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本发明提供用于高效率且有成效地检索电子文献集合的方法、系统及产品。 The present invention provides an efficient and effective method for retrieving an electronic document collection, systems and products. 将集合中的各个文献预先划分成子章节。 The document collection in advance divided into individual subsections. 生成一个或多个简要,各个简要包括从集合的文献中选择的至少一个章节。 Generate one or more profiles, each profile comprising at least one selected from the section of the document collection. 此外,向简要中的各个所选章节指定权重。 Furthermore, to specify the weight of each of the selected section briefly. 基于查询的参数和简要的选择,通过选择各个文献的子章节,比较查询数据与基础文献集合。 Based on the parameters and a brief selection query by selecting sub-sections of each document, and the query data base comparison document collection. 文献汇编根据与查询数据匹配的数据生成,并且为汇编中的各个文献计算关联性评分。 According to literature data and compilation of data matching the query is generated, and calculates a relevancy score to each document in the compilation. 然后利用关联性评分以向提交查询传送关联性的方式将文献分类。 Then use the relevancy score by way of transfer of relevance to the query will be submitted Literature Classification.


从电子文献集合传送查询结果的方法、系统及设备 The method of transmitting a set of query results from the electronic documents, systems and equipment

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及电子文献集合、向该电子文献集合提交查询,以及显示查询结果。 [0001] The present invention relates to an electronic document collection, queries submitted to the electronic document collection, and displaying query results. 更具体地,本发明涉及通过向待检索的知识产权文献的各个章节指定权重来生成检索简要,并基于对至少一个检索简要所返回的查询结果的关联性显示该查询结果。 More particularly, the present invention relates to a search profile is generated by re-assigning weights to the intellectual property document of each chapter to be retrieved, and the query results based on the at least one search profile associated with the returned query result of the display.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002]向世界范围的任何专利局提交的用于审查的所有知识产权文献都必须满足一定的条件,这些条件包括各个知识产权文献必须是新颖的、实用的和非显而易见的。 [0002] intellectual property rights to all documents submitted to the Patent Office for review of any worldwide must meet certain conditions. These conditions include various intellectual property document must be new, useful and non-obvious. 为了恰当地准备用于审查的知识产权文献,了解相关技术领域中的先前知识产权文献(即,现有技术)是有帮助的,这是因为每项发明只能授予一项专利权。 In order to properly prepare for the intellectual property rights literature review, understand the relevant technologies in the field of intellectual property documents previously (ie, prior art) is helpful, because each invention can only be granted a patent. 确定现有技术的过程即为检索。 Determining prior art process is the retrieval. 通常,检索结果有助于随后知识产权申请的撰写人将精力集中到可授权主题或可保护主题上,并帮助制定一套合理的策略,以实现发明人或知识产权所有人的目标。 Typically, the search results will help the subsequent application of intellectual property rights of authors focus to be patentable subject matter or the protection of the subject matter, and to help develop a reasonable strategy to achieve the goal inventor or intellectual property owners.

[0003] 已知,在技术革命进入到当今的电子信息时代之前,知识产权检索是通过手工进行的。 [0003] It is known before the technological revolution into today's electronic information age, intellectual property retrieval is carried out by hand. 检索者浏览公开内容,并基于分类系统确定该公开内容的分类,随后在该分类内进行文献及记录的检索。 Searcher browse disclosure, and determining the classification of the classification system based on the disclosure, and subsequently retrieved documents recorded in the classification. 已认识到,检索者基于所进行的检索的限定范围直观地浏览知识产权文献的适当章节。 It has been recognized based on the searcher to limit the scope of the retrieval performed intuitively browse appropriate sections of intellectual property documents. 随着信息技术的出现,由于大多数授权知识产权和公开的申请仅以电子形式存在,所以手工检索已不适用于大多数的审查。 With the advent of information technology, since most licensed intellectual property and published applications exist only in electronic form, it does not apply to manually retrieve most of the review. 随着电子格式的知识产权文献的出现,手工检索所采用的相似策略也可用于检索电子知识产权数据库。 With the advent of intellectual property documents in electronic format, similar to the strategy used manual search can also be used to retrieve an electronic database of IP.

[0004] 可采用不同类别的检索,以获得不同的结果。 [0004] The retrieval of different types may be employed to achieve different results. 例如,可采用新颖性检索,以确定是否提交知识产权的申请。 For example, a novelty search to determine whether the submission of applications for intellectual property. 可采用产品规避侵权检索,以确定产品是否落在现有知识产权的权利要求的保护范围内。 Circumvention product can be retrieved to determine whether the product is within the scope of protection of the intellectual property rights of the existing requirements. 可采用无效检索,以确定已授权的知识产权的权利要求是否有效等。 Retrieving invalid employed to determine claimed in claim authorized IP is valid and the like. 现有的电子知识产权文献检索工具不支持不同类别的检索。 Electronic literature search of existing intellectual property tools do not support the retrieval of different categories. 因而,检索人(也称为检索者)需要承担如下工作量:根据检索的范围,在检索时限定知识产权文献中需要浏览的章节。 Thus, the searcher (also referred to as a searcher) to bear the effort as follows: The search range is defined in section intellectual property document to be viewed at the time of retrieval. 由于数据库中的授权知识产权和公开的未决的知识产权申请的数量不断增加,所以每次检索需要浏览更多的相关文献,从而增加了检索者的负担。 Since the public and the number of pending applications for intellectual property licensing intellectual property database continues to increase, so every time you need to retrieve more relevant documents, thereby increasing the burden on the searcher.

[0005] 因此,检索者需要使用一种工具用于识别查询提交结果来减轻与评估该查询结果相关的工作量,并且该工具利用知识产权文献的电子格式的优势。 [0005] Thus, searchers need to use a tool used to identify queries submitted the results to reduce the workload associated with the evaluation of the results of the query, and the tools to take advantage of intellectual property documents in electronic format. 该工具应当使检索者能够在检索过程中利用知识产权文献的不同章节,从而更高效率且更有成效地确定准确、关联和期望的检索结果。 The tool should be able to make use of the searcher sections of different intellectual property documents in the search process more efficient and thus more accurately determine the effectiveness of, and associated with a desired search result.


[0006] 本发明包括用于高效及有效地检索专利文献集合的方法、系统和产品。 [0006] The present invention comprises a method for efficiently and effectively retrieving patent document collection, systems, and products.

[0007] 在本发明的一个方面中,提供了一种用于向电子文献集合的检索结果指定关联性的计算机执行方法。 [0007] In one aspect of the present invention, there is provided for a set of search results to a specified electronic document relevance computer implemented method. 对专利文献的集合进行汇编并编索引,所述集合中的各个所述文献具有多个章节。 The collection and compilation of patent documents indexed, each of the documents in the collection has a plurality of sections. 识别所述集合中的各个所述文献的各个所述章节。 Each of said sections of each of the identification document in the collection. 为所述文献集合组建检索简要。 The document set is the set of search profile. 所述检索简要包括从所述集合中的各个文献选择的至少一个经识别章节。 The search profile comprises at least one section of each identified document from said selected set. 对于各个简要,向各个所选择章节指定权重。 For each profile, each of the selected section to the specified weight. 在向所述集合提交查询时,选择检索简要,并将查询数据与所述文献集合的经识别的并指定有权重的章节中的数据进行比较。 When submitting a query to the collection, selecting a search profile, and the query data and the specified section and the right to reproduce data of the identified set of documents are compared. 对返回于文献汇编的各个文献计算关联性评分,所述文献汇编生成于所述提交查询。 For each document in the Proceedings of return is calculated relevancy score, a document submitted to the assembler to generate query. 基于所述经计算的关联性评分,对所述文献汇编评定等级。 Calculated based on the relevance score, the document assembler rating. 然后,基于所述等级对所述汇编的结果进行动态限定。 Then, based on the ranking result of the limited dynamic compilation. 基于所应用的所述动态限定,生成所述经分类的相关文献的第一汇编。 Defined based on the dynamic applied to generate a first compilation of relevant documents to the classified.

[0008] 在本发明的另一方面中,提供了一种计算机系统,所述计算机系统包括与存储介质通信的处理器,电子文献集合存储在所述存储介质上。 [0008] In another aspect of the present invention, there is provided a computer system, the computer system comprises a processor in communication with a storage medium, the storage medium is stored in the electronic document collection. 所述电子文献集合是知识产权文献的汇编。 The electronic document collection is a compilation of intellectual property documents. 基于知识产权文献的特性,所述集合中的各个所述文献具有多个章节。 Intellectual property documents based on the characteristics, each of the documents in the collection has a plurality of sections. 使用控制器对所述文献集合进行汇编和编索引。 The controller using the document collection and compilation indexed. 所述控制器与文献管理器通信,所述文献管理器识别所述集合中各个文献的各个章节。 The controller communicates with the document manager, the various sections of each document in the collection to identify the document manager. 另外,简要管理器用于为所述文献集合组建检索简要。 Further, profile manager for retrieving a set of schematic form of the document. 所述简要管理器与所述文献管理器通信,并将经汇编集合中的各个文献的经识别章节选入所述检索简要中。 The profile manager communicating with said document manager, and each section was identified documents compiled into the selected set of search profile. 除了将具体章节选入所述简要中之外,所述简要管理器还向各个简要中的各个所选择章节指定权重。 In addition to the specific sections into selected from the summary, the profile manager further re-assigning weights to each of the selected section of each profile. 所述权重是相关章节的重要性的反映。 The weights reflect the importance of the relevant sections. 在查询时,查询管理器向所述文献集合提交查询。 When a query, the query manager submits a query to the document collection. 所述查询包括选择至少一个检索简要以及将查询数据与所述文献的在所述简要中反映出的各个所述章节中的数据进行比较。 The query comprises selecting at least one search profile, and the query document data in the respective reflected in the summary section are compared. 在所述检索管理器的所述提交之后,生成相关专利文献的汇编并将其返回。 After the submission retrieval manager generates a compilation of relevant patent documents and returns. 所述返回于汇编的各个文献包括与具有指定权重和关联性评分的至少一个经识别简要章节中的数据的查询匹配。 The return to the respective literature compilation includes at least one query matches with the specified weight and a relevance score of the data by the summary section recognition. 还设置关联性导航器与所述查询管理器进行通信,从而对所述汇编中的文献评定等级并基于所述等级动态地限定所述汇编的结果。 Relevance navigator is also provided to the query manager for communication, so that the rating of the compilation of documents based on a result of the level of said dynamically defined compilation. 基于所应用的所述动态限定,生成经分类的相关文献的第一汇编。 The applied dynamically defined, to generate a first compilation of relevant documents sorted based

[0009] 在本发明的又一方面中,提供了一种设有计算机可读载体的产品,所述计算机可读载体包括计算机程序指令,其用于向计算机存储器上的电子文献集合的检索结果指定关联性。 [0009] In a further aspect the present invention provides a product with a computer-readable carrier, the computer-readable carrier including computer program instructions, for a set of search result to the electronic document on a computer memory Specifies the association. 所述计算机可读载体包括对所述文献集合指定关联性的计算机程序指令。 The computer readable carrier comprising the specified set of documents associated with instructions of a computer program. 提供用于对知识产权文献的集合进行汇编和编索引的指令。 Providing a set of instructions for compilation of intellectual property documents and indexed. 将所述集合中的各个所述专利文献划分成多个章节。 Each of said Patent documents in the collection is divided into a plurality of sections. 在对所述集合编索引之后,提供用于识别所述集合中各个文献的各个所述章节的指令。 After indexing of the set, each of said sections to provide instructions for identifying the respective set of documents. 一旦识别了所述文献的所述章节,提供用于为所述文献集合组建检索简要的指令。 Upon identifying the section of the document, the document collection is provided for the formation of a search profile instructions. 所述检索简要选自所述集合中各个文献的各个经识别章节。 The search profile of the selected set of respective sections of the identified individual documents. 此外,提供用于对所述检索简要中经识别的各个所述章节指定权重的指令。 Further, there is provided a summary of each of the heavy weight chapter designation instruction for retrieving the identified. 当向所述文献集合提交查询时,提供指令用于选择至少一个检索简要并将查询数据与所述集合中的所述文献的在所述简要中经识别的所述章节中的数据进行比较。 When submitting a query to the document collection, and provides instructions for selecting a summary of the data and query data in the collection of documents in the section of the summary of the identified at least one of retrieval compared. 然后,提供指令为返回于文献汇编的各个文献计算关联性评分并基于所述评分对所述集合中的文献评定等级。 Then, in providing instructions to return each document in the Proceedings of the relevancy score is calculated based on the ratings and the rating set in. 一旦完成所述等级评定,则基于所述等级,提供指令来动态限定所述汇编的结果。 Once the rating is based on the level, providing instructions to dynamically define the result of the compilation. 基于应用于所述汇编的所述动态限定,生成经分类的相关文献的第一汇编并将其返回。 Defining the applied based on the dynamic compilation, to generate a first compilation of relevant documents classified and returns it.

[0010] 通过以下参照附图而进行的对本发明优选实施例的说明,本发明的其他特征和优点将更加明显。 [0010] carried out by the following description with reference to the accompanying drawings of the preferred embodiments of the present invention, other features and advantages of the invention will become apparent.


[0011] 这里参照的附图构成说明书的一部分。 [0011] herein with reference to the accompanying drawings constitute a part of this specification. 除非明确说明,附图所示的特征仅用于说明本发明的某些实施例,而不是说明本发明的所有实施例。 Unless explicitly stated features shown in the drawings merely illustrate certain embodiments of the present invention, and not descriptions of all embodiments of the present invention. 另外,这不含有与之相反的意思。 Further, it does not contain the opposite meaning.

[0012] 图1是表示识别专利文献的章节以生成一个或多个简要的过程的流程图。 [0012] FIG. 1 is a flowchart to generate one or more brief Patent Document recognition process section.

[0013] 图2是表示为一个或多个简要生成次权重的过程的流程图。 [0013] FIG. 2 is a schematic flow chart of one or more secondary weight generating process.

[0014] 图3是表示采用次权重来反映各个简要章节中产生字符串匹配的位置的过程的流程图。 [0014] FIG. 3 is a diagram to reflect the use of a secondary weight flowchart of a process of generating each profile section matching string position.

[0015] 图4是表示生成次级简要和向提交查询返回的检索结果指定权重的过程的流程图。 [0015] FIG. 4 is a schematic flowchart showing generation secondary to submit queries and the search results returned by the procedure specified weights.

[0016] 图5是表示对查询结果集合应用次级简要的过程的流程图。 [0016] FIG. 5 is a flowchart for briefly apply a secondary set of query results process.

[0017] 图6是表示对查询结果分类的过程的流程图。 [0017] FIG. 6 is a flowchart of the process of classifying the query results expressed.

[0018] 图7是表示根据本发明优选实施例对所返回和经分类的结果指定关联性的过程的流程图。 [0018] FIG. 7 shows a preferred embodiment according to the present invention is a process flow chart of correlation results and return the classified specified.

[0019] 图8是表示对基础文献集合的查询结果的显示进行动态限定的过程的流程图。 [0019] FIG 8 shows a display on the basis of the results of the query document collection flowchart of a process performed dynamically defined.

[0020] 图9是表示利用图形用户界面作为工具对基础文献集合的查询结果动态地设置限定的过程的流程图。 [0020] FIG. 9 is a flowchart showing the use of a graphical user interface based on the search result document collection tool dynamically provided a process as defined.

[0021] 图10是表示图形用户界面实施例的框图。 [0021] FIG. 10 is a block diagram showing an example of a graphical user interface embodiment.

[0022] 图11是表示用于分类和解析基础文献集合中的查询结果的一组工具的框图。 [0022] FIG. 11 is a block diagram of a set of tools for the classification and analysis of the basic query results in a set of documents.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0023] 应容易理解,这里,可以通过不同的配置来布置和设计本发明例如在附图中概述及图示的组件。 [0023] It should be readily appreciated, this may be arranged by a different configuration and design of the present invention is illustrated, for example, an overview of components and in the drawings. 因此,如附图所示,下文对本发明的设备、系统和方法的详细说明仅是选自本发明的有代表性的实施例,而不是要限制本发明要求保护的范围。 Thus, as shown in the drawings, the detailed description of the apparatus according to the present invention, the system and method of the present invention is selected from the following are merely representative embodiments, the present invention is not intended to limit the scope of the claims.

[0024] 本说明书中描述的功能单元称作管理器和控制器。 [0024] The present specification describes functional units referred manager and a controller. 管理器和/或控制器可以在诸如现场可编程门阵列、可编程阵列逻辑、可编程逻辑器件等可编程硬件器件中实现。 Manager and / or controller may be implemented in programmable hardware devices such as field programmable gate arrays, programmable array logic, programmable logic devices or the like. 管理器和/或控制器也可以由各种处理器执行的软件来实现。 Manager and / or controller may also be implemented by various software executed by a processor. 例如,由可执行代码构成的指定管理器和/或控制器可以包括计算机指令构成的一个或多个物理块或逻辑块,这些计算机指令可以被构建成例如对象、程序、函数或其他结构。 For example, specified manager and / or controller composed of executable code may include one or more physical or logical blocks of computer instructions configured, such computer instructions can be constructed, for example, an object, procedure, function, or other structure. 尽管如此,等同管理器和/或控制器的可执行文件无需物理地放置在一起,而是可以包括存储在不同位置的不同指令,当这些指令逻辑地联合在一起时,则它们组成管理器和/或控制器并实现管理器和/或控制器的规定目标。 Nevertheless, equivalents manager and / or controller executable file need not be physically located together, but may comprise disparate instructions stored in different locations which, when these instructions are logically combined together, they constitute the management and / manager or controller and to achieve defined objectives and / or controller.

[0025] 事实上,由可执行代码构成的管理器和/或控制器可以是一条指令或多条指令,甚至可以分布于多个不同的代码段、不同的应用程序、及多个不同的存储器中。 [0025] In fact, composed of a manager of executable code and / or the controller may be an instruction or instructions, and may even be distributed over several different code segments, among different applications, and a plurality of different memory in. 同样地,这里,操作数据可以在管理器和/或控制器的范围内指定(be identified)和说明,并且其可以实施为任何适当的形式,也可以构建在任何适当类型的数据结构内。 Likewise, here, the operation manager, and data may be in the range of the controller and / or the specified (be identified) and illustrated, and it may be implemented in any suitable form, may be constructed in any suitable type of data structure. 操作数据可以集成为单个数据集合,或可以分布到包括不同存储器在内的不同位置,还可以至少部分地作为电子信号存在于系统或网络上。 Operational data may be integrated into a single data set, or may be distributed to different locations, including different memory comprises, at least in part, may also be present as electronic signals on a system or network.

[0026] 整个说明书中所提到的“所选实施例”、“一个实施例”或“实施例”意味着,结合该实施例所描述的特定特点、结构、或者特征包含在本发明的至少一个实施例中。 [0026] Throughout the specification reference to "selected embodiments," "one embodiment" or "an embodiment" means that a particular feature of the described embodiment, structure, or characteristic included in at least the present invention one embodiment embodiment. 因此,在整个说明书各处出现的用语“所选实施例”、“在一个实施例中”或“在实施例中”不一定是指同一个实施例。 Thus, in various places throughout the specification the term appears "Selected embodiments embodiment", "in one embodiment embodiment" or "in an embodiment" are not necessarily referring to the same embodiment.

[0027] 而且,在一个或多个实施例中,可以以任何适当的方式组合所描述的特点、结构或者特征。 Features [0027] Further, in one or more embodiments may be combined in any suitable manner as described, structure, or characteristic. 在下文中提供大量的详细描述,以便全面理解本发明的实施例。 Provide a lot of the detailed description below, for a thorough understanding of embodiments of the present invention. 然而,所属技术领域的技术人员应意识到,在省略一个或多个特定细节,或用其他方法、构件、用具等的情况下,也可实现本发明。 However, those skilled in the art will appreciate that, in the case of omitting one or more of the specific details, or with other methods, components, appliances and the like, the present invention may be practiced. 在其它情况下,为避免使本发明的发明点变得费解,对于众所周知的结构、用具或者操作则不再详细示出或说明。 In other cases, in order to avoid that the point of the present invention will become difficult to understand, for the well-known structures, equipment, or operations are not shown or described in detail.

[0028] 通过参考附图可以更好地理解本发明的实施例,其中,在整个说明书中,使用相同的附图标记表示相同的部分。 [0028] Example embodiments may be better understood by reference to the accompanying drawings of the present invention, wherein, throughout the specification, the same reference numerals denote the same parts. 下面仅用举例的方式简述与在此所保护的发明相一致的设备、系统和方法的某些优选实施例。 DESCRIPTION manner consistent with the following example only the claimed invention herein apparatus, systems and methods of some preferred embodiments.

[0029] 摄述 [0029] said camera

[0030] 知识产权文献集合是授权公布和公开的申请的汇编。 [0030] document collection and intellectual property rights is authorized to publish a compilation of published applications. 专利文献集合是知识产权文献集合的子集。 Patent Document IP set is a subset of the document collection. 专利文献包括授权专利的形式和公开专利申请的形式。 Patent Document form including in the form of issued patents and published patent applications. 这两种文献分类之间的差别确定了它们的可行使权利的价值。 The difference between the two determines the classification of documents they may exercise the right value. 更具体地,授权专利是能够在法院行使的实际财产权,而公开专利申请是未授权的申请,即是未决的专利权。 More specifically, the patents in court is able to exercise real property, and published patent applications are unauthorized application that is pending patent. 各个专利文献被解析成多个章节,各个章节包含书面的词或短语(也称为字符串数据)。 Each patent document is parsed into a plurality of sections, each section contains the written word or phrase (also referred to as character string data). 为了能够检索集合,基于集合中各个文献的章节,对各个文献进行解析,并向知识产权文献各个经解析的章节指定权重。 To be able to retrieve the set, based on each section of the document collection, each document is parsed, and the intellectual property rights of each chapter designation document parsed weight. 权重是文献中一个或多个特定章节的重要程度的数值度量,以用于查询。 Document weight is a numerical measure of the degree of importance or a plurality of specific sections, for the query. 所选文献章节与指定到所选择章节的权重一起构成了检索简要。 Document selected chapter with the option to specify the weight sections together form a search profile. 基于检索范围,可将检索锁定在文献的特定章节,或者可对文献各个章节中匹配查询的数据指定不同的权重。 Based on the search range, it can be locked in a particular section to retrieve documents, or may be different to match the specified query weight to each chapter in the literature. 为能够根据提交查询显示查询结果,可对该结果的关联性进行动态限定。 The query can be submitted to the query results, the correlation results may be dynamically defined. 更具体地,可以基于该查询结果的统计分析、该查询结果的整体、和/或检索简要的特征来动态调整伴随该结果的关联性。 More specifically, based on statistical analysis of the results of the query, the query results overall, and / or a brief retrieval features to dynamically adjust the correlation result associated. 因此,检索简要的生成和选择直接涉及检索结果的量化和显示。 Thus, the quantization selection and search profile generation is directly related to the search results and display.

[0031] 抟术细节 [0031] Tuan technical details

[0032] 下面,将参照构成说明书的一部分的附图来说明实施例,附图示出了可实现本发明的特定实施例。 [0032] Next, embodiments will be described with reference to the accompanying drawings which form part of the specification, illustrate a particular embodiment of the present invention may be implemented. FIG. 应注意的是,在不偏离本发明的范围的情况下可以进行结构改变,从而采用其他实施方式。 It should be noted that structural changes may be made without departing from the scope of the present invention to use other embodiments.

[0033] 应认识到,授权公布和公开的知识产权文献的说明文献划分成多个章节。 [0033] It should be recognized and authorized publication of public documents illustrate intellectual property documents into multiple chapters. 各个章节对于提交完整的申请是必要的,且各个章节具有各自的用途。 Each chapter is necessary to submit a completed application, and each section has a respective uses. 这里将不详细讨论基础知识产权的各个章节。 We will not be discussed in detail the various chapters of intellectual property rights foundation. 然而,基于公开的目的,需要识别专利(作为知识产权文献的示例)的不同章节。 However, based on the disclosure of the object needs to be identified patent (intellectual property documents by way of example) in different sections. 对于大多数情况,各个专利申请包括名称、优先权日、摘要、背景技术、发明内容、附图简要说明(如果有的话)、说明书附图(如果有的话)、具体实施方式和权利要求。 For the most part, each comprising patent application name, priority date, abstract, background, summary, a brief description of the drawings (if any), the accompanying drawings (if any), the specific embodiments and claims .

[0034] 基于检索的目的,在专利领域中采用了不同的检索类别。 [0034] For purposes of retrieval, using a different search category in the patent art. 例如,侵权和/或产品规避侵权检索与权利要求中的用语相关,因而基本上与文献集合包括的权利要求相关。 For example, infringement and / or the product to avoid infringement search terms related to the claims, which essentially comprises a set of documents as claimed in claim relevant. 有效和/或无效检索与任何已知的现有技术相关,因而需要识别专利文献的优先权日。 Effective and / or ineffective to retrieve any of the known prior art, and therefore need to identify the priority date of the patent document. 当发明人在提交专利申请之前或之后想要确定其发明的新颖性时,发明人或其代理人或代表人可以采用新颖性检索。 When the inventors before filing a patent application or after trying to determine its novelty of the invention, the inventor or his agent or representative novelty search may be employed. 该检索可以不注重权利要求,而重点关注发明的具体实施方式。 The retrieval may not pay attention to the claims, and the focus DETAILED DESCRIPTION invention. 因此,如本文所述,各个检索向文献集合中的专利文献的不同章节指定权重。 Thus, as described herein, each of the different sections to retrieve the specified document collection patent document weights.

[0035] 图1是表示为生成一个或多个简要而对专利文献的章节进行识别的过程的流程图100。 [0035] FIG. 1 is a flowchart for identifying and generating one or more sections of Patent Document summary process 100. 以美国专利商标局为例,根据当前做法原则,向美国专利商标局提交的各个专利申请文献包含以下章节:名称、背景技术、发明内容、附图简要说明、附图、优选实施方式的详细说明、权利要求书和摘要,其中背景技术包括技术领域和现有技术的说明。 Details Name, Background, Summary, Brief Description, the drawings, preferred embodiments: In U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as an example, the principle according to the current practice, the various patent applications filed in the document U.S. Patent and Trademark Office contains the following chapters , and the abstract claims, wherein the background art includes technical field and described in the prior art. 在一个实施例中,并不是所有专利文献都包含附图,例如,化学文献或一些国外专利和专利文献。 In one embodiment, not all of the drawings Patent Document include, for example, some foreign chemical literature or patents and patent literature. 类似地,在其他国家和地区的专利局和以前的国内实践中,专利文献可能具有不同数量的章节,或者这些章节可能以不同顺序出现。 Similarly, in other countries of the Patent Office and former domestic practice, the patent document may have a different number of chapters or sections which may appear in a different order. 因此,对于查询来说,在向集合中的专利文献的一个或多个章节指定权重之前,需要识别集合中的文献的来源、文献的不同章节以及章节的组织顺序。 Thus, by the query, prior to the collection of a patent document or multiple sections specified weights, you need to identify the order of the organization of the source document set, document sections, and the different sections.

[0036] 首先,对专利文献集合进行汇编和编索引(步骤102)。 [0036] First, the patent document collection and compilation indexed (step 102). 应认识到,在本领域中,专利和专利出版物是由多个章节组成。 It is appreciated that, in this art, patents, and patent publications, are composed of several chapters. 在对文献进行汇编之后,识别文献集合中各个专利的各个章节(步骤104)。 After the compilation of documents, identification documents in the collection of the various sections of each patent (step 104). 将变量NT()tal指定为专利文献中章节的数量(步骤106)。 The variable NT () tal designated number (step 106) Patent Document section. 为满足不同的检索需要,生成不同的简要。 To meet the different needs of retrieval, generates different briefly. 通过向专利文献的章节的不同组合指定权重,和/或通过在检索期间将文献的一个或多个章节忽略不予以考虑,来生成简要,其中上述忽略是通过向该章节指定O值来实现的。 By re-assigning weights to different combinations of sections patent document, and / or during retrieval by one or more sections of the document to be considered negligible, generates brief, wherein said omission is achieved by assigning a value to the chapter O . 为了实现基于简要所进行的检索,至少生成一个简要。 In order to achieve a schematic Retrieval Based performed, generating at least a summary. 然而,在一个实施例中,为了实现简要的选择以满足特定检索的需要,生成了多个简要。 However, in one embodiment, in order to achieve a brief selected to meet the needs of a particular search, generating a plurality of summary. 一旦在步骤106中识别出专利文献的章节,初始化与简要标识相关的计数变量X,并将其指定为整数I (步骤108),然后将与专利文献的章节相关的计数变量N指定为整数I (步骤110)。 In step 106, once identified Patent Document section, associated with a brief identification of the initializing count variable X, and specify it as the integer I (step 108), then the relevant sections of Patent Document counting variable N is specified as an integer I (step 110). 从专利文献集合的章节N开始,判断是否将章节N用作正在生成的简要(简要x)的一部分(步骤112)。 Starting Patent document collection section N, it determines whether a portion of the N sections being generated as a brief summary (summary x) (step 112). 如果步骤112中的判断结果是肯定的,则将章节,加入到简要(步骤114)。 If the determination result in step 112 is affirmative, then add the sections to brief (step 114). 在选择章节1^的情况下,向章节N指定主权重(步骤116)。 In the case of selecting a chapter 1 ^, sovereign weight specified (step 116) to the section N. 主权重是一个数字值,其用于表示与专利文献集合的其他章节相比,章节,对于简要重要性,上述其他章节包括任何先前所选择的章节以及待加入到简要中或待从简要中忽略的章节。 Sovereign weight value is a number, which is used to represent compared to other sections in Patent Document set of sections for a brief importance, include any other sections of the above-described sections to be previously selected and to be added to or omitted from the summary in the summary sections. 在步骤116之后或如果步骤112中的判断结果是否定的,则递增与专利文献的章节相关的变量N(步骤118)。 After step 116 or if the determination result in step 112 is negative, the increment of the related sections of Patent Document variable N (step 118). 随后判断经汇编和编索引的集合中专利文献的所有已识别章节是否受到评估,以便将该章节加入简要)(或从简要x中忽略(步骤120)。如果步骤120中的判断结果是肯定的,则结束简要^勺简要生成过程(步骤122)。相反,如果步骤120中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回到步骤112,为简要x考虑集合中的其余章节。随后,判断是否还为文献集合生成任何其它简要(步骤124)。如果步骤124中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来递增计数变量X(步骤126),并返回到步骤110。相反,如果步骤124中的判断结果是否定的,停止简要x的生成,并将X的数值指定到变量XT(rtal (步骤128)。因此,可以为专利文献集合生成一个或多个简要,且各个简要向专利文献集合中的一个或多个经识别章节指定了权重。 Then determined by collection and compilation Patent Document indexed whether all chapters have been identified by the evaluation, was added to the summary section) (x in, or omitted from the summary (step 120). If the judgment result in step 120 is affirmative , ^ brief summary generation is terminated spoon process (step 122). Conversely, if the determination result in step 120 is negative, followed by a return to step 112, considering the remaining section set to X briefly. subsequently, it is determined whether or not further any other document is briefly set generation (step 124). If the determination result in step 124 is affirmative, the next increment the counting variable X (step 126), and returns to step 110. Conversely, if the determination in step 124 results is negative, generating a brief stop of x, and the value of variable X is assigned to the XT (rtal (step 128). Thus, it is possible to generate a set of one or more of Patent Document summary, and a summary of each of the patent document collection or more of the identified sections is given a weight.

[0037] 如图1所示,可以生成一个或多个简要,以用于强调或弱化专利文献的所选章节在检索过程中的利用程度。 [0037] 1, may generate one or more profiles to be used to emphasize or weaken the degree of utilization of the selected chapter in the patent document retrieval process. 图2是表示向各个已生成的简要增加附加权重值的流程图200。 FIG 2 is a flowchart briefly to each generated additional weight increase of weight values ​​200. 更具体地,基于各个简要中所选章节中的匹配字符串的数量,可以将附加权重(次权重)加入到权重值中或从权重值中减去。 More specifically, based on the number of matching strings each profile selected chapter may be additional weight (secondary weight) was added to the weight or the weight value is subtracted from the weight value. 如图2所示,变量XT(rtal指定成用于表示所生成的简要的数量(步骤202),而计数变量X指定为整数I (步骤204)。此后,如图2所示,变量YT()tal指定成用于表示简要x中指定有权重的章节的数量(步骤206)。为了评估简要的各个章节,计数变量Y指定为整数I (步骤208)。随后,判断是否将次权重加入到简要x的章节 As shown, a brief number (step 202), a counting variable X is designated as integers I (step 204). Variable XT (rtal as specified for representing the generated Thereafter, as shown, the variable YT (2 in FIG. 2 ) TAL designated as number (step 206) summary x specified with the weight section for indicating to assess briefly each chapter, the count variable Y is assigned to the integer I (step 208). subsequently, it is determined whether or not the secondary weight was added to the the section briefly x

(步骤210)。 (Step 210). 如果步骤210中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来跳到步骤230以评估该简要中的下一章节(如果该章节存在的话)。 If the determination result in step 210 is negative, then the next jumps to step 230 to evaluate the next section of the brief (if the chapter exists). 相反,如果步骤210中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来通过二次查询来判断指定的次权重是否为分层结构(步骤212)。 Conversely, if the determination result in step 210 is affirmative, then followed by a second query to determine whether the specified times the weight of the hierarchy (step 212). 更具体地,各个简要可包括分等级的权重值,这取决于在通过选择简要进行检索期间返回的数据字符串匹配的数量。 More specifically, each profile can include a hierarchical weight values, depending on the number of returned briefly during the searching by selecting a data string matching. 如果步骤212中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来设定必须返回的数据字符串匹配的最小阈值,以向章节Y指定次权重(步骤214)。 If the determination result in step 212 is negative, then the next set minimum threshold value must match the data string returned to the weight (step 214) to the right section designated times Y. 在步骤214之后,为简要x的章节Y设定次权重值(步骤216)。 After step 214, a weight value setting section Y schematic views right of x (step 216). 步骤214和216处的输入用于设定参数,该参数满足在步骤212中所生成的次权重结构。 Input at step 214 and 216 for setting the parameters, the parameters satisfy secondary weight structure generated in step 212. 因此,对于每个简要的章节,可设定次权重值,以用于在超过匹配阈值时对检索结果指定权重。 Thus, for each chapter brief, the weight value can be set to the right time, for the match threshold is exceeded the specified weight for the search result.

[0038] 除设定单个次权重值之外,简要的各个所选章节可配置成具有分等级的次权重阈值。 [0038] In addition to setting a single heavy secondary weight value, each of the selected chapter brief weight threshold may be configured to have a graded right views. 如果步骤212中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来将指定简Sx的章节Y的分等级阈值的数量指定为变量ZT()tal (步骤218),分层计数变量Z设定为整数I (步骤220)。 If the determination result in step 212 is affirmative, the next section will specify the number of sub-profile Sx threshold level is designated as a variable Y ZT () tal (step 218), a layered counting variable Z is set to an integer I ( step 220). 在步骤220之后,设定必须返回的数据字符串匹配的最小阈值(步骤222),以向简Sx的章节γ的分层ζ指定次权重,从而为简要χ的章节γ的分层ζ指定次权重值(步骤224)。 After step 220, the set minimum threshold must return the matching data string (step 222) to specify times to the right section of the layered γ ζ profile Sx weight, so that the chapter χ γ schematic views of layered designated ζ weight value (step 224). 一旦为所选分层ζ指定了权重值,则递增分层计数变量Z(步骤226),接着判断是否已为简要χ的章节γ的所有分层指定了权重值(步骤228)。 Once the weight values ​​assigned to the selected hierarchical [zeta], the counting variable is incremented hierarchical Z (step 226), then determines whether all hierarchical χ γ is a schematic section specifies the weight value (step 228). 如果步骤228中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回步骤222。 If the determination result of step 228 is negative, next, processing returns to step 222. 相反,如果步骤228中的判断结果是肯定的或者是在步骤116之后,则接下来递增计数变量Y,以对所选简要的下一章节进行评估(步骤230)。 Conversely, if the determination result of step 228 is affirmative, or after step 116, the next increment the counting variable Y, to be assessed (step 230) to the next section of the selected summary. 随后,判断是否已对所选简要的所有章节进行了分层次权重阈值的指定的评估(步骤232)。 Subsequently, it is determined whether all of the selected chapters briefly evaluated (step 232) specified partial weight threshold level weights. 如果步骤232中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回到步骤210,而如果步骤232中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来递增简要计数变量Χ(步骤234)。 If the determination result in step 232 is negative, followed by a return to step 210, whereas if the judgment result in step 232 is affirmative, the next increment the counting variable [chi] BRIEF (step 234). 在步骤234之后,判断是否已对所有已生成的简要进行了次权重的指定的评估(步骤236)。 After step 234, it is determined whether or not all generated were designated briefly assessed weight secondary weight (step 236). 如果步骤236中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回到步骤206,而如果步骤236中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来停止向已生成简要的所选章节指定分等级的次权重阈值(步骤238)。 If the judgment result in step 236 is negative, followed by a return to step 206, whereas if the judgment result in step 236 is affirmative, the next stop to the weight threshold schematic views generated weights selected chapter designation graded (step 238). 因此,各个简要可以具有分等级的次权重,以用于向各个简要的所选章节以及简要内匹配字符串的数量指定权重。 Thus the right times, each profile may have a hierarchical weight for each profile section to the selected weight and the amount of weight specified in the summary of the matched string.

[0039] 如图2所示,分等级(即分层)的次权重可应用于简要的各个单独章节,其中,每个次权重是以查询字符串与正受到解析的文献集合中的数据之间的匹配数量的一个或多个阈值为基础的。 [0039] 2, the hierarchical views right (i.e., delamination) weight can be applied to each individual chapters brief, in which each secondary weight based on the query string and the data set is being parsed document in the a number of matches between one or more thresholds based on the values. 在另一实施例中,如图3所示,次权重可反映出字符串匹配在一个或多个简要章节中出现的位置。 In another embodiment, shown in Figure 3, it reflects the position of the secondary weight of the character string match occurs in one or more summary section. 该次权重可以与图2所示的次权重相互分离,也可以补充到图2所示的次权重中。 The weight may be separated from each other once the secondary weight shown in FIG. 2, it may be added to the secondary weight shown in FIG. 2. 如图3所示,变量XT(rtal指定为用于表示所生成简要的数量(步骤302),而计数变量X指定为整数I (步骤304)。此后,变量YT()tal指定为用于表示简要的指定有权重的章节的数量(步骤306),而计数变量Y指定为整数I (步骤308)。随后判断是否要将次权重加入到简Sx的章节(步骤310)。如果步骤310中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来将简Sx的章节γ划分成多个子章节(步骤312)。步骤312中的划分可以采用不同的实施方式。例如,在一个实施例中,可以将其划分成三个子章节,其中第一子章节限定为第一个句子,第三子章节限定为最后一个句子,第二子章节限定为位于第一和第三子章节之间的所有数据。类似地,在另一实施例中,简要χ的章节γ可以划分成多个章节,每个章节的长度与在整个简Sx的章节Υ中的所占比例有关。不论采用何种方法来确定子章节的数量,简要χ的各个 As shown, the variable XT 3 (rtal brief designated number (step 302) for representing the generated, a counting variable X is designated as integers I (step 304). Thereafter, variables YT () tal designated for representing number briefly designated with weights section (step 306), a counting variable Y assigned to the integer I (step 308). then determination section (step 310) whether to secondary weight is added to the profile to Sx. in If step 310 the determination result is affirmative, the next chapter γ Sx degenerate into a plurality of subsections (step 312). in step 312 divided different embodiments may be employed. For example, in one embodiment, can be divided into three sub-sections, wherein the first sub-section is defined as the first sentence, the third sub-section is defined as the last sentence of the second sub-section is defined as all of the data located between the first and the third sub-section. Similarly, in in another embodiment, a brief section χ γ may be divided into a plurality of sections, each section with the length of the proportion of the entire section of Υ profile Sx concerned. regardless of the method employed to the number of sub-sections is determined, each brief χ 章节γ都可以划分成两个以上的子章节,其中向子章节指定的次权重不仅用于反映出简要χ的章节的匹配字符串,而且用于反映出上述匹配在所选子章节中的位置。 Γ chapters can be divided into two or more subsections, where the specified weights to the sub-section views only for brief χ reflect the matching string section, and the matching position for reflecting the selected sub-chapters .

[0040] 在步骤312之后,变量ZT()tal指定为简要x的章节γ中所生成的子章节的数量(步骤314),而计数变量Z指定为整数I (步骤316)。 [0040] After step 312, the variable ZT () tal designated number (step 314) the sub-section of the section x γ briefly generated, a counting variable assigned to the integer Z I (step 316). 向简要x的章节γ的子章节ζ指定次权重(步骤318)。 Subsection γ to the x section schematic views of ζ weight specified (step 318). 在步骤318中的指定之后,递增计数变量Z (步骤320),接着,判断在简要^勺章节Y中是否还存在没有进行次权重指定的评估的子章节(步骤322)。 After specified in step 318, incrementing the variable Z (step 320), then determines whether there subsections (step 322) for a secondary weight is not specified in the summary assessment of Y ^ spoon section. 如果步骤322中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回到步骤318。 If the determination result in step 322 is negative, followed by a return to step 318. 相反,如果步骤322中的判断结果是肯定的或步骤310中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来递增计数变量Y(步骤324)。 In contrast, if the determination result in the determination result is affirmative in step 322 or step 310 is negative, next, incrementing the variable Y (step 324). 随后,判断在简Sx中是否存在没有进行次权重的指定评估的章节(步骤326)。 Subsequently, it is determined whether there is a chapter (step 326) does not reset the weights assigned time profile Sx in the evaluation. 如果步骤326中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回到步骤310。 If the determination result in step 326 is negative, followed by a return to step 310. 相反,如果步骤326中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来递增计数变量X(步骤328),并判断是否已对所有简要进行了次权重的指定评估(步骤330)。 Conversely, if the determination result in step 326 is affirmative, the next increment the counting variable X (step 328), and determines whether all were briefly re-evaluation of the weights assigned times (step 330). 如果步骤330中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回到步骤306,而如果是肯定的,则停止次权重的指定过程。 If the determination result in step 330 is negative, followed by a return to step 306, whereas if it is affirmative, the weight of the weights assigned secondary process stops. 因此,可基于简要的章节的物理位置将其划分成多个子章节,其中将次权重指定到一个或多个经识别的子章节。 Thus, based on the physical location of a brief section which is divided into a plurality of sub-sections, wherein the secondary weights assigned to one or more of the identified sub-section.

[0041] 在图1至图3中,为了检索出匹配字符串组合的专利文献并且对各个具有匹配的文献的不同章节指定权重,生成基础简要。 [0041] In Figures 1 to 3, in order to match the character string retrieved and combined Patent Document section specifies different rights for each matching document having a weight generated based briefly. 基于具有匹配字符串组合的文献汇编,也可以采用次级简要。 Based on the literature in combination with matching string assembly, may be used a secondary briefly. 更具体地,在向检索者显示结果之前,基于二次考虑,可以采用次级简要向该结果指定次权重。 More specifically, prior to displaying the results to the searcher, based on secondary considerations, assign the result to the secondary schematic views weights may be employed. 对于使用次权重,可以利用专利文献的不同特征,这包括但不仅限于优先权日和/或公开日。 For secondary weights, different features may be utilized in the Patent Document, including but not limited to the priority date and / or day disclosed. 专利领域中,优先权日表示同族专利中的最早时间。 In the field of patents, patent family represents the priority date of the earliest time. 更具体地,当首次提交详细说明某发明的专利申请时为该发明建立优先权日。 More specifically, when the first patent application filed the detailed description to establish a priority date for this invention disclosure. 专利文献(apatent document)的公开日表示已授权公布专利的授权日期,而专利出版物(a patentpublicat1n)的公开日表示未决的专利申请的公开日期。 Patent literature (apatent document), said publicly announced the date of authorization of authorized patents, and patent publications (a patentpublicat1n) publicly said Monday publication date pending patent applications. 次级简要可以利用这些记录日期中的一个日期或全部日期而生成。 The secondary can be generated using a brief date date or all of these records date.

[0042] 图4是表示生成次级简要的过程的流程图(步骤400),该次级简要基于与提交查询所返回的文献日期相关的日期要素向检索结果指定权重。 [0042] FIG 4 is a flowchart (step 400) to generate a secondary process brief, the secondary related literature briefly based on the date of filing dates returned by the query to the search result elements specified heavy weights. 在一个实施例中,日期要素可以包括但不仅限于公开日、申请日以及国外优先权日。 In one embodiment, the date elements may include but are not limited to the disclosed date, and the foreign priority date of the filing date. 首先,设定次级简要“次级-简要”(步骤402)。 First, a brief set of secondary "secondary - Brief" (step 402). 提交查询得到的文献数量指定为变量NT(rtal (步骤404),而计数变量N指定为整数I (步骤406)。对于返回文献集中的文献N,对其优先权日进行检索(步骤408),接下来递增计数变量N(步骤410)。然后,判断是否已完成所返回文献集的次级-简要的要素的检索(步骤412)。如果步骤412中的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回步骤408。相反,如果步骤412中的判断结果是肯定的,则接下来基于提取出的次级-简要的要素执行分类算法,从而分类该检索结果中的文献(步骤414)。分类算法可以采用多种不同的形式,因此,本发明将不限于任何特定的分类算法。一旦对集合中的文献分类完毕,变量文献_指定为文献集中具有最早次级-简要日期的一个文献(步骤416),并且变量文献NEW指定为文献集中具有最新次级-简要日期的一个文献(步骤418)。变量日期-范围限定为变量文献_和文献NEW的 The literature submitted the query specified as a variable obtained NT (rtal (step 404), and the count variable N is assigned to the integer I (step 406). For the return of the documents in the document collection N, its priority date is retrieved (step 408), Next, increment the counting variable N (step 410) then, it is determined whether the complete set of documents returned by the secondary -. brief elements retrieved (step 412) If the determination result in step 412 is negative, followed by a return step 408. Conversely, if the determination result in step 412 is affirmative, next, based on the extracted secondary - brief element performing classification algorithm to classify documents (step 414) the search result in the classification algorithm may be employed. many different forms and, therefore, the present invention is not to be limited to any particular classification algorithm Document classification Once collection is completed, the variable document with document collection _ designated as the first secondary - a document summary date (step 416), Document NEW and the variable designated as a secondary document collection with the latest - the date of a document summary (step 418) variable date - the variable range defined _ literature and the literature NEW 值(步骤420),并且将日期-范围划分为多个章节(步骤422)。步骤422中可以采用不同实施例划分日期-范围。例如,在一个实施例中,可以划分三个子章节,其中第一子章节限定为最接近文献NEW的相关日期的文献,第三子章节限定为最接近文献_的相关日期的文献,而第二子章节限定为日期位于第一和第三子章节之间的所有文献。类似地,在又一实施例中,日期-范围可以划分为多个章节,其中各个章节具有同等的该文献集合中的文献分布。因此,不论采用何种方法,可以向文献集的各个子章节指定次权重,该次权重具有基于该次权重的查询结果的关联性。 Value (step 420), and the date - the range is divided into a plurality of sections (step 422) step 422 may be divided in different embodiments of the date - range, for example, in one embodiment, can be divided into three sub-sections, wherein the first is defined as a subsection of the document related to the date closest to the NEW document, the third sub-section is defined as the date closest to the relevant literature _ literature, and the second sub-section is defined between the first and the third sub-section of the date is All documents Similarly, in yet another embodiment, the date - the range may be divided into a plurality of sections, wherein each section has the same distribution of documents in the document collection Accordingly, regardless of the method employed, the document can be set. each sub-section designated times the weight of the secondary weight based on the weight of the association have the right to sub-query results.

[0043] 基于至少一个次级数据标准对查询结果中的文献分类之后,变量ZT()tal指定为日期-范围的章节数量(步骤424),而计数变量Z指定为整数I (步骤426)。 [0043] Based on the at least one secondary document data after the classification criteria of the query results, variable ZT () tal designated date - number of chapters (step 424), a counting variable assigned to the integer Z I (step 426) range. 向日期-范围z指定权重(步骤428),接下来递增变量Z (步骤430) ο在步骤430之后,判断是否已为各个子章节指定权重(步骤432)。 To date - z specified weight range (step 428), then increments the variable Z (step 430) o After step 430, if judged that the weight (step 432) assigning weights to the respective sub-section. 如果步骤432的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回步骤428。 If the determination result of step 432 is negative, next, processing returns to step 428. 相反,如果步骤432的判断结果是肯定的,则停止为各个已生成的子章节指定权重。 Conversely, if the determination result of step 432 is affirmative, then stopped for the respective sub-sections generated weight is assigned. 因此,为了在显示数据之前能够进一步突出次级要素,可以生成次级简要来向结果集指定次权重。 Accordingly, in order to further highlight the secondary element prior to display data, it may generate a secondary current briefly to assign the result to a secondary weight.

[0044] 向文献集合的查询结果应用次级要素并非局限为日期。 [0044] query results to the application of secondary elements of the document collection is not limited to the date. 图5是表示向结果集应用次级简要的流程图(步骤500),该结果集未采用任何一个专利文献的相关日期。 FIG 5 is a flowchart showing a schematic of the secondary (step 500) applied to the result set, the result set is not employed in any relevant date of a patent document. 在启动检索时,选择一个或多个文献集合以实现查询(步骤502)。 When starting search, select one or more document collections to effect a query (step 502). 在一个实施例中,文献集合可以是知识产权文献集合的形式。 In one embodiment, the document set may be in the form of intellectual property document collection. 同样地,在一个实施例中,文献集合可以是不同国家的形式,例如由美国专利商标局、日本专利局、欧洲专利局等公布文献的集合。 Similarly, in one embodiment, the document collection may be in the form of different countries, for example, the set of documents by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Japanese Patent Office, the European Patent Office publication. 一旦选择该文献集合,则选择了用于检索的简要(步骤504)。 Once the document collection is selected, the selected summary (step 504) for retrieval. 简要的实施例已在上面图1至图3中加以说明。 Already it is briefly described in Example 3 above, FIG. 1 to FIG. 基于步骤502和504中选择的完成,开通查询,并且将查询提交至该简要和所选文献集合(步骤506)。 Steps 502 and 504 based on selection is completed, the opening of the query, and the query is submitted to the brief and the selected document collection (step 506). 在一个实施例中,查询是字符串查询。 In one embodiment, the query is a query string. 确定集合中发生至少一次查询事件的文献的数量,将该数量指定为变量XT(rtal (步骤508),而匹配文献的计数变量X指定为整数I (步骤510)。此外,变量NT(rtal指定为用于提交查询所选的简要的章节数量(步骤512),而所选简要的计数变量N指定为整数I (步骤514)。为各个文献x的章节N计算评分。在一个实施例中,评分计算成章节N中查询匹配的数目与向章节^旨定的点的数目的乘积(步骤516)。在一个实施例中,指定于章节,的点表示该特定章节在集合中的重要程度。 Determining a number of the at least one document of the set of query events, the number of designated variable XT (rtal (step 508), the document matching count X assigned to the integer variable I (step 510). Further, the variable NT (rtal designated number (step 512), the counting variable N is selected briefly designated as integers I (step 514). N is a section calculates the score of each document x. brief sections submitted the query for the selected embodiment in one embodiment, score is calculated as the number of sections N query matches the number of the chapter ^ purpose given point of the product (step 516). in one embodiment, assigned to the chapter, the dot indicates the importance of the particular section in the collection.

[0045] 在步骤516之后,递增变量N(步骤518),接下来判断是否该简要的所有章节已被评估(步骤520)。 [0045] After step 516, it increments the variable N (step 518), then determines whether all chapters have been brief evaluation (step 520). 如果步骤520的判断结果是否定的,则返回步骤516。 If the judgment result of step 520 is negative, processing returns to step 516. 相反,如果步骤520的判断结果是肯定的,则递增变量X(步骤522)。 Conversely, if the determination result of step 520 is affirmative, then increments the variable X (step 522). 接着,判断是否该数量下的所有文献已被评估(步骤524)。 Next, it is determined whether the number of all the documents has been evaluated (step 524). 如果步骤524的判断结果是肯定的,则停止对所返回的文献进行分数评估(步骤526)。 If the judgment result in step 524 is affirmative, then returned stopped literature evaluation score (step 526). 相反,如果步骤524的判断结果是否定的,则返回步骤514,通过简要的章节对下一文献进行评分。 Conversely, if the determination result of step 524 is negative, the process returns to step 514, a next document is scored by a brief section.

[0046] 一旦对所有文献和所选简要指定评分,则为各个文献以及根据提交查询返回的所选简要计算总评分(步骤526)。 [0046] Once a brief designation of the selected rates and all documents, each document was calculated according to the selected summary and submitted the query returns the total score (step 526). 如图5所示,汇编中各个文献均具有评分,该评分是基于字符串匹配数量和简要中指定的相关权重的数值形式。 5, the assembler has a score of each document, the score is based on the number and weight of the string matching brief weight values ​​specified in the relevant form.

[0047] 应理解,在执行专利检索的过程中,重要的是判断哪些检索结果更相关。 [0047] It should be understood, during the execution of patent search, which is important to more relevant search results is determined. 例如,除了将评分作为查询匹配的贡献要素以外,还利用评分对匹配文献指定等级。 For example, in addition to the score as a contribution to the elements that match the query, it also specifies the use of scores to match the level of literature. 该等级表示:与其他返回文献相比,哪些返回的文献被评定为更相关。 The rating indicates: Compared with other documents returned, the return of which was rated as more relevant literature. 该等级评定利用不同要素,并且这些要素可包括基于评分的等级和/或等级与次级要素的结合。 The ratings use the different elements, and may include a combination of these elements based on the level and / or the level of the secondary element score.

[0048] 图6是表示对由查询返回的文献进行分类的过程的流程图600,该分类基于各个返回文献以及各个简要的章节的指定评分。 [0048] FIG. 6 is a representation of documents returned by the query is a flowchart 600 of the classification process, the classification scores based on a specified document and each respective return brief chapters. 如图6所计算的,变量XT(rtal指定为进行至少一次提交查询返回的文献的总数量(步骤602)。然后,遵循分类算法来分类文献(步骤604)。在一个实施例中,可以从最高评分至最低评分,或者从最低评分至最高评分的顺序分类文献。分类算法可以采用多种不同的形式,因此,本发明将不限于任何特定的分类算法。一旦对整个集合中的文献分类完毕,也可对查询所选简要的各个文献集合进行分类,从而在各个章节内产生一类文献。在一个实施例中,返回文献的分类过程可看成评分结果的等级评定过程。变量NT()tal表示检索所选的简要中章节的数量(步骤606)。章节计数变量N初始化为整数I (步骤608),并且文献计数变量X初始化为变量I (步骤610)。对于章节N,对应于至少一次查询输入的各个文献分成第一文献x至最后文献XT(rtal (步骤612)。一旦对章节N分类完毕,则递增 FIG 6 is calculated, the variable XT (rtal designated to commit at least the total number of documents returned by the query (step 602). Then, following the classification algorithm to classify the document (step 604). In one embodiment embodiment, from the highest score to the lowest score, or from the lowest to the highest score rating order Document classification the classification algorithms can be used in many different forms, therefore, the present invention is not to be limited to any particular classification algorithm. upon completion of the classification of documents in the entire collection , may be set for each selected query document briefly classified, thereby producing a class of documents within each section. in one embodiment, document classification process may be returned as a result of score ranking procedure. NT variable () tal denotes the number (step 606) retrieving the selected chapter in brief. section counting variable N is initialized variable X initialized integers I (step 608), and Document count variable I (step 610). for the N sections, corresponding to at least each document in a query input into the first to the last x documents Document XT (rtal (step 612). upon completion of the classification sections N is incremented 量N(步骤614),接下来判断是否对所选简要的所有章节进行分类评估(步骤616)。如果步骤616的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回步骤612。相反,如果步骤616的判断结果是肯定的,则表示已经通过所选简要的所有章节对所有文献进行分类。因此,查询结果的分类是在两个级别上执行的,第一级别是对其整体的查询,而第二级别是通过组成该简要的所选章节的分类。 The amount of N (step 614), then determines whether all the selected section briefly classified evaluation (step 616). If the determination result of step 616 is negative, next, processing returns to step 612. Conversely, if the determination in step 616 the result is positive, it means that all the documents have been classified by all the selected chapters briefly. Therefore, the results of the classification is performed on two levels, the first level is integral to their queries, while the second level chapters selected by the brief classification.

[0049] 一旦文献集合的分类完毕,则采取不同工具传送分类查询结果。 [0049] Once classified document collection is completed, the transfer tool to take a different classification results. 更具体地,当对查询结果的查询和分类完成以后,传送给查询提交者的数据是基于整个查询的结果关联性,和/或基于经提交的查询简要的各个章节的关联性。 More specifically, when the results of the query after the query and classification is complete, the data is transmitted to the person submitting the query based on the results of the entire query relevance, and / or based on a query submitted by a brief relevance of individual sections. 图7是表示向所返回和经分类的检索结果指定关联性的过程的流程图700。 FIG 7 is a flowchart showing the process associated with the specified property to the returned search result 700 and sorted. 该返回检索结果的分层的数量指定为变量TT()tal (步骤702)。 The number of stories returned search result is designated as a variable TT () tal (step 702). 在一个实施例中,变量Imal是静态变量。 In one embodiment, the variable Imal static variable. 然而,在另一实施例中,变量TT()tal可以是动态变量。 However, in another embodiment, the variable TT () tal may be a dynamic variable. 关联性评估可以在两个级别上执行,第一级别是基于查询结果中的所有文献,而第二级别的评估基于文献集合的各个简要。 Correlation assessment may be performed on two levels, first level is based on all the documents in the query result, and the second level evaluation of each profile-based document collection. 变量XT(rtal表示根据查询所返回和经分类的所有文献(步骤704),而变量XT(rtal被分层数量TT(rtal除,以计算指定到各个分层(T表示)的查询结果的数量QS (步骤706)。为将查询结果指定到分层τ,分层计数变量T初始化为整数I (步骤708),而计数变量X表示指定到分层的文献,并初始化为整数I (步骤710)。在步骤708和710进行初始化之后,将文献)(指定到分层τ (步骤712)。在步骤712进行上述指定以后,递增变量Χ(步骤714),然后判断是否分层τ填满查询结果(步骤716)。如果步骤716的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回步骤712。相反,如果步骤716的判断结果是肯定的,则表示已完成对分层τ的查询结果指定。接着,递增变量T (步骤718),接下来判断是否完成所有对分层的查询结果指定(步骤720)。如果步骤720的判断结果是否定的,则接下来返回步骤710。相反,如果步骤720的判断结 Variable XT (rtal indicating the return of the query and sorted all documents (step 704), while the number of variables XT (rtal number TT are layered (RTAL addition, the query results to calculate assigned to each hierarchical (T represented) of the QS (step 706). the results of the query [tau] is assigned to a layered, stratified count variable T is initialized to integers I (step 708), a counting variable X indicates delamination of the specified documents, and initializes an integer of I (step 710 ). after the initialization at step 708 and 710, the document) ([tau] assigned to hierarchical (step 712). after the above specified at step 712, increments the variable [chi] (step 714), then determines whether the query fill layered [tau] results (step 716). If the determination result of step 716 is negative, next, processing returns to step 712. Conversely, if the determination result of step 716 is affirmative, the query result to indicate the completion of the specified hierarchical τ. Next, increments the variable T (step 718), then determine whether to complete all query results to stratification designated (step 720). If the judgment result of step 720 is negative, followed by a return to step 710. in contrast, if the judgment of step 720 knot 是肯定的,则停止对生成的分层指定查询结果。应当注意,可以从最相关到最不相关的分类方式至上而下地向分层指定查询结果的分类表,或者从最不相关到最相关的方式至下而上地向分层指定查询结果的分类表。类似地,在一个实施例中,在经分类和分等级的结果中出现拐点,并且相邻分层在该拐点处被划分。因此,为了突出所选的经分类文献的关联性,向分层指定查询结果。 Is yes, then stop hierarchical specify the query results generated. It should be noted, first to bottom can specify the query results to the hierarchical classification from most relevant to least relevant classification, or from most relevant to least relevant and on the way to the designated query results to the hierarchical classification. Similarly, in one embodiment, an inflection point appears in the results of the classified and graded, and adjacent to the delamination is divided at the inflection point. Accordingly, in order to highlight the relevance of the selected document classified, designated query results to delamination.

[0050] 如上所述,可以不考虑提交查询的简要,以粗略原则分类查询结果。 [0050] As described above, can not consider the brief submitted the query, the query results to a rough classification principles. 然而,也可以依据简要原则(profile basis)(也称为细化原则)进行分层指定。 However, you can also specify stratified based on the principle of brief (profile basis) (also known as modeling principle). 更具体地,可以参考简要的特征,根据所返回文献的关联性顺序对提交查询中的各个简要进行分类。 More specifically, reference can be characterized briefly, briefly each submitted query are classified according to the order of relevance of documents returned. 为了实现对简要的利用,向简要指定的各个文献集也可以图7所示的方式划分为分层。 In order to achieve a brief use, to each document set may be specified briefly shown in FIG. 7 is divided into layers. 该细化简要的分层指定能够使查询结果基于简要的特征进一步传送。 The brief layered refinement is possible to specify the transmission based on the query results further characterized in brief.

[0051] 如上所述,可以解析文献集合查询结果中的各个专利,以基于关联性提供结果的显示。 [0051] As described above, the document collection can be resolved in various patents query result, based on the correlation results provide a display. 在一个实施例中,可以显示该结果以对知识产权文献的返回汇编的指定章节中的匹配数据值强调或去除强调。 In one embodiment, data may be displayed to match the value of the specified section to return the results of the intellectual property documents compiled emphasized in emphasis or removed. 类似地,在一个实施例中,基于关联性,对检索结果的显示加以限制。 Similarly, in one embodiment, based on the correlation, to limit the retrieval results displayed. 就向查询结果指定分层而言,仅能够查看到选择的分层,其中该选择的分层可以是那些被认为包含更多相关查询结果的分层。 To specify the terms of the query results stratified, hierarchical choose to only be able to view, in which the stratification can be selected that is believed to contain more hierarchical query results. 类似地,就查询结果评分而言,可以设定限制使得对所提交的查询仅显示那些规定分数内的结果。 Similarly, it results in terms of score, so that you can set limits on the submitted query to display only those results within the specified score. 查询结果的显示限制不应当局限于本文描述的实施例,可以采用其他形式将查看到的查询结果限定为那些仅具有一定相关性评分的结果。 Results show limitations described herein should not be limited to the embodiments, other forms may be used to view the results of the query result is only limited to those having a certain correlation score.

[0052] 在一个实施例中,经分类的查询结果静态地显示为相关文献的汇编。 [0052] In one embodiment, the sorted search results displayed statically compilation of relevant documents. 然而,在另一实施例中,基于所返回文献的分级,可以动态限定文献集合的返回。 However, in another embodiment, based on a hierarchical document returned may be dynamically defined set of documents returned. 该动态方面支持改变相关性标准以反映查询结果。 The dynamic support of relevant standards to reflect changes in the query results. 图8是表示对查询结果的显示进行动态限定的一个实施例的流程图800。 FIG 8 is a flowchart 800 of one embodiment of a dynamic display defined query results will be. 如上所述,基于提交查询要素的关联性数值因素,对根据查询返回的各个文献分类(步骤802)。 As described above, based on the correlation factor values ​​submitted the query element, each of Document Classification (step 802) according to queries. 基于该数值数据(即,向各个所返回文献指定的关联性的数值因素),对所返回文献的汇编应用曲线拟合例行程序(步骤804)。 The numerical data (i.e., the value of each factor specified document relevance returned), the compilation of documents returned by curve fitting routine application (step 804) based. 该曲线拟合例行程序计算汇编数据的理论函数。 The curve fitting routine calculates theoretical function compiled data. 更具体地,该曲线拟合例行程序基于关联性的原始数值因素确定该理论函数。 More specifically, the curve fitting routine determines that the original theoretical function values ​​based on correlation factors. 基于该曲线拟合例行程序,汇编中的一些文献与该理论函数的曲线吻合或接近该理论函数曲线(步骤806)。 Curve fitting routine based on the compilation of literature coincide or near the theoretical function curve (step 806) and the theoretical curve function. 计算理论函数的一个或多个导数(步骤808)。 Calculating a theoretical function or a plurality of derivatives (step 808). 为了动态地限定汇编的结果,选择理论函数的导数的数量(步骤810)。 Number derivative defined dynamically compiled results to choose the theoretical function (step 810). 更具体地,为了将汇编的结果限定为最相关文献,该动态选择将限定在该曲线拟合例行程序的理论函数的一阶导数内。 More specifically, for the compilation of results is defined as the most relevant documents, which will define the dynamic selection in the first derivative of the theoretical function curve fitting routine. 类似地,为了扩展汇编的结果而获取更大量文献,该动态选择将扩展至二阶导数(或者更高阶)。 Similarly, the results compiled in order to expand and acquire a larger amount of literature, will be expanded to the dynamic selection of the number of second order (or higher order) is turned. 基于所选导数的数量,在导数选择范围内的文献汇编被返回(步骤812)。 Based on the number of the selected number of conduction, in the literature derivatives choice assembly is returned (step 812). 因此,基于文献与曲线拟合例行程序的理论函数的近似程度,对返回文献的汇编进行动态调整。 Thus, the degree of approximation based on the curve fitting functions Document routine, the returned documents compiled dynamically adjusted.

[0053] 图8所示的动态选择过程和工具表示限定汇编结果的一个实施例。 Dynamic selection process and tool shown in [0053] FIG. 8 shows the results of a defined compiled embodiment. 在另一实施例中,利用图形用户界面作为源代码的上层(veneer),从而实现用户对经分类的汇编的常规结果的交互和修改。 In another embodiment, using a graphical user interface as an upper layer of the source code (Veneer), enabling user interaction and modification of the conventional compilation results of the classified. 图9是表示通过使用图形用户界面动态地限定汇编的结果的过程的流程图。 FIG 9 is a flowchart defining the results compiled by a graphical user interface to dynamically process. 如上所述,基于提交查询要素的关联性数值因素,对根据查询返回的各个文献进行分类(步骤902)。 As described above, based on the correlation factor values ​​submitted the query element, each query returns documents classified according to (step 902). 检索结果绘制成图形(904)。 Graphing the search result (904). 可以采用不同形式的图形。 Different forms of graphics can be used. 在一个实施例中,该图形可以是二维图形形式,其中以所返回文献数量为一个轴,而相关性的数值因素为另一个轴。 In one embodiment, the pattern may be in the form of two-dimensional pattern, which returns the number of documents as a shaft, and a value of correlation factors other axis. 在界面上提供能够使文献数量限定于所选关联性数值的机制(步骤906)。 At the interface provide a mechanism for the number of the selected document relevance value (step 906) defined in. 在一个实施例中,在用户界面上提供游标(slider),并且通过定点工具(pointing tool),该游标可以移动到图形的任何关联值(步骤908)。 In one embodiment, there is provided a cursor (Slider) on the user interface, and by pointing implement (pointing tool), the cursor can be moved to any associated pattern value (step 908). 基于游标的移动,动态地改变相关文献的数量和被认为相关的特定文献。 Cursor movement based on dynamically changing the number of relevant documents and the particular documents are considered relevant. 更具体地,该游标起到分界线的作用,其中指定有该游标位置上方的关联性的所有文献被认定为相关文献而被返回(步骤910),而指定有该游标位置下方的关联性的所有文献则不返回(步骤912)。 More specifically, the cursor functions as a dividing line, which is assigned a relevance All documents above the cursor position is identified as being relevant documents returned (step 910), and assigned a relevance below the cursor position All documents are not returned (step 912). 在一个实施例中,指定有游标位置的关联性的所有文献被认定为相关文献而返回。 In one embodiment, all the documents is assigned a relevance cursor position is identified as relevant documents returned. 相反,在一个实施例中,指定有游标位置的关联性的所有文献被认定为不相关而不返回。 In contrast, in one embodiment, all the documents is assigned a relevance cursor position is recognized as not relevant and not returned. 因此,可以移动该图形用户界面的游标,以调整被认定为相关的文献并将其返回文献汇编中。 Thus, it is possible to move the cursor in the graphical user interface, to adjust for the associated document is identified and returned literature compilation.

[0054] 如图9所示,可以采用图形用户界面来提供便于相关文献动态选择的工具。 [0054] As shown in FIG. 9, the graphical user interface may provide tools to facilitate dynamically selected literature. 图10是表示图形用户界面实施例的框图1000。 FIG 10 is a block diagram of a graphical user interface 1000 cases of embodiment. 更具体地,计算机系统1000具有处理单元1002,所述处理单元1002通过总线结构1008连接到存储器1006。 More specifically, a computer system 1000 having a processing unit 1002, a processing unit 1002 coupled to memory 1006 via bus structure 1008. 在一个实施例中,虽然仅示出一个处理单元1002,但在扩展设计中可以提供更多个处理单元。 In one embodiment, although only one is shown processing unit 1002, but may be provided in the extended design more processing units. 图示的系统1000与配置成存储文献集合1042的存储介质1040通信连接。 The illustrated system 1000 configured to store a document collection and storage medium 1042 is a communication connection 1040. 在一个实施例中,电子文献集合包括专利文献的汇编,该专利文献包括授权专利和公开的专利申请。 In one embodiment, the electronic document collection comprises a compilation of patent literature, including the patent document issued patents, and published patent applications. 存储介质1040与处理单元1002通信连接。 1002 communication media storage 1040 is connected to the processing unit. 此外,图示的该系统与可视显示器1050通信连接,以显示可视数据。 Furthermore, the illustrated system 1050 communicatively coupled with the visual display to display visual data. 采用输入设备1052与可视显示器1050进行通信。 The input device 1052 uses the visual display 1050 for communication. 可以采用多种不同形式的输入设备,其包括但不限于键盘、鼠标、跟踪球、电子笔等。 May take many different forms of input devices, including but not limited to, a keyboard, a mouse, trackball, an electronic pen. 基于单个结果携带的经计算的关联性评分以及构成该汇编的文献数量,在可视显示器1050上提供图形用户界面1054,以传送查询结果的汇编的图形显示。 , Provides a graphical user interface based on a single result 1054 carried the calculated correlation score and the number of documents constituting the assembled on the visual display 1050 to transmit query results compiled graphical display. 在一个实施例中,图形界面用户1054用作处理单元1002中运行的源代码的上层。 In one embodiment, the graphical user interface 1054 is used as the upper layer of the source code processing unit 1002 in operation. 该图形用户界面内提供可通过输入设备访问的图形机制1060,以实现查询结果的子集的动态选择。 Providing within the graphical user interface may 1060, to achieve the results of the query input by the graphics device to access the dynamic selection mechanism subset. 在一个实施例中,图形机制1060是游标的形式,游标代表查询结果的图形表示内的分界线。 In one embodiment, the mechanism 1060 is in the form of the graphics cursor, the cursor within the boundary of the representative graphical representation of the query results. 随着图形机制1060在图形表示范围内移动,修改将落入汇编中的特定查询结果。 With the pattern mechanism 1060 moves within the graphical representation of the range, modifications would come particular query result in the compilation. 在一个实施例中,选择引用自图形机制1060 —侧的所有文献和/或落入该图形机制内的所有文献包含于查询结果中,并且排除引用自图形机制1060另一侧的所有文献。 In one embodiment, the selected pattern is referenced from the mechanism 1060 - All documents side and / fall within the pattern mechanism All documents or contained in the query result, and all references cited excluded from the other side of the 1060 pattern mechanism. 因此,该图形用户界面的图形机制1060是对查询结果的汇编应用动态修改的工具。 Therefore, the graphical mechanism 1060 the graphical user interface of the application is a compilation of the results of the dynamic modification of the tool.

[0055] 采用如图1至图9所示的过程和/或指令向文献集合提交查询,并且响应于该查询解析该集合。 [0055] The process shown in FIG. 1 to 9 and / or sets of instructions submit queries to the document, and parsing the response to the query set. 然而,本发明不应当限于过程或指令集,在一个实施例中,可以包括与文献集合通信连接的硬件元件。 However, the present invention should not be limited to the process or set of instructions, in one embodiment, it may comprise hardware elements connected to communicate with the document collection. 图11是表示基于提交查询的检索简要的提交将查询结果分类和解析成一个或多个分层的一组工具的框图1100,其中包括向该检索简要经识别的知识产权文献的不同章节指定权重。 FIG 11 is a diagram showing the results of classification and submit the query parsed into one or more block diagram 1100 of a hierarchical set of tools based on the retrieved brief submitted the query, including assigning weights to the different sections of the identified search profile intellectual property documents weight . 如图所示,计算机系统1102具有处理单元1104,所述处理单元1104以总线结构1108连接到存储器1106。 As shown, computer system 1102 having a processing unit 1104, the processing unit 1104 is connected to a memory bus structure 1108 1106. 在一个实施例中,虽然仅示出一个处理单元1104,但在扩展设计中可以提供更多个处理单元。 In one embodiment, although only one is shown processing unit 1104, but may be provided in the extended design more processing units. 图示的系统1102与配置成存储文献集合1142的存储介质1140通信连接。 1140 storage medium 1142 connected to the communication system 1102 shown and configured to store the document collection. 在一个实施例中,电子文献集合包括专利文献的汇编,该专利文献包括授权专利和公开的专利申请。 In one embodiment, the electronic document collection comprises a compilation of patent literature, including the patent document issued patents, and published patent applications. 存储介质1140与处理单元1104通信连接。 1104 communication media storage 1140 is connected to the processing unit. 此夕卜,图示的系统与可视显示器1150通信连接,以显示可视数据。 Bu this evening, the illustrated system 1150 communicatively coupled to the visual display to display visual data. 此处图示和说明的各个部分支持提交至文献集合1142的查询。 Various parts described and illustrated herein support queries submitted to the document collection 1142.

[0056] 控制器1160设置在计算机系统1102本地,并与存储器1106和处理单元1104通信连接。 [0056] The controller 1160 is provided in the local computer system 1102 and memory 1106 and communicatively connected to the processing unit 1104. 控制器1160负责对文献集合1142汇编和编索引。 1160 controller is responsible for the document collection and compilation of 1142 indexed. 控制器1160与文献管理器1162通信连接,文献管理器1162用于识别集合中各个文献的各个章节。 Document manager controller 1160 and a communication connection 1162, the document manager 1162 for identifying the various sections of each set of documents. 如上所述,在专利文献集合的情况下,各个专利或公开的专利申请是由特定的、形式统一的章节组成。 As described above, in the case of the patent document collection, each patent, or published patent application is a specific, uniform section in the form of composition. 然而,并不是所有专利文献集合都具有统一的形式(layout)。 However, not all the patent document collection has a unified form (layout). 因此,文献管理器1162用于识别集合中文献的章节,且在一个实施例中,文献管理器1162用于识别经识别章节的显示顺序。 Thus, the document manager 1162 for identifying a set of document sections, and in one embodiment, the document manager 1162 for displaying the identified identification sequence section. 简要管理器1164设置成与文献管理器1162通信连接。 Profile manager connected to the communication 1164 configured with the document manager 1162. 简要管理器1164为文献集合1142组建检索简要。 Briefly manager 1164 to 1142 to form a collection of literature search profile. 更具体地,简要管理器1164有助于选择文献的一个或多个章节,并为各个所选章节指定权重。 More specifically, the profile manager 1164 facilitate selection of one or more sections of the document, and weight of the individual selected sections of the specified weight. 其中,所选择的章节是查询中包含的由文献管理器1162识别的章节。 Wherein the selected sections are identified by the document manager section 1162 included in the query. 在一个实施例中,权重是数字值,以表示所选章节中匹配数据的重要性。 In one embodiment, the weight is a numerical value to indicate the importance of matching data of the selected section. 因此,由简要管理器1164组建的检索简要提供了文献集合中与查询相关的章节的概要。 Therefore, the profile manager 1164 set up a search profile provides an overview of the literature relevant to the query of the collection section.

[0057] 查询管理器1166与简要管理器1164通信连接,而且查询管理器1166设置在计算机系统1102本地,并与存储器1106通信连接。 [0057] 1164 and 1166 Communications query manager profile manager connected to query manager 1166 and the computer system 1102 is provided locally, and the memory 1106 is connected with the communication. 查询管理器1166负责通过向文献集合1142提交查询来选择至少一个检索简要。 Query Manager 1166 is responsible for submitting a query to a collection of literature by 1142 to select at least one search profile. 更具体地,查询管理器1166将查询数据与文献集合1142章节中的数据进行比较,该章节在简要中识别并具有指定权重。 More specifically, the query manager 1166 to query data section 1142 set in the document data are compared, the identification section and having a weight specified in the summary. 查询管理器1166与关联性导航器1168通信连接。 Query Manager 1166 and 1168 associated with the navigator of a communication connection. 该关联性导航器用于基于关联性评分为汇编中的文献评定等级,并且基于该等级动态地限定该汇编中的结果。 The association navigator is based on document relevance score rating in the compilation, and based on the result of the level defined dynamically in the compilation. 通过查询管理器1166进行的比较并结合使用关联性导航器1168,生成了基于所应用的动态限定的相关专利文献的汇编。 By comparing the query manager 1166 for use in conjunction with the association navigator 1168, generates dynamic compilation of relevant patent documents defined based on the application. 在一个实施例中,该汇编显示在可视显示器1150上。 In one embodiment, the compilation is displayed on the visual display 1150. 类似地,在一个实施例中,该汇编可以保存在易失性或永久性存储器中。 Similarly, in one embodiment, the compilation may be stored in volatile or persistent memory. 为了方便向查询提交者的传送,查询管理器与分类管理器通信连接,以基于文献分类评定提交查询结果的等级。 In order to facilitate the transfer to the query submitter, query manager connected to the communication manager and classification, to submit a query result based on the level of document classification assessment.

[0058] 在一个实施例中,控制器1160、文献管理器1162、简要管理器1164和查询管理器1166可设置在计算机系统1102本地的存储器1106中。 [0058] In one embodiment, the controller 1160, the document manager 1162, 1164 and the profile manager 1166 may be disposed query manager local to computer system 1102 in the memory 1106. 然而,本发明不限于该实施例。 However, the present invention is not limited to this embodiment. 例如,在一个实施例中,控制器、文献管理器、简要管理器和查询管理器1160-1166每一个可作为硬件工具驻留在本地存储器1106的外部,或者它们可以硬件和软件的组合来实施。 For example, in one embodiment, the controller, the document manager, profile manager and for each query manager 1160-1166 may reside as hardware tools external to local memory 1106, or they may be a combination of hardware and software to carry . 类似地,在一个实施例中,控制器和管理器1160-1166可以驻留在与存储介质1140通信连接的远程系统中。 Similarly, in one embodiment, the manager controller and 1160-1166 may reside on a remote storage system connected to the communication medium 1140. 因此,控制器和控制器可以实施为软件工具或硬件工具,以用于支持向电子文献集合提交一个或多个查询,以生成相关专利文献的汇编。 Accordingly, the controller and the controller can be implemented as software or hardware tools tools for supporting the electronic document submit a set of one or more queries to generate a compilation of relevant patent documents.

[0059] 在一个实施例中,本发明以软件实施,所述软件包括但不限于固件、常驻软件、微代码等。 [0059] In one embodiment, the present invention is implemented in software, said software including, but not limited to firmware, resident software, microcode, etc. 本发明可以是通过计算机可用介质或者计算机可读介质访问的计算机程序产品的形式,该计算机可用介质或者计算机可读介质提供由计算机或任何指令执行系统使用的程序代码,或者提供与计算机或任何指令执行系统通信连接的程序代码。 The present invention may be in the form of a computer program product readable medium accessed by a computer or a computer usable medium, the computer-usable medium or computer readable medium providing program code executed by a computer or any instruction execution system, or provided with a computer or any instruction program code for performing communication connection. 出于说明的目的,计算机可用介质或计算机可读介质可以是能够容纳、存储、通信、传播、或者传输程序的装置,上述程序由指令执行系统、设备或装置使用或与指令执行系统、设备或装置通信连接。 For purposes of description, a computer usable or computer-readable media can be received, store, communicate, propagate, or transport the program device, said program execution system, apparatus, or device using the instruction or the instruction execution system, apparatus, or a communication connection device.

[0060] 本发明范围内的实施例还包括制造的产品,该产品包括其中具有编码程序代码的程序存储装置。 Embodiments within the scope of the invention [0060] This also includes the manufacturing, wherein the product comprises a program storage device encoded with program code. 该程序存储装置可以是能通过通用或专用计算机访问的任何可得到的介质。 The program storage device may be any available medium by a general purpose or special purpose computer. 举例来说,该程序存储装置可以包括但不限于RAM、ROM、EEPROM、CD-ROM或其他光盘存储器、磁盘存储器或其他磁存储设备、或者能用于存储期望程序代码方法并能够由通用或专用计算机访问的任何其他介质。 For example, the program storage devices may include but are not limited to, RAM, ROM, EEPROM, CD-ROM or other optical disk storage, magnetic disk storage or other magnetic storage devices, or can be used to store desired program code means and can be by a general purpose or special-purpose any other media computer access. 上述装置的组合也应当包含在该程序存储装置的范围内。 Combinations of the above should also be included within the scope of the program storage means.

[0061] 上述介质可以是电子学系统、磁系统、光学系统、电磁系统、红外系统或半导体系统(或设备或装置)。 [0061] The medium can be an electronic system, a magnetic system, optical, electromagnetic, infrared systems or semiconductor system (or apparatus or device). 计算机可读介质的示例包括半导体或者固态存储器、磁带、可移动的计算机软盘、随机存取存储器(RAM)、只读存储器(ROM)、硬盘和光盘。 Examples of computer-readable medium include a semiconductor or solid state memory, magnetic tape, a removable computer diskette, a random access memory (RAM), a read only memory (ROM), a hard disk and an optical disk. 目前的光盘示例包括只读的高密度磁盘B (CD-ROM)、读/写高密度磁盘B (CD-R/W)和DVD。 Current examples of optical disks include compact disk read-only B (CD-ROM), read / write compact disk B (CD-R / W), and DVD.

[0062] 适用于存储和/或执行程序代码的数据处理系统至少包括一个通过系统总线直接或间接地连接到存储元件的处理器。 [0062] suitable for storing and / or executing program code includes at least a data processing system processor connected to memory elements through a system bus directly or indirectly. 存储元件可包括在程序代码实际执行时所使用的本地存储器、大容量存储器和缓存存储器。 The memory elements can include local memory, bulk storage, and cache memory during actual execution of the program code is used. 该缓存存储器临时存储至少一些程序代码,从而在执行过程中可以减少从大容量存储器中取代码的次数。 The cache memory temporarily stores at least some program code so that the number can be reduced during execution of the code taken from bulk storage.

[0063] 输入/输出或I/O设备(包括但不限于键盘、显示器、定点设备等)可以直接或通过中间I/O控制器耦合到系统。 [0063] Input / output or I / O devices (including but not limited to keyboards, displays, pointing devices, etc.) can be O controller coupled to the system either directly or through intervening I /. 网络适配器也可以耦合到系统,以便使数据处理系统可以通过中间的私人或公共网络与其它数据处理系统或远程打印机或存储设备相耦合。 Network adapters may also be coupled to the system to enable the data processing system may be coupled with other data processing systems or remote printers or storage devices through intervening private or public networks.

[0064] 软件工具可以是能够由计算机可用介质或计算机可读介质访问的计算机程序产品的形式,该计算机可用介质或计算机可读介质用于提供由计算机或者任何指令执行系统使用的或与计算机或者任何指令执行系统通信连接的程序代码。 Form of a computer program product [0064] The software tools may be capable of a computer-readable medium or a computer-usable medium access, the computer-usable or computer-readable medium for providing a computer or any instruction execution system, or computer, or to program code for any instruction execution system communication connection.

[0065] 相对现有技术的优点 Advantages [0065] Compared with the prior art

[0066] 已知,在本领域中各个知识产权文献具有为符合法定提交条件而要求的限定概貌的章节。 [0066] known, having respective sections defining profile intellectual property documents for submission conditions meet statutory requirements in the art. 生成一个或多个简要,以有助于向文献集合提交查询。 Generating one or more summary, to facilitate submitting a query to the document collection. 各个简要向文献中的一个或多个经识别的章节施加权重。 Each profile section is applied to a document identified by one or more weights. 权重表示经识别的章节的重要性,并对返回汇编中的各个文献施加数值。 Weight represents the importance of the identified section, and each of the return value is applied in the Proceedings. 并不是所有的检索都是如此。 Not all are so retrieving. 例如,已认识到,化学领域中的知识产权文献即使在具有附图的情况下,也仅具有有限数目的附图。 For example, it has been recognized that the IP literature in the chemical field even in the case with the drawings, also only a limited number of the drawings. 因此,化学领域中的查询可以去除对附图的强调,而提高对书面文本的强调。 Thus, the chemical field queries can be removed emphasis on the drawings, and increase emphasis on the written text. 向集合提交不同的检索,以获得不同的结果。 Submit to different search collection, in order to obtain different results. 因此,生成多个简要,且各个简要选择不同的经识别章节,并向不同的所选章节指定不同权重,使得能够高效且有效地提交查询,以产生所关注的文献汇编结果。 Thus, generating a plurality of summary, each profile and selecting the identified different sections, assign different weights to different selected sections, making it possible to efficiently and effectively submit the query to produce a result of assembling documents of interest.

[0067] —旦生成简要并且为提交查询选择至少一个简要,则下一步通过使所选简要并列的方式显示查询结果。 [0067] - generating a schematic denier and submitting a query to select at least one of summary, the next query results by a selected brief parallel manner. 在一个实施例中,该查询产生文献汇编,该汇编接着被分类并置于分等级分类的分层中。 In one embodiment, the query generation document compiled, the compilation is then classified and placed in the layered hierarchical classification. 这使得在显示查询结果的同时能够直接显示关联性。 This allows the simultaneous display of query results can be displayed in direct correlation. 在又一实施例中,基于简要中所选的章节,可以进一步传送查询结果,其中基于简要中所表示的单个章节以及各个章节中的文献的分类,显示第二组查询结果。 In yet another embodiment, selected based on the summary section, the query results may further be transmitted, wherein the individual classification based document represented in a schematic section of each chapter and, displaying a second set of query results. 因此,利用简要的选择来既生成查询结果,又基于关联性并以使所选简要并列的方式显示查询结果。 Thus, with a brief selection both produce the query results, and based on the association and to make the selected schematic manner parallel query results.

[0068] 可诜实施例 [0068] Example embodiments may inquire

[0069] 应当理解,尽管出于说明的目的而在此说明了本发明的一些特定实施例,但在不偏离本发明的精神和范围的前提下可以作各种修改。 [0069] It should be appreciated that, although for purposes of illustration and described herein specific embodiments of the present invention, but without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention various modifications may be made. 特别地,存在不同形式的知识产权文献,包括专利、商标和著作权。 In particular, the presence of various forms of intellectual property documents, including patents, trademarks and copyrights. 在专利文献的分类中,可对文献进一步分类,包括授权专利、公开的专利申请、专利摘要和实用新型注册。 In the classification of patent documents, it may be further classified documents, including issued patents, published patent applications, patents and utility model registration summary. 这些文献中的一些文献可以包括相同数量的以相同顺序排序的章节,而其他一些文献可包括不同数量的章节和/或不同的顺序。 Some of these documents may include documents sorted in the same order the same number of sections, and other documents may include a different number of sections and / or a different order. 基于所包括的章节独立地生成简要,且不必关心这些章节在基础文献中的排列顺序。 It is generated independently of chapters included in the summary, and do not care about the order of these sections on the basis of the literature.

[0070] 另外,尽管已经具体地说明了与知识产权文献相关的电子文献集合(包括授权专利和公开的专利申请、商标注册和申请以及著作权注册和申请),然而,本发明不应当限于电子文献的这些特定分类。 [0070] Further, although the electronic document collection has been specifically described IP-related documents (including issued patents and published patent applications, and applications and trademark registration copyright registration and application), however, the present invention should not be limited to the electronic document these specific classification. 在一个实施例中,电子文献集合可包括具有所限定多个章节的任何类型的文献。 In one embodiment, the electronic document collection may comprise a plurality of sections of any type as defined in the literature. 这将使管理者能够将文献解析成所限定的章节,为一个或多个所限定的章节创建具有相应权重的多个简要,并对具有所选简要的文献集合提交查询。 This will enable managers to parse the documents into defined sections, creating a plurality of weights having respective briefly as defined in one or more sections, and having the selected set of brief queries submitted document. 如上所述,可以对查询简要的选择进行动态修正。 As described above, can be dynamically selected amendments to the brief query. 在一个实施例中,在保持查询内容的同时对查询简要的修正可以改变汇编中返回的文献以及文献在汇编中呈现的关联性的顺序。 In one embodiment, the order of relevance to the query can change the correction brief compilation of documents, and document return presented in the assembly while maintaining the contents of the query. 因此,本发明的保护范围仅由所附的权利要求及其等同物限定。 Accordingly, the scope of the present invention is limited only by the appended claims and their equivalents.

Claims (11)

  1. 1.一种由计算机执行的用于向电子文献集合的检索结果指定关联性的方法,其包括: 对知识产权文献的集合中的文献进行汇编和编索引,所述集合中各个所述文献具有多个章节; 识别所述集合中各个所述文献内的所述章节; 为所述文献集合组建检索简要,其中,所述检索简要包括选择的至少一个经识别的章-KT ; 在所组建的检索简要中,向各个所选择的经识别的章节指定权重; 在查询时,向专利文献集合提交查询,所述查询包括选择至少一个检索简要,并将查询数据与用于代表所选择的检索简要中的章节的数据进行比较; 对文献汇编中的各个文献计算关联性评分,所述文献汇编是响应于所述提交查询生成的; 基于所述经计算的关联性评分,对所述文献汇编中的文献评定等级; 基于所述等级,对所述汇编中的文献应用动态限定; 基于所应用的动态 1. A method executed by a computer search result set for the specified electronic document relevance, comprising: intellectual property documents in the collection of documents compiled and indexed, the document having a respective set of a plurality of sections; identifying the set of sections in the respective literature; to form the document set a search profile, wherein the search profile comprises selecting at least one identified by chapter -KT; in the formation of a search profile, the right to specify each of the selected sections of the identified weight; at query time, a query submitted to the Patent document collection, the query comprises selecting at least one search profile, and the query for summary data indicative of a selected the data comparing section; literature compilation each document relevance score is calculated, the compilation of documents submitted in response to the generated query; calculated based on the relevance score, the literature compilation the document rating; based on the level, the dynamic compilation of limited application in the literature; based on dynamic applied 定,对所述汇编中的文献进行分类,以生成经分类的汇编;以及向从所述经识别的章节中选择的经识别章节应用次权重,以基于与该经识别的章节相匹配的检索字符串的数量修改被指定到该经识别的章节的权重。 Set, the compilation of documents are classified, the classified to generate assembly; and from the weight applied to the identified application section views weight identify selected chapters, the retrieval based on the identified sections match modifying the number of strings are assigned to the right section of the identified weight.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的方法,进一步包括,生成经分类的汇编的子集,并且基于所述检索简要中出现的次级标准为所述子集计算第二关联性评分。 2. The method according to claim 1, further comprising, generating a subset of the classified compiled, and the search profile based on the secondary standards appearing in the subset to calculate a second correlation score.
  3. 3.根据权利要求2所述的方法,进一步包括: (i)对所述子集进行分类; (ϋ)向所述经分类的子集动态地指定关联性限定,并且(iii)基于所述指定的关联性限定对查询结果的返回进行限定。 3. The method according to claim 2, further comprising: (i) of the subset classifying; (ϋ) dynamically assigned to a subset of correlation defined by said classification, and (iii), based on the specified association of query results returned defined limit.
  4. 4.根据权利要求1所述的方法,进一步包括,基于所述经计算的关联性评分生成所述经分类的汇编的图形表示以及所述汇编中以不同关联性评分表示的文献的数量。 4. The method according to claim 1, further comprising generating a score based on the correlation computed by the classification compiled graphical representation of the compilation and the number expressed in different relevance score of documents.
  5. 5.权利要求1所述的方法,进一步包括,向所述经分类的汇编应用曲线拟合例行程序,其中所述例行程序计算所述经分类的汇编的数据的理论函数,并计算所述函数的至少一个导数。 5. The method of claim 1, further comprising a fitting routine applied to the assembler the classified curve, wherein the routine calculates the theoretical function data compiled by the classification, and calculates at least one derivative of the above functions.
  6. 6.根据权利要求5所述的方法,其中,对所述汇编中的文献应用动态限定的步骤包括:选择所述函数的导数,并返回落入所选择的所述函数的导数范围内的数据。 Data in the selected range derivative of the derivative of the function, and returns the selected fall within the function of: The method according to claim 5, wherein the step of applying the literature dynamic compilation defined comprising .
  7. 7.一种用于向电子文献集合的检索结果指定关联性的系统,其包括: 处理器,其与存储器和存储介质通信连接,其中,在所述存储介质上保存有知识产权文献集合,且所述集合中的各个所述文献具有多个章节; 控制器,其与所述处理器通信连接,并对所述知识产权文献集合中的文献进行汇编和编索引; 文献管理器,其与所述控制器通信连接,并用于识别所述集合中各个文献内的章节;简要管理器,其与所述文献管理器通信连接,并为所述文献集合组建检索简要,其中,所述检索简要包括选择的至少一个经识别的章节,所述简要管理器进一步在所组建的检索简要中向各个所选择的经识别的章节指定权重; 查询管理器,其在查询时向所述文献集合提交查询,所述查询包括选择至少一个检索简要以及将查询数据与用于代表所选择的检索简要中的文献章节 7. A method for the search result to the electronic document specified set of associated system, comprising: a processor coupled in communication with memory and storage media, wherein said storage medium stored on intellectual property document collection, and each said set of said document having a plurality of sections; controller connected in communication with the processor, and the document in the document collection and compilation indexing said IP; document manager, with the a controller connected to said communication, and for each section in the document identifying the set; profile manager, which is connected in communication with said document manager, said document set and to set a search profile, wherein the search profile comprises selected at least one identified by chapter, the profile manager to further specify the respective weights of the selected sections identified in the re-establishment of the search profile; query manager that the document collection to submit queries in the query, the query comprises selecting at least one search profile, and the summary document chapter search query used to represent data in the selected 的数据进行比较,所述查询使得响应于所述查询提交产生由所述查询管理器返回的相关文献的汇编,且各个所述相关文献具有向具有所指定权重和关联性评分的至少一个经识别章节中的数据提交的查询匹配;以及关联性导航器,其与所述查询管理器通信连接,并基于所述关联性评分对所述汇编中的所述文献评定等级,以及基于所述等级对所述汇编中的文献应用动态限定的结果, 其中,所述存储器存储有经分类的汇编,所述经分类的汇编是通过基于所应用的动态限定对所述汇编中的文献进行分类而生成的,以及所述简要管理器向从所述经识别的章节中选择的经识别章节应用次权重,以基于与该经识别的章节相匹配的检索字符串的数量修改被指定到该经识别的章节的权重。 Compare the data, such that the query is generated in response to the query submitted literature returned by the query manager compilation, and to each of the relevant documents having the specified weight and having a relevance score of the at least one identified match the query submitted data section; and a correlation navigator communicatively connected to said query manager, and based on the relevance score of the documents in the compilation of the rating, and based on the level of Document application result of the dynamic compilation defined, wherein said memory stores the classified compiled, the compilation of the classified generated by classifying the document based on the dynamic compilation of the application of defined , and from said profile manager to the application via the identified section views weight identify sections selected weight, in an amount based on the identified sections of the search character string matches modifications are assigned to the identified sections the weight of.
  8. 8.根据权利要求7所述的系统,进一步包括:分类管理器,其与所述关联性导航器通信连接,并基于所述经分类的汇编的子集的第二关联性评分对所述子集进行分类,其中所述第二关联性评分是基于所述检索简要中出现的次级标准确定的。 8. The system of claim 7, further comprising: a classification manager, in communication associated with the connection of the navigator, and compiled based on a subset of the classified second relevancy score of the sub set classification, wherein said association score is based on the second sub-criteria appearing in the search profile determined.
  9. 9.根据权利要求7所述的系统,进一步包括:可视显示器,其用于显示基于所述关联性评分的所述经分类的汇编的图形表示以及所述汇编中以不同关联性评分表示的文献的数量。 9. The system of claim 7, further comprising: a visual display for displaying a representation with different relevancy score in the compilation based on the relevancy score of the classification by the compiled graphical representation and the the number of documents.
  10. 10.根据权利要求7所述的系统,其中,所述处理器运行用于所述经分类的汇编的曲线拟合例行程序的指令,所述曲线拟合例行程序计算所述经分类的汇编的数据的理论函数,并计算所述函数的至少一个导数。 10. The system according to claim 7, wherein the processor runs the compiled for the classified curve fitting routine of instructions, the curve fitting routine to calculate the classified theoretical function of compiled data, and calculating at least one derivative of the function.
  11. 11.根据权利要求10所述的系统,其中,所述关联性导航器将所述经分类的汇编中的文献限定在选择的所述函数的导数范围内,并返回落入所选的所述函数的导数范围内的数据。 11. The system of claim 10, wherein the association of the navigator in the Proceedings of the classification by defined within a selected range derivative of the function, and returns the selected fall data within the range of the function of the derivative.
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