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The design comprises the features of shape, configuration, pattern and ornament of the microphone as shown in the accompanying drawings.Drawings of the design are included wherein:Figure 1 is a perspective view of the microphone embodying the design;Figure 2 is a top view;Figure 3 is a left side view;Figure 4 is a right side view;Figure 5 is a front view;Figure 6 is a rear view; andFigure 7 is a bottom view.
CA 99986 2002-01-11 2002-07-10 Microphone Expired - Lifetime CA99986S (en)

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US29/153,781 USD475039S1 (en) 2002-01-11 2002-01-11 Small drum microphone

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CA99986S true CA99986S (en) 2003-09-23



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CA 99986 Expired - Lifetime CA99986S (en) 2002-01-11 2002-07-10 Microphone

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