到高通滤波器370,由此产生具有幅度约为1伏峰-峰值振荡的信号380。 The oscillation frequency applied to high-pass filter and amplified by the amplifiers 366 and 368 370, thereby generating a peak having an amplitude of approximately 1 volt - 380 oscillation signal peaks. 该信号380的振荡再经整流、积分,在从时间t2至时间t3的间隔期间产生幅度约为2伏的调节信号382的一个持续脉冲。 The oscillation signal 380 is then rectified, integrated, is generated from the amplitude during an interval of time t2 to time t3 is about 2 volts adjustment signal 382 of a sustain pulse. 时间t3之后,证券的磁性油墨部分已通过读出磁头360,因此波形378、380和382没有明显的持续脉冲。 After time t3, the magnetic ink has some securities by the read heads 360, 378, 380 and 382 and therefore the waveform of sustain pulses is not significant. 在时间t4,证券的尾缘通过中央光检测器,因此获得了证券检测间隔。 At time t4, the trailing edge through the central securities photodetector, thus obtaining the document detection interval.

按照结合信号处理电路110所述的方法,可以使用信号调节电路110a来检验证券。 The method 110 in conjunction with the signal processing circuit may be used to test the signal conditioning circuit 110a securities. 另一方面,在下面描述的另一种方法的实践中也可以使用电路110a。 On the other hand, in the practice of another method described below may also be used in circuits 110a.

由图11可见,在调节信号382有一个持续脉冲时期的时间t2和时间t3之间的间隔若和光检测器检测证券的整个检测间隔t1-t4相比是比较短暂的。 Seen from FIG. 11, the adjustment signal 382 if there is an interval between t3 and the light detector securities entire detection interval t1-t4 is relatively short compared to the time t2 and time period of a sustain pulse. 在时间t2和时间t3之间的调节信号382中的持续脉冲的相对短暂的性质为真证券通过期间通过取样该信号382并对取样的值求和而得到的累加值的范围规定了一个上限。 In the relatively brief nature of the adjustment signal 382 between time t2 and time t3, the sustain pulses is true securities by the sampling period obtained by sampling the signal 382 and the value of the accumulated value sum of a predetermined upper limit range. 累加值的这个限定的范围对可靠区分真、伪证券的能力又产生了不利的影响。 The accumulated value of the limited range of reliable distinguish true pseudo ability securities and adversely affected. 此外,和这样的证券的通过状态相关的波形中的持续脉冲幅度的间隔相当短暂,这就使取样值的累加对虚假信号的影响更加敏感,这是相对于处理具有较强和/或较大的磁性油墨部分的证券而言的。 Further, the pulse amplitude and duration of such a state by the securities-related waveform rather brief intervals, which makes the influence of spurious signals on the accumulated value is more sensitive to sampling, which is treated with a strong relative to and / or greater Securities magnetic ink part of the terms. 例如,如图11所示,对于拾取信号382,在检测间隔的时间t5处发生一个噪声尖峰信号。 For example, as shown in 382, ​​a noise spike occurs at the pick-up signal 11 to the time t5 detection intervals. 在调节信号382中的在时间t5处由尖峰信号引起的最终脉冲可能会对波形382的取样值的累加和的值产生明显的影响,这些取样值是在沿图11的下时间轴上的用多个小竖杠表示的取样间隔得到的。 Have a significant impact on the accumulated value and adjust the final pulse at time t5 caused by the spikes 382 may have a signal waveform sample value 382, ​​which is used in sampling values ​​along the axis 11 sampling interval multiple small vertical bar represents obtained.

为克服前述的检验具有弱磁性和/或高度局限的磁性的证券方面的困难,可以使用检验证券的另一种方法,其中的计数是根据调节信号382的短暂特性累加的。 To overcome the foregoing difficulties and weakly magnetic test securities and / or highly localized magnetic, another method may be used in security inspection, where the count is accumulated in accordance with the adjustment signal 382 transient characteristic. 按这种方法,对检测间隔调节电路110a的调节信号超过预定的下阈值VL的那些相继的取样间隔进行计数,从而得到一个计数值(或累加值)。 Those successive sampling interval adjustment signal according to this method, the detection interval adjustment circuit 110a exceeds a predetermined lower threshold VL is counted to obtain a count value (or integrated value). 然后,在一个调节信号的脉冲部分的持续期间将累加的计数同与真证券对应的一个或多个基准值进行比较。 Then, compared with a real security or more reference values ​​corresponding to an adjustment in the accumulated count of the pulse duration of the same portion of the signal.

检验证券的最后这种方法最好包括对调节电路110a的输出信号的取样值超过上限VH的取样间隔进行计数累加的步骤。 Finally, this method preferably comprises the step of examining the security of the accumulated count of sampled values ​​exceeding the upper limit VH of the sampling interval of the output signal conditioning circuit 110a is performed. 为了标识真证券的计数,大于VH的取样值的计数必须小于预定的最大基准值,并且大于VL的相继取样值的计数必须大于预定的最小基准值。 To identify true security count, the count value is greater than VH sample must be less than the predetermined maximum reference value, and greater than the count of consecutive sampled values ​​VL must be greater than a predetermined minimum reference value. 下面结合图7E的逻辑流程图描述实现这个方法的方式以及将该方法与证券处理设备的其它功能组合的方式。 The following description of the logic flow diagram of FIG. 7E implementation of this method and the way the methods and other security functions combined binding processing apparatus. 控制网络通过图6A所示的控制网络301来监测和控制计数和分选设备的操作。 Control network monitors and controls the operation of counting and sorting apparatus by the control network 301 shown in FIG. 6A. 微处理器(如,CPU 302)执行存贮在一个非易失存贮器(如,ROM 318)中的控制程序。 A microprocessor (e.g., CPU 302) is stored in a nonvolatile memory performed (e.g., ROM 318) control program. 控制程序协调下述功能:计数、分选、证券检验、电机控制、显示控制、用户输入、和与外部设备的通信。 A control program to coordinate the following functions: counting, sorting, inspection securities, motor control, display control, user input, and communication with external devices. CPU 302最好是由Nippon Electric Company制造的μPD78C10。 ΜPD78C10 CPU 302 is preferably manufactured by Nippon Electric Company of. CPU 302连到一个随机存取存贮器RAM 319,RAM319有一系列寄存器,用于在执行控制程序期间存贮和检索信息。 CPU 302 is connected to a random access memory RAM 319, RAM319 a series of registers for storing and retrieving information during execution of the control program. RAM 319可以是一个外部RAM,或者可与微处理器单片或集成在一起。 RAM 319 may be an external RAM, or may be integrated with a microprocessor or a monolithic. CPU 302连到一个多通道模/数(A/D)转换电路304。 CPU 302 is connected to a multi-channel analog / digital (A / D) conversion circuit 304. 在优选实施例中,A/D电路304和CPU 302单片集成在一起。 Embodiment, A / D circuit 304 is monolithically integrated with the CPU 302, and in the preferred embodiment. A/D电路304自传感器66、64、80、82、84以及磁信号调节电路110接收模拟信号并向CPU 302提供与各个模拟信号对应的数字信号。 A / D circuit 304 from the sensor 66,64,80,82,84 and the magnetic signal conditioning circuit 110 receives an analog signal to CPU 302 and provides an analog signal corresponding to the respective digital signal.

在CPU 302和LED 83、85之间接一个LED控制电路306。 In the CPU 302, and a LED 83, 85 indirect LED control circuit 306. LED控制电路是一个多通道数/模转换器,根据从CPU 302接收的信号调节LED的亮度。 LED control circuit is a multi-channel D / A converter, adjust the LED brightness according to a signal received from the CPU 302. LED亮度大小的变化对左、右传感器电路82、84尤为重要,这是因为要使用这些电路来确定通过该设备的证券的存在状态和遮光性。 LED luminance change the size of left and right sensor circuit 82, 84 is particularly important, since these circuits to be used is determined by the presence status of the securities and the light blocking device. 遮光性检验所需的光亮度可能比检测证券存在状态所需的光亮度大得多。 Brightness light-shielding test may be required than that required for detecting the presence state of securities much brightness. 由于LED的可靠性随亮度的增加而减小,所以希望仅在需要遮光性数据时才在高亮度情况下操作左、右LED。 LED reliability decreases with increasing brightness because it is desirable that only the operation of the left and right high-brightness LED in the light-shielding data when needed. 确定证券遮光性所需的特定亮度取决于要计数和分选的证券的类型,因此希望能让用户来规定所用亮度的大小。 Determining a desired light-shielding securities to be counted depends on the particular brightness and sorted types of securities, it is desirable to allow the user of the brightness of a predetermined size. LED控制电路306还给CPU 302提供当设备处在停止状态时可把LED转换到证券检测亮度级的能力。 LED control circuit 306 to provide CPU 302 back when the LED apparatus may convert the document detection brightness level when the capacity is at rest.

键盘接口电路308连接到CPU 302和键盘14,使用户能在执行控制程序期间规定或修改操作参数。 Keyboard interface circuit 308 is connected to the CPU 302 and the keyboard 14, so that user can specify or modify operating parameters during execution of the control program. 显示接口310连接到CPU,驱动向用户提供计数和状态信息的显示器16。 Display interface 310 is connected to the CPU, providing a display drive count and status information to the user 16. RS-232型接口驱动器314也连接到CPU 302,使该计数和分选设备能与外部设备316接通。 Type RS-232 interface driver 314 is also connected to the CPU 302, so that the counting and sorting apparatus 316 can be switched with an external device. 外部设备316可以是一种通用的计算机。 External device 316 may be a general-purpose computer. 对该计算机进行编程以便与该设备通信并按串行通信协议控制该设备。 The computer is programmed to control the apparatus in accordance with the communication device serial communication protocol. 外部设备316按另一种方式还可以是一个打印机,例如感热式印字机,用于打印分段计数、面额计数、设备计数的证券的金额总数。 External device 316 may also be another way a printer, such as a thermal printer, the segment count, denomination counts, the total number of counts the amount of equipment for printing securities. 对CPU 302进行编程,使其能按照在外部设备的串行接口上设置的接线或跨接线分辨出不同类型的外部设备。 Of the CPU 302 is programmed so that it can distinguish between different types of external devices according to the connection provided on the serial interface of the external device or jumpers. 可以使用经RS-232型接口314的外部I/O来补充或代替经键盘14直接输入的用户命令。 User commands may be used by the RS-232 type interface 314 of the external I / O to supplement or replace the direct input via the keyboard 14.

电机控制电路312连接到CPU 302,并用于提供电机321的编程控制。 Motor control circuit 312 is connected to the CPU 302, the motor 321 and for providing programmed control. 该电机控制电路可按来自CPU 302的信号通、断电机,或者改变电机的速度。 The motor control circuit according to a signal from the CPU 302 through, off the motor, or changing the speed of the motor.

CPU 302包括一个中断输入端INT,输入端INT经中断线79连到定时轮组件77。 CPU 302 includes an interrupt input terminal INT, INT input terminal 79 is connected via interrupt line 77 to a timing wheel assembly. 在图6B中示意表示的定时轮组件向CPU302提供定时信号,在通过该计数和分选设备传送证券期间用于协调计数操作和传感器数据的累加功能。 Figure 6B provides a schematic representation of a timing wheel assembly to the CPU302 timing signal, for accumulating the count operation and the function of the sensor coordinate data by the period counting and sorting apparatus to deliver the stock. 定时轮74装在加速轴56上,因此定时轮74与加速轮56同步转动。 Timing wheel 74 is mounted on the acceleration shaft 56 and thus rotate synchronously with the timing wheel 74 wheel 56 acceleration.

如先前所述,在定时轮74的相对的两侧定位LED 75和光传感器78,并且使它们排成一线以便在轮74转动时传感器偏置电路76能产生一个脉冲,该脉冲出现的时间和每个径向开口通过LED 75和传感器78之间的时间相同。 As previously described, on opposite sides of the timing wheel 74 is positioned LED 75 and the light sensor 78, which are aligned in order and the sensor bias circuit 76 produces a pulse when the wheel 74 rotates, the pulses occur in time per radially through the opening between the time the sensor 78 LED 75 and the same. 传感器偏置电路76的输出通过中断线79送到CPU 302的中断端口。 Through interrupt line 76 the output of the sensor bias circuit 79 to the interrupt port of the CPU 302. 在定时轮74中径向开口的数目最好能使一个证券在加速轮52、54之间通过时可产生大约66个中断脉冲。 The number of radial openings in timing wheel 74 is preferably such that a stock can generate approximately 66 interrupt pulses between the acceleration wheels 52, 54 through. 就距离而论,定时轮组件相对于加速轮52的大约每毫米的周边转动将产生一个中断脉冲。 To accelerate the wheel 52 with respect to the distance in terms of the timing wheel assembly about the periphery of the rotation per millimeter will generate an interrupt pulse.

在图7A-7D流程图中表示出控制该设备的操作的一个优选的控制程序。 In the flowchart of FIGS. 7A-7D shows a preferred operation of the control device of the control program. 该控制程序包括下述功能:命令I/O、传感器数据累加、传感器数据估算、和证券计数。 The control program includes the following functions: a command I / O, sensor data accumulation, sensor data to estimate, and document counting. 现在参照图7A,执行起始步骤224,确定该设备的操作方式和结构。 Referring now to Figure 7A, initial step 224 performed, determining the structure and mode of operation of the apparatus. 在224步,CPU确定是否经RS-232型接口已接上了一个外部设备。 In step 224, CPU determines whether via RS-232 type interface is connected to an external device. 如果检测到一个外部设备,则检验RS-232线以确定是否存在跨接线,即该外部设备是否是与CPU 302相互作用的计算机,或者该外部设备是否是CPU 302只送出输出的一台打印机。 If an external device is detected, RS-232 line is checked to determine whether the jumper, i.e., whether the external device is a computer interaction with the CPU 302, or if the external device is only sent CPU 302 outputs a printer. 应该注意,若在224步确定:已检测到在该系统中连接的这样一个外部设备,则对经键盘的用户输入和经显示器的输出的这种规定的基准也可用于从外部设备的输入和向外部设备的输出。 It should be noted that, if the determination in step 224: this has been detected in an external device connected to the system, the reference to such a predetermined output via the user input through a keyboard and a display can also be used from an external input device and output to the external device.

在和启动选择有关的226步中,将诸如准备计数的证券的面额、分选或计数方式选择、批量大小、操作速度、检验方式选择等都输入到该控制过程。 In step 226 selection and start the related, such as securities prepared count denominations, sorting or counting mode selection, batch size, operating speed, etc. are input to the test mode selection control process. 用户也可以通过显示回路在226步循环,以得到累加的分段计数、面额计数和/或总数的显示。 Users can also display the circulation loop step 226, to obtain a cumulative count segment display denomination counts and / or total. 累加的计数和/或总数可以有选择地在打印机上打印或加到主机上,条件是该设备已经过RS-232端口连接到这样一些外部设备上。 The accumulated counts and / or the total number may be selectively printed or applied to the host computer to the printer, provided that the equipment has been connected to the RS-232 port so that the number of external devices. 对累加的计数和/或总数的显示提出请求,就可以按照一个运行计数修改累加的计数和/或总数。 Counting request and / or display the accumulated total number of counts can be counted and / or the total number of modifications in accordance with an accumulated operation. 运行计数是在一个寄存器中的,在该寄存器中存贮从最近的显示请求开始计数的证券数目。 The run count is a register, storing the number of securities from the most recent display request counted in the register. 在每个总数显示请求后运行计数复位。 After each count reset operation of the total number of the display request. 无论何时请求总金额计数,CPU 302都要从可能存入RAM 319或存入内部CPU寄存器的各个面额计数计算出总金额值。 Whenever count of the total amount requested, CPU 302 may be stored in the RAM 319 or in internal CPU registers for each denomination counted to calculate the total amount of value.

在226步还要通过用户输入或先前存入ROM的数据选择用于误差检测的几个阈值。 Also in step 226 or by user input data previously stored in the ROM to select several threshold for error detection. 在步骤226期间用户还可以选择证券遮光性的大小。 During step 226 the user can also select the size of the light-shielding securities. 所选的遮光性的大小决定了遮光性检验期间左、右LED 83、85发光的亮度的大小。 Selected determines the size of the light-shielding right and left LED 83,85 emission luminance scales of the light-shielding test. 在226步用户可以允许或不允许对可疑的伪券进行磁检测操作和/或遮光性评估操作。 In step 226 the user can allow or disallow the suspected counterfeit notes magnetic detecting operation and / or light-shielding property evaluation operation. 如果选择了可疑伪券检测(CFS),通过CPU按照规定的操作速度选择用于比较磁数据的阈值。 If the bogus suspect detection (CFS) selecting, by the CPU operation speed according to a predetermined selection threshold for comparing magnetic data. 必须按照证券通过和靠近读出磁头86的速度由读出磁头86产生的电信号的大小来进行这样的选择。 It must head 86 in accordance with the securities and close by the size of the reading speed by the read electric signal generated by the magnetic head 86 to perform such a selection. 在优选实施例中,用户可在高操作速度(约1200个证券/分钟)和低操作速度(约600个证券/分钟)之间进行选择。 In a preferred embodiment, the user can select a high operating speed (about 1200 Securities / min) and a low operating speed (about 600 Securities / min) between. 提供低速选择,使用户在计数证券时通过观察证券就能以可视的方式确定是否存在可疑的伪券。 Providing low chosen so that the user can count the securities to visually determine whether there is a suspected counterfeit notes by observing the securities. 这种可视的可疑伪券确定方法可以补充或代替伪券的磁确定方法。 This method of determining suspected counterfeit notes may supplement or replace the visual method for determining the magnetic bogus. 已经发现,600个证券/分钟左右的证券计数速度是足够低的,可对证券进行可视检验。 It has been found, securities about 600 / min document counting speed is sufficiently low, it may be a visual inspection of the securities.

启动选择可以经RS-232型接口加入,或者经图8详细表示的键盘14手动输入。 Start selection may be added via the interface type RS-232, or a manual input via the keyboard 14 shown in detail in FIG. 8. 键盘14包括多个开关,通过这些开关用户可以输入结合控制过程的226步所述的命令和选择方案。 Keyboard 14 comprises a plurality of switches can be entered in conjunction with step 226 of the process control commands and options through which a user switches. 键盘14包括多个键,记为:启动/停止、继续、分选、面额选择、面额总数、总金额、清除总数、速度、可疑伪券检测、和双重检测。 Keyboard 14 includes plural keys, referred to as: start / stop, continue, sorting, selecting the denomination, the total number of denominations, the total amount, the total number of cleared, speed, suspected counterfeit notes detected, and dual detection. 启动/停止键为一个瞬时开关,按下该开关可启动、停止该设备的操作。 Start / stop key is a momentary switch, the switch can be pressed to start and stop operation of the apparatus. 继续键是一个瞬时开关,用于在操作中断后重新启动计数和分选设备。 Continue key is a momentary switch used to restart the counting and sorting apparatus after operation is interrupted. 继续键的操作可向该计数和分选设备提供一个信号,重新启动操作,并在检测和除去可疑的伪券后或在操作启动/停止键后继续现行计数。 Key operation continues to count and may provide a signal sorting apparatus, restarting the operation, and after detecting and removing the suspect or counterfeit note counting after the operation to continue the existing start / stop button. 在通过表格和菜单循环的控制过程的226步期间用面额选择键来选择在一个特定的操作中要计数的钞票的面额,或者用来规定一个分段计数而不管面额的大小。 During step 226 the control process cycle forms and menus denomination selection key used to select a particular denomination of bills to be counted in operation, or for a predetermined segment size count regardless of denomination. 用面额总数键来显示所计数的每个面额的累计总数或者总的分段计数。 The total number of keys used to display the denomination of the cumulative total of each denomination counted or the total segment count. 按下总金额键显示各个面额的累计金额的总和。 Press the button to display the sum of the total amount of the accumulated amount for each denomination. 清除总数键可将显示的累计总数复位到零。 Total Clear key will display the cumulative total is reset to zero. 如果在显示总金额期间操作清除总数键,则所有的面额总数都被复位。 If the total amount is displayed during the operation to clear the total number key, then the total number of all denominations are reset.

可疑伪券检测(CFS)键在226步期间用于使可疑伪券的磁检测“接通”或“断开”。 Bogus suspect detection (CFS) key during step 226 for the magnetic detection of suspected counterfeit notes "on" or "off." 在226步用双重检测键来选择用于遮光性检验的LED亮度的大小,或者禁止遮光性检验。 In step 226 with a double size detection keys to select the LED brightness for the light-shielding test, or prohibit shielding test. 在226步用速度键在高操作速度和低操作速度之间进行选择。 Select between a high operating speed and low speed operation with the speed button in step 226. 在226步用分选键选择分选操作和匹量的大小。 In step 226 a sorting operation to select and match the amount of the sorting size. 当在226步完成启动参数的选择时,启动电机,并且在按下启动键时该控制过程前进至228步。 Upon completion of the startup parameters selected in step 226, starts the motor, and upon pressing the start button the control procedure proceeds to step 228.

在228步,将和证券检验有关的几个变量设置成零。 In step 228, the securities and related test several variables to zero. 当每个证券通过该设备时,通过计数定时脉冲来测量证券的长度,这些定时脉冲是中央传感器80检测每个证券的存在状态时产生的。 When each stock through the apparatus, to measure the length of the securities by counting timing pulses, timing pulse which is generated when the security status 80 detects the presence of each of the center sensor. 如果中央传感器被遮住(这也表示存在证券)时计数了异常大的数目的定时脉冲,则停止该计数和分选设备。 If the center sensor is covered (this also indicates the presence of securities) counted unusually large number of timing pulses when the counting is stopped and sorting apparatus. 在228步将通过每个证券期间的两个计数(长度计数和空闲计数)复位。 In step 228 resets the count by two (length count and the idle count) during each of the securities. 在228步用于检验宽度偏离的证券的两个标志(右传感器标志和左传感器标志)也要复位。 In step 228 two flag check width deviation for securities (the right sensor flag and a left sensor flag) is reset also.

程序自228步前进至230步,用于累加证券检验数据的RAM 319的几个寄存器复位。 The program proceeds from step 228 to step 230, security testing for accumulating several data RAM 319 register is reset. 在每个证券通过期间,在RAM 319的相应寄存器中累加左、右传感器信号的操作总数、磁信号调节电路的输出、以及检测到的中断脉冲的数目。 During the passage in the respective left and accumulating register in RAM 319 in each of the securities, the total number of the operation right sensor signals, the magnetic signal conditioning circuit output, and the number of detected interrupt pulses. 在230步,复位每个证券通过期间在这些寄存器中存贮的总数。 In step 230, the total number of the reset period by each securities stored in these registers.

程序自230步前进至232步,按照和中央传感器80对应约A/D通道的值检测证券的存在状态。 The program proceeds from step 230 to step 232, and the center sensor 80 according to the present state corresponding to about A / D channel value detected securities. 如果中央传感器信号值低于预定的检测阈值,则控制过程分支到234步,等待来自定时轮的中断脉冲。 If the center sensor signal value is below a predetermined detection threshold, then control branches to step 234, waiting for an interrupt pulse from the timing wheel. 当在234步收到一个中断脉冲时,则控制过程继续前进到236,使空闲计数加1。 In step 234, when an interrupt pulse is received, control proceeds to 236, so that the idle count is incremented. 然后,在238步,该空闲计数与一个预定的限值比较。 Then, in step 238, the idle count comparator with a predetermined limit. 若在238步空闲计数不超过该限值,则控制过程返回到232步。 If in step 238 the idle count does not exceed the limit value, then control returns to step 232. 若在238步空闲计数的确超过了空闲限值,则控制前进到268,使该设备中止操作,然后又前进到270步,控制过程继续等待输入。 If in step 238 the idle count does exceed the idle limit, then control proceeds to 268, so that the device halts operation, and then proceeds to step 270, control continues waiting for input. 从270步开始,该控制过程可能要分支,在收到继续启动命令时分支到226步,或者在检测到放入斗仓中的证券时分支到228步。 Starting from step 270, the control procedure may branch to branch to step 226 upon receipt of a start command to continue, or is detected when placed in branches to step 228 in hopper securities. 一般而论,从270步开始的控制路径取决于引导到270步的状态条件和用户采取的动作的性质、或由外部设备的输入。 Generally speaking, the control path from step 270 are dependent upon the nature of the guide step 270 the user state condition and actions to be taken, or by an external input device.

如果在232步中央证券传感器的确寄存了一张证券的存在状态,则控制过程前进至图7B的233步(用廷续标记B表示)。 If at step 232 the central securities sensor does register the presence of a security state, the control process proceeds to step 233 of FIG. 7B (with the mark B denotes ting Continued). 在233步,检验两个条件以确定电机是否应该停止。 In step 233, two test conditions to determine whether the motor should stop. 第一个条件是叠放计数是否已达到表示少于一张证券的整叠放盒的数值。 The first condition is whether or not the count has reached the stacking represents an integer value less than a securities stacked cassette. 由于设备操作速度很高,所以证券传送机构不可能马上停下来。 Due to the high operating speed of the device, the securities transfer mechanism can not immediately stop. 因此,如果叠放盒将要放满,则必须在检测到每张证券的首缘时作出这样的决定。 Therefore, if the stacked boxes to be filled, it must make that decision when it detects the first edge of each document. 类似地,如果设备按分批方式运行,则在233步要确定由中央传感器目前正检测到的证券是否是一批证券中的最后一张证券。 Similarly, if the device is running in a batch mode, then in step 233 to determine whether the sensor is currently being detected by the central securities are a number of securities in the last securities. 如果满足这两个条件中的一个条件,则控制过程前进至235步,在235步中电机控制电路开始使用公知的制动技术关断电机。 If a condition of these two conditions is satisfied, the control process proceeds to step 235, in step 235 the control circuit starts the motor using well known techniques will be cut off the brake. 当电机控制电路开始制动电机时,或者在233步中条件都不满足时,控制过程前进至240步。 When the motor control circuit starts to brake the motor, or when the conditions are not met in step 233, control proceeds to step 240.

240步是数据累加循环200的第一个步骤,在此期间当每个证券通过该设备时都产生传感器数据的操作总数。 Step 240 is the data accumulation loop 200 is a first step, during which the securities are generated when the total number of actions for each sensor data through the apparatus.

当在240步检测到一个中断脉冲时,控制过程转至242步,使证券长度计数加1。 When the step 240 detects an interrupt pulse, the control procedure advances to step 242, that the document length count is incremented. 控制过程从242步转到244步。 Control procedure from step 242 to step 244. 在244步,检查表示先前已检测到一张证券的右传感器的标志。 In step 244, check represents the previous mark of a security right sensor has been detected. 在数据累加循环200的第一迭代操作期间,右标志还未设定,控制前进至246步。 During operation of the first iteration of the data accumulation loop 200, the right flag has not been set, control proceeds to step 246. 在246步,查询和该右传感器信号对应的那个A/D通道,以便确定沿下导向板50的右侧的证券存在状态。 In step 246, the query and the right sensor signal corresponding to the A / D channel, the right to determine the presence status of the securities along lower guide plate 50. 如果检测到一张证券,则控制过程前进到248步,在248步使右传感器标志置位,并且按照在226步选择的遮光性大小通过LED控制电路306确定右LED的亮度,控制过程前进至252步。 If it detects a security, control proceeds to step 248, at step 248 that the right sensor flag is set, and light shielding properties, in accordance with step 226 determines that the right choice of the LED 306 through the LED brightness control circuit, the control process proceeds to 252 steps. 如果在246步沿下导向板50的右侧没有检测到证券,则控制过程直接前进至252步,右LED依然保持在证券检测时的亮度大小。 If the lower right side along the guide plate 50 is not detected at step 246 the securities, the control process proceeds directly to step 252, the right LED remains at the document detection brightness of size. 在证券数据累加循环200期间若左传感器标志或右传感器标志没有置位,则发生证券的宽度偏离检测。 During the data accumulation loop 200 securities if the left sensor flag or right sensor flag is not set, the width of the securities deviation detection occurs. 一旦在248步右传感器标志置位,则随后执行的244步将控制过程分支到250步。 In step 248, once the right sensor flag is set, step 244 is then executed to control the process branches to step 250. 在250步,取样和该右传感器对应的那个A/D通道并累加在RAM 319的一个寄存器中,并且控制过程转至252步。 In step 250, the sampling and the right sensor corresponding to the A / D channel and accumulated in the RAM 319 in a register, and the control procedure advances to step 252. 在250步A/D转换器从右传感器取的遮光性数据的变化范围一般都相当小。 In step 250 A / D converter from the right sensor taken shielding range of the data is generally quite small. 为了清楚地刻划正常的证券和遮光较多的证券(如一个双层的证券),最好把遮光性数据粗略地量化成几个宽的范围,对这些范围进行数字加权,以减小小范围遮光性变化的影响。 To clearly scored normal securities and the light-shielding more securities (such as a bilayer securities), the light-shielding data is preferably coarsely quantized into a few broad ranges, these ranges for digitally weighting, to reduce the small the impact of changes in the scope of shading. 只使用4级遮光性数据量化就足以完成单个证券和双重证券之间的鉴别。 Shielding only four quantized data is sufficient to complete the discrimination between single and double securities securities.

从252步开始,对左证券检测器执行和在244-250步中对右检测器执行的确定步骤相类似的确定步骤。 From the start step 252, left and securities detector performs the determination of steps 244-250 in the right detection step similar to the step of determining phase. 如果在252步发现左标志已被置位,则控制过程转到258步,在258步对左传感器的信号大小进行测量、量化和累加。 If in step 252 the left flag has been set, control transfers to step 258, the measurement of the size of the left sensor signal in step 258, quantization and accumulation. 若在252步发现左标记没有置位,则控制过程前进到254步。 If the left flag is not found in step 252 is set, the control process proceeds to step 254. 在254步,对左传感器取样,并且和一个阈值比较以确定在导向板的左侧是否存在一个证券。 In step 254, the left sensor for sampling, and comparing with a threshold value to determine whether there is a stock of the left side of the guide plate. 若在254步检测到一个证券,则控制过程前进至256步,使左标志置位。 If the step 254 detects a security, control proceeds to step 256, the left flag. 在256步CPU 302还要向LED控制电路306发出一个信号,以便将左LED 83的亮度提高到在226步选定的遮光性检测的水平。 CPU 302 also in step 256 to the LED control circuit 306 sends a signal to increase the brightness of the left LED 83 to a selected level at step 226 the light shielding detection. 控制过程从256步转至260步。 The control procedure advances to step 260 from step 256. 若在254步在左光传感器没有检测到证券,则控制过程直接转至260步。 In step 254, if security is not detected in the left light sensor, the control process goes directly to step 260.

在260步,对和磁信号调节电路110的输出对应的A/D通道进行取样和累加。 In step 260, the output of the signal conditioning and the magnetic circuit 110 corresponding to the A / D sampling and accumulating channel. 然后,控制过程转到262步,在262步再次对中央传感器的A/D通道进行取样,以确定证券的存在状态。 Then, control transfers to step 262, again on the center of the sensor A / D channel is sampled at step 262, to determine the presence status of the securities. 如果中央检测器还检测到一个证券,则控制过程返回到240步,继续进行数据累加循环200。 If the central detector further detects a stock, then control returns to step 240 to continue the data accumulation loop 200. 当在262步没有检测到一个证券时,则结束该数据累加循环200,控制过程分支到263步,开始进行如图7C所示的控制过程的数据评估阶段,如由接续标记C所表示的。 When step 262 does not detect a security, the end of the data accumulation loop 200, the control procedure branches to step 263 to begin a data evaluation phase of the control process shown in Fig. 7C, the connecting symbol C as indicated.

从263步开始,按照数据累加期间累加的数据进行一系列检验中的第一项检验。 Starting step 263, a series of tests performed in accordance with the first test data accumulated during the data accumulation. 值得注意的是,除图7B所示的程序外还可按其它的逻辑程序进行数据评估检验。 It is noted that also in other test data evaluation logic program in addition to the routine shown in FIG. 7B. 在263步,将数据累加循环200期间达到的长度计数和长度阈值进行比较。 In step 263, the data accumulated during the cycle reached 200 length count and length threshold value. 若长度数值小于阈值,则控制过程前进到265步,在265步中经显示器16向用户显示“半”误差。 If the length is less than the threshold value, the control process proceeds to step 265, display "half" error to the user via the display 16 in step 265. 从278步开始,控制过程如接续标记D2所示转到图7D所示的267步,复位运行计数;然后前进到269步停止电机。 Starting from step 278, control as shown in FIG subsequent to marking step shown D2 7D 267, the run count is reset; and then proceeds to step 269 to stop the motor. 之后在271步,控制过程等待来自叠放盒光传感器的表示已从叠放盒排空了证券的信号。 After step 271, control waits expressed from a stacked cassette stacked from the light sensor signal emptied cartridge securities. 若在图7C的263步长度计数超过了下阈值,则控制过程前进至264步。 If Step 263 in FIG. 7C length count exceeds the lower threshold value, the control process proceeds to step 264.

在264步,将数据累加循环200期间取的长度计数与一个长度上限值进行比较。 In step 264, the length of a length count taken during the data accumulation loop 200 is compared limits. 若长度计数超过了长度上限值,则由显示器显示表示粘连误差的信息,和/或将该信息在266步输出到RS-232端口。 If the length count exceeds the upper limit value of the length, by blocking the display displays information indicating that an error, and / or outputs the information to the RS-232 port in step 266. 从266步开始,控制过程如接续标记D2所示转至图7D所示的267步,在267步复位运行计数。 From the start step 266, the control procedure as shown in FIG splicing mark D2 7D 267 go further illustrated, step 267 resets the run count. 然后前进到269步,停止电机。 And then proceeds to step 269, stop the motor. 然后在271步,控制程序等待来自叠放盒光传感器的表示已从叠放盒排空了证券的信号。 Then in step 271, the control program waits for a stacked cell light sensor indicates cartridge emptying superposed signal from securities. 若在图7C的264步长度计数没有超过长度上限值,则控制过程前进至272步,在272步按照一个预定的适应性因子修改长度阈值和上限值。 If the length count in step 264 of FIG. 7C is not longer than the upper limit value, the control process proceeds to step 272, change the length threshold and upper limit value according to a predetermined adaptation factor in step 272. 最好对于每一种证券都调节长度的上、下限,以便按一个预定的比例将最近测量到的证券的长度归类在一起。 It is preferably adjusted for each security on the length of the lower limit, according to a predetermined ratio of the measured length to the nearest securities grouped together. 长度上、下限的这种比例适应性使该设备能连续适应电机速度的变化以及证券长度的微小变化。 Length, the lower limit of this ratio so that the apparatus can adaptively change and continuously adapt to small changes in the length of the securities motor speed.

在272步修改了证券长度限值后,用长度计数除累加的磁数据,从而在274步产生一个平均的磁检验值。 After the document length limits modified in step 272, the count accumulated magnetic data except the length to produce an average magnetic test value in step 274. 然后,评估程序前进到276步,在276步检查右标志。 Then, the program proceeds to the evaluation step 276, the right flag is checked at step 276. 若在数据累加循环200期间右标志没有置位,则程序前进到278步,在278步通过适当的显示向用户通告证券宽度偏离误差。 If the data accumulation loop 200 during the right flag is not set, the routine proceeds to step 278, at step 278 by an appropriate width to display to the user CircularsSecurities out errors. 从278步开始,控制过程如接续标记D2所示转到图7D的267步,在267步复位运行计数,然后转到269步,在269步停止电机。 Starting from step 278, the control procedure as shown in connection flag D2 to step 267 of FIG. 7D, the counting operation is reset in step 267, then go to step 269, the motor is stopped at step 269. 然后在271步,控制过程等待来自叠放盒光传感器表示已从叠放盒排空了证券的信号。 Then in step 271, control waits for stacking boxes stacked from the photosensor indicates cartridge emptying signal securities. 若在图7C的276步发现右标志已置位,则该程序开始在280步检查左标志,若发现左标志没有置位则有类似的结果。 If the right flag is found set, the program starts to check the left flag in step 280, if the left flag is found not set, the result is similar. In step 276 of FIG. 7C 若左标志置位,则控制过程前进到282步。 If the left flag is set, the control proceeds to step 282.

在282步,将左、右遮光性数据累加寄存器中的内容与在226步确定的它们的相应的阈值进行比较。 In step 282, the left and right shielding accumulation data register contents are compared with their respective threshold values ​​determined in step 226. 如果每个遮光性数据累加寄存器的计数都超过相应的阈值,则在284步通告用户存在一个误差,如一个双重误差。 If each light-shielding count data accumulation registers exceeds the respective threshold values ​​are, then at step 284 an error announcement user exists, such as a double error. 从284步开始,控制过程如用接续标记D2所示转至图7D的267步,在267步复位运行计数,然后转至269步,在269步停止电机。 From the start step 284, the control procedure with splicing mark 267 as shown in Step D2 Turning to FIG. 7D, the run count is reset in step 267, then go to step 269, the motor is stopped at step 269. 然后在271步,控制过程等待来自叠放盒光传感器表示证券已从叠放盒排空的信号。 Then in step 271, control waits for stacking boxes stacked from the photosensor signal represents securities cartridge emptying. 若在图7C的282步,和累加遮光性数据的寄存器有关的计数小于相应的阈值,或者如果在226步禁止双重检测,则控制过程如接续标记D1所示前进到图7D的286步。 If in step 282 of FIG. 7C, light-blocking and accumulation data related to the corresponding count register is less than the threshold value, or if double detection is prohibited in step 226, the control process steps as splicing numeral 286 proceeds to FIG. 7D D1.

在286步,评估程序确定是否允许进行可疑伪券检验(CFS)。 In step 286, the program determines whether to allow assessment of suspected counterfeit note testing (CFS). 若允许CFS检测,则控制过程前进至288步。 If CFS detection allowed, control proceeds to step 288. 在288步,将在274步确定的磁检验平均值与一个预定的阈值进行比较。 In step 288, comparing the average magnetic test determined in step 274 with a predetermined threshold value. 若磁检验平均值不大于预定的阈值,则在290步向用户提供可疑伪券误差显示,并且停止电机。 If the magnetic inspection average less than a predetermined threshold value, then at 290 the user to provide moving towards suspected bogus error display, and stops the motor. 由于证券传送机构不可能立即停止,因此当在290步停止电机时可疑的伪券和输入叠放中的下一个证券(如果有的话)都被传送到叠放盒。 Since the securities can not immediately stop transmitting mechanism, so that when the motor is stopped at step 290 and the input suspected counterfeit notes in the next stack of securities (if any) are transmitted to the stacked boxes. 控制过程然后转至291步,在291步,从叠放盒取出可疑伪券和下一张证券、把下一张证券放回斗仓、并按下继续键,从而恢复了正常操作。 Process control then go to step 291, in step 291, remove the suspected counterfeit notes and securities from a lower stacked cassette, back into the hopper at a securities, and continue to press the key, thereby restoring normal operation. 在291步按下继续键后,控制过程返回到如接续标记A所示的图7A的228步,因此绕开了对传送到叠放板的可疑伪券或随后的这张证券的计数操作。 After the step 291 continues to press the key, control returns to the splicer A numeral 228 in FIG. 7A step, thus bypassing the counting operation of suspected counterfeit notes transferred to the stacking plate or this subsequent securities.

若在286步发现CFS检测被禁止,或者若在288步发现超过了CFS阈值,则控制过程前进至292步。 If it is found CFS detection is disabled, or if found to exceed the threshold CFS step 288, control proceeds to step 292 in step 286.

在292步,使运行记数和叠放计数加1。 In step 292 the run count and stack count by one. 使用叠放计数来保证不超过叠放盒容量。 Use stacking count not to exceed the capacity of the stacked boxes. 一旦从叠放盒排除了叠置的证券,叠放计数就要复位。 Once stacked securities excluded from the stacked boxes, stacking will reset the count. 运行计数是从最近一次执行图7A的226步开始已经检测到的证券数目。 The run count from the last performed step 226 in FIG. 7A start number of securities has been detected.

当从292步前进到294步时,如果该设备被设定为按分选方式运行,则分支到296步。 When proceeds from step 292 to step 294, if the apparatus is set to run in the sorting mode, branches to step 296. 若在296步证券计数已经达到规定的批量大小,则在298步向用户提供完成一个批量的显示。 If in step 296 the security count has reached the predetermined batch size, then at 298 the user to provide moving towards completion of a batch display. 因为在达到298步前已经在233步检测到该批证券即将完成,所以电机已充分慢下来,因此现行的证券就是传送到叠放板的最后一个证券。 Because before reaching the step 298 has been detected in a batch of securities nearing completion step 233, the motor has been sufficiently slow down, so the existing securities is transferred to a securities last stacked plates. 控制过程从298步继续前进到271步,并等待从叠放板排空这批证券。 Control proceeds from step 298 the process continues to step 271, and waits for emptying the stacking plate from these securities.

如果在294步该设备没有被确定为按分选方式操作,或者如果在296步没有检测到该批量的完成,则控制过程转至295步,在295步检验叠放计数以确定叠放板是否填满到它的容量。 If the device is not in step 294 is determined to be operating by sorting mode, or if not detected completion of the batch in step 296, the control procedure advances to step 295, step 295 tests to determine counting stacked stacking plate whether filled full to its capacity. 若在295步确定叠放板没有填满,则控制过程返回到298步,为下一个证券累加数据作好准备。 If the determination in step 295 the stacking plate is not full, then control returns to step 298 to prepare for the next accumulation of data security. 若叠放板已填满,则控制过程转至297步,给出叠放已填满的适当显示。 If the stacking plate is full, the control procedure advances to step 297, given the appropriate stacking the filled display. 控制过程从297步转至271步,并等待从叠放盒排空证券。 The control procedure advances to step 271 from step 297, and waits for securities evacuated from the cassette stack.

一旦完成了一个批量时就到达271步,叠放盒是满的,或者已检测到除可疑伪券之外的一个误差。 Once the batch proceeds to a step 271, the stacking cassette is full, or an error has been detected in addition to the suspected bogus. 在271步期间,将设备的状态通知给用户(或控制主机)。 During step 271, the status of the device to notify the user (or control panel). 为了清除该误差或者按其它方式恢复计数,必须从叠放盒除去证券。 In order to clear the error or otherwise restored by counting, securities must be removed from the cassette stack. 和检测可疑伪券相比,检测其它误差也将在计数中引起不确定性。 And detecting suspect counterfeit note compared to the detection of other errors also causes uncertainty in the count. 例如,如果由于存在双重误差达到271步,操作员不能确定从斗仓中应除去两张或是应除去三张证券才能恢复正常操作。 For example, if the presence of a double error of step 271, the operator can not determine should be removed from the hopper in two or three securities should be removed in order to restore normal operation. 双重误差可能由同时通过两张证券引起,或者由通过一张遮光性异常的证券引起。 Double error may be caused by the same time by two securities, or through a blackout caused by abnormal securities. 为了避免破坏累加计数和总数的完整性,所以除伪假误差之外的误差的检测将使运行计数复位并且从叠放盒板要除去所有的证券(在271步),并且使它们或者返回到斗仓,或者终止计数。 To avoid damage to the integrity of the accumulated counts and totals, so in addition to the error detecting fraudulent error and will reset the run count to be removed from the stack all securities holder plate (at step 271), and to make them return, or hopper or terminate counting. 类似地,其它两个可导向到271步的条件(完成一个批量,或完成了一个整叠放盒)也要求从叠放盒板除去所有的证券。 Similarly, the other two conditions directed to step 271 (a batch is completed, or the completion of a full stacking box) also requires the removal of all securities from the cassette stacking plate. 当叠放盒光传感器表示:证券已从叠放盒板除去时,操作恢复,并且控制过程转到273步。 When the stacked cell light sensor indicates: Stacked Securities removed from the cassette plate, operation resumes and the control procedure goes to step 273.

273步是一个保证证券计数不在“隐证券”条件的过程。 273 is a step to ensure the security conditions are not counting "implicit securities" process. 隐证券是斗仓中最后一张证券,它是在271步之前电机停止操作期间从斗仓加到叠放盒中的,而不是传送到叠放盒中的。 Implicit securities is the last one hopper securities, which is before the motor is stopped at step 271 from the hopper stack added during operation of the cartridge, instead of passing into the stacking box. 由于操作员看不见这样一张证券,并且在斗仓中没有余下其它证券,所以在273步要进行检验,以确定斗仓是否像由斗仓光传感器确定的那样是空的。 Since the operator can not see such a stock, and no other securities remaining in the hopper, it should be tested at step 273 to determine if the image is determined by the hopper photosensor hopper is empty as. 若斗仓是空的,重新启动电机,并使电机运行一个空的暂停时间,把隐证券提供给叠放盒板。 If the hopper is empty, restart the motor, and a motor running empty pause time, the hidden security provided to the cassette stacking plate. 然后,在275步,由于从叠放盒板已移走了所有的证券,所以叠放盒板计数复位,控制过程返回到226步。 Then, in step 275, since the board has been removed from the cassette stack all the securities, the stacking cassette plate count is reset, control returns to step 226.

可以对检测可疑伪券的前述的控制过程部分进行修改,以便实现检测可疑伪券的另一种方法,在结合信号调节电路110a讨论时曾提到过这个替代方法。 The control process may be suspected counterfeit notes section detects the modification, in order to achieve a further method for detecting the suspected counterfeit notes, in conjunction with reference to the signal conditioning circuit 110a through this alternative method had discussed. 在实施该替代方法的控制过程的修改的方案中,CPU累加:(i)超过第一预定基准值的磁检测调节信号的相继取样值的一个第一计数;以及(ii)超过第二预定基准值的取样值的第二计数。 In an alternative embodiment of the control procedure of the method of the modified embodiment, CPU accumulation: (i) successive sample values ​​of the magnetic detection signal exceeds a first adjustment value of a predetermined first reference count; and (ii) exceeds a second predetermined reference second count value sample values. 将每个第一、第二累加计数与一个或多个和真券相关的基准值进行比较,以便检验每一个证券。 Each of the first and second counts up with one or more genuine note and the associated reference value, in order to test each of the securities. 具体来说,该替代过程利用了累加计数的计数寄存器和指示证券是否已通过或没能通过检验比较的标志寄存器。 Specifically, whether this alternative process utilizes accumulated counts count register indicating the securities have failed the test by comparing flag or register. 在检测间隔前、在控制过程的228步和230步,使这些寄存器初始清零。 Prior to detection interval, in step 228 and step 230 of the process control, these initial register is cleared.

在该替代证券检验方法中,图7B控制过程的260步由图7E中所示的一个过程代替,并记为260a。 In this alternative document verification method, step 260 of FIG. 7B is replaced by the control process shown in a process 7E, the referred to and 260a.

现在参照图7E,在400步控制器操作A/D转换器,从调节电路110a获得调节信号的取样值。 Referring now to 7E, the operation of A / D converter at step 400 controller, 110a adjustment signal sample values ​​obtained from the regulator circuit. 然后,在402步,控制器比较在400步得到的取样值和代表最小阈值的一个预定基准值VL。 Then, in step 402, the controller compares the sample value obtained in step 400 and a predetermined threshold value represents the minimum reference value VL. 若取样值不超过VL,则控制程序分支到418步,用于对大于VL的相继取样值计数的计数寄存器复位。 If the sample does not exceed VL, the control program branches to step 418, a successive sample values ​​of the count is greater than VL Count registers. 控制器然后前进到414步,对此,后面再予以说明。 The controller then proceeds to step 414, which, then later be described.

若在402步确定取样值大于VL,则控制器前进到404步。 If it is determined in step 402 is greater than the sample value VL, the controller proceeds to step 404. 在404步,用于对大于VL的相继取样的计数进行保持的计数寄存器加1。 In step 404, for counting successive sampled count is greater than the VL register 1 is added to maintain. 下面称这种寄存器为“低计数”寄存器。 This register is hereinafter referred to as "low-count" register. 然后,控制器前进至406步。 The controller then proceeds to step 406.

在406步,比较含在低计数寄存器中的值与一个预定的基准值,该基准值对应于超过VL的相应取样的最小数,而VL是确认一个证券为真券所需要的值。 In step 406, the comparison count register containing the low value with a predetermined reference value, the reference value corresponds to the minimum number of samples corresponding to more than VL, VL is confirmed and security is a genuine banknote desired value. 若低计数寄存器的累加值超过预定的基准值,则控制过程前进到408步,在408步使标志寄存器置位,从而表明:已经超过了必要的最小计数值、并且相对于低计数寄存器的值而言该证券已经通过了核实检验。 If the low-count register the accumulated value exceeds a predetermined reference value, the control process proceeds to step 408, at step 408 that the flag register is set, indicating that: has exceeded the minimum count necessary, with respect to the low count register value For the securities it has passed the verification test. 控制器而后前进到410步。 The controller then proceeds to step 410.

若在406步低计数寄存器的值不超过必要的最小值,则控制器前进至410步。 If no more than the necessary minimum value in the low count register step 406, the controller proceeds to step 410.

在410步,将在400步得到的取样值与一个预定的限值VH进行比较。 In step 410, comparing the sampled value obtained in step 400 with a predetermined upper limit value VH. 若发现取样值大于VH,则控制器前进到412步,使另一个寄存器(“高计数”寄存器)加1。 If the sample value is greater than the VH was found, then the controller proceeds to step 412, so that the other register (the "high count" register) is incremented. 该控制器然后到414步。 The controller is then to step 414.

若在410步发现取样值不大于VH,则控制器进到414步。 If it is found at step 410 is not greater than the sample value VH, the controller proceeds to step 414.

在414步,将在高计数寄存器中累加的值与一个预定的基准值或最大值进行比较,高于该基准值的证券被确认为可疑的伪券。 In step 414, the count will be accumulated in a high register with a predetermined reference value or maximum value are compared, higher than the reference value is identified as suspicious securities counterfeit note. 如果确定:高计数寄存器的内容大于该预定的最大值,则控制器进到416步,使通过标志寄存器置位,这表示一个可疑的伪券。 If it is determined: the content of the high count register is greater than a predetermined maximum, the controller proceeds to step 416, passing through the register flag is set, this indicates a suspected counterfeit notes. 控制器然后前进到262步(见图7B所示的控制过程)。 The controller then proceeds to step 262 (see FIG control process shown 7B). 若在414步在高计数寄存器中累加的值不超过该预定的最大值,则控制器从414步进到图7B的262步,并且如先前所述使程序继续执行。 If the maximum does not exceed the predetermined value in the accumulated count register 414 in the high step, the controller 414 from the step 262 to the step of FIG. 7B, and as previously described so that the program continues.

由图7E所示的过程可以看出,通过标志寄存器表示对一个真正的证券的一次成功的检验。 The process shown in FIG. 7E can be seen, represented by a flag register for a real test of a successful security. 若通过标志寄存器不置位,这样的条件表示该证券是一个可疑的伪券。 If the register is not set by a flag, such a condition indicates that the security is a suspected counterfeit notes. 如果在证券检测期间为数不多的相继取样值大于下阈值VL、或者预定数目的取样值大于上限值VH,则表示这个证券是伪券。 If, during successive sampling few securities detected value is greater than the lower threshold VL, or a predetermined number of samples is greater than the upper limit value VH, it indicates that a counterfeit note securities. 值得注意的是,这两个标准可像这里所述的按组合的方式实现,但如果期望,也可单个地使用这两个检验标准中的任何一个。 Notably, the two standards may be as described herein in combination implemented by, but if desired, may be used any single one of the two test standards.

在该替代证券检验方法的实践中值得注意的是,可对结合图7D所述的伪券检测步骤288进行修改,使其主要的功能就是确定通过标志是否代表一个可疑伪券的检测结果。 Notably in the practice of the alternative document verification method is, modifications may be made in connection with Fig. 7D counterfeit notes detected in step 288, it is determined by the main function is questionable whether the flag representative of a result of the detection of counterfeit notes.

从上述公开和附图可以看出,本发明提供了某些新颖的和有用的特征,这些特征对于相关领域的普通专业人员来说都是应该清楚的。 From the above disclosure and the figures, the present invention provides certain novel and useful features that for ordinary skill in the relevant art, it is should be clear. 具体而论,这里描述了一种改进的证券计数和分选设备,其中的光学的和磁的核实检验都是按照传感器信号的可编程数字式阈值进行的,并且通过减小电噪声对传感器信号的影响提高了可靠性。 Specifically speaking, there is described an improved document counting and sorting apparatus wherein optical and magnetic verification tests are conducted according to programmable digital sensor signal threshold, and by reducing electrical noise sensor signal the impact of improved reliability.

所用的术语和词句仅用作说明而不是为了限制,不期望这些术语和词句的使用排除了这里所表示和描述的特征和元部件(或其一部分)的等价物,应该认识到,在本发明所要求保护的范围和构思之内各种改进都是可能的。 The terms and expressions of illustration only and not for purposes of limitation, the undesirable use of such terms and expressions of excluding herein shown and features and component parts (or a portion thereof) equivalents described, it should be appreciated that the present invention various modifications within the spirit and scope of the claimed sum are possible.

Claims (20)

1.一种检验具有磁性的证券的真实性的设备,包括:一个证券导向路径,用于在该设备中导引证券;一个沿证券导向路径安装的磁传感器,用于检测沿所说证券导向路径移动的证券的磁性,当所说磁传感器检测证券的磁性时,所说磁传感器产生一个代表证券磁性的传感器信号;数字转换装置,响应来自磁传感器的信号产生代表传感器信号的有代表性的数字值;累加装置,用于根据来自数字转换装置的数字值产生一个累加值;以及比较装置,响应所说累加值以便将所说累加值与代表真实证券的磁性的一个预定值进行比较,由此可确定具有可接受的磁性的证券。 A check the authenticity of the security device having magnetic properties, comprising: a stock guide path for guiding the securities in the apparatus; stock along a guide path is mounted a magnetic sensor for detecting a guide along said securities the magnetic path of movement of the stock, when the magnetic sensor detects magnetic said securities, said magnetic sensor generates a sensor signal representative of the magnetic security; digital converting means generates a response signal representative of a sensor signal from the magnetic sensor of the representative figures value; accumulating means for generating digital values ​​from the digital conversion means a accumulated value; and comparison means, responsive to said accumulated value of said accumulated value in order to compare with a predetermined value representative of the true magnetic securities, whereby It may be determined with acceptable magnetic securities.
2.如权利要求1的设备,其中所说累加装置包括第一计数装置,用于提供一个第一累加值作为超过第一预定基准值的数字值的计数。 2. The apparatus as claimed in claim 1, wherein said accumulating means comprises a first counting means for providing a first accumulated value as a count value exceeds a first predetermined reference digital value.
3.如权利要求2的设备,其中所说累加装置包括第二计数装置,用于提供一个第二累加值作为超过一个第二预定基准值的数字值的计数。 3. The apparatus as claimed in claim 2, wherein said accumulating means comprises second counting means for providing a second accumulated value as a count exceeds a second predetermined reference value of the digital value.
4.如权利要求3的设备,其中所说比较装置包括:第一比较装置,用于比较所说第一累加值和第一预定基准值,该第一预定基准值与具有真实磁特性的证券相关:第二比较装置,用于比较所说第二累加值和第二预定基准值,该第二预定基准值与具有真实磁性的证券相关;以及指示装置,响应所说第一和第二比较装置,用于指示该证券是否为可疑伪券。 Securities first comparing means for comparing said first accumulated value and a first predetermined reference value, the first predetermined reference value having a real magnetic properties: 4. The apparatus as claimed in claim 3, wherein said comparing means includes Related: second comparing means for comparing said second accumulated value and a second predetermined reference value, the second predetermined reference value and securities transactions having magnetic properties; and indicating means responsive to said first and second comparison means for indicating whether the securities suspected counterfeit note.
5.如权利要求1的设备,其中所说比较装置包括比较所说累加值和至少两个预定值的装置,这两个预定值确定了一个代表真实证券的值的一个预定的范围。 5. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein said comparing means comprises means and the accumulated value of the at least two predetermined values ​​of said comparison, the two predetermined values ​​to determine a value representative of a real security predetermined range.
6.如权利要求1的设备,其中进一步还包括用于磁化证券的磁化装置。 6. The apparatus as claimed in claim 1, wherein further comprising means for magnetizing the magnetization of securities.
7.如权利要求6的设备,其中所说磁化装置与所说磁传感器刚性地安装。 7. The apparatus as claimed in claim 6, wherein said magnetic means and said magnetic sensor is rigidly mounted.
8.如权利要求1的设备,其中进一步还包括一个信号调节电路,该电路响应所说传感器信号向数字转换装置提供一个调节信号。 8. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein further comprising a signal conditioning circuit for providing a sensor signal responsive to said adjustment signal to the digital conversion means.
9.如权利要求8的设备,其中所说信号调节电路包括一个积分器,用于响应来自磁传感器的所说信号产生一个积分信号。 9. The apparatus of claim 8, wherein said signal conditioning circuit comprises an integrator for generating a signal in response to said integration signal from the magnetic sensor.
10.如权利要求8的设备,其中所说信号调节电路包括:一个放大器,用于放大来自磁传感器的所说信号并产生一个第一放大信号,以及一个滤波器,对所说第一放大信号滤波并产生一个滤波信号。 A first amplified signal to said amplifier, for amplifying said signal from the magnetic sensor and generating a first amplified signal, and a filter: 10. The apparatus of claim 8, wherein said signal conditioning circuit comprising filter and generates a filtered signal.
11.如权利要求10的设备,其中所说信号调节电路进一步还包括:一个整流装置,用于整流所说第一放大信号并向所说滤波器提供一个整流信号;以及限幅装置,连接所说滤波器和所说数字转换装置,用于将所说滤波信号的最大幅度限制到与所说数字转换装置兼容的一个电平。 11. The apparatus of claim 10, wherein said signal conditioning circuit further comprises: a rectifying means for rectifying said first amplified signal and provide a rectified signal of said filter; and a limiter means connected to the converting said digital filter and said means for limiting the maximum amplitude of said filtered signal to a level compatible with said digital conversion means.
12.如权利要求1的设备,其中进一步还包括约束装置,用于将证券导向路径约束在所说磁传感器的附近,因此能够均匀地检测到通过所说磁传感器的任何证券的磁性。 12. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein further comprising restraint means for security constraint in the vicinity of said guide path of the magnetic sensor, it is possible to uniformly detect any magnetic security through said magnetic sensor.
13.如权利要求12的设备,其中所说约束装置包括一个可转动的轮。 13. The apparatus of claim 12, wherein said restraining means comprises a rotatable wheel.
14.一种检验具有磁性的证券的真实性的方法,包括如下步骤:沿一个导向路径传送证券;在所说传送期间检测证券的磁性;产生一个代表在所说检测步骤检测的证券的所说磁性的检测信号;对所说检测信号取样并产生取样值;累加取样值以便至少产生一个累加值;比较所说累加值和代表真实证券磁性的预定值,由此可确定一个具有可接受的磁性的证券。 14. A method of testing the authenticity of a magnetic securities, comprising the steps of: transmitting along a guide path securities; securities magnetic detector during said transfer; generating a representative of said detection step in said securities magnetic detection signal; sampling said detection signal and generating a sample value; accumulated sample values ​​to generate at least one accumulated value; comparing said accumulated value and a predetermined value to represent the true magnetic securities, whereby to determine an acceptable magnetic having securities.
15.如权利要求14的方法,其中进一步还包括在所说累加步骤前将检测信号限制在一个预定的最大电平的步骤。 15. The method of claim 14, wherein further comprising the step prior to the detection of said accumulating step a signal is limited to a predetermined maximum level.
16.如权利要求14的方法,其中所说累加步骤包括累加所说累加值作为所说取样值之和。 16. The method of claim 14, wherein said accumulating step comprises accumulating said accumulated value as the sum of said sample value.
17.如权利要求14的方法,其中所说累加值步骤包括累加一个第一累加值作为超过一个预定阈值的所说取样值的计数。 17. The method of claim 14, wherein said accumulated value comprises the step of accumulating a first accumulated value as a count exceeds a predetermined threshold value of said sampled values.
18.如权利要求17的方法,其中所说累加步骤包括累加所说第一累加值作为超过所说预定阈值的相继的取样值的计数。 18. The method of claim 17, wherein said accumulating step comprises accumulating said first cumulative value as a count of consecutive sampled values ​​exceeding said predetermined threshold value.
19.如权利要求18的方法,其中所说累加步骤包括累加一个第二累加值作为超过一个预定限值的取样值的计数。 19. The method of claim 18, wherein said accumulating step comprises accumulating a second accumulated value as a count exceeds a predetermined limit value of the sampled.
20.如权利要求19的方法,其中所说比较步骤包括:比较所说第一累加值与一个和具有真实磁性的证券有关的预定最小值;比较所说第二累加值与一个和具有真实磁性的证券有关的预定最大值;以及根据比较的结果显示证券处在它的磁性值代表真实证券的状态中的时间。 20. The method of claim 19, wherein said comparing step comprises: comparing said first accumulated value to a predetermined minimum value and related to securities transactions having magnetism; comparing said second accumulated value with a true and having a magnetic a predetermined maximum value related to the securities; and the result of the comparison show the securities at the time of its magnetic state represents the real security.
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