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一种最佳化一AP的信道选择的无线通信方法及系统。 A preferred method and system of a radio communication channel selected AP. 信道选择最佳化过程包含四个子过程:1)一测量过程;2)一候选信道决定过程;3)一信道选择过程;及4)一信道更新过程。 Channel selection optimization process comprises four sub-processes: 1) a measurement process; 2) a candidate channel determination procedure; 3) a channel selection process; and 4) a channel update process. 决定用于支持由该AP进行的通信的候选信道。 Decision support for communications by the AP candidate channel. 该候选信道系从一可容许信道集合(ACS)以每一候选信道之一测得干扰小于一已确定最大容许干扰为条件而选出。 The channel coefficients from a candidate allowable channel set (ACS) to each one of the candidate channels have been measured interference is less than a determined maximum allowable interference condition is selected.


最佳化存取点信道选择的无线通信方法及装置技术领域[0001] 本发明有关一种无线通信系统。 Optimizing wireless communication method and apparatus Field of the access point channel selection [0001] The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. 更具体说,本发明有关为一存取点(AP)选择最适切作业信道。 More particularly, the present invention is related to an access point (AP) to select the most appropriate operating channel. 背景技术[0002] 一无线通信系统运作所在的一无线链接的条件可能在任何时间改变。 [0002] a wireless communication system conditions where the operation of a wireless link may change at any time. 由于一无线传输/接收单元(WTRU)是移动的,该WTRU视其位置而定可能脱离或是在一或多个APs的范围内。 Since a wireless transmit / receive unit (WTRU) is mobile, depending on its location and the WTRU may be set off or in the range of one or more APs. [0003] 一通信系统的容量有时会因为频宽考量而受限。 [0003] The capacity of a communication system may be limited because of the bandwidth considerations. 可供通信系统联络数据使用的通信信道的频宽容量是有限的,且必须分摊于复数个APs及可携式WTRUs。 Contacts for a communication system using a data communication channel bandwidth capacity is limited, and must be assessed in a plurality of portable APs and WTRUs. [0004]当今有数种架构被用来提高无线通信系统的容量。 [0004] Several types of architecture are used today to improve the capacity of the wireless communication system. 信道(亦即频率)选择是这种架构其中一种,借以让一网络内的一个或多个APs选择一个或多个信道与其它相关WTRUs 联络。 Channel (i.e., frequency) This architecture is one choice, whereby one or more APs so that a network selection within one or more channels associated with the other contact WTRUs. AP信道选择的协调一般是以手动方式进行。 AP coordinated channel selection is generally performed manually. 但是,要响应于网络组态中的每一小变化以手动方式协调信道选择是非常不切实际的,因为这可能导致所有APs的一重新设计和重新组态。 However, in response to every small change to the network configuration manually coordinated channel selection is very impractical, as this may lead to a re-design and re-configuration of all APs. 未经许可的频谱和外部干扰源也会造成手动协调无法充分解决的问题。 Unlicensed spectrum and external sources of interference can cause problems manually coordination can not be adequately addressed. 此外, 难以借助手动信道选择方式将信道指派成会使得相邻APs的讯务负载以一最大化整体系统容量的方式分摊于可用信道。 Further, it is difficult by means of the manual channel selection mode to be such that the channel assignment information of the adjacent APs traffic load in a manner to maximize the overall system capacity is assessed in available channel. [0005] 现有架构在有多个APs试图同时开机之时会遭遇另一问题。 [0005] There are multiple APs in existing infrastructure while trying to boot it will encounter another problem. 当一网络内发生此情况,所有APs尝试在相同时间做出一信道选择。 When this situation occurs within a network, all APs try to make a channel selected at the same time. 因此,APs的信道选择不会是最佳的,因为每一AP并未将邻近APs的信道选择纳入考量。 Thus, APs channel selection is not optimal, because each AP to neighboring APs not selected channel into account. [0006]自动地最佳化信道选择以避免与现有手动信道选择过程相关的前述问题的方法及装置会是极为有利的。 [0006] which automatically optimizes the channel selection process in order to avoid the aforementioned problems associated with conventional manual selection of a channel method and apparatus would be highly advantageous. 发明内容[0007] 本发明有关一种最佳化一AP的信道选择的无线通信方法及装置。 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION [0007] The present wireless communication apparatus and relates to a method of optimizing channel selection of an AP of the present invention. 该装置可为一AP及/或一集成电路(1C)。 The apparatus may be an AP and / or an integrated circuit (1C). [0008] 信道选择最佳化过程包含四个子过程:1) 一测量过程;2) —候选信道决定过程; 3) 一信道选择过程;及4) 一信道更新过程。 [0008] The channel selection optimization process comprises four sub-processes: 1) a measurement process; 2) - the candidate channel determination process; and 3) a channel selection process; and 4) a channel update process. 决定用于支持由该AP进行的通信的候选信道。 Decision support for communications by the AP candidate channel. 该候选信道是从一可容许信道集合(ACS)以每一候选信道的测得干扰要小于一已确定最大容许干扰为条件选出。 Candidate channel from an allowable channel set (ACS) to measured interference for each candidate channel is determined to be less than a maximum allowable interference condition is selected. 附图说明[0009] 以下将以举例方式提结合附图对本发明进行详细说明以对于本发明能更为清楚的了解,附图中:[0010] 图1是一依据本发明之一无线通信系统的方块图;[0011] 图2是一依据本发明一实施例之一信道最佳化过程的流程图;以及[0012] 图3A图3B图3A和图3B是连在一起的,其为一依据本发明另一实施例的一信道选择过程的详细流程图。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION [0009] The following will be mentioned by way of example in conjunction with the accompanying drawings of the present invention will be described in detail for the present invention can be more clearly understood, the accompanying drawings in which: [0010] FIG. 1 is one of a wireless communication system according to the present invention is based on a block diagram; [0011] FIG 2 is a preferred process according to one embodiment of the present invention, the channel is a flowchart of a embodiment; and [0012] FIGS. 3A and 3B in FIG. 3A and 3B are linked, which is a a detailed flowchart of a channel selection process according to another embodiment of the present invention.

具体实施方式[0013] 在下文中,术语"WTRU"包含但非局限于一用户设备(UE)、一移动站、固定或移动用户单元、呼叫器、或任何其它能够在一无线环境中运作的类型的装置。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION [0013] Hereinafter, the term "WTRU" includes but is limited to a non-user equipment (the UE), a mobile station, a fixed or mobile subscriber unit, pager, or any other type capable of operating in a wireless environment s installation. [0014] 在下文中,术语"AP"包含但非局限于一存取点、一基站、B节点、网点控制器、或在无线环境中任何其它类型的界面装置。 [0014] Hereinafter, the term "AP" includes but is limited to a non-access point, a base station, B node, network controller, or any other type of interface devices in a wireless environment. [0015] 本发明的特征可被并入一IC内或被建构在一包括多个互连组件的电路内。 [0015] The features of the invention may be incorporated in an IC or the construction of the circuit comprising a multitude of interconnecting components. [0016] 如下所述,本发明大体上可应用于无线局域网络(WLAN)技术,譬如大体上应用于IEEE 802. 11及ETSI HyperLAN规格,然而还可将其应用在其它限制干扰无线系统譬如IEEE 802.15 及IEEE 802.16。 [0016] the following, the present invention is generally applicable to wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, such as IEEE 802. 11 and applied generally ETSI HyperLAN specifications, but also its application to the interference in a wireless system other constraints such as the IEEE 802.15 and IEEE 802.16. [0017] 图1是一依据本发明的无线通信系统100的方块图。 [0017] FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a wireless communication system 100 in accordance with the present invention. 无线通信系统100包括一AP 105及复数个WTRUs IlOa-1lOn0 AP 105经由一天线120通过一无线链接115与WTRUs IlOa-1lOn联络。 The wireless communication system 100 includes an AP 105 and a plurality of WTRUs IlOa-1lOn0 AP 105 via the antenna 120 to contact the WTRUs IlOa-1lOn 115 through a radio link. AP 105包含一收发器125、一信道选择器130、一测量单元135、一功率控制器140、一定时器145及一存储器150。 AP 105 comprises a transceiver 125, a channel selector 130, a measurement unit 135, a power controller 140, a timer 145 and a memory 150. 收发器125经由天线120对WTRUs IlOa-1lOn发出信号115a-115n且从该WTRUs接收信号115a_115n。 Transceiver 125 120 of signals 115a-115n via the antenna WTRUs IlOa-1lOn 115a_115n and receive signals from the WTRUs. [0018] 信道选择器130选择一用来与每一WTRU IlOa-1lOn联络的信道。 [0018] The channel selector 130 selects one for each WTRU IlOa-1lOn the contact channel. 测量单元135测量用于支持AP 105的作业参数。 A measuring unit 135 for measuring the AP 105 supports the operating parameters. 测量单元135负责收集、处理并存储信道测量值,这种测量值包含但非局限于:信道使用率(亦即信道繁忙的时间百分率),外部(非802. 11)干扰的位准,从接收封包测得的接收信号强度,及类似测量值。 Measurement unit 135 is responsible for collecting, processing and storing channel measurements, such measurement values ​​include, but are non limited to: channel utilization (i.e., the percentage of time the channel is busy), external (non-802.11) interference level from the reception packets received signal strength measured, the measured values ​​and the like. 功率控制器140控制AP 105的传输功率。 The power controller 140 controls the transmission power 105 of the AP. 定时器145设定AP 105进行某些作业的一或多个预定周期。 AP 105 timer 145 is set for a predetermined period of some or more jobs. 存储器150为AP 105提供储存能力,包括记录诸如测量结果的数据。 The memory 150 provides storage capability for the AP 105, such as a data record comprising the results of the measurement. [0019] 图2是一依据本发明的信道最佳化过程200的流程图。 [0019] FIG 2 is a flowchart of a channel optimization process 200 in accordance with the present invention. 信道最佳化是指选择一特定AP或APs网络在特定数据传输条件下使用的最佳信道(亦即频率)的过程。 Channel Optimization is the best channel to select a particular AP or APs in a network using a particular data transmission conditions (i.e., frequency) of the process. 信道最佳化可为以手动方式或自动方式实行,且得为在部署时就开始进行或是在作业中动态进行。 Channel optimization may be manually or automatically implemented, and have started to be deployed, or when in the dynamic operation. 信道最佳化过程200可搭配无线局域网络(WLAN)应用(例如依据IEEE 802. 11)实行。 Optimization process with the channel 200 may be a wireless local area network (WLAN) applications (e.g., based on IEEE 802. 11) implementation. [0020] 如图2所示,信道最佳化过程200始于步骤205。 [0020] 2, channel optimization process 200 begins at step 205. 信道最佳化过程200在正常系统作业中动态地决定最佳作业信道,不会让BSS内的相关WTRUs经历到一服务中断。 Channel optimization process 200 dynamically determine the best job in the normal channel system operation, will not let associated WTRUs within the BSS to experience a service interruption. 在步骤210中,AP 105定期用短时间扫描复数个信道当中每一信道以避免对其相关用户造成服务中断,并且在这些信道上进行测量。 In step 210, AP 105 periodically scans a plurality of channels in a short time which each channel to avoid service interruptions, and measurements on these channels to its associated user. 在步骤215中,如果经判定AP正在一低负载周期、亦即没有BSS讯务且/或没有相关用户期间运作,AP 105引动该信道最佳化过程,借助以在一高系统负载期间取得的测量值为基础算出每一信道的"预料信道负载"的方式判断是否一新信道会更适合(步骤220)。 In step 215, if adjudicated AP is a low-duty cycle, i.e. no BSS-traffic and / or did not work during the relevant user, AP 105 motivate the optimization process of the channel means to obtain during a high system load calculated based on the measured value of each channel "expected channel load" means determining whether a new channel would be more appropriate (step 220). 在步骤225中,AP 105将其作业信道换成具备最低预料信道负载的信道。 In step 225, AP 105 which includes a working channel into the lowest expected channel load channel. [0021] 在当今IEEE 802. 11网络中,并没有让AP 105通知相关WTRU 110作业信道有一变化的机制(至少在基础标准中没有)。 [0021] In today's IEEE 802. 11 network, and notify the AP 105 does not allow WTRU 110 operating mechanism has a channel change (at least not on the basis of the standard). 如果一AP 105改变信道,其每一相关WTRUs 110 最终会理解到已丧失与AP 105的通信,且最终会开始搜寻一新AP。 If the AP 105 changes a channel, each of its associated WTRUs 110 will eventually be understood that have lost communication with the AP 105, and will eventually start searching for a new AP. 其很有可能在同一个AP的新作业信道上重新选择该AP。 Which is likely to reselect the new AP in a job channel of the same AP. 无论如何,问题在于WTRUs会从其丧失与AP的通信之时到其就新信道与该AP重新联系之时感觉到一服务中断。 In any case, the question is when it will WTRUs new channel to reconnect with the AP of a service interruption feel from the loss of communication with the AP to it. 为避免服务中断,信道最佳化过程200会等到BSS(信元)内没有讯务时才改变信道。 To avoid service interruption, the channel optimization process 200 will wait until there is no change in the traffic channel when the news BSS (cell). 另一方面,IEEE 802. 11标准当中的一些版本(即IEEE 802.1lh及很可能会有的该标准的一未来版本)可能允许AP对其WTRU 交信告知改变信道。 On the other hand, IEEE 802. 11 standard among some versions (i.e. IEEE 802.1lh and is likely to be the standard of a future version) may allow the AP to its channel cross inform WTRU to change the channel. 在此情况中,信道最佳化过程200不一定要等到没有BSS讯务才进行。 In this case, the channel optimization process 200 does not necessarily have to wait for until BSS TVM. 因此,信道最佳化过程200得以定期运行并且只要有需要就改变作业信道。 Thus, the channel optimization process 200 is periodically run as long as there is a need to change the job channel. [0022] 在所有情况中,信道最佳化过程200扫描信道的一序列(例如信道1-11的一列表)以检测可用的最佳信道。 [0022] In all cases, a sequence (e.g., a list of channels 1-11) channel optimization process 200 of scanning channels to detect the best available channels. 该信道可为依一预定顺序被扫描,或者该信道可为随机地被扫描。 The channel may be scanned according to a predetermined sequence, or the channel may be scanned as randomly. 在此要强调的重点是信道扫描不是在没有BSS讯务的时候开始。 The emphasis is to channel scanning does not start in the absence of BSS news service. 信道扫描连续地贯彻于AP 105的正常作业全程中发生。 Channel scanning to continuously implement the normal operation of the whole AP 105 occurs. 举例来说,AP 105可能每O. 5秒就花5毫秒聆听一不同信道。 For example, AP 105 may O. 5 seconds every 5 milliseconds spent listening to a different channel. AP可能定期重复此事,每次扫描一不同信道。 AP may periodically repeat this, each scanning a different channel. 借助这样做,AP 105偷用媒体时间的1% (每500毫秒用5毫秒)扫描其它信道,对于相关用户造成极小的影响。 By doing so, AP 105 steal scanning other channels media with 1% of the time (500 milliseconds every 5 ms), resulting in minimal impact on the relevant user. 信道序列不一定要包含所有可用信道。 Channel sequence does not necessarily contain all the available channels. 记录在每一信道上检测到的与每一AP有关的信息。 AP-related information with each record in each channel detected. 此信息可包含(但不限于)在被扫描信道上运作的其它APs的身份,其它APs是否是同一ESS的一部分的指示·,APs的信号强度,信道上的讯务量,以及信道上是否有任何其它干扰源。 This information may include (but are not limited to) the identity of the other APs in the scanned channel operation, if the other APs in the same ESS-indicating part whether the signal strength of APs, TVM channel, and the channel has any other sources of interference. [0023] 对于每一被扫描信道,该过程判断:I)有哪些其它APs在该信道上运作;2)该APs 是否是同一系统的一部分(亦即依据ESS) ;3)该APs的信号强度;4)该信道上的讯务量; 及5)该信道上是否有任何其它干扰源(例如非802. 11干扰)。 [0023] For each channel being scanned, the process is determined: I) What other APs operating on the channel; 2) the APs is part of the same system (i.e. based on the ESS); 3 signal strength) of the APs ; 4) traffic volume of the channel; and 5) on the channel if there is any other interference sources (e.g., non-802.11 interference). 信道上的讯务量通常是就信道使用率测量,该信道使用率相当于接收器被一WLAN信号载波锁定的时间百分率。 TVM channel utilization is typically measured on a channel, the channel usage rate corresponds to the percentage of time the receiver is locked to a carrier signal WLAN. [0024] 扫描是定期且持续地发生。 [0024] Scanning occurs regularly and continuously. 一旦信道最佳化过程被触发(亦即在没有BSS讯务及/或相关用户,或者单纯是一定期触发机制、例如每5分钟),AP 105判断哪个信道提供最佳效能。 Once the channel optimization process is triggered (i.e., in the absence of BSS-traffic and / or the associated user, or simply a mechanism triggered periodically, e.g. every 5 minutes), AP 105 determines which channel provides the best performance. 举例来说,这可能是借助测量哪个信道具有最少量干扰或者其它APs是否是同一ESS的一部分的方式判断。 For example, this may be measured by means of a channel which has the least amount of interference, or if the other APs are a part of the same ESS determination. 视检测到的该其它APs是否是同一系统的一部分而定,AP能决定对于使用信道的选择更积极或较不积极。 Depending on whether the detected APs of the other part of the same system may be, AP can determine more aggressive or less aggressive for choosing channels. [0025] 在一替代实施例中,协调频率选择可借助以下方式完成:1)使APs相互交换有关其特质(例如负载、容量或位置)的信息;或2)有一能从每一AP得到信息且设定网络内所有APs的信道的集中式架构。 [0025] In an alternative embodiment, the frequency selection can be done by coordinating the following ways: 1) reacting APs exchange information about their characteristics (e.g. load capacity, or position); or 2) an information obtained from each AP and sets all channels within the network of APs centralized architecture. 就第一种情况来说,每一AP仍会自主地做出决定,但是交换的信息能允许有一较好决定(例如其可包含难以被另一AP从外部观测到的统计数据)。 On the first case, each AP will decide autonomously, but allow the exchange of information has a better decisions (e.g., which may further comprise statistical data is difficult to be observed from the outside to the AP). 就第二种情况来说,从不同APs收集信息且将这种信息通知一集中单元或装置,此集中单元在收到信息后做出一决定且回头将此决定通知不同APs。 On the second case, the different APs and to gather information to notify such information from a centralized unit or device, this concentration unit makes a decision after receiving the notification message, and this decision back to different APs. [0026] 信道最佳化过程200被执行为在一目前信道正被使用的同时选择一最佳信道(例如一低负载信道)。 [0026] channel optimization process 200 is performed to select an optimum channel (e.g., a low-load channel) while a channel is being currently used. 信道最佳化过程200可被下述条件其中之一条件触发:1)上次执行最佳化信道选择的发生时间至少是IYast秒以前;2)目前没有与AP联系的WTRUs之时;或3) 在最近TF_秒内都没有与AP往来的BSS讯务。 Channel optimization process 200 may be triggered one of the following conditions: 1) the occurrence time of the last execution of the best channel is selected at least IYast seconds ago; 2) WTRUs are currently of no contact with the AP; or 3 ) in the last seconds TF_ no dealings with AP BSS news services. 据此,IYast是从任何信道选择过程的上次引动到要触发信道最佳化过程200的最小流逝时间;且TF_是从上次送往或来自AP的BSS 封包转移到要触发信道最佳化过程200的最小流逝时间。 Accordingly, IYast process is selected from any channel to trigger the last priming channel optimization process 200 of the minimum elapsed time; and TF_ from the last packet sent from the BSS or AP is transferred to the best channel to trigger process 200 the minimum elapsed time. [0027] 借助在前述触发条件中确保在触发最佳化信道选择之前会有至少Tftra秒没有BSS 讯务且当时没有与AP 105联系的WTRUs,信道最佳化过程200不会打断任何外送数据转移譬如一声音来电、网络下载、及/或FTP转移。 [0027] In the foregoing means to ensure that the trigger condition prior to the trigger of channel selection will be the best at least not Tftra second BSS TVM 105 and was not associated with WTRUs AP, the channel optimization process 200 does not interrupt any Delivery data transfer such as a voice call, network download, and / or FTP transfer. 另一方面,如果有办法让AP 105通知相关WTRUs 110信道有一变化,最佳化信道选择过程200可定期运作而不必等候BSS讯务不存在。 On the other hand, if there is a way to notify WTRUs 110 AP 105 has a channel change, optimize channel selection process 200 can operate on a regular basis without having to wait for BSS-traffic does not exist. [0028] 图3A和图3B是连在一起的,其为一依据本发明的一信道最佳化过程300的详细流程图。 [0028] FIGS. 3A and 3B are linked, which is a detailed flow chart of an optimization process according to the present invention, the channel 300. 信道选择最佳化300包含四个子过程:I) 一测量过程305 ;2) —候选信道决定过程310 ;3) 一信道选择过程355 ;及4) 一信道更新过程380。 To select the best channel 300 comprises four sub-processes of: I) a measurement process 305; 2) - the candidate channel determination process 310; 3) a channel selection process 355; and 4) a channel update process 380. [0029] 在测量过程305中,计算每一邻近BSS的平均负载Γ(ί')。 [0029] In the measurement process 305, the average load is calculated for each Γ (ί ') adjacent to the BSS. 在一实施例中,测量单元135定期估算每一邻近BSS的负载。 In one embodiment, the measurement unit 135 periodically estimates load each adjacent BSS. 如果一BSS的任何负载估计值大于Lmin,则将该估算周期的所有邻近BSSs的负载记入存储器150内。 If the estimated value of any load greater than a BSS Lmin, then the estimated near BSSs cycle load 150 entered in the memory. 如果所有BSSs具有小于Lmin的负载估计值, 则忽略这些负载估计值。 If all BSSs has an estimated value of less than Lmin load, which load estimation value is ignored. 存储器150内只保留最新近的负载估计值Nltjad est集合。 Retaining only the most recent in the memory 150 load estimation value Nltjad est collection. [0030] 依据较佳实施例,AP 105在每一静音测量周期(SMP)聆听一ACS的一特定信道。 [0030] According to the preferred embodiment, AP 105 to listen to a particular channel in each ACS a silent measurement period (SMP). AP 105在相继SMPs内轮流聆听每一信道,且测量ACS内每一信道的一个别测量集合。 AP 105 in turn listen to each channel in successive SMPs, and do not measure every measuring a channel within a collection of ACS. 测量集合含有与ACS内的信道数量一样多的SMPs。 Measurement set as the number of channels contained in the ACS more SMPs. 在一已知SMP内,由测量单元135测量信道的信道使用率(CU)。 In a known SMP, the channel utilization measurement unit 135 measures the channel (CU). CU相当于收发器125被载波锁定的时间百分率。 CU transceiver 125 corresponding to the percentage of time the carrier is locked. 由于在一SMP期间观测⑶,导致AP 105载波锁定的所有封包是源自邻近BSSs。 Since during one observation SMP ⑶, causing all packets AP 105 is derived from a carrier lock adjacent BSSs. ⑶测量值代表着BSS外信道使用率。 ⑶ measured value represents an outer BSS channel utilization. 处理个别⑶测量值以便获得每一测得BSS之一平均BSS负载5。 Individual measurements ⑶ process to obtain the average of each measured one BSS BSS load 5. 要注意到信道上所有BSSs的BSS IDs会连同每一信道使用率测量值被记录下来。 The channel is to be noted that all the BSSs together BSS IDs will each channel utilization measurements is recorded. [0031] 仅有高负载测量值被记录以便避免不必要的历程记录(logging)。 [0031] High load measurement value is only recorded in order to avoid unnecessary history record (logging). 历程记录相当于测量值的记录或存储。 Recording or storing history record corresponding to the measured values. 如稍早所述,信道最佳化过程300仅在没有BSS讯务(亦即未被加载)之时运行。 As described earlier, the channel optimization process 300 runs only when there is no BSS traffic information (i.e., unloaded) of. 为减少记录测量值的数量,信道最佳化过程300仅存储预定数量的高负载测量值。 To reduce the number of measured values ​​are recorded, the channel optimization process 300 stores only the high-load measurement value of a predetermined number. [0032] CU小于Cmin的测量值被排除以便确保信道最佳化是以在一显著系统负载状态下取得的测量值为基础。 [0032] CU is smaller than the measurement value Cmin to ensure that the measured value is excluded based channel optimization is achieved at a significantly system load state. 换句话说,如果在一测量集合中呈现的CU测量值有任一个大于CMIN, 则记录这整个测量集合。 In other words, if the measured value is presented in the CU a measurement set have a larger than any CMIN, the whole measurement set is recorded. 另一方面,所有信道都是CU < Cmin的测量集合则被略去。 On the other hand, all the channels are CU <Cmin of measurement set were omitted. 测量集合可为每一信道的⑶以及信道上所有BSSs的BSS IDs。 Measurement may be set for each BSS IDs ⑶ channel and all channels of BSSs. [0033] 信道最佳化过程300以个别信道使用率测量值为基础决定其自有BSS的最佳信道。 [0033] channel optimization process 300 to an individual channel utilization measurements to determine an optimal value based channel of its own BSS. 虽说信道最佳化应当是以在显著系统负载状态下取得的测量值为基础,信道最佳化过程300亦可为仅在系统负载已减轻之时执行。 Although the optimal channel should be based on measurements taken at significantly system load state based on the value, the channel 300 may perform optimization process is only when the system load has been reduced. 为避免庞大的测量历程记录,只有最新近的测量窗口Nset被保留在存储器内。 To avoid large measuring the course record, only the most recent measurement window Nset is retained in memory. [0034] 回头参照图3A,在测量过程305中,以一BSS的个别负载为基础计算每一BSS的平均负载。 [0034] Referring back to Figure 3A, in the measurement process 305, an individual load to a BSS is calculated based on the average load of each of the BSS. 在测量集合j期间于信道k上运作的BSS i的瞬时负载是以方程式(I)为基础: J during the measurement set to operate on channel k BSS i is based on instantaneous load equation (I) is based on:

Figure CN101103638BD00071

[0036] 方程式(I)[0037] 其中C(i,j)代表在测量集合j期间于信道k上的信道使用率且NBSS(i,j)代表BSSs的数量。 [0036] Formula (I) [0037] where C (i, j) that represents a collection j during the measurement on the channel utilization and channel k NBSS (i, j) represents the number of BSSs. BSS i的平均负载依据方程式(2)被计算成所有被记录测量集合内的瞬时负载的平均值: Average load based BSS i in the equation (2) is computed as the average of all measured instantaneous load is recorded within the set:

Figure CN101103638BD00072

_[0039] 方程式(2)[0040] 其中Nset代表被记录测量集合的总数量。 _ [0039] Equation (2) [0040] wherein Nset represents the total number of recorded measurement set. 加上1%的最小平均BSS负载。 Plus 1% minimum average BSS load. 计算每一BSS的平均负载的方法不局限于上述实例。 The method of calculating the average load of each BSS is not limited to the examples. [0041] 替代测量方式的范例参数列于下表2。 Examples [0041] The alternative embodiment of the measured parameters are listed in Table 2. 熟悉本技艺的人员会理解到可在这些参数和数值之外还使用其它参数和数值或是以其它参数和数值取代。 Those skilled in the art will appreciate the art may be used and other parameters and numerical values ​​outside of these parameters or substituted by other parameters and values. [0042] [0042]

Figure CN101103638BD00081

[0043]表 2[0044] 在候选信道决定过程310中,AP 105检索最大容许干扰Imax (步骤315),其为在任何已知信道上以一AP的基线范围为基础决定的最大容许干扰。 [0043] Table 2 [0044] In decision process 310, AP 105 retrieves the allowed maximum Imax of interference (step 315), the maximum allowable interference which is determined in any given channel at a baseline range of the AP based on the candidate channel. 较佳来说,用于候选信道决定过程310的Imax是依据方程式(3)算出:[0045] Imax — Ρ·χ_ (RNGbase+RNBadj) - (C/1) J^eqJligh-M1 Preferably, the candidate channel determination process 310 is Imax (3) is calculated according to the equation: [0045] Imax - Ρ · χ_ (RNGbase + RNBadj) - (C / 1) J ^ eqJligh-M1

[0046] 方程式(3)[0047] 其中(RNGbase+RNGadj)是AP 105覆盖的范围;且(C/I) _ high被设定为一高速率封包(例如IlMbps)的必要载波功率干扰比。 [0046] Equation (3) [0047] wherein (RNGbase + RNGadj) is the range covered by the AP 105; and (C / I) _ high is set to a high-rate packet (e.g. IlMbps) carrier power necessary to interference ratio. 减去一余裕M1以消除信道具备太过接近实际最大容许位准的干扰位准的可能。 Minus a margin M1 to eliminate channel with may be too close to the actual maximum allowable level of interference level. [0048] 从一ACS选出一第一信道(步骤320)。 [0048] selecting a first channel (step 320) from an ACS. 然后测量该信道的干扰I且以其与最大容许干扰Imax做比较(步骤325)。 Then measure the interference of the channel I and its maximum allowable interference compared Imax (step 325). 如果该信道的干扰I小于最大容许干扰Imax,则AP 105将该信道记入存储器150内一候选列表(步骤330)。 If the interference of the channel I is less than the maximum allowable interference Imax, the AP (step 330) 105 recorded in the memory within the channel 150 a candidate list. 如果该信道干扰I不小于最大容许干扰Imaxj则AP 105检查ACS内是否还有任何信道存在(步骤335)。 If the channel I is not less than the maximum allowable interference interference Imaxj the AP whether there exists any channels (step 335) 105 checks the ACS. 如果ACS内尚有信道存在, 则AP 105从ACS选出下一个信道(步骤340)且过程300回到步骤325。 If the ACS Shangyou Xin channel exists, then AP 105 to select the next channel (step 340) and the process 300 returns to step 325 from ACS. 如果ACS内不再有信道,则AP 105检查是否有任何可用候选信道(步骤345)。 If there are no channels in the ACS, then the AP 105 checks whether there are any candidate channel (step 345). 如果在步骤345中判定没有可用候选信道,则AP 105将Imax增加Λ dB (步骤350),且信道最佳化过程300回到步骤320。 If it is determined in step 345 candidate channel is not available, the AP 105 will increase Imax Λ dB (step 350), and the channel optimization process 300 returns to step 320. 如果在步骤345中判定至少有一候选信道存在,则进行信道选择过程355,如图3B所 If it is determined at least one candidate channel exists, the channel selection process 355 in step 345, FIG. 3B

[0049] 信道选择过程355是以每一测得BSS的平均负载I以及目前BSS-信道映像β (k)。 [0049] The channel selection process 355 is measured for each BSS, and the average load current I channel image BSS- β (k). 对所有信道计算出一预料信道使用率CpkedGO (步骤360)。 For all channels calculating a channel utilization is expected CpkedGO (step 360). CpkedGO代表利用来自高负载条件的负载估计值预料的信道k预料信道使用率。 Representative CpkedGO load estimated value from the use of high-load conditions expected channel k expected channel utilization. CpkedGO可能迥异于信道k的最新近信道使用率测量值。 CpkedGO may be quite different from the most recent channel channel k usage measurements. 较佳以Cpked而非仅利用最新近信道使用率测量值为基础选择信道,因为信道选择应当针对高负载条件最佳化。 Cpked preferred to use not only the most recent channel utilization measurement value selected on the basis channel, since the channel selection should be optimized for high load conditions. [0050] 就每一信道k来说,依据方程式(4)加总信道k上所有测得BSSs的平均负载: [0050] For each channel k, the basis of the equation (4) the sum of all channel k is the average load measured BSSs:

Figure CN101103638BD00091

[0052] 方程式(4)[0053] 一旦算出所有候选信道的Cpked,依据方程式(5)选择具备最小预料信道使用率的信道k:[0054] K = argkmin [Cpeed (k)] 方程式(5)[0055] 此时AP 105检查选择信道k是否不同于一目前信道(步骤370)。 [0052] Equation (4) [0053] Once calculated for all the candidate channels Cpked, according to Equation (5) selects the channel k comprises the minimum expected channel usage: [0054] K = argkmin [Cpeed (k)] Equation (5) [0055] At this time, AP 105 to check whether the selected channel k is different from a current channel (step 370). 如果具备最小预料信道使用率的选择信道k同于目前信道,则信道选择过程355结束。 If the channel utilization is expected to have a minimum selection with the channel k to the current channel, then the channel selection process 355 ends. 如果选择信道k 不同于目前信道,则其判断改变信道是否会有明显利益(步骤375)。 If the selected channel is different from the current channel k, it is determined whether to change the channel of interest will be significantly (step 375). 一滞后标准确保改变信道会有一够大的利益。 A lag channel will change the standard to ensure a large enough interest. 明确地说,只要是合乎以下条件的新信道就会被采用:[0056] CPRED(Current—channel)-CPRED(K)> Hf 方程式(6)[0057] 否则就结束最佳化信道选择。 In particular, the following condition is desirable as long as the new channel will be employed: [0056] CPRED (Current-channel) -CPRED (K)> Hf equation (6) [0057] Otherwise, the end of optimizing channel selection. ·[0058] 最佳化信道选择的范例参数列于下表3。 * [0058] The best examples of the channel selection parameters are listed in Table 3. 熟悉本技术的人员会理解到可在这些参数和数值之外还使用其它参数和数值或是以其它参数和数值取代。 Those skilled in the art will appreciate that other parameters may be used and the values ​​outside of these parameters and values, or substituted by other parameters and values. [0059] [0059]

Figure CN101103638BD00101

[0060] [0060]

Figure CN101103638BD00111

预料信道使用率的滞后标准。 Expected lag standard channel usage. 目前信道与新信道的预料信道使用率差必须超过此阈值 组态参数 10%[0061]表 3[0062] 一较简单的信道选择算法可能是仅仅依据有记录的信道使用率测量值(亦即选择在高负载条件下观测到最低信道使用率的信道)。 Currently expected channel usage poor channel and the new channel must exceed this threshold configuration parameter 10% [0061] Table 3 [0062] a simpler channel selecting algorithm may be based solely on the recorded channel utilization measurements (i.e. select the lowest channel usage observed in the channel under high load conditions). 但是,很可能发生邻近APs在一已知AP引动最佳化信道选择的前已经改变作业信道的情形。 However, the neighboring APs is likely to occur in the case of a known AP before priming optimal channel selection operation has changed channels. 有记录的CU测量值无法准确表达在下一个高负载周期内的信道负载。 CU recorded measured values ​​can not be accurately expressed in the lower channel loading a high load period. 因此,信道选择系以信道使用率之一预料值Cpked为基础,而Cpked系以估计BSS负载及最新近的BSS-信道映像为基础。 Therefore, the channel selection system in order to anticipate the value of Cpked one channel usage basis, and Cpked BSS system to estimate the load and the most recent BSS- channel image based. [0063] 一旦信道选择过程355完成,如果选出一新信道则利用一信道更新过程380更新BSS信道。 [0063] Once the channel selection process 355 is completed, if a new channel is selected using a channel update process 380 updates BSS channel. 在信道更新过程380中,判断是否有任何WTRUs 110通过目前作业信道与AP 105 联系(步骤385)。 In a channel update process 380 determines whether there is any contact WTRUs 110 105 (step 385) through the current channel operations and AP. 如果这样,AP 105首先必须对每一相关WTRU 110发送一解除关系讯息(步骤390)。 If so, AP 105 must first send a message to disassociate each relevant WTRU 110 (step 390). 然后AP 105将其作业信道换成新信道(步骤395)。 Then AP 105 to the job channel into a new channel (step 395). 如果没有WTRUs 110通过目前作业信道与AP 105联系,则AP 105将其作业信道换成新信道。 If there are no WTRUs 110 operating through the current channel associated with AP 105, AP 105 to the job channel into the new channel. [0064] 较佳从上次执行信道最佳化过程300起算至少经过IYast秒。 [0064] The preferred optimization process last performed starting from the channel 300 through at least IYast seconds. 否则就无视触发标准。 Otherwise, ignore the trigger criteria. 因此,IYast的值会跟信道最佳化过程300的值相同。 Thus, the same value with the value IYast channel optimization process 300. 一旦从信道改变起算已经过IYast, 即每Tmeas定期地评估二个触发条件。 Upon changing from starting channel has been IYast, i.e. every Tmeas periodically evaluate two trigger conditions. [0065] 虽然已在较佳实施例中就特定组合说明本发明的特征和组件,每一特征或组件得被单独使用或是以有或没有本发明其它特征和组件的多样组合使用。 [0065] Although the preferred embodiments in particular combinations embodiment will be described features and components of the present invention, each feature or element have been used alone or in the present invention with or without other features and combination of various components used.

Claims (9)

1. 一种存取点,包括: 测量单元,所述测量单元经配置用于在启动所述存取点时测量可容许信道集合中每一信道的作业参数;以及信道选择器,所述信道选择器经配置用于选择与所述存取点使用的目前作业信道不同的信道,以用于与多个无线传输/接收单元进行通信,其中所述信道选择器基于所测得的作业参数来确定候选信道,以及通过执行下列最佳化信道选择过程而从所述候选信道中选择新的作业信道: 计算用于所有候选信道的预料信道使用率; 从所述候选信道中选择具有最小预料信道使用率的信道; 确定具有所述最小预料信道使用率的选择的所述信道是否与所述目前作业信道不同;和在具有所述最小预料信道使用率的所选择的所述信道与所述目前作业信道不同的条件下,确定所述目前作业信道的信道使用率是否比具有所述最小预料信道使用 An access point, comprising: a measuring unit, the measuring unit is configured for activating the access point when measuring channel set allowable operating parameters of each channel; and a channel selector, said channel the selector is configured for selecting said access point currently using different operating channels of the channel, for a plurality of wireless transmit / receive unit communicates, wherein the channel selection operation based on the measured parameters to determining a candidate channel, and the selection process by performing the following optimizing the new channel selected channel from the candidate job channels: calculating a channel utilization is expected that all the candidate channels; selecting a channel having the smallest expected from the candidate channels channel utilization; determining whether said minimum expected with channel utilization of said selected channel and the channel different from the current job; and the channel having the minimum expected usage of the selected channel and the current under different operating conditions of the channel, determining the current operating channel if said channel utilization than the channel having minimum expected use 的所选择的所述信道的信道使用率至少多出预定阈值, 其中,所述存取点将解除与通过所述目前作业信道而关联于所述存取点的任一个所述无线传输/接收单元的关联,以响应确定所述目前作业信道的所述信道使用率比具有所述最小预料信道使用率的所选择的所述信道的所述信道使用率至少多出所述预定阈值。 The selected channel is the channel utilization - by at least a predetermined threshold, wherein said releasing the access point associated with the current job by the channel to the wireless transmission according to any one of the access point / receiving of the channel selected by said channel utilization association unit in response to determining that the current operation channel having the channel utilization than the expected minimum of the predetermined channel utilization threshold is at least a multiple.
2.根据权利要求1所述的存取点,其中所述测量单元以及所述信道选择器被并入集成电路中。 The access point according to claim 1, wherein the measuring unit and the channel selection is incorporated in an integrated circuit.
3.根据权利要求1所述的存取点,所述存取点还包括: 存储器,所述存储器经配置用于存储所测得的所述作业参数。 3. The access point according to claim 1, said access point further comprising: a memory configured to store the operating parameters measured.
4.根据权利要求1所述的存取点,其中所述测量单元测量在信道上所检测到的每一个邻近基础服务集的平均负载,且该信道选择器以所述候选信道上所检测到的干扰位准为基础来选择候选信道并以所述平均负载为基础从所述候选信道中选择新的信道。 4. The access point according to claim 1, wherein said measurement unit measures an average load of each neighboring BSS channel detected, and the channel selector to the candidate channel detected the level of interference is selected based on the candidate channel and is selected on the basis of the average load a new channel from the candidate channel.
5.根据权利要求4所述的存取点,其中,在所述候选信道的干扰位准小于所述候选信道上的最大容许干扰的条件下,从所述可容许信道集合中选出所述候选信道。 Under conditions of the access point according to claim 4, wherein the interference is less than the maximum allowable prospective candidate bit channel interference in the channel of the candidate, may be selected from the set of permissible channel in the candidate channel.
6.根据权利要求1所述的存取点,其中,在具有所述最小预料信道使用率的所选择的所述信道与所述目前作业信道相同的条件下,或者,在所述目前作业信道的所述信道使用率未比具有所述最小预料信道使用率的所选择的所述信道的所述信道使用率至少多出预定阈值的条件下,则所述最佳化信道选择过程结束。 The access point according to claim 1, wherein, in the channel having the smallest channel selected anticipated usage of the same channel current operating conditions, or, in the current operation channel under the condition of the channel utilization ratio of the channel usage is not the channel having the smallest channel selected anticipated usage of a plurality of at least a predetermined threshold value, then the optimal channel selection process ends.
7. 一种用于选择至少一个最佳信道以供具有至少一个作业信道的存取点使用的方法,所述方法包括: 确定由所述存取点使用的多个候选信道; 通过执行下列最佳化信道选择过程而从所述多个候选信道中选择信道以用作新的作业信道: 计算用于所有候选信道的预料信道使用率; 从所述多个候选信道中选择具有最小预料信道使用率的信道; 确定所选择的具有所述最小预料信道使用率的信道是否与目前作业信道不同; 在所选择的具有最小预料信道使用率的信道与所述目前作业信道不同的条件下,确定所述目前作业信道的信道使用率是否比具有所述最小预料信道使用率的所选择的所述信道的信道使用率至少多出预定阈值;和解除与通过所述目前作业信道而关联于所述存取点的任何无线传输/接收单元的关联,以响应确定所述目前作业信道的信道使用率比 7. A method for selecting at least one channel for the best method of operation has at least one access point using the channel, the method comprising: determining by the access point using the plurality of candidate channels; by following the most good channel selection process of the selected channels from the plurality of candidate channels to the channel as a new job: calculating a channel utilization is expected that all the candidate channels; selecting a channel from the smallest expected plurality of candidate channels to use rate channel; determining a selected said minimum expected channel usage channel having whether the current operating channel different; under different conditions has the smallest expected channel usage channel and the current operating channel is selected, it is determined if said current operation channel, channel utilization of the minimum expected channel utilization ratio has selected the channel of the channel utilization - by at least a predetermined threshold value; and released through said current operating channel and associated with the memory any wireless transmission channel usage point taken / receiving association unit in response to determining that the current operation channel ratio 具有所述最小预料信道使用率的信道的所选择的所述信道的信道使用率至少多出所述预定阈值。 The channel utilization of the selected channel having the smallest channel usage is expected to channel the predetermined threshold value at least one more out.
8.根据权利要求7所述的方法,所述方法还包括:计算多个邻近基础服务集中的每一个的平均负载;和记录平均负载大于阈值的邻近基础服务集的信息。 The method according to claim 7, wherein the method further comprises: calculating each average load of the plurality of adjacent basic service set; information and recording the average load is greater than a threshold of neighboring basic service set.
9.根据权利要求7所述的方法,其中,在具有所述最小预料信道使用率的所选择的所述信道与所述目前作业信道相同的条件下,或者,在所述目前作业信道的信道使用率未比具有所述最小预料信道使用率的所选择的所述信道的信道使用率至少多出预定阈值的条件下,结束所述最佳化信道选择过程。 9. The method according to claim 7, wherein, in the channel having the minimum expected usage of the selected channel with the same channel current operating conditions, or, a channel in the current operation channel No usage conditions than the channel having the smallest channel anticipated usage of the selected channel usage - by at least a predetermined threshold value, the best of the end of the channel selection process.
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