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The invention relates to a perimeter guard alarm used in intrusion defense for perimeter safety. The alarm adopts a conducting wire as a tool and takes end voltage and current abnormal change value generated due to conducting wire breakage, touching and earthing, etc. as the basis for intrusion so as to judge conditions such as wire breakage, touching and earthing caused by robber intrusion. Therefore, the invention can realize safety guard of building facade and other perimeters.


Perimeter defencealarm
Technical field:
This patent relates to a kind of electric product, especially the alarm used of safety precaution.
Background technology:
In the security protection industry, antitheft scope is divided into two classes, i.e. space invasion and boundary defence.Electronics boundary defence technology generally has following several technical approach at present: 1, infrared ray correlation; 2, break alarm; 3, outdoor passive infrared.Wire break alarm does not have actual use because practicality is not strong; Passive infrared invasion is surveyed owing to reasons such as technology, in fact also is not employed; Mainly use the infrared ray correlation at present.But infrared ray has many defectives: the one, there is inevitable deviation.When 60M was above, infrared laser beam was difficult to accurately aim at the small target center of light-receiving device, especially in fine and sleet sky, can produce deviation because of the glass and the air refraction of laser beam, thus false alarm; The 2nd, can not be used to change tortuous environment, especially can not be suitable for modern many breaks building facade, can only be used for fence; The 3rd, ultrared position is a critical defect, as long as walk around this line, infrared correlation has just lost effect; The 4th, specific environment such as infrared correlation is influenced by outdoor environment easily, and it is more to be used for flow of the people, and it is more to fall leaves.
The outer facade of building is common at present in addition is to adopt burglary-resisting window.Because the burglary-resisting window drawback is extremely many, and influence attractive in appearancely, the Ministry of Public Security progressively forces to cancel with Ministry of Construction dispatch.But generally be magnetic warnings, small-sized infrared correlation in order to what substitute, reach passive infrared detection.But door magnetic is reported to the police and can not be windowed, and infrared correlation and passive detection practicality are limited.The circumference safety precaution that is used for elevation of building that can not be real.
Summary of the invention:
The present invention has adopted lead as boundary defence.When lead is cut off, alarm equipment alarm also can be indicated and where be cut off; Operate when the people carries out harmfulness to lead, alarm is also reported to the police, with tamper-proof; The node place establishes specific element, in case prior malice bridging conductor and broken string.
The invention has the beneficial effects as follows: be applicable to the boundary defence of flooring facade, the infrared correlation at alternative fence place, and be applicable to aquaculture fence, fish pond etc.Expense is low, wide adaptability, and alert if can be selected for use according to the environment needs.
1, perimeter defencealarm is by some leads, middle framework point, and feeder ear parts and feedback end part are formed;
2, lead is more than two and two, and naked conductive material can outer Baogang skein be prevented cutting ability to increase, and also can adopt the conductive material of specific electrical resistance;
3, middle framework point one is as the strong point with lead, the 2nd, the place carries out mechanical scalable connection at the framework point, to eliminate the influence of temperature variation to lead, the 3rd, built-in specific resistance carries out accurate step-down and falls electric current, the 4th, middle framework point place is power autonomous, can carry out the prompting of node burn out detection; Long as lead, then middle framework point also need provide the power amplification effect;
4, the feeder ear parts are positioned at the starting end of lead, and the voltage stabilizing rectification provides accurate primary power value, and to different voltage and the electric currents of different conductor output;
5, feedback end part is positioned at the end of lead, and is independently-powered, and its built-in simple calculations circuit is got approximate value to the terminal voltage electric current, disturbs to eliminate the loss of circuit under varying environment; And establish a storer such as static RAM (SRAM), the terminal voltage current value during the storage normal condition is as the comparison foundation.The feedback end by detecting, is a foundation with the setting value according to the terminal power supply that receives, the electric current and voltage of the end of lead is carried out the logic comparison, thereby export different actuation of an alarm signals;
6, be example with three leads: feeder ear is after rectification, to the power supply of article one lead output 36V 50mA, to the power supply of second lead output 20V 30mA, to the power supply of the 3rd lead output 10V 20mA.Article three, lead is by in the middle of each during framework point, and power supply signal can be fallen stream by step-down successively, at last can be with terminal voltage electric current arrival feedback end.The feedback end is in the debugging work of beginning, and terminal normal voltage current value, approximate value is got in the degree of accuracy requirement different according to the user, deposits in the storer.If in use, the terminal voltage electric current is all approximate identical with setting value, and alarm is not reported to the police; If in use, terminal voltage electric current and setting value are not inconsistent, so alarm equipment alarm.
7, the alarm equipment alarm condition is as follows:
1) when the people cut off circuit to arbitrary lead, the feedback end was lost power supply signal, and then autonomous power supply system orders about alarm equipment alarm; The middle framework point of institute's interrupting portion when can not get power supply signal, triggers the dry cell of reserve, connects and often opens the alarm buzzer warning, indication broken string place, position.
2) when people's health or instrument touching made two lead conductings, the lead of high voltage electric current was connected into the lead of low voltage electric current, must change the terminal power values of low voltage current lead, alarm equipment alarm;
3) when the person is touched arbitrary lead, the people forms path, alarm equipment alarm with ground;
4) when the people connected other line more disconnected lead in advance, because the variable voltage and variable current work of having skipped middle framework point, terminal voltage electric current and feedback end predetermined value were not inconsistent, and after the difference amplification, alarm is still reported to the police;
5) therefore above warning trigger condition difference can make corresponding alarm lamp to show different implications; Or open and close corresponding lead detection module, to start or to close respective detection;
8, the various electric wire detection modules that use in the above, storer etc., existing multiple commercially available finished product is no longer carefully discussed.

Claims (6)

1. perimeter defencealarm of the present invention is the metal bare wire that utilizes some different electric currents and voltage, measure it and begin and terminal electric current and voltage changes, by with the logic comparison of normal difference, thereby produce actuation of an alarm.
2. according to right 1 described boundary alarm, employed number of metal line adopts different electric current and voltages;
3. according to right 1 described boundary alarm, utilize the various resistance and the various components and parts of its serial or parallel connection, artificially set its voltage drop and electric current difference as alert if
4. according to right 1 described boundary alarm, the abnormal end electric current and voltage that conductor cord disconnection, short, ground connection etc. are produced changes difference as alert if;
5. according to right 1 described boundary alarm, the terminal employing stored memory, and terminal measured value is got approximate value, and compares with setting value, thereby produces actuation of an alarm;
6. according to right 1 described boundary alarm, different alert if produces different actuation of an alarms, therefore can close or open all or part of alarm detection function.
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