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一种电影显示/MRI系统(10),包括可具备一MRI控制系统电路(12)的MRI采集系统(11),一MRI脉冲激发系统电路(14)和一MRI信号测量系统电路(16)。 A cinematic display / MRI system (10), may be provided comprising a MRI MRI acquisition system (11) control circuit (12), an MRI pulse excitation system circuit (14) and an MRI signal measurement system circuit (16).


采用室壁运动和灌注心脏MRI成像的心脏诊断以及心脏诊断系统相关申请本申请要求了以下美国临时专利申请的优先权:2002年7月29 日申请的60/399, 275, 2002年10月28日申请的60/421, 708, 2002 年12月23日申请的60/435278,它们的内容在此通过引证作为参考而引入本申请中。 The use of cardiac wall motion and perfusion MRI imaging and cardiac diagnostic cardiac diagnostic system priority RELATED APPLICATIONS This application claims the benefit of US Provisional Patent Applications: July 29, 2002 application 60/399, 275, October 28, 2002 Japanese Patent application 60/421, 708, 2002 December 23 application 60/435278, which is incorporated herein by reference is incorporated by reference herein. :技术领域本发明涉及心脏诊断领域,更具体地说涉及使用磁共振成像(MRI)方法的负荷试验心脏诊断. 背景技术心脏是连续泵送血液,同时把支持生命的氣气和养分榆送到身体主要器官和組织的肌肉。 : Technical Field The present invention relates to the field of cardiac diagnosis, and more particularly relates to cardiac diagnostic test load using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The heart is continuously pumped blood, while the life supporting gas to the gas and nutrient elm. muscle major organs and tissues of the body. 由于此,心脏需要大量的氧气和养分,心脏从三条主冠状动脉接收血液,这些动脉中的任何一条变窄或堵塞,流向心脏的血液和氣气就会受到限制,你的心脏的泵送能力就会削弱, 并且还可能造成心脏的永久损害.遭到削弱或损害的心脏会显著地影响生活质量甚至导致死亡。 Because of this, the heart requires a lot of oxygen and nutrients to the heart receives blood from the three main coronary arteries, a narrowing or any blockage of blood flow to the heart agreeable these arteries will be limited, your heart pumping on It will weaken, and may also cause permanent damage to the heart. weakened or damage to the heart can significantly affect quality of life and even lead to death. 冠状动脉疾病(CAD)是使通向或处于心脏里的动脉变窄和堵塞的首要原因。 Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the leading or narrowing of the arteries in the heart and blockage in the first place. 在美国它是死亡的第一成因。 In the United States it is the first causes of death. 尽管在刚过去的数十年里由于CAD致死的比率在稳步下降,但在未来的20-30年里由于人口的老龄化,预计CAD总的发病率及其对人类的影响连同医疗保健的成本都会显著上升。 Although in the last few decades due to the death of CAD ratio in steady decline, but in the next 20--30 years due to the aging population, the estimated total of CAD prevalence and its impact on human health care costs, along with It will rise significantly. 在美国,CAD每年在医疗保健和丧失的产值上造成的损失估计已经达到$1000亿。 In the United States lost, CAD each year resulting in health care and lost output is estimated to have reached $ 100 billion. 因此,能够提高心脏诊断特别是冠状心脏疾病/ CAD初期的准确度的CAD测试是有益的。 This can improve the diagnosis of heart especially coronary heart disease / accuracy of the initial CAD CAD test is beneficial. 以下的测试更为有益:使得医师可以作出明确的诊断和治疗计划的,能够减少不必要的测试及在手术室和医院的停留时间的,以及能够减少病人的焦虑、不适和风险和/或能够对治疗效果进行评价的。 The following test is more useful: so that the physician can make a clear diagnosis and treatment plan, can reduce unnecessary testing and residence time in the operating room and hospital, as well as to reduce the patient's anxiety, discomfort and risk and / or capable of to evaluate the effect of treatment. 近年来由于早先日臻成熟的心脏测试和疗法的发展,减轻或规避CAD效力的能力得到了发展.通常认为心脏测试的"黄金标准"是心脏导管介入和血管造影.它最常用于确定CAD的发病位置和严重程度。 In recent years, due to the earlier maturity of testing and development of cardiac therapy, the ability to reduce or avoid the effectiveness of CAD has been developed. The test is generally considered the heart of the "gold standard" cardiac catheterization and angiography. It is most commonly used to determine the incidence of CAD the location and severity. 然而,由于存在创伤性和潜在的复杂性,心脏导管介入操作是一种典型需要住院治疗的昂责方法.因此,心脏导管介入操作通常只在病人进行其它非创伤性试验诸如心脏负荷试验时产生明显异常结果时才使用。 However, due to trauma and potential complications, cardiac catheterization operation is expensive responsible A typical method requiring hospitalization. Thus, cardiac catheterization operation usually only other non-invasive test in patients with cardiac stress testing such as is generated when markedly abnormal results when using. 估计每年进行的超过一百万的心脏导管介入操作花费30—50亿美元。 It estimated that over one million cardiac catheterization interventional procedures performed annually spend $ 30-50 billion. 心脏负荷试验在评估心脏及其冠状动脉方面特别重要,这是由于当对处于静息状态的病人进行测试时CAD的出现及其效力常常被忽略。 Cardiac stress test is particularly important in the evaluation of heart and coronary arteries, which is due to the patient when in the resting state CAD test their effectiveness appears often overlooked. 只有在通过踏车或骑车运动使心脏受负荷,或对由于种种原因不能进行实际身体运动的病人的心脏施用特殊化学品或药品(药致负荷),从而产生最大运动量来使心脏受负荷的情况下,才能在大量人群中可靠地检测到CAD症状.目前,最常用的负荷试验包括运动(踏车)负荷试验,负荷心脏回波困(超声)以及核灌注负荷试验,这三种测试在复杂性、准确率、有效性和成本上各有不同。 Only by moving treadmill or bicycle with a load on the heart, or cardiac patient for various reasons can not be the actual physical movement of administering particular chemicals or drugs (drug-induced load) to produce the maximum amount of motion of a load on the heart case, a large number of people in order to reliably detect the symptoms of CAD. currently, the most common stress test include sports (treadmill) stress test, stress cardiac echo sleepy (ultrasound) and nuclear perfusion stress test, three tests complexity, accuracy, vary on the effectiveness and cost. ECG运动负荷试验是最广泛有效和使用的负荷试验,并且操作起来成本最低。 ECG exercise test is the most widely used and effective load test, and the lowest cost to operate. 它依赖于探测12-导联的心脏回波图上ST段的变化;其准确度不断变化,产生大量假阳性和假阴性的结果。 It relies on detecting changes in the ST segment of the 12-lead cardiac echo; changing its accuracy, a large number of false positive and false negative results. 因此,病人在使用心脏回波描记术和放射性核闪烁扫描法进行负荷试验时通常要进行补充成像。 Thus, when the patient heart load test using echography and radionuclide scintigraphy supplement typically imaged. 心脏回波描记术和放射性核闪烁扫描法负荷试验的复杂性需要其由专家进行操作和评估。 Tracings and complexity of operation load test radionuclide scintigraphy in need thereof an echo heart operation and evaluated by experts. 典型的, 一个经培训的超声技师或心脏专家操作一个压力心脏回波图,而具备搮作放射性同位素资格的技师和心脏专家或放射专家一起进行核灌注负荷试验。 Typically, an operating pressure of a cardiac echo ultrasound technician by training or heart specialists, while Li has made radioisotopes qualified technician or radiologist and cardiologist nuclear perfusion stress test together. 为了得到准确的诊断, 需要心脏病专家来评估两个测试记录的结果,典型的,心脏病专家基于对病人的身体和病史的认识和其临床判断来选择进行试验。 In order to get an accurate diagnosis, you need a cardiologist to assess the results of two test recording, typically, a cardiologist based on knowledge of the physical and medical history of the patient and their clinical judgment to select the test. 每一种试验都有一定程度的不准确性。 Each test has a certain degree of inaccuracy. 心脏回波描记术有接近10-15 %的失误率,此时诊断无法进行。 Cardiac echography nearly 10-15% of the turnover rate, the diagnosis is not possible at this time. 可能阻止俘获用于诊断的优质图像的陣碍可造成这样的失误率。 May prevent the capture of high quality images for diagnosis of obstruction can cause such array error rate. 胸外科手术受损的组织,病人过多的身体脂肪和获取肺中过量氣气的肺异常就是这样的障碍的实例。 Thoracic surgery damaged tissue, the patient too much body fat and get the lungs of excess gas gas lung abnormalities are examples of such disorders. 由于种种原因,压力心脏回波描记术试验也会产生大量假阴性结杲。 For various reasons, the stress on the heart echography test will produce a large number of false negative Gao. 核灌注负荷试验高度敏感,并且易产生同样大重假阳性结果。 Nuclear perfusion stress test is highly sensitive, easy to produce as large and heavy false positive results. 每年进行的超过130万的负荷心脏回波描记术试验具有10-15%的失误率,即每年潜在地进行了超过l亿美元不必要的或不可靠的负荷心脏回波描记术试验。 More than 1.3 million of the workload of the heart echography tests carried out with a 10-15% annual turnover rate that year was potentially more than l billion dollars of unnecessary or unreliable workload of the heart echography test. 这种负荷回波试验的失误率造成了已知具备高频率假阳性结果的核灌注负荷试验数量上升。 This error rate test load echo caused a number of nuclear perfusion stress test known to have a high frequency of false positive results increase. 一次假阳性心脏负荷试验可能增加昂责而不必要的心脏导管介入搮作的次数以及与此相关的必需的住院治疗以及增加了病人的焦虑,不适,并增加了医疗风险。 A false positive cardiac stress test may increase Aung responsibility and unnecessary cardiac catheterization as well as the number of Li necessary hospitalizations associated with this treatment, and increased patient anxiety, discomfort, and increased medical risks. 负荷心脏回波描记术的大量假阴性结果可能增加了心脏发病风险和由于未发现的较重CAD而猝死的危险,和/或减少了在早期CAD阶段较早地成功干预的可能.因此,心脏诊断需要降低成本、增加准确率和/或增加有效的负荷试验。 Stress cardiac echography of a large number of false-negative results may increase the risk of heart and dangerous due to the heavy CAD undiscovered and sudden death, and / or reducing the possibility of CAD in the early stages of a successful early intervention. Therefore, heart diagnosis need to reduce costs and increase accuracy and / or increased effective load test. 发明内容本发明的实施例提供用于显示病人心脏信息的方法、系统和/或计算机程序产品。 The method provided for displaying information about the patient's heart, the system and / or computer program product SUMMARY Embodiments of the present invention. 病人心脏的多个MRI电影环路(cine loop)是在多个心率下和药物学和/或运动产生的负荷等级下得到的。 A plurality of patient cardiac MRI film loop (cine loop) is obtained at the load level at a plurality of heart rate and pharmaceutically and / or Movement. 所述的多个电影环路包括室壁运动困像帧的室壁运动电影环路和至少一个心脏位置的灌注图像。 The loop includes a plurality of film perfusion image kinesis trapped wall motion image frame and at least one loop of the film of the heart. 室壁运动电影环路和灌注电影环路同时显示。 Perfusion and wall motion movie movie loop the loop displayed simultaneously. 某些实施例中,灌注围像至少是关于心脏在至少一个位置处灌注图像的电影环路。 In certain embodiments, perfusion loop around the film is at least about as cardiac perfusion image at at least one location. 进一步的实施例中,灌注困像是心脏在一个位置处的心肌延迟增强(MDE)的灌注图像,本发明特别的实施例中,通过调整所述多个MRI电影环路以提供在每一个MRI电影环路中具备相同帧的补偿电影环路.进一步说,所迷多个MRI电影环路可在对病人进行负荷试验时得到。 In further embodiments, such as cardiac perfusion trapped delayed enhancement (MDE) of the myocardial perfusion image at a position, in particular embodiments of the present invention, by adjusting the plurality of MRI to provide a film loops each MRI have the same film frame loop compensation film loop. further, the plurality of fans loop may MRI film obtained when the patient load test. 也可通过对显示的MRI电影环路评估来确定心肌缺血与否,或基于所述显示的电影环路的心肌活力。 May also be determined by the film loop MRI assessment of myocardial viability myocardial ischemia displayed or not, based on the display or movie loop. 在本发明的又一个实施例中,针对单个剂量的负荷诱导刑或运动量,同时显示与病人心脏相关的不同位置的多个电影环路。 In still another embodiment of the present invention, a dose for a single sentence or a load induced by exercise, simultaneously displaying a plurality of loops of different positions of the film associated with the patient's heart. 也可针对不同负荷诱导药的剂量,同时显示与病人心脏相应的单个位置的多个电影环路。 Dose of drug may induce different loads, simultaneously displaying a plurality of film loops patient's heart corresponding to a single location. 本发明的进一步实施例中,所述多个MRI电影环路通过增加帧和/或把帧从至少一个所述多个MRI电影环路中移除来进行调节。 A further embodiment of the present invention, the plurality of MRI movie loop be adjusted by increasing the frame and / or the frame is removed from the at least one of the plurality of MRI movie loop. 帧可加入到各个MRI电影环路中和/或从其中移除,从而使得所有显示的MRI 电影环路具备相同的帧数,进一步讲,增加的帧可以通过重复一个MRI 电影环路的帧来获得。 MRI can be added to each frame of the film loop and / or removed from it, so that all the film MRI display with the same number of frames of the loop, Further, the frame may be increased by repeating a frame MRI movie loop obtain. 加进或移除的帧可以在整个MRI电影环路中平均分布。 Add or remove frames can be evenly distributed throughout the MRI film loop. 本发明的另一个实施例中,通过补偿室壁运动MRI电影环路而使得所述多个室壁运动MRI电影环路中的每一个中的相应帧与病人心脏循环中的常规部分相协调,这样,不同电影环路中的帧可能对应不同的持续时间,然而,每一帧可对应心脏周期的相同份额时间。 Another embodiment of the present invention, by compensating for wall motion MRI movie loop such that the plurality of wall motion MRI film loops each respective frame portion coordinated with a conventional patient's heart cycle, in this way, different movie loop frame may correspond to a different duration, however, each frame may correspond to the same time the share of the cardiac cycle. 进一步说,所述多个MRI电影环路也可通过调整多个MRI电影环路中的至少一个的帧显示的持续时间而得到调整,从而每一个MRI电影环路具备共同的总的持续时间.本发明的另一个实施例中,通过在多个心率下获取病人心脏的多个MRI电影环路来显示病人的心脏信息,所述多个电影环路包括含有室壁运动图像帧的电影环路.还获得心脏至少一个位置处的灌注困像。 Further, the plurality of MRI film loops can also be adjusted by the duration of at least one of a plurality of frame alignment film loop MRI display, so that each loop is provided with a film MRI common total duration. another embodiment of the present invention, the patient's heart to display the information acquired by the patient's heart at a plurality of heart rate plurality of loops MRI film, said film comprising a plurality of film loop comprising a loop moving image frame wall also get trapped like cardiac perfusion at least one location. 室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注困像同时显示。 Wall motion movie loop and at least one perfusion trapped like displayed simultaneously. 本发明的某些实施例中,灌注图像是提供灌注图像电影环路的多个灌注图像。 Certain embodiments of the present invention, the perfusion image is a perfusion image to provide a plurality of perfusion images of the film loop. 这种情况下,通过同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注图像电影环路来同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注图像。 In this case, by simultaneously displaying wall motion movie loop and at least one perfusion image movie Loop to simultaneously display wall motion movie loop and at least one perfusion image. 本发明的另一个实施例中,灌注图像是心肌延迟增强灌注图像.本发明的另一个实施例中,提供了MRI成像评估的用户界面.用户界面可在显示设备上显示,并且包括至少一个设置成显示心脏室壁运动的MRI图像的多个电影环路的区域和至少一个被设置成显示心脏灌注的至少一个MRI图像的区域.被设置成得以显示心脏灌注的至少一个MRI图像的区域可以设置成得以显示心脏灌注MRI图像的至少一个电影环路。 Another embodiment of the present invention, the perfusion image is a myocardial delayed enhancement perfusion image. Another embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a user interface for MRI imaging evaluation. The user interface may be displayed on a display device, and includes at least one setting into a display area and at least one region of the MRI image of cardiac perfusion MRI image of a plurality of film loops cardiac wall motion is arranged at least one display is arranged to display at least a region of cardiac perfusion MRI images may be provided able to display at least one movie loop cardiac perfusion MRI image. 进一步地,所述心脏室壁运动MRI图像的多个电影环路可彼此以及和心脏灌注MRI图像的至少一个电影环路同步。 Further, the MRI images of cardiac wall motion may be a plurality of loops each other and the film cardiac perfusion MRI image of at least a film loop synchronization. 并且,所述心脏室壁运动MRI图像的多个电影环路的至少一个可被记录到心脏灌注MRI图像的电影环路。 And, said plurality of film loops cardiac wall motion MRI images may be recorded into the at least one MRI image of cardiac perfusion movie loop. 如本领域技术人员所知,借助于本发明的公开,本发明的实施例可以被提供为方法、系统和/或计算机程序产品。 As those skilled in the art, by means of the disclosed invention, embodiments of the present invention may be provided as methods, systems and / or computer program product. 附图说明图1是按照本发明实施例的一个MRI系统的模块图。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an MRI system according to an embodiment of the present invention. 图2是按照本发明实施例的数据处理系统的模块图。 FIG 2 is a block diagram of a data processing system according to an embodiment of the present invention. 图3是按照本发明实施例的一个MRI电影环路显示系统更加详细的模块图。 A film loop MRI FIG. 3 is an embodiment of the present invention shows a more detailed block diagram of a system. 图4是用于说明本发明实施例搮作的流程图。 FIG 4 is a flowchart for explaining an embodiment of the present invention as Li. 图5是一个示例性的电影环路显示器的屏幕截取图。 FIG 5 is a screen shot of an exemplary display of a movie loop. 图6是用于说明本发明进一步实施例操作的流程图。 FIG 6 is a flow chart illustrating operation of a further embodiment of the present invention. 具体实施方式以下将参照附困更详细的说明本发明,附困中显示说明了本发明的实施例。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION Reference will now be described in more detail difficulties attaching to the present invention, shown attached trapped illustrate embodiments of the present invention. 然而,本发明不应当理解为仅限于这里所给出的实施例, 而是提供这些实施例以详细而完全的说明发明的范围,并使本领域技术人员充分理解本发明的范围。 However, the present invention should not be construed as limited to the embodiments set forth herein, rather, these embodiments are detailed and complete description of the scope of the invention, and those skilled in the art will fully understand the scope of the present invention. 如本领域技术人员所知,本发明可以表现为方法、系统和计算机程序。 As those skilled in the art, the present invention can be expressed as a method, system and computer program. 因此,本发明可完全是硬件的实施例,完整的软件实施例或把软件和硬件组合在一起的实施例,这里均通称为"电路"或"模块"。 Accordingly, the present invention may be entirely hardware embodiment, a software embodiment or complete the combination of software and hardware together embodiment examples herein are referred to by a "circuit" or "module." 进一步,本发明可表现为基于具备刻录在媒介中的计算机可以识别程序代码的计算机可识别存储介质的计算机程序产品。 Further, the present invention can be expressed as a computer program code can be identified can be identified storage medium a computer program product includes a computer-based burn medium. 任何计算机可读媒介均可采用,包括硬盘,CD-ROM,光学存储设备,诸如那些支持因特网或局域网的传输介质,或者磁存储设备。 Any computer-readable medium can be used, including hard disks, CD-ROM, an optical storage device, a transmission media such as those supporting the Internet or a local area network, or a magnetic storage device. 执行本发明操作的计算机程序代码可被写进由诸如Java@, Smalltalk或0++的面向程序语言确定的对象中。 Performing the operations of the present invention is a computer program code can be written as an object determined by the Java @, Smalltalk programming language, or for the 0 ++. 但是,执行本发明操作的计算机程序代码还可用通常的程序语言如"C"程序语言编写。 However, operation of the present invention may be the computer program code written as a conventional programming language "C" programming language. 具体的电影显示系统可使用交互数据语言(IDL)程序来提供适合在本发明实施例中使用的电影环路。 DETAILED movie display system may use the interactive data language (IDL) for providing a program used in this embodiment of the invention the film loop. 程序代码可完全在用户计算机上、 部分在用户计算机上、如作为独立软件包,部分在用户计算机上,部分在远程计算机上或完全在远程计算机上执行.在后一方案中,远程计算机可以通过局域网(LAN)或者广域网(WAN)和用户的计算机相连,或者该连接可以通过外部计算机进行(例如,通过使用因特网服务器的因特网)。 The program code may execute entirely on the user's computer, partly on the user's computer, as a standalone software package, partly on the user's computer, partly or entirely on the remote computer on the remote computer. In the latter scenario, the remote computer may be by a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) and the user's computer is connected, or the connections can be made (e.g., through the Internet using an Internet server) by the external computer. 进一步地,用户计算机、远程计算机或两者一起都可以结合到其它系统如MRI系统中,以下参照流程解释困和/或按照本发明实施例的方法,装置(系统)和计算机程序产品的模块困来说明本发明,已知流程解释图中的每一模块和/或模块图以及流程解释图中的模块和/或模块图的联合可由计算机程序指令来执行.这些计算机程序指令可以输入到通用计算机、专用计算机的处理器或其它程序化数据处理装置中来启动机器,从而通过计算机处理器或其它程序化数据处理装置执行该指令产生用于执行流程和/或模块图中的模块中规定的功能/动作的方法。 Further, the user computer, the remote computer, or both may be incorporated into other systems such as MRI system, explained below with reference to the flow difficulties and / or trapped method according to an embodiment of the present invention, apparatus (systems) and computer program product module the present invention will be described, each module is known explaining the flow and / or flow and block diagram explaining the modules and / or combined modules of computer program instructions may be performed in FIG. these computer program instructions may be input to a general purpose computer , special purpose computer, or other programmable data processing apparatus to start the machine, thereby producing a predetermined function and / or block diagram of the modules for performing the process executed by a computer processor or other programmable data processing apparatus the method / operation. 这些计算机程序指令还可储存在引导计算机或其它程式化数据处理装置以特定的方式工作的计算机可读存储器中,从而储存在计算机可读存储器中的指令产生包括执行流程和/或模块图中的模块规定的功能/动作的指令方法的产品。 These computer program instructions may also be stored in direct a computer or other programmable data processing apparatus to function in a particular manner a computer-readable memory, such that stored in a computer-readable memory comprising instructions to generate execution processes and / or modules in FIG. product instruction means functions / acts specified module. 计算机程序指令还可装载于计算机或其它程序化数据处理装置, 以产生一系列可在计算机或其它程序化装置被执行的操作步骤,以此产生计算机执行的处理,从而在计算机或其它程序化装置中执行的指令提供用于执行流程和/或模块图中的模块规定的功能/动作的步骤。 The computer program instructions may also be loaded onto a computer or other programmable data processing apparatus to produce a series of operational steps can be executed in a computer or other programmable apparatus, thereby generating computer-implemented process, such that in a computer or other programmable apparatus process steps and / or the predetermined block diagram of the module function / operation instruction for execution provided. 本发明的实施例提供既采用病人心跳的室壁运动MRI电影环路又采用灌注图像的心脏诊断。 Embodiments of the present invention provides both wall motion using the patient's heart using the cardiac MRI diagnostic and film loop of perfusion images. 灌注图4象可以是MRI灌注图像电影环路和/或单个图像,例如由心肌延迟增强所提供的图像。 FIG 4 perfusion MRI image may be a film loop perfusion image and / or a single image, such as image enhancement delay provided by the myocardium. 室壁MRI电影环路可以从时间上与经调整以补偿如负荷引起的心率的不同心率,并因此导致的不同心脏循环模式和/或持续时间的电影环路同步。 MRI wall film loop may be adjusted from time to compensate for a load such as heart rate caused by different heart rate, and thus result in different modes of the cardiac cycle and / or duration of the movie loop synchronization. 心脏诊断通过评估时间上同步的MRI电影环路和经受负荷试验的病人的灌注图像和MRI电影环路中的一个或全部来进行。 Cardiac MRI diagnostic evaluation time by the synchronization loop and a film subjected to perfusion images load test patient and MRI or all of the film loop is performed. 这种评估可产生有关一个病人患CAD可能性的筛选测定。 Such screening assays can be generated about the evaluation of a patient suffering from the likelihood of CAD. 图l描述了一个按照本发明实施例的示例性系统10。 Figure l depicts an exemplary embodiment of a system according to the present invention 10. 如图l所示, 一个电影显示/MRI系统10包括一个可包含一个MRI控制系统电路12, 一个MRI脉冲激发系统电路14和一个MRI信号测量系统电路16的MRI 采集系统11。 As shown in FIG. L, a movie display / MRI system 10 includes an MRI control system may comprise a circuit 12, an MRI pulse excitation MRI acquisition system 14 and an MRI signal measurement system circuit 16 of the system circuit 11. MRI控制系统电路12在病人的一个心脏循环中控制MRI 采集系统ll的操作以获取和提供MRI图>(象。MRI控制系统电路12还可对获取的图像进行组合并把其传输到工作站20或其它这样的数据处理系统,以进一步分析和/或显示。工作站20可在MRI组中或远离MRI组。通过控制所述MRI脉冲激发系统电路14和所述MRI信号测量系统电路16来获取提供病人心脏MRI图像的MRI信号。例如,MRI图像可以通过使用快速梯度回波分段的k-间隔序列来获取。通过调整所述k -间隔分段可提供用于确认心收缩末期的适当时间分辩率(13-65毫秒),而心收缩末期帧典型的具有最小的左心室(LV)腔尺寸。可利用图像共享以在获取的帧之间提供中间帧。 下述表格提供了在不同心率下调整k-间隔分段的示例。<table>table see original document page 10</column></row> <table>可以选择的是,可以使用其它高亮突出LV心肌增 MRI control system circuit 12 controls the cardiac cycle in a patient's operation of the MRI acquisition system to acquire and provide ll FIG MRI> (.MRI image control system circuit 12 may also be a combination of the image acquisition and to transmit it to the workstation 20 or other such data processing system for further analysis and / or display in the workstation 20 can be remote from the MRI or MRI group group. 14 the MRI pulse excitation system and the MRI signal measurement system circuit by the control circuit 16 acquires the patient to provide . MRI signal, for example, cardiac MRI images, MRI images may be acquired by using a fast gradient echo sequence segment k- interval by adjusting the k -. segmentation provides appropriate time interval to confirm resolution of systolic heart (13-65 msec), and end systolic chamber size of typical frame has the smallest left ventricle (the LV). sharing may be utilized to provide an intermediate image frame between frames acquired. the following table provides adjustment at different heart rate example segmented k- intervals. <table> table see original document page 10 </ column> </ row> <table> can be selected is, other protruding LV myocardium by highlighting 或松弛的MRI 技术来获取图像。室壁运动和电影环路帧的灌注的MRI困像可包括与病人心脏不同位置处和病人心脏周期中不同时间相应的图像(即电影环路可记录在其它电影环路中),例如,图像可包括诸如基短轴、长轴、中短轴和尖短轴的切片,四腔和两腔切片.具体的实施例中,可选择期望的图像位置以提供LV室壁运动困像.进一步讲,困像可来自病人负荷试验的不同时段,例如,在基线或静息心率和/或不同心率下,和/或采用不同剂量的诸如多巴盼丁胺和阿托品的负荷诱导剂下。心肌灌注困像将在静息时和在负荷(药理的或运动的)下,在给予顺磁性造影剂(例如含礼的)或敏感剂(例如含有氣化铁或镝)后获取,或者釆用不给予造影剂的组合技术,例如使用T2预备脉冲序列或3维T2加权序列的依赖血液含氧水平(BOLD)的心脏图像。获取的心壁灌注图 Or relaxed MRI technology to capture images of wall motion and perfusion MRI trapped film loop frame image may include a different location and at a patient's heart in the patient's cardiac cycle corresponding to images at different times (i.e., the movie can be recorded in other loop film loop), for example, may include information such as an image group minor axis, major axis, minor axis and a tip sections of the minor axis, four-chamber and two chamber sections. specific embodiment, the selectable position to provide a desired image LV wall motion trapped like. further, as may be trapped from different patients load test period, e.g., at baseline or resting heart rate and / or a different heart rate, and / or different doses of dOPA such as butylamine and hope under a load inducing agent atropine. the myocardial perfusion image trapped at rest and under load (pharmacological or moving), the administration of paramagnetic contrast agent (e.g., containing Li) or a sensitizer (e.g. iron containing vaporized or after dysprosium) acquired, or a combination of art does not preclude the use of contrast agent administered, for example, blood oxygen levels dependent T2 preparation pulse sequences or 3-dimensional T2-weighted sequence (BOLD) cardiac images acquired cardiac wall perfusion FIG. 可以是源自多次连续心跳的心脏区域中单个位置处的图像。灌注图像还可以被产生和显示以提供和相关时间补偿的心壁运动MRI电影环路相比具由相同帧数的电影环路。诸如由GE医疗系统,西门子,菲利普,Varian, Bruker, Marconi 和东芝提供的常规MRI系统可用来提供在经受负荷试验的病人心跳期间收集的期望的MRI困像帧,根据本发明此处所描述的实施例,这些图像帧可以经时间补偿和显示,和/或进行生物物理学或生物生理学异常分析,从而进行心脏诊断。尽管图l描述了一个示例性电影显示/MRI系统,并且就其功能和/或操作的具体划分在此进行了描述,但如本领域技术人员所知,根据本发明的教导,还可运用其它的功能和/或搮作的划分,例如,MRI控制系统电路12可以和MRI脉冲激发系统电路14或MRI信号测黃系统电路16进行组合。 It may be derived from a single image at a position several consecutive heartbeats of the heart region. Perfusion images may also be generated and displayed with the same number of frames as compared to the film loop and associated time to provide compensating wall motion MRI movie loop Road conventional MRI system provided by GE medical systems, Siemens, Philips, Varian, Bruker, Marconi and Toshiba may be used to provide the desired MRI trapped image frame collected during the heartbeat is subjected to load test, described as according to the invention herein embodiments, these image frames may be displayed by the compensation and time, and / or abnormal physiological biophysical or biological analysis, thereby performing cardiac diagnosis. Although Figure l depicts an exemplary display film / MRI system, and its function and / or specific division operation described herein, but as known to those skilled in the art, according to the teachings of the present invention may also use other functions and / or partitioned Li made, e.g., MRI control system circuit 12 may and MRI pulse excitation system circuit 14 or the MRI signal measurement system circuit 16 are combined yellow. 因此,本发明不应被理解为限制在MRI功能/操作的一个具体结构或划分,而可以包括任何能够实现这里所描述操作的功能/搮作结构或划分。 Accordingly, the present invention should not be construed as a limitation on the specific configuration or partitioned MRI functions / operations, and may include any of the operations described herein can achieve the function / structure as Li or partitioned. 图2描述的是根据本发明的实施例的适用于提供工作站20和/或MRI控制系统电路12的数据处理系统230的示范性实施例。 FIG 2 is depicted at 20 and / or MRI control system circuit of an exemplary workstation data processing system 12 according to an embodiment 230 suitable for implementing embodiments of the present invention. 典型的, 数据处理系统230包括诸如鍵盘或鼠标的输入装置232,显示器234 和与处理器238交换数据的存储器236.数据处理系统230可进一步包括扬声器244和同样与处理器238交换数据的1/0数据端口246。 A typical memory, such as data processing system 230 includes a keyboard or mouse input device 232, display 234, and 238 to exchange data with the processor 236. The data processing system may further include a speaker 230 and 1 244 238 to exchange data with the same processor / 0 data port 246. 数据端口246可用于在数据处理系统230和另一个计算机系统或网络之间传递数据。 Data port 246 may be used to transfer data between the data processing system 230 and another computer system or network. 这些部件可以是如在许多常规数据处理系统中使用的可以被^L置成如此处所描述工作的常规部件。 These components may be conventional components ^ L set to the work described herein as used in many conventional data processing systems. 图3是描述根据本发明的实施例的系统、方法和/或计算*序产品的数据处理系统实施例的模块困,处理器238通过地址/数据总线348与存储器236交换数据。 FIG. 3 is a system according to an embodiment of the present invention, a method and / or calculated * program product trapped module data processing system according to an embodiment, the processor 238 via the address / data bus 348 to exchange data with the memory 236. 处理器238可以是任何商用或常规微处理器。 The processor 238 may be any commercially available or conventional microprocessor. 存储器236以包含软件和用于执行数据处理系统230功能的数据的存储设备的所有体系为代表。 The memory 236 comprises software and data storage device for performing a data processing system 230. All system functions are represented. 存储器236包括但不限于以下类型:高速緩沖存储器,ROM, PR0M, EPROM, EEPR0M,闪存,SRAM和DRAM。 The memory 236 includes but is not limited to the following types: cache, ROM, PR0M, EPROM, EEPR0M, flash, SRAM, and DRAM. As 如图3所示,存储器236可包括多类软件和/或用在数据处理系统230的数据:操作系统352;应用程序354;输入/输出(1/0)设备驱动器358和数据356。 3, the memory 236 may comprise many types of software and / or in the data processing system 230: the operating system 352; 354 ​​application; an input / output (1/0) device drivers 358 and data 356. 如本领域技术人员所知,操作系统352可以是任何适和与数据处理系统一起使用的操作系统,例如国际商业机器公司的0S/2, AIX或系统390,微软的Armonk, NY, Windows95, Windows98, Windows2000, WindowsNT或WindowsXP,以及Redmond, WA, Unix或Linux。 As those skilled in the art, operating system 352 may be any operating system suitable for use with a data processing system, such as the International Business Machines Corporation, 0S / 2, AIX or system 390, Microsoft Armonk, NY, Windows95, Windows98 , Windows2000, WindowsNT or WindowsXP, and Redmond, WA, Unix or Linux. 操作系统可以设置成支持基于TCP/IP或其它类似的网络通信协议连接。 Operating system may be configured to support the connection based on the TCP / IP network, or other similar communication protocol. 所述I/0设备358典型的包括由应用程序354 通过操作系统352访问,以和诸如I/0数据端口246和某些存储236 部件通信的软件程序,应用程序354由执行数据处理系统230各种特征的程序来说明,并优选包括支持按照本发明实施例的操作的至少一个应用。 The I / 0 device 358 typically includes an operating system 352 by the application 354 through the access to such and I / 0 port 246 data storage 236 and certain software program, the application section 354 by the communication system 230 performs various data processing species program features described, and preferably comprises a support for operation of an embodiment according to the invention at least one application. 最后,数据356代表应用程序354使用的静态和动态数据, 操作系统354, 1/0设备驱动358以及其它驻留在存储器236中軟件程序。 Finally, the static data 356 and dynamic data used to represent the application 354, operating system 354, device drivers 358 1/0 memory 236 and other software programs reside. 进一步如困3所示,应用程序354可包括一个电影环路处理应用360。 As further difficulties 3, the application 354 may comprise a film-loop processing application 360. 电影环路处理应用360可执行这里所描述的操作,该操作为时间上同步MRI图像电影环路,显示时间上同步的心脏室壁运动MRI图像和/或心壁灌注图像的电影环路,并且/或显示对MRI困像的时间同步电影环路的评估.如图3的实施例所示,存储器236的数据部分356 可包括含有室壁运动和灌注MRI围像电影环路的MRI图像数据362。 Film loop processing application 360 may perform operations described herein, the synchronous operation of the film loop time MRI image, MRI image display cardiac wall motion synchronized in time and / or film loop perfusion images of the heart wall, and / or display time MRI evaluation of the film trapped image synchronization loop. the embodiment shown in FIG. 3, the data memory 236 may include a portion 356 comprising 362 MRI image data wall motion and perfusion MRI enclosed like a movie loop . 尽管例如参照在图3中为应用程序的电影环路处理应用360对本发明进行了说明但如本领域技术人员所知,还可采用其它受益于本发明教导的构型。 Although the example referring to FIG. 3 application 360, as in the present invention has been described in the art as one skilled in the art, other configurations may be employed according to the present invention, the benefit of the teachings of the loop for the film application process. 例如,电影环路处理应用360还可与操作系统352、 所述1/0设备驱动器358或数据处理系统230的其它此类逻辑划分组合在一起。 For example, a movie loop processing application 360 may be an operating system 352, device driver 358 1/0 the data processing system or other such logical division of composition and 230 together. 因此,本发明不要理解为仅限于困3所示的设置,任何可以执行这里所描述的搮作安排均包括在本发明范围中.图4描述了按照本发明某些实施例的操作。 Accordingly, the present invention is not to be taken as limited to the arrangement shown trapped 3, Li may be performed in any arrangements described herein are included. Figure 4 depicts operation in accordance with certain embodiments of the invention within the scope of the present invention. 如图4所示,对病人进行负荷试验(模块400 )并且在负荷试验期间釆集表示病人心脏的室壁运动和灌注的MRI困像(模块402 )。 4, the patient load test (block 400) and preclude set represents the patient's heart wall motion and perfusion MRI trapped image (block 402) during a load test. 所述负荷试验可以是采集MRI图像时可进行的任何类型的负荷试验.MRI负荷试验的一个具体的实施例为使用诸如多巴酚丁胺或类似物生物化学诱导负荷试验,进行负荷试验对本领域技术人员是熟知的,因此不在这里进行描述。 The load test may be a specific embodiment of the load test .MRI any type of load test when acquiring MRI image may be used such as dobutamine induced load or the like, a biochemical test, a load test in the art It is well known in the art, and therefore not be described herein. 采集的灌注围像可以是在给用造影剂后立即采集的"首先通过" 的灌注图像。 Acquired perfusion images may be enclosed in a contrast agent immediately after collection "first pass" perfusion image. 这种情况下,灌注图像可以是图《象的电影环路,从而造影剂的灌注可由电影环路图像示踪或监控.灌注电影环路图像可以是心脏不同部位的多个灌注电影环路图像。 In this case, FIG perfusion image may be "like the film loop, such that the perfusion of the contrast agent or may be a movie loop tracer monitoring image. Perfusion loop movie image may be perfused a plurality of different parts of the image film loop . 这些电影环路可由室壁运动电影环路图像记录,从而灌注电影环路和室壁运动电影环路对应几乎相同的位置,例如,灌注电影环路可以是三个对应三条短轴室壁运动电影环路的电影环路。 These films may be loops of wall motion picture film loop recording, so that the film loop perfusion and wall motion movie loop corresponding to almost the same position, e.g., a movie loop may be perfused three corresponding three short axis wall motion cine loop film loop Road. 因此,灌注图像可以在和短轴室壁运动图像在通过心脏的相同的平面上采集。 Thus, the perfusion images may be acquired and a minor wall in the moving image on the same plane through the heart. 可以选择的是,或除了产生灌注图像电影环路以外,也可提供心肌延迟增强(MDE) , MDE中,给用造影剂例如钆DPTA20分钟后,其一部分渗入坏疽的(坏死的)组织并将变得明亮(因此,被延迟增强)。 Can be selected is, or in addition to the film loop perfusion image is generated, may also be provided myocardial delayed enhancement (MDE), MDE, a contrast agent such as gadolinium to DPTA20 minutes later, a portion of the infiltration necrosis (necrotic) tissue and brighten (Thus, the delayed enhancement). 这些图像可以不以电影环路方式,而以单独困像方式采集,并记录(在相同切片位置处)相应灌注和/或室壁运动困像。 These images may not be in a movie loop manner, but in a separate manner like trapped collected, and records the perfusion (at the same slice position) and / or trapped wall motion image. MDE是另一种形式的灌注,也就是说,它是坏死组织的灌注,即,首先通过的灌注是活组织的灌注。 MDE is another form of perfusion, that is, it is necrotic tissue perfusion, that is, through the first infusion of living tissue perfusion. 因此,灌注困像可能包括诸如MDE困像和/或困像电影环路的单独图像,上述其中之一或两者均可与室壁运动图像一同显示。 Thus, the perfusion images may include information such as MDE trapped trapped like and / or individual images like a movie trapped loop, wherein one or both of the above can be displayed with the wall motion images. 对可提供在心脏不同位置的心跳的电影环路和/或不同剂量的负荷诱导刑的MRI室壁运动图像被时间同步,并建立灌注图像的数目, 以使每一个电影环路具备相同数目的MRI图像或帧,从而每一个电影环路可以被显示相同的时间(模块404 )。 May be provided at different locations of the heart beat of the film loop and / or MRI images of wall motion induced load penalty different doses are time synchronized, and establishes the number of perfusion images, so that each loop includes the same number of movie MRI images or frames, so that each loop may be a film show the same time (block 404). 因此,例如,灌注电影环路可通过使其和室壁运动困像以同样的速率来循环显示而与室壁运动电影环路同步。 Thus, for example, a movie loop perfusion and wall motion can be trapped by it at the same rate as the display cycle is synchronized with the film loop wall motion. 灌注电影环路的同步还可通过增加帧数,减少帧数或如这里所描述的调整显示时间来实现。 Film perfusion loop can also be synchronized by increasing the number of frames, such as adjusting the number of frames or the display time described herein is achieved. 室壁运动电影环路还可与心脏周期同步,使得每一个电影环路在心脏循环的相同部分开始。 Film loops and wall motion of the heart cycle can also be synchronized so that each film loop start at the same portion of the heart cycle. 补偿的室壁运动电影环路和灌注围像和/或灌注困像的电影环路例如可供工作站显示,并且可以对两者进行评估来确定病人的心脏生理状态(模块406 )。 Wall motion and perfusion loop compensation film as enclosed and / or perfusion trapped image display workstation for example, the film loop, and may both be evaluated to determine the physiological condition of the heart of a patient (block 406). 这样的评估例如可通过显示几种或所有剂量下一给定位置处的室壁运动和灌注电影环路和/或显示某一给定剂量下几个或所有位置的电影环路来进行,通过显示接近实时获取的图像可进行评估。 Such evaluation may be, for example, by displaying some or all dosage wall motion at a given location and the next movie loop perfusion and / or display a given dose or at several positions of the film to all loops, by near real-time display captured images can be evaluated. 此外或可选地,可以与室壁运动电影环路一起显示一个MDE 图像或多个MDE图像。 Additionally or alternatively, it may display one or more images MDE MDE wall motion images with movie loop. 显示的电影环路和/或图像可由生理学家进行评估,以确定心脏的生理状态。 Film loops and / or image display may be physiologist evaluated to determine the physiological state of the heart. 这样的确定例如可包括确定CAD存在与否,CAD严重性的变化,心脏治疗体制的效果等,例如,灌注图像可以和室壁运动图像进行比较,以确定减少的灌注区域是否与受损室壁运动区域相对应,从而进一步确定血管是否堵塞.这样的操作可以重复,直到期望位置(模块408 )和期望负荷等级(模块410)的MRI图像被获得和补偿,如此处所述。 Such a determination may include determining the presence or absence of, for example, changes in the severity of CAD, heart treatment effect CAD system or the like, for example, the image may be compared to perfusion and wall motion images, to determine whether the damaged region of reduced wall motion perfusion region corresponding to further determine whether the blood vessel blockage. such operations may be repeated until a desired position (block 408) and the desired load level (block 410) the MRI image is obtained, and compensation, as described herein. 因此,如果要釆集更多的视图(模块408 ),则继续进行采集其它MRI图像(模块402 )的操作。 Therefore, to preclude More view (block 408), then proceed with other MRI image capture operation (block 402). 如果要评估另外的负荷等级(模块410),则继续进行其它的负荷试验(模块400 )。 If additional load level to be evaluated (block 410), then proceed with other load test (block 400). 已经发现,在时间上同步电影环路使得生理学家可以更加有效地评估心脏生理状况,而不会通过时间同步处理产生明显的赝像和/或失真,而这些赝像和/或失真会使信息模糊或提供导致无^1评估的错误信息。 It has been found in the time synchronization makes the movie loop physiologist can more effectively assess the physiological condition of the heart, and does not sync produce significant artifacts and / or distorted by time, and these artifacts and / or distorted information will blurred or provide lead-free ^ 1 error messages assessments. 进一步发现,电影环路时间同步提高了MRI电影环路评估的有效性,因为它允许生理学家同时可视地比较不同心率下的心脏运动,其中心脏运动在心脏周期中其相同位置的显示是同步的。 Further found that the film loop time synchronization loop improves the effectiveness of MRI assessment of the film, because it allows the movement of the cardiac physiologist while visually compare different heart rate, which show the same position in the cardiac cycle in which the heart movement is synchronized of. 因此,每一显示的图〗象在心i^中占几乎相同比例的时间.因此,可以直接比较不同心率下处室壁运动的不同之处,以探测病症的存在.如上面所讨论,已经发现这里所描述的时间同步处理可避免产生不准确、赝像或其它可能妨碍评估过程的失真的显示.进一步说,评估过程可以以充分的实时方式进行,从而可使生理学家利用MRI电影环路在进行负荷试验时来监控负荷试验。 Thus, each display of FIG〗 i ^ accounted for approximately the same time as the proportion of the heart. Thus, except directly compare Xiachu heart wall motion, to detect the presence of the disorder. As discussed above, it has been found time synchronization processing described herein may avoid inaccurate, artifacts or other distortions may prevent the display of the evaluation process. further, the evaluation process can be performed in real time sufficient to allow an MRI film loop physiologist to monitor the test load when the load test. 这样的监控在进行负荷试验和基于负荷试验结果对病人状况进行评估中均实用,通过提供这样的允许同时直接比较不同心率数据的电影环路信息,生理学家可以快速确定病人心脏生理状态,从而调整试验参数和/或避免伤害病人。 Such testing and monitoring the patient during the load based on the load condition of the test results for evaluation are useful, by providing a film loop allows direct comparison of different information at the same heart rate data, physiologists can quickly determine the physiological state of the patient's heart, thereby adjusting The test parameters and / or to avoid harm to the patient. 在有些情况下,例如在负荷试验全过程中存在静息心脏室壁运动异常时,或存在同心左心室肥大的状况下,室壁运动评估不足以确定局部缺血。 In some cases, for example, present during the whole test load resting cardiac wall motion abnormalities, the presence or status of concentric left ventricular hypertrophy, is not sufficient to assess wall motion determining ischemia. 由于这样的原因,对心脏灌注和/或延迟增强和电影室壁运动的联合评价可提高鉴别者确定在单独评估室壁运动时不明显的心脏坏死或局部缺血的能力.本发明的另一个进一步的实施例中,采用困像处理技术可以自动或半自动的进行电影环路的评估。 For these reasons, a joint evaluation of cardiac perfusion and / or delayed enhancement film and wall motion can be improved by determining the discriminating ability of the heart ischemia or necrosis obvious when used alone assessment of wall motion. The present invention further in a further embodiment, image processing techniques may be trapped using automatic or semi-automatic assessment of the film loop. 由于采用同样大小的数据设备并且数据设备中的相应帧对应心脏循环中的公共部分,因而电影环路的时间同步有助于这样的自动评估.例如,电影环路或电影环路中的部分图像可相互比较或参考,从而突出基线电影环路的偏差。 As a result of the same size and data device corresponding to the frame data corresponding to the common portion of the device of the cardiac cycle, and thus the film loop facilitate such automatic time synchronization evaluation. For example, a movie film image loops or loop portions can be compared with each other or with reference to a baseline projection deviation of the film loop. 因此,例如, 基线室壁运动电影环路可以和不同刑量电影环路比较并显示差异,和/或与阈值比较,以提供指示和/或心脏生理的评估.这些差异也可与灌注电影环路或同一区域的电影环路比较,以及与低灌注区域和异常室壁运动区域相比较。 Thus, for example, a baseline wall motion and display the movie loop may compare the differences, and / or compared with a threshold value to provide an indication and / or assessment of cardiac electrophysiological and different amounts film loop sentence. These differences may perfusion cine loop film loop Road or in the same region is relatively well compared with low perfusion and regional wall motion abnormalities region. 由于每一个电影环路中的位置对应心脏周期中几乎相同的时间,从而不同电影环路的相似位置的帧可以直接进行相互比较,因而这种电影环路的比较成为可能和/或简化。 Since each of the film loop position corresponding to the cardiac cycle time is almost the same, so that different positions of the film frame similar to the loop may be directly compared with each other, so that the film loop comparisons possible and / or simplified. 例如,自动比较还包括记录不同电影环路到基线环路。 For example, an automatic comparison also includes different recording a movie loop to loop baseline. 这样的记录可通过采用常规模式识别和/或校正技术进行,从而电影环路的相应象素或电影环路部分的每一个与病人身体中近似相同的生理位置相关联。 Such recording may be carried out by using conventional pattern recognition and / or correction techniques, so that each respective pixel of the film or film loop portion of the loop of the same approximate physiological location associated with the patient's body. 具体的实施例中,比较可以是3维(x, y, t) , 4维(x, y, z, t)和/或5维(x, y, z, t,剂量)。 In specific embodiments, the comparison may be a three-dimensional (x, y, t), 4-dimensional (x, y, z, t) and / or a 5-dimensional (x, y, z, t, dosage). 可以通过重复图像,增加或减少困像显示时间和/或从电影环路中去除图像来对电影环路进行补偿。 By repeating the image, increasing or decreasing the trapped image display time and / or removing an image from the film loop to compensate for the film loop. 电影环路可以通过提供每个环中相同数目的图^f象或帧来实现时间同步。 By film loop may provide the same number of each ring ^ f FIG image frames or time synchronization. 因此,病人的每一个显示的心跳可以显示相同的时间周期获取电影环路时的心率无关。 Thus, each of the patient's heartbeat display can show the same period of time get the heart rate when the movie has nothing to do loop. 具有较多帧的环路可以移去帧,而具有较少帧的环路可以增加帧。 Having a loop frame can be removed more frames, the frame loops having fewer frames may be increased. 帧可通过重复环中的帧来增加。 Frames may be increased by repeating the ring frame. 帧还可通过增加帧显示的时间的实质方式来增加。 Frame may also be increased in real terms by way of increasing the frame display time. 这种实质上帧的增加对存储的需求较之循环中物理重复帧要少。 This substantially increases the demand for storage in the frame than the frame cycle is repeated physical less. 增加或除去的帧可以分布在整个环路中,或优选基本上平均的分布在整个环路中。 Increased or removed frames may be distributed throughout the loop, or preferably substantially equally distributed throughout the loop. 进一步地,电影环路可与病人心脏周期同步,从而每一个电影环路在心脏周期的近似相同的部分开始,使MRI电影环路和病人心脏周期同步的技术对本领域的技术人员是已知的,因此在此不进行论述。 Further, the film loop may be synchronized with patient cardiac cycle, so that each film loop beginning at approximately the same portion of the cardiac cycle, so that the film loop and MRI patient cardiac cycle synchronization skilled in the art is known in the art and therefore it will not be discussed. 在本发明的具体实施例中,电影环路实时进行显示,其余实施例中,电影环路接近实时进行显示.对经受负荷试验的病人的电影环路的如此实时或接近实时的显示可通过允许对负荷试验进行快速分析和监控,从而可避免对病人的伤害,因而提供了安全的负荷试验,在其它实施例中,电影环路的显示由储存信息提供,并可进行"离线"操作。 In a particular embodiment of the present invention, the film loop real-time display, in the remaining embodiments, the film loop near real time display. Patients thus subjected to the load test or near real-time movie loop by allowing real-time display for rapid analysis and stress test monitoring, thereby avoiding injury to the patient, thereby providing a safe load test, in other embodiments, the film loop store information provided by the display, and can be "offline". 这种离线分析适合于详细或更耗时的电影环路分析。 This is suitable for detailed offline analysis or time-consuming film loop analysis. 进一步地, 数据采集、图像构建和/或电影环路困像的传送可相互重叠,从而减少图像采集和显示之间明显的传输延迟时间。 Further, data acquisition, image construction and / or loop transfer film image may overlap each other difficulties, thereby significantly reducing the transmission delay between the image acquisition and display time. 图5是按照本发明的实施例的电影环路显示器500的屏幕截取图。 Figure 5 is the film loop embodiment of the present invention, the display screen 500 of FIG taken. 如图5所示,多个电影环路502同时显示.电影环路已如上所述时间同步,并且包括显示室壁运动和灌注信息。 5, a plurality of film 502 also shows loop movie has been described above, the time synchronization loop, and includes a display wall motion and perfusion information. 如图5所示,室壁运动电影环路、首次通过的灌注电影环路以及MDE图像都可同时进行显示。 5, wall motion film loop, the first loop and the film MDE perfusion images can be displayed simultaneously by. 图5中,基线室壁运动电影环路502、第一剂量室壁运动电影环路504、峰值剂量室壁运动电影环路506、恢复室壁运动电影环路508、 首次通过灌注电影环路510和延迟增强图像512如这里所述同时进行显示。 5, a baseline wall motion film loop 502, a first dose wall motion film loop 504, peak dose wall motion film loop 506, loop 508 recovery wall motion film, the first film by perfusion loop 510 and delayed enhancement image 512 displayed simultaneously as described herein. 图6描述的是按照本发明进一步的实施例的操作。 FIG 6 is described operation of the embodiment according to the present invention further. 如困6所示, 可通过获得用户输入来裁减电影环路基本图,并/或调节基本电影环路图像的对比度、亮度、Y或其它显示等级(模块600 )。 As shown trapped 6, the film may be cut through the loop of FIG substantially obtaining user input, and / or adjust the contrast of the base image film loop, a luminance, Y, or other display level (block 600). 裁减和/或等级调整可自动传播到基本电影环路中剩余的困像以及传播到其它显示或存储的电影环路(模块604 )中。 Reduction and / or level adjustment may be automatically propagated to the base film remaining trapped in the loop, and propagated to other image display or storage of the film loop (block 604). 因此,医师可迅速调整电影环路图像的显示而不必调整每一副图像和/或单个的环路。 Thus, the physician can quickly adjust the displayed movie image loop without having to adjust each of the sub-picture and / or a single loop. 可选择的是,裁减和/或等级信息可存储并与电影环路相关联,电影环路可储存在例如硬盘或其它存储介质上,并在之后恢复,以供显示和/或分析。 Alternatively, the reduction and / or grade information may be stored and associated with the film loop, the loop can be stored on the film, for example, a hard disk or other storage medium, and, after recovery, for display and / or analysis. 存储的电影环路被随后与自动应用的裁减和/或等级信息一起显示。 Stored movies loop is then displayed together with the application of the automatic cuts and / or grade information. 尽管本发明实施例首先参照MRI困像接近实时的评估进行了描述,如借助于本发明公开内容的本领域技术人员所知,MRI图像的评估还可在"离线"或较长的停滞后进行。 Although the embodiments of the present invention Referring first MRI assessment trapped near real time image has been described as means of those skilled in the art of the present disclosure, the MRI image can also be assessed in the "off-line" or longer stagnant . 例如,早先的MRI图像可显示并与当前的MRI图像进行比较,以确定在室壁运动和/或灌注中是否发生了可能由于治疗过程而致的情况改善.因此,本发明不应理解为仅限于采集之后立即评估MRI电影环路图像。 For example, an MRI image may be displayed earlier, and compared with the current MRI image, to determine if there is possible to improve the situation since the treatment caused the wall motion and / or perfusion. Accordingly, the present invention is not to be construed as merely MRI images to assess movie loop immediately after the limited collection. 前文描述了本发明但不作为本发明的限制。 The foregoing description of the present invention but are not construed as limiting the present invention. 尽管对本发明的一些示例性的实施例进行了描述,本领城技术人员容易知道不在实质上偏离本发明的新颖性教导和本发明优点的情况下这些示例性实施例中可进行许多的修改。 Although the case of some exemplary embodiments of the present invention have been described, those skilled in the art readily recognize town do not materially departing from the novel teachings and advantages of the present invention, the present invention these exemplary embodiments, numerous modifications may be made.因此,所有这些修改包括在如权利要求书所限定的本发明的范围之内。

Claims (17)

1. 一种显示病人心脏信息的方法,包括: 在多个心率下获得病人心脏的多个MRI电影环路,该多个电影环路包括含有室壁运动图像帧的电影环路和至少一个包含至少一个心脏位置处多帧灌注图像的电影环路;以及同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注电影环路。 1. A method of displaying information a patient's heart, comprising: obtaining a plurality of the patient's heart at a plurality of heart MRI film loop, which loop comprises a plurality of movie film containing wall moving loop and at least one image frame comprising at the heart of at least one multi-frame film loop of perfusion images; and simultaneously displaying wall motion movie perfusion loop and at least one movie loop.
2. 如权利要求l所述的方法,进一步包括在显示的室壁运动电影环路和/或灌注电影环路中调整帧数,使得显示的室壁运动电影环路和灌注电影环路具备相同数量的帧。 2. The method according to claim l, further comprising a display wall motion in the film loop and / or perfusion loop adjustment film frames, so that the display of wall motion and perfusion loop film comprising the same film loop number of frames.
3. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其中获得多个MRI电影环路包括在对病人实施负荷试验时采集多个MRI电影环路。 3. The method of claim l, wherein obtaining a plurality of MRI acquisition circuit includes a plurality of MRI movie film loops on a patient when the load test.
4. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其中显示的电影环路提供与冠状动脉疾病存在与否相关的可视数据。 4. The method according to claim l, wherein the presence or absence of visual data associated with coronary artery disease film loops provide the display.
5. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其中所述的同时显示包括同时显示对于单一剂量负荷诱导剂的与病人心脏相关的不同位置的多个电影环路。 5. The method according to claim l, wherein the simultaneously displaying comprises simultaneously displaying a plurality of different positions for the film loop associated with a patient's heart load induced by a single dose of the agent.
6. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其中所述的同时显示包括同时显示对于不同剂量负荷诱导剂的与病人心脏相关的单一位置的多个电影环路。 6. The method according to claim l, wherein the simultaneously displaying comprises simultaneously displaying a plurality of film loops for a single location associated with the patient's heart load induced by different doses of the agent.
7. 如权利要求2所述的方法,其中所述的调整包括增加帧到至少一个显示的室壁运动电影环路或灌注电影环路和/或从至少一个显示的室壁运动电影环路或灌注电影环路去除帧。 7. The method according to claim 2, wherein said adjusting comprises increasing at least one display frame to the wall motion movie film loop or loop perfusion and / or from the at least one display wall motion or movie loop perfusion loop to remove the film frame.
8. 如权利要求7所述的方法,其中所述的增加帧包括重复MRI 电影环路的帧。 8. The method according to claim 7, wherein said increased frame comprising repeating frames of a movie loop MRI.
9. 如权利要求7所述的方法,其中,增加帧到一个显示的电影环路或从一个显示的电影环路去除帧使得增加或去除的帧基本上均布在一个显示的电影环路中。 9. The method of claim 7, wherein, to increase a display frame of the film loop or loop from a movie display to remove added or removed such that the frame is substantially uniformly distributed in the film frame of a display in the loop .
10. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其中,对室壁运动MRI电影环路进行补偿,从而使所述多个室壁运动MRI电影环路中每一个中的对应的帧对应病人心脏循环的公共部分。 10. The method according to claim l, wherein the loops of wall motion MRI compensating film, so that the corresponding frame in the plurality of wall motion MRI film loops corresponding to each of the patient's heart cycle Public section.
11. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其中调整所述多个MRI电影环路包括调整所述多个MRI电影环路的至少一个的显示周期,从而使得每一个MRI电影环路具备公共的总周期。 11. The method according to claim l, wherein said plurality of adjusting loops MRI film comprises at least one of the plurality of display periods MRI adjusting film loops, such that each loop is provided with a common movie MRI Total cycle.
12. 如权利要求11所述的方法,其中周期被调整的帧均布在整个调整的MRI电影环路中。 12. The method of claim 11, wherein the frame period is adjusted uniformly distributed throughout the film loop adjustment MRI.
13. —种显示病人心脏信息的系统,包括:用于在多个心率下获得病人心脏的多个MRI电影环路的装置,其中多个电影环路包括含有室壁运动图像帧的电影环路和至少一个包含至少一个心脏位置处的多帧灌注图像的电影环路;以及同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注电影环路的装置。 13. - kind of a patient's heart information display system, comprising: a plurality of loop means for obtaining movies MRI patient's heart at a plurality of heart rate, wherein the plurality of loops includes a film comprising the film loop moving image frame wall perfusion images and multi-frame comprises at least one location in the heart of at least one loop of film; film loop and wall motion and perfusion means at least one loop of the film simultaneously.
14. 一种用于显示病人心脏信息的设备,包括: 构造成得以在多个心率下获得病人心脏的多个MRI电影环路的装置,其中多个电影环路包括含有室壁运动图像帧的电影环路和至少一个包含至少一个心脏位置处的多帧灌注图^f象的电影环路;以及构造成得以同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注电影环路的装置。 14. An apparatus for displaying information of a patient's heart, comprising: means configured to obtain a plurality of the patient's heart at a plurality of heart MRI film loops, wherein the plurality of loops includes a film containing wall moving image frame film comprising at least one loop and at least one location in the heart ^ f perfusion map image film loop multiframe; and film loop configured to wall motion and perfusion means at least one loop of the film is simultaneously displayed.
15. —种显示病人心脏信息的方法,包括:在多个心率下获得病人心脏的多个MRI电影环路,所述多个电影环路包括含有室壁运动图像帧的电影环路;获得至少一个心脏位置处的至少一个灌注图像;以及同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注图像。 15. - kinds of display information of the patient's heart, comprising: obtaining a plurality of the patient's heart at a plurality of heart MRI film loops, the film comprises a plurality of loop containing film loops of wall motion image frame; obtaining at least at least one cardiac perfusion image at a location; and simultaneously displaying wall motion movie loop and at least one perfusion image.
16. 如权利要求15所述的方法,其中至少一个灌注图像被用来提供灌注图像的电影环路,其中同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注图像包括同时显示室壁运动电影环路和至少一个灌注图像的电影环路。 16. The method according to claim 15, wherein the at least one perfusion image is used to provide a film loop of perfusion images, wherein the film loop simultaneously displayed wall motion and perfusion images comprising at least one wall motion simultaneously displaying movie loop and at least one perfusion image of the movie loop.
17. 如权利要求15所述的方法,其中的至少一个灌注图像包括心肌延迟增强灌注图4象。 17. The method according to claim 15, wherein the at least one perfusion image including myocardial delayed enhancement perfusion image 4 FIG.
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