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The present invention discloses a composition cure of laser low frequency cupping glass iontophoresis magnet needle, which is a composition cure with mulit-functions in a cupping manner, such as gold magnetic needle, nephrite, laser, low-frequency, ionic treatment, and bioelectricity activity. When used, the curer generates bioelectricity and low-frequency for coating skin with an ionic composition. The curer is added with gold plated (gold, silver, titanium and nickel) needle on strong magnetic stone (500-4500 Gauss), and magnetic force is leded to tip of the needle for acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. A nephrite powder case releases anion, low power laser form 1-5 laser LED with wavelength of 420-110Onm automatically flashes and irradiates, forming ions at the tip of the magnetic needle and generating onducting bioelectricity (0.01- 1 mA) by galvanic couple, and the anions and medication is absorbed by the skin. The devcie of the invention promotes blood circulation, grows hair and prevents hair loss, activates nerve system, prevents and cures varicose veins, treats shoulder ache, cures and prevents disease from personal habits.


激光低频拔罐离子电泳磁针组合治疗仪 Cupping low laser iontophoresis needle combination therapy device

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及把作为传统韩方治疗仪的针灸治疗仪制成磁针治疗仪,使磁针治疗仪中流入电流,吸入离子药物,混合激光的多个波长范围进行治疗,把该治疗器具吸附(拔罐)于皮肤进行推拿,并加装低频仪,同时进行多种功能的治疗。 The present invention relates to a treatment device as ROK traditional acupuncture treatment instrument instrument made of magnetic needle so that the needle treatment instrument current flows, a plurality of wavelength ranges inhalation medicament ions, the hybrid laser treatment, the adsorption of the therapeutic appliance (cupping) to massage the skin, and the installation of low-frequency instrument, at the same time treat a variety of functions.

背景技术 Background technique

从以往的物理治疗仪来看,有按摩仪、推拿仪等刺激皮肤的技术和低频治疗仪、激光治疗仪等利用电的使用频率或光线的治疗技术,以及针灸或拔罐等刺激经络穴位进行治疗的韩方治疗技术,还有改善血液循环的远红外线和利用电吸收离子的离子电泳治疗器具等众多背景技术。 Physical therapy device from the previous point of view, there massager, massage instrument, such as skin irritation and low frequency therapy apparatus techniques, the use of laser treatment and the like or an electrical frequency of use of light therapy, stimulation and acupuncture meridian points, or the like cupping treatment South Korea's treatment techniques, as well as improve blood circulation in the far infrared absorption and utilization of electrical appliances ions iontophoresis treatment, and many other background. 如此众多的背景技术由于每种器具只利用一种功能治疗,因此效率不高。 So many BACKGROUND Because each appliance uses only one function treatment, the efficiency is not high. 在这种情况下,需要一种把激光、 低频、磁针、软玉、推拿、拔罐、离子电泳治疗器具集成为一种器具进行治疗的技术。 In this case, the need for a laser, low frequency, magnetic needle, nephrite, massage, cupping, treatment ion electrophoresis instrument integration technology for the treatment of an appliance.


本发明的目的在于提供一种治疗仪,包括如下几个部分:在外部管理内部 Object of the present invention is to provide a treatment device, comprising the following parts: internal and external management

组合仪的电源、照亮拔罐内部的手段;使强磁力诱导至磁针尖的手段;向磁针 The combination of the power meter, means to illuminate the inside of the cupping; means so that a strong magnetic force to induce a magnetic tip; the needle

连接电源,使低频流入,在吸附于皮肤时吸收离子的手段;使波长为420-1100nm Connected to the power flowing into the low frequency, the absorbent means upon adsorption of ions to the skin; a wavelength of 420-1100nm

的激光在自动闪烁的同时照射磁针中央部位,并挤压皮肤的手段;用于迅速驱散吸附时皮肤上出现充血的推拿手段;在组合仪与拔罐上加装低频垫进行低频治疗的手段。 Automatic flashing laser irradiating the center portion of the needle at the same time, and means for pressing the skin; massage means for rapidly disperse congestion occurs on the skin during adsorption; low installation pad on a low frequency treatment instrument in combination with a cupping means. 利用这种治疗仪,吸附于穴位及痛症部位进行治疗,可以预防脱发、促使生发、改善血液循环、预防及治疗成人病、改善皮肤及预防肥胖、消除疲劳、治疗肩痛症等。 With this treatment, acupuncture and pain adsorbed on the site of treatment, can prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, improve blood circulation, prevention and treatment of adult diseases, improve the skin and prevent obesity, reduce fatigue, shoulder pain treatment psychosis. 下面参照图4,说明解决上述课题所需的构成。 Referring now to FIG. 4, described configuration required to resolve the above problems. 在拔罐中管理内部组合仪 Internal management apparatus in combination of cupping

的电源、照亮拔罐内部的手段是把反射镜7-1加装于空气10吸入调节及电源开关棒,将其放入拔罐外壳l,配以空气吸入口塞ll及空气吸入切断密封圈12, 使高亮度LED在组合仪的开关13上发光,照亮拔罐内部。 Power source means for illuminating the interior cupping mirror 7-1 is to be installed in the air intake regulator 10 and the power switch rod, which is placed in the housing cupping L, together with the air inlet and the air intake plugs ll cutting ring 12 the combination of high-brightness LED in the switch device 13 to emit light, illuminating the interior cupping.

用于使磁力(500-4500高斯)诱导至针尖的手段是把磁石N极3与S极4放入软玉石外壳18,加装5与5-1镀金(金、银、钛、镍)的铁丝,把磁力诱导到针尖。 A magnetic force (500-4500 gauss) is induced by means of the tip to the N pole magnets and S-pole 4 3 in the soft jade housing 18, the installation 5 and 5-1 gold (gold, silver, titanium, nickel) wire, the magnetic induction to the tip.

用于使电流流入磁针手段如图5的磁石3、 4分布所示,使N极与S极处于绝缘状态,在N极针连接电源负极,在S极针连接电源正极,在电源正极一侧,加装自动闪烁(0.01-1秒)激光二极管(LED) 14,使闪烁频率流入。 Means for causing current to flow into the needle magnet 5 shown in FIG. 3, 4 profile such that N and S poles is insulated, connected to the negative power supply pin at the N pole, S pole connect the positive power pin, a positive electrode side of the power supply , installation of automatic flashes (0.01 seconds) laser diode (LED) 14, so that flicker frequency flows.

用于在吸附于皮肤时吸收离子(离子电泳)的手段是在把混合了离子的皮肤营养剂或治疗剂涂于治疗部位后,如图7及图8所示,把磁针吸附于皮肤后, 在N极5与S极5-l形成离子,电流通过皮肤流动,被皮肤吸收,此时,离子吸入移动作用在强磁力(500-4500高斯)与生物电流作用下,更加容易吸收。 It means for absorbing ions (iontophoresis) when adsorbed to the skin is applied to the treatment site mixed skin nutrients or therapeutic agent ions after, 7 and 8, the needle adsorbed on the skin, 5 formed in the N poles and S-poles 5-l ion, a current flowing through the skin, absorbed by the skin, this time, the ion under strong suction action of the magnetic force moves (500-4500 gauss) and current biological effect, more easily absorbed.

使波长17为420-1100nm的1至5東激光在自动闪烁的同时照射磁针中央部位的手段依靠PCB15的激光电路启动,光线由红、绿、蓝、无色的激光构成, 1个波长为420-490nm的激光二极管和1个波长为510-595nm的激光二极管、1 个波长为600-780nm的激光二极管、1个波长为800-950nm的激光二极管、1 个波长为950-1100nm的激光二极管在PCB15的自动闪烁电路控制下,相互反复交叉自动闪烁,照射于中央部位一处,自动闪烁时间间隔0.01-1秒。 Means 17 for the 420-1100nm wavelength of the laser East 1-5 scintillation automatic needle irradiation central portion while relying PCB15 circuit starts laser, light from the red, green, and blue, a colorless laser configuration, a wavelength of 420 -490nm laser diode and a laser diode having a wavelength of 510-595nm, 600-780nm wavelength of a laser diode, a diode laser having a wavelength of 800-950nm, a wavelength of 950-1100nm laser diode PCB15 automatic flashing circuit under control, auto flash cross each other repeatedly, irradiation at a central portion, auto flash interval 0.01 seconds. 激光特性的光线由红(600-780nm)、绿(510陽595nm)、蓝(420-柳腿)三原色构成,激光二极管的脉冲幅为100-500 ,频率为l-5kHz,输出功率为l-20mW。 Characteristics of the laser light from red (600-780nm), green (595 nm 510 positive), and blue (420- Liu leg) constitute the three primary colors, the pulse width of the laser diode 100 to 500, a frequency of l-5kHz, the output power of l- 20mW. 此外还加装了反射镜7、透镜9和透镜盖9-l。 In addition, the installation of the mirror 7, a lens 9 and a lens cover 9-l.

挤压皮肤的手段是用吸入器(拔罐)吸附,加装10至30根5和5-1的磁针, 当在狭小的面积上利用数量众多的磁针按压时,具有挤压皮肤的效果。 Means for pressing the skin is to use an inhaler (cupping) adsorption, the installation of the needle 10 to 30 5 and 5-1, when the pressing by using a large number of small area on the needle, has the effect of pressing the skin. 组合仪与拔罐推拿仪的结合手段是推动拔罐1与组合仪2的连接部位并卡住,以此实现结合,连接时,8与8-1的电源连接孔也同时连接。 Combination instrument and instrument cupping massage cupping binding means is to promote a combination instrument connection point 2 and stuck in order to achieve in combination, connection, also connected to the power supply 8 connected to the hole 8-1. 拔罐使用后驱 Cupping drive after use

散充血部位或使用推拿仪时,分离组合仪,加装推拿仪24手柄使用。 When congestion loose parts or massage device, the separation device in combination, the installation massage device 24 using the handle.

组合仪与拔罐中的低频构成手段是在组合仪的PCB15中构成低频电路,为使低频输出连接到6的组合仪低频垫与19的拔罐低频垫并作用,利用了拔罐的电源连接孔8和组合仪的电源连接孔8-1、拔罐的连接孔8-2实现连接。 Combination instrument with low constituting means cupping is composed of a low-frequency circuit PCB15 combination instrument, in order that the low-frequency output is connected to a combination meter low cushion 6 and cupping low frequency pad and acting 19, the use of the power connection hole cupping 8 and a combination meter power connection holes 8-1, 8-2 cupping connection hole connected.

本仪器作为在一个部位同时进行激光治疗、低频治疗、离子电泳治疗、磁针治疗、吸入(拔罐)治疗、挤压治疗的组合仪器,利用拔罐方式使组合治疗仪吸附于经络穴位或痛症部位、脱发部位以及要治疗的部位进行治疗,治疗后充血部位用组合治疗仪推拿仪驱散。 The instrument as in one location while a laser treatment, low frequency treatment, iontophoresis therapy, needle treatment, inhalation (cupping) treatment, a combination of pressing apparatus for treating, the use of combination therapy device cupping manner adsorbed on the meridian points, or pain site, hair loss site and the site to be treated for treatment, after treatment with combination therapy of congestive site disperse instrument massage device. 用组合治疗仪治疗时,具有改善血液循环、 生发及预防脱发、预防下肢静脉瘤、预防成人病、预防关节炎、治疗肌肉痛及 When treated with combination therapy device with improved blood circulation, hair growth and hair loss prevention, prevention of venous aneurysm, preventing adult diseases, the prevention of arthritis, muscle pain and treatment


从下面结合附图的详细描述中,将会更清楚地理解本发明的上述和其它目的、特征和其它优势,在附图中: 图l是组合仪详细截面图; 图2是组合仪分解图; 图3是组合仪推拿仪分离图; 图4是组合仪拔罐分离图; 图5是组合仪拔罐正面图; 图6是构成电路框图; 图7是组合仪推拿仪使用图; 图8是组合仪拔罐外部调节装置使用图; From the following detailed description in conjunction with the drawings, it will be more clearly understood from the above and other objects, features and other advantages of the present invention, in the drawings: Figure l is a detailed sectional view of a combination meter; FIG. 2 is an exploded view of a combination meter ; FIG. 3 is a combination instrument massage device separated; Figure 4 is a combination instrument cupping separated; Figure 5 is a combination instrument cupping front view; FIG. 6 is a circuit block diagram showing a configuration; FIG. 7 is a combination instrument massage instrument used; Figure 8 is a combination of instrument FIG cupping the external adjustment device;

图9是对组合治疗仪使用后充血部位进行组合仪推拿后经过2天后的变化状态; FIG 9 is a rear portion of the combination therapy of congestive instrument using combined massage device state change after 2 days;

图IO是在静脉瘤治疗时充血的瘀血被驱散的状态;图ll是使用组合治疗仪前的头皮状态; FIG IO is at varix treatment of congestive stasis be dispersed state; FIG. Ll scalp using a state before combination therapy device;

图12是使用组合治疗仪过程中的头皮状态; FIG. 12 is a state scalp during combination therapy device;

图13是使用组合治疗仪12个月后的头皮状态; FIG 13 is a combination therapy device state scalp after 12 months;

图14是使用组合治疗仪后前额部位生出头发的现象; Figure 14 is a rear combination therapy device forehead give birth to the phenomenon of hair;

图15是通过组合治疗仪穴位治疗来治疗肩痛症过程中的状态。 FIG 15 is a shoulder pain treating disease state during treatment instrument by combining the acupuncture treatment.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

为实施上述技术课题,下面参照附图进行说明,图l是组合仪截面图,图4是组合仪与拔罐的结合图。 To implement the above technical problems will be described below with reference to the drawings, Figure l is a sectional view of the combination instrument, FIG. 4 is a combination instrument in conjunction with FIG cupping. 下面根据各部件的结合及功能进行说明,附图标记l是吸入空气并吸附的拔罐,附图标记2是加装了组合仪(激光、离子移动、 低频、软玉、磁针)的组合治疗仪。 Cupping will be described below in conjunction with the various components and functions, reference numerals l and the intake air is adsorbed, reference numeral 2 is a combination of the installation instrument (laser, ion movement, the low-frequency, soft jade, needle) combination therapy device .

在拔罐上部吸入口带有排出空气后切断的硅橡胶密封圈12,为打开内部电源,在中央部位加装了空气吸入调节及开/关内部组合仪电源的电源开关棒10, 在棒末端加装了反射镜7-1,利用空气吸入口塞ll对其进行固定。 Cupping suction port in an upper portion of the discharge air with the cutting silicone rubber seals 12, to open the internal power supply, the central parts of the installation and adjustment of the air suction opening / closing device inside the combined power supply switch rod 10, added to the end of the rod 7-1 installed mirror using an air inlet plugs ll be fixed.

即,用于在外部拔罐中调节内部组合仪电源的手段。 That is, a combination of the internal means for adjusting the power supply device in the external cupping.

其中,在13的开关上部加装了高亮度激光二极管(LED),启动时,可以使 Wherein, in the installation of the upper switch 13 is a high brightness laser diode (the LED), when activated, can be made

光线通过反射镜7-l向下反射,照亮拔罐内部。 The light reflected downward by the reflecting mirror 7-l, illuminating the interior cupping.

附图标记8是拔罐的电源连接孔,附图标记8-1是组合仪的电源连接孔, Reference numeral 8 is a power supply connection hole cupping, reference numeral 8-1 is a power supply connection hole combination instrument,

通过两个部位的结合,使用外部电源对组合仪内部电源进行充电,是一种充电 , Using a combination of external power source device charged by an internal power supply two binding sites, a charging

兼用电源连接装置。 Dual-purpose power connection.

附图标记8-2是连接于低频垫的连接孔,既可以通过外部输出连接低频, Reference numeral 8-2 is connected to the connection holes low frequency pad may be connected through an external low-frequency output,

又可以通过8、 8-1的电源连接孔连接低频,启动低频治疗仪。 In turn be connected via a low-frequency power connection hole 8, 8-1, starting low frequency treatment device. 低频从15的PCB输出,低频的输出线连接于低频垫19、 6。 PCB 15 from the output of the low frequency, low frequency output line is connected to a low frequency pad 19, 6. 上述8、 8-l连接孔还作为电源及低频电路连接兼用手段使用。 Above 8, 8-l as a power supply connection hole and further used along with a low-frequency circuit connected to the means used. 当充电时,去除低频线进行充电,当利用内部电源启动时,则作为低频输 When the charging cable for charging remove the low frequency, when the use of the internal power supply starts, as the low-output

出连接孔使用。 The use of the connection hole.

619、 6低频垫是一种导电硅橡胶,当把拔罐吸附于皮肤进行治疗时,附着力好,吸附效果优秀。 619, a low frequency pad 6 is an electrically conductive silicone rubber when the cupping adhering to skin treatment, good adhesion, excellent adsorption effect.

组合仪的附图标记2是上部外壳,附图标记18是下部外壳,在2上部外壳上加装用于对内部电源进行充电的8-1连接孔,使其能够连接电源进行充电, 而且还可以连接外部DC电源使用。 A combination meter 2 is an upper housing reference numerals, reference numeral 18 is a lower housing, the upper housing 2 installed on the connecting hole 8-1 for charging the internal power supply, so that it can be connected to a charging power source, but also It can be connected to external DC power supply.

在组合仪中,附图标记14接地用(生物电流指示)高亮度激光二极管(LED) 可以向外壳2上用压克力成型的十字架照射光线。 In combination instrument, reference numerals 14 crosses the ground light irradiation (indicated bioelectrical) high brightness laser diodes (LED) may be molded onto the housing 2 with the acrylic.

离子电泳装置的构成是,在S极磁石4 (500-4500高斯)的磁针5连接正极(+)电源,电路构成上可以满足使接地用高亮度LED 14以0.01-1秒的周期自动闪烁,在N极磁石3 (500-4500高斯)的金磁针5-1连接负极(-)电源,使离子生物电流可以通过皮肤流动。 Iontophoretic devices are configured, the S pole magnet 4 (500-4500 Gauss) magnetic needle 5 connected to the positive (+) power supply, the ground to meet the high-brightness LED 14 flashes automatically 0.01 to 1 second period on the circuit configuration, N pole magnet gold needle 5-13 (500-4500 gauss) is connected to the negative (-) power, the ion current through the skin of biological flow.

为获得上述效果,N极与S极的磁石必须处于绝缘状态,本技术是在使用N极和S极2个磁石与中央部位绝缘后加装。 To obtain the above effect, N pole and S pole of the magnet must be insulated, this technology is the use of two magnets with poles N and S central portion after installation of the insulation.

即,使N极磁针5与S极磁针5-l之间处于电源切断状态,或是生物电流通过涂了离子药物的皮肤流动的状态,在金磁针周边发生阴离子,电偶电流在强磁力作用下顺利流动。 That is, the N-pole and the S needle 5 is in the power between the electrode needle 5-l disconnected state, by applying current or biological skin drug ion flow state, the needle peripheral anionic gold occurs, a strong magnetic force acts in the galvanic current under the smooth flow.

药物中可以混合有益皮肤的营养剂或有助于治愈脱发及有益头皮的药剂、 有益血液循环的药剂、有助于治愈关节炎的药剂等使用。 The drug may be mixed or nutrients help heal skin benefit agents useful scalp and hair loss, an agent useful blood circulation, arthritis agents help heal the like.

磁针是在利用作为远红外线和阴离子放射体的玉石粉末形成软玉外壳18 后,安放磁石3、 4及5、 5-l)针,针由容易诱导磁力的铁丝构成,铁丝末端部位圆滑,以便不至于损伤皮肤,使用金、银、钛、镍镀金。 The needle is, after use is formed NEPHRITE housing 18 as jade powder of far-infrared rays and anions radiation body, placed magnets 3, 4 and 5, 5-l) needles, which is easy induced magnetic wire configuration, the wire end portions rounded, so will not damage the skin, gold, silver, titanium, nickel plated.

附图标记16是充电用电池,用作内部电源。 Reference numeral 16 is a rechargeable battery, as an internal power supply.

组合仪内部的激光17二极管依靠PCB电路的激光脉冲及频率震荡和自动闪烁(0.01-1秒)电路启动,由1至5个波长为420-1100nm的低功率激光二极管(LED)构成。 A laser diode inside the combination meter 17 depend on the laser pulse and the frequency of the oscillation circuit and the PCB automatically flashes (0.01 seconds) circuit starts from 1-5 having a wavelength of 420-1100nm low-power laser diodes (LED) that configuration.

自动闪烁是1个波长为420-490nm的激光二极管和1个波长为510-595nm 的激光二极管、1个波长为600-780nm的激光二极管、1个波长为800-950nm的激光二极管、1个波长为950-1100nm的激光二极管在PCB15自动闪烁(0.01-1 Auto flash is a diode laser having a wavelength of 420-490nm and a diode laser having a wavelength of 510-595nm, a diode laser having a wavelength of 600-780nm, 800-950nm wavelength of a laser diode, a wavelength 950-1100nm laser diode automatically flashes PCB15 (0.01-1

秒)电路控制下,相互反复交叉或依次自动闪烁,照射中央部位的某一处。 Under sec) control circuit, repeatedly crossing each other or blink automatically in sequence, one at a central portion of the irradiation. 为提高激光照射效果,加装了反射镜7和透镜9、透镜盖9-l。 In order to improve the effect of laser irradiation, the installation of a mirror 7 and a lens 9, a lens cover 9-l. 此时,照射的激光光线由不同波长特性的光构成,包括波长为600-750nm At this time, the irradiation of the laser beam consists of light of different wavelength characteristics, including wavelength of 600-750nm

的红光、波长为510-595nm的绿色、波长为420-490nm的蓝光(由光的三原色构 Red, green wavelengths of 510-595nm, 420-490nm wavelength of blue light (the three primary colors of light by the structure

成),照射时可实现光治疗。 Percent), can be achieved when the light irradiation treatment.

低功率激光的特性是脉冲幅为100-500 as,频率为1-5他,输出功率为1—20mW。 Characteristics of low-power laser is a pulse width of 100-500 as, the frequency of his 1-5, output power 1-20mW.

通过1至5个激光波长(420-1100nm)的脉冲频率效果、红绿蓝光的效果以及自动闪烁并瞬间交叉(闪烁时间为0.01-1秒)效果,激活末稍神经,促进皮肤细胞再生,激活生物节律。 1-5 by the laser wavelength (420-1100nm) pulse frequency effect, and the effect of red, green and blue and automatically flashing instantaneous crossing (flash time of 0.01 seconds) effect, activation of peripheral nerves to promote regeneration of skin cells, activation biorhythm.

在使用如上构成的组合治疗仪时,如图4所示,把图l的组合仪与拔罐结合在一起,吸附于穴位进行治疗,治疗后取下拔罐,如图3所示,结合推拿仪手柄,通过推拿驱散充血部位,如图8所示,低频与电源管理、吸入器也可作为另外的外部设备使用。 When using combination therapy device configured as described above, shown in Figure 4, the combination instrument with Figure l together cupping, adsorbed to point treatment, after treatment, removing the cupping, 3, and Massage instrument handle through massage disperse congestion parts, shown in Figure 8, low and power management, the inhaler may be used as an additional external device.

利用本器具的发明技术,可以制造出混合不同波长(420-1100nm)范围的激 With the present invention the appliance in the art, the mixing of different wavelengths can be manufactured laser (420-1100nm) range

光进行照射激光治疗仪,进行皮肤管理及刺激细胞,激活生物体节律;也可以制造出利用强磁力(500-4500高斯)与低电流,在皮肤上涂以离子混合药物实现离子电泳的皮肤美容推拿仪;还可以制造出拔罐、针灸、磁力组合的综合韩方物理治疗仪。 Light irradiating laser treatment, and management of a skin stimulator cells, activation organism rhythm; may be manufactured using a strong magnetic force (500-4500 Gauss) and low current, ion mixing the drug coated skin care implement iontophoresis on the skin massage device; cupping can also be produced, acupuncture, magnetic integrated combination of physical therapy device ROK.

8 8

Claims (3)

1、一种激光低频拔罐离子电泳磁针组合治疗仪,针对由把组合仪加装于拔罐内构成的组合治疗仪部和在组合仪上加装手柄的手柄部构成的组合治疗仪,其特征在于,该治疗仪包括:组合仪外壳,它由混合软玉石粉末构成;激光治疗器具构成部,它在组合仪内部驱动激光进行照射;磁针部,它使N极与S极相反地安装了2块组合仪内部磁石,向经过镀金(金、银、钛、镍)的针诱导磁力;离子电泳治疗器具构成部,它在吸附于皮肤时,向针流入电流;低频垫部,分别把低频垫加装于组合仪和拔罐,使拔罐低频垫也可作为外部低频仪使用;高亮度LED发光部,它照亮拔罐内部;电源部,它管理内部、外部电源。 A low-frequency laser cupping iontophoresis needle combination treatment, for combination therapy device portion consisting of the combination meter installed in the installation of cupping and handle combination in the combination instrument handle portion configured treatment instrument, wherein the treatment instrument comprising: a combination instrument housing which consists of a mixed soft jade powder; laser treatment appliance configuration unit, which drives the laser irradiation within the combination instrument; needle portion, which makes N and S poles mounted two opposite composition's internal magnet, guided to the gold plated (gold, silver, titanium, nickel) needle magnetic; iontophoresis treatment instrument configured portion which, when adsorbed to the skin, current flows to the needle; low pad portion, respectively, the low frequency pad and and cupping combination instrument mounted on the pad may be as low cupping external device using a low frequency; high-luminance LED light emission unit, which illuminates the interior cupping; power supply unit that manages the internal, external power supply.
2、 一种激光低频拔罐离子电泳磁针组合治疗仪内的离子电泳治疗器具构成方法,针对离子电泳治疗器具的构成方法,其特征在于,在使N极与S极相反地安装了2个磁石(500-4500高斯)后,在磁石上加装经过镀金(金、银、钛、镍) 的针;在诱导磁力的N极针连接电源负极,在S极针连接电源正极,当吸附于皮肤时,电流流入自动闪烁(0.01-1秒)LED;反向连接电源极性;离子电泳治疗器具接触皮肤的部位由磁石构成,使电流流入磁石。 2, iontophoretic laser treatment appliance within a low-frequency magnetic needle combination therapy cupping iontophoresis device configuration method, the method for constituting the iontophoresis treatment appliance, characterized in that the N and S poles of two magnets mounted opposite ( 500-4500 Gauss), the installation of the magnet in the through the needle gold (gold, silver, titanium, nickel); connect the power induced in the negative magnetic N pole pin connected to the positive power supply pin S pole, when adsorbed to the skin current flows automatically flashes (0.01 seconds) the LED; reverse polarity power source is connected; iontophoresis treatment appliance parts contacting the skin is made of a magnet, a current flows into the magnet.
3、 一种激光低频拔罐离子电泳磁针组合治疗仪内的激光治疗器具构成方法,其特征在于,利用PCB的激光脉冲及频率震荡自动闪烁构成电路驱动1至5个波长为420-1100 nm的激光,使1个波长为420-490 nm的激光二极管和1个波长为510-595 nm的激光二极管、1个波长为600-780 nm的激光二极管、1个波长为800-950 nm的激光二极管、l个波长为950-1100 nm的激光二极管相互反复交叉依次自动闪烁,向中央集中照射,自动闪烁反复交叉时间为0.01-1秒;激光二极管是脉冲幅为100-500 /^s、频率为l-5他、输出功率为l-20mW的低功率激光二极管,通过反射镜和透镜、透镜盖照射。 3. A low-frequency laser of laser treatment appliance cupping iontophoresis in combination therapy device configured needle, characterized in that the laser pulses using a PCB and frequency of the oscillation circuit for driving the automatic configuration scintillation 1-5 laser having a wavelength of 420-1100 nm , so that a wavelength of 420-490 nm and a laser diode having a wavelength of 510-595 nm of the laser diode, a wavelength of 600-780 nm of the laser diode, a wavelength of 800-950 nm of the laser diode, l wavelength 950-1100 nm laser diode intersect each other repeatedly blink automatically in sequence, the central focus is irradiated, auto flash repeatedly crossing time from 0.01 seconds; pulse width of the laser diode is 100-500 / ^ s, a frequency of l he -5, l-20mW output power of low-power laser diodes, through mirrors and lenses, the lens cover is irradiated.
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