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一种用于提供一个加长光源,例如照射一个标记或类似物或其它显示的装置和方法,它包括从外部光源发射光进入内管,该内管具有衬有棱形透镜的高反射率薄膜的部分,沿管的长度有一个光透射开口,并在该开口的径向相对侧有一漫射介质,在内管的一端有一个光反射镜。 A method for providing an elongated light source such as a flag or the like is irradiated, or other display device and method, comprising a light from an external light source into the emitter tube, the inner tube has a prismatic lens is lined with a thin film of high reflectivity section along the length of the tube has a light transmission opening, and the opening in the radially opposite side of a diffusing medium, one end of the inner tube has a light reflecting mirror. 内管由一个带有不同颜色的光透射部分的外管同轴围绕。 Inner tube surrounded by a coaxial outer tube with a light transmitting portion of different colors. 外管相对内管转动。 The outer tube is rotated relative to the inner tube. 发射的光通过高反射率衬里和反射镜反射在内管内传输,照射到温射介质上,从而通过光透镜开口向外透射,然后通过选择的彩色部分之一把有色的光投射到一个标记或类似物体上。 Light emitted by a high reflectivity mirror and the reflecting inner liner within the transport tube, the exit temperature of the irradiated medium, thereby opening outwardly through the light transmitting lens, and then one part of the colored light onto a marker or a color selected by such objects.


本发明涉及一种光照射系统,它对于如飞机、汽车或其它车辆所使用的道路标志、终点标志以及光照显示等尤其有用。 The present invention relates to an optical illumination system which is particularly useful for road signs, such as aircraft, automobiles or other vehicles used, and the end flag display illumination. 本发明申请是1988年10月7日提交的序号为255,062的“多色光照射系统”申请的部分继续申请。 The present invention is part of the application Serial October 7, 1988 255,062 filed "multi-color light illumination system," a continuation application.

标志和显示的清晰度,如用于公用机动车辆、汽车及火车的道路及终点指示或用于飞机的仪表盘的清晰度受白天及黑夜不同情况的影响,如强光和外来光线。 Dashboard signs and sharpness of the display, such as for roads and public indicating the end of a motor vehicle, train or automobile and aircraft for the clarity of the affected day and night in different situations, such as glare and extraneous light. 由于反差越大,清晰度越高,因此可以通过增加反差来改善清晰度。 Due to the greater the contrast, the higher the resolution, sharpness and therefore can be improved by increasing the contrast. 光照射系统已经被用于改善清晰度,但现有的光照射系统尚不能提供均匀的光分布。 Light irradiation systems have been used to improve clarity, conventional optical illumination system but yet not provide a uniform light distribution. 根据用于光照射的光源的不同布置,在标志或显示边缘上可能出现亮点和暗区,沿标志或显示底部可能出现一个光环。 Depending on the arrangement of a light source for irradiating light, bright and dark regions may appear at the edge of the sign or display, along the bottom of the display or sign may appear a halo.

已研制出一种用于将点光源转换为均匀散射光的光学薄膜,其商业名称为3M牌反射灯(Scotch lamp)薄膜,如美国专利第4,260,220号所示。 The optical film has been developed for the point light source is converted into a uniform scattering of light, which is the trade name 3M brand reflector lamp (Scotch lamp) film, as shown in U.S. Patent No. 4,260,220. 薄膜由透明塑料制成薄片,它一侧光滑,另一侧上有沟槽,其厚度约为20密耳(0.02英寸),薄膜沟槽实际上是微小的光学棱镜,其棱脆弱,表面易损。 A thin film made of a transparent plastic sheet, smooth side of it, on the other side of the trench, a thickness of about 20 mils (0.02 inch), the film is actually tiny grooves optical prisms edge fragile, easy to surface damage. 薄膜很柔软,可以任意卷绕或弯曲,可称之为透射反射(transreflective)材料。 Very soft thin film may be arbitrarily bent or wound, may be called a transflector (transreflective) material.

该薄膜用作棱镜光导的一部分,它可将从日光跟踪系统采集来的太阳光,均匀地照射于室内空间。 Film is used as a part of the prism light guide, which can be collected from the sunlight tracking system to sunlight, uniformly irradiated to the indoor space. 在一本商业杂志《建筑采光》(Architectural Lighting)1987年2月期中刊登了一篇关于这项应用的文章,它提出了用这种棱镜光导照射装饰性的,引人注目的显示板的建议。 In a business magazine "architectural lighting" (Architectural Lighting) 1987 Nian 2 trimesters published an article about this application, it put forward a proposal in this prism light guide irradiation decorative, eye-catching display panel . 该文章建议安装带有彩色平行灯泡的光源来提供彩色灯光。 The article suggests that colored light source mounted in parallel with the lamp to provide a color light. 该灯光可以通过三种方式控制:电子调光器和一个小的微处理器;旋转带有不同颜色胶体的滤光轮;或电磁操纵的置于白炽光源前的分光滤色器。 The light can be controlled in three ways: electronic dimmers and a small microprocessor; rotating filter wheel with different colors colloids; or solenoid-operated spectral filter is placed in front of an incandescent light source.

此外,还知道有一种半透明多色管,其中一光源被直接安装在管内并且彩色管部分被罩住从而彩色管的所需彩色部分被光源照亮。 In addition, there is also known a translucent multi-color tubes, wherein a light source is mounted directly on the inner tube and covering the color tube portion such that a desired color is part of the color tube is illuminated by a light source. 这种管的一个例子已在美国第2,374,640号专利中公开。 An example of such tube is disclosed in U.S. Patent No. 2,374,640.

本发明的一个目的是用可选择颜色的均匀分布的光照射标志和仪表盘来改善它们的清晰度。 An object of the present invention is irradiated with light and dashboards flag selectable colors uniformly distributed to improve their clarity.

本发明的另一个目的是提供一个改善了的拉长光源,它可以选择颜色。 Another object of the present invention to provide an improved elongated light source, it can choose the color.

按照这一目的和将从下面所述变得更明显的其它特点。 In accordance with this purpose and will become apparent below the other features. 本发明的一个方面在于一个照明布置,它包括一个向带有一透明部分的管子内发光的光源。 One aspect of the present invention is a lighting arrangement comprising a light emitting tube to the transparent portion provided with a light source. 该光源可装在管子外侧从而可通过一个开口端向管内发光。 The light source may be mounted on the outside of the tube through an open end such that the light emitting tube. 一种高反射率或透射反射的薄膜复盖于内管内表面的一个部分并将光沿着管的长度方向分布,管具有一可透射光的纵向区域。 A high-reflectance or transmissive reflective film overlay the inner surface of the inner tube and a portion of the light distribution along the longitudinal direction of the tube, the tube having a longitudinal area of ​​the light transmissive. 该薄膜最好用光学棱镜构成以在管内多次反射光。 The film is preferably an optical prism constructed in multiple reflection of light within the tube.

一个漫射介质布置在管子中,与光透射纵向区域正好直径方向相反,从而在光撞到漫射介质后,光通过纵向区域向外散射或漫射。 A diffusing medium is arranged in the tube, opposite the light transmissive longitudinal area having a diameter direction, so that the light hits the diffusing medium, the light scattered or diffused outwardly through the longitudinal area. 一个反射镜被放于内管与光源相对的一端以将光反射返回到管内。 A mirror is placed on the opposite end of the inner tube and the light source to reflect light back into the tube.

另一个目的是提供可选择的彩色照射,它通过提供具有多个透明或半透明有色部份的外管来实现,每个不同颜色部份同心地围绕着这个管子。 Another object is to provide an alternative illumination color, which is achieved with a plurality of transparent or translucent colored part of the outer tube by providing each of the different color portions concentrically around the tube. 该外管由一个电机驱动转动到预定位置以选择照射所需的颜色。 The outer tube is rotated by a drive motor to a predetermined position to select a desired illumination color. 外管的形式使得当处在一个预定位置时,只有一个颜色部份暴露于通过内管的光透射纵向区域透射的光。 In the form of an outer tube such that when in a predetermined position, only a part of the exposed color light-transmitting through the light transmissive longitudinal area of ​​the inner tube.

还有一个目的是在光透射纵向区域中使用一个透镜来改进照射。 A further object is to use a lens in the light transmission region in the longitudinal direction to improve the illumination.

再有一个目的是提供改进的彩色照射,它在外管上使用一个或多个适于接受彩色插入件的延伸部分或者在外管上使用彩色丝幕。 Yet another object is to provide improved color illumination, it is the outer tube adapted to receive one or more extension portions of the insert or the outer tube of color using a color curtain of filaments.

再有一个目的是提供一个改进的拉长光源,它具有沿其长度方向基本均匀的照射,为了更好地理解本发明,将涉及下列描述及附图,而本发明的范围将在所附权利要求书中指出。 Yet another object is to provide an improved elongated light source, which has along its length a substantially uniform illumination, for a better understanding of the present invention, will be directed to the following description and accompanying drawings, while the scope of the invention in the appended claims claims noted.

图1是根据现有技术的,从光源发出的光通过管子传播的光导管纵向侧视图; FIG. 1 is a side view of the tube longitudinally from the light guide light propagating through the light source according to the prior art;

图2是图1所示光导管的立体示意图; FIG 2 is a perspective view of the light pipe of Figure 1;

图3是图2所示的横截面示意图,其中示出了光线在棱镜面的内全反射,并带有放大的画圈部分; 3 is a schematic cross-section shown in FIG. 2, which shows a total internal reflection of light in the prism surface, and with an enlarged circled portion;

图4表示根据本发明的,用于照射一个标记的多色照射装置的示意透视图; Figure 4 shows a schematic perspective view of a multicolor illumination means for irradiating a marker according to the present invention;

图5是图4装置的部份分解示意透视图; FIG 5 is a partially exploded apparatus 4 a schematic perspective view;

图6是图4装置的示意侧视图,其中光线用箭头表示; FIG 6 is a schematic side view of the apparatus of FIG. 4, in which light represented by arrows;

图7是图6的光导管本身的横剖面图; FIG 7 is a view of a light conduit 6 itself, cross-sectional view;

图8是图7的管子一部分的放大的局部图; FIG 8 is a tube of FIG. 7 is an enlarged fragmentary view of a portion;

图9是根据本发明的第二个实施例的光导管的横截面图; 9 is a cross-sectional view of a second embodiment of the light pipe embodiment of the present invention;

图10是用于汽车或类似车辆的指路标记,它采用和图1-9所示类似的三种可选择颜色光导管; FIG 10 is a marking for guiding the car or similar vehicle, which uses three alternative colors and the like of the light pipe shown in FIG. 1-9;

图11是图10的光导管之一的横截面图; FIG 11 is a cross-sectional view of one of the light pipe of Figure 10;

图12是在前面实施例中有用的多色外管的透视图; FIG 12 is a perspective view of a multicolor useful embodiments the outer tube in the previous embodiment;

图13是在前面实施例中有用的多色拉长光源的一部分截面的纵向图; FIG 13 is a diagram useful in multicolor embodiment of the elongated front longitudinal sectional view of a part of a light source;

图14是采用本发明原理的拉长光源的部分纵向截面图; FIG 14 is a longitudinal sectional view of the elongated part using the principles of the present invention, the light source;

图15是沿图14的线14-14截取的横截面图; FIG 15 is a cross-sectional view along line 14-14 of FIG 14;

图16是部分去掉的图14装置的改型的纵向图; FIG 16 is a partial longitudinal modification of FIG 14 FIG apparatus removed;

图17是图16装置沿17-17截取的横截面图; FIG 17 is a cross-sectional view 17-17 taken along apparatus 16;

参考图4-6,标记1由一个多色照射装置发出的均匀分布彩色光照射,这个装置包括一个带有反射镜的光源4,一个内管2,一个外管3,反射镜6、11,一个漫射介质12,一个高反射率光分布膜13以及一个电动机装置7。 4-6, numeral 1 is irradiated evenly distributed colored light emitted by a polychromatic illumination device, this device comprising a light source 4 with reflector, an inner tube 2, an outer tube 3, a mirror 6, 11, a diffusing medium 12, a high reflectivity film 13 and a light distribution means motor 7.

反射镜6所置角度使之能将从光源4发出的光发射到内管2中,反射器6最好由3M SILVERLUX材料构成。 The mirror 6 so that it can set the angle 4 emitted from the light source 2 to transmit light, reflector 6 is preferably formed of 3M SILVERLUX material of the inner tube. 然后,光通过高反射率薄膜或片13反射以在内管内传播,该薄膜最好是3M Scotchlamp薄膜,其特征将在下面描述。 Then, the light 13 reflected high reflectance film or sheet through the inner tube to spread, the film is preferably 3M Scotchlamp film, which features will be described below. 反射镜11放在离光源4最远的那端以将透射的光反射回内管2。 Light reflecting mirror 11 on that end furthest from the light source 4 to the return pipe 2 of the transmission.

可为纯白色的带或涂层以使碰到其上的光发生漫射或散射的漫射介质12沿底附近的内管长度延射,如图3所示。 It may be pure white tape or coating to cause the light across the diffusing medium diffuses or scatters the length of the inner tube extending along the bottom near the exit 12, as shown in FIG. 漫射介质12基本上与在内管2的壁上的纵长延伸的光透射部分或开口14径向相对,当光碰到漫射介质12时会发生漫射或散射,有一部分光则穿过光透射部分14,剩下的由薄膜13多次反射,最后碰到漫射介质12以通过光透射部分14。 Light transmitting portions extending lengthwise substantially diffusing medium 12 and the inner wall of the tube 2 or the openings 14 diametrically opposed, when the light diffusing medium hit occurs 12 diffuses or scatters, with a portion of the light through the through the light transmitting portion 14, and the rest is reflected by the film 13 times, and finally hit the diffusion medium 12 through the light transmitting portion 14. 漫射介质可以是铺在或涂在薄膜13内表面的纯白带。 Diffusing medium may be plated or coated with white inner surface of the film 13. 另一方面,薄膜13也可以具有一放置漫射介质的纵向槽。 On the other hand, the film 13 may have a longitudinal groove disposed in the diffusing medium.

高反射率薄膜13是一种薄而柔软并且清晰透明的材料,如聚丙烯或聚碳酸脂聚合物,其一侧表面平滑,另一侧为棱形槽,它在内管2的内表面形成一个沿管2纵向延伸的微小光学棱镜。 High reflectance film 13 is a thin, flexible, clear and transparent material, such as polypropylene or polycarbonate polymers, smooth surface on one side thereof, the other side of the prismatic grooves, that the inner surface of the inner tube 2 is formed along a tube 2 tiny optical prisms that extend longitudinally. 这种薄膜的特性如图1所示,它示意地示出了带有反射镜的光导管35和一个外光源33。 Such characteristics of the film shown in Figure 1, which schematically shows a light pipe with a mirror 35 and a light source 33 outside. 光导管35由Scotchlamp材料制成,它具有带有槽的外表面形成棱形面的透明壁,该透明壁是有效的内全反射表面,并能防止向下透射到导管的光从薄膜13漏失。 Scotchlamp light pipe 35 is made of a material having an outer surface with a groove formed in a transparent wall surface of the prism, the transparent wall is effective total internal reflection surface, and to prevent transmission of light down to the catheter 13 leaked from the film . 每一个小棱形面具有两个向外倾斜的相对棱镜面并且相互接触以形成V形。 Each surface has a relatively small prismatic two prism surfaces inclined outwardly and contact each other to form a V-shape. 图2和图3将有更清楚的显示。 Figures 2 and 3 show more clearly.

再参考图1,光线31从外光源33发出,碰到导管35的透明壁内侧,通过该透明壁光根据斯耐尔(Snell′Law)定律折射而通过透明壁。 Referring again to FIG 1, the light 31 emitted from the light source 33 outside, met inside the transparent wall of conduit 35, through the transparent wall light according to Snell (Snell'Law) Law of refraction by the transparent wall.

如果光线以小于内全反射临界角的任一角度碰到一个棱镜面,它将进行内全反射并且进入同一棱形面的另一棱镜面,如果再被内反射它将回到管的内部以进一步传输。 If the light at any angle less than the critical angle of total reflection of a prism surface encountered, it will be totally reflected within the prism and into the other side of the same surface of the prism, and then if it is reflected back into the inner tube to further transmission. 光线在与管轴成的角度小于27度时将会被反射。 The light will be reflected at an angle with the axis of the tube less than 27 degrees. 角度的精确值取决于透明材料的折射率。 Exact value of the angle depends on the refractive index of the transparent material.

薄膜13的作用是反射光并将吸收减到最小及进行传输。 Effect film 13 and the reflected light absorption and minimize transmission. 已经发现对于每一典型光线的每次反射的吸收为0.12%而对于典型的入射角净透射损耗大约为1.2%,因此,反射率为98.7%。 It has been found for each reflected light of each exemplary absorbent and 0.12% for typical angles of incidence net transmission loss of about 1.2%, and therefore, reflectance of 98.7%.

当光到达管35的离光源33最远的端时,光线由反射镜37反射回到导管中。 When the light from the light source 33 reaches the furthest end of the light reflected by the mirror 37 back into the catheter 35.

为了避免更大的净透射损耗,可在内管2和高反射率薄膜13之间加一个白色的表面,如图7所示。 In order to avoid a greater net transmission loss, the inner tube may be applied on a white surface between the 132 and the high reflectance film, as shown in FIG. 因此,可能通过薄膜13而成为净透射损耗的光将由白色的表面15漫射或反射回管内,并因光被留住而增加了效率。 Thus, it may become white by the light diffusing surface 15 or tubular net transmission loss is reflected back through the thin film 13, and because the light is increased while retaining efficiency.

再参考图4-7,外管3同轴地围绕内管2,一个马达组件7用来以任一常规的方式使外管3相对内管2转动定位。 Referring again to FIGS. 4-7, the outer tube 3 coaxially surrounds the inner tube 2, a motor assembly 7 is used in any conventional manner so that the outer tube 3 is rotated relative to the inner tube 2 is positioned. 外管3是由多个纵向光透射(透明或半透明)滤色段构成(如图6所示),任何一个段都可定位到与光透射部分14相对的那侧。 The outer tube 3 is composed of a plurality of longitudinal light-transmissive (transparent or translucent) color segments constituting (shown in FIG. 6), any portion of a segment 14 to be positioned opposite the side of the light transmissive. 外管3的滤色段可以是适当固定于外管,如利用凸缘的透明有色插入件,或是在管3的不同段上的透明有色丝幕的形式。 The color segments of the outer tube 3 may be suitably secured to the outer tube, such as a transparent colored insert flange, or on different segments of the transparent tube 3 has the form of a curtain Silk. 外管3最好分为4个各占四分之一圆周的颜色段。 The outer tube 3 is preferably divided into four color half and quarter circle segment. 每个颜色段具有不同的颜色,例如绿G,红R,黄Y,及蓝或黑B,每种颜色沿着基本上是外管3的全长延伸。 Each segment has a color different color, for example green G, red R, yellow Y, and blue or black B, each color along substantially the entire length of the outer tube 3 extends. 以这种方式,光从标记1的整个长度向外投射使标记1以一种单色光被照射。 In this manner, light from the entire length of the mark 1 the marking is projected outwardly in a 1 is irradiated with monochromatic light.

当用于汽车标记时,例如,由滤光段R、Y、G、B透射的彩色光在日光下可见度可能不高,并且这种彩色光透射过滤段通常反射能力很差,导致在日光下可见性很差。 When the flag for an automobile, for example, by a filter segments R, Y, G, B colored light transmittance may not be high visibility in daylight, and such colored light-transmitting filter sections are usually poor reflectance, resulting in daylight visibility is poor. 这可以通过使彩色透射段对光透射和光反射均部分有效来克服。 This light transmission and the light reflection portion are effectively overcome by the color transmissive section. 例如,图12所示,每段R、Y、G或B是由滤色材料的交替带41和色反射材料的插入带43构成。 For example, as shown in FIG. 12, each section R, Y, G or B color filter is composed of alternating bands 41 and the insert material colored reflective material 43. 在每一四分之一段中,滤色和反射色材料的选择最好是在日光或夜晚观察时具有接近的颜色。 In each of the quarter segment, and selecting the color material is preferably reflected color having a color close to daylight or at night when viewed.

如果需要,可用一个控制器或一台计算机来控制外管3的定位从而将一种期望的颜色段R、Y、G或B暴露,以过滤通过内管2光透射部分的光或反射周围的光。 If desired, a controller or a computer to control the positioning of the outer tube 3 so that the one desired color segment R, Y, G or B is exposed to light filtered through the inner tube 2 or reflected ambient light transmissive portion Light.

光源4的放置并不一定要垂直于内管2的轴。 Placing the light source 4 is not necessarily perpendicular to the axis of the inner tube 2. 如果同时有一个反射镜6处于适当位置使光几乎轴向地反射到内管2中,则任何角度定位均可采用。 If there are a mirror 6 in place of the light reflected almost axially into the inner tube 2 is positioned at any angle may be employed. 如果光源4和内管2基本上是共线排列,则不需要反射镜6。 If the light source 4 and the inner tube 2 are substantially collinear arrangement, the mirror 6 is not required. 一个反射镜可用在光源或灯泡周围以将光线集中到基本上和管同轴或沿管稍稍会聚的方向,如图6所示意的。 A reflector surrounding the lamp or light source can be used to focus the light to the direction of the tube and substantially coaxial or slightly converging along the tube, as shown in the illustrated. 然而,光源的轴垂直定位更好,因为更换时更容易接近光源灯泡,并且可以减小系统的轴向尺寸。 However, the vertical positioning of the axis of the light source better, more accessible since the replacement light bulb, and may reduce the axial dimension of the system. 当发光标记是在汽车上时更具有优点,因为在标记侧没有足够大的空间用来接近,以及当需要时有效的拆掉或更换灯泡。 When the luminescent label is more advantages in the car, because there is enough space in the tag is used close to the side, and the lamp effectively removed or replaced when necessary.

图7是一个单独的内管的截面示意图,表示出了某些光线的路径。 FIG 7 is a schematic cross section of the inner tube alone, shows some of the light path. 仅有的向外部发射的光是从漫射介质12产生并通过光透射部分14发出的,在漫射介质12和光透射部分14之间的管2内表面上的薄膜13主要地用来将光沿管2长度均匀分布而不是让其直接穿过光透射部分14。 Just to the outside of the light emitted from the diffusion medium 12 is generated and emitted through the light transmitting portion 14, the diffusion medium 12 and the light transmissive film on the inner surface of the tube 2 between the portion 14 of the light 13 is mainly used to 2 uniformly distributed along the length of the tube rather than allowed to pass directly through the light transmitting portion 14. 在多次反射之后,光最终碰到漫射介质12。 After multiple reflections, the light diffusing medium 12 eventually hit. 那些没有从光透射部分14出去的来自漫射介质的光线在内部反射并且几乎不带损耗地多次地再次碰到漫射介质12,因此,最后几乎所有光能几乎不带损耗地从光透射部分14发射。 Those rays from diffusing medium 14 does not go out from the light transmitting portion and hardly reflected inside a number of times with loss-diffusing medium 12 is again encountered, therefore, almost all light finally with almost no loss of light transmits from emitting portion 14.

图9显示了一个与图7类似的第二实施例,在图9中,一个不透明管2A,它可以是铝挤压成型的,用于与内管2相同的方式。 9 and FIG. 7 shows an embodiment similar to the second embodiment of FIG. In FIG. 9, an opaque tube. 2A, which may be extruded aluminum, used in the same manner as the inner tube 2. 该不透明管2A也有一部分衬有一层高反射率薄膜13,只是它还有一纵向槽形式的不加衬里的部分或在其中可放置一个沿管2A长度纵向延伸的透镜8。 The opaque tube 2A also has a portion lined with a highly reflective film 13, but it also partially lined form of a longitudinal slot therein, or may be placed along a length of the tube lens. 8 longitudinally extending 2A. 为了避免通过薄膜13的净透射损耗,管2A的内表面制成白色或反射式,以使通过薄膜透射的光漫射或反射回管2A内从而被留住。 In order to avoid transmission by the net loss film 13, the inner surface of the tube 2A is made white or reflective so that light transmitted through the film or diffuse reflected back thereby to retain the tube 2A.

透镜8可用已知方式设计,以提供对标记1(见图6)的从底部到顶部的更均匀的照射并对碰到标记1的下部分上的光线的较短路径长度调节。 The lens 8 in known manner designed to provide a flag (see FIG. 6) from the bottom to the top of a more uniform illumination of the light path length is short and hit on the lower portion of a marker adjustment. 透镜8可以是线性、棱柱形、透明且例如是由聚碳酸脂材料组成。 Lens 8 may be linear, prismatic, and for example, a transparent polycarbonate material.

一种漫射介质5也与透镜8径向相对地设置,并且为了改善沿着管长度分布的光的均匀性,该漫射介质的宽度可以变化。 One kind of the diffusing medium 5 is also provided opposite the lens 8 radially, and in order to improve the uniformity of distribution of light along the length of the tube, the width of the diffusing medium may vary. 该漫射介质5当在图5中实施例中纵向离开光源4延伸时变宽。 When the diffusing medium 5 widens away from the longitudinally extending light source 4 in the embodiment of FIG. 5. 作为一个例子,漫射介质可以为离光源最近的0.43英寸的宽度5A,大约在内管2长度中间的宽度0.58英寸5B,以及离光源4最远或离反射镜6最近的宽度0.88英寸5C。 As one example, the diffusing medium may be the nearest from the light source. 5A width of 0.43 inches, a width of about the middle of the length of the inner tube 2 .58 inches 5B, and 4 from the farthest from the light source 6 or the width of the mirror nearest 0.88 inches 5C. 这种变化的宽度可以通过隆起漫射材料沿管2A长度形成一个变化的曲面宽度,这可以由例如通过在管2A上形成一个均匀宽度的槽或缝,其缘可固定逐渐变宽的漫射介材料带,从而提供一个沿其长度的逐渐变化隆起的带。 This varying width may be formed by a curved ridge width of a change in the diffusion material along the length of the tube 2A, which may be gradually widened by, for example, which edges may be secured by forming a uniform width groove or slot in the tube 2A diffusion with dielectric material, thereby providing a gradual change along its length with raised. 这种变化宽度的目的是通过校正穿过光透射部分的光的量在离光源较近端比在管2A远端大的趋势来提供沿管2长度的均匀照射。 This object is achieved by the width of variation of the amount of light passing through the light transmitting portion of the correction from the light source closer to the end than at the distal end of tube 2A large tendency to provide a uniform illumination along the length of the tube 2.

而且,最好为单式片结构的透镜8可以有两个或多个横向部分8A和8B,这两部分对于将漫射光线投射到图9中心线16的两侧上以在整个标记,例如标记1上进行更均匀照射是有用的。 Further, preferably a lens configuration of a unitary sheet 8 may have two or more lateral portions 8A and 8B, the two parts to diffuse light onto both sides of the center line 16 of FIG. 9 to the entire label, e.g. indicia on a more uniform illumination is useful. 每一个透镜部分8A、8B对于中心线16具有一个斜面从而使从漫射介质5的曲面发出的光折射以在标记1上更均匀地分布光。 Each lens section 8A, 8B to the center line 16 having an inclined surface so that the light emitted from the refracting surface diffusing medium 5 to more evenly distribute the light on a tag.

另外,由于光还必须进一步传输到达将被照射的目标或标记的顶部,然后到达底部,所以,离开各个透镜部分的光的折射角也会不同。 Further, since the light must be further transmitted to the top of a target to be irradiated or labeled, and then reaches the bottom, so that the angle of refraction of light away from the respective lens portions will be different. 用相同透镜材料获得不同的折射角的方法是通过使一部分比另一部分厚,如图9所示。 Different methods to obtain the same angle of refraction lens material is obtained by reacting a portion thicker than the other portion, as shown in FIG. 另一种获得不同折射角的方法是采用不同材料的透镜部分,因此,每一个透镜部分实际上是与其它透镜部分折射率不同的分离的透镜。 Another way to get a different angle of refraction is to use lens portions of different material, thus, each lens portion is actually a part of the other separate lenses having different refractive lens.

光源4最好是比荧光灯更优越的白炽卤灯。 Than fluorescent light source 4 is preferably a halogen incandescent lamp is superior. 例如当需要较低的功率时,一个20W的卤素白炽灯(incandescent halogen lamp)可以代替二个20W的荧光灯,同时发光效果得到了改善。 For example, when a lower power, 20W of a halogen incandescent lamp (incandescent halogen lamp) may be substituted for two 20W fluorescent lamp while lighting effect is improved. 这种卤素灯具有高强度,更细的光束,更均匀的亮度(标记的顶部到底部),容易地从后面更换灯而不用打开后盖,低的费用和少的组件(一个灯座和一个灯,相对于两个灯两个灯座,一个镇流器和线路通道),并且需要少的输入功率(即20W相对于43W)。 Such high intensity halogen lamp, a light beam finer, more uniform brightness (top marks in the end portion) easily from behind the lamp replacement without opening the back cover, lower cost and fewer components (socket and a a lamp, two lamps with respect to two lamp sockets, a ballast and wiring channel), and require less input power (i.e., with respect to 20W 43W). 另外,这种灯产生紫外光,可以与照射表面和荧光材料相互作用以增强亮度或产生特殊效果。 Further, such lamps generate ultraviolet light, and the illuminated surface can interact with the phosphor material to enhance the brightness or special effects.

另外,在标记的每端出现的暗字母或沿标记的底部的光环可以采用带有卤素灯的本发明加以防止。 Further, each end of the dark letters or numerals appearing along the bottom of the marker halo may be employed with the present invention, the halogen lamp to be prevented. 这里电子标记采用黄点或圆盘来表示字母,这种点或盘在从卤素灯来的光下看上去是保持黄色,而不是象通常的从荧光灯来的光下看上去是黄绿色的。 Here the electronic tag using the yellow dots to represent letters or disk, or a disk at this point of light from the halogen lamp holder appears to be yellow, not as under normal light coming from the fluorescent lamp appears to be yellow green. 卤素灯的这些优点压倒了它的一个缺点,即卤素灯的寿命小于荧光灯的寿命。 These advantages halogen overwhelmed One drawback, i.e., less than the lifetime of the halogen lamp life of the fluorescent lamp.

为了便于接近,管2或2A可以为纵向和在漫射介质5处切开的,因此形成二个近似半圆筒形部分,这两个半圆筒和透镜8和漫射介质一起可由一个端环或圆筒连接,其上可以带有例如一个可由马达驱动装置驱动的齿轮。 For ease of access, tube 2 or 2A may be cut in the longitudinal direction and at the diffusing medium 5, thus forming two approximately semi-cylindrical portion, with the two end ring by a semi-cylindrical lens 8 and diffusing medium or a cylindrical connector, which can be, for example, a geared motor driving device may be driven.

除照射一个基本垂直的表面,如图4所示外,本发明的照射装置可以为面向前的可选择颜色的发光棒。 In addition, as shown in FIG. 4 substantially perpendicular to a surface of the irradiation, the irradiation apparatus of the present invention may be a forward facing light stick selectable colors. 本发明的多个多色彩照射装置也可是端对端布置,如图10所示。 A plurality of multi-color illumination apparatus according to the present invention may also be arranged end to end, as shown in FIG. 该图表示了本发明应用于汽车终点显示中,其中具有一个部分51显示汽车线路号,一个部分53显示汽车终点,还有三个部分54,55,56,其每个部分都具有上面所述结构,它显示具有可选择颜色R、Y、G、B的一个加长柱。 The figure shows the present invention used in automotive end display, the display portion 51 having a number of bus lines, a car end portion of the display 53, there are three sections 54, 55, each portion having the above structure it displays an elongated column having selectable color R, Y, G, B of. 因此,数目达到64的三种颜色码可以被显示,这些码可以在比字母或数字能被辨认的更远距离上仍是清晰的。 Accordingly, the number of 64 of the three colors can be displayed codes, these codes can still be clearly than letters or numbers that can be identified on a greater distance. 很显然,可使用任意多个象54、55、56那样的部分以加大码的变化范围。 Obviously, such a part may be used as any of a plurality of codes 54, 55 to increase the range of variation. 用这种布置,希望内管在其相邻端相联接,此时这些管保持打开,在管的一端有一个光源或每端各有一个光源。 With this arrangement, the inner tube at their adjacent ends of desired coupled, these tubes remain open at this time, there is a light source or a light source at each end in the end of the tube. 然后,设置用于这种布置的马达驱动装置以作用于各自的外管,而不干扰内管间光的传输。 Then, the motor drive apparatus provided such an arrangement for acting on the transmission to the respective outer tube, the inner tube without interference between light. 另一方面,每一段可以是独立的,带有各自光源和马达驱动装置。 On the other hand, each segment may be an independent drive means each having a light source and a motor.

正如在这个图所示,从光导发出的光通过采用图象增强板得到增加,并且光分布得到改善,该图象增强板当然可以和本发明的任何形式的光导一起使用。 As shown in this figure, the light emitted from the light guide plate obtained by using an image intensifier increases, and the light distribution is improved, the image may of course be used with the reinforcing plate and a light guide of the present invention in any form. 在图11中,图象增强板9位于缝14A的两侧,从外壳装置1向内倾斜,朝着外管3。 In FIG 11, the image reinforcement plate 9 is located on both sides of the seam 14A is inclined inwardly from a housing apparatus, toward the outer tube 3. 这些板9是反射光的,并且增加色管3的色段的视在尺寸。 These plates 9 are light reflection and increases depending on the color segments of the color tube 3 in size. 这些图象增强板9最好是沿外管3的整个长度纵向伸延并且可以进一步在外管端部横向延伸从而沿着外管的,暴露于来自内管2或2A的光的颜色段的整个圆周上向外倾斜。 These images the entire length of the reinforcing plate 9 is preferably along the longitudinal extension of the outer tube 3 and may further extend transversely of the outer tube end portion so as along the outer tube, the entire circumference is exposed to the light from the color of the inner tube section 2 or 2A. inclined outwardly.

在另外一个实施例中,图象增强板9可从临近的内管2或2A的光透射部分的边缘向外倾斜。 In a further embodiment, the image intensifier plate 9 may be inclined outwardly from the edge of the adjacent light transmitting portion of the inner tube 2 or 2A. 这样的装置还可用于在不使用产生彩色的外管时,增强通过光透射部分的光。 Such means may also be used to produce a color when the outer tube is not used, to enhance light transmission through the portion.

图象增强板9通过反射光将有助于均匀分布并增强穿过光透射部分的光的照射效果,上述被反射光本来不是对着要被照亮的标志或显示的,因而易被损失掉。 Image intensifier plate 9 by the reflected light will help to enhance the uniform distribution and the effect of the irradiation light passing through the light transmitting portion of the reflected light would not be facing the illuminated sign or display, thus easily lost . 因此该增强板能捕捉到这种将被损失的光。 Thus the reinforcing plate can capture light that would be lost.

一个迎面观看外管的彩色部分及增强板9(在图6中从左看)的人将看到一个完整的彩色矩形,其尺寸为增强板的外周长。 A head portion of the outer tube viewing color and the reinforcing plate 9 (see the left in FIG. 6) will see a full color rectangular with dimensions of the reinforcing plate outer perimeter. 当图象增强板基本上为抛物线曲面时,上述看到的图象将最为显著,尽管平板具有明显的优点。 When the image intensifier plate is substantially parabolic curved surface, the above-described image seen will be the most significant, although the plates has obvious advantages. 很容易理解,这种增强板可以做成所需的曲面,从而均匀完整地照射标志或物体。 Readily understood that the reinforcing plate can be made a desired curved surface, so as to illuminate the sign or object uniformly and entirely. 因此,在图4或6的运用中,其表面的制作可以使更多的光反射到最远离管2、3的标志1的区域上,从而整个标志看上去象是被同样强度的光照射一样。 Thus, in the use of FIG. 4 or 6, which may produce a surface more light is reflected to the most distant region of the tube 1 on 2,3 mark, so that the entire logo is irradiated with light looks like the same intensity as .

图14-15表示一个改进的装置,其中不需要改变色彩15。 14-15 shows a modified apparatus 15 in which no color change. 这里外壳61包括一个静止光导装置63,其结构可以如同图7或图9中的结构,但没有外管或其驱动装置,每一端有一个光源装置65,它包括一个灯泡67和用于沿光导63引导光的反射镜69。 Here housing 61 comprises a stationary light guide 63, which structure may be as structure 9 in FIG. 7 or FIG., But without the outer tube or its drive means, each end of a light source device 65, which comprises a bulb 67 and a direction of the light guide 63 light guiding mirror 69. 装置65被枢轴地固定在71上,从而它可以,如图15中虚线所示,通过开口73向外壳61外延伸,以便轻易地在需要时更换灯泡67。 Means 65 is pivotally secured at 71, such that it can, in dashed line in FIG. 15, the housing 61 extends to the outside through the opening 73, so as to be easily replaced when the lamp 67 required. 常规的锁紧装置(未示)可以将每一个光源65固定在其工作状态下,如图14所示。 Conventional locking means (not shown) of each light source 65 may be secured in its operating state, as shown in Fig. 外壳61沿一侧75打开。 61 along one side of the housing 75 is opened. 因此,由光导装置63的长度决定,可以提供任意所需长度的延伸的基本上均匀的照射。 Thus, determined by the length of the light guide device 63 can provide a substantially uniform illumination of any desired extended length.

图16和17表示了一个图14和15所示装置的修改装置。 16 and FIG. 17 shows a modified apparatus 14 in FIG. 15 and FIG. 外壳161由一种具有光透射面162清晰透明的塑料以及由不透明涂层,如黑漆164,覆盖在清晰透明塑料上的后部163制成。 Housing 161 made of a light transmissive surface 162 having a clear transparent plastic, and an opaque coating, such as black 164, on the rear cover 163 is made of clear transparent plastic. 在清晰透明的外壳表面162的内侧并列放置的是一个平板或薄片164,它们是用图3所述的光导装置所用的同样的透射反射材料制成。 Clear and transparent inside surface of the shell 162 is juxtaposed a plate or sheet 164, which are transmitted by the same light guide device according to FIG. 3 used for the reflective material. 同样,外壳161的不透明部分163内侧的衬里基本上是一个由同样透射反射光导材料制成的弯曲薄片166。 Similarly, lining the inside of the opaque portion 163 of housing 161 is a substantially curved sheet made of the same material transmitting and reflecting the light guide 166. 平板164和弯曲薄片166共同构成如上的筒形光导装置,但是其截面非圆形。 Plate 164 and curved sheet 166 together form a cylindrical light guiding device as described above, but non-circular cross section.

在外壳163的每一端有一个发光装置165。 At each end of the housing 163 has a light-emitting device 165. 每一个发光装置165均通过轴168固定在外壳163上,从而,如图16左半部分所示,发光装置165可以绕轴转动90°以便更换灯泡167。 Each light emitting device 165 are fixed to the housing 163, whereby the left half of FIG. 16, the light emitting device 165 can be rotated by 90 ° to the shaft 167 about the replacement of the lamp 168 via a shaft. 发光装置165由支撑一个可以为抛物面形的曲面反射镜172的支架170构成。 The light emitting device 165 may be supported by a curved parabolic mirror 172 of stent 170 configuration. 在反射镜172的中央是一个灯泡插座(一般用174表示),灯泡167可以插入该插座。 In the center of the reflecting mirror 172 is a bulb socket (generally represented by 174), the bulb 167 can be inserted into the socket. 灯泡插座174具有用于连接灯泡167的端点并与端点165电连接至适当电源的触点(未表示出)。 Bulb socket 174 has contacts 167 for connecting the bulb end and is electrically connected to the terminal 165 to an appropriate power source (not shown). 通过这种装置,当装置处于图16右边所示的工作状态时,灯泡167连同其后的反射镜172一般沿外壳163轴向延伸。 When the apparatus is in the operating state shown on the right in FIG. 16, the bulb 167 together with the subsequent mirror 172 extends generally axially along the housing 163 by such a device. 因此,灯泡167可纵向地由164,166构成的筒形光导装置将光投射到壳的内部。 Accordingly, the lamp 167 is longitudinally configured by a cylindrical light guide 164, 166 project light into the interior of the shell.

光导的特性如上所述,因此光线以小角度照射在光导的内部时被向内反射。 The light guide property as described above, the irradiation light is reflected at a small angle inwardly of the interior of the light guide. 然后,这些穿过外壳163的光线将被在另一端的反射镜172反射。 Then, these light rays 163 through the housing 172 will be reflected at the other end reflector. 因此,光线在光导内来回传播。 Thus, the light propagates back and forth within the light guide. 某些照射在薄片164、166上的光线可能被光导材料折射并传出光导。 Some light impinging on the sheet 164, 166 may be refracted the light guide and the outgoing light guide material. 为保证功效,围绕曲面光导薄片166的外壳163的内部均被涂成或漆成白色,从而任何可能传出光导的光反过来又被反射或绕射回光导。 To ensure the effectiveness of the light guide sheet around the inner surface 163 of the housing 166 are painted or painted white, so that any possible outgoing light guide of the light guide is in turn reflected or diffracted back. 另一方面,透明外壳也可在其外部,在任何黑色或不透明的外涂层下涂成白色。 On the other hand, the housing may be transparent on its exterior painted in white on a black or opaque outer coating of any.

在以前图中的实施例中,曲面光导薄片166的中央部分可以(但并不一定需要)有一个漫射带176沿其长度方向延伸与外壳161的清晰透明面162径向相反。 In the previous embodiment of FIG embodiment, the central portion of the surface of the light guide sheet 166 may (but not necessarily) have a diffusing strip 176 extending along its length clear and transparent surface 161 of the housing 162 radially opposite.

同样,如图16中所示,平片164的长度最好比曲面薄片166长,从而曲面光导薄片166仅仅覆盖壳161长度的中间部分。 Similarly, as shown in FIG. 16, the length of the flat sheet 164 is preferably longer than the surface sheet 166, so that the surface of the light guide sheet 166 covers only a middle portion of the length of the housing 161. 因此,曲面薄片166仅仅支撑平片164的一部分,而没有支撑其端部162A,该端部由外壳161内部的白色表面178支撑。 Thus, the surface portion of the supporting sheet 166 only a flat sheet 164 without supporting its ends 162A, the end portion is supported by a white surface inside the housing 161,178. 结果是,在外壳的各端点的白色部分178作为漫射区域,光线从该区域几乎被垂直地或以其它角度引向平片164。 As a result, in the white portion of each end of the housing 178 as a diffusion region, the light almost vertically or at an angle toward the other flat sheet 164 from the area. 这些光线可以穿过平片164并提供照射。 These light rays may pass through the flat sheet 164 and provide illumination.

此外,如图16中所示,外壳的平面或前表面可以延伸至与前表面形成一个角度的外壳顶边缘区域181。 Further, as shown in FIG. 16, the plane of the front surface of the housing or may extend to a top edge region of the housing 181 is formed at an angle to the front surface. 因此,特别是在曲面光导薄片166未延伸到的区域内,光线可以直接通过壳161的清晰透明区域181发射出去,以进一步调整由本装置发射的光的分配。 Thus, in particular in the region of the surface of the light guide sheet 166 does not extend to the light may be transmitted directly through the clear transparent region 181 out of the shell 161, to further adjust the distribution of light emitted by the apparatus.

壳161可以具有一个压平的角177,它构成一个用于在一个架子或遮光板内安装外壳的表面。 Housing 161 may have a flattened corner 177, which forms a mounting surface of the housing shelf or in a light shielding plate is used. 因此,清晰透明的区域181一般向前照射而前表面162则向下照射,并且提供一个基本上无刺眼光的漫射光源。 Thus, clear and transparent regions 181 and 162 generally downwardly forwardly irradiated before irradiation surface, and to provide a diffuse light source is substantially unarmed vision. 这对于飞机上在一个强光遮光板下安装本装置来照射仪表盘是非常有益的。 This aircraft mounting means present in a dashboard illumination light shielding plate is extremely advantageous. 可以理解,如果需要,平片164及区域178,亦可适当着色。 It will be appreciated, if desired, 178, 164 may also be appropriately colored and flat sheet area.

可以理解,在本发明的任何前面所述形式中当不需要色彩变化时,可以使用一个固定的单色外管来代替可旋转外管,或者完成免去外管。 It will be appreciated, when no color change, it is possible to use a stationary outer tube monochromatic any of the foregoing forms of the invention in place of the rotatable outer tube, or removed from the outer tube to complete. 在后一种情况下,如果需要提供一种非白光照射时,例如用于照相暗室或仪表盘的夜间照射,漫射带12可以适当着色。 In the latter case, if necessary to provide a non-white light, for example for night illumination of a photo laboratory or dashboard, the diffusing strip 12 may be appropriately colored.

如果需要,通过将适当的红外或紫线过滤器置于光源4或65与光导管之间,或者通过向光导管仅仅输入红外或紫外线光,本装置可以提供一种加长的红外或紫外线光源。 If necessary, by an appropriate infrared filter or purple line disposed between the light source and the light pipe 4 or 65, or by infrared or ultraviolet light input to the light guide only, the present device may provide an elongated infrared or ultraviolet light source.

以上叙述及附图尽管代表了本发明的最佳实施例,但是还可以有许多变化和修改而不背离本发明的精神和范围。 Although the above description represents a preferred embodiment of the present invention and the drawings, but can also have many variations and modifications without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

Claims (32)

1.一个加长的发光装置,它包括:一个具有内部的加长管,该加长管有一个沿该管长度方向延伸的光透射壁,同时还有一个在管内并沿管轴向传输光的内部反射表面;一个在上述管内部与上述光透射壁部分基本上径向相对设置的纵向延伸的漫射介质,它将直接以及通过反射来自上述反射壁表面,照射在上述漫射介质上的光予以漫射,因此,进入上述管内的光沿该管内传播并且在该管内照射上述漫射介质的光使得来自漫射介质的光穿过上述光透射部分向外透射。 1. An elongated light emitting device, comprising: an elongated tube having an interior, the elongated tube having a longitudinal direction extending along the tube wall of the light transmission, as well as in a tube axial direction along the tube and internal reflection of light transmitted surface; diffusing medium in a longitudinally extending tube and the inner wall of the light transmitting portion disposed substantially diametrically opposite, it reflected by the reflection from the wall surface, the light impinging on said diffusing medium to be direct and diffuse radio, therefore, into the tube along the light propagating inside the tube and inside the tube is irradiated so that the light from the light diffusing medium transmitting through said light transmitting portion outwardly of said diffusing medium.
2.根据权利要求1的一个装置,它进一步包括,一个在上述管一端的反射镜,它将照射在其上的光反射回上述管的内部,从而从上述光透射部分离开的光则在上述管的长度内分配。 2. A device according to claim 1, which further comprises, one mirror at one end of the tube, it will be irradiated with the light reflected back inside the tube on, so that the light exiting from the light transmitting portion of the above dispensing the length of the tube.
3.根据权利要求1的一个装置,它进一步包括:一个光源,它在上述管的一端将光射入该管内。 3. A device according to claim 1, further comprising: a light source which one end of the light incident on the tube inside the tube.
4.根据权利要求1的装置,其中所述的表面由内有许多纵向延伸棱镜的一种透明薄片构成。 4. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein said inner surface by a plurality of longitudinally extending prism has a transparent sheet configured.
5.根据权利要求4的装置,其中所述的管有一个面对上述透明薄片的表面,该透明薄片用来将穿过上述薄片的光反射回上述管的内部。 5. The apparatus according to claim 4, the tube has a face of the transparent sheet wherein said surface of the transparent sheet for reflecting light passing through the interior of the sheet back to the tube.
6.根据权利要求3的一种装置,其中:上述光源适合于以一个角度将光投射到管子,并且还包括一个设置在上述光源和上述加长管之间的反射镜,它用来将来自上述光源的光反射进入上述管内。 6. An apparatus according to claim 3, wherein: said light source is adapted to project light at an angle to the tube, and further comprising a mirror disposed between said light source and said elongated tube, which is used from the above-described the light source is reflected into the tube.
7.根据权利要求1的一种用于照射标志或类似物的装置,其中上述光透射部分在上述加长管内构成一个纵向缝,并且还包括:一个在上述缝内的透镜装置,用于在一个预定的区域内分配光。 7. According to an illumination apparatus 1 for a flag or the like, wherein the light-transmissive portion constituting a longitudinal slot in said elongated tube, and further comprises: a lens arrangement in said slit for a distribute the light within a predetermined area.
8.根据权利要求7的装置,其中上述透镜有许多不同厚度的部分,用于将光在不同的区域内有选择地传播。 8. The apparatus according to claim 7, wherein said lens portion has a number of different thicknesses, for selectively light propagated in the different regions.
9.根据权利要求8的具有两个上述部分的装置,其中,上述部分的设置使得一个假设的平面将上述部分分开,每一个部分都构成一个平面,它们分别以某一角度自离开上述假设平面倾斜。 Apparatus having the above-described two portions according to claim 8, wherein said portion is arranged such that a hypothetical plane to separate said portion, each part constituting a plane, which are at an angle away from the plane of the above assumptions tilt.
10.根据权利要求7的装置,其中上述透镜为直线形、棱形并且清晰透明。 10. The apparatus according to claim 7, wherein said lens is linear, prismatic, clear and transparent.
11.根据权利要求1的一种装置,它还包括:一个从上述光透射部分的每一个纵向边缘向外延伸的光反射镜,上述光反射镜同时还沿上述管纵向延伸,因此,上述发光装置外观上的横向宽度增加。 11. An apparatus according to claim 1, further comprising: a light from each longitudinal edge extending outwardly of the reflector of the light transmissive portion of the light reflector also extending longitudinally along the tube, and therefore, the light emitting increasing the lateral width of the apparatus appearance.
12.根据权利要求1的装置,其中上述漫射介质用来将穿过光透射部分的光沿上述加长管散射,其强度基本上均匀。 12. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein said diffusing medium for transmitting light passing through the portion of the scattering along said elongated tube, which is substantially uniform intensity.
13.根据权利要求12的一种装置,其中上述漫射介质具有不同的宽度,其宽度远离上述光源向外扩展,从而有助于沿上述加长管长度方向均匀照射。 13. An apparatus according to claim 12, wherein said diffusing medium having different widths, the width expand outwardly away from the light source, thereby facilitating uniform illumination along the longitudinal direction of the elongated tube.
14.根据权利要求1的一种装置,其中上述漫射介质有一个向上述管内凸出的弯曲表面,该弯曲面沿上述漫射介质的长度方向具有变化的拱形宽度。 14. An apparatus according to claim 1, wherein said diffusing medium has a curved surface convex toward inside the tube, the curved surface having varying arcuate width along the longitudinal direction of the diffusion medium.
15.根据权利要求1的一种装置,它包括:一个具有多个各种色彩的光透射彩色部分的外管,上述外管同轴围绕上述加长管;以及一个装置,用于将上述外管和上述加长管之一相对于另一个旋转至预定的相对位置,从而上述彩色部分中只有一种色彩暴露于穿过上述光透射部分的光之中,进行选择色彩照射。 15. An apparatus according to claim 1, comprising: a light-transmitting colored outer tube portion having a plurality of various colors, said outer tube coaxially surrounding said elongated tube; and a means for the outer tube one of the above-described elongated tube relative to the other relative to the predetermined rotational position, so that the color portion is exposed to only one color light through the light transmitting portion among the selected illumination color.
16.一种可选择地色彩编码加长光显示器,它包括多个端对端设置地,基本上为长条形的部件,上述每一个部件均包括一个权利要求3所述的装置。 16. A selectively color-coded elongated light display comprising a plurality of end to end, a substantially elongated member, each of said means comprises a device according to claim 3 a.
17.根据权利要求1的一种装置,它还包括一个第二光源,用来在上述加长管的一端与第一光源相对侧向上述加长管发射光。 17. An apparatus according to claim 1, further comprising a second light source, to one end of the elongated tube opposite side to the first light source emits light elongated tube.
18.根据权利要求17的一种装置,其中上述每一个光源均以枢轴固定以便其旋转90°,因而上述光源可以容易地更换。 18. An apparatus according to claim 17, wherein each of said one light source are fixed for rotation pivot 90 °, whereby said light source can be easily replaced.
19.一种加长的照射装置,它包括:一个具有中空内部的加长管,该管有一个透射反射衬里,用来在管内并基本上沿管轴投射光,一个在上述衬里及上述管壁之间的光反射和漫射表面,一个位于上述管每一端的灯插座,用于将一个灯泡基本上固定在上述管的轴线上,以及一个环绕每一个插座并用来沿上述管反射光的光反射镜。 19. An elongated illumination apparatus, comprising: an elongated tube having a hollow interior, the liner tube having a transflector used in the pipe substantially along the tube axis and the projection light, one of the above-described liner and said wall and a light reflective diffusing surface between the one located at each end of the tube lamp socket for a lamp substantially fixed in the axis of the tube, and a surrounding each outlet and along said pipe for reflecting light reflected light mirror.
20.根据权利要求19的一种装置,其中上述管壁的一部分在自上述光反射和漫射表面所隔开的一个区域内可以透射光。 20. An apparatus according to claim 19, wherein said portion of the tube wall in the region of the light from a reflection and diffusion surface spaced above can transmit light.
21.根据权利要求20的一种装置,其中上述管有一个平板的透明壁部分,上述衬里有一个平薄片部分,并列置于上述透明部分内。 21. An apparatus according to claim 20, wherein said tube has a flat transparent wall portion, said lining having a flat sheet portion juxtaposed within said transparent portion.
22.根据权利要求21的一种装置,其中上述管在临近上述平板透明壁部分并与之成一角度而设置的一个区域内是透明的。 22. An apparatus according to claim 21, wherein the inner tube in a region of the transparent wall portion near the plate and disposed at an angle thereto is transparent.
23.根据权利要求21的一种装置,其中上述衬里有一个弯曲部分,它大体上与自上述平板部分所隔开的上述管的内部相一致。 23. An apparatus according to claim 21, wherein said liner has a bent portion, which is substantially inside the tube and spaced apart from said flat plate portion coincide.
24.根据权利要求23的一种装置,上述弯曲的衬里部分比上述平衬里部分短。 24. An apparatus according to claim 23, the curved portion of the liner is shorter than said flat lining portion.
25.根据权利要求21的一种装置,其中上述与上述平板部分相对的管壁为淡色以反射和漫射照射在其上的光。 25. An apparatus according to claim 21, wherein said portion of the plate opposite to the wall as a light color to reflect and diffuse the light impinging thereon.
26.根据权利要求25的一种装置,其中上述管由一种清晰透明的塑料制成,上述淡色部分由上述管外侧的白色涂层构成。 26. An apparatus according to claim 25, wherein said tube is made of a clear transparent plastic, the above-described light-colored portion of the tube is made of a white coating outside.
27.根据权利要求26的一种装置,它包括一个在上述淡色涂层外侧上的暗色不透明涂层。 27. An apparatus according to claim 26, which comprises a dark coating on the outside of the above-described light-colored opaque coating.
28.根据权利要求19的一种装置,其中上述每一个插座均以枢轴固定在上述管内并且可以绕轴旋转至与上述管的轴线形成一个角度,以便能从上述插座中取出上述灯泡。 28. An apparatus according to claim 19, wherein each of said one socket are pivotally mounted within said tube and can be rotated to form an angle with the axis of the tube around the shaft in order to remove the bulb from the socket in the above.
29.一种照射装置,它包括:一个具有一个基本上为平片透明表面的,大体上为圆筒形的加长外壳,一个第一传输反射薄片,它沿上述外壳的预定长度并列置于上述透明表面的内部,一个弯曲的第二透射反射薄片与上述第一薄片相对,作为上述外壳内部的衬里,上述弯曲薄片在上述第一薄片后仅仅延伸其长度的一部分,上述外壳的内部为淡色,以反射和漫射照射在其上的光,一个位于上述外壳每一端的灯插座,以及一个与每一个插座相连的反射镜,以大体上沿上述外壳轴线反射光。 29. An irradiation apparatus, comprising: a predetermined length having a substantially transparent surface, substantially cylindrical elongated housing, a first transmission reflecting sheet flat sheet, which is placed in parallel along the housing above a transparent inner surface, a second transmissive curved reflective sheet opposite to the first sheet, as the inner lining of the housing, said curved sheet extending only a portion of its length after the first sheet, the inside of the housing as a light color, diffusing the light irradiated on and reflected thereon, one at each end of the housing of the lamp socket, and a socket connected to each of the mirrors to the housing substantially along an axis of the reflected light.
30.根据权利要求29的一种装置,其中上述外壳在相应于上述第一薄片各端的区域内是透明的,上述第一薄片在上述弯曲第二薄片的范围之外并且位于与上述透明表面成一定角度设置的上述外壳表面之上。 30. An apparatus according to claim 29, wherein the housing in the region of the respective ends of the first sheet is transparent, said first sheet out of the above range and bending of the second sheet is positioned into the transparent surface the surface of said housing disposed above a certain angle.
31.一种照射标志或其类似物的方法,其步骤包括:将一个加长管的内管暴露于光下,上述加长管有一个沿该管延伸的反射内表面,在内管内通过反射来自该管反射表面的光传播光,在该管的一部分内提供漫射介质并沿该管长度方向延伸,以漫射和扩散上述照射其上的反射光,以及将漫射和散射的光通过一个沿上述管纵向延伸的光透射部分横向传出管外。 31. A method of irradiating marker or the like, which comprises: an elongated inner tube to tube is exposed to light, said elongated tube has a reflective inner surface extending along the tube, the inner tube by reflection from the inner propagating light reflective surface of the light pipe is provided in a portion of the diffusing medium pipe and extending along the longitudinal direction of the tube, and to diffuse the diffused reflected light impinging thereon, and the diffusion and scattering of light by a direction a longitudinally extending light-transmissive portion of the tube spread laterally outer tube.
32.根据权利要求31的方法,它还包括:用一个具有多个彩色光透射部分的第二外管同轴围绕上述第一管;以及有选择地将仅仅一种上述光透射彩色部分暴露于漫射光。 32. The method of claim 31, further comprising: a plurality of color with light transmission having a second outer tube coaxially surrounding said first pipe portion; and selectively only one of the above light-transmitting portion is exposed to the color diffuse light.
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