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The design consists of the features of shape, ornamentation and configuration of the article shown in the photographs. In the photographs:Figure 1 is a front view of the article;Figure 2 is a rear view thereof;Figure 3 is a right side view thereof;Figure 4 is a left side view thereof;Figure 5 is a top view thereof;Figure 6 is a bottom view thereof;Figure 7 is front perspective view thereof; andFigure 8 is a rear perspective view thereof.
CA 156645 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Charm Active CA156645S (en)

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XHDM082237 2013-11-15

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CA156645S true CA156645S (en) 2015-01-13



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CA 156645 Active CA156645S (en) 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Charm
CA 156644 Active CA156644S (en) 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Bracelet
CA156640F Active CA156640S (en) 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Ring
CA 156641 Active CA156641S (en) 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Ring

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CA 156644 Active CA156644S (en) 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Bracelet
CA156640F Active CA156640S (en) 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Ring
CA 156641 Active CA156641S (en) 2013-11-15 2014-05-14 Ring

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CA (4) CA156645S (en)

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