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A base for a shower stall comprising a first layer of fiber glass and resin, and layer of filament material, and a second layer of fiberglass and resin. The base also includes at least one external edge, an external opening, and a thickness that increases from the at least one external edge to the internal opening. Included is a shower stall comprising a plurality of shower walls, a sloped floor attached to the shower walls, and a base attached to the slope floor. Also included is a method of attaching a base to a shower stall. The method comprises creating the base by applying fiberglass, resin, and filament material to a mold, engaging the base to the shower stall by removably attached the mold to the shower stall, curing the base, and removing the mold from the shower.
CA 2444083 2003-05-29 2003-10-07 Self-sustaining base Active CA2444083C (en)

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US10/447,901 US7007315B2 (en) 2003-05-29 2003-05-29 Self-sustaining base
US10/447,901 2003-05-29

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CA2444083A1 true CA2444083A1 (en) 2004-11-29
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CA 2444083 Active CA2444083C (en) 2003-05-29 2003-10-07 Self-sustaining base

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