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Described herein is a method and system (100) for supporting real time early media transmission over a network (108) before call setup between two terminals (102, 104) which are adapted to communicate over the network (108). The system (100) comprises an application server (106) configured to allow transmission of real time early media in a forward and/or backward direction between the two terminals (102, 104).


多媒体铃声 Multimedia Ringtones

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及由电信设备和网络来传输和提供多媒体铃声的领域。 [0001] The present invention relates to the field transmitted by the telecommunication device and the network, and provide multimedia ringtones.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 当进行电话呼叫并且该呼叫建立在主叫者和被叫者之间时,正向指示,例如铃声被发送给该被叫者,并且反向指示,例如回铃声(ringback tone)被发送给主叫者。 [0002] When making a phone call and the call is established between the caller and the callee, a positive indication, such as a tone is sent to the called party, and the reverse directions, such as a ringback tone (ringback tone) is sent to the caller. 对于基本铃声和回铃声,多种改进是可能的,例如一些手机提供如下的选项:选择特定的铃声用于来自保存在手机上的地址本中的一个或多个联系人的呼入呼叫。 For basic ringtones and ringback tones, various modifications are possible, for example, some phones offer the following options: select a specific ringtone for incoming calls from a mobile phone address book stored on the one or more contacts. 这些铃声还可以包括视频,例如可视铃声(watchtone),手机拥有者能够创建或者下载可视铃声并且将可视铃声应用于他们地址本中的联系人。 These ring tones can also include video, such as a visual ringtone (watchtone), mobile phone owners will be able to create a visual or download ring tones and ring tones used in visual contact in their address book.

[0003] 此外,在呼叫建立期间任一方向中所发送的信息能够以许多方式被添加。 [0003] In addition, during call setup information transmitted in either direction can be added in a number of ways. 例如,从被叫者到主叫者,多媒体回铃声能够被用于连同所选择的视频、照片或短语一起,取代通常的铃声来问候主叫者。 For example, from the caller to the called party, multimedia ringback tones can be used together with the selected video, pictures or phrase, a conventional ringtone substituted greeting the caller. 从主叫者到被叫者,主叫者标识或“主叫者ID”,即该呼叫所源于的电话号码能够被发送。 From the caller to the callee, caller identification or "Caller ID", i.e., the call is from a telephone number to be transmitted. 还有可能通过包括视频来补充连同铃声一起被发送的数据,该视频例如由服务提供商所提供的动画、或者被上传至服务提供商的、在呼叫建立期间形成铃声的一部分的预先记录的视频。 There may be supplemented by including the video data to be transmitted together with the tones, for example, the video animation provided by the service provider, or be uploaded to the service provider, forming part of the pre-recorded during the call ringing up a video .

[0004] 国际专利申请W02011/040673和美国专利公开US2007/0269030均描述了将主叫者标识多媒体内容上传至服务器,并且随后将这个内容传输给被叫者设备。 [0004] International patent application W02011 / 040673 and U.S. Patent Publication US2007 / 0269030 both describe the caller identification multimedia content uploaded to the server, and then the content transmission device to a callee. 这些系统需要用户在某个较早的时间首先将可视内容上传给服务器,以便使用多媒体铃声或回铃声。 These systems require the user at some earlier time first visual content uploaded to the server in order to use multimedia ringtone or ringback tone. 备选的铃声或回铃声产品对增强用户体验是合意的。 Alternative ringtones or ringback tones products enhance the user experience is desirable.


[0005] 本发明总体上涉及电信网络中终端之间的提前媒体(early media)的通信。 [0005] The present invention relates to a media advance (early media) in a telecommunications network between a terminal communication generally. 包括应用服务器和媒体服务器的计算机系统被描述以促进实时的提前媒体通信。 Including the application server and media server computer system is described to facilitate real-time communication media in advance. 该实时通信可以被提供为除了预先记录的提前媒体的通信之外的选项,例如存储在该电信网络内的媒体。 The real-time communication can be provided as an option in addition to the communication of pre-recorded media in advance, for example, the media is stored in the telecommunications network.

[0006] 从一个视角来看,一种用于发起具有实时提前媒体的呼叫的方法包括:从第一终端接收会话建立消息并且将该会话建立消息转发给第二终端。 Receiving a session establishment message from the first terminal to establish the session and forwards the message to the second terminal: [0006] From one perspective, a method for real-time media advance comprises means for initiating a call. 回铃声从第二终端被接收并且被转发给第一终端,并且铃声从第一终端被转发给第二终端。 Ringback tone is received from the second terminal and forwarded to the first terminal, and the ring tone is forwarded from the first terminal to the second terminal. 第一终端和/或第二终端指示实时提前媒体将被使用,并且实时提前媒体在第一终端和第二终端之间被传达。 A first terminal and / or the second terminal will be indicative of real-time media used in advance, and early real-time media is communicated between the first terminal and the second terminal.

[0007] 在一些实施例中,该提前媒体与铃声和/或回铃声一起被传输,并且可以是视频数据。 [0007] In some embodiments, the media advance with the ring and / or ringback tones are transmitted together and may be video data. 该视频数据可以被记录在第一终端或第二终端处,或者由第三方系统来提供。 The video data may be recorded in the first terminal or the second terminal, or by a third party system.

[0008] 对该实时提前媒体功能的管理可以包括实施网络策略,以选择性地允许或不允许实时提前媒体。 [0008] ahead of the real-time media management functions may include implementation of the network strategy to selectively allow or not allow real-time media in advance. 在一些实施例中,转发实时提前媒体包括将该实时提前媒体转码。 In some embodiments, the repeater comprising the real-time media advance realtime transcoding media in advance.

[0009] 还公开了用于实施以上所描述的方法的应用服务器。 [0009] Also disclosed is a method for an application server in the embodiments described above.

[0010] 从一个视角来看,一种用于支持在被适配为通过网络通信的两个终端之间建立呼叫之前,通过所述网络进行实时提前媒体传输的计算机系统包括应用服务器,该应用服务器被配置为允许实时提前媒体的传输。 [0010] From one perspective, for supporting a call prior to establishing a communication network between the two terminals by being adapted for real-time transmission in advance of the computer system includes a media application server through the network, the application server is configured to allow real-time transmission of the media in advance. 该应用服务器可以在两个终端之间的任一方向中传输实时提前媒体。 The application server may in either direction between the two terminals transmitting real-time media in advance.

[0011] 该计算机系统可以包括与应用服务器通信的媒体服务器。 [0011] The computer system may include a communications server and a media server application. 该媒体服务器可以接收提前媒体;基于网络策略限制来处理该媒体,并且将经处理的媒体提供给应用服务器,用于传输给两个终端之一或两者。 The media server may receive a media advance; policy-based networking limitation process the media, and to provide a media processing application server, a terminal for transmission to one or both of the two.

[0012] 该计算机系统可以进一步包括与应用服务器通信的数据库,该数据库被适配为接收、存储和/或提供与两个终端相关联的配置信息。 [0012] The computer system may further comprise an application server in communication with the database, the database adapted to receive, store, and / or configuration information associated with the two terminals. 该配置信息可以被应用服务器用来管理提前媒体的传输。 The application server configuration information can be used to manage the transmission of advance media.

[0013] 从另一个视角来看,一种用于通过网络发起具有实时提前媒体的呼叫的方法包括:第一终端提供会话建立消息,该会话建立消息向网络指示对实时提前媒体的使用;网络将该会话建立消息转发给第二终端;第二终端经由网络将回铃声发送给第一终端;网络从第一终端和/或第二终端接收实时提前媒体被使用的指示;第一终端经由网络将铃声发送给第二终端;第一终端和/或第二终端分别将实时提前媒体连同铃声和/或回铃声一起发送。 [0013] From another perspective, having a call for a real-time media through a network in advance the method comprising: providing a first terminal session establishment message, indicating the session establishment message in advance using the real-time media to the network; network forwards the session establishment message to the second terminal; ringback tone transmitted to the second terminal to the first terminal via a network; receiving an indication of a network real-time media to be used in advance from the first terminal and / or the second terminal; a first terminal via a network, the sending of the ring to the second terminal; a first terminal and / or second terminal, respectively, ahead of the real-time media transmission along with the ring and / or ringback tone.

[0014] 根据通过示例的方式而给出的下列描述并且参考附图,本发明进一步的方面和前述段落中所描述的这些方面的进一步的实施例将变得明显。 [0014] The following description, given by way of example and with reference to the accompanying drawings, embodiments of the present invention is a further embodiment of these aspects and further aspects described in the preceding paragraph will become apparent.


[0015] 图1不出了根据本发明的一个实施例的多媒体铃声系统的不意性表不。 [0015] FIG. 1 of Table intended not a multimedia ring tone system according to an embodiment of the present invention does not.

[0016] 图2示出了呼叫建立过程中主叫者侧的示意性表示。 [0016] FIG. 2 shows a schematic caller call setup process represents a side.

[0017] 图3示出了呼叫建立过程中被叫者侧的示意性表示。 [0017] FIG. 3 shows schematically a call setup process of the callee side, FIG.

[0018] 图4示出了已经被建立的呼叫的示意性表示。 [0018] FIG. 4 shows a schematic of the call has been established in FIG.

[0019] 图5示出了根据本发明的一个实施例的高层消息流。 [0019] FIG. 5 illustrates a high level message flow in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention.

[0020] 图6示出了用于NGN或MS网络实施的高层消息流。 [0020] FIG. 6 illustrates a high level message flow for the embodiment of the NGN network, or MS.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0021] 本文所描述的多媒体铃声/回铃声系统和方法的实施例,通过使用动态可视主叫线路识别(CLI ),提供具有如下能力的被叫者:分别具有主叫方/接收方的预览并且/或者在呼叫建立之前执行其他通信功能。 [0021] Example embodiments described herein the multimedia ringing / tones back to the system and method, by using a dynamic visual calling line identification (the CLI), have the ability to provide a callee: respectively having the calling / receiving side preview and / or perform other communication functions prior to call establishment. 该先于呼叫建立的通信功能在本文中一般被称为“动态多媒体铃声”(DMRT)功能。 The communication function prior to call establishment herein generally referred to as "dynamic media ringtone" (of DMRT) function. DMRT功能扩展了针对回铃声和铃声之一或两者的提前媒体支持。 DMRT features extend the advance of media support for one of ringback tones and ringtones, or both.

[0022] 如本文所使用的,术语铃声指代在呼叫建立之前由网络从主叫者转发到被叫者的告警。 [0022] As used herein, the term forward refers tones from the caller to the callee by the alarm network before call setup. 术语回铃声指代在呼叫建立之前由网络从被叫者转发到主叫者的告警。 The term refers to ring back tone from the called party to forward the alarm to the caller before the call setup by the network. 这些告警形成呼叫建立过程的一部分。 These alarms forming part of the call setup process. 当提前媒体被用来补充铃声或者回铃声时,则提前媒体连同铃 When the media in advance is used to supplement ringtones or ringback tones, along with the media ahead of the bell

声告警或回铃声告警一起被发送。 Sound an alarm bell or an alarm is sent back together.

[0023] 术语“提前媒体”已经被用来指代两个手机(具有或不具有来自网络的协调)在实际通信开始之前相互交换媒体内容的能力。 [0023] The term "early media" has been used to refer to two phone capability (with or without coordination from the network) to exchange media content before the actual start of communication with each other. 严格地说,“提前媒体”仅增强了信令。 Strictly speaking, "early media" only enhanced signaling. 尽管会话发起协议(SIP)在本文中被用来描述信令协商能力,以便递送该提前媒体内容,将理解,本文所描述的本发明可以与在呼叫建立之前支持媒体内容的任何适当协议一起被实施。 Although the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used herein to describe signaling negotiation capability in order to deliver the media content in advance, it will be appreciated, the invention described herein may support any appropriate protocol media content together prior to call establishment is implementation.

[0024] 实时提前媒体指代并非已经预先记录在应用或媒体服务器上的提前媒体。 [0024] Real-time advance the media to refer not been pre-recorded in advance in the media application or media server. 实时提前媒体因此能够指代,例如: Real-time media in advance and therefore can refer to, for example:

[0025].在会话建立请求被发送给网络或者会话建立请求从网络被接收的时候,被记录或被转发给网络的图像、视频或声音,或者 [0025]. Establishment request is sent to the network, or the session establishment request from the network when received, is forwarded to the network or recorded images, video or sound in the session, or

[0026].在会话建立请求被发送给网络或者会话建立请求从网络被接收的时候,已经被记录在终端或手机上并且然后作为提前媒体被提供给网络的图像、视频或声音。 [0026]. In the session establishment request is sent to the network or from the network when the session establishment request received, it has been recorded on the terminal or mobile phone network and then provided to the image, video or sound as medium in advance.

[0027] 实时提前媒体直接地从终端被传输,其中该终端能够是发起或接收呼叫的终端。 [0027] Real-time media advance is directly transmitted from the terminal, wherein the terminal is capable of initiating or receiving end of the call. 该终端还能够是第三方,诸如由呼叫发起手机或呼叫接收手机所选择的基于位置的服务器,例如与主叫者或被叫者所位于的某个场所相关联的服务器。 The terminal can also be a third party, such as a call originating from the location server based on the received phone call or a selected phone, such as a server or a place callee and caller associated located. 对于这个布置,或者通过使用DMRT应用中的GPS功能,或者使用如本文其他地方所描述的特殊特征代码,该主叫者/被叫者配置DMRT应用,以使用来源于该第三方的媒体。 For this arrangement, or by using DMRT applications GPS function, or to use a special feature code as described elsewhere herein, the caller / callee DMRT configuration application, to use the third party from the media.

[0028] 1.系统概述 [0028] 1. System Overview

[0029] DMRT系统100的一个实施例能够参考图1来理解。 [0029] DMRT system 100 embodiment can be understood with reference to FIG. DMRT系统100包括手机102和104、服务提供商的DMRT应用服务器106、网络108、服务提供商的媒体服务器112和数据库110。 DMRT system 100 includes a mobile phone 102 and 104, the service provider DMRT application server 106, network 108, service provider server 112 and the media database 110.

[0030] 1.1 手机 [0030] 1.1 phones

[0031] 手机102、104是常规的支持视频的手机,诸如与网络108相关联的移动电话或智能电话。 [0031] 102, 104 are conventional phone supports video phone, such as 108 associated with the network of mobile phone or smart phone. 这些手机还能够是计算机或者PDA或者适于通过相关网络进行呼叫的任何终端。 These also can be a computer or mobile phone or PDA adapted to any terminating call via the relevant network. 将意识到,尽管图1中仅示出了两个手机,现实中可以存在任何数量的关联于网络108、能够支持本文所描述的DMRT功能的手机。 It will be appreciated that although Figure 1 shows only two handsets, in reality there may be any number associated with the network 108 can support mobile DMRT functions described herein. 如果这些手机中的一个手机不是支持视频的(例如常规电话),则DMRT功能能够被禁用和/或在呼叫建立期间相应地被配置。 If the phone is not supported by a mobile phone video (such as a conventional telephone), the DMRT function can be disabled and / or be configured accordingly during call setup. 例如,如果主叫者使用常规电话,它们能够将预先记录的视频(例如,使用因特网)上传给多媒体服务器112,以便在呼叫建立期间与一个或多个能够接收视频和/或多媒体内容的手机一起使用。 For example, if the caller using a conventional telephone, which can be pre-recorded video (e.g., using the Internet) uploaded to the multimedia server 112, to one or more mobile phones capable of receiving video and / or multimedia content during the call establishment together use. 对于这个场景,提供了单向DMRT功能,取代了当两个手机/所有手机都支持视频时的双向或多向DMRT功能。 For this scene, providing a one-way function DMRT, replacing the phone when the two / all phones support two-way or multi-way video DMRT function.

[0032] 在一个实施例中,DMRT功能作为基本电话服务的一部分而被提供。 [0032] In one embodiment, DMRT function as part of the basic telephone service is provided. 在这个实施例中,DMRT功能是自动可用的,并且能够由任何用户为他们的手机/多个手机启用。 In this embodiment, the function of DMRT automatically available and can be by any user for their phone / phone plurality enabled.

[0033] 在另一个实施例中,DMRT功能作为用户必须订阅的服务而被提供。 [0033] embodiment, DMRT function as the user must subscribe to the service is provided in another embodiment. 在这个订阅模型中,将存在一些使用DMRT的用户以及一些不使用DMRT的用户;因此服务提供商能够将完全的、有限的DMRT功能和/或不将DMRT功能提供给涉及订户和非订户组合的呼叫。 In this subscription model, there are some users and some users do not use DMRT use of DMRT; so the service providers to complete, DMRT limited functionality and / or will not involve DMRT functionality to subscribers and non-subscribers combination call.

[0034] 主叫手机(例如,手机102)可以经由固定宽带网络(例如,DSL或电缆)或者无线网络(例如,3G/LTE网络)连接至应用服务器106。 [0034] calling a mobile phone (e.g., phone 102) may be via a fixed broadband network (e.g., DSL or cable) or wireless network (e.g., 3G / LTE network) 106 to the application server. 支持协议能够是SIP、H.323、或者支持提前媒体的任何其他通信协议。 Support protocol can be SIP, H.323, or any other communication protocol support ahead of the media. 手机102、104上的DMRT应用支持DMRT指示符连同会发建立请求一起的传输,以及提前媒体连同铃声和/或回铃声一起的传输。 DMRT application support DMRT indicator on your phone will send a request to establish, together with 102,104 with the transmission, as well as with the media in advance of transmission, along with ring tones and / or ringback tone. 该应用能够从应用服务器106被下载,或者该应用能够被实施在作为手机硬件的一部分而被提供的嵌入式软件中。 The application can be downloaded from the application server 106, or the application can be implemented in software as part of an embedded mobile phone hardware is provided.

[0035] 备选地,网络策略能够被实施在应用服务器106中。 [0035] Alternatively, the network policy can be implemented in the application server 106.

[0036] 在一些实施例中,主叫者手机允许用户在下列铃声选项中的一个选项之间进行选择: [0036] In some embodiments, a caller phone allows a user the option between the following options are selected ringtone:

[0037] 1.没有对铃声增强的简单呼叫。 [0037] 1. There is no easy call for enhanced ringtones.

[0038] 2.具有当前视图(即作为主叫标识显示媒体的实时视频)的呼叫。 [0038] 2. The current view (i.e., as Caller ID display live video media) call.

[0039] 3.具有预先记录内容(即作为主叫线路标识显示媒体的视频或静止图像)的呼叫。 [0039] 3. The pre-recorded content having a call (i.e., calling line identity display medium as video or still images).

[0040] 能够通过使用由软件DMRT应用所提供的、终端上的软件菜单,通过配置不必然与DMRT应用直接关联的、电话上的一般设置,通过使用作为如本文其他地方所描述的呼叫前缀的特殊特征码,或者通过其他适当的手段,来完成这个选择。 [0040] through the use of software DMRT provided by the application, the software menus on a terminal, not necessarily with DMRT applied directly linked by a configuration is generally provided on the phone, dial number by using, as described elsewhere herein described special signature, or by other appropriate means, to complete the selection.

[0041] 如果主叫者使用非智能手机,例如ATA (模拟电话适配器),则选择选项I。 [0041] If the caller using non-smart phones, such as ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), then choose option I. 非智能手机还能够依靠网络来基于特定的订阅而提供另外的服务,例如将预先记录的内容作为CLI显示媒体来传递。 Non-smart phone also can rely on the network to a specific subscription-based and provide additional services, such as pre-recorded content as CLI display media to pass.

[0042] 在一个实施例中,SIP和会话描述协议(SDP)被用来管理多媒体通信,并且DMRT应用基于SIP和SDP呼叫建立协议。 [0042] In one embodiment, SIP and Session Description Protocol (SDP) is used to manage multimedia communications, and applications based on SIP and SDP DMRT call establishment protocol. 在这个实施例中,主叫者的手机支持P-Early-Media头部(RFC5009)的使用。 In this embodiment, the caller's phone supports P-Early-Media header (RFC5009) of. 该头部包括与提前媒体的使用有关的信息。 The head includes the use of advanced information and media-related. 取代简单地填充该头部中的“supported”字段,该手机添加了方向指示符。 Substituted simply filling the header "supported" field, the phone adds the direction indicator. 这向网络给出了清楚的指示,何种类型的转发提前媒体将会发生。 This gives a clear indication to the network, the media in advance what type of forwarding will occur. 表1中示出了该头部中所使用的方向指示符的示例: Table shows an example of the head in a direction indicator used in 1:

[0043]表1 [0043] TABLE 1

[0044] [0044]

Figure CN103621019AD00071

[0045] 被叫者的手机也能够支持使用P-Early-Media头部作为指示符,并且提供资源分配以便接收提前媒体流。 [0045] The callee phone can also support the use of P-Early-Media header as an indicator, and provides resource allocation in advance in order to receive the media stream. 同时,当接收INVITE消息(即当呼叫建立正在被发起时的会话建立消息)时,它使用SIP183会话进度响应。 Meanwhile, when receiving the INVITE message (i.e., when a call setup is being initiated session establishment message), which uses SIP183 session progress response. 它将通过使用SDP"answer”主体中的“recvonly”属性来指示它仅支持接收媒体流。 It would only receive media streams by using supported SDP "answer" main body "recvonly" attribute indicated. 类似地,通过使用“sendrecv”属性来指示双向的媒体支持。 Similarly, by using the "sendrecv" attribute to indicate two-way media support.

[0046] 在一个实施例中,被叫者的手机还根据DMRT提供多媒体回铃声服务,这意味着预先记录的数据或者实时视频连同回铃声一起被传输。 [0046] In one embodiment, the callee's phone service is also provided in accordance with the multimedia ringback tones of DMRT, which means that real-time or previously recorded video data is transmitted together with the ring back tone. 对于这个实施例,被叫者的手机需要使用“sendrecv”。 For this example, the called party's phone needs "sendrecv". 否则,“recvonly”是SDP应答中优选的属性。 Otherwise, "recvonly" SDP answer is preferred properties.

[0047] 1.2应用和媒体服务器 [0047] 1.2 Application Server and Media

[0048] 应用服务器106能够是被适配为支持DMRT的、支持语音和数据服务的任何电话服务器。 [0048] The application server 106 can be adapted to support DMRT any server that supports voice telephony and data services. 它能够是支持不同代网络技术(例如,阿尔卡特朗讯5420CTS)的聚合电话服务器。 It is capable of supporting different generation network technology (e.g., Alcatel-Lucent 5420CTS) polymerization of the telephony server. 应用服务器106管理DMRT应用,并且提供对实时提前媒体的管理和控制。 106 DMRT application server management applications, and provides real-time management and control of the media in advance. 应用服务器106与媒体服务器112对接,媒体服务器112进而提供媒体处理功能。 Application server 106 and the media server 112 docked, the media server 112 in turn provides media processing. 媒体服务器能够是被适配为支持DMRT的任何适当的媒体资源服务器(例如,阿尔卡特朗讯5900MRF)。 The media server can be adapted to any appropriate media resource server support DMRT of (for example, Alcatel-Lucent 5900MRF).

[0049] 当网络从主叫者/被叫者接收了带有指示对DMRT的使用的P-Early-Media头部的会话建立/进度消息时,则DMRT应用服务器106验证主叫者手机102和被叫者手机104两者的DMRT能力和/或订阅。 When [0049] When the network receives an indication from a caller with / callee P-Early-Media header using the session setup DMRT / schedule message, the application server 106 to verify DMRT caller phone 102 and DMRT ability of both the callee's phone 104 and / or subscription. 这能够通过在解释从这些手机所接收的呼叫建立消息发送内容时参考数据库110 (其包括特征订阅数据库)来完成。 This is possible by interpreting the reference database 110 from the content of these setup message received phone calls (which include features subscription database) to complete. 如果DMRT (基于手机能力、网络覆盖和/或订阅细节)对于两者的手机是可用的,则在主叫者手机102与被叫者手机104之间启用单向和/或双向多媒体传输(或者如果使用了多个手机,例如在会议呼叫中,则启用多向多媒体传输)。 If of DMRT (based phone capabilities, network coverage and / or subscription details) for both cell phone is available, the unidirectional and / or bidirectional multimedia transmission between caller and callee phone 102 phone 104 (or If you use more than one mobile phone, for example, in a conference call, the multi-directional multimedia transmission enabled). 如果DMRT仅对于一个手机可用,服务提供商能够启用单向多媒体传输和/或能够限制或防止任何多媒体传输。 If DMRT only available for a phone, service providers can enable one-way multimedia transmission and / or be able to limit or prevent any multimedia transmission.

[0050] 多媒体从主叫者手机102被发送给被叫者手机104,和/或多媒体从被叫者手机104被发送给主叫者手机102。 [0050] Display 102 is transmitted from the caller to the callee's mobile phone handset 104, and / or multimedia is transmitted to the callee from the caller phone 104 phone 102. 被叫者手机(例如,手机104)经由对实时提前媒体的使用进行管理的应用服务器106接收多媒体铃声。 Callee phone (e.g., phone 104) 106 receives the multimedia ring tone via the media advance using the real-time application server manages. 应用服务器106连同媒体服务器112—起操作。 Application server 106 with a media server from 112- operation. 当呼叫正被建立时,应用服务器106将来自主叫者INVITE的消息转发给被叫者,被叫者能够使用媒体服务器112地址用于取决于网络策略的连接。 Message when the call is being established, the application server 106 from the caller to the called party forwards the INVITE, the called party address may be used for connecting the media server 112 depending on the network policy. 提供转发提前媒体指示,以便用于被叫者分配资源来支持提前媒体流。 It provides forwarding media advance instructions, in order to allocate resources to those who called for support ahead of the media stream. 这样的指示连同INVITE消息一起被传递。 Such an indication is transmitted together with the INVITE message.

[0051] 当实时提前媒体连同铃声和/或回铃声一起被传输时,该提前媒体可以服从于网络策略。 [0051] When the real-time along with ring tones and / or ringback tone is transmitted in advance with the media, the media may be subject to advance network policy. 例如,当网络正使用某种服务质量(QoS)控制时,可以对应地指示带宽分配。 For example, when the network is using a certain quality of service (QoS) control, may correspond to indicate bandwidth allocation. 为了提前媒体遵循网络策略的要求,该提前媒体可能需要处理。 In order to advance the media to follow the requirements of network policy, the media may need to be addressed in advance. 这个处理由媒体服务器112来执行。 This process is performed by the media server 112. 策略要求可能关联于提前媒体内容(例如,仅视频相对视频/音频)、提前媒体长度(例如,一帧视频)、以及提前媒体的预加载。 Policy requirements may be associated with early media content (e.g., video only relatively video / audio), the length of media advance (e.g., a video), as well as the media advance preloaded. 为了实施网络策略所需要的、并且由媒体服务器112所执行的媒体处理,可以包括转码(转码包括数据格式转换,例如为了适应带宽限制)。 To implement network policies needed, and processed by the media server 112 performed by the media, it may include transcoding (transcoding comprises data format conversion, for example to accommodate bandwidth limitations).

[0052] 为了支持灵活的DMRT方案,应用服务器106支持至少下文(参考使用如上文所描述的订阅模型的实施例)所描述的两个呼叫场景。 [0052] In order to support flexible DMRT embodiment, the application server 106 supports at least the following (Reference Example above using the subscription model described hereinbefore) two call scenarios described herein.

[0053] 1.A方(主叫者)上的DMRT [0053] DMRT on 1.A party (caller)

[0054] DMRT功能被配置在手机和数据库110两者中。 [0054] DMRT function is arranged in both the phone and the database 110. 参考图2,当主叫者200利用指示了DMRT的使用(例如,通过使用P-Early-Media头部)的呼叫建立201来发起呼叫时,DMRT应用服务器106将首先把订阅查询202发送给数据库110。 Referring to FIG 2, when a caller using the pointing DMRT 200 (e.g., by using a P-Early-Media header) call setup 201 to initiate the call, DMRT application server 106 will first query the subscription database 202 to a 110.

[0055] 查询202被用来检查: [0055] The query 202 is used to check:

[0056] 1.主叫者被允许使用DMRT,即该用户具有DMRT订阅吗? [0056] 1. The caller is allowed to use DMRT, that is, the user has DMRT subscription?

[0057] 2.如果是,被叫者将使用什么类型的内容:实时多媒体或者预先记录的多媒体。 [0057] 2. If the called what type of content will use: Display real-time or pre-recorded media. 预先记录的多媒体将与在呼叫正在进行时用于取回该内容的内容ID相关联。 Prerecorded multimedia content with the retrieved call progress for the content ID.

[0058] 如果不支持DMRT,则呼叫建立将根据常规的方法继续进行,并且应用服务器106将把所有的DMRT指示从主叫者移除。 [0058] DMRT If not, the call establishment will proceed according to a conventional method, and the application server 106 will all be removed from the caller indicating DMRT. 网络设置可以被配置,由此如果不支持DMRT则在呼叫建立期间默认媒体(例如,图像或声音)被用于显示。 Network settings may be configured whereby if not supported DMRT at call setup default media (e.g., images or sounds) is used to display period.

[0059] 如果支持DMRT,则应用服务器106将进一步检查是否需要媒体转换(例如,将视频/音频转换为仅视频)。 [0059] If the support of DMRT, the application server 106 further checks whether the media conversion (e.g., video / audio to video only). 任何需要的转换将由媒体服务器112来执行。 Any conversion required by the media server 112 to perform.

[0060] 如果实时内容与铃声一起被发送,则该内容直接从主叫者200流式传输,或者根据来自应用服务器106跨越网络108的协调被媒体服务器112转换。 [0060] If the real-time content is transmitted together with the ring tone, the content 112 is converted directly from the streaming caller 200, 108, or coordinated across the network 106 according to a media server from the application server. 媒体服务器112被用来实施用于在媒体类型、媒体长度等方面转换针对媒体内容的任何相关网络策略。 The media server 112 is used in the embodiment for converting media types, the media length for any network policy associated media content. 当实施了网络策略时,来自订阅查询202的结果、检查结果204,从DMRT服务器106被推送给媒体服务器112,以在呼叫建立之前准备潜在的到来媒体。 When implementing the network policy, subscribe to the query results from the 202 test results 204, DMRT 106 is pushed from the server to the media server 112 to prepare for the potential arrival of the media before the call is established. 这可以包括如上文所描述的转码。 This may include transcoding as hereinbefore described.

[0061] 如果预先记录的多媒体内容被用于DMRT,则媒体服务器112被插入媒体路径中,从而使用系统默认内容或预定义的内容。 [0061] If multimedia content is recorded in advance of DMRT used, the media server 112 is inserted into the media path, thereby using the contents of the default or predefined content. 在这种情况中,来自订阅查询202的结果、检查结果204,从DMRT服务器106被推送给媒体服务器112,以在呼叫建立之前准备潜在的到来媒体。 In this case, the query results from the subscription of 202, test results 204, DMRT 106 is pushed from the server to the media server 112 to prepare for the potential arrival of the media before the call is established.

[0062] DMRT应用服务器106支持终端用户经由web接口(如在3GPP标准中所定义的Ut接口)上传他们优选的多媒体内容,用于实时视频流式传输,或者当在进行呼叫之前预先记录的视频数据正被保存至媒体服务器112时。 [0062] DMRT application server 106 preferably supports the end-user to upload their multimedia content via a web interface (e.g., in the 3GPP standard defined Ut interface), for real-time video streaming, or when the call prior to pre-recorded video data is being stored to the media server 112.

[0063] i1.B方(被叫者)上的DMRT [0063] DMRT i1.B on the side (the callee)

[0064] 参考图3,在从被叫者300接收SIP183响应之后,应用服务器106将会把订阅查询302发送给数据库110,以确认被叫者300是否具有DMRT订阅。 [0064] Referring to FIG 3, after receiving a response from the callee SIP183 300, application server 106 will query the subscription database 110 to send 302, 300 to confirm whether the callee has subscribed DMRT. 用于被叫者的查询302与如上文所描述的用于主叫者的查询202相同,并且在适当的地方包括回铃声内容ID。 Used for the same caller and callee queries 302 as hereinbefore described query 202, and includes a ringback tone content ID in place.

[0065] 如果该系统正在进行媒体转换,或者系统默认内容或预先记录的媒体内容被使用,则建立与媒体服务器112的媒体服务器连接304,其后完成与被叫者300的呼叫建立306,由此主叫者200所提供的媒体内容被传递给被叫者300。 [0065] If the system being a media converter, or a default content or prerecorded media content is used, a connection is established with the media server 304 of the media server 112, and subsequently complete the call callee 300 306 established by this caller 200 provide media content 300 is transmitted to the callee.

[0066] 参考图4,当DMRT服务对于主叫者200或被叫者300是活动的,则与媒体服务器112的媒体路径将被建立在中间,以在正向方向402上提供多媒体铃声,或者在反向方向404上提供多媒体回铃声。 [0066] Referring to FIG 4, when a service for DMRT caller 200 or callee 300 is active, the media path with the media server 112 will be established in the middle, to provide a multimedia ring tone in the forward direction 402, or multimedia ringback tones in the reverse direction 404. 用于铃声和回铃声两者的多媒体,能够经由使用如3GPP Ut接口406的标准接口的应用服务器106,被上传至媒体服务器112。 Both for ring tones and multimedia ringback tones, such as is possible through use of the application server 406 of 3GPP Ut interface standard interfaces 106, 112 are uploaded to the media server.

[0067] 1.3 网络 [0067] 1.3 Network

[0068] 网络108在例如信令和路由方面是常规的,除了网络108在用于手机102、104之间的呼叫建立的路径中包括应用服务器106。 [0068] network 108, for example, in terms of signaling and routing is conventional, except for the path between the network 108 at a call establishment in mobile phones 102, 104 includes an application server 106. 例如,网络108能够是支持3G、GSM、VoIP和/ 或VoLTE 的NGN/MS 网络。 For example, network 108 can support 3G, GSM, VoIP and / or of VoLTE NGN / MS network.

[0069] 在NGN/MS网络中所实施的DMRT解决方案可以构建在已有的多媒体回铃声服务上,并且SIP然后将被用于控制通过IP的多媒体通信会话。 [0069] In the NGN / MS network implemented DMRT solution built on the existing multimedia ring back tone service, and the SIP will then be used for controlling multimedia communication sessions over IP. 在一些实施例中,当支持DMRT的SIP客户端发起视频呼叫时,主叫者能够选择使用由摄像头所采集的当前视图或者存储在网络中已有的视频剪辑,来发送给被叫者。 In some embodiments, when the support DMRT SIP client initiates a video call, the caller can be selected using the camera acquired by the current view has been stored in the network or video clip, be sent to the callee. 已有的视频剪辑能够由该用户预先记录并且被上传至服务提供商的多媒体服务器112,诸如动画之类的视频剪辑可以由该用户购买并且被上传至多媒体服务器112,和/或能够使用已经在服务器112上的视频剪辑,例如由服务提供商所提供的视频剪辑。 Conventional video clip can be pre-recorded by the user and the service provider is uploaded to a multimedia server 112, such as animations, video clips can be purchased by the user and uploaded to the multimedia server 112, and / or can be used already in the video clips on a server 112, such as a video clip by the service providers.

[0070] 对于本文所描述的DMRT解决方案,假设是:尽管DMRT在手机102、104处或在应用服务器106或媒体服务器112处的网络中提供将被过滤或改变的音频内容,但是终端用户被允许使用具有视频和音频内容两者的提前媒体。 [0070] For DMRT solutions described herein, it is assumed that: although DMRT to be filtered or changed at 102, 104 or provided in the phone at the network application server 106 or the audio content in the media server 112, but the end user is allow the use of advance media has both video and audio content. 例如,作为增值服务,当将实时多媒体铃声传递给被叫者时,服务提供商可以将音频流从实时多媒体铃声移除。 For example, as a value-added service, when the real-time multimedia ring tone is passed to the called party, the service provider can be removed from the audio stream real-time multimedia ringtones.

[0071] 除了实时视频、预先记录的视频和动画,多媒体还能够是一个或多个现场采集的静止图像、延时的静止图像和/或音频。 [0071] In addition to real-time video, pre-recorded video and animation, multimedia can also be a collection of one or more field still image, the still image delay and / or audio. 多媒体以标准数据文件的格式(例如,用于视频的AVI或者用于图像的JPEG)被传输。 Is transmitted to the multimedia data file format standards (e.g., for the AVI video or images for JPEG). 多媒体还可以以其他格式被传输,例如与DMRT相关联的正当多媒体数据。 Display may also be transmitted in other formats, such as multimedia data just associated with DMRT.

[0072] 经由DMRT应用服务器106上的Ut web接口406,用户具有选择来购买现成的多媒体剪辑和/或将他们自己的内容上传至媒体服务器112上。 [0072] interface 406 via a Ut web DMRT on the application server 106, the user has selected to buy ready-made multimedia clips and / or their own content on the media server 112 to upload. 当终端用户选择使用预先记录的内容作为铃声时,该内容可以经由Ut接口或者作为提前媒体的一部分而被传递。 When the terminal user selects to use pre-recorded content as a ringtone, the content may be via a Ut interface or as part of a media advance is transmitted. 当实时视频与铃声/回铃声一起使用时,内容管理不可用,但是媒体服务器112仍然执行媒体处理功能,诸如: When used in conjunction with real-time video ringtones / ringback tone, content management is not available, but the media server 112 still performs media processing functions, such as:

[0073].在网络中将实时多媒体的音频分量滤除; . [0073] In the real-time audio component of the multimedia network will be filtered;

[0074].控制媒体内容的长度;和/或 [0074] Control of the length of the media content; and / or

[0075] •将媒体转码以遵守带宽限制。 [0075] • The media transcoding in order to comply with bandwidth limitations.

[0076]1.4数据库 [0076] 1.4 database

[0077] 数据库110被用来管理DMRT订阅信息以及多媒体内容两者。 [0077] Database 110 is used to manage subscriptions DMRT both information and multimedia content. 该数据库包括订户的记录和相关联的多媒体。 The database includes a multimedia subscriber and the associated records. 这些记录使得网络能够供应多媒体数据文件的传输,并且包括诸如多媒体内容类型、播放时间、文件名称和大小等的信息。 These records enable the network to transmit multimedia data file supplied, and includes information such as multimedia content type, play time, the file name and size. 该数据库是链接多媒体数据库,该链接多媒体数据库存储了链接至媒体服务器上资源的元数据。 The database is a multimedia database link, the link is stored in a multimedia database linked to the metadata resources on the media server. 该数据库能够构建在任何商业可用的产品上,例如Oracle或微软SQL服务器。 The database can be built on any commercially available products, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

[0078] 对于点对点的实施方式(下文所描述的),对数据库的使用是可选的。 [0078] For the embodiment of the point to point (as described below), the use of the database is optional.

[0079] 2.使用DMRT的呼叫建立 [0079] 2. DMRT call set-up

[0080] 参考图5,示出了高层消息流图500,其指示了DMRT如何在客户端与网络之间工作。 [0080] Referring to Figure 5, illustrates a high level message flow diagram 500, which indicates how DMRT work between the network and the client.

[0081] 1.当支持DMRT的客户端A502发送会话建立消息504 (用于聊天、呼叫等)时,消息504在信令部分包括DMRT指示符508,以指示客户端对DMRT的支持。 [0081] 1. When the customer support DMRT establishment message 504 (for chat, call, etc.) A502 transmits session end message 504 comprising DMRT indicator 508 to indicate that the client supports the signaling part DMRT.

[0082] 2.当网络506从客户端A502接收会话发起请求504时,网络506将关于下列各项来评价它的策略: [0082] 2. When the network 506 receives from a client A502 session initiation request 504, the network 506 to evaluate it on the following strategies:

[0083] a.客户端A允许DMRT吗? [0083] a. A client DMRT allow it?

[0084] b.被允许通过至另一端的DMRT媒体是多长(例如5秒)? [0084] b. Is allowed to pass through to the other end of the multi-media DMRT length (e.g., 5 seconds)?

[0085] c.允许DMRT携带视频以及音频吗? [0085] c. DMRT allowed to carry video and audio it?

[0086] 在一个实施例中,DMRT在手机102、104处或在应用服务器106 [0086] In one embodiment, DMRT at 102, 104 or the phone application server 106

[0087] 或媒体服务器112处的网络中提供将被过滤或改变的音频内容。 Network [0087] or the media server 112 provides the filtered audio content or altered.

[0088] 将意识到,取决于相关的协议和/或网络针对DMRT应用所提供 [0088] It will be appreciated, depending on the relevant protocols and / or applications provided by the network for DMRT

[0089] 的支持,网络可以实施附加的或者备选的策略特征(相比上面的 [0089] support, the network may implement additional or alternative features strategy (as compared to the above

[0090] a.-C.)。 [0090] a.-C.).

[0091] 3.如果网络506完成DMRT策略检查509并且允许使用DMRT,则网络506将把请求510连同DMRT指示符512 —起传递给客户端B514。 [0091] 3. If the policy check DMRT network 506 is completed and allows the use DMRT 509, the request 510 along with the network 506 will DMRT indicator 512-- transmitted from the client B514.

[0092] 4.当同样支持DMRT特征的客户端B514接收请求510、512时,它将返回“响铃”消息516。 [0092] 4. When the same customer support terminal B514 DMRT features 510, 512 receives a request, it returns "ringing" message 516. 同时,它将准备客户端B上的媒体资源(即套接字分配),以便接受以到来的IP分组为形式的到来DMRT媒体。 At the same time, it will prepare the client media resources (ie sockets distribution) on the B, to accept the arrival of IP packets in the form of arrival DMRT media.

[0093] 5.“响铃”消息518被转发给客户端A502,客户端A502然后以多媒体铃声520的形式向网络发起动态媒体传输,多媒体铃声520包括连同实时媒体或预先记录的媒体(例如,视频)的铃声,并且DMRT520被转发给客户端B514。 [0093] 5. "ringing" message 518 is forwarded to the client A502, A502 and the client initiates dynamic media transmission to the network 520 in the form of multimedia ringtones, multimedia ringtones 520 includes real-time media or in conjunction with pre-recorded media (e.g., video) ringtone and DMRT520 be forwarded to the client B514. 取决于网络设置,客户端A502还能够从网络506接收媒体流,例如多媒体回铃声522,多媒体回铃声522包括连同来自客户端B514的实时媒体或预先记录的媒体(例如,视频)一起的回铃声。 Depending on the network settings, the client A502 can also receive media streams from the network 506, 522 such as multimedia ringback tones, multimedia ringback tones 522 together comprise a ringback tone in real time from the client B514 medium or media (e.g., video) together with pre-recorded . 提前媒体在事件523处被建立。 Media is established in advance in the event 523.

[0094] 6.为了前进至实际的呼叫建立,客户端B接受该会话并且返回OK消息524。 [0094] 6. In order to proceed to the actual call is established, client B accept the session and returns the 524 OK message.

[0095] 7.网络506将OK消息传递给客户端A502。 [0095] 7. The network 506 OK message to the client A502. 双向实时通信528在这个点开始。 Two-way real-time communication 528 start at this point. [0096] 图6示出了用于在NGN/MS网络的情况中使用DMRT的呼叫建立的信令。 [0096] FIG 6 shows a signaling for a call in the case of NGN / MS using DMRT network established. 主叫方602发送SIP INVITE604以发起呼叫建立,SIP INVITE604包括指示对DMRT的使用的P-Early-Media头部。 Caller 602 sends SIP INVITE604 to initiate call setup, SIP INVITE604 DMRT including an indication of the use of the P-Early-Media header. 当被转发的SIP INVITE610由被叫方614接收时,被叫方的SIP客户端建立视频显示作为提前媒体协商的一部分。 When the forwarded SIP INVITE610 614 is received by the called party, called party's SIP client to establish a video display as part of the early media negotiation. 被叫方614然后将183会话进度消息616发送给NGN/MS核心网络606,NGN/MS核心网络606进而将183会话进度消息618转发给主叫方602。 Called party 614 then sends a 183 Session Progress message 616 to the NGN / MS core network 606, NGN / MS core network 606 in turn forwards the 183 Session Progress message to the calling party 618 602. 对于将被可靠传输的183响应,主叫方602返回进度确认消息PRACK630,进度确认消息PRACK630在632中被转发给被叫方。 For the response to be reliable transmission 183, the caller 602 returns an acknowledgment message PRACK630 progress, the progress PRACK630 acknowledgment message is forwarded to the called party 632. 用于PRACK的OK响应然后从被叫方614被传递给网络(634)并且稍后(636)被传递给主叫方。 OK for PRACK response of the network is then passed to the called party 614 (634) and (636) is transmitted to the calling party later.

[0097] 提前媒体流623然后在两方之间被建立。 [0097] 623 then advance the media stream is established between the two parties. DMRT铃声620将从主叫方602到被叫方614而被建立。 DMRT ringing 620 602 from the caller to the called party 614 is established. 多媒体回铃声622在网络的协调下也可能从被叫方到主叫方。 Multimedia ringback tone 622 under the coordination of the network may also be from the called party to the calling party.

[0098] 当被叫方614接通该呼叫,2000K响应624被返回给网络,并且随后OK响应626被发送给主叫方。 [0098] When the called party 614 connected to the call, 2000K is returned in response to the network 624, and then the 626 OK response is sent to the calling party. 主叫方602将把确认ACK640返回给网络,并且随后ACK642被发送给被叫方。 ACK640 caller 602 sends confirmation back to the network, and then is sent to the called party ACK642. 此处双向实时通信644开始。 644 two-way real-time communication start here.

[0099] 在一个实施例中,CLI作为所接收的视频流的子标题而被显示。 [0099] In one embodiment, CLI received as a subtitle video stream is displayed. 当被叫方614接通电话时,普通视频呼叫将开始。 When the called party telephone 614 is turned on, the ordinary video call will be initiated.

[0100] 3.附加特征 [0100] 3. Additional features

[0101 ] DMRT解决方案能够以点对点模式或基于网络的模式来完成。 [0101] DMRT solutions can be based on the mode or ad hoc mode network to complete. 这些模式除了如上文所描述的基本DMRT功能,还支持多个附加的特征。 In addition to the basic functions of these modes DMRT as hereinbefore described, also supports a number of additional features.

[0102] 3.1点对点模式 [0102] 3.1 Ad Hoc mode

[0103] 对于点对点模式,该解决方案将依赖对手机的增强。 [0103] For ad hoc mode, the solution will depend on enhanced phones. 同时,它服从于网络带宽和媒体流策略检查,媒体流策略检查控制订户对提前媒体和媒体内容(音频对比视频)的使用。 At the same time, it is subject to network bandwidth and streaming media policy checks, to advance the media and media content (audio vs. video) using the media stream control policy checks subscribers. 当不存在对使用提前媒体的策略限制时,该客户端将提供本地媒体转换,例如仅在发送给被叫方之前记录视频内容。 When the policy restrictions on the use of the media in advance does not exist, the client will provide local media conversion, for example, only the video content recorded prior to transmission to the called party. 该客户端将通过某些指示在该呼叫建立消息中仍然指示对DMRT的使用。 The client setup message still indicates the use of DMRT in the call by certain instructions. 该呼叫流程类似于图5中所示出的呼叫流程,但是不存在网络元件。 The call flow is similar to the call flow illustrated in FIG. 5, but no network element.

[0104] 在点对点模式中,附加特征包括主叫者选择使用保存在主叫者的手机上的预先记录的视频或图像,作为取代实时视频而被用作提前媒体的多媒体内容。 [0104] In the ad hoc mode, additional features include the caller chose to use a pre-recorded video or images stored on the caller's phone as a substituent is used as a real-time video and multimedia content media in advance. 另一个附加特征是上传与不同分类相关联的内容。 Another additional feature is to upload the content associated with different categories. 可能的分类能够是,例如,联系人组或内容类型、依赖位置的内容、依赖于呼叫所进行的一天中的时间的内容、依赖于另一个时间变量,诸如一周、一月中的一天,或者日历或一年中的一天。 Possible classification can be, for example, content type, or group of contacts, position-dependent content, depends on the contents of the time of day the call is made, the time depends on another variable, such as one week, day of the month, or calendar or day of the year.

[0105] 3.2基于网络的模式 [0105] 3.2-based network mode

[0106] 对于基于网络的解决方案,DMRT在相同的策略控制下运行,但是为服务提供商和终端用户两者提供更大的灵活性。 [0106] For, DMRT run under the same policies to control network-based solution, but provide greater flexibility for both service providers and end users. 上文关于点对点解决方案所描述的附加特征能够在基于网络的解决方案中进行扩展。 The above solution can be extended point on the additional features described in the scheme network-based solutions. 例如,取决于被叫者的标识或被叫者的位置,与多媒体内容相关联的分类能够进一步包括铃声/回铃声分类。 For example, depending on the position of the callee or callee identification, associated with the multimedia content classification can further include ringtones / ringback tone classification. 当呈现服务由网络运营商提供时,这样的多媒体内容能够与呈现信息(例如,头像(avatar)图标、在线状态等)链接。 When rendering the service provided by the network operator, such as multimedia content and can present information (eg, avatars (avatar) icon, online, etc.) link.

[0107] 当主叫者进行呼叫时,网络能够自动地获得主叫者或被叫者的位置(用SIPP-Access-Network-1nfo头部或呈现更新)或他们的模式,他们的模式与呈现服务相关联(例如,如GSMA RCS中所定义的hyper-available),以决定如果内容已经根据位置被分类则哪个内容将传递。 [0107] When a caller makes a call, the network can automatically obtain the position of the caller or the callee (with SIPP-Access-Network-1nfo head or presence update), or their mode, rendering their model and associated with a service (e.g., such as hyper-available GSMA RCS defined) to determine if the content which has the content is classified according to the transfer position. 例如,当主叫者在位置A (例如,街道)时,可以传递实时视频内容,而当主叫者在位置B (例如,医院)时,可以传递预先记录的音频内容。 For example, when a caller at location A (e.g., streets), can deliver real-time video content, when a caller at location B (e.g., a hospital), the content may be pre-recorded audio transmission.

[0108] 进一步地,特殊特征代码也能够被配置用于终端用户,来用作主叫前缀,以开启或关闭对不同分类的使用,或者指示哪个多媒体内容将使用。 [0108] Furthermore, a special feature code can also be configured for the end user to the caller as a prefix, to open or close the use of different categories, which indicate or multimedia content to be used. 如果默认设置是允许DMRT用于所有的呼叫,则例如#33能够被定义为禁用DMRT,并且#34被定义为使用预先记录的多媒体铃声。 If the default is to allow for all DMRT call, for example, it can be defined as # 33 DMRT disabled, and # 34 is defined as the pre-recorded multimedia ringtones. 用户能够拨#33〈…〉来呼叫网络以禁用该多媒体铃声,或者拨#34〈…〉来使用预先记录的内容,其中〈…〉指代与配置选项相关联的代码。 The user can dial # 33 <...> to disable the call network multimedia ring tone, or dialing # 34 <...> is used to pre-recorded content, where <...> refer to configuration options associated with the code.

[0109] 还提供了一种用于控制显示以及重写(override)多媒体CLI显示的网络机制。 [0109] further provided a network for controlling a display mechanism, and rewriting (the override) Multimedia CLI display. 例如,网络能够限制提前视觉内容传递时间。 For example, the network can restrict delivery times in advance visual content. 由于提前媒体内容消耗网络带宽,服务运营商将通常实施策略,诸如被允许播放的媒体的长度。 As the consumption of network bandwidth ahead of media content, services, operators will typically implement strategies, such as being allowed to play the length of the media. 为了实施这样的限制,媒体服务器112被用来提供媒体转换。 To implement this restriction, the media server 112 is used to provide media conversion. 例如,当正向提前媒体从主叫方被连接至媒体服务器时,它将采集第一帧并且将其转换为将被发送给被叫方的静态图像。 For example, when the forward advance media from the calling party is connected to the media server, it will collect a first frame and converts it to a still image to be transmitted to the called party.

[0110] 本文所描述的多媒体铃声/回铃声系统和方法,通过使用动态可视主叫线路识另IJ,提供了具备在呼叫建立之前具有主叫方的预览能力的被叫方。 [0110] Display described herein tones / ring back tone system and method, by using a dynamic visual Calling Line Identification another IJ, is provided with a preview capability provided with the calling party before the called party of the call setup. 从被叫者的视角,能够实时地观看主叫者,取代对于呼入呼叫简单地被提示有姓名文本、图像或一段音乐,提供了另一个级别的用户体验。 From the perspective of the callee, the caller can watch in real time, instead of for incoming calls simply by suggesting the names of text, image or piece of music, providing another level of user experience. 实时视觉识别也可以被用于附加的鉴别目的,例如被叫者可以被提供有关于呼入呼叫是否应当被立即处理的附加信息。 Real-time visual recognition can also be used for additional identification purposes, for example, the callee may be provided with additional information on whether the incoming call should be processed immediately. 这对于紧急呼叫或者甚至欺骗预防能够是有用的。 This can be useful for emergency calls or even cheat prevention.

[0111] 将理解,如本文所描述的使用SIP来支持DMRT应用的NGN/MS网络实施方式,是本发明的实施方式的一个示例。 [0111] It will be understood, as described herein, using the SIP to support applications DMRT NGN / MS network implementation, an exemplary embodiment of the present invention. 只要能够供应视频数据,具有任何类型架构和协议的任何通信网络将是合适的。 As long as the supply of video data, any communication network of any type architectures and protocols would be suitable. 例如,如本文所描述的DMRT系统和方法也能够使用H.323或基于http的协议来实施。 For example, as DMRT systems and methods described herein can also be implemented using H.323 protocol or http-based.

[0112] 将理解,在本说明书中公开并且定义的本发明延伸至所提到的或者根据文本或附图是明显的两个或更多个别特征的所有备选组合。 [0112] It will be appreciated, the present invention is disclosed in the present specification and defined in the mentioned extended to a text or drawings or will be apparent to all alternative combinations of two or more individual features. 所有这些不同的组合构成本发明各种备选的方面。 All of these different combinations constitute various alternative aspects of the invention.

Claims (18)

1.一种用于发起具有实时提前媒体的呼叫的方法,所述方法包括: 从第一终端接收会话建立消息并且将所述会话建立消息转发给第二终端; 从所述第二终端接收回铃声并且将所述回铃声转发给所述第一终端; 从所述第一终端和/或所述第二终端接收实时提前媒体被使用的指示; 从所述第一终端接收铃声并且将所述铃声转发给所述第二终端; 从所述第一终端和所述第二终端中的至少一个接收实时提前媒体;以及将所接收的实时提前媒体分别转发给所述第二终端和/或所述第一终端。 CLAIMS 1. A method for initiating a call with the real-time media in advance, the method comprising: receiving a message from a first terminal to establish the session and the session establishment message to a second terminal; receiving from the second terminal back and forwards the ringing tones back to the first terminal; receiving an indication of real-time media to be used in advance from and / or said second terminal said first terminal; receiving from the first terminal and the ringtone ringtone forwarded to the second terminal; receiving at least one real-time media in advance from the first terminal and the second terminal; and the received real-time media before being forwarded to the second terminal, respectively, and / or said first terminal.
2.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中所述提前媒体与所述铃声和/或所述回铃声一起被传输。 2. The method according to claim 1, wherein the advance of the media ring and / or the ring back tone is transmitted together.
3.根据权利要求1或权利要求2所述的方法,其中所述实时提前媒体是视频数据。 3. The method of claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said medium is a real-time video data in advance.
4.根据权利要求3所述的方法,其中所述视频数据被记录在发送所述会话建立消息的所述第一终端处。 4. The method according to claim 3, wherein said video data is recorded establishing the first message at the terminal sending the session.
5.根据权利要求3所述的方法,其中所述视频数据被记录在发送所述回铃声的所述第二终端处。 5. The method according to claim 3, wherein said video data is recorded in the ringback tone transmitted to the second terminal.
6.根据权利要求1至3中任一项所述的方法,其中所述实时提前媒体由第三方提供。 6. A method according to any one of 3 claims, wherein said real-time media advance provided by a third party.
7.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的方法,进一步包括网络策略实施,以选择性地允许或不允许实时提前媒体。 7. A method according to any one of the preceding claims, further comprising a network policy enforcement to selectively allow or not allow real-time media in advance.
8.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的方法,其中转发实时提前媒体包括将所述提前媒体转码。 8. A method according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the medium comprises forwarding the real advance transcoded media advance.
9.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的方法,进一步包括检查订阅数据。 9. A method according to any one of the preceding claims, further comprising checking the subscription data.
10.一种应用服务器,被配置为执行根据权利要求1至9中任一项所述的方法。 10. An application server configured to perform the method of any one of 1 to 9 of the claim.
11.一种计算机系统,所述计算机系统用于支持在被适配于通过网络进行通信的两个终端之间建立呼叫之前,通过所述网络进行实时提前媒体传输,所述计算机系统包括: 应用服务器,被配置为允许在所述两个终端之间在正向方向上和/或在反向方向上传输实时提前媒体。 11. A computer system, the computer system being adapted for supporting prior to establishing a call between two communication terminals via a network, real-time media transmission in advance through the network, said computer system comprising: an application server, configured to allow communication between the two terminals in the forward direction and / or in the reverse direction transmitting real-time media in advance.
12.根据权利要求11所述的系统,其中所述实时提前媒体源自所述终端之一或两者。 12. The system according to claim 11, wherein said real-time media advance from one or both of the terminal.
13.根据权利要求12所述的系统,其中所述实时提前媒体是由所述终端中的相应一个或两者记录的视频。 13. The system according to claim 12, wherein said medium is a real advance by a respective one or both of the recorded video terminal.
14.根据权利要求11所述的系统,其中所述实时提前媒体由第三方提供。 14. The system according to claim 11, wherein said real-time media advance provided by a third party.
15.根据权利要求11至14中任一项所述的系统,进一步包括与所述应用服务器通信的媒体服务器,所述媒体服务器被适配为: 接收所述提前媒体; 基于网络策略限制来处理所述媒体;以及将经处理的媒体提供给所述应用服务器,用于向所述两个终端之一或两者传输。 The system according to claim 11 to 14 according to any preceding claim, further comprising the application server communicate with the media server, the media server is adapted to: receive the media advance; limitation process based on the network policy the media; and provide a media processing to the application server, for the two terminals to one or both of the transmission.
16.根据权利要求11至15中任一项所述的系统,进一步包括: 与所述应用服务器通信的数据库,所述数据库被适配为接收、存储和/或提供与所述两个终端相关联的配置信息; 其中所述配置信息被所述应用服务器用来管理所述提前媒体的所述传输。 16. The system of claim any one of 11 to 15, further comprising: a database in communication with the application server, the database is adapted to receive, store and / or provide the relevant two terminals associated configuration information; wherein the configuration information managed by the application server for the transmission of the media in advance.
17.根据权利要求16所述的系统,其中所述配置信息包括订阅数据。 17. The system according to claim 16, wherein the configuration information comprises subscription data.
18.一种用于通过网络发起具有实时提前媒体的呼叫的方法,所述方法包括: 第一终端提供会话建立消息,所述会话建立消息向所述网络指示对实时提前媒体的使用; 所述网络将所述会话建立消息转发给第二终端; 所述第二终端经由所述网络将回铃声发送给所述第一终端; 所述网络从所述第一终端和/或所述第二终端接收实时提前媒体被使用的指示; 所述第一终端经由所述网络将铃声发送给所述第二终端; 所述第一终端和/或第二终端分别将实时提前媒体连同所述铃声和/或回铃声一起发送。 18. A method for real-time via a network to initiate a call to the media in advance, the method comprising: providing a first terminal session establishment message, indicating the session establishment message in advance using the real-time media to the network; the the network session establishment message to a second terminal; the second terminal via the network ring back tone transmitted to the first terminal; said network from said first terminal and / or the second terminal receiving an indication of real-time media to be used in advance; the first terminal via the network will send the tone to the second terminal; the first terminal and / or the second terminal, respectively, ahead of the real-time media together with said ring and / or ringback tone transmitted together. ` `
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