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Microdispensing process and apparatus


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    • G01N35/00Automatic analysis not limited to methods or materials provided for in any single one of groups G01N1/00 - G01N33/00; Handling materials therefor
    • G01N35/10Devices for transferring samples or any liquids to, in, or from, the analysis apparatus, e.g. suction devices, injection devices
    • G01N35/1009Characterised by arrangements for controlling the aspiration or dispense of liquids
    • G01N35/1016Control of the volume dispensed or introduced
CA125,516A 1970-10-26 1971-10-19 Microdispensing process and apparatus Expired CA974204A (en)

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US8396770A true 1970-10-26 1970-10-26

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CA974204A true CA974204A (en) 1975-09-09



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CA125,516A Expired CA974204A (en) 1970-10-26 1971-10-19 Microdispensing process and apparatus

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