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Air filtration device


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The design consists of the features of shape and configuration applied to an air filtration device as illustrated in solid lines in the attached drawings. The phantom lines in the drawings illustrate features of the article which form no part of the design.Drawings of the design are included wherein:FIGURE 1 is a top front right perspective view of the article to which the design is applied, namely, an air filtration device;FIGURE 2 is a top front left perspective view thereof;FIGURE 3 is a top back right perspective view thereof;FIGURE 4 is a bottom back left perspective view thereof;FIGURE 5 is a front side elevational view thereof;FIGURE 6 is a rear side elevational view thereof;FIGURE 7 is a right side elevational view thereof;FIGURE 8 is a left side elevational view thereof;FIGURE 9 is a top plan view thereof; andFIGURE 10 is a bottom plan view thereof.
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US29/484,485 USD758558S1 (en) 2014-03-10 2014-03-10 Air filtration device

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CA161894F Active CA161894S (en) 2014-03-10 2014-07-21 Air filtration device
CA157753F Active CA157753S (en) 2014-03-10 2014-07-21 Air filtration device

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CA161894F Active CA161894S (en) 2014-03-10 2014-07-21 Air filtration device

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