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Wheelchair anti-tip segment


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The design is the visual features of the wheelchair anti-tip segment shown in the drawings, whether those features are features of one of shape, ornament, pattern or configuration or are a combination of any of those features.FIGURE 1 is a front perspective view of a wheelchair anti-tip segment showing the new design;FIGURE 2 is a right side view thereof;FIGURE 3 is a left side view thereof;FIGURE 4 is a top plan view thereof;FIGURE 5 is a bottom plan view thereof;FIGURE 6 is a rear view thereof; andFIGURE 7 is a front view thereof.Drawings of the design are included.
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XHDM083472 2014-03-13

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CA 158705 Active CA158705S (en) 2014-03-13 2014-09-11 Wheelchair frame element
CA 158704 Active CA158704S (en) 2014-03-13 2014-09-11 Wheelchair armrest segment
CA 158702 Active CA158702S (en) 2014-03-13 2014-09-11 Wheelchair anti-tip segment
CA 158703 Active CA158703S (en) 2014-03-13 2014-09-11 Wheelchair frame element

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CA 158705 Active CA158705S (en) 2014-03-13 2014-09-11 Wheelchair frame element
CA 158704 Active CA158704S (en) 2014-03-13 2014-09-11 Wheelchair armrest segment

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CA 158703 Active CA158703S (en) 2014-03-13 2014-09-11 Wheelchair frame element

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